Father Brown (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Mysteries of the Rosary - full transcript

Professor Ambrose is abducted after sending his friend Father Brown an ancient prayer book which supposedly can locate the long disappeared Lannington rosary, said to hold healing powers. Aided by Lady Felicia's chauffeur Sid the priest uses the book to find clues which will lead him to the rosary. There is a deadline as a ransom note arrives, informing the father that the rosary must be delivered to save his friend's life whilst the quest is complicated by the arrival of supposedly reformed criminal Flambeau, who claims he is working as a mercenary for the Papacy to find the relic. And then there is a third party, the actual kidnapper, whom Father Brown must expose.

Who's there?

From the grandeur of
the Mass of Thanksgiving,

to the pastoral delights
of Lady Felicia's garden,

I think we'd all agree

that today has been a day
to raise the spirits.

Awards for distinguished
service are to be cherished.

I can only quote from the tribute
of Pope Pius himself.

"For the devout duty,
the boys of St Bartholomew's

"will always be in your debt."

I saw it first!

Please join me in congratulating
Father Ignatius.

Or should I say Monsignor?

I thought he'd never finish.

Bishop likes to
rise to the occasion.

Isn't it marvellous?
Our very own prelate.

Moving service, Monsignor.

Oh, "Reverend Father" will suffice.

I've persuaded Father Ignatius
to stay for dinner.

Won't you be needed at your mission?

The country air
will be good for the boys.

They're certainly...
full of high spirits!

Abandoned as infants
and brought to my care.

Poor mites.
Pair of tearaways! Behave!

Or it's straight back...to Coventry.

Why don't I show you
the Japanese garden?

I've got a marvellous idea
for a fundraising gala.

I'm surprised
he isn't wearing a halo.

Oi, oi, look out.

Ah, Brown. Bishop.

Glad you could join us. My Lord.

Oi! Ignatius and I
were fellow seminarians.

A sterling example of
what we aspire to achieve

without the distractions
of amateur sleuthing.

I was hoping to catch
Professor Ambrose.

An update on his quest
for the Lannington Rosary.

I imagine he's busy
with his research.

There's no fool
like an old fool, eh?

Ambrose wasn't at church on Sunday.
He has been rather remiss of late.

Probably nursing
a hangover somewhere.

I'll pop in later on my rounds.
Bit out of your way, isn't it?

Not if you drive me.

Looks like a break-in.
One of the neighbours called us.

You were right to be concerned.
Where is Ambrose?

I was hoping you could tell me that.
I haven't seen him all weekend.

By all accounts,
a bit of a queer fish.

My friend Ambrose
is endearingly eccentric.

Yes. That's one way
of putting it, Father.

I suppose you'd better come inside.

Not you.

Place appears
to have been ransacked.

Although with all this mess,
it's difficult to tell.

Retired academic.

All his papers. How distressing.

Years of research.

And what exactly did
this "research" entail?

Renaissance Theology.
Nothing that would interest you.

Perhaps the professor
went on holiday.

Without telling the milkman? Like
you said - endearingly eccentric.

A thief took advantage
of an empty house...

Any thief worth his salt
would have stolen that.

Unless they were disturbed.
Or looking for something else.

I'd rather you didn't
touch anything, please, Father.

Checking for prints.

Tape-lift method - something
we perfected at the Yard.

Fascinating. Modern policing.

Still no substitute for good
old-fashioned detective work.


He wouldn't disappear
without telling me.

Why would anyone
want to hurt Ambrose?

Father, this package
just arrived for you.

Ambrose's handwriting.
Postmarked two days ago.

So it must have been posted
before he went missing!

Wow, Mrs M, the local constabulary
can sleep sound in their beds

I went to a lecture
at the Newman Society.

Ambrose was keen to talk
about his recent discovery.

The usual sceptics were there.

Lysette Penhallick
was an English noblewoman.

The Lady of the Manor of Lannington.

As devout as she was wealthy.

Her rosary was somewhat,
well, ostentatious.

It was emeralds and mother-of-pearl.

An early-Renaissance
status symbol, really.

It also appears in
the family coat of arms.

As a lesson in true faith,

the Blessed Virgin
appeared in a vision

and bestowed upon the rosary
miraculous healing powers.

Lysette soon discovered
she had a religious notoriety -

the sick and the dying
demanded to be cured.

So she sought sanctuary
in Briars Priory

after she has taken holy orders.

Her final days are lost in mystery.

No-one even knows where she's buried.

After she died,
the relic disappeared.

The priory was looted during
the dissolution of the monasteries.

No trace of the rosary
was ever found.

And it's been missing ever since.

I may be a step closer to finding it.

Lysette Penhallick's prayer book.

I discovered it languishing
in the Ashmolean archives.

What makes you so sure
it belonged to Lysette?

She wrote her name
on the inside cover.

Lysette knew the true
value of miracles.

I'm convinced she hid the rosary

to save it from falling
into the wrong hands.

The clues to its whereabouts
are contained in this book.

And there's a letter!
Addressed to me.

"Dearest Father Brown..."

"..as my life's work is
finally reaching its conclusion,

"I fear others may be
out to steal the prize."

"I may be in some danger."

"I therefore entrust
the Mysteries Of The Rosary to you,

"and your safekeeping."

"I know I can
count on you to find it."

"Begin with the Hail Mary.
My prayers go with you."

"Your friend, Ambrose."

Whoever broke into Ambrose's house
was looking for this.

This rosary he mentions.
Valuable, is it?

It's reputed to have
healing powers. You don't say?

Its veneration as a holy relic
makes it almost priceless.

How long has it been missing?
About 500 years.

Forensics are testing
the handkerchief.

We'll keep you informed
of any developments.

If Ambrose has been kidnapped...
That's pure conjecture.

We have to take
his disappearance seriously.

Believe me, Father, I'm trying to.

Now, I suggest you let us
get on with it. The letter.

I'm confiscating this as evidence.

Still telling them
how to do their job?

And what brings you here?

Thank you. Misunderstanding
in the village shop.

Wait for me outside.

You look tired, Ignatius.

A headache. The work at
St Bartholomew's can be challenging.

You must think our
Cotswold concerns trivial.

What news on Professor Ambrose?

I ran into your parish secretary.

The police are investigating.

Prone to bouts of melancholy,
so I've heard.

Seemed content with his research.

The Lannington Rosary?

Its very existence
has always been disputed.

Well, if you doubt its veracity

then you must doubt
the miracles attributed to it.

We'll say prayers at the mission
for his safe return.

Maybe for once you should
just leave this to the police.

The rosary could lead us to Ambrose,
or whoever it is abducted him.

That's all well and good...

Some of these prayers
have been embellished with roses.

"Begin with the Hail Mary", he said.

If a single rose
marks the first clue...

Well, that's easy.

Mary Our Lady
first appeared to Lysette...

At Lannington. Yes!

And the Hail Mary is
inscribed on the shrine.

Oh, this is the life, eh, Father?

Flash motor, nice bit of scenery.

Kind of Felicia
to lend you the Rolls-Royce.

Well, you know, she's got
a bit of a soft spot for me.

Yes, she has.

Listen, this rosary's been missing
for 500 years. Must be well-hidden.

When it could have
done so much good.

You really think
we're going to find it?

Faith is the substance
of things hoped for.

Faith? It's going to take
a bleeding miracle!

The shrine is at
the end of the Rosary Walk.

Well, you go and look for your clues
and I'll go look for the pub.

Give me the book!

This man is a priest.
Show some decorum.


Father Brown. It's been too long.


I wondered when you'd turn up.

Be thankful I did, or your adventure
would have ended prematurely.

The rosary is too good a prize
for you to resist.

It seems we're not
the only people searching for it.

What the...

What have you done with Ambrose?

The fate of your professor
is of no concern to me.

The whereabouts of your relic?
Now, that's another matter.

The Lannington Rosary
belongs to the church.

Which is why they've
asked me to find it.

You knew he wasn't dead!

I had my suspicions.

He's up to his eyes in this.
I can smell it.

Wait here.

The man is a psychopath,
in case you'd forgotten.

You expect me to believe that
you are working for the Vatican?

The Holy See hired me
as a mercenary.

They wanted the best.
So what's in it for you?

There's been talk of an amnesty,
a papal dispensation.

You paid a visit to Ambrose's house.
Kidnapping is hardly my style.

I was looking for the prayer book
when the police arrived.

But Ambrose made contingency plans.

And made you custodian
of the rosary's secrets.

And you think I need your help
to solve the clues?

Surely two heads are better than one?
You need my protection.

Your protection? Last time I met
you, you pointed a pistol at me!

Regrettable, I know.
But here I am, a changed man.

The commerce of saints
and the business of miracles,

it's all so archaic.

"Ave Maria gratia plena."

The prayer book has
brought us to the shrine.

I imagine the shrine
will send us somewhere else.

This prayer of Lysette's
is embellished with two roses.

The second clue
must be contained within.

"Sous la rose je fleurie."

"My soul sings up towards heaven
as I flourish under the rose."

The second clue.


The woman's name is Penhallick.
Lives at Tibberton Manor. Yes.

'..left of the family estate.'

Yes, I have that. 'She's the last
surviving descendant.'

Mrs McCarthy, you are a brick.

'Promise me you will be vigilant.'

Yes, of course.
I will keep a look out, yes.

'The man is a villain,
not to mention a heathen...' Yes.

Yes. Well, good night, Mrs McCa...

Good night! Goodbye!

You Catholics are
so unfailingly virtuous.

There's a prayer in there
for everything.

You could not resist
stealing it, could you?

You want to save your friend,
you need to learn to trust me.

According to my parish secretary,
"I flourish under the rose"

is the motto
of the Penhallick family,

and there is a surviving
member, at Tibberton.

Perhaps they can shed
some light on the mystery?

Tibberton? You do realise
Tibberton's 60 miles away?

We'll make an early start
in the morning.

Yes, the earlier the better. There's
a warrant out for your arrest.

Hmm. Back from the dead.

I'd ask you to join me
for a bite to eat

but I've decided
to dine in my room.

Don't forget to say your prayers.

Morals of an alley cat. Yes.

You do realise we're consorting
with a known criminal?

It's hardly consorting. It's all
right for you, I've got previous!

Are you sure this is
the only room they had left?

The man is a compulsive liar.

All that guff about
working for the Vatican!

Perhaps he has changed.

That's always been
your trouble, Father.

You only ever see
the good in people.

I am telling you, once he gets
his hands on that rosary,

you will not see Flambeau for dust.

He'll be off like
the hare at Haringey.

You really think
your priest will find you?

Finding the rosary
is all that matters.

And what if he decides
to keep it for himself?

Then you must make good
on your threats.

Then perhaps we should
remind him what's at stake.

He's only gone and stolen the Rolls.
I warned you, didn't I?

What on God's earth
am I going to tell Lady F?

This was pushed through
my door this morning.

"Find the Rosary or lose your
friend. You have until seven."

A ransom note. It tells us
everything and nothing.

You all right, Sid?

You look a bit queasy. I was
on and off that khazi all night.

Must have been something I ate.

We have to find the rosary,
before it's too late.

Well, we're stuffed without a motor.

We needed petrol.
Isn't she a joy to drive?

How did you get hold of my keys?

On second thoughts,
don't answer that.

We're wasting valuable time.

Clearly he's in no state to join us.

You did this!

He's poisoned me or something.

The man is paranoid,
as well as disagreeable.

Make sure Sullivan reads it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! I am not
about to leave you with him.

Never alone, Sid.
It's the perk of the job.

Maybe you should sleep it off?
You know where we're heading?

And how am I supposed to get there?

How does it feel to be a fugitive?
You can never run far from God.

No matter how hard we try.

Our treasure hunt excites you.
I'm doing it for Ambrose.

And not for the thrill of the chase?

Imagine the things
we could steal together.

I thought you'd
turned over a new leaf.

You know, for a priest,
you're sorely lacking in faith.

Maybe I'm sorely tested.

I thought you'd welcome another
chance to save my sorry soul.

Who's there?

Where is he?

I'd offer you tea, only I've given
the housekeeper the day off.

I'm all alone in
this big, empty house.

Believe me, Madame,
we are gentlemen.


We wanted to ask you
about the Lannington Rosary.

The mystery of its disappearance
has always intrigued me.

I'm not sure I can enlighten you.

It was all such
a long, long time ago.

You attended the lecture at Oxford.
I remember your perfume.

I have a vested interest.

I'm the last of
the family line, you know.

I find it hard to believe
you've never married.

I've had offers, of course.

Never thought
I'd end up on the shelf.

You are a woman in your prime.

Lysette's later years
are unaccounted for.

It was rumoured she fled to France.
A sensible course of action.

The Lannington Rosary
brought nothing but trouble.

It was more of a curse
than a blessing.

She must have been
difficult to live up to.

How exactly can I help you,
Father Brown?

We need to find that relic
as a matter of urgency.

I had you down as pilgrims,
not bounty hunters.

We believe there might be letters.
Family correspondence.

Perhaps an heirloom
might provide a clue?

Most of the heirlooms are long gone.

Though I can't let you leave
without seeing the painting.

The only proof that
the rosary ever existed.

An Albrecht Kraus. I may
have to come back and steal it.

A cloister garden.
A priory cloister garden?

I've always found piety
rather a burden.

Wouldn't you agree, Father Brown?

It's a burden some choose
not to live with.

Classical imagery.

The lilies allude
to the subject's piety,

the roses represent
the Blessed Virgin.

There are three of them.

It's a prayer of veneration.
"Fidelis Usque ad Mortem".

"Faithful unto death".

It's telling us
where Lysette is buried.

Well, don't just stand there.
Go after them!

According to Ambrose, Lysette took
holy orders at Briars Priory.

The Bridgettine Sisters.

It's less than ten miles from here.
Little more than a ruin now.

You really think she took
the rosary to the grave?

What better place to hide it?
The priory has been searched.

Maybe they missed something.

Well, one of us needs to open it.

Oi! Ah! I need to
borrow your bicycle.

I have to find a rosary.
It's been lost for 500 years.

It's a ransom for my friend.
I'll bring your bicycle back.


"I flourish under the rose..."


She's been playing us for fools
with these blessed riddles.

There must be something else.

"Oratio Humilis Accessus."

The Prayer of Humble Admission.

Humble, lowly...

A simple way in. A door.

A low door.

"Domine fac ingrediar coram Te.

"Grant, O Lord, that
I may come before thee..."

Et voila.

What can you see?

Not much.

It's an old burial chamber.

It's been left undisturbed
for quite some time.

The priory sisters
must have built it...

What were they trying to hide?

Looks like Ambrose was right.

has served his purpose.

Give me a leg up.

There never was a papal
dispensation, was there?

I can't climb out of here on my own.

I really thought you had changed.

If they catch me, it's prison.

Perhaps that's
the best place for you.

Do you want to save
your friend, or don't you?

If I help you up,
you'll leave me in here.

Why don't you go first?

Spread out and search the grounds.

The suspect could be armed.

You stay here.
You're no use to anyone.

Sod that for a game of soldiers.

The rosary...


I think that belongs to me.

Take the ransom.
Tell me where Ambrose is.

The rosary is not yours
to barter with.

Do you think I won't use this?

Take it. Do the right thing.

Father Brown?

If I were you,
I'd shoot the priest. Shut up.

Police! Throw down your weapon!



He won't get far
with a bullet wound.

I wouldn't be so sure of that.

See what you've done?
Your professor is as good as dead.

I had it in my hand.

Where is he?

Now that'd be telling.
You know they'll lock you up?

I failed him.
He said I would. Move.

Who have you failed?

I should arrest you for obstruction.

How did you find me?
Tip-off from the local force.

A priest made off with
a pensioner's bicycle.

The rosary appears to have vanished,
along with your friend Flambeau.

The man you're detaining
knows where Ambrose is.

Well, he's refusing to give us a
statement. We're running out of time.

If you'd been honest with me
from the start.

I did what I thought
was best for my friend.

Jacob Spender.

He's got form. Petty theft, GBH...

Nothing as clever as extortion.
Troubled sort.

Spent his formative years
in a mission for wayward children...

Which mission?

I need iodine, dressings...

and the sanctuary of your church.

The wound isn't deep.

The bullet only scratched you,

but it will sting.

I owe you my life.
Then give me the rosary.

Perhaps I should have
used it to heal myself.

You begged me for absolution.

Life is too short for penance.

You can live with
a guilty conscience,

but do you want to die with one?

One day you'll realise
I'm beyond salvation.

The day I give up hope.

I hope you find your friend.



Jacob Spender was
a ward of this orphanage,

saved by the church
from a life of destitution.


You again.

Get off me!

We were only playing hide-and-seek!

Perhaps, young sir,

you could tell me the whereabouts
of Father Ignatius?

Who wants to know? Oi!

Mind your manners.
That's a priest you're talking to.

He sits in the chapel for the quiet.

These his pills?

Takes them for his headaches. Hmm.


Jacob's not coming back.

He always disappoints me.

You sent him to steal a holy relic.

I took him in when no-one else would.

I gave him a purpose in life.

Where is Ambrose?

Stubborn old fool.
If he'd given me the book...

You're a minister of Christ.

Have you forgotten your vows?
Do not presume to judge me.

God will do that.
I was chosen to find the rosary.

I am blessed. You are ill.

You are delusional. The Blessed
Virgin made me a vessel.

The visions were fierce
in their clarity.


A tumour.


It changes me.

The police are on their way.
What good will that do? I'm dying.

Do you believe the possession
of this will cure you?

You found it.

Haven't you heard?

He's quite the detective.

I should have known better
than to trust a priest.

My need was always
greater than yours.

Perhaps Father Brown
should be the judge of that.

After all, I still have
a hostage to bargain with.

Where is Ambrose?
Now, that would be telling.

You were working together.

I attended the lecture
as an interested party.

We needed the prayer book.

So you hatched a plot
to kidnap Ambrose?

With the help of that idiot boy.
She had the perfect place to hide.

And with your promotion
you had the perfect alibi.

While we did all the dirty work.

You were greedy, just like Lysette.

I am the rightful heir
to the rosary.

What makes you think you deserve it?

I shall be the second Penhallick
with miraculous powers.

Either that, or incredibly rich.

This was ordained.

I must continue God's work.

Sancta Maria, Sancta Dei Genetrix,
Sancta Virgo virginum,

make me a miracle. Make me a miracle.

Show me its power.

Can you see it?

Can you see it?!

Heal me!

Heal me! It's mine!




Heal me.

Tell you what, it's a good job
someone's watching your back.


OK, take them away.

That priest has got the rosary!

Still no nearer to finding Ambrose.
Well, he could be anywhere.

That's her car.

I was beginning to think
you'd never find me.

Good to have you back, Brown.

None the worse for
your little adventure.

Any word on the rosary?

A sad loss.


Father Brown.

Such a terrible way
for poor Ignatius to go.

His passing was a shock to us all.

At least I've still got you.

I never trusted the man myself.

"Stubbornly resistant
to improvement."

12 letters...

Incorrigible. Of course.

You know, I think the Penhallick
woman might have been right. Mmm?

The Lannington rosary, it's as much
of a curse as a blessing.

Ignatius - living proof.

Yes, I can see now
why Lysette hid it.

Well, wherever it is,
it's best to stay hidden.

There's something
I've been meaning to tell you.

The thieving...!