Father Brown (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Flying Stars - full transcript

When an alcoholic woman is found drowned near her home, Father Brown suspects murder, although the police think it's an accident.

You've dropped another one.

I don't see why we
couldn't just catch the bus

like any normal person.

I could give you a piggyback?

And what would the Adamses say

if we turned up at Ruby's
birthday like that?

Well, it was good enough
for St Christopher.

Anyway, you can't be the best
pastry chef this side of Paris

and maintain peak fitness.
Nobody's perfect.

Not that you'd know it
if you met the Adams.

They're the model family.

Nobody's perfect.

Here, darling.

Let me.

It's just a little one.

It's my daughter's birthday,
I'm allowed a little one.

- You promised me!
- We're going to be late.

- I won't have Ruby see you like this.
- You're hurting me!

You know what I said, if you went
back on the drink - I meant it!

- I want a divorce.
- Have you forgotten what YOU promised?

Catholic marriage
is till death do us part.

Yours will be sooner rather
than later, the way you're going.

- Is that a threat?
- No.

Well, it ought to be.

The only way I leave this

..is in a coffin.

Does your godmother get
a birthday kiss, too?

Don't worry.

I don't want to give your
poor father a coronary.

- Your secret's safe with me.
- It's not a secret.

We're making the announcement today.
John and I are engaged.

- Over my dead body.
- Mum...

- Engaged to the tutor?
- My daughter

is not marrying a
lowlife trot like you.

You think?
What will you do about it?

She's not herself,
she'll come round.

Like hell I will.

She needs my
permission to marry.

And I'm not giving it.

So you can whistle
for your wedding.

Oh, and Mr. Van Ert...

you're fired.

Egyptian, this one.

What kind of a cheapskate puts a
foreign coin in a church collection?

- Better than a button.
- I don't know.

I came across some rather nice ones
this morning, Father.

When I get six that match,
they're going on one of my cardies.

Perhaps you can mend
the hole in my pocket

while you're at it.

I am the parish secretary,
not your seamstress.

Why are we bringing these?

The colonel travels.

He might be able to
give you some real money,

for them,
waste not want not.

Leave me alone!
I won't put up with this!

Are we late?
Or has the play started early?

Father, you didn't
see notice on the gate?

We cut across the fields.

Party's cancelled.
Mrs. Adams is...unwell.

Father, I'm sorry
you've come all this way.

The play's off.

- Did you hear Ann-Marie...?
- Rehearsing.

She didn't want
to let people down.

But the fever's too strong.

As we're here...

The least we can do is help you
clear up.

I've just finished.

But there's masses of
cake in the kitchen.

You can certainly help us with that.

Where are you going?

This is very decent of you.

I'm glad
you understand our position.

Dad, you can't make him go.

No-one's making me do anything.

- John?
- I'm not leaving Ruby -

just your house.
I don't stay where I'm not wanted.

- What about us?
- There is no "us".

Your mother and I can't bless
this engagement,

and without our consent,
marriage isn't an option.

Then, we'll just wait a year.

We don't even have to do that.

This is the '50s.
Who says we need to get married?

You step over this threshold,
you're never coming back.

I hate you.

And don't think your mother will say
any differently!

Certainly not
in the state she's in.

Father Brown
Season 1 - Episode 02

Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd
Sync: Marocas62

"The Flying Stars"

Now, dear, come on. You drink this.

It's all right.

Where's that blanket?
She's frozen.

Wrap it around her, quickly.

Not a word about the argument,
all right?

I don't want her remembered
like that, Ruby.


There's nothing
we could have done.

She's already stiff.

- I... I really...
- It's an unfortunate accident.

Nothing more.

What about the scratches
around her neck?

Probably from twigs
and weeds in the water.

You can stand down now, Father.

I'm satisfied
everything's in order.

Unless this is a clue?

Italian, by the look of it.

That must narrow down
our pool of suspects, eh, Father?


That must be mine.

It seems like
everyone is hiding something.

If I tell you,

you must promise to let it drop,

on your honour.

If it's not criminal, I promise.

She was tight.

She'd had most
of the bottle of vodka.

I'm amazed she didn't
fall over sooner.

She was an alcoholic.

Now you know why Reginald didn't
want the whole world to know.

Speaking of peccadilloes...

if that's the quality of mourner
around here,

I'll be dropping by more often.
Who's that?

I don't know.

Welcome to Kembleford.

- Planning a long visit?
- I am now.

Father Brown. My condolences.

Mr... Short?

Oh, no.
My old nanny.

always were her favourite.

But she was the Adams' nanny.

You aren't Anne-Marie's brother?

- On my way to see the family now.
- Are they expecting you?

Everybody loves a surprise,
don't they?

I came straight from London airport,
flew in from Nairobi this morning.

- So, you haven't heard?
- Heard what?

Scared the hell out of me.

Thought you were a
robber or a brigand.

Maybe I am.

I think I've rather
a talent for it.

I can't see any
harm in it anyhow.

How can you even say that?

I want to steal YOU away.
Is that a crime?

Then, why didn't you come
back after we found Mum?

- I needed you.
- I did!

The place was full of police.

Your dad said he'd have me arrested
for trespass.

And you just went?

I'm not a citizen.
I can't risk it.

Run away with me, Ruby,
and leave them all behind.

Dad's falling apart, he needs me.

- Now is not a good time.
- Well, when is?

At least your mom isn't going
to make any problems any more.

I didn't mean it like that!

You sound like you're glad
she's dead.

Eternal rest,
grant unto her, O Lord.

And let perpetual light
shine upon her.

And may she rest in peace.


I'm sorry.
I was...

- Who are you?
- Ruby, don't be so rude.

There's no reason
for her to recognise me.

Even I don't have many photographs
of me and your mum.

But I want you to have this.

Some things never change.

We were rehearsing for some play
she'd come up with.

- Look at the get-up I was in.
- Uncle James?

Not looking too bad for
two decades in the Kenyan sun.

Happy Valley must have lived
up to its name.

I can't complain.

Apart from
arriving back here too late.

What happened?
I heard the bare bones but...

The jetty's very slippery.

I have been meaning
to shorten the rope on the boat

but maybe she tripped
on the mooring.

Or lost her balance on the boat.

Here we are, Father.

Not a patch on mine,
but edible.

Since you sell it so well,
I'll pass.

Hold the fort, would
you, please, Mrs. M?

Call of nature.

Father, what are you doing?

Didn't you hear Ruby?

That's probably what happened
to poor Anne-Marie.

There's blood, under this oar.

Well, maybe she fell into the boat

and then hit her head on the oar
in there.

That's impossible.

But the oars were right there
when Ruby found her mother.

Which tells us
that Anne-Marie was hit by the oar

and then the oar was put back.

Can I tempt you to
some more Barolo?

Come on, let's send her off
the way she lived.

- To my sister.
- Anne-Marie.

Mrs. Adams.

Father, police are here.

I'm sorry, they ask questions.

May I speak to you outside?

I've just come from the lake.
I need to speak to the colonel.


I need to speak to you urgently
about Mrs. Adams' death.

- I don't think so.
- It is rather important.

What could be so important now?

I believe it was murder.

I believe you were involved.

Where's the motive?

This is ridiculous,
Valentine, even for you.

Susie Jasinski works for you, too,
am I right, Father?

She's my housekeeper
but I don't see...

And you consider her trustworthy?

- Yes, but...
- Miss Jasinski's

just told me that,
minutes before the murder,

she heard you threatening
Mrs. Adams' life.


- But that's preposterous.
- He asked for a divorce.

It can't be murder, it can't!

And even if it were,
it certainly wasn't Reginald!

What scares me is, in that case,

the real killer
still walking free.

Is it just me who's thinking it?

She'd just fired Van Ert,

- forbidden your marriage.
- No way. Not John.

They say most
murders are committed

by someone known to the victim.

- Who is this...Van Ert?
- Ruby's old tutor.

He was thrown out of the States
for being a Red.

- A Communist?
- Yeah.

He must hate the aristocracy.

The unfairness of people
living in a pile like this.

Maybe he was after the diamonds.

That's what they're all about -
redistribution of wealth.

It's true, he left pretty sharpish
after she died.

Because he'd just been sacked!

I'm sorry, Ruby,
but it has to be Van Ert.

Do you deny that
after she told you

marriage was till
death do you part,

you said, "Well, yours is going
to be sooner rather than later."?


Well, no,
but I didn't mean I'd kill her!

We'd have come to an arrangement,
worked something out.

Mrs. Adams was one of your lot.

Would she ever have agreed
to a divorce?

As a devout Catholic,
no, she would never...

So we know the
Colonel wanted out

and his wife would
never have let him go.

We have motive, means,
and opportunity.

Colonel, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of murder.

You are not obliged to say anything
unless you wish to do so

but whatever you say
will be taken down in writing

and may be given in evidence.

They have to let Dad out -

it's Mum's funeral,
for heaven's sake.

The solicitor's doing
everything he can.

I'll try calling him again.

You look...

Like a dog's dinner.

It's very kind of the colonel
to lend me his things,

but the suit's too short and,
as I said when I called,

his shoes are huge.

Like clown feet.

Size eight, right?

You're lucky
my husband's not a big man.

It all feels like a costume.

Annie always did love
a bit of theatre.

It's a shame her last
play never got performed.

It didn't?

It was supposed to go on
the night she...

The evening of the...

- I'm sorry...
- Hey, don't do that.

I can't stand tears.

I'm forced to do the most terrible,
out-of-character things to try and stop them.

Such as?

- We have to talk.
- Not now, John.

Don't look at me like that.

Half the village is giving me
that expression.

You don't really
believe I killed her.

- Do you?
- Of course not.

Then, I need your help.

Your mother's death,
a community like this,

it's always going to blame
the outsider.

- What are you saying?
- If you love me...

..I need an alibi.

Well, there's a turn-up
for the books.

I'm sorry I talked to Inspector.

I didn't mean to make trouble.

We all want the same thing, Susie -

to see my wife's killer put away.

It wasn't me.
Do you believe me?

Am I fired?

At least you're upfront.

Colonel Adams,

You let him go?

For now, he's been given
bail. We had to.

Doesn't mean I think he's innocent.

If you would like to say
a few words, please let me know.

You will, of course,
be a pallbearer.

You can take Albert's place.

I couldn't possibly disturb things
now they've set things up.

Well, nonsense. It's no trouble.

Besides, I'm in uniform.
It wouldn't match.

- I don't see...
- Father, my eulogy,

may I ask?

I take your point about uniform.

Excuse me.

- It wasn't Colonel Adams.
- What?!

Lady Felicia just told me,
his back's shot - war wound.

He couldn't carry the coffin.

He couldn't have lifted
and swung that oar.


Look at him, his
posture's perfect.

Anyway, he would've told me.

What, and have the whole town know
he wears a girdle?

He's a proud man.

He may be a foolish man

but he could not have
killed Anne-Marie.

But then, who did?

"I do declare this day
that I, Anne-Marie Adams,

"being of sound mind..."

Sorry, I'm late.

Apologies to all. Mr. Higgins.

What's the priest doing here?

We'll come to that,
it's in the order of business.

We'll start with
a few special clauses.

"Firstly, to my best
friend, Felicia Montague,

" I leave various mementos
and trinkets of sentimental value."

"And to my beloved daughter,

The police returned
them this morning.

Those stones are dazzling.

The Trewlove family heritage.
The flying stars.

Colonel, you asked for tea.

They're so cold.

Mum died in them, I
don't want to wear them.

- What shall I do with them, then?
- Put them in the safe.

They should be locked away.

"I'm left some sentimental items,
books and photographs."

The rest of her estate has been left
in its entirety...

..to the church.

Most unexpected and very generous.

Did Anne-Marie not leave anything
for her brother?

Well, I don't need her money.

I can't wear her jewels.

Actually, I'm interested in
a different kind of legacy.

- Her play.
- What do you mean?

It was cancelled
the day she died.

I want to restage it.

Get everybody on board.
Family, friends, servants.

Make it a celebration
of Annie's life.

- But...
- We can't let her killer

stop us performing the
last thing she ever wrote.

He's right.

Uncle James, you could take
John's role and, Felicia,

Felicia, you could stand in for Mum.

It'll be a bit of a scramble

but I think we
can make it happen,

by the end of the week?

Saturday, it is.

- I don't understand.
- It's perfect.

Everybody in the house will
be watching so no-one will see.

I'll leave the stage in Act Two

and they won't look for
me till curtain call.

So we're really going to do it?

We're eloping?

If you'll take me
without a penny to my name.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have never understood how you
can play chess against yourself.

This is not a game.

Yes, Father, that's what my Frank
used to say about poker.

These are not pieces,
these are suspects.

We can discount the
colonel and John Van Ert.

Why the tutor?

He's a Communist.

Oh, obviously, why
didn't I think of that?

Communism, Socialism.
It's all Greek to me.

Who wants to socialise with
the working classes anyway?

I don't see the attraction
of spending my nights off

with chimney
sweeps and the like.

A Communist doesn't have to go
drinking with chimney sweeps.

He wants the chimney swept
and the sweeps paid.

But he won't allow you
to own your own soot.

From the marks on Anne-Marie's neck,

we know that the murderer
was after her jewels.

But the one thing we know for sure
about John Van Ert

is that he's not interested
in worldly goods.

So, who else is there?

Lady Felicia was at the scene.

And Ruby.

- Legenda sem tradu?ao -

But neither of them
have sufficient motive.

Which leaves one last possibility.


We know he and his sister fell out
so badly

that they didn't talk to each other
for 20-odd years,

and she cut him out of her will.

There must be real
animosity there.

Sure, he wasn't even in the country.

we only have his word for that.

Why are you here?

Well, it's not for the
sparkling conversation.

You've got no reason
to be hanging around.

Really, do you reckon?
Cos I hear

they've got this really
pretty new parlour maid.

And I just brought
a couple of rabbits.

Just waiting for my one and six.

Earning an honest penny?
Not like you.

What are you really here for?

Quick, someone's coming.
Kiss me.

Hang on.

You have excuse
for why you're here.

Yeah, but it was fun, though,
wasn't it?

Wasn't that Uncle
just slipping out?

And up to no good.

Well, that is interesting.

- Susie told me this morning.
- She saw James herself?

Bit of gusto, Dad, please?

And Mrs. McCarthy
rang London Airport

and there wasn't a flight from
Nairobi on the morning of the wake.

- So what do you think?
- I think you're being too suspicious.

He's a decent man.

Interesting, educated
- you should hear him on...

the Vatican.

He probably knows as much
about it as you do.

Don't you think that's strange in a
man who spent two decades in Africa?

I think it's commendable.

Help, police,
the safe's been broken into!

Five minutes, Inspector?

Go from seeing the empty safe, Dad.
We need real horror.

Looks who's here.

Help, police, the
safe's been broken into!

- Excuse me.
- Much better.

Don't raise your suspicions
about James with him.

You'll just make a fool
of yourself.

- And when has that ever bothered me?
- Father...

I don't know about the flights

but the reason he's been
creeping about at night...

- is to see me.
- Felicia, your cue.

I hope I can rely
on your discretion.

As the next scene begins,
the stage is dark.

I know you're in there.

- Come out and...
- I wouldn't do that.

Keep your hands up where
I can see them.

You! I never thought for a second
it would be you.

- I'll take that as a compliment.
- You'll never get away with this.

Felicia, don't
forget the ketchup.

There's a bag for under your
clothes, this needs to look real.

We'll see about that.

Not investigating, I hope, Father.

Let's make the next scene-change
really seamless.

Apparently my spare cassock
has a starring role.

We'll see about that.

James Trewlove
is off the suspect list.

- I've already checked him out.
- But what about the flights?

He was definitely still in Nairobi
when Anne-Marie died.

I have confirmation
from the Chief of Police.

And how does the Chief of Police

They were having dinner.

How long have you worked here?


When am I next on?

Dad, I've stuck
your cues up here.

I put costumes out.
Please, no-one mess up.

- Where have these been?
- Attic.

Some of it dates back as far
as your day, so if it stinks,

- you know who to blame.
- The hall's filling up,

take your positions.
Is everybody ready?

Amore mio,
mi sto innamorando di te.

That's beautiful.
I wish I knew what it meant.

That would be telling.

How did you manage to
learn Italian, anyway?

- Out in Africa?
- Well, that...

..would be telling...

I suppose I should,

or Felicia will never
talk to me again.

- How much?
- A shilling.

Daylight robbery!

No good.



Like a bad penny.

I should have left it
where I dropped it by the lake.

You didn't drop THIS one, Father.

I'm collecting Italian coins
for my pilgrimage to Rome.

the lira never left the presbytery.


I didn't think theatre
was your thing.

I'm not here for the show.
Not that one, anyway.

We're about to make an arrest.


- Not John?
- Not Van Ert, no.

He's got an alibi.

When I spoke to Ruby earlier,

..vouched for him.

Are you telling me
they were having sex?

I do know what sex is, Inspector.

And she won't be the first girl
who lied for her lover.

So who is your chief suspect?

For once,
we may be singing the same song.

I'm here for Lady Felicia.

When she comes off stage,
I'm taking her in for questioning.

Felicia?! Have you gone..?

I've got witnesses who've seen her
at the house in the small hours.

- Yes, but...
- That gives me clear motive.

Her affair with the colonel,
her best friend's husband.

The Colonel?
No, that's not right.

- James Trewlove saw them together.
- James did?!

Are you sitting comfortably?
Then, we'll begin.

Here's a list of what I need...

Susie, where are James' shoes?

He needs heels with that dress.

I couldn't find any.
Feet too big.

He's an eight.
He could squeeze into Annie's.

Not eight. 11.
Very big. Huge.

Those shoes you gave to him
for the funeral swamped him.

Shoes I put out
were Mr. Trewlove's.

Nonsense, James didn't bring
any formal shoes.

Not from suitcase.
From attic.

20 years old, yes,

but unless his
feet have shrunk...


See yourself.

Well, good.
Call me when it's ready.

Until then, I'll be in my study.

That was close!

Cue coming up -
where are the heels?


Those are the best I could do.

No, I'll have to wear mine.

Help! Police!
The safe's been broken into!

And we're on. Come on! Go on!
You're going to be great!

You're here! Help, police!

I wouldn't do
that if I were you.

Put your hands up,
don't say a word.

- Why would you do this to me?
- Didn't you hear me?

I said shut up, or
I'll shut you up!

You and anyone
trying to help you.

I always thought
she was a little actress!

You'll never get away with this.
Help me! Help me!


Isn't she brilliant?!

- We'll see about that!
- Excuse me.

Dad, hadn't you better get changed?
You're on again in five.

I can't believe he'd betray us!

Everything's lost!
My dowry, my future...

Cancel the wedding!
I can hardly get married now!

- The safe's been broken into!
- Dad...

The safe's been broken into!

- We've done that scene!
- Listen, I'm not acting.

We've been burgled.
The Stars have gone!

Woman in dark clothing came out
the front door and got in a cab.

- Which way did she go?
- Down the drive.

I'm relying on you
to have overheard where to.

Even if I knew where he was,
do you think I'd hand him over?

He's a thief, Ruby.
Don't you see? He's betrayed you.

He'd never do that.
I hope you never catch him.

Come on, this is ridiculous!

- Got him!
- No, it's not him!

Don't you see -
if I wanted to steal the diamonds,

I could have done! They're mine!

- But Van Ert couldn't.
- And the Countess?

Well, the fact that she's run
means she's got something to hide.

Solving a theft and
a murder in one day,

that's not a bad innings.

Inspector, before he left,

Father ask me to
give you message.

He said you must let Lady Felicia go.

What is it with that priest?

I don't turn up on Sundays
to give his sermon!

It's all right, dear.
I haven't caught her yet.

These were upstairs,
packed and ready to go.

Looks like your daughter
was eloping.

We were running away together, yes.
It's not a crime!

I'm sorry, darling,
but it's obvious.

He planned to steal the Stars,
and leave without you.

So, tell me. If you're right,

where are the diamonds now?

Excuse me, sir. Excuse me.

Excuse me.
Excuse me.

On my life, it isn't him.
There must be others without alibis!

All watching the play.

- Except for the people in it!
- All accounted for.

Apart from Felicia.
Where's she?

I believe the
Countess could kill,

but for love,
not money.

I don't believe she'd
steal diamonds.

- That's not why she ran.
- Ran?

- You think she left?
- Well, she's not here.

I was outside waiting for Ruby until
the moment you had me arrested.

Lady Felicia didn't
leave the building.


..where is she?

Excuse me.
I do beg your pardon.

You won't get away with it.

And if you wanted to pass incognito,

you should really have changed
your shoes.

I'm keeping the diamonds.

Leave the compartment,
get off the train at the next stop,

and nobody gets hurt.

But somebody already has
been hurt, haven't they?

You killed Anne-Marie.

That's absurd!

I wasn't even in the country.

And why on earth
would I murder my own sister?

But she wasn't your
sister, was she?

Yours, I believe?
You weren't in Africa.

You were in Italy
before you came to Kembleford,

fought with Anne-Marie Adams
on the day of Ruby's birthday,

and then dropped that coin
in the struggle.

you have a real talent for fiction.

The photograph
was a clever touch.

That had me
flummoxed for a while.

How could I possibly fake that?

You didn't.

But your clothes
weren't a costume.

They were what you
would have been wearing,

as the nanny's son.

I had it right the first
time we met, didn't I?

Mr. Short?

It must have been terrible for you,

coming back from the Continent,

discovering your
mother had died.

Visiting her grave and finding her
buried like a pauper.

Did you blame
Anne-Marie for her death?

This is nonsense!

I suspect you must have thought

the Adamses owed
her more than that.

Aged retainers
should be pensioned off,

not thrown out with the rubbish.

But Anne-Marie couldn't
give you a penny.


So you decided to
take the diamonds.

She fought back
and you killed her.

- It was an accident.
- But it wasn't an accident

when you then decided to stand in
as her brother,

and take
whatever he was set to inherit.

The only person who suspected
anything was Lady Felicia.

I don't know what she spotted,

but when she came on stage,
she called for the police.

You're here! Help! Police!

I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Put your hands up.

But that can't
have been her line.

She was the police.

Shut up, or I'll shut you up!

You'll never get away with this.
Help me! Help!

I only hope that was chloroform
I smelt on your hanky,

and that you
haven't really hurt her.

- Is she really hurt?
- No, please!


I didn't harm Felicia.

I just had to shut her up.
As for Anne-Marie...

I didn't mean to hurt her.

She deserved everything she got.

She deserved to die?

For not paying your
mother's pension?

Mum worked for them for 45 years!

She brought up
two generations of that family.

They saw more of her
than I ever did!

And then when she got old,

they turned her out without a penny.

That's what killed her.

Anne-Marie's the
murderer, not me!

But she didn't have a penny to give.

They were as much paupers
as your mother was.

the will, the bequests!

After the diamonds,

her estate was
bequeathed to the church.

So we got a rather nice icon,
a Bible, and two rosaries.

The financial value
of the bequest was precisely zero.

Why didn't she just tell me?

You hit a nerve.

And I hear she
had been drinking.

She was plastered.

I just wanted the
money Mum was owed.

Enough for a proper gravestone,
for a start.

You will give me what she is owed!

You think you can tell me what to do,
but you can't!

If you won't give it to me,
I'll take it!

Leave me alone!

I won't put up with this!

Why didn't you go in,
try to save her?

I can't swim.

Yes, I was angry,
but I didn't want her dead.

I loved her.

Give me the diamonds.
I'll return them to Ruby.

As for Anne-Marie...

give yourself up,
pay for your crimes.

- You mean hang.
- No,

it's manslaughter, not murder.

It'll mean prison,

but you'll give the father
and the daughter justice.

I suppose I don't have much choice.

Better to give yourself up.
Come quietly.


Let me help you with the clasp.

What are you waiting for?!

Why didn't you stop him?
That's what I brought you for.

You're always trying
to save their souls.

He lost his when he ran. You were
trying to take him to the police.

And so Ruby could get her
inheritance back.

Any idiot could see

your precious Flying Stars
were as fake as HE was.

You heard about Uncle...

..about the impostor?

Shouldn't be sad, should I?
But, somehow...

I guess the good news is,
I still have an uncle.

Even if he is still in Nairobi.

Dad, please, don't look like that!

I'm sorry I was running away.
I didn't think I had a choice.

It's not just that.

We're in debt.

Up to our eyeballs.

This place is about to be

Why didn't you tell me?

I'll sell the Stars
when they find them.

- They're crushed to dust.
- Diamonds don't crumble.

But paste does.

I might as well tell you now.

I put the Stars in hock
ten years ago.

The necklace your mum left you
was a good copy.

But paste, nonetheless.

I-I don't understand.
If you're in that much debt,

how could you ever hope
to pay it off?

Only by your marrying well.

I wasn't against John
because he's a tutor,

or even because he's a Communist.

But he can't provide for you.

And nor can I.

So what choice is there?

You should be celebrating.

Being taken for a fool?

Losing my daughter?

Having to admit
we're close to losing our home?

- Gaining freedom.
- Sorry?

Perhaps the truth is,

this house is a burden to the
next generation, not a legacy.

Do you want to weigh your daughter
down as you've been your whole life?

And of course,
you have another gain.

A son-in-law.

He's not a gold-digger. He would
have taken her with nothing.

I suppose you want my blessing,

- so you can marry them?
- I'll marry them

with your blessing or without it.

But why go all the way
to Gretna Green

when we have a perfectly good church

Come on, Colonel - what do you say?

Nice catch.

Beautiful day for it.

Reminds me of my wedding day.

Such a shame.

Why do I always pick the wrong 'uns?

So... spill the beans!
Who's that?

That's the REAL Uncle James.

Excuse me.
Excuse me.

Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd
Sync: Marocas62