Farscape (1999–2003): Season 3, Episode 15 - Infinite Possibilities: Part 2 - Icarus Abides - full transcript

Jack now trusts Crichton, and has unlocked the wormhole knowledge in Crichton's head. Now they race to build a weapon to fend of approaching Scarrans. But an opposing force is even closer waiting for an opportunity to strike, there will be causalities and the survivors will be severely affected.

Previously on Farscape.

The ability to create a stable wormhole.

Travel through space and time, would be...



You made me think... you were my father!

Show me... what you really look like.

On our travel to the new world, we saw this...

your module... being flown through an unstable wormhole.

Piloted by this creature.

Who the hell is that?"

Are you saying this is a duplication?

Scorpius didn't copy your module.

So, who did it?

What do you think?


Got a nice detailed scan last time you were here.

- Put 'em on. Flares coming.
- How do you know?

I can sense them.

Talyn is blinded and so am I!

Here they come!

If it isn't my favorite flyboy?

Just couldn't stay away from me, huh?

You fear me!

No, you just smell.

He did tell me that there's a Scarran Dreadnought heading for this planet.

It'll arrive within 6 arns.

How much data did they get?

Enough to make their own phase stabilizer.

But I guarantee... the Dreadnought'll still get here.

Charrid cowards couldn't hit a pregnant Lobboth!

I knew about the stuff you guys put in my head.


A guy named Scorpius, he discovered the info was there...

and he put a neural chip in my head to extract the information.

I will fight you, and I will win.

Officer Sun...

what luscious lips.

Amongst... other things.

Crichton was... a very lucky man.

- Where is he?
- Gone.

Gambled and lost.

And now... on Farscape.

How unfortunate you must lose as well.

And Zhaan... gave herself for you.

What a waste, wouldn't you say?


that's hardly sporting is it?

I should have a weapon as well.

Then we can settle this...

one on one.


It's not... easy,

is it?

Putting a pulse blast in John Crichton.

- You're not John.
- Not up here, no.

But the rest of his body's intact.

Be a shame to spoil it with that.

I'm much more reasonable than John is.

He didn't want to share his mind with me.

But I'm more than willing to share...

his body with you.

- Stand clear!
- No, don't!

- It isn't John!
- It is John!

- Thank you... daddy.

Look at him.

The clone's dying...

he wants you to shoot him... so John dies too.


Officer Sun...

next time...

be more decisive...



A soldier...

must not be weak....

Weakness means defeat

Hey... baby.

He's gone...

he's finally gone.

It's just me.

Can anyone hear me?!

Aeryn? Crichton...? Rygel?

Forget the comms! Run a check on all airlocks and docking bays!

- What for?
- Damage, malfunction... anything!



I know this ship, and, and, something's... out of balance.

You're imagining things...

- although this is strange.
- what?

Docking bay two recently performed an atmosphere replenish as if it'd been opened.

But we landed the pod in docking bay one.

Talyn! Seal all hatches!

My name is John Crichton... I'm lost... an astronaut...

shot through a wormhole.... In some distant part of the universe....

I'm trying to stay alive...

Aboard this ship... this living ship... of escaped prisoners...

my friends.

If you can hear me... beware...

if I make it back... will they follow?

If I open the door... are you ready?

Earth is unprepared, helpless...

for the nightmares I've seen.

Or should I stay, protect my home,

not show them you exist.

But then you'll never know...

the wonders I've seen.

I've had Scorpy in my head for so long...

that... I've gotten used to it, and, and... not having him...?

It's like being in pain,

your whole life,

and suddenly it's gone.

Jack? I managed to find some... e-transmitter coils.

They'll need a... bit of work.

This is it? You can't find anything better?

I had to search half the complex just to find that.

Then search the other half, Furlow.

John? It's time to go to work...

..if you're feeling strong enough.

I'm good.

But, ah... you better unlock that wormhole information inside my head.

I just did.

You did? Really.

I doesn't happen instantaneously.

You're mind couldn't process all those equations at once.

Give it a little time.

- That's not good.
- Man, that one was closer.


Who are you?!

Merely... commerce traders, seeking repairs for our ship.

This is some sort of Peacekeeper ship.

Tell no lies!

Are you a Peacekeeper?

What is your rank?

I... I am...

I am not a Peacekeeper.

I have no rank.

How did you get this ship?

I will tell you...

- he stole it.
- What?

Uh, uh, he was a captain, but now he's a renegade.

He stole this Leviathan mutant from the Peacekeepers,

and now they want him dead... they want all of us all dead!

Who are you?

I am a Banik slave... his slave.

And I hate him.

He brought me on board this ship to help him fix it.

Kill him... and make me your slave!

Kill him?

Is this the truth?!

Yes, yes! Every word!

Make this ship operational...

and I'll grant you and easy death.

You sure this thing's unlocked? I'm not feelin' any smarter.

Give it some time.

All right, but somethin' better kick in before that Dreadnought gets here.

It will.

This may require an ocillation damper.

Here ya go... use that.



Why'd you pick this one?

You said you wanted an ocillation damper.

I figured you could modify the rillon valve.

I can.

But how did you know that?

That's cool.

- Oh?! What... what happened?
- What happened to you?

Piece of shrapnel...

why are we still here? Where the yotz is Talyn?

Don't know. The comms are still out. Here, I'll take over.

No, no. You're still mobile. I'm not.

Just... bring me food.

You want to eat... now?

Bring me food... and I'll keep going.

It's starting to make sense. It's all comin' together.

We still need an inversion loop and don't have the parts to build it.

Sure you do.

Use this to set up the resonance...
and... this to flip it

Good. What an elegant solution.

I couldn't accomplish this without you.

Jack, what the hell are we building?

A displacement engine.

Yeah, and whatever it is will take out a Scarran Dreadnought.


And then?

What do you mean?

I mean... how far are you gonna take this?

Is this the end, or are you gonna try and put all the toothpaste back in the tube?

I doubt that's possible.

But you're gonna give it the old college try, aren't you?

You're gonna kill... me,

Furlow, and Aeryn.

Aeryn poses no threat.


I'm uncertain.

And what about me?

I no longer doubt your intentions, John.

Coils are almost ready.

What's the tolerance?

- Lurg 3, close as I can get 'em.
- Should be close enough.

Rygel's keeping the Charrids at bay, but barely. Where do we stand?

- We're almost done.
- I need a quarter arn.

I have to install the partanium and build the emitter array.

I want you to stay clear of this hanger until I give the okay.

I don't want you exposed to this radiation.

Well, I can check the area outside the hangar doors again.

- You want some company?
- Sure.

I still can't raise Talyn.

And the Dreadnought is due in what, two more arns?

- We may not even have that much time.
- You think they're in trouble?

Well, Scarrans will send an advance scout unit before committing the main force.

Like what, a prowler detail?

Anything from a one man stealth capsule to a full fighter squad.

But, with Talyn blinded, they may be upon him before he can Starburst away.

Well, hell. We didn't have enough to worry about.


Here ya go.

This all you need?

This case could be stronger.

Don't worry, I haven't initiated the partanium reaction yet.

when you do, just in case something goes wrong...

where is the emergency shut-down control?

There isn't one. Once the device is activated, you can't shut it down.

Then what does it do, blow up?

You buildin' a bomb here, Jack?

Not at all.

After 1.4 arns, a meltdown occurs and destroys the device.

So, you only got one shot at...

whatever it is this thing does.

That's all I should need.

I'm launching soon.

You're flyin' the module?

Does Johnny know about this?

No, and I don't want to have an arguement with him about it.

As soon as he and Aeryn give the all clear from outside,

I want you to open those hangar doors. Now, go on.

Well, go on. I'm about to start the reactor.

I can't let you do that, Jack.

Back off.

This is the only chance we have to keep the Scarrans from...

From... payin' me a lot of money.


you ain't goin'...

no where.

You had to kill him?

He would have made a useful prize!

You think he'd'a cooperated? Forget it.

This... my friend, is the prize.

What is it?

Ah, well, it's a um...

I don't exactly know what it is.

But I do know that our friend here seemed to think that it could kill a Dreadnought.

It hardly seems finished!

No, sure it is. Just a little here, there, you know.

Ah, anyway, you know, I really think we oughta...

scoot, while we got the chance.


Excuse me, ah... where ya goin?

'Cause ah, see...

I-I'm the one who's flyin' the module here... not, not you.


No, come on, you know.

I need you guys to cover me when I retreat, and...

No. See, we don't trust you any longer.


'Cause you've... allowed to many of us to die!

I had to do that, you know, don't you get it?

If they knew I was on your side, then...

We're not sure... who's side you're on!

I... will fly the module, alone!

You... reattach that to the module.


Charrids... they snuck in. I nailed 'em, but...

they got Jack.

No, oh, no, no, no.

It's okay.

It's okay... Jack.

I'll finish it.

We'll keep your ancients safe and sound.

What happened, how did they get in?

You tell me. I thought you and the short one were supposed to be guardin' the place

Well, what about your supposed booby-traps?

- What about them?
- I think you should check them.

Fine. I will.

John, we have... two arns at most before the Dreadnought gets here. Can you operate this device?

It's not finished.

Can you finish it?

I'm not even sure what it does.

Well, you have to...

I... I, I thought that the knowledge was... starting to open up in you.

Maybe I'll pick it up as I go along.

Talyn's senses are beginning to recover...

... once they do, he can target the Scarran and shoot him.

It would take heavy and prolonged fire to bring down the Scarran. He won't just stand...

Work! Work!

I can find no Pilot on board this Leviathan.

There isn't one. It doesn't need it.

There is a direct interface...


Let him speak.

Shut up!

The best way to operate this ship

is via neural transponder.


Here's the socket.

You see... his transponder was damaged, so he had to remove it.

But the ship... can construct a replacement.

You will have the ship make one for me!

Yes, yes. Whatever you say.

I had to tell him. He would have forced it out of you anyway.

You did well.

Instruct Talyn to prepare a neural transponder...

- two in fact.
- Two?

One for me... and one for the Scarran.

It's... gonna work. It's all comin' together.

I got it.

Aeryn... I got it.

It all fits, everything fits.

I-I-I know how to do this.

I can build this thing, I know what it does!

Can it destroy the Dreadnought?

it could destroy a planet.


All right, he's uh, built it so it self-destructs after one use.

That's... that's good, that's... smart.

Big hole in the sewage outlet.

Think I might'a found where the Charrids got in.

Did you seal it?

With what?

- I'll seal it.
- "I'll seal it."

Feeble Sebacean. You believe that even with vessels like this

you can defeat... Scarrans?


the neural transponder?

Soon. Nearly finished. Soon.

It will give me absolute control of the ship?

Yes, yes.

You will think as one!

Assist your... captain.

Yes, yes, yes.

How many other people have this weapon?

No one.

- That's right. Gettin' the idea?
- Elucitin capacitor.

See, ah... we can sell it to everyone as deterrence,

give it to no one,

and charge 'em to maintain the balance.

Or... of course, we could just keep it ourselves and find a... peaceful application.

Furlow... is it always about the money?

Is there anything else?

I mean... how much sex can you have?

I don't know... I haven't maxed out yet.

The Scarrans have your data. That's a blueprint that has to be destroyed.

Okay, so... we use this box to stop 'em.

But later... we talk business.

You help me, and I'll make you Miss 21st Century Wormhole.


Now... what do you need?

Clear a launch path. Get rid of that crap.

Comin' right up.

Tight fit through the exit portals,

shield doors don't open all the way.

You better go eyeball the angle or you'll sheer off a wingtip for sure.

All right.




There's still plenty of them out there.

Enough... of them to squeeze us into a crossfire.

Why haven't they?


Come on in, John.

'round the front so I don't have to twist my neck.

This is a big mistake.

You wanna save your life, you're gonna have to cooperate.

I know it looks great on ya, but ah... two fingers, pistol.

And, uh, goggles.

Drop 'em.

Now step on 'em.

There's a Scarran Dreadnought on the way.

Where you gonna go, Furlow?

To meet 'em. To save my life.

You know, when the Scarrans get this baby... they'll go away.

Don't do this.

Wormhole fulla reasons why I should.

And no upside in crossin' the Scarrans.

I gotta go while I got cover.

Don't stand in my way, John.


Why have they stopped shelling?

What are we missing?


What's that?

It's John.

- Frell!
- Cover us.

Furlow's with the Scarrans.

That would explain why the Charrids have stayed on the perimeter.

Explains a lot of things.

- You know, we are running out of time.
- We still got time.

You know this new knowledge you've got in your head?


Can you use it to get home?


Let's do what we have to do here, and then we'll go.

- What the...!
- Frell!

You'll never guess!

It doesn't work?!

How the hell can we have... the only gun on the planet that doesn't work?!

It's your fault.

My fault?!

Well, you know if I was here on my own, it'd be working right now.

Well, I hope you got a plan, baby,

'cause I'm fresh out of ideas.

- Drive straight.
- Straight?

It's a plan. He has to follow our tracks.

All right, you get Furlow. I've got your back. I love you.

Love you!

Run away.

Be smart.

Run away.

Should've run.

You know, you should'a git while you had the chance.

You should'a done the right thing.

How well you know me?

You think I like the Scarrans?

They sent in the Charrids, slaughtered my crew, tortured me.

You think I faked all my wounds?

Turn around and walk away.

Rather be dead, John.

Too old to start over. Got nothin' left.

Won't leave without that

Furlow, I don't have time for this.



Where is the neural transponder?

Why do I not yet have control of this vessel?

Because, because, because, I'm still....

ah, these controls...

see for youself...

Are you subverting my commands?

No, truely!

Scarran, I subvert your commands.

You deny me the transponder?

Do you... still want it?

Without delay!

Then... you shall have it.

Talyn, fire

Crais! Get down!

Thank you.

It may not happen again.

Furlow, look. The device...

it's active.

You can't shut it off.

By the time you get it to the Scarrans it'll be useless. It'll be slag.


I can't deactivate it, but you gotta let me use it to take out the Dreadnought.

Casings open, John.

I can close it.

Uh-huh. It's too late already.

The reaction's building to fast. I think we both better get outta here.

No, you go.

Don't be the hero, John.

Always be the one to walk away while the hero dies.

That's my motto.




You okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.

We have to hurry.




What is your status?

Frelled... mivonks-on-a-plate frelled!

- What's your status?
- I am partially sighted.

Talyn has recovered sufficiently to attempt Starburst.

Well, pick me up and let's go

Crichton, Aeryn

Crais, ... we got one shot at this.

The ah, displacement engine will take out the Scarrans.

You need to pick up Sparky and get the hell outta here.

Yes, Starburst immediately.

It is unanimous.

We stay.

Ah, damn it, Crais, knock it off. You're gonna make me start liking you.

Is there anything we can do?

It would be helpful to have the Dreadnought, ah, directly in line with the mouth of the wormhole.

What wormhole?

The one I'm about to rustle up.

We will attempt to lure them. Good fortune.

- John? Are you hurt?
- No. No, I'm fine.

What happened? What did she do to you?

- No, she didn't do anything.
- What's the matter?

She didn't...

What... is the matter?


Massive radiation.

I couldn't...

... help it.

I couldn't stop it.

That has to be something you can do.

No, I have to finish this.

You're finished here, I'm flying the mission.

Aeryn you don't know what to do.

You will talk me through it. You will get help, and you will not argue with me on this one.

Damn it! This is not something I can coach you through!

It's half intuition, it's half feeling. I know it like I invented it.

So it's your life for everyone elses?

And you're different how?

I'm different because I love you.

Then you know I have to do this.

I'm coming back.

Scarran Dreadnought...

this is Captain Bialar Crais... Peacekeeper.

Approach any closer... you will be engaged and destroyed.

They must be terrified.

Crais, where is it? I can't see that damn Dreadnought anywhere.

Closing fast on an intercept vector with Talyn.

But, Crichton, there is no wormhole to maneuver them.

Oh, there's my flare.

Mama Crichton's baby boy... makin' wormholes.


Very close.

This is...?

We're being targeted.

What was that?!

I destroyed Furlow's lab.

There's nothing left.

Okay, displacement engine, time to displace.

Scarran Dreadnought... withhold your fire, we surrender.

I repeat, we surrender.

Talyn, stand down your weaponry. Make them believe.

Draw them in.


I'm almost there.

The wormhole is touching the star.

It's touching the star.

Okay, Jack. This one's for you.

I have no prayer for that.

John? Are you...?

Yeah, Baby, I'm...

I'm still here.

Told you I'd come back.

The... radiation sickness treatments from...

Talyn's emergency kits should...


It was a big hit...

nothin' to be done.

And I hate... long goodbyes

Your sacrifice...

does not go unnoted, Commander.



find the better part of yourself...


have to take care of them.

I will.


hope you can believe that.

Good bye, Crichton.

Hey, hey, hey... Sparky.

They say... it's not good.

Sparky, come here.

My stuff...

You can't have it.

It will be hard... not to think of you.

I'm gonna miss you, Dominar.


It's okay.

I'm very angry.

Me too.

We had good times.

I wouldn't change it for the world.

You made me...

a better person.

That wasn't hard.

I love you.

so much.

I love you.

I would have gone to Earth.

I'm... sorry you never got to meet my dad...

my real dad.

I'm... sorry I never met your dad.

I'm... sorry about a lot of things.

Don't be, I don't want you to go that way.

I won't.


They say...

it's a lucky

or an unambitious man who goes when he's ready.

That said...

Scorpius is gone...

I'm at peace.

I don't... hurt.

I... I did some good things.

I'm proud of my life.

And I'm with you.

Don't worry about me...

I've never felt better.