Father Brown (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Man in the Shadows - full transcript

Lady Felicia's chauffeur Sid sees a man disposing of a body but the police claim that the dead man, Archie Waterson, drowned himself and warn Sid to say nothing. Archie was working as an art restorer for eccentric Lord Masters but when Father Brown and Lady Felicia visit it is apparent that the supposed restoration is a front for an MI5 operation, headed by Daniel Whittaker, whom Lady Felicia knew in the war. Whittaker tries to blackmail Felicia into finding out what Father Brown knows about the dead man since the priest has found a message from Archie which will lead to the identity of his killer and their motive.


Drive, drive!
He's trying to kill me!

Come on, come on!

"The Man in the Shadows"

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Father Brown
Season 3 - Episode 01

He was that fast,
I thought I was done for.

- Inspector!
- No-one's allowed through.

No, Father!
This is a crime scene.

But that poor man's soul.

At least let me pray over his body.

If we need your services later,
we'll let you know.

You wouldn't have even found him
if it wasn't for me.

Yes, tell me, what were you doing
trespassing on private land?

We'll let you
carry on with your job.

Don't bother knocking.

Have you seen?

It was no accident.

Don't be ridiculous, Sidney.
It's in the newspaper.

You mean it's what Inspector
Sullivan told the newspaper.

That body was dry as a bone
when I saw it.

Archibald Waterson.
I know that name.

Wasn't he a friend of the Sheppards?

Best man at their wedding last year?

Yes. Yes, I think you may be right.

Why is Sullivan covering this up?

He's not even interviewed me
as a witness.


Still, I suppose
it's none of our business.

Mrs. Sheppard, I've come
to offer my condolences

on the death of your friend.

That's kind of you.
Come in.


Thank you.

- I've been looking for you.
- Must be your lucky day.

I spoke to Alf Turner
at the Red Lion.

He told me about your
fanciful interpretation

- of what happened yesterday.
- Nothing fanciful about it.

- You've got to stop this.
- What?

It's a free country.

Trust me...

..don't go making a fuss.

You know me, Inspector.
Soul of discretion.

We're still in shock.

Archie was one of
the finest men I ever met.

Do you know what happened?

Only what we read in the paper -
that he drowned.

I wonder what
he was doing at the lake.

I don't know,
it was a warm day.

He probably just wanted to cool off.

Did he live nearby?

Little Haydock.

That's several miles away.

Yes, I don't know what
he was doing around here.

We saw him yesterday morning
at the Manor.

Made plans for the weekend.

He was part of the
restoration project?

Archie specialised in the
conservation of oil paintings.

There must be hundreds
of those at Bridgemore.

Everyone there is going
to miss Archie.

The pair of you most of all.

We barely slept last night.

Well, I've intruded
for far too long.

Once again,
my sincerest condolences.

Thank you.



Are you all right?

Sid, are you sure you're up to this?

Of course.

All right, what exactly
are we looking for?

Anything out of the ordinary.

This is where the Sheppards
knew Archie from.

We can learn a great deal about
all three of them from here.

Why are you suspicious?

Because one of them
said they found out

about what happened from
the morning's paper,

the other one said
they couldn't sleep

the previous night
because of it.

Perhaps they had good reason to lie.

Sullivan isn't treating
this case as routine.

Something else is going on here.

I'll see what I can find.

Assuming His Lordship lets us

into his house in the first place.

Oh, he will.

I hope you realise
the sacrifice I'm making.

You know he's a madman?

He's a member of the House of Lords!


Come in, come in.

I was just practising my stroke.
Do you play?

I did, I did -
but never on carpet.

It's good to see you,
old girl.

Now, please, make yourselves at home.

So, what can I do for you?


Monty and I are holding a
little soiree next Saturday, you know.

Sounds divine.

I was just passing and I thought
I'd ask you in person.

We'd love it if you could come.

What red-blooded man could
refuse such an offer?


I was sorry to hear what happened,
Lord Masters.

Sorry, what?

The man working on your
restoration project.

Archibald Waterson.

I've been expecting you.

Now, where the hell is the thing?


Are you sure this is for me?

I found it on my desk this morning.

Archie had left a note with it.

He said an important stranger
would ask about him

and I should give them
this envelope.

- Did you know Archie well?
- Barely at all.

Those restoration fellows stick to
the far side of the house.

Love letter, is it?

"I'll take the secret to my grave."

- Does that mean anything to you?
- No.

Do you know him?

I can't say.

Like that, is it?

Who are you?

Lady Felicia's driver.

Are you all right?


It's William, isn't it?
I've seen you around Kembleford.

I'm sorry to hear about your mate.

That must be tough for you.

I'm fine.
Thank you.


Right you are.

So, when did the
restoration project start?

My dear, I have people who
remember dates for me.

Would you like
some apple crumble?


Well, 18 months ago.
Give or take.

How did you find
the people to do it?

I didn't, they found me.

They're a benevolent

who wanted to help me preserve

my family's heritage
for future generations.

- Sticky tart?
- No cake, thank you.

How many people work on it?

Well, I don't know.

These restoration fellows,
they keep themselves to themselves

and I rattle around the East Wing.

I suppose about a dozen in total.

That seems a lot.

Well, it's a big house.

No-one's tried to catalogue it
since great Uncle Basil.

What a fruitbat he was.

He organised the heirlooms
in colour order,

according to their aura.

So you don't go over to the
part of the house where they work?

They use dangerous chemicals!

No, they said it was safest for me
to stay clear.

Not that I mind, of course.

No, I'm quite happy
here with Terrance.


Nobody is to touch anything
in this room until I give the word.

You're all to return home and
remain there until I send for you.

Sorry, wrong door.

Now, Cousin George -

he set himself the challenge
of translating

every book in the house
into Ancient Greek.

Died tragically with
the finishing line just in sight,

16 books from the end
of the zoology section.

We've taken up too much
of your time.

Not at all.
It's a delight

to see you without
old Monty in tow.

Was it he who insisted you be
chaperoned with the priest?

Father Brown is not here
to keep an eye on me.

Methinks the lady
doth protest too much.

It's been a pleasure.
I look forward to the weekend.

I'm already counting the minutes.
Tick, tock.

- Must dash.
- Goodbye, Your Lordship. Terrance.

I didn't see nothing.
Honestly, I can keep shtoom.

Take him to the station for now.

Who are you?

You were warned.

Lady Felicia.

What has Sid done?

And you must be Father Brown.

You have the better of me.

What are you doing here, Daniel?

You know.
Same old, same old.

Please, I'm sure we can
sort this out.

I'll arrange for someone
to give you a lift back to town

while your driver is indisposed.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I have urgent
matters to attend to.

Lady Felicia,
can you please explain

what's going on?
Who was that man?

His name is Daniel Whittaker.

How do you know him?

We had dealings during the war.

He works for the government.

What part of the government?


Wait there.

What now?

I realise there are legal reasons
why you shouldn't talk about this.

- I won't abandon Sid.
- Good.

We need a better idea
about what's really happening.

The restoration project
is just a front.

That's why the Sheppards lied to me.

What do you make of Archie's letter?

"I'll take the secret to my grave."

He must have left it as a safeguard
in case anything happened to him.

He knew he was in danger.

But why didn't he ask for help?

Why put yourself in harm's way?

Perhaps he was involved
in something illegal?

I'll find out more about the
official investigation.


- Anon, anon.
- Thank you.

Hello, Archie.

Lord Masters, do you think
I might have a quick word?


Have a seat,

have a nibble.

Excuse my fingers.

There you go.

Thank you.

My name is James Gregson,

I'm overseeing
the restoration project.

I'm here because a
member of my staff

had an unfortunate
accident yesterday.

Beastly business,

as I was saying to that minx
and her priest earlier.

They were asking about it?

Poor Archie.
He left a letter for them.

Do you know what it said?

You have finally gone insane.

Just a moment, Mrs. McCarthy.

The shame of it.

Unless you've heard that poor soul

knocking on his coffin to be
let out, you must stop this.

There's nothing here.

Surprise, surprise!
What are you up to?


A likely story.

Now I'm going to have to
clear all this up,

get some fresh flowers.

And do you think
you could resist

digging up any
more residents

until I get back?

Scout's honour.

May I?


You aren't going to read it?

- What did you make of it?
- Nothing.

Spare me the modesty.

You've solved too many crimes to be
the bumbling idiot you appear to be.

No, I am a bumbling idiot.

But I see patterns to things.

You seem to know a lot about me.

You've shown up on our radar
a few times.

Have you got a file on me?

Why don't we pool our resources?

We both want the same thing,
after all.

- Do we?
- The truth.

I want my friend released.

Then perhaps you could start
by telling me about the letter.

Well, it obviously
wasn't meant for me

and Archie didn't leave it
for his colleagues either,

which means he didn't trust them.

He wanted it to go
to an outsider -

someone who'd come to investigate
if things went wrong - you.

But I got to the manor house first,

which meant Lord Masters got
the wrong end of the stick...

..and doesn't know what's
going on in his own house.

But you do.

I'm sure Lady Felicia
has filled you in.

She said nothing.


If you want to play it that way.

My name is Daniel Whittaker

and I work for the Security Service.
There, can we move on now?

Yes, I'd like to know how Sid is.

Maybe later.

You worked out
what the message means.

- Yes.
- It wasn't a question.

- What did you find?
- Nothing.

Local officers don't
know the sources

of each others' aliases -
only senior staff.

And you, it appears.

I recognised the name.

I buried Archibald Waterson
20 years ago.

He was 18 months old.
A tragic death.

- I can imagine.
- Why did your man

use that poor little boy's name?

When we create new identities
for our officers,

it's easier to use
real people -

dead people.
There's an existing paper trail

we can manipulate.

- How tasteless.
- You did ask.

Do you know who killed
that young man?

What did you find at the grave?

I found nothing there.

We found your friend trespassing
in a very sensitive area.

It's a serious charge,

I did not find
anything at that grave.

I'll see you later, Father.

I thought we were sharing

I've changed my mind.

You cannot play with
an innocent man's life like this.

- Actually, I can.
- I cannot give you what I do not have.

Don't leave it too long
to come to your senses.

Once people disappear,
it can be hard to find them again.

Take a seat.

I want to see Sid.

Sorry, orders from on high -
no visitors.

Then let me
speak to Daniel Whittaker.

Can I ask why?

You can ask.

I'll need your office.

Lady Felicia, this way.

I suppose this is your doing?

What happened?

I went down to put fresh flowers
on that grave. This is what I found.

Is that the only vase that
was broken?


Because the vase
on Archie's grave was cream.

Why are you here, Daniel?

The usual.
Trying to save the country.

We're hardly in danger out here.

It's that kind of complacency
that'll get us all killed.

Oh, is that your job?

Going round trying
to frighten people?

We don't have officers out
in this godforsaken nowhere

just for the fun of it.

It's because the fight is going on
right now, all around us.

Is that why you
had my driver arrested?

Because he's a threat
to national security?

We all need a little leverage.

Your priest has something I need.

A conscience?

An item he found in his graveyard.

What is it?

I don't know.

I thought you might find out
and bring it to me.

You are joking?

I rarely joke.

Especially when reputations
are concerned.

I really don't care
what you tell people about me.

How about the Earl?
Does he feel the same way?

We paid our debt.

And we're very grateful for that.

So now we're offering you another
chance to help your country.

This isn't fair.

Past indiscretions can
be made to vanish for a while,

but sadly they never really go away.

Which is a problem for men
who rely on their reputation.

A few words in the right ears,

who knows what the fallout might be?

I need something from you in return.

The man who died.

I want details.

Why not?

Your friend might
unearth something useful.

But you know the price.


You swapped the vases!

Now, don't you go giving me grief.

Someone had to tidy up
the mess you made...

Father Brown...!

"Dear Mother,

"enjoying my holiday.
Weather fine.

"It was a long journey,
but we got here safely.

"Your loving daughter,

And what does that mean?

It means Marjory
is having a nice holiday.

What have you gone and got
yourself mixed up in this time?

It's safer if you don't know.

I am a grown woman!
I don't need protecting.

But maybe he did.

Now, please, don't start
talking in riddles.

Take this.

Put it somewhere safe.

And he's off again.

We can name the baby after him?

It would be a way
of remembering him.

I'm hardly likely to forget.


- It was just a thought.
- Hey, I'm sorry.

I should be stronger than this.

Father Brown.
Please, come in.

- Hello.
- What can we do for you?

Perhaps I should start by saying
that I know what you do.

Not exactly, but I know that
you're more than historians.

And I've had a thought...

and I wondered
if you could help me?

What with?

I think we all know
that Archie's death

was not an accident.

He deliberately put himself
in danger and paid the price.

What makes you think that?

I've been trying
to work out why.

At first, I thought he must
have been in trouble,

but then another
possibility occurred to me.


He was trying to save someone else.

Save them from what?

Well, I was rather hoping
you could tell me that.

If you know what we are,

then you'll understand
that we can't talk about this.

A shame.

I was hoping to reach out
to whoever Archie was trying to help

because they must be carrying
a terrible burden.

I must be mistaken.

Silly me.

I'm always wading out of my depth.

I won't trouble you any longer.

Why did you say that
he put himself in danger?

He left a note,

in case anything
happened to him.

What did it say?

It's not my place to tell you.

Good day.

Hello, William.

Why do you think I was involved?

I know a broken man
when I see one.

What was in Archie's letter?

There's a game
going on around me,

one I do not wish to play.

Spies and official bullies

and all manner of madness.

The people in my parish
are suffering because of this.

They are my only concern.

Then help me.

I've done a terrible thing.

Forgive me Father
for I have sinned.

It's been six weeks
since my last confession.


..I killed my best friend.

What happened?

Archie had intercepted
a dead drop...

a message to the Soviets
about our work at the manor.

Marion was still at work.

Archie came to confront me
over what he had discovered.


Because I sent the message.

I used to be a Soviet spy.

Does Marion know?


No, it would destroy her.

It was being with her that
first made me change my views.

I realised we could have
a better life here. A family.

The past six months,
I've just fed the Soviets lies

and inconsequential information.

- Did you explain this to Archie?
- I tried...

..but he was furious.

I trusted you!

He felt betrayed.

He attacked me.

I just wanted him to stop.

To give me a chance to explain.

He was frantic.

He broke a bottle.

It was just instinct.
There was a knife.

I didn't mean to hurt him.

I swear.

I can't live with myself.

Please, Father,
please absolve me of my sins.

I can't.


You attacked Sid Carter
this morning.

I panicked.

What you did was deliberate.

So how can I believe
you regret anything?

You can't tell anyone.

I won't, but I urge you
to give yourself up

- for the sake of your mortal soul.
- They'll kill me.

I must warn you
that Archie left

what he found
for your superiors.

Others will follow,
looking for you.

What can I do? Marion is pregnant.

How can I tell her what I am?
What I was?

Then you will pay a terrible price.

For that, I am sorry.

Keep an eye on her...

..and on my child.

- Make sure that they're all right.
- Of course.

I'll get the train to London,
disappear until I can find a...

Don't tell me your plans.

I don't want anything more
to do with this.

Goodbye, Father.

I'm sorry I couldn't
be a better man.

What's the matter?

You're scaring me.

- Is Father Brown here?
- No, he is not.

Do you know when he'll be back?

I thought you could tell me.

I presume you're a part
of his latest little escapade?


What's he been up too?

Heaven only knows.

But he seems to think this
has something to do with it.


Her Royal Highness is here,

and your precious postcard
is behind the tea caddy.

And your dinner is in the oven.

Lady Felicia.

Any luck?

A copy of the police report.

How did you manage that?

Oh, you know, wild flirtations
and laughing at dreadful jokes.

I need to go.

Are you all right?


It's frightening, what
we've got ourselves involved in.

Better get on.

I need to explain
to my husband why I've invited

that landed lunatic to our soiree.

We do still have police
business to conduct.

I'm sure you'll cope.

Lady Felicia.

Take it.

- Thank you for your service.
- Go to hell.


Get your people to watch
the roads out of town.

We'll take the station.

- Why?
- We have our man.

The ticket clerk saw a man
fitting his description.

He bought a ticket to London.


Father Brown.

That'll keep him out of our way.

That's the train for Birmingham.

The thing about my job is you do
drink an awful lot of tea

and I do like my sugar.

And the inevitable biscuit.

How did you find me?

When a chap in your line of work
says one thing,

you can be sure he means another.

And you said you
were going to London.

Did you bring the police?

Our conversation remains
between us and God.

Although I do think you
have some explaining to do.

I've just seen my wife's
face for the last time.

My child will grow up
without a father.

Can you call that justice?

You lied to me.

The confession is sacrosanct,

not somewhere where you
can spin stories.

The train is stopping.

It's signals.

We're only just out
of Kembleford.

Another train coming in.
Single line working.

This is your doing.

No-one knows you're here.

Stay where you are!




Keep back!
Both of you!

Just stay calm.


- What?
- Tunnel!

Please let me help you.

I know you didn't
kill your friend.

- We've got him now.
- No!

You have to get in there.

- He's not going anywhere.
- Do it.

Oh, no.


I'm sorry.

How did you know he was involved?

You do realise this is
an official investigation?

I'm bound by different laws.

How did you know
he'd be on that train?

Lucky guess.

Shouldn't you be writing this down?

As you said, different laws.

If you let Sid Carter go,
I will ensure

that he says nothing
about what he has seen.

We don't make deals.

I think you will this time.

- I found...
- I already have the postcard,

thanks to a friend of yours.

Well, I think that's all.

You can go.

I'll get you a tea.

- You don't need to.
- The kettle was already on.

I know William
cared very much for you.

He would have done anything for you.

No matter what trouble you were in.

What do you mean?

He died trying to throw us
off the scent.

He made himself look guilty...

..so that we thought
he was acting on his own.

Have a seat.

Could I trouble you for some sugar?

Only I have a
terrible sweet tooth.

The story William told me
can't be true.

I've read the police
report on Archie's death.

Archie found out that William
was a Soviet agent.

He should have reported him,
but he didn't.

He wanted his friend to explain.

But there was no

William was working
for the other side.

It turned into a fight,

but William couldn't have killed
Archie in self-defence...

..because Archie was stabbed
in the back.

It's an interesting story.

Before I came here,

I prayed that you only acted
to defend your husband.

That you had no idea
of his political beliefs.

On the contrary,
you defected to his cause.

And why would you think that?

When he was cornered,

William took his own life...

..as I imagine he
was trained to do,

rather than be captured.

And you showed your hand

when you put cyanide...

..into your tea.

I will not let you take
your own life

and your child's.

It won't be long now.

I swapped the teas.

I should just follow you
around all day, Father.

You turn up the most
interesting things.

- You know what I did?
- Yes.

I'm so sorry.

There's no need for you
to apologise.

I betrayed you.

I'm sure you did what you did
for the best of reasons.

Selfish ones.

Well, without the police report,
I wouldn't have known the truth and...

and I'm sure Daniel charged you
a high price for it.

Right, let's bring
Sid from the choky.

If you say so.

Next time, keep quiet
when I tell you.

- Whatever you say, Inspector.
- Are you all right?

I'll live.

I'll be on my way. Thank you,
Father, for your assistance.

You have a keen mind.
You're wasted out here.

On the contrary,
I think that you've proved

that this is where I should be.

There's a war on,
just as terrible as the last one.

The Red Menace poses as much
of a threat as the Nazis ever did.

Then we have to hold ourselves
to higher standards.

If we resort to bullying
and underhand tactics,

then what's the point?

We're as bad as them.

You've no idea what goes on

to let you live
in ignorant peace.

The evils I see
every single day.

Then I feel for you.

Lady Felicia.


Sad to see him go?

Get out of here, Father.

Father Brown,
I need your help!

I woke up this morning

and my whole staff
has changed -

unless I'm losing my marbles.

Surely not.

Over 18 months they've been
working in here.

What have they been doing
all this time?

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Sync: Marocas62