Father Brown (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - The Maddest of All - full transcript

Wearing only a hospital gown Felix Underwood returns to the village and says 'Murder' before collapsing, apparently dead. At his funeral however the 'corpse' comes back to life but with a loss of memory. He was a patient at Danvers Retreat, a psychiatric hospital for service personnel, which Father Brown visits, along with new Inspector Sullivan, discovering a body hidden in a well. Father Brown gets himself admitted to Danvers Retreat in order to get close to a young woman who supplies clues in biblical texts and to solve both the murder and the mystery surrounding young patient Jeremy.

Are you all right?


Inspector Sullivan,

I thought you could
arrange for one of those

surveillance-type operations.


and dust for fingerprints.

Now, you can start with this.

-Mrs. McCready...
-Mrs. McCarthy.

Believe it or not, strawberry theft
is not my greatest priority.

Now see here, young man!

Oh, I see - our concerns
are beneath you, are they?

-Big city boy.
-That's not what I meant.

I'll have you know, my award-winning
strawberry scones

put Kembleford on the map.

At least Inspector Valentine
took his responsibilities seriously.

You're not even listening!

-I can't get a word out of him.

Can you hear me?


His heart's stopped.
Call an ambulance!

Call an ambulance!

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Father Brown
Season 2 - Episode 02

"The Maddest of All"

"..though he were dead,
he shall live.

"And whosoever liveth and believeth
in me, shall not die forever."

And you didn't observe
anyone near him?

Not that I recall.

By the way...

Lady Felicia.
A pleasure.


I haven't seen
Felix at mass in a long time.

Nor his wife, for that matter.

Looks to me as if he's
been in hospital.

And why did he say "murder"?

-Mrs. McCarthy,

I'd appreciate some discretion.

Good luck that.

And what's that
supposed to mean?

Simply that you're disadvantaged when
it comes to the control of your tongue.

Well, at least I'm not in the
habit of following half-naked men

up the street.

Any sign of foul play?


Based on preliminary

I'd say heart failure.

What about the cuts on the hand?
Right palm.

-Minor abrasions.
-Defensive wounds?

I believe your work is done here,

That used to be my husband.

Always smiling.

Always quick with a joke.

When he came back from the war,

it was like he'd been gutted.

Everything he used to be,
wrenched out of him.

Who's the other gentleman?

His brother.
He was killed in action.

Last month, I finally realised
I couldn't take it any more.

The years of silence.
The stillness.

So I told him.

Told him I'd leave him if he didn't
do something about it.

found a place.

They specialise in trauma
and shellshock for veterans.


Did Felix have any enemies?

He hardly even left the house.


-Do you think it could have been...?
-Just a routine question.

Nothing to worry about.

More tea?

Two suggestions,
if I may.

Either Mr. Underwood met an enemy
at this "retreat"

or he wasn't
talking about his own murder.

Father Brown, I've been
well-briefed by my predecessor

on your propensity
for extra-curricular deduction.

But I propose that you
manage the funeral

and I'll manage the investigation.

-Of course.

Can I help you?

Father Brown.

I'm here about your patient,

Felix Underwood.

We've just been informed. Terrible.

How did he escape?

May I ask, what's your interest?

I'm gathering
information for the Requiem mass.

Even so, you'll have to leave.

The presence of a priest could
disturb the patients.

How so?

Connotations of hell and damnation.

-I'll show you to the door.
-Nurse Farrow.

That won't be necessary.

-But the patients...
-They'll be fine.

-Dr. Henshaw. Director.
-Father Brown. Priest.

Let me show you around.

My apologies for Nurse Farrow.

She's always been somewhat

but she only has the patients'
best interests at heart.

We're devastated about what's

Felix seemed to be making progress.

He'd never sleepwalked before.

You think that's what happened?

Seems the most likely explanation.

What kind of therapy do you

if you don't mind my asking?

We take a humanistic approach.

Role-play, visualisations,
encounter groups.

Nothing invasive.


You've an interest
in my line of work?

Well, in a sense,
we're not that different.

Both in the same business
of helping people

on a road to a better self.


My daddy's a wizard.

So are you, by the look of it.

Benjamin made this for me.

-Former patient.

-Jeremy, it's time for elevenses.
-Are you a wizard?

As it happens.

-Elevenses, Jeremy.
-More magic! More magic!

We've got your favourite biscuits.


calm down.
Deep breaths. All right?

What do we do when we feel upset?

Count to ten.


Sorry about that.
He's prone to the odd tantrum.

He seems very young to be
ex-service personnel.

On occasion,
we cater to their relatives.

Jeremy's father was
killed in the war.

His mother couldn't cope,
so she sent him here.

-May I use your facilities?
-Just on the right.

Dr. Henshaw?
Inspector Sullivan.

We spoke on the phone.

I'd like to start by seeing
a list of all the patients

who were here during
Mr. Underwood's stay.

I'm afraid that won't be possible,

you understand.

Given the circumstances,
I was hoping for some co-operation.

I assure you, I'm not being

but, like you, I'm bound by certain
legal and ethical principles.

Produce a court order,
and I'd be happy to oblige.

Patient register.

Romans 10:10.


Romans 10:10.

"For, with the heart,
we believe unto justice

"but, with the mouth
we confess unto salvation."

Deep breath.

Thank you, gentlemen.


Down! Down!
Please, down!

Is he dead?

Does he even have a soul?

As far as I can tell,
he's in perfect health.

Two days ago you certified him dead.

Because he had no pulse
and he wasn't breathing.

Good thing he wasn't embalmed.

Or given a postmortem,
for that matter.

I swear to God,

that man was not alive
when I examined him,

which leads me to conclude

that this is more your
department than mine.

While I can't completely rule out
a supernatural resurrection,

I would be more inclined to go
for the rational explanation first.

Mr. Underwood?


Can you tell us
what happened to you?

Perhaps if you took him home,

maybe in familiar surroundings,
that may jog his memory.

I don't want him in my home.

Mrs. Underwood,
I know this is difficult.


My husband just came
back from the dead.

Dorothy, I suspect Felix
was never dead.

Look at the cuts on his hands.


Perhaps you could show him
some photos.

Play some songs he liked.

I have a confession to make.

-How did you get this?
-I paid a visit to Danvers Retreat.

It sort of fell into my cassock.

Do you realise
I could arrest you on the spot?

And thwart your own investigation?

-You're interfering...
-I know, I know.

I'm terrible, aren't I?
The point is,

that one of the patients,
Benjamim Pennington,

was admitted for two weeks'

but was discharged
only a week later,

on the same day Felix disappeared.

-Suspicious, don't you think?
-Or a coincidence.

but surely it can't hurt

to find the whereabouts
of Benjamin Pennington.

-I'll pay them another visit.
-You'll need my assistance.

Why's that?

In case of clues
of a Biblical nature.


Although somewhat subdued.

I'd like him readmitted.

That won't be possible
until the investigation's over.

Are you implying I'm some
sort of threat?

Just before Mr.
Underwood collapsed,

he said the word "murder".

What are you suggesting?
That someone here tried to kill him?

At present,
I'm just collating information.

On which point, I'd like to
interview your former patient,

The one who made the
wizard hat for Jeremy.

Well, he discharged himself
a few days ago.

In that case, I'd like to
interview your current patients,

starting with a young woman -
dark, curly hair.

-Sarah Mulgrew.
-She's unlikely to be of use.

Communicates almost entirely
through Bible passages.

Memorised the entire thing.

Luckily, I know the good book
like the back of my hand.

She's probably
in the recreation room.


"Genesis 18:4."

"But I will fetch a little water,

"and wash ye your feet,

"and rest ye under a tree".


"Fetch a little water."

Any rivers nearby?
Dr. Henshaw?

"Rest ye under a tree."

Belonged to the farm next door.

You think this is what
she was referring to?

-I'm sure of it.

"Genesis 23:4."

Like the back of your hand?

-Blast it!
-Oh, dear.

"I am a stranger
and a sojourner with you:

"give me a possession of a
burying place,

"that I may bury my dead..."

There's a body.

Remember this?

We listened to it
before you shipped out.

Danced together in this room.

Please come back to me, Felix.

Leave it.


Why was I in a coffin?

We thought you were dead.

You weren't breathing.



What happened?

I'm hungry.

I'll make you something to eat.

-Mr. Pennington?

Stabbed in the chest.

Based on the rigor,
I'd say...

he was killed two days ago.

Is it my imagination...

-or is the doctor intoxicated?
-Oh, dear.

This what passes
for professionalism, is it?

-Oh, dear.

At least that may explain why he
mistakenly certified Felix's death.

An asinine consolation,
if I ever heard one.

What time did Mr. Pennington
discharge himself?

I think it was around 4pm.

You didn't see him
on the grounds afterwards?

If I'd seen him,
I would've mentioned it.

I don't appreciate
your insinuations, Inspector.

-Calm down.

-Jeremy, no!

Count to ten.
It's all right.

He's going to wake up.

I'm afraid not, Jeremy.
I'm sorry.

May I join you?

I'm very impressed

with your knowledge

of my favourite book.

Dare I say it, you know
it better than me.

John 1:1.

Wait. No, wait.
Don't tell me.

Let me see if I can get it
without looking it up.

No, give up.

"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,

"and the Word was God."

What about Romans 10:10?

Is there something you want
to confess?

It was supposed to be me.

My turn.

Your turn?
For what?

John 11:25.

"I am the resurrection
and the life.

"He that believeth in me,

"although he be dead,
shall live."

But I got scared.

So Benjamin took my place.

Took your place?

In what?

Dr. Henshaw!

He was interrogating Sarah.

-Without my supervision?

Go to your room.

Wait. I want to ask you
a few questions first.

Inspector, I must protest.

How did you know there
was a body down the well?


It's all right.

Father, I must insist you leave.

-She was trying to tell me something.
-My hands are tied.

I apologise for my behaviour.
I'll be leaving now.

Terribly sorry. How embarrassing.

Lately I've been having a problem
with my impulse control.

It's when I get nervous.
I'd better be going.

-Father Brown!
-I appear to be having an episode.


I'm sorry, Inspector.
I can't help myself.


I suggest you admit Father Brown

for psychiatric evaluation.

The retreat's only for ex-service

I was in the Glosters.

-An army chaplain.
-Unfortunately, we're full.

Last I counted, you had at least
two empty beds.

I'm starting to find

your reluctance
somewhat suspicious.

Nurse, fetch an admissions form.


Are you sure you know
what you're doing?


You should leave me.

What else is there left to do?

You could talk to me.

What good is that?

Better than keeping
things bottled up.

Maybe that's where some
things belong.

You're a coward.


Who's Benjamin?




Mr. Hammond's apple tree
is a particular casualty.

-I like an occasional flutter.


-Every day.
-Compulsive eating?

Who can resist second helpings?

Or third.

Or fourth.

Do you ever have the urge to
take off your clothes in public?

Often, especially during mass.

Thank you for your candour, Father.

That concludes the evaluation.
Nurse Farrow?


You score highly on most markers
for impulse control disorder.

You would seem to be
in the right place.

We'll start you on a treatment
plan tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

It's such a relief to be finally
getting some help.

May I come in?

Please return to the ward, Father.

Father Brown!

Visiting hours are over.

I'm here on official church business.


trust me it would be simpler
if you let her stay.

She'll only be here for a
few minutes, I promise you.

I always suspected you were a few
pints short of a milk churn,

but a lunatic asylum?

-I'm investigating.
-So I gather.

This one's definitely dead, is he?

-There's no chance he might...
-None at all.

And what if the killer decides
he doesn't want you investigating?

I've brought you a casserole -
heaven only knows what kind of food

-they serve in this place.
-The soup's very good.

Very decorative.

Mrs. McCarthy, how would you like to
assist me in my investigation?

-Don't be teasing.
-You see that cabinet?

There's a key in there -
three down, two from the right.

While I distract the nurse,
I'd like you to pinch it for me.

What's it for?

Let's keep things on a
need-to-know basis, shall we?

Shall I bake it into one
of my scones and bring it...

No, leave it under the flowerpot
in the corridor on your way out.

Remember - three down,
two from the right.

Right you are.
Lovely to see you, Father.

And I hope you'll be feeling
better soon.

Thank you, Mrs. McCarthy.

Nurse, I wonder if I might trouble
you for a glass of water.

I'm afraid I feel rather faint.

Thank you.

I'm terribly sorry.
Thank you, thank you. Sorry.

Three down!

I'm most terribly sorry.
I'm afraid...

..impulse control issue again.

Would you be so kind?



What are you doing? Ssh!

What are you doing?

I wanted to talk to
Sarah about your friend Benjamin.

How did he get down the well?

I don't want to talk about Benjamin.
Do more magic.

I've got one too.

What does yours unlock?

The magic potion room.

How exciting.

Test subjects, Felix Underwood
and Benjamin Pennington.

Present, Dr. Walter Henshaw
and Nurse Bridget Farrow.

Tetrodotoxin amalgamate.

Psilocybin Extract.


Felix Underwood,

Benjamin Pennington.
Psilocybin, ten milligrams.

-I can't.'
-Yes, you can. Unburden yourself.

Only then can you be reborn.

I can't do it. I can't.

-Say the words, Felix. Forgive him!

Jeremy, back to bed.


I've told you before,
this isn't a play room.


If I remember my botany,

that is an hallucinogenic alkaloid.

In small doses,
it helps the patients

to engage with their emotions.

Is that what Felix was doing?


What happened next?
I guess there was a struggle.

- Legenda n?o traduzida -

That's what broke
the mirror in the therapy room.

That mirror's been broken for weeks.

Not the shard I saw on the floor.

That was recent -
not a speck of dust on it.

You've been experimenting
with your patients.

Nurse, the patient appears to be
having some sort of delusional episode.


"Men will always be mad -

and those that try to cure them..."

"...are the maddest of all."

He also wrote that nothing is more
contrary to the clergy

than reason and common sense.

Quite the opposite -

my common sense
tells me that I should be going.

I'm sorry, Father.

My formula.

Tetrodotoxin amalgamate.

Lowers respiration and heart rate

to an almost undetectable level.

The drug you administered to Felix
the night he disappeared.

Reconstituted - should take
effect much quicker this time.

Though you should be aware,

its side-effects
include memory loss.

Is that why you gave it to him?

To erase his memory?

On the contrary, I was trying
to re-awaken his spirit.

By simulating death?

By cleansing his psyche.
A sort of baptism, if you like.

I assume you've subjected
your method to clinical trials?

Tested it for evidence of efficacy?

If it's evidence you want,
then look no further.

You were his patient?

The trauma of childhood abuse

washed away
virtually overnight.

Nothing short of a miracle.

What about Felix Underwood?

Ben Pennington?

-That was an accident.

Don't let him get to you.

I was trying to help them.

I instructed Felix to imagine
that Benjamin

was the soldier
who killed his brother.

To forgive him.

-I can't.
-Yes, you can. Unburden yourself.

-Only then can you be reborn.
-I can't!

Say the words, Felix.
Felix, forgive him.

He had a psychotic reaction.



he was distraught
at what he'd done.

So we administered the
rebirthing formula straightaway

and hurried off to
dispose of the body.

I know it was wrong
to cover up the death,

but what choice did I have?

It's my life's work.

To have the potential
to heal thousands.

Millions, even.

Or just one.

That's what you're
hoping for, isn't it?

To heal Jeremy.

Your son.

What happened to him?

There was a storm.

Bend in the road
I didn't see in time.

-It wasn't your fault.
-I was drinking.

I killed his mother.

And turned my
five-year-old son into...

..what he is.

A sweet, imaginative boy who
loves his father?

Isn't that enough?

I can help him to be so much more.

Once I've perfected
my formula,

I can repair the damage.

-He can be reborn.
-At what cost?

-Benjamin was an innocent.
-Don't listen to him.

His blood is on your hands!

And on mine.

I remember.


No. Do it.
Make me forget...

Make me forget.

How many more have to suffer

in your quest for
personal redemption?

How many more years
looking at your son

and seeing only what you've lost,

not what you have?

I can't.

Let go of your guilt.

-I can't.
-Enough of this.




Nurse Farrow,

take care of our patient.

Yes, Doctor.

What happens now?


Please. Not in front of my son.

What's happening?

Daddy's going away for a while.

Have you been bad?

Count to ten, Daddy.
It's all right.

My clever boy.

Mrs. Underwood?

I'll be speaking
to the prosecuting solicitors.

I can't make any promises, but...

I don't believe
they'll charge him.

Are you all right?

I remember.

Father Brown?

I'd like to see you at the station.

I'll be there directly.

I am always at St Mary's
and you are always welcome.

Matthew 9:22.

-A man of letters.
-You sound surprised.


Reminders to me that
reason and rationality

are the primary
tools of an enquiring mind.

Couldn't agree more.

-Is that so?
-Now you sound surprised.

Not qualities
I associate with men of faith.

Then I imagine we have a great deal
to learn from each other.

A peace offering.

Thank you...
so much.

Arrest warrant.

For me?

Good guess.
But no. Dr. Miller.

I'm having him
charged with criminal negligence.

Bit harsh.

I won't tolerate professional
impropriety of any kind.

Now, it would be
churlish of me to deny

you've been of some facility
in the solving of this case...

Thank you.

..which is the only reason I'm
holding one warrant in my hand,

and not two.

But trust me,

next time
you won't get off so lightly.

That's all.

Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd
Sync: Marocas62