Father Brown (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - The Curse of Amenhotep - full transcript

Father Brown and Lady Felicia are visiting a museum owned by her Egyptologist friend Sir Raleigh Beresford, who has just married the much younger Caterina. Caterina insists on opening a sarcophagus, an action which allegedly carries a curse and some time later she is found dying in a locked room. Sir Ralph's son Leo was having an affair with Caterina, making him a prime suspect, but then Raleigh's adoring secretary Valerie admits to the murder. Father Brown does not believe her and discredits her account before unmasking the real killer.

I told them.

I said all along
there was a second chamber.

You know what this means?

The name of Beresford
will become the stuff of legend.

Who is he?

High Priest.

"Powerful of strength.

"Sacred of appearance.


"He who disturbs
the appointed of the Gods...

"..shall suffer their wrath."

beautiful he is.

Father Brown
Season 3 - Episode 02

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Thank you for this, Mr. Hubble.

Such invaluable research
for my latest novel.

My pleasure, Lady Felicia.

The Beresford collection
is the only private museum

to own a complete set
of 12th dynasty

embalming tools.

Did Father Brown tell you
the name of it?

It's entitled "Love In The Dunes" -

The Adventures Of A Flame-Haired

What's this?

Some kind of crochet needle?

A brain hook.

Inserted through the nostril
to smash the brain

and extract it through the nose,
during the embalming process.

I don't know what's wrong with a
good, hygienic,

Christian burial.

What's down here?

Sir Raleigh's private collection.

Now, over here,

we have some particularly fine
examples of new kingdom scarabs.

Are you limping, Father?

Old war wound.

Nothing camphor oil won't fix.



That's what the doctor said, was it?

At the appointment
I made for you this morning?

- Bless you.
- It's pollen.

He's a martyr to hay fever.

Oh, I picked up your eye drops
at the surgery.

Thank you.

When are you going to put
that poor man out of his misery?

Walter and I are good friends,

At a certain time in life,
isn't that enough?

He'd want us to leave here.

Did you know about this?

When did Raleigh deign
to inform me of his movements?

He and his son Leo are
supposed to be in America

on a lecture tour.




Hello, Raleigh.

Isn't Leo with you?

He's following on behind.

Where the hell is everyone?

The staff were given leave.

Some notice would have
been appreciated.

Change of plan.

- Who the hell are you?
- Hello, Raleigh.

I hope you don't mind.

Mr. Hubble has been giving us a
tour of your museum.

Felicia Windemere!

You haven't changed a bit.

Neither have you!

As beautiful as ever.
You'll stay for lunch.

I'm afraid we couldn't
possibly intrude.

Lay extra places.
It's a celebration.

And here she is.

My love,
let me introduce you.

I want to guess.

Let me see.

- I think that is Hubble.
- Very good!

Miss Oliphant,
the faithful secretary.

And you must be Raleigh's daughter.

Tell them.

This is Caterina...
My wife.


- Champagne?
- No, thank you.

We've only just
finished breakfast.

How lovely, thank you.

How long have you been married?

Two weeks.

It was a whirlwind romance.

I couldn't wait to make her my wife.

How romantic.

Caterina attended one of my lectures.

I looked up...

and there she was,
sitting before me in the front row.

So you're a student of archaeology?

I am a student of many things,

and the whole world knows the
exploits of Sir...

Raleigh Beresford.

When can I see Amenhotep?

I'm sorry...
I beg your pardon.

- Fingers and thumbs!
- Yes, I was going to tell you.

I've donated him to
the Oriental Institute in Chicago.

Well, say something, man. I thought
you of all people would approve.

I'm surprised. You always swore...

A man can change his mind.

Who is Amenhotep?

Raleigh's Mummy,

locked away for decades...

intact, and unwrapped.

Not on display in the museum?

Security reasons.

But now he'll be shared with
the whole world...

and your name will be immortalised.

I want to see him.

- And you will.
- I want to see him now.

I say...

It's very dusty.

The chamber hasn't been opened
in decades.

I wouldn't if I were you.

Have you taken leave
of your senses?

My son, Leo.
Soft. No sense of danger.

And you've already lost one wife.

Are you really going to be
so careless with another?

Hasn't he told you it is cursed?

- I want to see inside.
- The air is too humid.

It must be opened
under laboratory conditions.

How beautiful he is.

"How beautiful he is."

Aristocratic, flame-haired beauty,

crushed within the stagnant
confines of her class.

Ripe for adventure.

Thrown into the company
of a mysterious explorer,

bound on an expedition for Egypt.

I trust I won't have
to consult my lawyers?

I guarantee you won't.

- Amenhote-e-ep...
- The book starts in...

Goodness, child.
You look as if you've seen a ghost.

I tho...
I thought I...

- I'll come with you.
- Non!

You must stay with your guests.

I confess to curiosity
about your cursed mummy.

Wretched thing killed my mother.

Evelyn was on Raleigh's expedition.

There was a rock fall.

She was killed, instantly,

along with two Egyptian bearers.

I'm very sorry.

"He who disturbs the
appointed of the Gods

- "shall suffer their wrath."
- Enough!

I've put the past behind me
and so will you.

God help me,
that's an order.

The view of the lake
is wonderful at this time of year.


When was the house built?


- God and his Holy saints!
- Are you all right?

- Perfectly!
- I thought you were lying down.

I needed some air!

Do you have to monitor
my every breath?!

I'm going to change.

I need a bloody drink.

- Why don't I fetch some?
- God damn it all, woman,

stop fussing me!

Trouble in paradise?




Goodbye, Father!

Key's in the lock.

She's dead.



Amen... ho... tep...

Sergeant, what do we know about
the victim?

Caterina Beresford, 21.

- Sir Raleigh's daughter?
- Wife, sir.

Witnesses heard screams and the
victim struggling with an assailant,

but by the time they got there...

Yeah, any indication as to
cause of death?

Not yet. Police surgeon's on his

- One other thing, sir.
- Yes?

According to the witness
who found her,

the door was locked from the inside.

That's all I need.
Who was this witness?

Detective Inspector Sullivan,

Kembleford Po...

Thank you.

My condolences on the
death of your wife, Sir,

but I need to ask you all
some questions.

I'll ask the questions, policeman.

How did my wife die?

We'll know more after
the postmortem.

Sir Raleigh, you,
Mr. Beresford,

and Miss...

- Oliphant.
- Oliphant

were unaccounted
for at the time of death,

so I shall require an account of
your whereabouts.

- Damn your impertinence!
- I was in the office

making phone calls
and typing letters.

Did you make any phone
calls between 3.00 and 3.10?

I'm not...

No, I don't think so.

Mr. Beresford?

I was in the garage.

My car developed a little rattle
on the way down.

Do you have a habit of acting
as your own mechanic?

Only when I'm in
the middle of nowhere.

Which leaves you, Sir Raleigh.

I was in my study...

..alone. For all the good
it will do you.

And my wife's bedroom door

was locked from the inside.

Before she died, she spoke a name.


God, no.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

And where can I find Mr...



The Chief Super wants updating, sir.

You can tell the Chief Super
I've an unexplained death,

a houseful of people with no alibi,

and a 3,000-year-old Mummy
on the prowl.

Don't tell the Chief Superintendent
that, Sergeant.

Yes, sir.
No, sir.

A Mr. Lincoln from Chicago
phoned earlier this morning.

They want to know when they can pack
the Mummy for shipment.


Tell him the answer's never.

I don't mean to intrude
upon your grief.

But, as Caterina was a Catholic,

I was wondering if you'd like
a mass said for her soul.

- What good will it do?
- It would give comfort to her family.

She has no family.

They were all lost in France
during the war.

You should eat something.

I can't eat.

How can anyone eat at a time
like this?

What did Leo mean

when he said his mother's
death was "only the start"?

Beresford bought
Amenhotep back to London

for a public unwrapping,

in front of the creme de la creme
of the archaeological world,

all gnashing their teeth
at his coup.

It never took place.

Dickie was next to die,

Raleigh's younger brother,
and a member of the expedition.

On the boat home,
he fell...

mysteriously overboard
and drowned.

The day of the unwrapping,
Leo was struck down with fever.

Evelyn should never have taken
a two-year-old child to Egypt,

where it's hardly surprising
he picked up some terrible...

tropical disease.

Beresford was deranged with

He found some self-styled Egyptian

to perform prayers of exorcism

and re-entombed Amenhotep.

Later that evening,

Leo's fever broke...

..and Beresford has never set
eyes on the Mummy since.

Until now.

I'd like you and Mr. Beresford

- to remove your shirts.
- How dare you!

The police surgeon found
traces of blood and skin

under your wife's fingernails,

along with evidence of bruising to
her neck.

This is merely for
purposes of elimination.

And what if I refuse?

That's your prerogative, Sir.

I assumed you'd prefer
to do this privately,

but we can continue at the station
if you choose.

Damn you.
I can explain.

I loved her.

Leave him!

Come with me.
Why stay?

For the same reason I married him,
silly boy.

So you are what everyone

just a vulgar little gold-digger.


..so naive!

And what about us?

There is no us!

You are a diversion
that has stopped being diverting

and has become...

A diversion!?

Just some piece of rag
that you can use and toss aside?

I won't let you.

You little...
I knew it!

Leo Beresford, I'm arresting you on

of the murder of Caterina Beresford.

I didn't do it.
I couldn't! I loved her.

You forced yourself on her,
admit it, damn you!

You are not obliged to say anything,

but anything you do say will be
taken down in writing and may...


He's telling the truth.

I did it.

I murdered Caterina.

26 stalls is rather excessive,
Mrs. McCarthy.

Well, it's not as if
you don't have the space.

Just think of it
as your Christian duty.

But do we have to have
Splat the Rat in the walled garden?

My camomile lawn
will never survive

the hoards of
rampaging children.

Mrs. McCarthy,
Lady Felicia.

There you are, Father.
Now, what did the doctor say...?

- Miss Oliph...
- What is that smell?

- Valer...
- Camphor oil.

For all the good
it will do your gout!

Valerie Oliphant has
confessed to the murder of Caterina.

- No!
- But she's second soprano

- of the church choir!
- Why would you confess

to a murder
you didn't commit?

To protect someone whose life
is worth more than your own.

You and Sir Raleigh had an affair?

It may be hard to imagine now,

but at one time I possessed
if not beauty then a bloom of youth.

- I didn't mean to imply...
- There's no need to apologise.

- And this was...?
- Decades ago.

- Why did it end?
- He was married.

I was just a notch
on his bedpost.

Yet you stayed in his employ
all this time.

A woman may hope, Inspector.

And, for 30 years,
I've been as a wife to him,

in every way
but one.

Did Caterina Beresford
dash that hope?

She would have driven him
to his grave,

gold-digging little minx.
Pardon my language, but...

she deserved what she got.

Which was?

I killed her.

I put my hands round her neck...

and I squeezed the life from her.

And then locked the door
behind you?

I have a master key
to every room in the house.

I locked the door afterwards...

to buy myself time to get away.

Father Brown swears that
the key was in the lock.

Father Brown was mistaken.

In that case, Valerie Oliphant,

I am charging you with the murder of
Caterina Beresford.

Your wife was beautiful.

I had TWO beautiful wives.

Your business?

A member of my flock
has confessed to murder.

I believe she's protecting your son.

More fool her.

Leo couldn't kill anyone,
the milksop doesn't have it in him.

An apple fallen so
far from the tree

it landed in the next field.

He takes after his mother...

..his real mother.

I couldn't help noticing the way
her eyes follow him...

..watching his every move.

Once you
for the resemblances,

you can see them.

Confessional rules apply, Priest.

Or do I have to be a left-footer?

God does not discriminate.

After we were married,

I discovered Evelyn was infertile.

Imagine a man like me

without prospect
of son and heir.

It must have been
devastating for you both.

When Valerie fell pregnant...

..I made her an offer.

Leo was born abroad...

to Lady Beresford

and returned to England
as mine and Evelyn's son.

His real mother Valerie came back.

You think that was my idea?

That was her only condition -
to see him grow.

After Evelyn died, surely...?


I should have proffered
my hand in marriage?

Her father was a bought ledger

..and I didn't have to buy her

My documentation is irrefutable.

Who'd believe the ramblings
of an obsessed woman?

No she'll...

take her secret with her
to the grave.

Which will be sooner
rather than later,

unless we find the murderer.

My wife didn't die by human hand.

And I...

..don't believe in ghosts.

Your whole system
of faith is based

on a man risen from the dead.

Caterina died alone in a locked room.

She named her killer.

Leave Amenhotep in peace,

or I warn you, Priest,
you'll be next.

Yes, obviously there are a few
outstanding enquiries

to complete,

Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.

Yes, indeed.
I'll do my utmost.

Goodbye, sir.

Valerie Oliphant is innocent.
She's protecting someone,

which means the murderer
is still at large,

but something tells me
you already know that.

You have exactly 20 seconds
to get out of my office,

or I'll have you arrested
and thrown in the cells.

On what charge?

I'll find something that will stick!

Very well, Inspector.

Miss Oliphant, the postmortem shows
that Lady Beresford

didn't die of strangulation,

which means you
have some explaining to do.

release Valerie Oliphant

on bail for wasting police time.

Right away, sir.

Lady Felicia, do you mind if I ask
what it is that you're doing?

Inspector, how fortuitous.
Do take a seat.

You're in my chair.

I'm writing you a
note about a soiree

I'm holding next month,

just some local luminaries

and rising stars of the district.


It's for
"Inspector Sullivan and Guest."

Do you have someone
you'd like to bring?


young lady in your life?

No, Lady Felicia, I...


And you so...

young and handsome.

Don't you get lonely?

Thank you for this.

I shall endeavour to be there.

I look forward to it.


Au revoir...

And now,
yesterday's results from Thirsk.

2.50, The Archibald House
Novices Hurdle.

First, Mr. Neil...

Dr. Fairfax has had
a cancellation...

- Second, Half A Policeman...
- ..and can squeeze you in at...

Third, Troubled Parishioner.

..at five o'clock.

Hello, all.

- Mission accomplished?
- Rather.

Caterina wasn't strangled -
she was poisoned with atropine.

What are you thinking?

The answer to the mystery
is that there is no mystery.

The crime was committed before
Caterina even entered that room.


Why didn't you tell me
you were being released?

I would have met you.

I didn't want a fuss.

I wouldn't consider it one.

Dear Walter,

what would I do without you?

Then come away with me.
My offer still stands.

I have means for both of us.

You needn't be at his beck
and call ever again.

I can't.

I know you think
he murdered his wife.

Why else would you make such
a ludicrous confession?

Stay here when you could be next?

Or the house by the sea
you've always yearned for?

Devon or Cornwall.

The South of France.

- Sounds nice.
- Then say the word.

Say yes.

I'm sorry.

What do you expect to find, Father?


..it's rather what
I expect not to find.

Don't tell me my employer has
convinced you

that Amenhotep is risen from the
tomb and prowling the corridors?

Caterina wasn't cursed.

She died of atropine poisoning.

I don't understand.

Eye drops.

I picked up your eye drops
at the surgery.

- So innocuous...
- Thank you.

but a deadly poison
and a powerful hallucinogenic.

A colourless, odourless poison,

just sitting there, in your pocket.

Top me up, Hubble!

Temptation must have been

But I dread to think...

what horrors Caterina saw
before she died.

Why would I kill her?

Because she was the driving force

behind Sir Raleigh's change of

Because, at all costs,

you had to stop Amenhotep

- being disentombed.
- I'm an archaeologist!

I seek to uncover the past,
not bury it.


what lies buried here?

This is not just a tomb,
is it?

It's a treasure trove...

..locked away,

- undisturbed for decades.
- That's absurd.

Well, there's one way to find out.

Very well, Father.

I have nothing to fear.

Oh, I was hoping
you wouldn't recover consciousness.

How very thoughtful.

I want you to know my actions

were for the most
chivalrous of reasons.

- A damsel in distress.
- Yes.

How could I provide her
with an escape

on a Curator's salary?

And a hoard of riches
before your eyes.

Treasures that would never see
the light of day,

so I removed it
to examine at my leisure.

- To desecrate at your leisure.
- Semantics.

What's to differentiate the
archaeologist from the grave robber,

bar education and hubris?

Fortunately, antiquities attract
the sort of collectors

who don't ask questions.

What about Amenhotep?

Nothing more than dust and bones.

The remains of a mortal man.

A husk,
expired millennia ago,

despite what my employer
may have believed.

But as long as he believed,

your secret was safe...

until the arrival of the
second Mrs. Beresford.

Scheming little minx,

blinded by greed...

..and he blinded by her.

You murdered...

an innocent girl.

I had no intention of spending
the rest of my days in prison...

and that little trollop
was anything but innocent.

Whereas I...

..endeavoured to save
a genuinely virtuous woman

from a life of servitude,
and regret.


Walter, Walter...

..she turned you down.

I'm so sorry.

"A faint heart never won fair lady."

I am a patient man, Father.

She'll see...

..in time.

- She'll see.
- Repent...

..and you will be forgiven.

You shouldn't have meddled, Father.

This is regrettable,
but will be painless

and give you time to make peace
with your God,

and pray for your soul.

I'd rather use my time
to pray for yours.

Mr. Hubble!

I don't suppose you've seen
Father Brown?

He's gone AWOL.

Not since this morning.

Perhaps he's dropped in on Valerie.

What did I tell you?

He won't be far from
the biscuit tin.

He's lying.

Didn't you smell him,
Mrs. M?

A distinct whiff of...

Camphor oil.

He was here.

Well, he's not here now.
Praise be.

Nasty heathen place.

The dead should be buried
in the ground,

not lying around on display
like ornaments.

What is it?

I can hear something.

The only thing I can hear

is the sound of an over-active

can we get out of here?

- Wait!
- Horrible spooky place.

Wait, wait!

What are you doing now?

3,000-year-old mummies don't bleed.



- There's only one way to find out.
- No!

"He who disturbs the
appointed of the Gods

"shall suffer their wrath!"

Not half as much as
they'll suffer mine

if any harm's come to the Father.

Are you just going to stand there,

or are you going to help me
lift this lid?

He's dead!

Not yet, he isn't.


Father, wake up.

Come on, Father, wake up!

It's no good, Mrs. M!

His left foot.

- What?
- Don't ask!

Give his big toe a good tweak,

as hard as you can!

Rise and shine, Father!

Your time has not yet come.

Sorry, Father.

Thank you, Sir Raleigh.
I'll be in touch.

"Faint heart never won fair lady."

Mr. Hubble.

The investigation has revealed that
Lady Beresford died of poisoning,

which makes it necessary
to re-interview everyone.

Of course, Inspector.

Whatever I can do to help.

Mr. Hubble!

Mr. Hubble!

Mr. Hubble!

Mr. Hubble,
stay where you are!






I think some hot tea is in order.

No, thank you.

You are chilled to the bone.

Take it from me, Inspector,

resistance is futile.

I hear Father Brown
has you ladies to thank

for a timely rescue.

How is he?

Don't you be worrying about him.

That man has the constitution
of an ox

and the luck of the devil.


Looks like his foot
got tangled in the weeds -

that'll be what dragged him down.

Where do you think you're going?

As the police no longer
require my presence,

as far away from here as possible.

You're going nowhere,
until you admit you lied.

- I told the truth.
- You forced yourself on my wife

and she defended her honour.
There was no affair.

- Caterina was innocent.
- Just say it, Leo.

It doesn't matter, just...
say what he wants to hear.

You may have raised
a milksop for a son...

..but he isn't a liar.


No, where will you go?

I don't know.

Steam boat to South America.

French Foreign Legion.

- Don't cry, Valerie.
- No!

I'll miss you.

For as long as I can remember
you've always been...


I'll write.

What have you done?

Your vanity and ego did this...

and now you're on your own.

I'll pack my things
and leave tonight.

You won't leave.

I've no reason to stay.


- What about...?
- You?

I stopped loving you

the day you took my child
from my arms

and gave him to your wife.

You're a stupid, stupid man!

The only curse on this house
is you.

It's not enough to lose two wives,

you've now driven away
your only son.

- He's an adulterer.
- As are you.

Perhaps the apple landed closer
to the tree than you thought.

You think I can forgive him?

You should pray that he forgives you

for denying him his mother

for his entire life

and that she forgives you

for taking away her son.

It's too late to change
the past, Priest.

And the future?

"Judge not
and you shall not be judged.

"Condemn not
and you shall not be condemned.

and you shall be forgiven."


I commend the soul of
Walter Henry Hubble.

May his soul, and the souls of all
the faithful departed,

in the mercy of God rest in peace.


Goodbye, Walter.

Do you think he is at peace?

His actions were not the actions
of a sane man...

and God is merciful.

And that's the end of that, I hope.

And of all this business
about a curse!

I think the curse has lifted.

Will you stay here?

Until I find my own house.

Raleigh's been very generous

and Leo's promised to come and visit
all the time.

I still can't fathom his U-turn

after all these years.

Confession is good for the soul.

Beware Greeks bearing lunch!

We have cold roast beef,
ham salad and apple tart.

And a rather licentious Burgundy.

- Splendid.
- Not for you, Father.

Remember what the doctor said.

No red meat, no pork, no sugar

and strictly no alcohol.

Mrs. McCarthy,
what would I do without you?

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