Farscape (1999–2003): Season 3, Episode 7 - Thanks for Sharing - full transcript

The crew tend to Crais and Talyn. Both are badly injured. The 2 Crichtons try to adjust to life with each other. The crew gets embroiled in a political situation while trying to buy ...

Previously, on Farscape

He is been hit hard. Crais?

Talyn's supposedly the meanest, deadliest, all time yave-of-the-yuvo. fighter-ship.

But somebody, something... beat the yotz out of him,

That's not Moya.

Let's find the parts to fix the transport pod

... and get the frell outta here.

The gray girl? very nice... and tasty

I doubled you. I... twinned you.

Equal, and original.

now on Farscape :

Pilot, can't you keep the environmentals under control?

Transfusing Talyn is a severe drain on Moya.

Flying in this turbulent atmosphere is even *more* draining on Moya.

I know it's not as bad as last time,

it's not the cromagnon-copy or the Alien Nation reject,

but you can *tell* I'm the original, right?


I'm the original.

Try again pal. Have you been messin' with my stuff?

That's *my* stuff.

And *you*... are the clone.

— Aeryn, you can tell the difference.
— Aeryn, you can tell the difference.

No... I can't. I--


You wear that so I can tell the two of you apart.

Wait-- why do I have to wear it?

Because you're closer.

I *want* to help you sort this all out, ...

... but we have bigger problems right now. Talyn is dying.

But, Pilot thinks the Chromextin will fix Talyn up, right?

If D'Argo can find it on the planet.

You should've gone down with him.

Screw you. I'm not gonna leave *Crais* alone on Moya.

He is comatose, and locked in a medical stabilizer.

He does not need guarding from either of you.

I don't trust him.

And what if he's lying?

You-- go and keep an eye on Crais.

And you-- go to Talyn and help Stark.

Why me?


Can you also provide us with the quantities we require?

Yes, I believe we can do business.

How much Chromextin did you want?

Uh... six lennerts.

For which we'll *pay* handsomely.

Still... a transaction of that magnitude will need the approval of the Security Director.

And he dislikes offworlders.

Especially with reputations such as yours.

Reputations? Us?

Watch this. New talent?

Didn't know Jenet was hiring exotics these--

I don't work here.

Well maybe we'll give you a try anyway.

Don't move!
I'll get it for you.

Did you hear me?

I tried-- I tried not to start any trouble.

Well, you're not *in* any trouble.

Well-- you are.

Every *frelling* planet.

Ahem... where are you going?
We still have business.

Who do you think that was?

Oh, yotz.

Not the Security Director.

Good luck... getting any Chromextin on this planet.

Wait-- if you think we're leaving empty handed--

You'll be lucky to leave *at all!*

No propulsion, no overrides, no weapons. All bad.

Talyn's so still... so near death.

Even the DRDs are still.

I didn't know he had DRDs.

He builds them as he grows. Come on.

Primary conduit nexus is completely overloaded.

That's why nothing works.

What about the neural link to Crais?

Uh, the link, yes, that's operating.

Crais's autonomic functions may be the only thing that's keeping Talyn going.

Here, here.

That the conduit?

Yeah, yeah.

What if you've got this backwards?

What if we pull Crais's transponder.
He dies and Talyn lives?

Tried that. Nearly killed Talyn.

We can't break the link.

We've got to fix the conduit, and restore Talyn's caloric flow.

So, wake him up.


Yes, I'm hungry and there's nothing sweet on this ship.

I was talking about your patient.

Well, the lautinal injection I gave him, seems to have had no effect whatsoever.

I thought you knew something about medicine?

I *do*.

I'll have *you* know, I earned "T" ratings in Genetics, Neuroscience, and Xenobiology.

Good. That's what I thought.

What are you doing?

Zhaan took some tissue and DNA samples from me a while back.

I want you to compare 'em... to me and clone,

and figure out... that I'm the real thing, and he's the wannabe.

And I why should I do your *selfish* and unnecessary work?

Because I know where Rygel stashes his wamelon cake....

and it's sweeter than a sweet thing... sweet thing.

Give it to me.

Mmm. Yes.

Whoever you are! Release me!

Aeryn! Maintenance Bay!

Crais, Let her go.

There. I woke him up.

Now I hope he drops dead.


Am I on Moya?

John, what's...?

It's okay.


Aeryn Sun?

Yeah. You missed that bit.

You're alive. How?

Let's... skip the back story right now.
What happened to your ship?

Where is Talyn? I can barely sense him.

He is alive, but unresponsive.

Moya is supplying nutrients.

Where are we? In open space?

Low planetary orbit.

Talyn and Moya have found an atmosphere with a very high novastatis index.

That may conceal us.

Who did you piss off this time?

Talyn and I were not the agressors?

Of course not. You never are. So who is it?

The Plakavoids... the Skeksies... the Big Bad Wolf?


They... want Talyn back.

The Luxan will be disciplined.
I apologize for his behavior.

According to some witnesses,
he has nothing to apologize *for*.

You saying *I* was at fault?

Father, these are known criminals.
The path of destruction they leave is--

Don't believe those myths.
You know how rumors get started.

Then you deny your reputation.

I... deny it's relevance.

We're here for one reason: To buy Chromextin.

Why do you need such a large amount?


Medical purposes, hmm?

Chromextin has no medical function.

None that you know of, brother.

Oh, but it can power weapons.

Should we sell them ammunition we can use to attack us, hmm?

Their warships-- our ammunition.

We have no warships.

Then why hide your vessels in the densest layer of our atmosphere?

To avoid conflict.

I... understand that as this planet's ruler,
you must protect it's people.

Be assured, we pose you no threat.

Allow us this simple transaction,
and you'll never see us again.

I see no reason not to accomodate them.

I see no reason to let them live.

Force is your answer to everything.

Better than weak mindless pacifis--

We will not do business with you.

Tolven... they have one arn to break orbit.


After that... force is authorized.

May I show you out?

We were attempting to resupply ...

... when we were ambushed by four Prowlers using strike and retreat tactics.

You don't believe me, Crichton.

Only because I know you.

Pilot, I'm accessing Talyn's logs.
Please display this signal for us.

Very well, Crais.

Talyn destroyed one Prowler.
But their attack was merely a diversion.

That ship... is a Pantak Class Vigilante.

Yes. Surprising us with an immobilizer pulse.

Severely overloading all of Talyn's systems and dissipating his energy.

We barely broke free, initiating Starburst, but that drained the rest of Talyn's power.

I remember nothing further.

A Vigilante with an immobilizer pulse.

What attacked Talyn...

... was a Retrieval Squad.

They will not relent until they accomplish their goal: Recapture Talyn.

And to force Talyn's surrender, they wouldn't hesitate to take Moya hostage.

I will... return to Talyn so that Moya can flee... immediately.

With Talyn's condition worsening, Moya will not abandon him, and neither will we.

All right, start up the pod. We're leaving.

D'Argo? Chiana?

Where are you?

Refreshment house.
We're trying to find another source.

Perhaps you don't realize,
but we've been given one arn to leave.

With or without you, I'm returning to Moya.

You aren't going anywhere.

What? What have you done with the Pod?

Well... nothing you can fix.

Did I lose consciousness again?


Is Crichton present?

Shall I summon him?

No. There is something I deeply wish to share with you.

Talyn was designed with intelligence gathering facilities.

He, and I, have been able to tap into high level Peacekeeper comm channels, ...

... accessing their central database.

Including your personnel file.

Where I found...

... this.

Aeryn, wake up.

Wake up, Aeryn.

Don't be afraid.

My name is Xhalax Sun.

I'm your mother.

But you mustn't reveal to anyone that I was here.

Do you... understand?

I came to tell you something.

Aeryn, you're life was not an accident.

And it wasn't an assigned birthing to fill the ranks.

Talyn-- that's your father's name.

He and I... chose to have you.

You were concieved in love.

Our love.

I wanted you to know this.

It makes you special.

We wanted you, ...

... and we love you.

Go back to sleep now.

My mother.


I was never sure whether I dreamt that.

And that was on my file?

And hers as well.

I thought it might... interest you to learn of your parents.

And my father... was he...? Did you?

I could find no information... whatever about him.

Was my mother court-martialed?

There are gaps in her service record.

However, it's last entry notes a promotion into an elite battle group.


Let me guess.
The Retrieval Squad.

She is somehow part of it.

The Retrieval Squad is under the command of Senior Officer Xhalax Sun.

Remove your lower garments, and face *away* from me.

What the hell for?

You asked me. If you want a genetic comparison... I need a specimen.

Of what?!

Well... skin.

Unless you prefer I test your internal organs.

You can stay the hell *away* from my organs, lady.

Well, skin then--

preferably something with the least amount of solar radiation.

I use SPF 30.


Thank you.

Recon stations report the probe has not left the planet.

And their other ships?

Still concealed in the bonisphere.

Probes detect an unidentified mass in geosychronous orbit.

Coordinates precise enough to target?

Airborne Defense says, not yet.

They suggest Concussion Missles.

Well, have them fire at will.

Oh! It's not working, it's not helping.
Talyn's dying, not waking up.


Work now... freak... later...

Oh, yeah... yes... that's fair.


How much later?


Missles, launched from from the planet...
exploding in the atmosphere.

Aeryn, I'm going to Command.
You stay with Captain Crunch.

What about *me*?!

Pilot, get the planet on the blower.

I can't!

The Nelvastatic cloud cover blocks communications as well as scans.

They can't establish missile-lock until they

Take us up, out of range.

No, Pilot!

If we ascend out of the bonisphere, ...

... we may be revealing outselves to the Retrieval Squad.

Ah, hell. I can't see a thing in this soup.

Moya is attempting to extend her senses further, but...

Oh, there's another one. Brace for the shockwave.

Noble Talyn, I stand ready to ease your journey into death.

Knock that off, and help me get weapons back on line!

Why don't you listen? The weapons console won't function!

Crais, are you still in contact with Talyn?

Can you get his weapons working?

He hasn't sufficient energy to fire.

Well can he do anything?
Can he point the damn guns?

I believe I can enable targeting.

Right do that.
Pilot, I want you to take us down.

Below the cloud layer?

Do it, Pilot! I think I know what he's tryin' to do.

He's gonna need a comms channel.

And I'm gonna need a comms channel.

Crais, I want you to find the fattest target you can--

Government House, missle site, McDonalds-- whatever.

Two ships are decending from the bonisphere.

It's a gunship.

We're being targeted.

Now, Crais!

Hello, morons. You see this ship?

Knock off the missle attack, or we'll take our shot.

Prepare another salvo.

Oh, you might want to check our resume first.

We leveled a Shadow Depository,
and we're about to turn your city into glow-in-the-dark sand.

Launch missles.




Airborne defenses... stand down.

The missles have ceased.

It's about damn time. Who the hell are you?

Rinick Pralanoth, Soverign of Kanvia.

John Crichton, Wizard of Oz.

You ready to knock off the macho BS and talk these things out?

I'm willing to reopen the discussion.

Good. I'll notify my reps.

I'd prefer that you and I spoke face to face.

Fine. I'll come down.

My offspring.

Rinick Tolven, Security Director.

Rinick Sarova, Services Director.

So tell me, Rinick, Rinick, and Rinick... what's your problem?

We come down here to buy something, ...

... we don't hassel you, we don't try to take it by force.

Hell, we offer to make you rich.

And you guys break out the pyrotechnics.

Violence was an error on our part.

Allowing notorious criminals onto our planet was a worse error.

Criminals? No, no, no...

we're businessmen.


That's a big word to throw around, son.

I can prove it.

Get your hands off of me!

Damn it, let me go! This is not... not necessary!

What the hell is that?

Get this thing off of me!

Man, you people got a funky sense of humor.
get this lobster off my head!

It won't hurt you... unless you lie to us.

It's a very... intuitive creature.

It senses brainwave patterns, ...

... and is *extremely* sensitive to cognitive dissonance.

You lie... and it knows.

And it's been trained to kill... when it detects a lie being told.

Why have you come to Kanvia?

To buy Chromextin... period.

For what purpose?

None of your damn business.

*Nothing*... that affects you.

Are you planning to seize power, hmm?

Or perhaps one of the subcounselors is getting ambitious again.

Have you been hired to sabotage our unification?

We could give a damn about your local politics.

We're here to buy the stuff and then get the hell outta Dodge!

Why is that so difficult to get through your tiny little brain?

Remove the Stranit.

Calorics have dropped to critical levels.

The immobilizer pulse overloaded too many of Talyn's systems.

Repairs alone cannot save him.

What can we do?

Nothing until the Chromextin arrives, but after that... Aeryn...

... you must join us. Your mother's involved now.

She'll take him alive if possible, but I know Talyn.

He'll fight to the death, his or your mothers.

And you expect me to fight on Talyn's side?

I hope your presense will provide another solution.

She loved you. And *if* that part of her still lives... only you can find it.

She's an officer. Part of the Elite.

She is nothing. A thug, a mindless assassin.

As you and I once were.

But *you*... can give her a chance... to be something more than that.

Daybreak. Talyn may be dead by then.

It's the best I could do.

The old man says it's going to take him that long to scrape up six... whatevers.


Lenarts, right.

Says there's not enough at any one single parish, so he's got to send his Deputies out to collect it, ...

... and who the hell knows if that's true.

Well... it may be true.

I spent the whole day trying to buy some.

There wasn't one source out there that had the whole amount that we need.

I say we just go get the guns and steal the stuff.

We would have to complete *ten* robberies to do that.

Yeah, so what's your point?

Is this a proposition?

John Crichton.

This is Rinick Sarova.

Phone... Oh, hey, hey, hey. Umm... how ya doin?

We must speak privately about the Chromextin you require.

I fear you'll never get it.
Are you willing to meet me alone?

How about we talk about it right now?

No. There's a service corridor behind the Refreshment House you're in.

I don't like it either.

Shall we go inside?

It's closed. The door is locked.

I own this refreshment house.

In that case, you can buy me a drink.

How can there be a problem?
Your father promised us the stuff.

My brother objects.

He won't defy my father openly,
but he will try to block this transaction somehow.

And daddy can't keep him leashed?

You think my father's weak.

You tell me.

Pralanoth unified this planet. He ended the wars between nation states and brought peace to this world.

Excepting the occassional missle attack on visiting ships.

That was Tolven's doing.

Yeah. Your brother got a death wish?

No. But he wants to rule.

Mmm. Meaning he wants daddy's job.


However, Pralanoth has declared that after his death, Tolven and I should share power.

Well, your brother doesn't strike me as the, uh... sensitive power-sharing type.

We took an oath that we would co-rule.

But I'm sure that Tolven will disregard it and sieze control.

Can't you stop him?

The conflict would fragment this world once again.

I would *prefer* my father saw reason.

And put you on top.

Tolven suspects this.

He also knows he lost face when my father overruled his missle attack.

He, uh... could have lost a lot more.

You know, you really don't want to see what our gunship... can do.

But Tolven would risk it.

He is sure to interfere with the Chromextin delivery, hoping to provoke you into... attacking us.

And he counterattacks.
Proving to Pop that he was right all along.

Yes... I therefore ask... for patience.

I've been nothing but... patient. And, uh...

I think you need to understand that I'm under a lot of pressure.

I do understand, and I will do all that I can to hasten the process.

Even if it means bypassing normal channels to locate...

my own sources...


Never thought my brother... capable of this.


He is over there.

Don't... pull it out!

Get... Crichton away from here.

No one must find us together.
This meeting never happened. Go, now!

Rygel... we're on our way.

Well, hurry up!

Come to finish the task, my brother?

Sylveko, he's bleeding!

You have a keen grasp of the obvious, help him.

Help him!

How is he?

We don't know yet.

You're doing fine.

Yeah, right. I could be killing him for all you know.

A major artery's been cut. He's lost a lot of blood.

Well, then *replace* it. You're similar species!

Are you klempt?! Even within my species the subtypes have to match.

My blood... is donor incompatable.

Take mine.


Yeah, I know, he's an ugly loudmouthed son-of-a-bitch, ...

but I can't stand around and watch him die.

Be better for both of us if you did.

Yeah, I know. Now shut up.

Well, neither his genetic sample nor yours... shows any sign of degradation.

You're both perfect-- if that's the right word-- *copies* of the original Crichton.

Screw your tests. I'm the original.

Of course you are... the other guy said the same thing.

Why does this bother you? Don't humans have monozygotic double births?

This is different.

Twins don't start out fully formed sharing the same life.

This sucks.

It sucks big time.

How you doin'?

Crappy... on the up side... it's easier to tell us apart now.

D'Argo filled me in on your adventures with the Gotti Family*, but I need some details from you.


'Cause the show must go on.

Why won't you tell me the truth?

I did tell you.

You went to the Refreshment House for an after-hours drink... alone?


A witness saw a wounded Crichton being taken out after the explosion.

They're mistaken.

Then you deny he was with you?

Give me Stranit to prove.

Tolven, don't be ridiculous. Sarova would not lie to me.

Morning, all!

Ho, ho! And what a *beautiful* morning it is.

How ya'll doin?

We have two, count 'em two, Transport Pods, on your loading dock, ready and waiting--

What the hell happened to you?

A bomb exploded at the Refreshment House.

No. Well hell, who would do such a thing?

You tell us. You were there having a secret meeting with Sarova.

No I wasn't.

You were seen. I have a witness.

Who also *swore* that Crichton was badly wounded

Well, maybe his species heals rapidly.

Maybe your witness was blitzed.

Now why-- other than a social call-- would I be having a secret meeting with Sarova.

Well, I have to assume you were conspiring to take power.

Perhaps you two were constructing a bomb when it accidently went off.

I want an apology.

I want the truth.

You can't handle the--

Let's cut the crap.

Let's cut to the chase, stick this critter on my face.

Whoa, ho, ho, ho! Look at the suckers on that boy!

Damn, in some parts of the universe this thing would be considered good eatin'!

My name is John Crichton, Astronaut.

I was *not* at the Refreshment House after-hours,

I was not *present* at any bombing or explosion,

I did not have a *private* meeting with the beautiful Miss Sarova.

The end. Cross my heart, smack me dead, stick a lobster on my head.

Our money... is in the Transport Pods.

Can we have our stuff now?... please.

Give it to them.

Two lenarts are packaged and ready.
The rest is still on it's way here.

Then load it up.

Whoa... okay.

Oh, how are you doing?

Jool did good. I'm all right.

Well, Rygel and Chiana have just delivered a partial load of Chromextin to Talyn, ...

... and that may boost his kelvoy levels enough to bring him out of his paralysis.

Uh-huh. So, what's next?

Well, now... Crais will divert all of Talyn's energies into restoring Starburst.

Meaning he plans to ditch.

He is protecting Talyn.

Yeah, you keep sayin' that.

Well, you know... he-he has saved our lives.

He did kill Scorpius. I-I don't know what it's going to take for you to trust him.

So, you trust him?

Well... whether or not I trust him, this time I do believe him.

So, what do we do?

Spread it all over the exposed conduits.

Rygel... you take the inner hull.

Ha, do I look like a DRD

Yeah, you do, actually...

So make yourself useful...

Oh, no, no, I don't want...

...and make like one.

Another dark and smelly place!

I hate being useful!

Yeah... we know.

Where else?

What... have you done?!

Crais... what's the matter?

Crais, Crais!

Crais, Crais, what is it?!


Hold him down!

Help me!

What's happening? Crais, what is it? What's happening?!


What wrong?

Wha... I don't know.

The chromextin should have acted as a stimulant, instead it sent Talyn into convulsions.

Well, it's definately chromextin...

but apparently it's laced with chlorium.

What's chlorium?

An anaesthetic that numbs Leviathans.

Oh, mixing that with a simulant *probably* wasn't a very good idea.

Anyway, glad I could help, but it's been an *extremely* long day.

Sorry, Jool, we need you to work some overtime.

We need you to strain the chlorium out of that stuff.

With this equipment, it's going to take forever, and even if I was sure of how to do it-- which I'm not...


Yes, Commander?

Can Moya filter out the poison, like she did when Aeryn was sick?

Moya is willing to try.

Are you sure it won't harm Moya-- the chlorium?

her mass is much greater than Talyn's.

She believes its effects upon her will be minimal.

All right, tell Chiana and Jool what to do, I'm heading back to Talyn.

Same here.

You open, I'll pour.


You're spilling it.

You want to pour?

The Retrieval Squad are here. They have to be.

I think you're right.

You realize, John, that if we can revive Talyn, ...

... we have to Starburst away immediately, and we can't go back.

Yeah, I kind of figured that when I saw you packing your bag.

We heading down?

Yes. I'm just going to duck under the bonisphere for a microt...

... so we can contact them with the news.

Oh, that's gonna make him *really* happy.

You been screwin' me from the beginning!

Ah, ah, ah. I don't think so.

Screwin' everybody, screwin' your sister...

You been lyin' to your daddy, boy,
and you know you shouldn't lie to your daddy!

It's gonna stop!
Who's your daddy?!

Come on, you know who your daddy is.
Who's your daddy?

D'Argo tell'm who his daddy is!

I'm your daddy.

That's right!

You're gonna start tellin' the truth!

The prosecution calls, Mr. Rinick, Jr. to the stand!

Did you poison the chromextin?

What are you talking about?

It was poisoned with chlorium.
Did you contaminate it?!


You had *nothing* whatsoever to do-- with poisoning it?

Nothing whatever.

Then who did?

I don't know.

Does this crab-thing always work?

In a few rare cases... a disciplined mind has managed to fool it.

You tell me that *now*?!

But my offspring are not liars.


At the Refreshment House... did you plant the bomb or have it planted?

No, and no.

But you fired the missles at our ship.

Oh, absolutely.

And you didn't want us to get *any* chromextin.

Of course, I never thought you should get any.

But when I've been overruled, I've complied with my fathers orders.

Yeah. Ain't you just the good and loyal son.

I'm sorry... I didn't hear that.

Are you not... a good and loyal son?

Tell him.

I don't have to answer to him.

But you do have to answer to *me*!

I don't need to prove myself.
Get this thing off me!

Do you hear me?!

Do *you*, hear *me*? Answer!


Have you been disloyal?

Yes or no?

You swore an oath to this family.

Have you ... dishonored it?

Do you intend to?


Get out of here.

Stark, power is returning.
Keep splicing those conduits.

Splicing, splicing, fixing, fixing,
splicing, splicing, fixing, fixing...

Talyn is ...

Talyn... can you hear me?

Welcome back.

Can he Starburst?

Not yet.
But the treatment is working. Calorics are rising.

Where are they?

Must be back aboard their ships.
All their transport pods are gone.

Fire concussion missles.


Father... we must avenge Tolven.

There is nothing to avenge.
Tolven's betrayal is what caused his death.

Airborne defense... this is Sarova...

About time!

Anything goin' on?

Oh-kay, here we go again!

Talyn can't take this punishment.
Pilot, we must ascend!

But is Talyn recovered enough to Starburst?

Irrelevant now!

We cannot stay here, and we dare not descend!

Release the umbilicals.

Moya refuses...

She won't leave Talyn behind, naturally...

If Moya will not disengage, I will!

Talyn, listen to me, you *must* ascend.

He's right, Talyn.
Let Moya get to safety.

Do not resist me!

We're out of the bonisphere.

And Moya's sensing a Peacekeeper scan.

Talyn, Starburst immediately!

Now, Talyn.
Yes you can... you must.

Talyn's done it, he's escaped!

Prepare for immediate Starburst.

Have both ships Starburst away?

They must have discovered the chlorium contamination, and filtered it out.

How much chromextin did they get?

Two lenarts. A third of what they asked for.

Then the gunship will remain... debilitated for some time. We need only find it.

I failed. Aren't you going to kill me?

Come on.

He took Winona.

Oh well, at least he left you this, lovely jacket.

I was wearin' that.

Oh, come on-- crack a smile will you?
At least he's out of your nose.


That's what I meant, at least he's out of your nose hair.

My notebook! He-he took my notebook, and my pen.

The son-of-a-bitch set it up, he set it up so that he's on Talyn with Aeryn.

Now... wouldn't you have done exactly the same thing?

No... I would not! Yes...

Maybe...! I don't know!

I just...hope he's havin' a good time.

No, forget that!
I hope he's havin' a *terrible* time.

I don't know... what I hope, he just better be taking care of her.

Oh, I'm sure he's taking care of her.

You know... what I mean.

What do you mean you're not taking us back to Moya?

Rygel, we can't go back yet.

There will be no contact with Moya until the threat of the Retrieval Squad is resolved.

He's right Rygel, so we'll just have to accept it gracefully.

Frell 'gracefully'.

Well, if I must be imprisoned here, feed me and show me to my quarters.

Talyn's passenger facility isn't fully developed yet.

Food will be tightly rationed.

And you two... will have to share accomodation.


There'll be my side, and your side! My side, your side!

Don't start.

Look. Do you... do you really know what you're in for?

Oh, I never do.

Is there something that, ah... you're not telling me?

The Retrieval Squad is commanded by my mother.

Your mother.

Right, she's out here... chasing Talyn.
Yeah, how do you know that?

Crais told me.

Crais. Look, there are zillions of Peacekeepers.

Why would your mother be assigned?

You really think it's a coincidence?


I have to assume that they are aware of my relationship with Talyn,

and that they are hoping that my mother's presense will divide my loyalties.

But I will *not* let them get Talyn back.

Even if it means I have to kill her.