Farscape (1999–2003): Season 3, Episode 16 - Revenging Angel - full transcript

D'Argo injures Crichton, as Crichton lies in a coma/near death, he escapes into a highly animated world. It's Farscape, Chuck Jones/Loony Tunes style. Meanwhile D'Argo's actions create a crisis on Moya, which could destroy the Leviathan


Believe it or not, I'm actually getting
better at controlling this thing.

How'd you say you
figured this out?

Well, much trial and
error, actually.

Yeah, it's impressive.

Well, I haven't had
much else to do.

Takes time to learn to fly. I know
you've been practicing on the ground...

No... what... hang on!

How many times?

One. Once. Uno.

You had to touch something!

D'Argo, I didn't touch anything.
- How many times did I ask you?!

I said, "Do not go inside the ship!"
- I needed the presnot calibrator.

I was using it!
- Quit acting like Yosemite Sam!

I asked you just to stop!
- It came out of my module.

Whoa, hey!
Yo, yo, yo, easy, man!

Remember what the doctors
say about hyper-rage...

John, I have nothing.

I have no wife, no son,
no home, nothing!

I have been forced to manufacture...
- D'Argo...

distractions in order to live!
- D'Argo, your ship...

That ship is all I have!
- Look... No!

It's your ship...
- You sabotaged my frelling ship!

My name is John Crichton...
I'm lost... an astronaut.

I got shot through a wormhole... In
some distant part of the universe...

I'm trying to stay alive...

Aboard this ship...
This living ship...

Of escaped prisoners.
My friends.

If you can hear me...

If I make it back...
Will they follow?

If I open the door...
Are you ready?

Earth is unprepared... Helpless,
for the nightmares I've seen.

Or should I stay...
Protect my home...

Not show them...
You exist...

But then you will never know
the wonders I've seen.

Pilot? Pilot?

I'm sorry, Jool. As you can
understand, I am...

Yeah, yeah, he's not good.

There's some blood in his skull and
some swelling and he's barely breathing.

Did the power cell in Zhaan's
diagnostic scanner activate?

Anything on its own power
source still works.

Pilot, John's fever's way up.

I can't control the temperature
there, nor much else.

Then energy pulse seared all
Moya's active power conduits.

We're fortunate Comms weren't
in use at the time.

Is that krastic ship still
frelling with us?

Yes. D'Argo feels Crichton's

must have triggered a security
self-destruct sequence.

Can he stop it?

When we last spoke, D'Argo
was rather agitated.

Which part of "I don't know"
has you baffled?

Can't flush the ship out.

The hangar doors won't open.

Can't escape in a
Transport Pod.

The hangar doors won't open!
- Fix the hangar doors.

Pilot has no control.

You really frelled us this
time, didn't you?

Me? It wasn't me!
It was Crichton!

Oh, so you tried to kill him?
- I didn't try and kill him, he slipped.

You're pathetic, you really are. And
we're all gonna die because of it.

Ka D'Argo!

Your Qualta Blade.

That was mature.

So when's his ship gonna blow?
- Unknown.

Moya and I have no active
sensors in the Transport Hanger.

Yeah, yeah, we get the idea.
What... what do we do?

Reactivate the DRDs.

They're the only ones who can rewire Moya.
- Rewire?

Your ship crippled every inton of conduit
and power application running at the time.

Then I'll cripple it.

Hey, Princess?

We're going to die, aren't we?

Eventually. You got the mivonks
to push the date back?

Help D'Argo in the
Transport Hangar.

When he's sick of you, find me.

You know what's happening?


I'm dying.

Let's see what's left
in the fuel tank.

Go away and let me do
what I gotta do.

Oh what, find a reason to live?

I got plenty of reasons.

Then give me...

the Letterman list.

Earth, Dad, pizza, sex,

cold beer, fast cars, sex,

Aeryn. Love.

Well, we're both dead.

Screw you.

None of that crap will get
the job done, John.

You die, you drag me with you.

You want some advice?

- Revenge.

- Yes.

Love is transient. Vaporous.

And guess who Aeryn loves
right now?

He wins,

you lose.

Thank you for coming, go away.

Revenge is the strongest
emotion, John.

Go away.
- D'Argo put you here.

Live to even the score.
- Goodbye, Scorpy. Bye-bye.

Your mind is no longer strong enough
to control my comings and goings.

Is that a challenge?

How did you...

Ohhh, dear!

Looney Tunes.

Wasted energy, John.

Now focus.

Revenge is deep within
your psyche.

A core vestige from your
earliest evolution.

Unleash it now.


This after school special dissipates
our chances of survival, John.

You really want revenge?

Oh, yes.



But only for you.

Are you sure that noise means
we're going to explode?

What if it's just a...

Soft core overload.

It's like it wants us to shut
it down, but I don't know how.

But you did it before.

Whatever Crichton did, he disabled the
sequence of commands I was building up.

I mean, what if it wasn't Crichton?
What if something's just happened?

I've been off the ground on
this thing four times.

No problems.

He did it.

So dude, how you doin'?

You're dying.

Yeah, yeah, D'Argo tried
to kill me.

Perhaps an overstatement.

Well, same net result.

Is he an enemy you
wish to harm?

Oh man, I don't even know
why we're fighting.

Then rise above his behavior.

Moya and I find it advantageous to
avoid confrontation by egressing.

Run away?

Aggression feeds on opportunity.

Remove yourself as a target and
the pursuer will eventually tire.

You're very wise.

I don't get out much,
so I read.

Well thanks for the advice.

You could try it now
if you like.


Oh, give me a break.

Come on, D'Argo. We're friends.

No more, human.

You can run as much as you
like, but I'm gonna catch ya.




Come on, man, chill, before
somebody gets hurt.

Any guesses who, runt?

Better look out.


Like I am gonna fall for that.

God, I love science fiction.

Beep, beep.



This is Farscape One,
I am free and flying.



Yo, Harvey! Front and
center, dude.



Pilot was right,
you were wrong.

Pilot was right, you
were wrong.

If I keep running,
nothing can hu...

Nothing can hurt you?

Is that what you're
trying to say?

You can only run for
so long, John.

Even in the childlike safety
of your cartoon.

My way will sustain you.

Mother's milk.





Take revenge, John!

Chiana's efforts with the DRDs
have restored minimal functioning.

We now have a presence in
the Maintenance Bay

and our analysis of that ship's
energy signature indicates

it will explode in just
under an arn.

Under an arn?

An estimate only.

Can you do something?

We will not be able to
expel that ship.

So we're all going to die?

Moya and myself certainly.

However, I may have a
way to save you.

Take food, liquids and a
long-range frequency modulator

to Tier Sixteen's Treblin side
pressure hatchway.

You should be able to survive
a few solar days

prior to hypothermia,
if I jettison it.

Oh, Pilot...


We can’t just leave you.


Gotcha, Princess. Treblin side
hatch, Tier Sixteen.

I'm gonna try something then
I'll meet you in the cold storage.

We're not leaving
without Crichton.

But Pilot said...

An arn! Load the supplies,
do what I tell you.


Nothing works. I've failed.

Move, D'Argo.
Let Mommy shoot it.

No, no, no, no, no.
It won't let you.

Well let's get out of here.

I don't like to lose.

Well then why'd you
let go of me?

What'd you say?

Just something Luxan. My grandfather
used to say it all the time.

Hey! What are you doing?

I'm not quite sure but I think that
is a Luxan symbol for "spoken word."

You can read that?

A little bit.

I'm not really up on
my ancient Luxan.


What's it saying?


I don't know!

Well, is it Luxan?
- Yes.

Well then how can you not know?

I'm not ancient Luxan.

I do not speak ancient Luxan and
I do not read ancient Luxan,

because I am not ancient Luxan.

And not likely to
become one, either.

Moya's dead-language library is incomplete.
- What about ancient war declarations?

My access to it at this time even more
so. -Historical fragments? Even the...

transcription of speeches?
You can even try some...

At best, I am finding only
words. - anti-Luxan propaganda.

Fragments of words.

Pilot, that ship is trying
to kill us.

I need to know why
it speaks Luxan.

The DRDs can prepare a

Translator Microbe injection with...
- Good. Good. Do it.

any data that I un... Ah!

How can he not learn his
ancient tongue?

What kind of civilization
doesn't pass on its culture?

They're warriors. Most of them didn't
learn to read or write until 300 cycles ago.

It's ridiculous. It's savage.

I'll wager there are no artists
or chefs there either.

What is your problem?

I did it.

You usually do. What?

I was in his ship.


I didn't mean to. I...

You need to die horribly.

Oh, like you never screw up.

You'd compare this
to anything I do?

Don't you think I feel bad?

because I think I can trust you...
- do not go near his ship.

and what do you do?
- So what do you do?

Let's just be a nasty little Nebari tramp!
- Only problem is, someone would have gotten your body parts

Just shut up!
- Just shut up!

All right.
- Okay.

All right, you go.

I didn't actually touch anything in the ship.
- I think actually the best thing to do is just to calm down...

Maybe it was something that Crichton did,
- and figure this out.

there's no reason D'Argo should be mad at me, is there?
- So I think the best thing to do is...

I just don't know how can I make my point...
- get ready in case Pilot's gotta blow Moya apart to save us.

when you will not...
- Oh, skelnick, would you...

...stop talking!


My personal, growing hatred for you will be set aside...
- and if you'll just back me, I'll never ask for

- Would you just let me speak!

What are you doing?! Huh?!


Having a conversation.
- Yeah.

Having a conversation?

Obviously very interesting.

Listen, this is my only chance
with these Translator Microbes.

If it doesn't work, be here,
ready, okay?


Now, you listen to me.

D'Argo has a lot on his
mind at the moment.

If we survive, you tell him
anything you like.

I just need to...
- No! Do not...

do not tell him.

Isn’t she great?

Yeah, I'm thrilled with
our relationship.

Well, D'Argo and I aren't gettin'
along too good these days, either.


He put you in a coma.

I gotta figure out what
to do about that.

How hard's that?

You're gonna die.

Well, Scorpy thinks I should
get revenge.

Pilot wanted me to run,
but that didn't work.

You got any ideas?

You once said to me that our
species might be related.

If that's true, you have to have a
measure of intelligence about you,

which means you can reason.

Be honest. Talk to him.
Work out the problem.

Conflict's for barbarians.


I think it may have been me.

I was in here earlier.

I didn't touch anything,
I was just here.

I found this in the control.

Your hair!

Are you gonna to kill me?

I've already hurt
Crichton today.

That's enough.

I didn't mean to
cause any of...

Well what did you mean?

I mean, what were you
doing in here?!

I know that I can be difficult.

That no one wants to
spend time with me.

You're someone who...

I like.

And I know that since the
problems with your son and Chiana,

that you've preferred
to be alone.

In here.

I just thought,

if this is so important to you,

then maybe...

maybe if I learn a
little about it,

we might have something
to talk about.


Thanks for making the effort.

D'Argo, we're friends, right?

And friends don't let friends
drive drunk. It's just kind of...


You look great.

Ha. Is this the best
you could do?

I, uh... I miss you.


Where are my clothes?

On Talyn. You and
that other guy.

The other me. You're not, uh...

Mm, don't do it to
yourself, John.


Oh, no, no, no.

Before you go, you fix this.


I get it. "I'm not bad.
I'm just drawn that way."

Oh, please!

At least use some imagination.

Happy birthday,
Mr. Astronaut...

"Romeo, Romeo, wherefore
art thou Romeo?"

Honey, that's the
wrong Shakespeare.

There's no place like home.

Hey, Johnny. Like a virgin?

I'll like... rescue you.

Can you do that Sharon Stone
thing? Basic Instinct?

Johnny, just say...


There's a good boy.

Thank you.

Now, what are you gonna
do about D'Argo?

I don't know. I'm supposed
to talk to him.

Not really sure what to say.
Any advice?



D'Argo, could you just leave
young Johnny alone, please?



Run, Forrest! Run!


Come on, D, let... let's
talk this out.

Ha, ha! Never!

Ladies, coming through.


Captain, we hit something with
the front of the ship.


We're friends, big man.

How about a little rock, paper,
scissors to work through your...


I don't think so, John.

You'd really shoot me?

We could get counseling.
I know a guy.

Dr. Chuck Jones, wrote the...

Dr. Chuck Jones wrote the book
on these situations.

Jool, babe, you were right...

You think so?

You think you could
reason with me?

- Clear!


You feel the life ebbing
from both of us, John?

The creep of cadaverous cold?
Achilles, I believe.

Your strength as weakness.

Your stubbornness has served
you well in the past,

but now it is killing you, John.

These cartoons are a crutch,

attempting to shield yourself
instead of doing what is called for.


D'Argo, the DRD should be
there any microt.

All I could do was piece
together fragments of language,

an incomplete vocabulary,
at best.

That's all anyone
could ask, Pilot.

Let's give it a shot.

The DRD will inject you.


What's it say?


D'Argo, you have to tell me.

Active self-destruct code
can be voided...

with one of three...

ah, predetermined artifacts,
singular to Luxan heritage.

Ancient freedom text.
It's very rare.

An Orican's prayer amulet.
This is hopeless.

...Qualta Blade.


What? What does it want?


...Qualta Blade.

With so little time left, I
suggest you all start to prepare...

Begin searching immediately.

Now, I threw it over in
this direction here.

Why would you do that?

Short version? 'Cause of you.

Now, I heard it falling so it could
be on one of those tiers down there or,

ah, it could've fallen all the
way down to the neural cluster.

So we split up and search.

A caution.

The DRDs use this empty cavern to
deposit construction and repair refuse.

It's a reasonable risk.
- Some of the...

Start searching.

Hey, Pip. You got a sec?


You up on everything
that's going on?

Yeah. You're dying.
- Yeah.

Scorpius wants you
to get revenge.

Pilot says run like a... a scalded kepnitz.
- Yeah.

And Jool would talk D'Argo's ear
off till he committed suicide.

So, uh, what do you think?

Well, revenge is sweet.

It's always worth the effort.


Why do I get the cellar and
you guys get the catwalk?

This place smells horrible.

Guaranteed by your arrival.



What do you want, D'Argo? What, I
should bottle it up and become a Luxan?

Showing a little bit of self
restraint wouldn't hurt.

Any luck?

Just crap. And dren.

Hey Princess, watch out.

Watch out for what?

Chunks of metal. Don't get hit.

There's no metal down here,
there's just muck.

Do you have muck?

Oh, yeah. Up to my
crutch in it.

Aah! Chiana, Jool, watch out!

For what?!

You little slut.

No, no. It wasn't Chiana,
it was me.

Then how did she know?

I don't know.

Just made sense.

No revenge, no talking,
no running.

Come on, baby. You're the
sultana of survival.

What's left?

Be smarter.

They always make it more
complicated than what they need to.

Use it against 'em.

Screw 'em at their own game.

That's good.


Yes, Joolushko.

Are there... other things
living in Moya with us?

A panoply of harmless parasites,
many serving symbiotic functions.

Perhaps you're hearing the
Hodian trill-bat swarm.

Do these Hodian bat things...

leave droppings?


Their effluvium spreads along Moya's inner
hull and helps seal microscopic cracks.

Bat dren.

You're walking through it.

Missed me. Ha.

Yo, D'Argo.

Look down.


Don't you get it, D'Argo?

Chiana was right.
I can always outsmart you.

You got to admit it. My wormhole
looks a lot better than yours.

You... did not...
paint... a wormhole!

You forgot to make yours swirl.


Well, this little spaceman's
going home.

Lock up the women and
hide the fried chicken!

I think I broke my leg.

Did you think you could
make up all the rules?

Keep hiding behind a
cartoon forever?


Dearly beloved, we are gathered
here today to pay our final respects

and to say farewell to our dear
friend Commander John Crichton,

a schmuck.

Mule headed, reckless and probably
brain dead before I met him.

Alas, his death...

is mine also.

Even I don't know if
it's too late.

We could already be gone.

I love Aeryn.

That should be enough.

Oh, soft emotion won't
get the job done.


Crichton to D'Argo.
Man to beast.

Destroy the bastard, John.

If only in your own mind.

Marty Goldstein stole my
bike when I was seven.

I went over to his house and
I gave him a bloody nose.

Powerful emotion, revenge.

I coulda just taken
the bike back.

Yes. But can you just take
your life back, John?

I don't wanna be
like other people.

I don't wanna be like you.

I don't wanna stoop that low.

Kirk wouldn't stoop that low.

Oh, that was a television
show, John.

And he made Priceline

But if you insist.

Then look to Kirk the
way he really was.

Savage when he had to be.

He's a fiction, Harv.

I know the difference.

I'm real. I have to live
with what I do.

You can no more deny your
biologic heritage

than to change your
grandparents' birthplace.

These primitive animal urges
you think you must resist,

they're not relics from
an uncivilized time.

They are in you for a reason.

Because you need them.

No cartoons, John.
You can take him.

Eh, what's up, D'Argo?

I'll tell you what's up.

I'm going to kill you!

I don't think so.



Still nothing.


I will again suggest you head
immediately for the escape hatchway.

At least save yourselves.

Good idea. About time!


I have the Qualta Blade!

I have the Qualta Blade!

I have the Qualta Blade!

This is kinda like the sound
you hear before you die.

Or after.

Okay, you frellnik, it's
your turn to die.

On with the show, this is it!

No cartoons, no crushes.

I'd like to thank the Academy
for this beautiful Oscar.

Oh, shut up, John.
It's not presentation night.

You ought to be thanking me.

For what?

For saving your life.

Sorry, Harv. No joy.

I gave it a shot. You could
have been right.

You were wrong.

I don't understand.

'Course you don't understand.

You live in the country but you
do not speak the language.

Just don't... don't touch anything
in here. You... You're clueless.

No, John. Revenge.

For you, it's a way of life.

For me, it's not the answer.

Then we're dead.

Don't ever distract me from
what I really feel.

Harv, I... love... Aeryn.

I appreciate your help, though.

That's all, folks.

Identify yourself.


I'm Ka D'Argo

Son of Laytun, grandson
of Reska,

and I am the great-grandson
of Ka D'Argo Treytal.

Power systems at your
command, Ka D'Argo.

Telemetry functions
at your command.

Deception Shroud
at your command.

Sonic Accelerator
at your command.

Particalization Field
at your command.

Weapons Cascade
at your command.

Communications Array
at your command.

Eyes clear.

You did it!

I did it.

I did it.

Hey, guys.

The lights are all out.

Maybe we should call someone.

This stuff will not come off.

Lucky for you it doesn't smell.

It smells terrible.


I mean, lucky for me we
don't share quarters.

You know, I think you should
just show a little more respect.

Without my sacrifice
you would...

We would have all perished.

Moya and I thank you, Jool.

You're welcome, Pilot.

Oh, if I were you, I'd clean
out that lower level

if you ever expect me to
go down there again.

Yes, of course.

Well, you won't have to go
down there again

if you stopped frelling around
with other people's stuff.

Excuse me.

D'Argo and I have already
sorted all that.

I'm gonna take the first ride on
his ship when he figures it all out.



Crichton, I know you're
out there.

If you won't talk to me, can
you at least just listen?

Somehow saying I'm sorry
seems so inadequate.

Ah, we'll get through it.

I've so much rage inside.

So many things.

Sometimes, I...

I just need to control
it better.

Well, now would be a good
time to learn.

You got a baby ship to feed.

It's a curse, John.

A warrior heritage,
my instincts.

You just gotta know when
to control 'em, bro.

We have a code.

Aggression against an ally
entitles retribution.

D'Argo, look at me.

There's nothing that would ever
make me take revenge on you.

Thank you.

When you were dead,

did you know you were dead?

I mean... No.

What went through your mind?

What did you see?

Buddy, that would be impossible
for me to explain to you.