Father Brown (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - The Paradise of Thieves - full transcript

How much are you still looking
to raise?


I see.

We realise, of course,
it is a lot of money,

but if you really want to make
a difference...

- Although, we'd be grateful.
- Yoy see,

the donations we receive
at mass have started to dry up.

The congregation have been
very generous.

If they don't want the roof
to fall in on them,

they're going to have to dig
a little bit deeper.

Well, this is exactly
the sort of cause

I'd like our new fund to support.

I'm sure we'll be able to make
a significant contribution.

Thank you.

It's the least I can do.

Your church plays an important part
in the local community.

Thank you.

What exactly do you mean by
"significant contribution"?

Lady Felicia, how may I help?

I'd like to make a deposit, please.

This is a robbery!

Stay where you are!

Stay where you are
or I'll kill all of you!

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"The Paradise of Thieves"

Fathe Brown
Season 3 - Episode 13

Open the vault!

Mr. Harrogate has the key.
He isn't here this morning.

You're lying!

Is that true?

He's in the office.

You'll get us all killed!


If I follow Mr. Harrogate out,

they may not notice you.
You could hide.

- I'm not scared of them.
- Harrogate!

You come out now
or I'll start shooting people!

Stay calm.
It's only money they want.

- I'll show them what for.
- Please don't do any...

- And what do you think you're playing at?
- Over there with the others!

You, the priest,
you're coming with us.

That's what you are.

What did you say?

We didn't fight a war

for your sort to go around
stealing from innocent people.

There's no need for any trouble.

Shoot a defenceless woman,
would you?


Move it!

The key!

The money's replaceable, we are not.

Open it!

What the bloody hell's
going on here?

That was a stupid thing to do.

You have to stand up
to these people.

Not when they're pointing a gun
at your head.

- Shut up...
- We're going now!

Et nomine patri
et filii spiritus sancti.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Did you know him?

Billy Flanders.

My son-in-law.

I presume the vault was locked?

Of course. I keep the key
on me at all times,

even sleep with it under my pillow.

Who else has a copy?

The clerks have keys
for the front door.

No-one else has a key to the vault.

Well, there must be a spare?

Well, it's in the safe
at head office.

But, if something had happened,
they'd have let me know.

When did you last go into the vault?

After we closed to the public

We had a delivery scheduled
and I waited for it to arrive,

escorted the couriers
into the vault,

and locked the door as they left.

What was the delivery?

we often store valuable items

for other organisations,

our part to help
the local community.

The gallery at Little Haydock

are loaning a valuable item
from a collector in Paris.

I said that we'd keep it safe
while they prepared the space.

You're certain you locked the door
after it was delivered?

Yes. Mr. Browning,
our junior clerk, was with me.

So, the door was secure
and nobody else had access?

I don't know how Billy ended up
in there.

He was bound to find out
that Harrogate was here.

I was trying to defuse
the situation.

By lying to an armed robber?
You idiot.

It's been a trying day for us all.

I'll bet that fool's over the moon.


Martin is the chief clerk.

If Harrogate gets sent down,
he'll be left in charge.


Should have been me, of course.

Harrogate's never appreciated those
of us who really put the hours in.

Thank you, Mr. Harrogate.

don't go anywhere.


You'll have to wait your turn,

I've a few observations
I'd like to share with you.

As I said...

Why did the man with the gun want me
to go to the vault with him?


What's going on, Father?

- There was a robbery.
- Are you all right?

When we went into the vault,
we found...

The thing is...

- It's Billy.
- What about him?


No, Julia!

I'm afraid you can't...

Stay there.

Mrs. Flanders!

Don't look.

Come back...

- I'm so sorry.
- Sir!

Excuse me.

Why did they kill him?

The robbers didn't do it.

He was already dead
when I opened the door.

Then how did he get there?

I'm sorry about Billy.

Are you sure
you're going to be all right?

Mr. Harrogate...

Is this your handwriting?

Well, it...

It looks like it, but...

It was found in Billy's pocket.

Well, I didn't write it.

Samuel Harrogate, I'm arresting you

on suspicion of
the murder of William Flanders.

- I didn't do it!
- What you say will be taken down

- and may be given in evidence.
- It wasn't me, I swear!

I'm not a killer.

Help me.


But it's not raining.

There was a shower in the night.

It must be trapped somewhere.

Do you think
we'll still get the money?

Always one for the melodrama.
Could you not
just have stepped aside?

As I was saying...

Do you think the bank will
still give us the money

to get the roof fixed?

Well, the charitable trust
was Mr. Harrogate's idea, so...

Without him,
I don't think it's going to happen.

And I don't know how many more
cake bakes we can do.

People are sick and tired

of having to buy a Victoria
sponge every other week.

Mr. Harrogate's
daughter's reaction

was odd, don't you think?
She was very calm.

Don't you go sticking your nose in.

Sorry to trouble you.

I wondered if I might have a word.

Well, of course.
Come in.

I wanted to offer
my condolences.

Thank you.

If there is anything I can do
to help, please ask.

Do you think my father
is responsible?

- No.
- Why?

I saw his reaction

when he discovered
your husband's body.

He was genuinely surprised.

that's not the sort of thing

the Inspector sets store by.

What do you believe?

Father didn't like Billy.

He pretended, for my benefit,
but I knew.

It's a big step from not liking
someone to killing them.

He was in the army.

He's killed people before.

How well do you know the two clerks?

Stephen I'd cross the street
to avoid.

But Martin's always been good to me.

Did your father get on with him?

Most of the time.

My father turned him down for a loan
a few months ago.

Martin was upset about it,
but things soon got back to normal.

Why do you ask?

Idle curiosity, I'm afraid.

My apologies.

If they find my father guilty,
they'll execute him.

They may as well kill me, too,
while they're about it.

I'll have lost everyone
that matters to me.

I promise that I will do
everything I can to help.

Could I trouble you
for a glass of water?

I had a very long bicycle ride.

So, it's right around the corner,
you turn left at the stairs

and then, to the top of the stairs,
you'll see the...


What a surprise.

Inspector, I'm just here
on parish business.

I'd like to reopen
at the earliest opportunity.

Yes, you should be able to have
your office back shortly.

My men will need the vault
for a while longer.

Well, that's fine,
thank you.


Good afternoon.

So, you're in charge here now?

Only temporarily.

I'm not really qualified.

And, besides, once they clear
up this mess with Mr. Harrogate,

he'll be back at work.

You don't think he's responsible?

Of course not.

When I left the army, he took me
under his wing, gave me a job,

a sense of purpose.
He's a good man,

not a killer.

Considering how much else
he's done for you,

it's strange he refused you a loan.

Who told you that?

That has nothing to do with
what happened here.

I'm just trying to understand
his life.

I believe he's innocent,
but I don't know how to prove it.

Please, anything you can tell me
may help.

My mother was dying,

I wanted a loan to help
make her comfortable.

But Mr. Harrogate had good reason
to turn me down.


The bank had been financing
a business Billy set up

when he married Julia.

I knew it wasn't going well,

but I didn't realise
just how bad things were.

Was it making a loss?

Mr. Harrogate kept pouring money
into it

but never seemed to earn
anything back.

I stumbled across a hint of it
at first.

I saw something unusual in a ledger
that was out on Mr. Harrogate's desk.

Got me thinking,

so I looked into it further.

It turns out
the bank's accounts don't balance.

How is that possible?

I think he was using
the bank's money
to prop up Billy's business

and keeping it off the books.

He needed to recoup his losses.

He knew I wouldn't be able to repay
a loan quickly, so...

he turned me down.

But why was he setting up
a charitable trust

when the bank was short of money?

- I didn't know he was.
- What was Billy's business?

An exclusive members' club.

Well, that was the idea.

In reality, it was as seedy
as they come.

How could a seedy club
swallow up so much money

it was breaking the bank?

I've no idea.

How did you feel
about your daughter

marrying a known criminal?

Billy was trying to put his past
behind him.

You really believed that?


Do you recognise this?

It was a present from my daughter.

I keep it on the desk
in my office.

We found it out back
in one of the bins.

It has blood on it.

And the strands of hair the same
length and colour as Billy's.

Along with your fingerprints.

Samuel Harrogate,

I'm charging you with the
murder of Billy Flanders.

We're closed!

I'd like to speak
with someone.

We're closed forever.
The boss has died.

That's why I'm here.

Just go away!

I said...

Good afternoon.

What do you want?

I was at the bank this morning

when they discovered
your boss's body.


The police suspect the bank manager,
Mr. Harrogate.

The man who helped fund this club.

I just sell the drinks.

I came here hoping to find out
what had happened

and it seems I've found out
more than I expected.

What do you mean?

The men who robbed the bank
had their faces covered but,

if you're interested in such things,

you could recognise them
by their voices.

if they let their accent slip.

Shall we talk inside?

Why are you here?

I had a few personal items to collect
before the place gets shut down.

Are you going to tell anyone
about me?

Was this Billy's horse?

- Yeah.
- Did it live up to its name?

A lame donkey could have run
faster than that.

It was very brave of you,
coming here alone.

I'm a man of God.

I am never alone.

And will your God telephone
for an ambulance

if you have a little accident?

The man who took me to the vault
was panicked

by the sight of Billy's body.

He wasn't a hardened criminal.

Just a misguided and lost soul.

I am not interested in the robbery,

I am interested in
Mr. Harrogate's life.

I need to know how the two crimes
were connected.

Tell me that
and I'll leave you alone.

He made me do it.

Who did?


Billy planned the robbery?

He asked me to gather everyone
into the main hall.

And once that was done,

I had to make sure that you come
to the vault with Mr. Harrogate.

- Me?
- Yeah.

Yeah, he said you'd be there.

Mrs. McCarthy,
I am in dire need of tea.

We've run out.

But you could always buy some. Hm.

Now, I've looked at these
a hundred times

and I just can't see how
we can afford to get the roof fixed.

Maybe you'd like to start preparing
a sermon on Noah and his ark?

I'd like to talk to Stephen,
the bank clerk.

He has access to the bank

and clearly dislikes
Mr. Harrogate.

Do you know where he lives?

We have parish business
to attend to.

Apologies. I'm sorry to
distract you from your good work.

I was going to speak to Lady Felicia
about something else anyway.

I'm sure she'll know who to ask.

I'm sure I can find out
exactly where he lives.

If you could,
that would be marvellous.

Father Brown is here.

Apparently you've requested
a spiritual advisor.

Yes, that's correct.

Thank you, Sergeant.

- Have you seen my daughter?
- Yes.

And does she think
that I'm responsible for this?

She's confused.
She does not know what to think.

I lost my wife to illness,

my son to the war.

I couldn't stand it
if I also lost my daughter.

I think she needs time to think.

That's the one thing I may not have.

I am here because
I've discovered

that Billy planned the robbery.

- I've spoken to one of his men.
- Billy? Are you sure?

The one question that's been
going around in my head all day...

..is why me?

Why was I taken to the vault
with you?

as it turns out now,

that the robbers
knew I was there.

Billy must have...

overheard me setting up
the meeting with you.

I don't believe
that there was a trust fund.

I think you invented it

to make sure
that I was at the bank.

Don't be absurd!

The question is, why me?

I can think of only one thing.

And the only thing I can think of
is that... I'm a priest.

And people trust me.

And if I say that I saw money
being taken from the vault,

No-one would question me.

But why would Billy want that?

To help you.

You were cooking the books

and sooner or later
you knew you'd be found out.

And if the bank was robbed,

you could blame any unexplained
losses on the thieves.

But that is outrageous!

I'm a bank manager,
not a criminal.

I don't think
you acted out of greed.

I think you wanted
to make your daughter happy.

The club was swallowing up money.

And I imagine that the racehorse
wasn't cheap to train and stable?

- What racehorse?
- Flanders' Hope.

- Never heard of it.
- You made a mistake.

But I don't think you're responsible
for what happened to Billy.

Thank you.

You knew the robbery
was about to happen.

Why would you kill Billy
in the one place

where you knew
he would be discovered?

No-one will believe that
when they realise what I did.

Then we have to find the murderer
before the police realise

that you were involved
in the robbery.

Do you think that might be possible?

Mrs. McCarthy...

My mission was successful!

You found the killer?


Very good.

Mrs. Peel at the bakery was able
to tell me where this Stephen lives.

He's here in Kembleford.
And I went to pay him a visit.

You shouldn't have gone on your own.

Well, I don't need you
holding my hand.

Anyway, he's not there.

I saw him drive off in his car.

And a very nice car it was, too.

How does a bank clerk afford a car?

I've just been to
the gallery in Little Haydock.

They have the most divine exhibition
of abstract human forms.

You must have fitted right in.

Did you speak to the gallery owner?

Yes, Richard is such a darling.

He confirmed that they've been
storing an item in the bank's vault.

They've done so
several times over the years,

so it was nothing unusual.

So, Mr. Harrogate wasn't lying?

No. The sculpture was
delivered to the bank

at 5:30 yesterday afternoon
and it's still there
safe and intact.

We keep coming up against
the same problem...

We cannot prove
Mr. Harrogate is innocent

unless we can show how
someone else got into the vault.


We need to break into the bank.

Lady Felicia, how can I help?

Thank you for agreeing to see me
so late.

After what happened,
I'm only happy to help.

I'm afraid I'd like to withdraw
all of my savings.

I no longer feel that...

- You don't need to explain.
- Thank you.

If you'll wait here?

Excuse me!
We need help, please!

- Help, please!
- What's wrong?

It's just, this place and the gun...


Try and breathe slowly.

I think she needs some water,

Quickly, get some water!

Yes, thank you.
I'm so embarrassed.

Don't be. Everything's fine.
Thank you. Thank you.

You could have worn something
a bit more practical.

- It's black.
- It's a dress.

You can't rob a bank in a dress.

It's not a dress. And we're not
going to steal anything.

Should we wear stockings
over our heads?

We haven't got any.

We could ask Mrs. McCarthy.

Oh...I'd rather take my chances.



Wasn't so bad, was it?

Do I want to know
where you had that made?

The lid's loose.


Art lovers - right bunch
of nutters, aren't they?

No, no, no, no!
Let us out of here!

What happens
when we run out of air?


..if we're lucky, the police
will find us and arrest us.

Or whoever's just locked us in
could come back with a gun.

But who'd be in the bank
this late at night?

Other robbers?

We're not robbers.

Someone found their way
through that door.

Yeah, Harrogate and he had the key.

I've locked them in the vault.
Now what?


These screws are loose.

I think we've been looking
at this in the wrong way.

This lock was designed

to keep people out, not in.

that's coming out nicely.

I think the killer
broke out of the vault -

not in.

So how did he get in?
And where did the body come from?

All right, this bolt
is operated by the key -

it holds the latch in place,
prevents the door from opening.

We need to lift it up.

Now we need something
to keep it from falling.

That's the job.
Now we slide.


And the other two.

How did you get out?

The same way the killer did.

It was one of you, wasn't it?
You had the key all along.

My associate had that made this
afternoon. I'm afraid he tricked you.

We called the police.

Like I believe that.

You're the ones trespassing.

The only way to prove
your father's innocence

is if I could see inside the vault.

- You know who killed Billy?
- No.

But I know how they did it.


If the police find us,
we'll be in serious trouble.

- Quick, into the office.
- Wait!

No, they broke in!

Martin, please!

We heard intruders.

They ran off down
the alleyway opposite.

Who were they?

We couldn't see in the dark.

Go quickly,
you might still catch them.

Why are you here?

There's a lot to sort out.

I wanted to open for business
as usual in the morning.

And you?

I didn't want to be alone.

Martin said I could sit with him.

Stay here, both of you.

Thank you.

What did you find in the vault?

There have been enough
false accusations.

I'm not prepared to say
until I'm sure.

You'll prove my father is innocent?

I believe so, yes.

What are you really doing
here, Mrs. Flanders?

Trying to make sense of things.

Billy had involved me in some
scam of his, without my knowledge.

The racehorse?

How do you know about that?

Who lights a fire on a summer's day?

I found the contract -
in your grate.

I'd never seen that document before,

although when I saw what
had happened to Billy,

I knew he must have been
involved in something.

So you wanted to
destroy the evidence,

so the police didn't think
you were complicit?

I asked Martin to help me find out

what else had been going on.


Looks like Harrogate was
pouring money into the club.

Billy was taking it out
and spending it on the horse.

What was father thinking of,
giving Billy all that money?

He was trying to make sure
Billy was a success -

to make you happy.

He was a fool.

Was he?

But a well-meaning one.

There's something else.

We also checked
Father's private accounts.

At the start of every month,

he'd withdraw a
large amount of cash.

So he was putting his own money
into the business, as well?


The money started going out
before I met Billy.

We don't know what
he was spending it on.

- Good morning.
- Hey, get... get off there!

Nice little number, this.
Bet it cost you.

You'll scratch it.

The night before the robbery -

when the couriers arrived
with the statue -

did you go to the vault
with Mr. Harrogate?

- Yes, so?
- Do you happen to know what time that was?

It was about half past four.

- Good. Thank you.
- What's it to do with you?

How long have you been
blackmailing Harrogate?

Come on.
Cars don't come cheap.

Nice digs you've got, too.

I had a wealthy aunt.

She died.

We spoke to your landlord.

He said you moved into
this house

shortly after unexplained money started leaving
Mr. Harrogate's account.


I reckon he'd had enough
and wanted out,

so you decided to punish him
by framing him for murder.

- I don't have a vault key.
- Neither does the killer.

It's all right.
If it wasn't you,

we can settle this
here and now -

if you tell us
what you've got on Harrogate.

I was drinking in the pub
one evening -

met a man who'd served
in Harrogate's regiment.

And what did he say?

He knew what Harrogate had
got up to during the first war.


Have you been here all night?

I can sleep when everything
is back to normal.

How long have you known?


That you're Harrogate's son?

Who told you that?

It's true, isn't it?


My mother told me,
when she was dying.

Why didn't you say anything
to Mr. Harrogate?

He was only with
my mother briefly,

when he was on
leave from the army.

He's proud.

He didn't want Julia to know
he'd been unfaithful.

I can respect that.

I was in the second war,
I know these things happen.

Then how can you do this to him?

I don't know what you mean.

I know how you killed Billy.

I want to understand why.

Harrogate gave you a job,

tried to care for you,
in his own way.

I think you were happy with that -
and then Billy came along.

Harrogate threw good money
after bad,

tried to make Billy into
the son you never got to be.

You heard them planning the robbery.

It was the final straw

and it gave you the opportunity
to punish them both.

The night before the robbery,

Harrogate received the delivery
at the bank,

signed for it and went home.

But this delivery
wasn't the real one.

You'd worked long enough at the bank

to know that the vault door

could not be secured
from interference from the inside.

You opened the door,

disposed of the crate...

And then when the real deliverymen
arrived an hour later,

they thought the door
had been opened for them.

And they didn't know who you were.

Working at the bank,

you'd seen enough documents
that Harrogate had written

to do a passable copy
of his handwriting.

That's how you wrote the note
that lured Billy to the bank,

later that evening.

He thought he was coming
to see Harrogate...

but you were waiting for him.

To lock the door from the outside,

you needed to make sure
that the bolt would not fall

before the door was closed.

An ice cube would do the trick.

When it melted, the bolt would fall

and the vault would be sealed.

I noticed a little puddle of water

when we found Billy's body.

Police will never believe you.

It's not them
I'm trying to convince.

Mr. Harrogate...

your father...

tried to care for you
as best he could.

He was ashamed of me.

He was ashamed of himself.

I can see how
you could be angry with him.

- But to take a life?
- All he cared about

was rinsing this bank
of every last penny.

We all paid because of his greed.

Billy was a parasite.

Nobody said he was a saint.

And to be clever enough
to get all that money...

he had to be stupid enough
to want it.

I needed that money for my mother.

She could have ended her life
somewhere comfortable -

died with dignity.

But Mr. Harrogate chose to
spend that money on a horse,

rather than the mother of his child.

He didn't know about the horse.


He still knew why
I needed the money

and refused to loan it to me.

He deserves to be punished.

Yes, for his sins.

Not for yours.

And your sister?

Did she ever mistreat you?

I've work to do.

Her life would be ruined also,

if Mr. Harrogate
takes the blame for this.

He brought this on himself.

Nobody's soul is beyond saving.

I will pray for you.

I don't want your prayers.

What do you want?

Your mother knew who Harrogate
was to you, all this time.

She kept silent.

She didn't even say a word
when he offered you a job.

She could have blackmailed him.

She could have got money,
ruined his reputation.

Perhaps she didn't, because
she knew that if she had,

she wouldn't have been able
to live with herself.

So Martin

didn't tell the police
that you planned the robbery?


No, that was good of him.

Why didn't you lend him the money?

He can't have been asking
for a huge amount.

That woman...

She represented all that
was wrong with me.

My weakness.

"That woman"...

wasn't a symbol, she was a person.

Someone in pain,
who you could have helped.

Someone who you cared for,

however briefly.

I'm sorry.

I'm not the one you should be
asking for forgiveness.

Thank you for telling the truth.

I hope in time that
you can understand what I did.

I admit I made some mistakes, but...

..the thing is...

I loved my wife very much, and...

I'm sorry, son.

No water for two days.
Well done, Sid.

My pleasure. You can say
"thank you" too, if you like.

We should have had it done

- We couldn't afford it.
- I have saved a fortune.

All you needed to do
was plug the leaks,

not replace the whole roof.

Thank you, dear Sid.

Morning, all.

"Plug the leaks"?

You get what you pay for.

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Sync: Marocas62