Farscape (1999–2003): Season 3, Episode 11 - Incubator - full transcript

Scorpius puts the neural chip in his head to unlock the wormhole knowledge in the chip. He shows his origin to residual memory of Crichton that's been embedded in the chip in an effort to gain his support. Meanwhile the Moya crew encounter a scientist who has been working with Scorpius on wormhole technology.

Auto-retrieval sequence complete.

Shield levels are zero.

Team 3... prepare to open canopy.

Ionized indicators are holding
steady at four-lurg-nine.

The pilot still hasn't responded.

Another failure.

It can't be.

Phase negative shield deployment will
eliminate the tissue liquification effect.

Tell that to Officer Jedman.

Jedman mustn't have
followed instructions!

If he didn't recalibrate his phasing
prior to exiting the wormhole...

Don't blame the Pilot for your mistakes.

I made no mistakes.

I have correctly interpreted the
equations from the neuro-chip.

Yes, but...

those equations are incomplete.


The neuro-chip is designed to locate...

all the wormhole knowledge
in John Crichton's brain.



I had coding section run a cross
analysis on the data from the neuro-chip.

They found...

a hidden region.

Strongly encryted.

Why hasn't it been deciphered yet?

It resists analysis.

It may be meaningless.
A mere glitch in the datastream.

Or... it could be the one vital
element for wormhole travel!

The one element we lacked is
the correct phase progression.

And I'm convinced we have that now.



In fact...

I wish to pilot the next test flight myself.

As your project leader, I cannot
permit you to take the risk!

Oh, permission granted!

Our time grows short.

We have to take risks.

This has to be the key.

Bring me the neuro-chip.


The neuro-chip, now!


summon Nurse Froy,

and report to my quarters.

If, gentleman

Socket in place.

Ready to install the neuro-chip.

Is this wise?


But, necessary.



John? John are you here?

Oh... so you are.

Well, this is different.


I must be in hell.

Tell me...

what's the last thing you remember?

Ice Planet... Diagnosan

he was diggin' around in my brain,
tryin' to pull your chip outta my...

Aah, n... he screwed up?

I kicked it on the table?
I am in hell!

No, no, no. The Diagnosan was successful.

The chip was removed.

And John Crichton...

is alive and well.

Then what the hell
am I doin' here?

Well, strictly speaking...

you are not John Crichton.

But for my purposes...

you'll do.

Scorpy, go away.Go home.
I do not even want to hear it.

I'm sick and tired of havin' people
clompin' around inside my head.

This time it's different.We're not in
your head at all. We're in mine.

You're head? Well, do youself a favor;
kick the habit before it starts.

I'm goin' for some air;
do not wait up for me.

There's no where to go.

I'll explain.

I put a chip in Crichton's brain,

to download the wormhole equations

the Ancients gave him.

Some... neural spillover also took place,

replicating elements of Crichton's
personality in the chip.

You'll have to accept it...

you are not John.

All right, Scorp. Then, what am I?

Bootleg? A ghost?

Holodeck Crichton? A wandering soul
that ain't got no body?

A duplicate of John's psyche,

existing only within the neuro-chip

and now...

within my own mind.


I need your help.

Man... I'm a...

I'm a voice inside your head.What do
you plan on usin' as leverage?


You know so little of me.

Let's remedy that.

Let's not and say we did.

- My earliest memory...
- Oh, God.

Is pain...

What the hell is that?

My first twelve cycles of life.

That's a little too much information.
You can keep your memories.

Don't fight it.You'll only prolong it.

Now watch.

You will not cry.

Sit up.

Sit... up.


Why can't you sit up?

EIt's hot.

It's at less than optimal temperature.

I will make it warmer.

Do you why you are here?

Because I'm weak.

Why... are you weak?

I am partly...



My father... was Sebacean...


forced my mother...

to birth me.

Pilot, the deep space
variances are increasing.

There is a wormhole around here somewhere.

Why don't we double back and triangulate?


Yes, again. Unless you and Moya have
something you'd rather be doing.

You want to park and take a nap?

No, Moya is actually enjoying
this opportunity for free flight.

Retracing the last vector now.

Thank you.

Ah, you know... we've been flying around
aimlessly for nearly fifteen solar days, John.

It's not aimless, D'Argo. There's
a wormhole out there, I can smell it.

Besides, it keeps Moya's mind off...

of Talyn and the Retrieval Squad.

Well, it hasn't stopped
me thinking about them.

Yeah, well, what do you
want me to do about that?

You're the one who decided we should
stay away and let them deal with it.

Which suits you perfectly,
so you can indulge yourself.

Fine, I'm indulging myself.

Maybe I'm entitled once in a while.

Yeah, once in a while.

You wanna push this,
"Mister... Let's Go Find My Son"?

Look, it doesn't matter what I think.

The point is...

that Chiana and Jool really
need to get off this ship.

They're driving each other insane,
they're driving me insane.

So do me a favor...

indulge them, for once.

The girls...


If this vector comes up empty,

we'll bag it...

and go for some shore leave.

You happy?

Very happy.

Glad you're happy.

Hey, look... um...

sorry if I snapped.

You could use some sleep.

Yeah, you're right.


Yes, Commander, I'll wake you
the microt Moya senses anything.

You the man.

Pilot... let him sleep for 12 arns...

don't wake him up, no matter what.


The home movies are facinating,
Scorpy, but why show them to me?


and all will be clear.

The Scarran's name is Tauza.

No one else entered, nor spoke to me.

With what condition were you born?

Sebacean Heat Delirium.

Also known as 'The Living Death'.

Who saved you from it?


Who... specifically?


Are you Scarran...

or Sebacean?

Then you... cannot be weak.

Sebaceans are weak.

You... must become strong.

She did teach me strength, and-- assisted of
course by the usual Scarran incentives...

was also taught endurance.


Your liquid is here...

... but, you must come and get it.

There are Sebacean impurities
in your physiology.

You must overcome them.



You pathetic infant!

Never... use that word to me again.

A brief respite before we continue.

- A Prowler?!
- Yes.

Sending a distress signal.

Pilot, Starburst away immediately.



Pilot, this is definately bait for a trap.

This is exactly the same way that the
Retrieval Squad ambushed Talyn.

Moya detects no other vessels, nor
anything that could conceal them.


the occupant of the Prowler is a Relgarian.

What's a Relgarian?

A species Moya and I trust.

What? As opposed to us?

Transmission coming in now.

Leviathan vessel...

I am Linfer.

Pilot, do not... answer them.

Moya and I greet you in return.

May I come aboard?

Of course,

deploying the docking web now.


I must say again... I truly don't
believe this is necessary.

Well then, humor us.

DRDs are in position.

Prowler pilot...

Move towards the Hangar doors,
and ah...

leave your weapons behind.

I did it!

Did what?

Solved the shielding problem.

I knew it'd work.

Where's John Crichton?

I need to speak to him, and to Pilot.

Lady... you gotta talk to us first.

You have nothing to fear from me,
and much to gain.

Tell Crichton...

I offer him the secret
to wormhole travel.

I don't like these readings.

Are they at critical levels?

No, but they soon will be.

Then proceed as Scorpius instructed.

All right, Scorpy, pick it up, let's
get this story over with.

Tauza's attempts to teach control,

weren't entirely unproductive.

I discovered my hybrid body...

had a unique talent.

The ability to percieve energy
signatures in living organisms.

Each species is different.

Still another weakness
in Sebacean physiology.

Their skin...

it's soft...


easily penetrated.

I soon discovered another
trait of energy signatures.

They often changed, when the
subject was being less than honest.

Sebaceans are a deficient breed.

Doubtless that's why Peacekeepers
wanted to hybridize them...

with Scarrans.

Tauza lied about the Peacekeepers.

I'll have to take your word for that.

Oh, she lied.

Which only made me more determined
to discover the truth about my parentage.

Of course to do that...

I had to escape.

I feigned obedience.

Over time...

she grew careless.

But I did not,

and fortunately,

my education...

included basic technology.

I'd often watched Tauza
operate the controls,

dragging up data for my lessons,

and I have an excellent memory.

So, it wasn't difficult to obtain
information about my prison.

Which turned out to be
a Scarran Dreadnought.

It was passing through
a neutral system.

I jumped ship...

in an evacuation pod,

and hid out on a commerce planet.

...and you lived happily ever after.
Is this fairy tale over with yet?

Everything I've shown you is true.

No doubt.

Scorpy the teenage hero
outwits the Scarrans,

makes it looks easy...
you goin' for pity or applause?


Scorpius... is alive?!


But Crais and Talyn
destroyed his marauder.

Yeah, and Scorpius was elsewhere,
laughing at him the whole time.

It's another grand Scorpy fake out.

I knew the bastard wasn't dead.

All right...

Why did he send you?


I came to you on my own.

Scorpius's obsession with wormholes
is making him irrational.

Scorpius is not alone in that regard.

How did you find us?

I correctly theorized that the wormhole we had
discovered was part of a nexus of wormholes.

I checked several of the
systems exit modes...

hoping that one of them would
have attracted you for study.

So you got lucky.

I would have fled regardless.

I'm convinced that whether Scorpius succeeds
or fails I would be terminated.

The craft you flew through the wormhole...

did it employ phase shielding?

Well, I assume it didn't.

Hence, you are the lucky one.

If that wormhole had been unstable
in it's rantath flux variance

as most wormholes are,

you wouldn't have survived the journey.

How did you survive?

I have developed a unique spectrum
of negative phase shielding,

which will allow any craft to safely
traverse any wormhole.

I offer you this knowledge.

At what price?


No deal.

I would treat her far better than
you and the others have.

You know my species.


Then you know our history with Leviathans

I don't, and...

I'm the one with the gun.

Linfer's is a peaceful race of explorers.

They use Leviathans to
journey into deep space...

areas completely unknown.

Something... Moya and I
have dreamed of doing.


you and Moya'd really consider this?

Moya and I would never
abandon you, Commander.

Yes, but given the choice?

After I escaped,

I traversed the Uncharted
Territories for several cycles.

Unable to learn anything of my parents.

In desperation...

I flew into Peacekeeper space,

and surrendered to the first
Command Carrier I encountered.

I'm Captain Molayne, and you're...?

I have chosen the name...


Interesting choice.

I've seen the logs of
your interrogation.

Quite a life you've had...

if your testimony is true.

It is.

But there were some questions you..
refused to answer.

As I told your interrogators,

there are some topics I will only
discuss with a Flag Officer.

A captain's as high as
you'll get I'm afraid.

You'll deal with me...

or with more interrogators.

Frankly, I'm a far better choice.

I propose...

an exchange of information.

I gave you only a summary of my
life aboard the Dreadnought.

There is much more I can
tell you about Scarran behavior...

vessel design,

security arrangements and so forth.

We could, of course, simply force
that information out of you.


and unnecessary.

My price is not high.

I remind you, I came to you...


All right...

what's the price?

I was taught... that I'm the
product of a forced birthing...

between a Peacekeeper male...

and a Scarran female.

I believe that to be false.

I want to know the truth.


So you can find out...
who you are?

To find out...

who I should be.

Everything you tell us
will be cross-checked...

If we find you've been feeding
us mis-information...

I will be executed as a spy.

Hold out your hands.

We've correlated what
you told us so far.

The pieces fit...

we know what happened.

The Scarran lied to you.

The good captain told me about a
Leviathan full of Sebacean pioneers...

on it's way to colonize a planet
in the Uncharted Territories.

It was brutally attacked
by a Scarran convoy...

and all the civilian passengers slaughtered.

One Transport Pod...

managed to escape and
make a planetary landing.

These next images are not memory...

... but reconstruction,

based on the logtapes that
Captain Molayne shared with me.

... reached the planet and managed to
land the pod at approximately mid-sun.

What are you recording?

A complete log.

And a distress call with locator vectors.

Do you think I should transmit it?


The Peacekeepers don't care about us.

Why tip off the Scarrans
that we survived?

You can't blame the Peacekeepers
for what happened.

They didn't warn us; we were travelling
outside their patrolled space.

They didn't warn us that we might
run into a Scarran massacre.

Don't you think they would've
if they had've known?!

Even if they suspected it, they
should have provided escort.

If this sector was dangerous,
then we shouldn't have come at all!

How the frell were we supposed...

I shouldn't take it out on you.

This was supposed to be our home.

Well, we're here.

No tools,

no supplies, no grain seed.

Just one pulse pistol and...

whatever's in this pod.

Like real pioneers.



Ghebb, no!

The pod was found...

containing one corpse.

A male Sebacean...

but no trace of the female.

Rylani, that was her name?


Rylani Jeema Dellos.

Born on New Heather...

disappeared on a Motak 4 colonization flight.

Age 22 cycles.

The Peacekeepers didn't bother
to salvage the Transport Pod.

Captain Molayne told me where to find it.


nobody had touched it...

in at least ten cycles.

Or so I thought.

The pod is sealed...
do not attempt escape.

Scorpy, why would momma Scarran go
to all that trouble to recapture you.

Well, setting a trap on a transport
pod wasn't that much trouble.

I should have forseen it.

I deserved what came next.

Too feeble to conquer your own
deficiencies without help.

You are Scarran, or you are nothing.

We tried to make you one of us.

How could you reject that
for a lesser species?

Give me a full account of your
actions since your escape.

Begin... with all Peacekeeper encounters.

Tell me.

It's time to bring him out of it.


The readings are now critical.

What he's trying to achieve
is even more critical.

He'll survive.

Tell me.

All right, all right, enough already!
Scorp... take five!

Apologies, John. Apologies...

always easy to get lost
in one's memories.

Readings are back within tolerance.

He survived.

He always survives.

That's true.

I will stop now.

For the moment.

don't care! Check all
the access logs again!

For what?!


Linfer's Prowler can't be found.

We think...

we aren't sure... but, ah...

We're checking now.


She may have had access to certain
restricted data files before she left.

Which may... or may not, mean...

You think she intended to defect?

As I say... we-we aren't sure.

Well, find out.

Get some answers.

If Strappa doesn't move fast enough...

give him some extra incentive.


Quite clear... sir!

Keep checking! Keep, keep checking!

I hate to break it to you guys,
but Moya and Pilot are for it.

Sounds more like they aren't against it.

That's not the same thing.

You're actually considering handing
Moya over to a stranger?

A stranger who works with Scorpius.

She ditched Scorpius.

Well, claims she did.

I believe that part.

There you go.

It's this deep space explorer
dren I don't believe.

I, I think she just wants Moya so she can put
some Starburst in between her and Scorpius.

Even if we were to agree...

Which, we don't.

...what happens to us?

With wormhole tech we can drop
you anywhere you wanna go.

Home... if you want.

Oh, great.

That's if... you can get it to work.

We're gonna test it first,
and until it works...

all Linfer gets is a guest room.

Just what we need... another guest.

Didn't you come on board...
as a guest?

That's the point. We're all guests here,
and if Moya wants to go...

Can you stop pretending this is
anything other than your idea.

This is exactly the attitude
that got Zhaan killed.

That's low.

Too bad.


Leave him alone.

Leave me alone!

Terrific... this is what
we're arguing about?!

The chance to stay
cooped up together?

You know, if I was Moya,
I wouldn't want us here.

I brought you some food.

The others are still arguing.

That's what we do best around here.

It no longer matters. I was wrong.

What is that?

Start of tissue liquification.

Induced by exposure to
rantath flux in the wormholes.

Apparently my spectrum of phase shielding...

was only sufficent to delay its onset.

I request a favor.

How the hell did she get loose?
Pilot... get that Prowler back here!

Pilot, thank you for
granting my request.

I'm sorry we won't travel together.

Pilot, you let her go?


She was dying.

Well, we might have helped her.

The offer was made...

she refused.

She said the cellular
breakdown was irreversible.

There was nothing we could do.

So... you just let her...

fly away and blow herself to bits.

Correct, again.

That's a beautiful decision, man.

It's funny how you only support Pilot
only when you both want the same thing.

That's crap, Jool.

Truth is never crap.

We have no other choice.

Do not interfere...

...unless absolutely necessary.

But, sir...


I have shared these memories...

for a reason.

To show you what Scarrans are like!

Preachin' to the choir, Scorpy.
I got no love of Scarrans.

Then, help us!

Scarrans far outnumber Peacekeepers.

Without superior weaponry...
we will be crushed!

You wanna kill them,
they wanna kill you.

I do not see a helluva lotta difference.

You let me finish...

I'll show you the difference.

You lied about my parents.


to secure your allegiance.

To make you hate Sebaceans...

as you should.

You failed!

You defy me?

Then see how easily
Sebaceans break down and... beg.

See your... deplorable heritage.

Behold... your parents.


help me!

Let me go!



We're nearly finished, John.

You are the product of a Scarran male,
and a Sebacean female.

The mating process shattered
her fragile psyche.

During the gestation she pleaded...

for death.

You killed her!

Your birth was... difficult.

You killed her.

In 90 other such matings...

the Sebacean female and
her offspring perished.

You were the only one we saved.


To find out if Sebacean
genetics could serve us.

But we now realize that
Sebaceans have no value...

even as breeding stock.

Instead, the Sebacean race
will be... eradicated.

You will further that objective,
by telling us all you can about Peacekeepers.

Can't speak...


After my previous escape,
the Scarrans... should

have instituted some rudimentary
security on their transport pods,

but they hadn't.

Scarran hubris...

their primary failing.

You bailed again.

I sent out a locator signal, which enabled a Command
Carrier to overtake and destroy the Scarran Dreadnought.

The Peacekeepers...

were most appreciative.

First Command has responded to my request.

Given your...

unique status and clear loyalties...

you are hereby exempted
from all purity regulations.

So... if you haven't changed your mind...

Captain Molayne...

I tender my application
for Peacekeeper service.


Through faithful service,
I quickly advanced in rank,

and created a special task force
to develop wormhole techology.

Sweet move. Join the army,
get them to pay for your pet project.

You think I want wormholes to betray Peacekeepers,
and to conquer the universe myself?

I don't want power.

I want revenge.

want to wipe out the Scarrans
before they wipe us out!

My people, yours, your friends.

Everyone you care about.

I've already lost...

people I care about...

because of you.

Where is my revenge, Scorpy?

I've done what I thought necessary.

You're entitled to despise me for it,
but nonetheless,you and I

have a common enemy...

They plan to exterminate the Sebaceans,
but they won't stop there.

Nor with Luxans, Delvians, Baniks,
or a thousand other lower life-forms.

They'll stop... when they're the
only sentient species left.

And if they discover wormhole
technology before we do...

the galaxy is theirs.

And eventually, John,

they will find earth.

Your race is defenseless.

They'll be raped and slaughtered...
unless you

help us.

These are the wormhole calculations
the Ancients left in your mind.

We can't decode them.

You can.

Go on, unlock it.

Give us the weapon we need...

to defeat the Scarrans.


it's not mine to give away.

You remember what
the Ancients told me?


"If you're not smart enough
to discover it for yourself...

you're not smart enough...

to use it wisely."

His temperature's climbing,

he's in danger.

Well, thanks for the... slide show.

Gotta go.

No, John, you cannot leave!

I'll find my own way out.

You must retrieve it!

Scorpy, I'm off the clock.


We have to intervene.


Not yet, he's onto something.



you're gettin' kinda warm to the touch.

You should take a break and calm down.

The neural stress is killing him.

Not yet.

I'm removing the chip.

I said, keep away from him.

My duty is to Scorpius!

So is mine.

I will...
...not let you leave!

Do you think... that neural
clones go to heaven?

Well, wherever I wind up...

when I see your momma...

I'll be sure to give her your regards.



If you are here to give me
another lecture go away.

Well, if you are going to be as sour
as an unmated flibisk, I will go away.

What the hell's a flibisk?

A flibisk, a flibisk... it's a, uh...

ten-legged creature about this big
very tasty, if prepared right.

But, if you prevent it from mating...

it gets very disagreeable.

Hell, who doesn't.

You ever think we've been
on this boat way too long?


But so far, all the other
alternatives have been worse.


here's to that changing.

You know, Scorpy's still out there.

He's workin' on the wormhole tech,
and he's a lot further along than I am.

He hasn't found it yet.

And Linfer was wrong.

But Linfer found us.

And if she can, Scorpy can.

Voken nine, exponent nine,

devera four... three... one.

Equivalence mastered,


palonic square...

equivalence interval, nine.

Volker hypercube...


Six... lurg... one.

That's everything I recall...

it's incomplete...

but it should be enough
to put us on the correct track.

It certainly will, sir.

I, I can already see solutions to,
to several previously unknown variables.

Then resume work.


Cybernetics section verifies,
the neuro-chip's circuits were...

destroyed by the heat.

It doesn't matter.

We may now have the data we need.

Will that be all, sir?

For the moment.


Your... recent performance...

has been exemplary.

Thank you, sir.

I was concerned that
I'd made the wrong decision.

Nurse Froy made the wrong decision.

Yours was correct
under the circumstances.

Thank you, sir.

I hope my conduct
continues to find favor.