Farscape (1999–2003): Season 3, Episode 20 - Into the Lion's Den: Part 1 - Lambs to the Slaughter - full transcript

The crew must stop Scorpius's research on wormhole technology. The only way to stop him is to board the command carrier and figure a way to destroy it from within.

Scarran warriors outnumber
Peacekeeper soldiers...

ten to one.

But if and when they attack,
we will lose, Braca.

Unless we harness a
superior weapon.


Wormhole technology. Without it,
the Sebacean race will be overrun.

Thousands of cycles
of history gone.

What's Talyn doing?

He's aiming at us.
- Frell.

Shut down, Talyn, shut down!
- Start evasive procedures now!


You know what must happen next.

Let us take away your pain.

Synchronize nerve impulses.

We have almost closed the deal.

Put it on.

Those wearing the bracelets
will feel each other's pain.

I don't see another option.

Scorpius has the knowledge
from my brain

and I'm not gonna let him
shaft the universe with it.

I'm going to the
Command Carrier.

I'm going to stop Scorpius.

You're all gonna die.

And now, on Farscape.

Turn back, John.

Shut up, Private.
We're going in.

If Scorpius discovers you intend
to sabotage his wormhole research,

he'll kill you, John.

And if you perish, so do I.

Thought you wanted to die.

Not anymore.

I want to survive.

Then follow orders.

I'll do my best.

Trust me on that.


D'Argo and Rygel just reported
in from the Command Carrier.

Scorpius is sending Marauders
to escort us in.

Or blast us into particles.
- Why is your hair red?

Because I'm anxious, okay? I
don't know why we're doing this.

I don't know why I came along,

and I don't know why we didn’t
jump ship when you said we would.

'Cause we'd be nowhere near
a populated planet.

You know what, we could have
stayed on Moya.

- Aeryn, turn the Pod around.
- Let's take these two back.

Moya is over four arns away.

And hiding with Talyn by now.

Pilot, are you parked?

Yes, Moya has towed Talyn to the
agreed upon rendezvous point.

Pilot, what was that?

Moya is under great stress.

She ought to see us.

But she assures me
she will endure.

I hope we can say the same.


Let's test the jewelry.

All right.


Just checking.

Treating you all right?

So far.

Food could be better.

John Crichton.

I grant you, John, and your
companions full diplomatic rights,

immunities and courtesies
whilst aboard this vessel.

At last.

The rift between us
is finally bridged.

My name is John Crichton...
I'm lost... an astronaut.

I got shot through a wormhole... In
some distant part of the universe...

I'm trying to stay alive...

Aboard this ship...
This living ship...

Of escaped prisoners.
My friends.

If you can hear me...

If I make it back...
Will they follow?

If I open the door...
Are you ready?

Earth is unprepared... Helpless,
for the nightmares I've seen.

Or should I stay...
Protect my home...

Not show them...
You exist...

But then you will never know
the wonders I've seen.

So tell me John,

what finally brought you here?

Dominar Rygel claimed you prefer
the Peacekeepers to the Scarrans.

Any other reasons?

Moya, Pilot, Aeryn, D'Argo.

they've been through hell,
in large part due to me.

It's time I did something
for them.

Do not screw with them,

Give them what they want.

It's a good deal for you.



There is one thing
more we want.

Talyn is presently inoperative.

He needs to be brought aboard for
a full cognitive system replacement.

That was not part of
the agreement.


You called off the Retrieval Squad.
Fixing up Talyn is chump change.

Bringing a gunship aboard
is too much to ask.

His weapons have been

Techs will remove them. He will
be reprogrammed and set free.

No guns, no Peacekeeper
memories, no emotional problems.

What incentive is there for
us to work on? Crais'...

Braca, you wanna go
another round with me?

We can take this outside.

Talyn's behalf.

Crais can go to hell.

This is for me, not him.


Then show me to my quarters and
get me the project schematics

so I can isolate Talyn's
design flaws.

I'll need a Leviathan specialist.
I request Lieutenant Larell.

For, uh, any particular reason?

Only that she's the
best qualified.


Your shipmates have been invited to
refreshment in the... Officer's Lounge.

Shall we join them?

No, thank you. I came to work.

For or against me?

Full immunity for
escaped prisoners.

It's frelling madness.

We shouldn't be welcoming
these criminals.

We should be executing them.

Make yourselves comfortable.


- Frelljek.

There's a lot of hostility
among the crew.

They feel you betrayed them
by misusing your command.

So do I.

Check the frelljek.


A deserter.

I'm delighted to have
you assisting us.

We've prepared you
a workstation.

Tell me what you require. I'll
have someone obtain it for you.


Seems limited.

I don't assist.

John, the intention...
- Screw you and your intentions, Scorp!

I do not eat at the
kiddie table.

Now, you either give me the big
toys or you send me home.

Not as salubrious as your
previous accommodations.

Still, considering the fact you
should be in our brig,

I suppose you can't complain.

Don't bother searching
for surveillance.

You're not that important.

Lieutenant Braca, I predicted
your rise in this organization.

I stand by that prediction.

You are a consummate

This is too weird being here.

How long were you a prisoner?
- Eight cycles.

And you were born here? Grew up within
these walls? It must have been awful.


That's just chance.

I'll get it back.


No, it wasn't awful.

Room for another?


Oh, but I have currency,

and, uh... other things.

I don't see anything.


Look closer.

Chiana, I think we should
be moving along.

We were just getting to
know each other.

I know exactly what you are.


A Nebari tralk.

And a Luxan who took a Sebacean
wife and then murdered her.

D'Argo, we didn't come
here to fight.


No, I wouldn't dream of it.

Lieutenant Reljik.

We were just getting to
know each other.

Ah, Braca.

Crichton's now arrived so
keep your promises.

You owe me a full intelligence report
on the Hynerian political situation.

Here it is.


And you can undergo your
surgery anytime you choose.

That wasn't the only
thing I requested.

We're working on the
other thing.

Work faster.

For the love of cholack.

I heard you were here,
but I didn't believe it.

Will you have a drink with me?

Thank you.

But I only drink with

And this collimates the organic
residue analyser which, er...

Is trying to figure out why your
wormhole pilots have turned into goo.

You know of the tissue
liquification effect.


It happened to Linfer when she
tried to defect to Moya.

And what did Linfer tell you?

Not a lot.

She died.

Tell you what, why don't you pull
up her phase progression equations.

Let's see how they compare to the
stuff your chip pulled out of my brain.


Open the bag or call me a cab.
I cannot work blind.

How's the pain?

I can increase the
anesthetic mist.

You doing all right, big guy?

Well enough.

Though it is taking slightly
longer than I expected.

My apologies.

These rings weren't designed
to be removed.

The bone will knit shortly,

And the blood is running clear.

You're safe from infection
in here.

Relax there for a few arns.

The griletto mist will
help you heal.

Apparently it's safe
to talk in here.

Crais says that the mist interferes
with their surveillance equipment.

Well, he should know.
It was his boat.

How you holding up?

Well, I wish I was elsewhere.


Have you decided on a plan?

Plan A was to wipe all their
data, send 'em back to square one.

That would work if I could
find the erase button.


Plan B, steer them in the
wrong direction.

Except I don't know which
way that is.

I'm starting to look at plan C.

Which is?

Forget the whole thing and run
like hell before they kill us.

Are you serious about that one?


Just tell the others not
to get comfortable.

Trust me, they won't.

Well, that's it for me.

Now how the frell can Scorpius
allow that Luxan on board?

Can't stand Luxans.

Never could.

Me, neither.

Looking down his
ugly nose at us.

Like to wipe that sneer
off his face.

So would I.

You know what might give
him a good scare?

Have you still got that thing they
built for you for the Battle of Stalaro?

I don't like it.

I don't trust Scorpius.

We gonna die here?

What do you mean?

In this room or in a
Command Carrier?



Get up.

Oh, frell.



Don't move.

Oh, dear.

Reljik, if anyone, and I mean
anyone touches our guests,

there'll be two executions.

The offender's, and yours.


Can anybody think of a reason why we
shouldn't head straight back for Moya?


We were assured safe passage.

But, John, Ka D'Argo, I do apologize.
But this will not happen again.

That's right.

Because I'm taking Jool, Chiana
and Rygel back to Moya.


The fewer of us on board,

the less likely one of your
people is to get hurt.

Yes, and the less incentive for
you to keep your promises.

But those who wish to
return may, but...

Speaking of promises.

Braca, give him the
file on Macton.

Latest activities,
current location.

Thank you.



No longer.

What were you told?

Only to assist you as required.

And are you displeased
with this assignment?

Why would I be?

Working with someone who has...

lost his command.

Scorpius stole your command.

I knew he squeezed you
out of power.

What else do you know?

That even though you left
without a word,

I never changed my
feelings for you.


He knows about our past.

He put me in the Aurora Chair.

Found out everything.

He said if I didn't spy on you,
he'd destroy me.

Why are you telling me this?

For the last two cycles,
I hated you.

It was the only way
I could get through it.

It's as I expected.

Everyone who knew me would
be coerced into spying.

I don't hate you.

I don't hate you, either.

These are design specs, right?

It's our latest approach,

to create an external field that
stabilizes a wormhole before entry.

You're using this entire ship's
hull as a wave repeater.


The ship's mass itself
acts as a multiplier.

If we knew the sub-harmonic formulas, we
could find the right resonance pattern.

No progress?

Uh, not as yet, sir. So far we
haven't been able to...

to postulate any further
equations, no.

Why not?

Because we keep being

I'm sorry, John, but we
must move faster.

The equations we need
are in here.

Don't touch me.

Locked away.
I can't get at 'em.

Well, perhaps you're
holding back.

Grasshopper, you
have tried to...

snatch the pebbles from my head!
- Let me... Let me finish!

You may well be making every
conscious effort but subconsciously...

you may still believe that I will
misuse the wormhole technology.

You say you're only after
Scarrans. I'm cool with that.

As long as it's true.

It is.

Maybe I can prove it to you.

What's that?

Excerpts from my file, documenting my
life before I joined the Peacekeepers.

Uh-huh. What's that
gonna tell me?

Why I despise Scarrans.

Scorpius' datachip made for interesting
viewing, don't you think, John?

The Scarrans. Are they really
the threat he claims,

or is he just out for revenge?

What do you think?


I share his intellect, but not
his passions nor his fears.

Hence my assessment would be
more objective than his.

And I concur with him.

The Scarrans pose a threat
to all other species.

Cheer up, John.

Scorpius has shown his
biography to very few.

He must be trusting you now.

Yeah, that's interesting,

considering I've been lying
to his face.

Well, I've managed to, ah,
normalize your energy signature.

Scorpius can't detect
your lying.

We may yet survive this, John.


Oh, it's magnificent.

Braca, stand down.
He's harmless.

His weapons have
been deactivated.

Am I to take your word for it?

Take my word, Lieutenant.

That ship's biologics are on
minimal auto-support.

All its other systems are dead.

Care to board Talyn and
see for yourself?

And he believed your confession?


He trusts me completely.

Group leader Desmon, trials
will commence in ten microts.

This is nice.

It's planetary terrain

Combat training. There's about
forty on the ship.

Look, Scorpy thinks that Scarrans
are public enemy number one.

They want to wipe out all the
lesser species. Is that true?

It's what we were taught.

Great. And what if the Peacekeepers
never develop wormhole tech?

What if that's the only way to
keep the Scarrans at bay?

Well, they'll have to find another way to
repel the Scarrans, but that's not your problem.

You should be focusing on
what you came here to do.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.

It's just...

it's just going so damn slow.

The stuff in my head.

You know what?
I could be here for a while.

Maybe it's best if
you don't stay.

And calls for Dominar Bishan's
abdication have spread

to four of the primary

By the Hynerian gods.
Orrhn wasn't lying.

Bishan's in disfavor.

If I returned, I could
muster up an army,

incite an uprising and
restore myself to power.

I can see it now.

The searing rapture of
my supporters.

"Rygel. Rygel."

- Pilot, what's wrong?

With what?

All systems report
normal function.

No, no, no.

You were screaming.

I... I had a vision.
You were screaming.

But there's nothing wrong.

Ships approaching.

Peacekeeper ships.

A Marauder and two Prowlers
approaching fast.

Another Retrieval Squad?

Frelling Scorpius.

Starburst now, Pilot.

Yes, prepare for
immediate Starburst.

This ship is amazing.

I understand why you
took control of him.

The neural interface.

What was it like?

A thousand different
sensations all at once.

Yet you're willing
to give him up?

No choice. Ultimately, Talyn
would not be commanded.

Ultimately, neither would you.

My inability to take orders is
why I am no longer a captain.

Do you regret leaving
the Peacekeepers?


What I regret most of is that I
didn't try to take you with me.

I wouldn't have gone.

Not then.

What do you want?

I want to talk to you.

Do you have something to say?

Where should I start?

What happened?

Am I a traitor?

Well, that depends on
your definition.

Define it how you like,
you're the one who left.

Well, no, I didn't have
a choice in that.

Crais decided I was irreversibly
contaminated and he threw me out.

And then he turned renegade
and he got thrown out.

You could have come back.

It was too late then.

You think you didn't
have a choice?

I didn't want to come back.

Then you are a traitor.

A deserter, perhaps.

Can you tell me why?

If you really want to know.

Alert. All cannon crew
and Prowler pilots report to stations.

A captured Leviathan is being
escorted to docking area.

Linfer suggested this formula.

I disagreed.

You two argue a lot?

She was a great mind
and a tragic loss.

Yeah, I didn't really get a
chance to know her.

But I liked her.

And you obviously liked her.

That's good.

This is wrong.

What, do you see a flaw
in her extrapolation?

Just a hunch.

Excuse me.

That's not right, but there
is another way to go.


They've captured Moya.


What is this?!

Scorpius gave orders that this...
- I gave orders.

Lieutenant Reljik, isn't it?

I'm honored you remember, ma'am.

Thrice decorated by High
Command, if I recall correctly.

You do, ma'am.

Would you be so good as to watch
over these prisoners for me?




A security lockdown
is in effect.

Priority Velca Nine.
No one is permitted...

What have you done?

This Gammak project is
under my authority.

Your authority is not
absolute, Scorpius.

Let me introduce Kor Tosko,
special Luxan ambassador.

The Luxans have signed a defense
agreement with the Peacekeepers.

I have been sent to promote
other such alliances.

But half the planets I visit
fear Peacekeepers.

The other half laugh at us

for our simple inability to capture
a handful of escaped prisoners

whose exploits are
becoming legendary.

Why should we care what
insignificant systems think?!

We're uniting as much of the
Uncharted Territories as possible,

to improve our bargaining
position with the Scarrans.

The Council intends
to negotiate?

A truce is being explored.

A truce won't prevent
an invasion.

As a show of weakness,
it may even hasten one.

Hence the alliances,
to show strength.

Showing strength is useless!

My project will
give us strength!

Crichton, stop!

Where is Scorpius?

He didn't capture Moya.

Like hell he didn't.
Moya turned herself in?

It wasn't Scorpius.

Let him explain.
Let me take you to him.

What a good idea.

Even if these chimerical wormholes
of yours had some military value,

now is not the time to
provoke the Scarrans.

The very existence of this
project imperils a truce.

The very idea of a truce
imperils every Sebacean.

I know Scarrans.

I understand them more
than you ever will.



In you go!

Hey, Hopper!

Let 'em go or I will kill you,
bracelet or no bracelet.

Calm down, John, calm down.

Moya and your friends
are unharmed.

Well, we'd like to see them.

You can't.

I've taken them into custody.

Have we met?

Commandant Mele-on Grayza.

And you must be the infamous
John Crichton.


Two points, Commandant.

One, your boy here has made a lot of
promises which you should keep because

two, when my friends
are threatened,

I am infamous for making
really stupid moves, yes?


Point two is clearly correct,

but I cannot accept point one.

You've completely lost control.

Not yet.

This is Scorpius.

Moya and her crew are to
be released at once.

Braca, have a security team
report to my quarters.

They will accommodate Commodore
Grayza and her retinue to their vessel.

A Prowler detail will escort
them out of this sector.


All right, Scorpius, we'll
do this the hard way.

I'll return with a full
council sanction.

You shouldn't have made
me into an enemy.

And you shouldn't have pointed
a weapon at me.

Damn, I got to stop pointing
guns at people.


I need a Comms channel.

You heard Scorpius.
Release the prisoners.

Ma'am, are you sure?

Do as you are ordered,

Don't touch me.

Crichton, we were attacked.

Immobilizer Pulse.

I know, Pilot.
It-it's all right.

Moya won't accept a
Control Collar.

Rather be dead.

There's not going to be
a Control Collar.

Tell him.
- Crichton is correct.

Your capture was an error.

This situation will
not occur again.

He means it, Pilot. And tell
Moya I'm gonna to hold him to it.

Thank you, Commander.

John, now you know what
stupidity I have to deal with,

you must not fail.

Reljik here. I'm alone.

Comms encryption is engaged.

Lieutenant, I intend to remove
Scorpius from Command.

I'm sure most of us here would
fully approve of that action.

But going through channels
takes time.

And given the crew's low opinion of
Scorpius, I'm concerned for his safety.

He is well protected,

but because of the I-Yensch bracelet,
he is vulnerable, through John Crichton.

Then I am equally concerned
for Crichton's safety.

I will do my best to address
your concerns, ma'am.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

Ah, a simple game.

Not very diverting, unless it's
played for currency.

Oh, I don't want to be diverted. I just want
Crichton to finish his work so we can go.

Oh, we'll go whether he's
finished or not.

But we may as well take some
Peacekeeper winnings with us.


Then you've rejected our ideals?

No, not all of them. I've actually
kept loyalty, sacrifice, honor.

Not all Peacekeepers believe
in those ideals, you know.

I still do.

Yes, I'm sure you do.

Aren't you ever worried that you
might be fighting for the wrong cause?

No. Never.

What about the wrong leaders?

He was here under the
Peacekeeper-Luxan Pact.

I cannot believe that the
Luxans made a pact with the Peacekeepers.

They've merely pledged to
fight any Scarran attack.

They remain autonomous.

Yes, but... for how long?

The knowledge the Ancients put in
my head is starting to do its job.

I can see which path will work
and which one's a dead end.

So you will be able to steer
Scorpius onto the wrong path?

Yeah, I can screw up his
research for years to come.

Why aren't you happy about that?

'Cause I'm not a hundred percent
sure it's the right thing to do.

The other John gave up his life to stop
the Scarrans from getting this information.

I know, but it's my shift now.

He didn't know what we know.

He didn't get
Scorpy's backstory.

He didn't see Scorpy put his
ass on the line for us.

So what, now you're actually
considering helping Scorpius?


It's just not clear what
my next move is.

Well, then you get clear. I said
I'd back you up and I will,

but you have to make a decision.

Bialar, I know you may
not believe me, but...

you could come back.

To the Peacekeepers?

Scorpius despises me as
much as I despise him.

This wormhole project,
it means everything to him.

As does loyalty.

Give him what he wants
from Crichton.

Show Scorpius you're
not his enemy.


I think we're being followed.

Through here.

Don't touch anything.

What is this place?
- It's a generator.

It's unlikely we'll be
followed through here.

Yeah, it's a good place
for an ambush.

Got them, sir.

Junction three, lerg eight.

Well, our odds aren't going
to get any better.

Aw hell, Karate man.


Crichton is being assaulted.
Find him.

Crichton, get clear!


No pulse weapons. Not in here.

Oh, yes.

John Crichton.

He's here!


I'm all right.


We're checking every
level, sir.


Oh God!

Ah! Woah!

This is just not fair.

Crichton, where are you?

Up top! About to blow up!


Just in case there's any more
assassination attempts.

Hey, how'd it feel at your end?

Our time is running out.

Commandant Grayza will
return very soon.

Work it out, Scorp.

Get your ship under control here.
They were after me to get at you.

Realize that the situation
has now changed.

Our fates are now well
and truly linked.

We have been over this. I am still trying to
assimilate all the data your people collected.

Grayza's arrival drastically
changes our timetable.

It is Einstein's timetable.

God, it's God's timetable,

Fix your end.
I'm doing my bit.

Are you?

Why are you bitching at me like
we're married, Scorpy-Sue?

Just tell me what's
on your mind.

I suspect you're stalling.

Either through ignorance
or by design.

I hoped you'd see reason.

What do you think I see, huh?

I'm here, on a big stinking
Command Carrier,

Dick Tracy's freaking neuro-bracelet
linking me to Bram Stoker's nightmare.

What more do you want from me?


You stole that from my memory.

You will kill both of us.

I reckon so.

It took quite some effort to
triangulate the stars from your planet.

More to gain a visual

Get the hell off of me,
you freak!

Even without wormholes,
Earth is reachable.

At top speed, just
over 60 cycles.

You give me what I want
or I swear,

I will keep you alive so that you can
witness your home world's destruction!