Farscape (1999–2003): Season 3, Episode 10 - Relativity - full transcript

While Talyn is resting on a planet with high gravity he senses the retrieval squad, led by Aeryn's mother, setting down nearby. John, Aeryn, and Crais head out to confront the Peacekeepers ...

Crais, come in. This is Aeryn.

Pilot, there's no answer
from Crais.

Nor is Moya getting any
answer from Talyn.

Aeryn, what can you see?

He's been hit hard.


Where's Talyn?
I can barely sense him.

He is alive, but unresponsive.

Moya is supplying nutrients.

Talyn destroyed one Prowler but
their attack was merely a diversion.

They want Talyn back.

A Vigilante with an
immobilizer pulse.

What attacked Talyn was
a Retrieval Squad.

You do know, John, that if
we can revive Talyn,

we have to Starburst away
immediately and we can't go back.

There is something I deeply
wish to share with you.

Wake up, Aeryn.

I'm your mother.

I came to tell you something.

You were conceived in love.

Our love.

We wanted you.

My mother.


The Retrieval Squad.
She is somehow part of it.

The Squad is under the command
of Senior Officer Xhalax Sun.

They're out of the bionisphere
and Moya's sensing a Peacekeeper scan.

Talyn, Starburst immediately.

Talyn's done it. He's escaped.

There will be no contact
with Moya

until the threat of the
Retrieval Squad is resolved.

They are hoping that my mother's
presence will divide my loyalties.

But I will not let them
get Talyn back.

Even if it means I have
to kill her.

And now on Farscape...

Kama-nak, kama-nak, kama-nak...
Kama-nak, kama-nak, kama-nak...

Kama-nak, kama-nak, kama-nak...



I may be small, but allow me
to remind you:

that only serves to put me
at castration level!

What's the matter?
Didn't sleep well?

How could I?

With them on the other side
of this very thin bulkhead.

A bit noisy, were they?

She was bad enough,
but Crichton!

He was louder than she was.

He actually sounded like he
was exerting himself.

What kind of a male
is he anyway?

Oh, they're between bouts.

Give them a few microts.

Hang on.

There's another!

Oh, God.

You were louder than that,
believe it or not.

How much longer?

How much longer what?

Does Talyn have to stay
on board this planet?

Oh well, the heavy gravity's
letting him sleep.


Stark said the vegetation has
restorative power, so it's our one...


quick-stop chance to get him
back to full fighting strength.

I suggest you all get up
here immediately.

Talyn's senses have picked up another
ship entering the planet's atmosphere.

Dangerously close.


Friend or foe? Friend or foe?
Friend or..

Talyn's laboring to
discern that.

If it's a Retrieval Squad, are we going
to be able to blast our way out of here?

Talyn has powered down to stasis level on all
systems to facilitating the recuperation process.

We all agreed to take
that chance.

So your answer is no.
We can't move.

Friend or foe? Friend or...
- Will you shut the frell up!

Of course it's a foe!

We have no friends!

Talk to us. What do you got?

Talyn has identified it as the
Vigilante, the Peacekeeper ship pursuing us.

We've got to do something.
There's nothing we can do.

Crichton, you always have
a plan. Or sometimes.

How close?
- It has just landed.

It's your mother who's running
the frelling Retrieval Squad.

Maybe we can use that.

Yo! Not now, Rygel.

Not now?! They're here,
Crichton, on the planet.

They're going to be knocking
down that door at any microt.

And our ship is sound asleep.


Heavy gravity.

Two... two and a half times
what my species is used to.

How is your wound?

I will earn my share.

Good news.

Your shares have just

My name is John Crichton...
I'm lost... an astronaut.

I got shot through a wormhole... In
some distant part of the universe...

I'm trying to stay alive...

Aboard this ship...
This living ship...

Of escaped prisoners.
My friends.

If you can hear me...

If I make it back...
Will they follow?

If I open the door...
Are you ready?

Earth is unprepared... Helpless,
for the nightmares I've seen.

Or should I stay...
Protect my home...

Not show them...
You exist...

But then you will never know
the wonders I've seen.

Decoys? This is an
awfully big ship.

You really, really, really
think the three of you...

Stark, if you have any other ideas, we'll
be thrilled to hear 'em before we go out.

The Peacekeeper ship set down
some distance from here.

Clearly the planet's vegetation is masking
Talyn's whereabouts, as we were hoping.

That's not gonna last forever.

We've gotta get these guys away from
Talyn, give him a chance to recuperate.

Then we got a shot. Maybe.

Talyn's restoration is nearly complete.
We need only buy him a little more time.

What about me? Hmm? What about
me? Why can't I go out?

I agree. I am the logical
choice to stay here with Talyn.

Logical, yes. But it ain't
gonna happen, boys.

Listen to me. They're here
to take Talyn.

We can't let them anywhere near
him when he's vulnerable like this.

Crichton, Crais and I will go down.
You will stay here and keep him calm.

Wake up, Aeryn.

Ahh! I've been watching this.

The night your mother came and saw you.
- My name is Xhalax Sun.

I'm your mother.
- Rygel! What are you doing?!

She sounds like she likes you.

Maybe we can use that to...

This is Aeryn's stuff.

Keep your hands off and your nose
out of other people's business.

Well, er, what are we supposed
to do when you're out there

and dear old mother
comes blasting in?

Buckwheat, we're going to keep
the Retrieval Squad away

and you're going to keep your
hands off Aeryn's stuff.

Is that clear?

I don't give a ropey dren
about heavy gravity.

Our targets are near.
Keep moving.

How many missions have
you been on?



Nine and out, right?

This is your last mission
as a mercenary.

You complete this one and
you can buy your freedom.

You have a mate? Offspring?

- Nice.

It'd be a frelling shame if you
and your mate here screwed up

and you were to start your
mission count back at zero.

So frell the gravity.

Cinch up your mivonks
and keep moving.

Pulse Rifles.

Definitely Peacekeeper.

This way.

What the hell's wrong
with this gun?

I don't know.

Maybe chakan mist is ruining
the pulse deploy.

Well, they're either
after us or not.

We've left a trail Stevie
Wonder could follow.

Oh, wow. Wait.


Oarusk fruit.

Remind me not to put that
on my Cocoa Puffs.

Oh, stop that
incessant humming.

When you stop that hiccuping.

I hiccup when
I'm nervous.

Well, I hum when I'm nervous.

A hiccup is involuntary
you pellish venker!

Humming isn't!



Vines from outside
growing inside.

Fresh trail, that way!


No. Sebacean.

Okay, welcome to the
butthole of the universe.

Very close.

Three point vector.

Are you up to this?

We are ready.

This can't be good.

It can't be bad.

It's the same vegetation that's
helping to heal Talyn.

It's rooted to the planet.

How's Talyn supposed to take off
with this stuff laced through him?

Once Talyn's back to full strength, I'm
sure he'll be able to tear himself away.


Come on. Pull!

How far have we gone?

Not quite one full metra.

One more metra, we should
circle back.



What you got?

That way.


Cover me.






Move and you die.

Where is he?

Are you Xhalax...

Are you Xhalax Sun?

Where is he?


Nice to see you again, Mother.

Aeryn?! Aeryn?

- Crichton! Crichton!
- Stop making noise or they'll find us.

I've been hit.

Oh hell, that's ugly.

I got to find Aeryn.

Crichton, don't you
leave me here.

The Retrieval Squad.
They are using Colartas.

They're using what?

Expert trackers.

You leave me here bleeding,
they will find me and kill me.


Are you shot?

No. The gravity.

One of my hearts, it has burst.

Can you move?

Won't slow you down.

I can still track.

Have you seen Xhalax?

No. I can locate her.


But she might be wounded.

We pursue and retrieve
our target.

That is our mission.

We don't get paid for
finding Xhalax.


What are you doing?
- You want to bleed to death?

What do you think?
- Then shut up.

This might sting a little.

Okay, maybe more than a little.

This should slow the bleeding.

Stop any bone from working its
way out, at least temporarily.

You knew who I was.

Who are you?

I'm Aeryn.

Aeryn Sun.

I'm your daughter.

If you are my daughter,
you are a Peacekeeper.

I'm not a Peacekeeper anymore.

Then you are with Crais.

Where the hezmana have you been?
- On the bridge.

Comfortable up there?
- Listen...

'Cause while you've been
frotzing around,

I've been trying to keep this
dren from taking over...

Rygel, shut up!

Talyn, he's almost healed.

What? Completely?

It's a... yes...

Well, can we blast ourselves
free of this yotz?


If... if we can keep these
under control,

then I think Talyn will be
strong enough to break free.

But what if the others
aren't back by then?

They're up against a Peacekeeper
Retrieval Squad out there.

Don't delude yourself, fahrbot.

They're probably never
coming back.

What do you smell?

Two of them.

One is unknown to me.

The other is a...

a Sebacean. Wounded.

At least with this gravity, the
Colartas will be in more trouble than...

we are.

That's a comfort.
Get up. Get up!

We got to get out of here.

Aeryn had the positioning

So she'll be able to find
her way back to Talyn.

If she's still alive.

She is still alive.

She is alive.

Where are you taking me?

Back to the gunship.

Which I named Talyn,
by the way.

Yes, I thought you'd find
that amusing.

Naming it after Daddy?

It's not amusing.
It's sentimental and weak.

Is that why you're sparing me?

Because I'm your Mummy?

No. Because with that wound,
out here, you will die.

Alive, you're potential

Regulation Field Op Procedure
insists you

terminate all hostile personnel
on point of contact.

Eliminate the threat.

And when I'm dead, you can name
your Prowler after me.

Oh yes, that's very funny.

Well, I no long follow
Regulation Field Op Procedures,

and I know it's not by chance that you
ended up out here on this assignment.

High Command knew I was out
here with Talyn and Crais.

They probably thought,
"Send her mother."

Or perhaps you even volunteered
for the pleasure. Did you?

Thought, you know, things go
wrong, we end up face to face,

perhaps the daughter
will flinch.

I'm not flinching.

We have no idea where
we are going.

We could be going around
in circles.

We're not going in circles, nimrod,
because we've never been here before.

We're completely lost.

Oh, God!

I hate mazes.

Oh, my first girlfriend,
Julie, she loved 'em.

Oh, boy, did she. "Hey, Johnny, let's
go in the mirror maze together, huh?"

Hey, Jules! Is this makin'
you horny?

Our size and weight will give us a
slight advantage over the Colartas.

But our sweat and blood will
continue to lead them right to us.

Shut up.
- You shut up.

No, you shut up.
I've got an idea.

What are you doing?

Here, smell that.

Oh! Oh!

Geez! If this doesn't cover our scent,
or kill us, I don't know what will.


Yep, that's good. There you go.
Spread it around.

Don't forget to cover
your private bits.

How much... longer...
till Talyn is fully healed?

Look, I'm still not sure we
should leave. But...

We're leaving. Soon as Talyn's ready
we're leaving whether they're here or not.

You got that?

Rygel, the hero.

Aeryn, I always knew you'd
make it back.

The others aren't as
capable as you.

Not as strong. Not nearly...
- Shut up.

Ah... this... this is
your mother?

Aren't you going to
introduce us?

No. What's the news on
Crichton and Crais?

No news. You're the first back.

Hmm, no scent.

How is that possible?

Body heat.

This way.




All right, come on, John.
Come on, man. Concentrate.

Find Aeryn, get the hell
out of here alive.

Oh, poor baby.
Poor, poor, Johnny.

Now is not a good time, Scorpy.
Go away.

On the contrary.
You summoned me.

You know what? You are really
becoming annoying. Go away!

But your subconscious did and
that's where I reside, remember?

This point.

It needs to be sharp, but not
so spindly that it is weak.

As long as you're here.

These pina colada things
chasing us.

Are they everything Crais has
cracked them up to be?

Oh, yes. In that, at least, Crais
has been completely forthright.

Where has he not
been forthright?

As far as I could tell, Talyn's
systems are almost back to normal.

Then it's time to wake
him up and get aloft.

We use Talyn's senses to locate
Crichton and Crais.

Talyn, activate the intruder...

Let us out of here,
you snarking dellot!

Let us out!

Ah, you murderous little beast.

You're going to be dead meat.

Dead meat, dead meat,
dead meat.

Oh, you really do have
three stomachs.

And the smallest little heart
I've ever seen.

Help... me.

Please, Stark.

Help... me.

This is a remarkable vessel.

High Command could never
have anticipated

that their hybrid genetic would
evolve so successfully.

What are you doing?

Can't fire the ship up while he still
has the capacity for independent thought.

You're severing his
higher functions?

After which, I can fly
him home manually.

Techs are standing by to
bring him back to life,

once he's got a
Control Collar on.

Talyn is not like other

He will die before accepting
a Control Collar.

My mission is to subdue the
Leviathan hybrid for easy transport.

Then track and deliver the
second target.

Captains are the elite.

The most trusted jarheads in
all the Peacekeeper ranks.

'Cause, you make Captain, you're on
the A-list, for all the top parties,

all the heavy-duty crap that
the Peacekeepers

sure as hell don't want
floating free in the universe.

Crichton, listen to me.

You know, I always wondered why
a swinging cat like you

would be way out here
in the boondocks.

Why you wanted so bad to be Talyn's
prom date and then suddenly...

it all came very clear to me.

You need us.

You knew we wouldn't lift
a finger to help you,

but we would do anything
to protect Talyn.

The Peacekeepers,

they're not only after Talyn,

they're after you.

From the moment you set foot on Moya,
you knew that this day was coming.

And you kept us as allies
when they came gunnin'.

That's not true.

That's not the only reason
I wanted help you.

Crichton, you can't leave
me here like this.

Yes, I can.

What are you going to do?

If you're what the Retrieval Squad
wants, brother, this is their lucky day.

Hey, boys!

Can you smell him now?!

Oh, pina coladas!
- Crichton!

No! Come back!



Even in his dormant state,
he still struggles against me.

Don't do this.

He won't struggle when I've
finished crippling him.

My entire life, on every
assignment, every transport ship,

I scanned the soldiers, looking
for a face I'd only ever seen once.

And now finally seeing you,
I feel nothing but shame.

Officer Sun, do you actually
believe I care what you think?

Your sentiment disgusts me.

I have not wasted a microt of
my life thinking about you.

You're ashamed of me?

You, a traitor?

An enemy to everything you
were bred for?

The Peacekeepers made me
the enemy that I am.

Look at what you are doing.

You are butchering this
magnificent creature in its sleep.

When it wakes,
it will be a slave

and there is no guarantee it
will survive the procedure.

You are pathetic.
You are not my daughter.

I am.

You made me very aware of that the
night you came to me when I was a child

and you told me what
you'd done.

Which, may I remind you,
was not regulation.

I never came to you.
You only dreamt it.

Oh well, for many cycles
I believed that.

But you see, I now have
a vid recording,

which I would be happy to show
you if you'd like to see it.

Or are you ashamed of
your sentiment?

Yes I am, and I paid for it.

My superior officers knew I
visited you that night.

They interrogated me and
I professed my...

attraction for a certain
Peacekeeper officer.

My father.

Yes. Talyn.

He was older than I was.

No longer as effective
in battle.

But my superiors didn't
want to lose me.

So, they gave me a chance
to redeem myself.

What did you do to
redeem yourself?

How did you redeem yourself?

By killing your father.

I found the scent again.

Ah... At last.


This could be a trap.

The other might still be near.

Do you smell him?


Captain Bialar Crais.

Or should I say,
former Captain Crais?

Do you have any idea how many
Inquisitors want you back in High Command?

Our orders are to take
you in alive,

but half alive is still...

Wait! There's...
I smell something.


Hey, hey, Crais!

Couldn't have done it
without ya.

Why didn't you tell me?

Needed your fear, homeboy.
I needed the sweat.

I've served my purpose as your
lure. Now untie me.

You don't get it, do you?

Ain't no way, son.

You stuck the knife in
one time too many.

What, are you just going to
leave me like this?

Well, you earned it.

If you're going to
execute me, execute me.

Kill me.

But don't leave me here to die!

You lied to us!

You betrayed us and
you used us!

I used all my assets to stay
alive, and those assets were you.

You think of your own
survival now.

What if Aeryn is dead?

She's not.

What if she is?

How are you going to
command Talyn?

How are you going to get off
this planet without me?

And what if Aeryn isn't back at
Talyn when you get there?

What are you going to do then?

What about Rygel. Is he dead?

He died for several microts, but I managed
to get his little heart beating again.

Then I sewed the wound closed with
the vines. The restorative vines.

But... I'm no diagnosan.

I don't know what else to do.

She doesn't know it yet,
but Talyn is almost recovered.

All we have to do is wait
till he wakes up.

He's not going to wake up.


Wake up, Aeryn.


My name is Xhalax Sun.

The night you've so
conveniently forgotten.

I'm your mother.

You mustn't reveal to anyone that
I was here. Do you understand?

I came to tell you something.


your life was not an accident.

You cared enough then to risk everything,
to meet the child that you had conceived.

You can't have burned that
love away completely.

Talyn, that's your
father's name.

He and I chose to have you.

You were conceived in love.

Our love.

I am that child.

I am part of you.

I am part of Talyn.

I wanted you to know this.

Peacekeeper way isn't
the only way.

It's not too late for you.

It makes you special.

We wanted you.


This is dead history!

Your father is dead!

And you...

you will face a
Peacekeeper Tribunal,

on a charge of high treason.


I've been filleted.

The restorative vines.
They're working!

Rygel, come over here
now and untie us!

Get over there?

I need bed rest for at least
the next 50 arns!

Oh! Oh!

Have you seen these
so-called stitches?

Who did this to me?

I did.

Oh, great. A one-eyed hingmot
with no 3-D vision.

Oh! Oh!

How many of my vital organs
did you puncture?!

I saved your life!

Saved my life!


You sewed this to me!


My robes!

You sewed my robes to my chest!

Get over here, now!

Is this thing working?

It had better be.

We'll never find Talyn
without it.

Oh, for frell's sake, Rygel.
Use two hands. Two hands.

I'm going as fast as I can!

My robes are stitched inside
my chest cavity.

You are so ungrateful.

And I'm trying to keep my guts from
spilling out all over this frelling floor!

Right. See if you
can wake Talyn.

If he's up to it, when I get
back, we're going.

Come on.

Come on!

C- come on!

We've been here. That's old
faithful. We must be near Talyn.


I would take you back, attempt
to redeem you if it was possible.

But your corruption is
too advanced!

My corruption began the moment
I was conceived!


Watch the teeth!

Don't you see my independence
comes from you anyway?

I grew up wanting to be just
like a woman I'd only seen once.

You are a traitor!

I am the part of you that
wanted to be a rebel,

the part of you that knew deep down inside what was right.
- Shut up!

You've resisted Peacekeeper
doctrine before.

Shut up!

Why can't you do it again now?

You are an aberration!

I am your child!

Right, John, get out
of the way.

Let her do it.
Let her shoot me!

No, Aeryn, don't kill her!

We have to.
- You can't.

There's been too much killing!

No. We let her live, she comes,
she hunts us down again.

Aeryn, you should not be
the one to do this!

She can't do it!

She's afraid.

Aeryn, please.
Put the gun away.

You're wrong.

Aeryn is right.

We must not let Xhalax live.

Officer Sun knows Peacekeeper

If we don't kill Xhalax,
she will come after us again.

Aeryn is not going to be the
one to kill her mother!

You want her dead?

Fine, you do it!

As you wish.

Somebody must do it.

Go. Go now. You must not
witness this.

Coward! She can't kill me.

I am right, aren't I?

We let you live, you come
and you find us again.

What, do you expect me to lie?

To beg for my life?

Crais is right.

I will hunt you down and
I will kill you.

Goodbye, Mother.

Aeryn, you have to go.

Go on. Do it.

Do it.


Your recovery is truly
a miracle.

If I don't die of hekpus from
these threads in my chest!

Don't move!

Let me see!

That's done it.

Does it look all right?

You're... you're as handsome
as you ever were.

And, all things considered, you know,
Rygel, you're lucky just to be alive again.

Alive again?

Yes. For a while there,
you were dead.



And when I joined with you, to
bring you back, I met with Zhaan.



That's why you stitched the
frelling tunic to my chest.

You were busy hallucinating.

She looked contented.

She whispered to me.

Kala... Kalash atir...

Kalash atir maz.


It is a prayer of guardianship.

It means she is
watching over us.

Kala... Kalash atir...

Kalash atir maz.


How is he?

Crais is attempting to splice
his neural engrams with Talyn's.

And if he can, then Talyn will be
able to navigate on his own once again

and we can get some sleep.

Or not.

You don't have to wait up for
me if you don't want to.

No, I don't mind.

It is all we can do.


It's just a large part of Crais's
psyche will now reside in Talyn.

It's the only way to bring
Talyn back to life.


Xhalax was my last connection
to the Peacekeepers.

All my ties to them are now
completely severed.

I know.