Farscape (1999–2003): Season 4, Episode 15 - Mental as Anything - full transcript

The males of the crew undergo some training. Crichton learns how to resist Scarran probes. While D'Argo learns some self control D'Argo encounters his wife's murderer, his wife's brother.

Previously on Farscape.

Welcome home, son.

Scorpius is here, looking for
the key to what is inside my head.

He will use you and the baby.


I'm confident I can
capture him,

but doubt I can bring
him to you.

Wherever this Earth is, the journey there is
obviously impractical without wormhole travel,

and only Crichton can
command that.

Learn what we can from him,
then execute him.

Stay. Look, we'll guard
the wormhole.

Nothing'll get through.

No, I have a job to do.

It's over.

There's nothing more
between us.


And now on Farscape.

We have reached the optimal
departure point.

D'Argo, Rygel and Scorpius
are boarding Lo'La.

Chiana, Sikozu and Noranti are
already in a Transport Pod.

Tell 'em we're coming.

Merry Christmas.

Is there something that
comes with this?

It's big. It's taking over
your room.

Okay, tell 'em we're not
coming! We're gonna stay.

We'll watch TV, we'll eat popcorn,
we'll act like normal people.

Captain D'Argo is asking
where you are.

I gotta go. I gotta go
look after Scorpius.

We should do it together.

No, you know we can't
do that together.

Besides, you gotta look
after the girls.

That's not fun.

It's more fun than mental-arts
training camp.

Don't know. You could do with
the mental discipline.

Ha. Not from someone Scorpy
recommends. You got the better job.

What, rummaging around on a dead Leviathan
settlement looking for a Moya part?

Oh, that's infinitely
more thrilling.

I'm sorry, but now Chiana is
inquiring where you are Officer Sun.

I'm coming, Pilot.

We gotta go.

Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

You have all come to
my dwelling to learn.

Your objective is
mental discipline.

To focus your whole mind on a single
task is a skill few ever achieve.

How much did we pay for this?

The Task Chairs provide access
to a mindscape,

where you'll compete with an
opponent to the point of great pain.

Embrace the pain and
you shall succeed.

Retreat, and suffer
the consequences.

If you have any self-doubt,
you have 80 microts to exit,

after which, your Juxtowi
crystal will be activated.

Any attempt to leave and the
crystal will bore through your brain.

Do you think it's worth
going through with this?

Only if this guy can give us
information about that critter

that attacked my family
and killed my friends.

The creature you describe is neither
Peacekeeper nor Scarran in origin.

If it is from Tormented Space,
Katoya will know about it.

Then why won't he just
frelling tell us...

- ...about it?

We paid him.

His price is completion
of the course.

Excuse me. Question.

Before we commit to
your class...

Are you afraid that you may not
be able to handle the pain?

Look, I can put up with the
fairy crystal and the jammies,

but I need to know what else
we get in gym membership.

What the plitz is that smell?

The stench of that
frelling Charrid.

No, I know that odor.



You killed my wife.

This is not your fight.
- Your sister!

You set me up and then
you sent me to prison.

Oh, you didn't want the truth
then. You're not interested now.

Get off him. Come on.

I'm not interested
in your lies.

Oh, let him hit me, like he hit
Lo'Laan. Beat his own wife to death.

That ends this.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut.

Three years ago I got shot
through a wormhole.

I'm in a distant part
of the universe

aboard this living ship of
escaped prisoners,

my friends.

I've made enemies.

Powerful, dangerous.

Now all I want is to
find a way home

to warn Earth.

Look upward and share
the wonders I've seen.

You okay, bro?

Macton's a liar.

He's a frelling liar.

He's a frelling Peacekeeper.

A frelling Peacekeeper
found us.

Let's go, fast, before
more arrive.

I am afraid it will not be permitted
to leave the compound prematurely.

Oh, ridiculous.

What does Katoya care?

He's got our currency.

Once you agree to stay,
you must abide the rules.

I don't give a damn
about the rules,

we're not gonna stick around
till a Marauder lands.

This sector of Tormented Space
is forbidden to Peacekeepers

unless they have received express
orders from First Command and therefore,

it is highly likely that Macton
is here unofficially...


Unofficially, Grasshopper,
how the hell did he find us?

I'll be sure to ask him
before I kill him.

Katoya will not allow you or
Macton to kill each other.

To Hezmana with Katoya!

Macton deserves to die!

He destroyed my family.

My wife.

My son.

- He loves me.
- You mustn't do anything.

D'Argo's done nothing to me.
I'm fine. D'Argo's fine.

You refuse to see him
for what he really is.

He is a Luxan warrior.

Yes. And he cannot
help but hurt you.

D'Argo will never hurt me.

And I won't hurt him either.

Good to see you, brother.

No. We're both here.

One of us must die.

I wouldn't run even if I could.

D, I got your back on this.

Grasshopper may be
telling the truth.

Katoya won't let us
disrupt his class.

You can deal with Macton
when school is out.

Return to the arena.

Recess is over.

Now that calmer minds prevail,

a demonstration.

Join me.

I'm just here to watch.

Everyone must participate.

After the probes, land mines,
corkscrews I've had in my head,

I ain't offering up a chunk
for your mind games.

It is not a game.

It ain't gonna happen,
Miss Krabappel.

Fail me. Give me an "F"
on my report card.

But I ain't going in
your icosahedron.

Yes, of course.

Proves nothing to me for you
to win, Grasshopper.


Overcome the pain.

Pain. See, that's what
I'm talking about.


Try again.

Do not withhold your efforts.

Nor is anger a substitute
for clarity.

The task may be completed with
a minimum of physical harm.

Shall we end our demonstration?

I was just starting to
enjoy the pain.

Well, that was instructive.

Kind of led with your
chin there.

It's not meant to be painless.

It never will be
painless, John.


What the hell are
you doing here?

Responding to D'Argo's
death threats.

He said he was coming for me.


See, I was just wondering why
you followed me to the bathroom.

I don't want to kill D'Argo.

But I won't allow him to kill
me to conceal what he did.

He killed his wife.

No. You killed your sister.

D'Argo murdered Lo'Laan
in a fit of hyperrage.

Do you know what Luxan
hyperrage is?

Yes, I do. Do you know
what a "crock" is?

D'Argo says he didn't do it.
That's good enough for me.

You don't understand.
He may not know what he did.

Right, eight cycles and change
just, zoop, slips his mind.

You do know that Luxan
hyperrage causes blackouts?

Is that a fact?


And any honest Luxan
can tell you that.


The Charrid's going next.

I'd love to take him on.

I'd show him some real pain.

What did he say to you?

Nothing. Forget about it.

I can't!

Perhaps you could spend some
of that energy in here.

Not him.


He chose me, Rygel.

These Charrid frax killed
billions of my people.

This is not a safe place to
settle grudges, Hynerian.

It is not a game.
- It's a war of wills.

Where else will I get a chance at a
fair fight, where I have the advantage?


At your own risk.

What lies did Macton tell you?

Ah, he just mentioned you were
sending some threats.

Yeah. It's true.


Come on, he must have
told you more.

Man, I don't wanna
talk about it.

It's just gonna piss you off,
which is what he wants.

I'm already pissed off.

What'd he say?

He mentioned something.

About hyperrage causing blackouts.
He said all Luxans get 'em.

I do not want Macton here!

I refuse to have him
in this house!

You're upsetting yourself
over nothing.

D'Argo, can you hear me?

- D'Argo, can you hear me?


Blackouts during
hyperrage can...

do happen.

But I learned to
control all that.

So, you got the problem licked.

Young Luxans are
genetically violent.

Their impulses, chemistry,
biology, it takes cycles to master.

It's why Luxans aren't
allowed to marry young.

And you kids ignored all that.

She said she knew I could
never hurt her.

Even more than that, I gave
her my solemn vow

if I did ever hurt her, I would
leave immediately, no questions.

Well, it must have worked.

You guys stayed together.

Lo'Laan was always
there for me.

Excuse me, Master Jedi.

Looks like Sparky's losing more
than a few brain cells in there.

He's expending a lot of energy.

Is he in any real danger
in there?

All right, that's the ball
game. Get him out.

It was his choice.

Let's get him out.

He's like ice.

Keep him covered.

That's a great job. Nice of you to
step in before somebody got hurt.

What he did was his choice.

I hope what he learned
will serve him well.

I'll tell you what
we've learned.

We've learned not to take
classes from a head job.

Now we're outta here.
- Your training isn't over.

Oh, yes it is.

It's just begun.


Crichton is fine.

He's been moved to
remedial training.

Yeah, I know.

The Dominar is
recovering as well.

Yeah, I wasn't thinking
about that, either.

I'm aware of that.

But perhaps you should
heed their example

and attempt to remain focused on
your more immediate tasks first.


Stay focused.


D'Argo, can you hear me?

Did I hurt you?

No. I know this upsets you.

It upsets you, too.

We'll get through it.

If I did hurt you, you'd
tell me, wouldn't you?

You promised.

You never hurt me, D'Argo.

But you'd tell me if I did.


I promise. I would tell you.

Avoid pain, and find a way out.

Try harder.

Anger will not serve you.

Find your path.

Release your mind.

Stop it now!

I'll kill you!

To exert even a microt of self-control
over your personal impulses

is the point of the exercise.

I'm leaving.

That won't provide you with
the answers you seek.

What answers?

What questions?

Look, I'm not playing any more
of your stupid games,

and I do not need to be reminded
of my mental limitations!

If I stay here,
I will kill Macton!

I... will... kill this man!

You see?

You can control your anger.

You have no limitations.

Ahh! Ahh.




Can anybody hear me?!

This must be detention then.

Hey, it's getting kind
of ripe in here.

Macton is lying.

How do you know?

Because he's a Peacekeeper.

Because he has to be.

Look, he's trying to get to
you, and it's working.

Lo'Laan and I were
happy together.

He can't change that.
I won't let him.

He's definitely getting to you.

I should've killed him.

Isn’t that what you set out to
do when we all left Moya?

Part of me knew it wouldn't
bring Lo'Laan back.

Another part couldn't resist letting him
know that I knew exactly where he was.

Pay attention to the part
that wants to kill him.

He's given you a second chance
to take your revenge.

I'm not sure I want to.

For yotz sake!

Kill him and be done with it.

Are you real?

Are you?

Oh, riddles.

Riddle me this, riddle me that.

I have one.

Why is it never just the heat.
It's the humidity?

While you're pondering that, why
don't you let me the hell outta here.

As you wish.

One thing first.

Here's a key.

You weren't quick enough.

Get a key and you may come out.

I'll say this just once.

Stay away from me.

Stay away from my friends.

And stop spreading your lies.

I'm not the one lying.
- Oh, you're full of dren.

You've always hated me.

You'd have hated any non-Sebacean
who married your sister.

I may have come to accept the
marriage, until you started beating her.

I'm violent when
I choose to be.

And right now, I choose
not to kill you.

But that could change.


Well, if I chose to kill you,
you'd never see me coming.

No, I came to give
you the truth.


The truth your blackouts
stopped you from seeing.

That poor Lo'Laan stopped
you from seeing.

You're full of dren.

Am I lying about your hyperrage?

Am I lying about your blackouts?

I say even a stupid Luxan should
be able to see the truth.

You're full of lies!

D'Argo, no.

Look at you.

Your uncontrollable rage.

Your violence.

You really think you'd be able
to protect Lo'Laan from that?


You must have known the truth.

You've always known.

Son of a...

You'd better have a key.

Katoya informs me you've been
experiencing some setbacks.

He tell you who sicced that
critter on my family?

That is relatively unimportant.

It's important to me.

Because it was unsuccessful.

That's okay, then.
I don't need to be in here.

If Earth is safe,
everything's fine.

No, Earth is not safe.

And neither are you.
The Scarrans know you exist.

They are already coming
for you, John.

You cannot run away for your whole
life, and I cannot protect you from them.

Little Cat A, I don't want
you to protect me

because Little Cat B, you haven't been doing
such a bang-up job of that in the first place,

which brings us to Little Cat C,
get me the hell out of this hole!

You are undergoing a very
specific training.

Anti-Scarran Training.

Well, I figured that
out already.

It's not the heat.

It's the humidity!

The heat mechanisms the Scarran
employs is just the beginning, John.

If that heat succeeds in
disabling your mind's defenses,

there is no fact, no fear, no deep secret
that they will be unable to extract.

I'll take my chances on
my own, thank you.

You misunderstand my
objectives, John.

Without Katoya's training,
when the Scarrans find you,

they will take your wormhole
knowledge and then they will kill you.

I could never allow that.

Oh, Scorpy-Sue.

After all we've meant
to each other.

You'd kill me first.

You... have such a limited
mental capacity, John.

But apparently, an abundant
will to prevail.

Well, my advice to you is to use
that will right here, right now!

Katoya is the only one that can give
you the tools to resist the Scarrans.

Your Crichton may not
survive the training.

Oh, he will.

He is like me in that respect.

He'll survive.

For you to have survived so long,
my teachings must have been helpful.

They've saved my life,

on countless occasions.

I attempted to teach you to
overcome your need for a cooled suit.

And yet, you still have
use of one.

One can always learn more.

I request three favors.

Do I owe so many?

I did spare you from both Peacekeeper
captivity and my Aurora Chair.

I would have survived
your Aurora Chair.


Firstly, intensify
Crichton's training.

Even if it kills him?

Without the training,
he will die anyway.

Secondly, Macton has
become a distraction.

Maybe a dangerous one.

He has done nothing wrong.

I believe despite his protests,
he will kill D'Argo.

Or D'Argo will kill him.

I will have neither here.

Still, some preemptive action
could be called for.


Information, about a species
I have no knowledge of.

This... species...

has recently attacked Crichton.

May I describe it for you?

John, you okay?

Hey man, help me...

Get this thing open.

That didn't budge, did it?

It's gonna need at least a
Qualta or a Pulse Grenade.

Here. I brought you
something to drink.

- Listen, John,

this is really doing
my head in.

I've spent thinking about
killing Macton for half my life.

That's a hell of a thing, man.

Look, if you get me out of here,
I'll kill him for you, all right?

No, no, I can kill him.

Frell knows I've wanted to,
but, uh...

what if Lo'Laan lied?

She lied about the blackouts, then
perhaps without knowing or remembering,

I hit my wife.

Don't go there.

That's Macton talking.

I am there, John.
If that's possible,

then more...
- D'Argo,

many things are possible.

Macton is just filling you
with possibilities.

What Lo'Laan did...

and that's what matters.

Whatever she did,
she did for you.

That's what's important.

And that means something.

That means... that it's
possible I killed the woman

who loved me more than life.


it probably won't be apparent
from my actions,

but I really do have a great deal
of respect for your work here.

I'm sure many warriors have been
made great from your teachings.

I just won't be one of them.

Do not sell yourself short.

Mental strength is, uh...

well, it's not my strength.
I know that.

That's why I've come to you.

Your mind is troubled?

Whose isn't?

Can you help me...

find an answer?

What would you like to know?

What kind of monster
I really am.

This need not be difficult.

But it probably will be.

Where do we start?

What would you like to see?

I, uh...

I don't wanna see that.

Stay focused.

I realize this is difficult.

I know this upsets you.

I know this upsets you, too.

We'll get through it.

You're upsetting yourself
over nothing.



Can you hear me?

Hyperrage is a natural function
of Luxan physiology.

But it's a function to be
controlled, not flaunted.

Not to be used against
someone you love.

Can you hear me?

Did you use it against her?

I don't know.

But you want to know.

Can you hear me?!

- But you came here to know.

Can you hear me?



I hit her.

Did I hurt you?


But you'd tell me?

Promise me you would, please.

You never hurt me, D'Argo.

You promised you'd tell me.

Why didn't you tell me?

Don't you know how much
I loved you?


Sorry to interrupt, Master.

Ka D'Argo.

Time to revisit your memories.

What have you done with Katoya?

I refocused his energies.

Hello, sister.

Welcome home.

Scene of the crime.

Scene of your many crimes.

D'Argo, no!

Just like before.

That never happened.

Go ahead, hit her.

Never a problem for you
when she was alive.

No, I never meant to.

Oh. Never meant to do this?

Or this.


It was you.

Because you couldn't
control yourself.

Because you were weak!

Recognize the place?

Your cell.

Not here. Not now.

Not like this.

Where else?
This is where you belong.

You're a wild beast.

A mad dog.

You've earned those chains.

And worse.

How's it feel to be helpless?


This is what you did to Lo'Laan.

This is what your
rage felt like.

Rage that destroyed a
beautiful girl.

Come on.

Ha! Gotcha!

I didn't kill Lo'Laan.

No. No, you did much worse.

Your violence drove her
to her death.



You beat her beyond her
capacity to endure anymore.

Oh, no.

But I got there first.

I doctored the scene.

Provided the evidence that
put you in prison.

To rot forever.

Don't try to resist.
It's my gift to you, D'Argo.

Your own hyperrage in a place
where you can rot in it forever.

Just you and your
hyperrage for eternity.




You're lying.

Every word you've said
is a lie.


You beat her and you
killed her.

You know the truth.

You never knew Lo'Laan and
you knew nothing about love.

I know what Lo'Laan went
through for our love.

I wish I could have loved
her half as well.

Oh, you loved her to death.

You do not have this power.

Lo'Laan told me that I do have
power over my hyperrage.

And it's more than enough
to control you in here.

Oh, you cannot kill me.
Not in here.

I have no intention
of killing you.

I loved my wife.

But you wouldn't know that.

You didn't know Lo'Laan.

I did.

She could have left me for my
failings. Maybe she should have.

But I know this.

She would never have left her
son without a mother.


I want you to show me
your memories.

And tell me why you
killed Lo'Laan.

Trying to save her from you.

D'Argo will be dishonorably discharged.
Jailed for as long as you need.

But he's done nothing wrong.

He has done everything wrong.

You'll thank me for
this, sister.

No, I won't let you!

It was your fault.

She attacked me.

My reflexes took control.

My Peacekeeper training.

It was over before I realized.

It's not the truth.

Not the whole truth.

She was beaten.

It was your fault she died.

You had to pay.

I had to make you pay.

I had to make it look like you'd
done it in a fit of hyperrage.

Had to make sure you
were blamed.

You okay?

I'm fine.

You want me to drive?
- No, I'm fine.

If you were fine, you'd have
killed Macton instead of leaving him there.

He's trapped in a coma with
his own nightmares.

Killing him would have
been merciful.

I'm not that enlightened.

So tell me, John.

Were you able to
obtain the key?

Incidentally, that creature
that attacked you on Earth.

It might interest you to know
it is called a Skreeth.

Apparently it can communicate
telepathically over vast distances.

Yeah, Katoya give you that?

If it did map Earth's location,

it may well have passed
on that information.

Who would it pass it on to?

Grayza, almost certainly.

So the Peacekeepers know
where Earth is.

May know.

Would Grayza go there?

Eventually, perhaps.

Grayza does not want Earth.

Grayza wants you.

Why do I always attract
the psychos?

Hey man, you sure you're okay?

Yeah, I'll be fine. I've...

got things on my mind.

Things I've done.

Things I can't take back.