Farscape (1999–2003): Season 4, Episode 14 - Twice Shy - full transcript

The crew goes into Tormented Space, where they hope to avoid both the Peacekeepers and Scarrans. The crew buys maps for the area, Chiana buys a slave girl and sets her free. The crew tries to contact the trader after discovering Rygel cheated them. The crew starts acting stranger than ever. Rygel's greedier, D'Argo's angrier, Chiana's passion is on overdrive, etc. Crichton's behavior towards Aeryn are finally revealed.

Previously on Farscape.

- What's he doing here?
- What does he want?

He wants asylum.

A relationship is
based on trust.

I didn't wanna tell you about
the pregnancy until I was sure.

Distillate of Laka.

One whiff and the pain is gone.

It's to help him move on.

Surmount his feelings
and forget.

And now on Farscape.

Pilot, why is that trading
vessel still aboard?

The negotiation is
proving difficult.

These traders are asking
exorbitant prices for their maps,

yet we dare not traverse Tormented
Space, without reliable star charts.

For 5,000 crindars I want maps
that are current and authentic.

I said ten.

And she said five.

Buy your maps elsewhere.

Are you so sure another buyer
will come along?


Nothing's bothering me.

Something I said?

Must have been something
I said.

9,000. No more talk.

Except to say goodbye.

- No.


Final offer.

The Dominar will pay you.

You look unusually smug.

Your deal. It was successful?

You have no idea.

One more trade.

No tricks.

We enjoyed her.

Plenty of good pleasure left.

No value to an old woman, but...

but to men...

Touch her again, you fekik,
and you die!

Calm down.

Chiana, this is not
our problem.

Well have you forgotten what
it's like to be a prisoner?

800 crindars.


She's yours.

We can’t just leave her.


I'll buy her myself
if I have to.

You brought that Vorc onto
Moya, remember?

What's your name?


Okay, here's the deal.

We take her, or I take
her head off.

Shoot her. She's nothing to me.


pay them.

But, uh...
- Pay them!

Sparky, cough it up.

A smart purchase.

You'll have fun with her.

This is a bad idea.

Nine times out of ten.

First nice planet we find,
we'll drop her off.

This isn't... no, no,
I'm a friend.

A friend.

Hey, it's okay. It's okay.

Chiana, grab her!
- Whoa.

- Take it easy.
- We're not gonna hurt you.


Okay, hold her! Grab her!

Okay, take her to your room.

She is your responsibility.


Talika, come on.

I'll get you some food,
some better clothes.

The trading vessel is
now leaving Moya.


So you're angry with me?

Let's talk.

I don't want to talk.


My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut.

Three years ago I got shot
through a wormhole.

I'm in a distant part
of the universe

aboard this living ship of
escaped prisoners,

my friends.

I've made enemies.

Powerful, dangerous.

Now all I want is to
find a way home

to warn Earth.

Look upward and share
the wonders I've seen.

There's nothing to say.

The hell there's not!
You hit me!

You lied to me.
- Hey, you lied to me.

You said nothing was
bothering you.

Okay, so I did not tell you
about the poppers.

You did not tell me
about the baby.

Does that mean I get to
hit you now?

I would not advise that.


You do not scare me, missy.


You scare me a little.

You want the truth?

I was taking that crap
from Noranti...

to forget you.

But you gotta admit...

...it's kind of romantic.

I'm just crazy about you.

So, it's my fault?



You should have been stronger.

Oh, God, Aeryn, please!

Get... honey, give me a break!
I'm weak.

I'm human. I'm a guy.

What is the matter?

Aeryn, I'm fine.

We're gonna be fine.

No. We're not.

Aeryn, do not walk away.

Much as I love it when you
walk away. Aeryn!

We're gonna be fine.

She likes me.

Wow! That's much better.

Fits great.

It looks nice.


It looks, uh...


What is "sexy"?

Oh, a girl as beautiful
as you shouldn't...

shouldn't have to ask that.

Sexy is, um...


You like sexy?


It's my, uh...

It's my favorite color.

Makes you feel good
knowing men want you.

Oh, sorry I...

M- Most men aren't...

aren't like those traders.

Most men are, uh...

are pretty drad.

You like men for sex?

They're, uh...

they're good for other things.

But they're great for sex.

Just men?

You like this?

Is this sex?


it's getting pretty close.


Okay, what is your problem?

That the only reason why you
brought her aboard?

So you can make her
your toy now?


We were just talking.

Girl stuff.

Oh, come on.

I get feisty.

I'm not like you.

You don't need it. I do.

It's not a crime.

This is excessive, even
for you, Chiana.

Well, if you're not into it,
I could always ask Crichton.

You mind?

Do what you want.

Hey! Hey, how you doin'?
Come on in.

Uh, sorry about the mess.

It's fresh from Earth.

Don't be afraid. Come on in.
We're friends.

For sex?

No. That's a different
kind of friend.

That's a special friend.

A special friend.

Like you and Aeryn.

How did you...

Oh. Chiana, right?

Chiana, yes.

But I can see it for myself.

Anyone can.

You are hers and she is yours.

Or am I wrong?

No, you're right.

You're absolutely right.

These maps look legitimate.

Information about the dangerous
sectors is accurate.

It should be easy for us
to evade them.

Looks like the old witch
actually did a good job.

Don't I get any credit?

What for?

Look closely at that.
Read me the amount.

100 crindars.

It's really only a
twelfth of that.

I added the extra digit.

Fine handiwork,
don't you think?

You cheated the Traders?

That's right. More for me.

Do you know what you've done,
you selfish little trot?!

The traders control this part
of Tormented Space!

The greebols won't even notice.

They will notice, you lying,
cheating, little...

Fellas, knock it...
knock it off!

Break! Break!

Neutral corners.

What is the problem?

This little piece of dren gave
the traders counterfeit crindars.

Not counterfeit, just altered.

Sparky, what do you wanna
do that for?

These are not the guys
we wanna piss off.

We have to be out here for a while
and we need to be able to do business.

And now he's ruined that for us. When
they find out they've been cheated...

I'm telling you they won't.

Those forgeries would
fool anyone.

Ryg, you can't do stuff like
this. You're jamming us up.

Crichton, can't you see
the damage he has done us?

When they come for us,
I'm gonna give them you!

They can enjoy you as much
as they like!

D, it's not gonna solve
the problem.

Relax. Have a seat.

Have a bite to eat.

Get away from those!
They're mine!

You selfish little dren!

Chill! Chill, huh?

It's under control. All right?

We're gonna make it right.
We're gonna phone these guys,

we're gonna tell them we made a
mistake and we're gonna make it right.

Are you fahrbot?

I'm the captain here.
I'll deal with it.

And then I'll deal with you!

Just keep your hands
off my property.

D, let him... let him go. D!

Pilot, can you get that trading ship on the phone?
- I'll try, Commander.

But this area of Tormented Space is
making transmissions very unreliable.

You can do it, man. You're smart
enough, you're good enough,

and doggone it, people like you.

Are you all right, Crichton?

What are you doing here? I told
you to stay in Chiana's quarters.

I don't have to listen to you.
No one else does.

Nobody listens to you.

They listen to Crichton,
but not to you.

Get back to those quarters or I
will throw you off this ship myself!

Noranti seems to think that
everyone's acting very strangely.

And what do you think?

They are agitated.

Unusually emotional.
Everyone except Aeryn.

She's colder than usual.

She wills herself
against emotions.

Like any good soldier.


On the table.

Right now.

Yeah. W-What's gotten into you?

Nothing... yet!

Oh... oh... oh... okay.

I just figured out what you
need. You need a cold shower.

It's okay. I asked Aeryn.
- Whoo!

She said she didn't care
about ya anyway.

Yes, she does.
- No, she doesn't.

We're happy. She loves me.

- Oh, come on.
- You know you want it.


Oh, hey, Scorp!

Hey, Scorpy!

You wanna watch?

Ah, there ain't nothin'
here to see.

We're done.

You're leaving.

Hezmana to you.

What she do? Cut 'em off?


How about that? Kids.

Man, she's in overdrive today.

She's not alone.

How are you feeling?

Good. Never better.

We got a little, uh, thing going on with
the traders but, uh, that's not a problem.

We do have a problem.

Your crewmates are behaving
very oddly.

Ah, that's par for the course
around here, grasshopper.

Don't worry about it.
- Noranti does not think so.

Well, Noranti imagines things.
We're fine.

But you are not fine, John.

Nor is Chiana, Aeryn,
Rygel, D'Argo.

Your behavior has changed since
that girl came onboard.

You think Talika is doing
a T'raltixx?

A mind frell? Right.

Let's go talk to her. Come on.
She's in Chiana's quarters.

No, she isn't.

She's disappeared and we
cannot find her.

There she is.

Talika! It's all right.
It's all right.

Everything's gonna be all right.

We're not gonna hurt you.
Don't be afraid.

We got her. Tier Three
Maintenance Bay.

Come out, come out,
wherever you are.



It's all right.

We know she's here.

What the frell happened?

I heard a scream.

Yeah, me too.

Then the lights went out.

What is that?




I don't...

You got something. Right there.

This is all your fault.
You brought her onto the ship.

I should have let you shoot her. In
fact, I should have shot her myself.

You're not gonna hurt her.

You both owe me currency.

Everybody on this ship owes me,
and I've been far too patient.

I want it now.

Rygel, shut up.

D'Argo? Hey, listen up, man.

Talika's a lot more dangerous
than she looks.

Big surprise.

Yeah, she's... she's got some kind
of scream that knocked us flat.

We followed her to the
Tier Three Bay,

but... I don't know.
She could be anywhere by now.



I will kill your attacker.

I promise.

Save her first! Get her limbs!

I don't understand why
she's doing this.

I actually felt sorry for her,
but she's going to kill us all.

We have to do something.

Just... just give me
a minute, will ya?

I feel like crap.
Whatever she did...

knocked the wind
out of my sails.

Listen, we won't have
much time.

She could be anywhere,
and we have to find her.

Damn, woman.
Would you give it a rest?

No. Look, please don't be
useless. Don't be... useless.


Oh, she got you too?

Yeah, I'm, uh...

I'm not exactly sure how.

She must have snuck up
from behind us.

I don't feel so right.

Neither do I. So weak...

No, we can't be weak. We have to pull
ourselves together and we have to fight back.

With what? She kicked our
asses. Just give it up.

No, we can't.

We can't!

What? What's with Aeryn?

We just have to talk to Talika,
find out why she attacked us.

Pilot, do you know
where she is?

The DRDs are searching,
but no luck so far.

- She can probably turn invisible.
- We're never gonna find her.

Additionally, the trading vessel has changed
course and is now heading toward Moya.

We cannot establish

Well, their intentions
could be hostile.

Of course they're hostile.

Rygel screwed them. They're
coming back to screw us.

Then let the traders come.

We'll... we'll give them
everything they want.

All the currency we have. It's
only brought us conflict anyway.


Something very... very weird
is going on.

Aeryn... is falling apart.

Rygel is...

is not greedy at all and...

and you're giving up.

And you're not even angry.

Well, I have no reason
to be angry.

I believe with dialogue
and compromise...

There is a reason to be angry.

I really don't see how that
is gonna help...

Okay. How 'bout that?

Still not angry?

No, I'm not.

I should be...

but I'm not.

It's... it's like she's taken
our strongest trait away.

She didn't take anything
away from you.



Just... just put them right...

right here.

Okay, now just... just do it.

I... I really don't want...
- D'Argo, come on.

I can't in front of them.

Just do it.


No. No tingle?

No... no nothing.

That tralk has... has taken
away my sex drive.

Apply pressure...

and her limbs should reattach.

Pilot, has that trader
ship responded?

No. Our signal still isn't
getting through.

And the trader's vessel now
appears to be... drifting.

Well, with our Comms out the
trader ship's probably powered down

to signal they mean no harm.

Pilot, prepare the docking web
to bring them aboard.

Pilot, why haven't you found
that frelling Talika?

Her movements are

The moment the DRD locates her,
she's gone again.

You. This is all your fault.

Aeryn! Whoa, no, no,
that's not helping.

All right.
- Ooh, ooh. Settle.


Now we know how it ends.

This is what we gotta look
forward to?

By my reckoning, we won't
have to wait that long.


say that.

We're gonna be fine.

We're gonna find something,
we're gonna figure it all out

and we are going to be fine.

What happened?

I now have information on the
symptoms you've described.

They're caused by the
Wolaxian arachnid.

This creature's touch infects its victims
and stimulates exaggerated neural functioning.

That sounds like us.

The creature then transforms,
harvests that energy from its host,

stores it in membrane orbs
and hides those orbs

in an external nest for
later consumption.

Finding that nest and opening the
orbs in proximity to the victims

will allow reassimilation of the
energy and complete recovery.


We... we have to get it back.

We have to know how to
kill the creature.

Get him back!

Killing Talika isn't
the problem.

Finding the energy orb is.

Really? You think she's not
gonna try and defend her nest?




No. No. No.
- Hold her still.

I was... I was attacked.

I was attacked.
- We know. D'Argo commed.

It was a Wolaxian arachnid.
Lie still. You're safe now.

My arm and my leg.

Focus your mind on
healing yourself.

Your limbs may still be saved.

The arachnid seeks to
harvest neural energy.

Why did it attack you?

Are you immune to its touch?


Yes. I must be immune.


Yes, he's infected but
not harvested.

She's doing well, Scorpius.
You may leave her now.

The Scarran in him is
growing stronger.

Overcoming his Sebacean

I must stop him.

Keep him from harming us.

No, he will not harm us.
I know him.

You know only his
Sebacean side.

Kill it now!

First, we must find its orbs.

Kill it now!

Forgive me, Scorpius.


The DRDs last saw Talika
in the Neural Cluster,

but they are unable to locate
her nest of energy orbs.

So, we're screwed.

Would ya stop talking
like that?

- Well, we can't be like this.
- We have... we have to focus.

All right, I say we team up.

We start in the Neural Cluster,
and we search every tier ourselves.

And we'll either find the orbs
or we'll find the chak that took 'em.

Or perhaps we could persuade
Talika to return the energy orbs.

Let's "persuade" her with
a Pulse Rifle.

Come on.

Whoa. Hang on a second.

I'm just...


You know what the worst
part of this is?

You and me.

We never could get it together.

Now we never will.

Don't you ever talk like that.

Come on.

Captain D'Argo, the trading
ship's engines are powering up.

It must be Talika.

I can't seal the outer
doors in time.

You've gotta stop her.

It's too late.
The vessel has left Moya.

Crichton, Aeryn, Rygel, Chiana,
get aboard Lo'La, and fast!

Aeryn, I-I can't... I can't
keep up. Go without me.



Forget about me and go.

I don't know about the rest of you, but we
should probably get this done quite quickly.

Damn it, boy.
Make yourself useful.

Come on.

We're almost within range.

Their weapons aren't charged up.
They're not taking any evasive action.

Should be easy to board.

We might be walking
into a trap.



Rygel, you stay here and
watch that scanner.

If it senses any movement,
comm us.

This is all my fault.

I'm sorry about this.

I'll kill that tralk myself.

Rygel. Any movement?

No. Just you three.

Nothing here but corpses.

Oh, this is klempt.

She's gotta be here.

Oh... frell.

The guidance system's
been activated.

This ship is set to fly itself.

She never left Moya.

John, the trader ship is empty.

Talika used it as a decoy.

So, she wasn't there?

No. She must still be
aboard Moya.

We're heading back now, but...

but we're very weak.

You have to find those
energy orbs.

We're all dead without them.

Get up!

Now, are you ready to die?

Are you ready to watch
Aeryn die?

Now Crichton, without
those orbs...

She could have hid them anywhere.
Moya's huge. We'll never find 'em.

That's it!

Talika is the only one who
knows where they are.

Yeah, so we're dead.
She's never gonna tell us.

No, no. But maybe we can get
her to show us where they are.

Now, Scorpius is infected
but not yet harvested.

Why not?

Well, I made him unconscious.

Now, perhaps she can't
sense him,

even though he is ripe
and ready for her.

So, we... wake him up, use him
as bait, let her harvest his mojo.

And then we follow her,
and we find all the orbs.

What about Sikozu?

Well, she's strong enough
to help, I'm sure.


We may not be dead.


Well, sounds like you're almost
back to your old self.

We should, uh... we should be
back to you within an arn.

Here, swallow this.

Wake up. Scorpius.

We need you.

You don't want to hurt me,

I'm an ally.


Yes. Scorpius.


Kill it?

Yes. Scorpius.

It's time to kill it.


What's your hurry, old one?

Keep away from me.

I don't want you.

You're old and bitter.

You know who I do want.
Where is he?

I don't know anything.

Liar! You know where he is.


Tell me or you die.

If I don't tell you, you die.

You need his energy when you're
starving, and you can't find him.


I sense him.



The arachnid is harvesting

Stay with 'em if you can.

Found it.

Tier Seven, in Cargo Bay.

I'm never gonna make it.

I know you can see me.

Bad guys always see me.

'Cause my plans suck.

People die.

It's always a mess.


Yeah, that's me.

Dumb ass.

I help someone and
they screw me.

I have no remorse.

You are food, and I eat.

There's always an excuse, lady.

Are the others coming to...

Oh, I don't...
I don't think so.

It's just... you and me.

I was planning on...

grabbing those 'nads there, but I guess
you're not gonna let me do that, are you?

I'm tired of this.

Why don't we just...

end it?

Come on. I'm...

I'm tired. I'm tired
of worrying.

I'm tired of fighting. Just...

bring it on. End it now.

Do you want me to kill you?

Yes, please.

Fast. Slow.

Lady's choice.

I like it slow.

Oh, God, I was afraid you
were gonna say that.

Bring it on.

I already have.

Crichton, don't let her!

Whoa. Freaky.

Get the orbs!

Hurry it up!

Can't hold her off
much longer...

Along came a spider.

Exploded beside her.

Oh, excellent, Noranti.

Best roasted spider soup
I ever ate.

It's the only spider soup I ever
ate, but it's really quite good.

Are you feeling like your
old selves again?


Rygel obviously is.

How about you? Still affected?

You don't seem very angry.

Would you like me to show you
how angry I am?

What is worse?

Having us see that you are
half-Scarran, or remembering it yourself?

I know what I am, Sikozu.

This incident was simply a
fortuitous, though troubling, reminder.

If you want my help, the price
is inclusion and honesty.

Do you have any idea what
you've done?

You won the coin toss.

But we lost, didn't we?

Aeryn, it's over.

So your mind is now so full of this dren
that you can't even see straight. Is that it?

Move on, Aeryn.

You see, I did everything...

everything I could to
keep us together.

I did exactly what you told me to do and
the whole time, you have been cheating.

Yeah, I'm a coward. Move on.
It's over.

No, I'm gonna tell you how
this gonna go from now.

You are gonna stop
sniffing this dren.

Shut up!
- Don't you tell me to shut up.

Pilot! My Comms are a bit buggy.
Can you test the system, please?

Yes, Commander, but that will take all
Comms off-line for about 30 microts.

I thought so. That'll be fine.
Thank you.

Shut up and listen to me.

Scorpius is here, looking for
the key to what is inside my head.

The neural chips, Aurora Chair,
threatening Earth.

None of it works because he
does not understand me.

Stop using him as an excuse...
- Please!

You're the key.

My Achilles.


If he figures that out, the world
and all that's in it is nothing.

He will use you and the baby and
I will not be able to stop him.

So you think he's been
using the Comms?

Look what it's done to you.

You're completely paranoid.

Pilot, are we having a problem
with the Comms?

I was just checking them.

Some slight irregularities, but they
appear to be functioning normally.

So, it's over?

It's over.

There's nothing more
between us?