Fate: The Winx Saga (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Some Wrecked Angel - full transcript

I searched Callum's room
and his desk.

Found this in one of the drawers.

What is it?

Nettle Amalgam.

- It's…
- …a fascinating substance.

Now mercury can stand in both solid or...


If someone discovered your trap
on the undercroft entrance,

they would automatically assume,
albeit incorrectly,

that it would help them defeat it.

And you're certain
Callum tried to access the door?

I'm certain someone did,

and Callum hasn't been seen in days.

Makes him the prime suspect.

But Nettle Amalgam
is archaic fairy knowledge.

It's uncommon.

And Callum was no fairy.

He had help.

If magic was used
to breach the undercroft.

Well, this…

will pick up…

trace elements of the kind of magic used.

You can think of it like a sort of…

magical finger…

print process.

Is that…



He was killed by magic.

Well, at least now we know where he went.

And that there's a murderer in our school.

What are you obsessing over?




Your fault for spreading it around
that she's a changeling.

She's now
the most interesting person at school.

Ah, they'll move on
in a couple days. They'll forget.

I won't.

Is this like
one of those weird obsession movies

where you dye your hair and take her life,

and then, like, wear her skin or...

Don't be disgusting.

I have much better skin.


I guess I'll just have to fight
for your attention.

Keep fighting.

A little to the left.

♪ Like a moth to the flame ♪

♪ She'll take you away ♪

♪ She'll take you away
She'll take you away ♪

That's her, right?

You haven't found anything?

I've only been at Callum's desk
for two days, Bloom.

Also, kinda doing you a favor,
so maybe try grateful?

Oh, come on.
You didn't take Callum's job for my sake.

Weird, 'cause I remember you…

Making a helpful suggestion?

…begging me to volunteer
so I could snoop for info on your past.

That sounds
like something I might do,

but you also might jump at the chance
to get brownie points with Miss Dowling.


Suck-up? Really?

Suddenly, I've lost the ability
to read the files.

Wait, did I say, uh, I say "suck-up"?

I meant such a…

…good friend who's smart.

- And beautiful, and…
- …isn't sure she can help?

OK, these files seem to go back
to Miss Dowling's start as headmistress.

Everything else
must be archived somewhere.

Or shredded because Dowling loves
withholding information.

Even if I can find
a little bit about Alfea back then,

I can maybe piece together
why Rosalind left me...

I'll keep looking. Promise.

I have to read
all the files in this place anyway.

Thanks for this, by the way.

I mean, since you're using it
as an excuse not to eat in the canteen,

it's the least you could do.

So people are talking about me
being a changeling. So what?

- It's not the weirdest thing about me.
- Mm. True.

They don't know how bad you snore.


Is Bloom still pretending
she's not upset by the gossip?

Still pretending
you're not dating your roommate's brother?

Who's pretending what?

Apart from Stella pretending
that she's not dreading

being outshined by her mum all day.

You could enjoy that a little less.

Could I?
We'll have to see in the assembly.

You don't have to do this.

You don't have to rearrange
your breakfast plans just to…

sit with me
like I'm some loser mess.

I'm fine.

I'm fine!

I'm gonna go, uh, finish my poison paper
before the assembly,


I'll see you later.

For the record, she's not fine.

Is that true? About changelings?

One hundred percent.

Changelings were a way
for pissed-off fairies

to get revenge on the First World.

Swap a fairy for a First World baby
and wait for it to wreak havoc.

Changelings are bad news.
It's why we stay on their good side.

Or try to, at least.

I'll see you guys at the assembly.

Oh, I can't tell what's more tragic,

the fact that he thinks
Terra's gonna forgive him for that video

or that he believed all
that changeling bullshit you just fed him.

It's not all bullshit.

Changelings can be dangerous.
You did everyone a favor.

Well, technically,
Stella let the cat out of the bag.

The fact that nobody can trace it
to either of us is probably a good thing.

It's one day, Stel.

Half a day.

Half a day of everyone adoring her
like she's literally the sun.

Well, she is the Queen of Light.

This whole Burned One assembly
she's doing,

I know she's really just here
to check on my progress.

Did you tell your suitemates
you needed a buffer?

I'm sure Bloom could use
the distraction about now.

I don't need them. I've got you.

Look, I'll check in later.

I'm a text away.

And you can handle this,

and you can handle her.

Oh, Stella.

You look stunning.

Hi, Mum.

- Do you need any help?
- No. This is a special project.

Easy for me to… wrangle on my own.

But if you want
to strip hydrangea roots for me…

Oh, uh, yeah, I… I should actually
probably finish my homework.


'Cause it seems pretty done to me.

Hey, Terra. Can we...

Whilst I appreciate

that it is the historical perspective
of the patriarchy

to save women from upsetting situations,
I've, um, I've got this.

You didn't answer my texts.

I've been busy.

I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

- You've been great to me...
- Yeah, I have.

I'm a good person, Dane.

I think you are, too, but I'm…

not really sure
I care to find out anymore.

Just a word of advice.

Be careful who you trust.

Still kinda wanna punch him.

I will see you kids at the assembly.

Queen Luna.

- If there's anything you need during...
- Oh, you're sweet, Aisha,

but I'm far more low-maintenance
than you imagine.

Your assistant died…

in this office.

You must have a theory
about what happened.

Callum is dead?

And Dowling said he left
for a family emergency, so they're...


Yeah. Shocker.

You're sure
she didn't shred those old records?

- What?
- The Alfea records that predate her.

- You're sure she didn't destroy them?
- Are you kidding?

That woman loves paper.

I offered to start scanning the files
into the computer system,

and she looked at me
like I had two heads.

- The records are somewhere.
- Maybe they're in the east wing.


The assembly is mandatory.

- Which means everyone's distracted.
- Bloom.

I'm not asking you to come.

It's a bad idea.

A bad idea is going to that assembly
where I'll be stared at like I'm a freak.

I can't just sit and listen to people
make stuff up about me,

especially when I don't know
the truth myself.

I need to find answers.


You've had a terrible migraine,
could barely stand up. Good?


What are you doing down here?

Where are we going?

Look at you. Clinger.

Mandatory assembly's a mandatory ditch.

So, are you coming or what?

Oh yeah.

- Can't believe she's Stella's mum.
- I know, right?

Massively powerful fairy,
zero ego, boss goals.

I bet it drives Stella crazy.

There we are.

I, uh, always had
a love-hate relationship with assemblies

when I was at Alfea.

Loved getting out of class.

Hated being lectured.

But I'm not here to lecture.

I'm here to treat you
like the adults you are…

to talk about the Burned Ones.

It's only natural
that some of you aren't very interested

in what happens to our realm.

It had been years
since the last one was sighted.

- Musa?
- What?

What's Stella going through right now?
She's miserable, right?

Please wait.

Most of you have heard
from your parents

about what it was like
before the people of the Otherworld…

What the hell?

This assembly
isn't just about the Burned Ones.

Something else is up.

…they brought to our realm.

For decades,
families and villages suddenly torn apart

by one of these monsters
that left our world in chaos.

So, what's the magic year?

I was born in 2004,

so keep your eyes peeled
for anything from then.

Not sure we're gonna find pictures
of pregnant teen fairies, Bloom.

Might be a little more subtle than that,
like loose clothes, big sweaters,

a girl holding a stack of books
over her stomach.

Look, if you're going to judge,

kindly join the rest of the student body
and do so behind my back.

No one's judging you.

- Really?
- Yeah.

It's just… hard to keep it cool
when people whisper as I walk by

and just not scream at them
for being assholes.

You wanna know the truth?

It sucks, a lot.

Yeah, well, people are arseholes, Bloom.

You just have to find the good ones.

I didn't know this existed.

Is that your dad?

He knew Rosalind?

Um… I…
I knew his commander was a woman. I…

You look like him.

And act like him.
And maybe one day, if I work hard enough,

I can be half the warrior he was.



Is it weird?

Feeling like…
everyone knew your dad more than you do?

Probably not as bad
as not knowing who he was at all.

This place…

Alfea's been my home my entire life.

I can't… imagine
what you must be feeling, Bloom,

and how impossible it all must feel.

Looks like we're not the only ones
up to no good.

- What did you pick up, exactly?
- Dowling's anxious.

Well, her assistant did die.

But Silva's on high alert, too,
like there could be a threat anywhere.

And my dad?

He's scared, like über-scared.

Earlier, he was making something
using the stones they use in the Vessel.

It tracks magic, and now Dowling's got it.

Conflict is on the horizon.

We are tracking at least five Burned Ones
throughout Solaria.

The threat is serious…

…and growing.

It's time…

for all of you to pay attention.

Have you seriously been down here
looking at dusty rubbish?

People who think history is rubbish
are rubbish.

Don't be rubbish.
Maybe it was just a bit of foreplay.

They are definitely not fucking, Bea.

That would actually make,
uh, Sky here interesting.

He's right. We aren't.
But we were alone, which was pleasant.

Oh, an emotional affair.
That's actually much worse.

Ooh, I love locked doors!

I wonder what's back here.

I don't know.
But Silva's the only one with the key.

- So, then how do we get in?
- We don't.

But there may be stuff down there.
That's the reason I came down here.

- Next time I see him, I'll ask him.
- Sky, we're...

The more you say no,
the more she wants it. Give in.

Do we need to have a talk about consent?

Why are you guys down here again?

Being on your side.

I don't need help
from someone who posted a video

mocking my friend.

Look, I know the video was extra,

but I didn't say anything.

I was a bystander.

If you really want to be mad at one of us,

consider the douchebag who's been
telling everyone you're a changeling.

Not exactly the way
I thought you'd screw me today, Bea.

Is that true?

Yeah. Look, if Saint Sky
is about to start lecture time, I'm out.

Sky, it's OK.


It's not.

Look at that! Just us girls.


Seriously? You're running from me?


- I stand ready to hear what a shit I am.
- You are. You've always been.

- But ever since...
- Ever since what exactly?

No. Go on. I can't wait to hear.

OK, fine. You've upped your dick game
a whole new level

since you started shagging Beatrix.

You have no idea.

- Take something seriously, Riven.
- I am, Sky.

I like Beatrix.

She's the only person in this damn school
who likes me as is.

What does that make me?

A guy who always thinks
he's better than me.

And why are you up in my face about this?
You're the one with the girlfriend.

Maybe stop creeping on first years while
you've got Little Miss Princess dangling.

- That is not what's going on.
- You sure?

'Cause that's what everyone else sees.

Including Stella.

And, honestly,

probably why she told me
Bloom was a changeling in the first place.

They're on edge. Whatever they're doing,
it's not going well.

I find it hard to believe
that they'd have some big ulterior motive.

I don't wanna believe it either, but...

People have more stuff going on
than you'd think, especially parents.

I'll see you back at the suite.

- She almost busted us.
- Good.


Weird kinks aside,

I like you,

and I wanna do this in public.

And I like that we have a thing
that's just ours.

Look, it's not just Terra.

If the whole school find out
we are a thing,

I have to feel
everyone's reaction to that.

Good, bad, positive, or negative.

I know you have to feel them,
but do you have to care?

I wish it were that simple.

No offense, but it seems like
being an empath kinda sucks.

Well, dating one doesn't seem like
a walk in the park either.

Eh, it's worth it.



Let me guess. You think she was the one
who swapped you out in the First World?

She was a fierce bitch.

At the party,
you said you didn't know who that was.

You were cagey about the "why,"
so I was cagey about the "who."

Well, it doesn't matter anyways
'cause all I found are dead ends.

Except for this.

- So let's go in.
- It's locked.

And you're a fire fairy, Bloom.

I've seen you in class.
I know you're powerful.

Question is…

…how powerful?

If I wanted to,
I could get through this door.

I'd light the whole school on fire
in the process, but power?

That's not the problem.

Good to know.

I just, um…
I don't wanna get Sky in trouble.

But you do want answers.

I could…

…fry the hinges.

Or I could just… pick the lock.

Yeah, that's… much cleaner.

I knew Alfea had a…

military past, but…

it's still a school.
This is like a war room.

It's not like a war room.
It is a war room.

A place where dangerous, shady-arse people
decide who lives and who dies.

What do you want the light to do?

Remember your intent.

You control the light.

It does not control you.

Beautifully done.

Please tell me that was a joke.

You instructed her to make a rainbow

to display her power?

We discussed this at the end of last term.

Rehabilitating magic is a process.

I didn't send my daughter back to Alfea
for a process.

I sent her back
because you promised to fix her

after the incident with Ricki.

An incident that occurred

because her previous training
focused solely on results.

When she's ready,
we'll move on to stronger magic.

It will take time.

Would you like me to recite
the list of threats we're facing

while you take time?

- Mum...
- Do not speak when I'm speaking.

Solaria is the strongest realm
in the Otherworld.

She is its heir.

An extension of that strength.

But what she's doing is working.
My power has increased so much...

Do not speak when I am speaking.

I blinded a Burned One.

And did it with precision and skill,
I might add.

And you think that is power?

Please stop.

When you control light,

you control what people see.

And despite what anyone says
matters in this world,

appearance is everything.

You know that better than anyone, Farah.

Especially given my efforts
to help you maintain them.

Yes, we've both done a great deal
to preserve Solaria's reputation.

Stella, you did excellent work.
You're dismissed.


You OK?

Yeah. 'Course I am.

And I see you still believe
fear is the ultimate motivator.

Don't consider yourself
immune to that.

You serve at my leisure, Farah.

And moods can change.

I need an update.


Is everything OK?

Not now, Terra.

Has something gone wrong
with your project? 'Cause...

I said not now!

Oh, I'm sorry, love.

Um… I'm OK, thank you.

If there was something going on,
you would tell me, wouldn't you?

Of course I would.

He lied to my face.
Why are they all lying to us?

Maybe they had to.

Queen Luna's…

She seems kinda big on secrets.

Whatever's going on, I'm sure
they think what they're doing is right.

They always do.

Then say, "Terra, I can't tell you."
Don't lie to me.

So he made Miss Dowling something
with Vessel Stones, right?

And the point of Vessel Stones
is to read magic,

which is what
they were doing at the assembly.

So, dead body, worried adults.

What if they think a fairy killed Callum?

A fairy at that assembly.

They were on edge after,
so they clearly didn't find them.

Guys, is Bloom here?

Did Silva tell you
what was happening today?

He must've.

Is this the suite drama
Bloom was talking about?

There is no suite drama.

OK, I'm so lost right now.

Dowling's assistant died,
the faculty think a fairy did it.

They held the assembly
to find out which fairy,

but they didn't
because he or she wasn't there,

so now we don't believe
or trust literally anyone.



It's weird. It looks like Rosalind
was barely at the school in 2004.

No shit.

She was leading the crusade
against the Burned Ones.

I just have to find where she was
in December 'cause that's when I was born.

You were born in December of 2004?

Yeah. My birth certificate
from the First World says December 12.

I'm assuming it was a few days before.

That certainly tracks.

I think this is her schedule
from that year.

That's mildly annoying.

Endless suite group texts.

I'll deal with it later.


it looks like…

Rosalind was in a place called Aster Dell.

Maybe my birth parents weren't students.

Maybe they were
from this Aster Dell place.

Did you say Aster Dell?


Can you make that map thing work again?

- Maybe I can find it.
- No need. I know where that is.

Wanna go?

What? Like…

Like now?

It's a few hours from here.

You ditched assembly, lied to Sky,

broke into a secret war room.

Now you want to give up?

I'm saying that it's getting late,

and maybe I don't wanna ditch school
with someone I barely know.

You know that I've got you further
than anyone else has,

and that I'm also ditching school
with someone I barely know.

But maybe Dowling will spill her guts

now that you've found the secret war room
she keeps under lock and key.

- How would we get there?
- Let me worry about that.

- Where is she?
- Who?

The unstable sex addict
leading you around by your dick.

- Where is she?
- I don't know.

Beatrix isn't surgically attached to me.

- Why?
- I'm looking for Bloom.

Beatrix was the last person
who was with her...


I sent you, like, 20 texts,

and you're running around
looking for Bloom?

Yeah. You have fun with that.

- I'm in the middle of something, Stella.
- So am I.

I need you.

Bloom's missing.

I don't know if she's in danger or hiding.

But it can probably be traced back

to everyone knowing she's a changeling,
thanks to you.

Oh, I didn't mean to hurt her.

You say
you don't wanna be like your mother,

but all I see is someone who treats others
exactly the same way that Luna treats you.

So I'm done with this, Stella.

I'm fully done.

What are you waiting for?

You stole a car?

How do you know how to steal a car?

I know how to do a lot of things.

She was in the east wing
with Bloom during assembly.

- Why was Bloom down there?
- That's what's important to you?

What matters is
that Beatrix wasn't at the assembly.

Oh my God, we know!
We know someone killed Callum,

and it was a fairy,
and the assembly was to find out who.

- Can we please drop the bullshit?
- Terra!

No, no, no. You don't get to shush me.

If something happens to Bloom
because you didn't tell us...

We haven't heard from Bloom in hours,
and nobody's seen Beatrix.

It's OK. They know.

One of the queen's guards was knocked out.
His SUV is gone.

We'll find her. I promise.

Aster Dell was a town, right?
Are you sure this is the right place?

I'm positive.

How could a town be marked on a map
if it's on the side of a mountain?

What the hell is this place?

You're not the only powerful fairy
at Alfea.

Beatrix, what are you doing?

Welcome to Aster Dell.

It was a beautiful place.

Full of people
just trying to live their lives.

Till one winter when Burned Ones
surrounded the settlement,

and a military unit from Alfea
decided that destroying the creatures

was more important
than the lives of the people here.

This isn't real.
You're making this happen somehow.

I'm piercing the magic veil
that Queen Luna placed

to hide the atrocities that happened here.

Think about that.

Leader of our realm
tried to erase a war crime.

I was born here,

and my family died here.

Two days before your First World birthday.

So, you think that…

my family was killed here?

Not think. Know.

'Cause everyone here died.

Except me…

and you.

- I don't understand. How could you know?
- I saw it.

I saw the bodies, the death.

Then someone scooped me up…

carried me away.

As we ran, I saw them,

walking through the carnage
like conquering heroes.

Who did you see?




You were a baby.
How would you know if that was real?

How would you know...

'Cause the woman who saved me

used her magic
to burn the memory into my mind.

Sound familiar?


She rescued you?

She rescued us.

She had a crisis of conscience,

couldn't bring herself
to murder innocent people,

no matter how many Burned Ones
they could kill in the process.

But Dowling, Silva,
and Harvey didn't agree.

They staged a coup,
carried out the mission.

No. I know that they've lied to me,
Beatrix, but they're not monsters.

Then why are they covering it up?

After you asked about Rosalind
at the party,

I wasn't sure what to make of you.

Then I found out you're a changeling,
did some math

and started to put two and two together.

But I wasn't sure until today.

Does this mean that you're one too?

A changeling?

Rosalind left me
in the care of a close friend

while she stashed you in the First World.

Because my birth parents,
my real parents, were…

They're dead.

It's a lot.

I carried that memory for years

before I was able
to finally understand what it meant.

Why would Dowling bring me
to the Otherworld if she killed my family?

Not sure
she's put the pieces together yet,

and if I were you, I'd keep it that way.

Which is exactly something you'd say
if you were making this up.

To keep me from comparing notes.

Why would I make up a story
about our teachers being murderers?

- Where's the gain in that?
- What, so I'm just supposed to trust you?

You shouldn't trust me
until I've proven myself trustworthy.

That's what the faculty expects,
and I'm nothing like them.

What you need are answers.

Yeah, from a woman who died

and left nothing but cryptic messages
and half-truths.

We need more.

And we'll get it.

Because Rosalind's alive.

- Dowling told me she was dead.
- Dowling imprisoned her.

I'm at Alfea to break her out.


Not today.

What are these things?

Stop it! Stop!

Take Bloom. We'll handle this.

Calm down.

- We were so worried about you.
- Legit freaking out.

- What did that bitch do?
- Nothing. She's not some monster.

Bloom, she killed Callum.

- Who told you that?
- Dowling, Silva, Harvey.

- Do you have proof?
- Why would they say it if it wasn't true?

You never know
why people really do things.

Maybe we should go in
and get some rest.

You guys go. I'll meet you there.

I'm sorry I left you alone with her.
I shouldn't have. She should've...

She didn't kidnap me, Sky. I'm fine.

I promise.

I'm just…

happy you're back.


Terra, can you please just let it out?
You're killing me right now.

My dad lied to me today.

Legit lied. When I called him out on it,
he acted like it was for my own good.

I don't care how they justify it.

You don't… lie to people you care about.

Not if they matter.

I have something to tell you.

A while ago,
I met this guy, and I like him a lot,

but I didn't know how you'd react,
so I didn't tell you, and it's been weeks.

I'm dating your brother.

Thank you for telling me.
God, I really needed that!

- Even if you have terrible taste. Sam's...
- Objectively attractive?

Well, actually, the spitting image
of my dad when he was that age.

He lost his hair at 18, maybe 19.

Bald teenagers. Very cool.

Have fun with that.

Those are Stella's suitcases.

This school has taken a turn
since I attended.

Back home, I can teach you
everything you need to know.

You could've let me
say goodbye to my friends.

They're not your friends, Stella.


- You could've told me what was going on.
- I told you what you needed to know.

You said, "Stick close to Bloom.
We want to know more about her."

That is not the same as
"Bloom might be in danger from a killer."

What you are doing is important,
Sky, but you have to trust me.

I do.

You know I do.

But I need to know the whole truth.

One of the lessons
you are at this school to learn

is that sometimes
a soldier just has to take orders.

So let me reiterate them.

You are to gain Bloom's trust,
find out everything you can,

including what happened on that road trip,
and you are to tell me.

That is where your loyalty lies, Sky.
To me.

To Alfea.

No one else.

Don't lurk.

Can I help you?

What were those bracelets?

Runic Limiters.

They prevent a fairy
from using their magic.

They were barbaric.

You tore her skin open.

You're certain you're uninjured?

I'm fine. She didn't hurt me.

Still, you were with Beatrix
for quite a while.

What did you two
talk about all that time?

Clothes, boys…

who could drive faster.

It was a joyride, Miss Dowling.
That's all.


perhaps next time,
you'll choose your company more wisely.

You can count on it.

Mrs. Peters?

It's Farah Dowling
from the Alfea International School.

I am concerned
we may have a problem on our hands.

Bloom's been having a bit of a tough time
adjusting to life here.

Has she mentioned anything to you?

No. No need to get on a plane.
I'm sure it'll settle.

But if she does say anything
out of the ordinary,

please don't hesitate to call me.

I'm well-versed in handling these…