Farscape (1999–2003): Season 3, Episode 1 - Season of Death - full transcript

Crichton lies on the operating table with the neural chip removed, unable to communicate. Aeryn is cryogenically frozen. The surgeon is able to restore Crichton's ability to speak. A ...

Previously on Farscape.

I am in control of me!

No more, John.

There's no Scorpius here.

You burn Moya?

To save her.
- No!

Crais and Talyn have located
some kind of surgeon.

If it wasn't serious, they
wouldn't have called us.

Hello, Delvian.

John Crichton to Scorpius.

Request immediate extraction.

Given no other choices,
I will shoot you down.

Ejecting now!

Aeryn, can you comply?
- Negative.

Aeryn, listen to me.
This is John. It's John.

Yeah, is it really you, John?
- Yes.

The harness is jammed!



Oh, God...

What have I done?

At peace, Aeryn.

Remove chip.

Take the damn thing out.

Down there!

Hello, Doctor.

So good to see you again.

You no longer serve a purpose.

- I only hope...

the wormhole technology I've waited
so patiently for makes more sense.


And now on Farscape...

Is there still no communication
from the planet?

Nothing. The Diagnosian said
we would be notified

as soon as there was
something to report.

Pilot, any news?

I would have told you
if there were.

We should be down there
at Crichton's side.

John did not want us there.
We must respect that.

The microt you hear anything, Pilot.
- Yes, Zhaan.

Pilot, I remind you that
we shouldn't stay any longer than necessary.

If the neural clone's messages
got through to Scorpius,

his Command Carrier
must be on its way.

We know that, Crais.

Pilot, have you heard anything?

No! When I know something,
you'll know it.

Until then, leave me alone!

Is he always like that?

Aeryn's death hit him
pretty hard.

Hit everybody hard.

Now why were you hiding,

Why do you and your goons come
storming in here with your guns drawn?

Oh, just a precaution.

Precaution? Well, so was that.

So go on, son. Put your precautions
away and pay me what we agreed.

Listen, I informed you the
microt that Crichton got here,

so you keep up your end of
the deal, all right?

Listen, son, you don't want to
frell with me on this one!


If I was in your situation, I'd
be attempting to present evidence

that I still served a purpose.

Does he?

Now that my neuro chip has absorbed
the information I need from John's mind,

we're finished here.

Poor Crichton.

He's going to be so lonely.

Never mind.


It's me, John.

I'm still here.

What? No.

No, no, no, no.

You're gone. The chip's gone.

Get out of my head.

I'd like to.

I don't wish to remain here.
Therefore, you must die.

My name is John Crichton...
I'm lost... an astronaut.

I got shot through a wormhole... In
some distant part of the universe...

I'm trying to stay alive...

Aboard this ship...
This living ship...

Of escaped prisoners.
My friends.

If you can hear me...

If I make it back...
Will they follow?

If I open the door...
Are you ready?

Earth is unprepared... Helpless,
for the nightmares I've seen.

Or should I stay...
Protect my home...

Not show them...
You exist...

But then you will never know
the wonders I've seen.

Serve a purpose?
Of course, I serve a purpose.

Any purpose you like, sir.

Got a purpose?

No? Well I'll come up with one.

Look, there... there's a
purpose in itself.


Officer Kobrin, I ordered you
to remain with the Marauder.

Yes, sir. However we've received an encoded
message pulse from the Command Carrier.

Oh, report.

Battle ended successfully.


However, the unexpected
duration of the engagement

will delay our rendezvous
5.3 arns.

Five arns...

Crichton's shipmates won't
stay away that long.

We can eliminate them.

They don't worry me.

A Leviathan gunship commanded
by a vengeful traitor does.

Sir, I flew us here undetected.

Because Crais and Talyn
were preoccupied

with Officer Sun's last flight.

If we were to leave now, how
long could you keep us undetected?

We'd be a thousand metras away
before the gunship detected us.

Not good enough.

The Carrier's still so far off.

Talyn would easily overtake us.

We'll wait.

Ah, ah, if...

If you're thinking of
staying, sir,

I've got a splendid room.
All the comforts.

Very private.

Show us.


Death is the only sensible
course, John.

For everything there is a
season. A time to be born...

and a time to die.

Yes, yes, yes.
The devil quotes scripture.

I thought you were put
in here to protect me.

Until my task here
was completed.

Now that Scorpius has
recovered the neuro chip...

You should be gone!

How come you're not?

I don't know, but this...

this is intolerable for
both of us.

End it, John! Free us
from one another!

Scorpius has beaten you.

Aeryn Sun is dead.

Your power of speech is gone.

The only one you'll ever
talk to again is me!

Is that how you want to live?!

End it, John. Do it.

Grunchlk, where are you?

You told me that ship
would be here by now.


Oh, Crichton.

You're even more inarticulate
than you...



We'll come down at once, Rygel.

D'Argo. Hey.
We got a meal ready.

There's a problem. Zhaan, Stark
and I are going down to the planet.

We'll go with you.
- No, I need you to stay here with Moya.

Scorpius's Command Carrier
could arrive at any microt.

If it does, I want you to
Starburst away immediately.

But Pilot can look after...
- Just run away and hide...

Do what I tell you!


I'm frelling sick of this!

And when the services finished,

everyone except Crichton went
back up to their ship,

and the doc, he started
the surgery.

And your last communication
with any of them was when?

Uh... nine or ten arns.

Sir, the Marauder's sensors
have detected a Transport Pod

leaving Moya on a vector
towards us.

They didn't speak to you first?

They must be getting

Oh, when they get here,
let me speak to 'em.

I'll, uh, I'll stall 'em,
send 'em away,

whatever you want.

I'll... I'll say you
anything you like.

How prescient of you.

Yours is an interesting
species, Grunchlk.

Simple mind.

Simple brain.

Easily dominated.

And easily controlled.

About time!

Keep trying, Rygel.

You try.

I've done everything
you told me.

Turned on the bioneutralizer.

John. - Turned off the
see-through skull machine.

Enough is enough!
- John

It's just not working!

He's breathing!

Scor... Scorpius.

The Command Carrier couldn't
have arrived without our knowing.

Scorpius must have come in
a Prowler or a Marauder

on a stealth trajectory.

Could he still be here?


If so, reinforcements
may follow.

Talyn and I will adjust our
orbit for maximum scan.

Splendid room. All the
comforts. Very private.

Splendid room.

All the comf...

Very priv...

I'll say...
I'll say anything...

I'll say anything you like.


with a little diversion.


Let me see your pulse pistol.




Scorpius... shot me.

Took the chip.


Couple arns ago.

Gone now.

Are you sure he's gone?

Long gone.

Grunchlk, you...

you used these poor beings
as donors.

The doc couldn't operate else.

Crichton didn't want the
operation if it would harm a donor.

But nobody was harmed. The doc was only borrowing
some cerebral fluid to top up Crichton's.

They could spare it.

How can they be harmed if
they're already dead?

- They aren't dead.

Well, I mean, they're effectively dead
'cause they can't be restored and live.

They're trapped between
two realms. Lost.


John needs our help now.

Tocot, what can we do now?

Well, Doc says he could try
and restore his speech

with a neural tissue transplant,
but that would use up a donor.

You mean, kill.

However you want.

Crichton definitely would
not want that.

Look, it might not even
work anyway.

The doc says this is
so scrambled

he might not be able to
fix no matter what.

If that's the case...

we need to know.

You want me to share
Unity with him?

No, I can't.

The last time I wasn't strong
enough to overcome Scorpius's evil.

The evil is gone now.

The chip may have been removed,
but the evil may still remain.

If that is true, we still
need to know.

You're not alone now, Zhaan.



Listen to Crichton.

Hear his pain.

What should we do? Should
we help her break out of it?

I... I don't know.
- Zhaan!

Go away.

Go away, Zhaan.

There's no point.

Come out of it! Break Unity!

Goddess be with him.

The Scorpius clone is
still in his head.


How is that possible?

It didn't work!
Why didn't it work?

What did you do wrong?

They are never gonna
do what's necessary.

You know what has to be done.

We're going to help you, John.

Give me some wornak injectant.

We're going to get that
frelling madman out of your mind.

I can't see any.

But how about nahbert serum?
It's just as fast and painless.

Zhaan, what are you doing?!
- Zhaan!

Zhaan, no!

Let me go!

Hold her, Stark.

Crichton wants to die!
- Hold her!

No! Zhaan stop this!

He wants to die!

Be calm! Be calm!

John is in agony.
He begged me to kill him.

We have already lost Aeryn.

We will not lose another.

Why is Scorpius still in
Crichton's mind?

Well, the doc figures it's
like a neural bleed.

The, ah, clone's personality's
has been in there so long

that his consciousness has,
like, merged with Crichton's.

H- h-how interesting.

Just remove it.

Well, it's...
it's not that easy.

You can’t just cut it out
with a scalpel, sir.

There's only one merciful
thing to do.

Yeah. I would have to agree.

All right, you two. Out!


Get out! And do not come back
into this chamber.


Come on, girl.

What shall we do?

Whatever we can.


Restore his speech.

But Crichton insisted...

no harm to donor...

You're the one harming
the donors!

Their souls are crying out,
screaming out in pain!

No pain.

I can hear them!

Effectively dead.

That isn't death at all.


And that...

that was mercy.

His agony was far greater
than yours.

Now, my friend.
Can you help John?

Can try.

Well, go ahead.

And as for you...

do not...

make me tongue you.

You look pretty rounched.

I need air. I will go outside
and meditate.

Yeah, now, the weather's cold.
Getting worse.

Cold does not bother me.

Pa'u Zhaan, anything to report?

Not yet, Crais.

Still in orbit? Go chase
that bastard Scorpius.

Their trail is cold.

Talyn and I have found nothing
to suggest a vector.

So? What are you doing
here, then?

We await the delivery of the
remains of Officer Sun.

For the burial in space she
would have wanted.

Fine. I'll load her coffin onto
your Transport Pod

and, uh, Zhaan can bring
her up to ya.

I cannot face such a
task right now.

Help me out, eh? I'm trying to get rid of
that yarbo and his gunship from my planet.

I don't trust 'em.

When we all leave, we will
take Aeryn Sun with us.

Huh. If you all leave.

I thought you weren't hungry.

I was until I started eating.

You want some?
- No.

Come on. It will put color
in your cheek.


Come on. We'll die of boredom
but we'll be well fed.

What did you do that for?

I don't know.


Well, maybe I don't like
being taken care of.

Maybe I don't like
being bitten.

Yeah, well, then keep your
hands out of my face.

Keep your hands out of my food.

Hey, I helped make that!

Too bad!

Still bored?

Stop it!

You better...

You better let go.

Otherwise, I...

I'm going to have to bite
something else.

You'll lose an arm.

You'll lose worse than an arm.

You wouldn't do that...

Don't tell me what I...

what I would or wouldn't do...

I do as I please.


Do whatever you want.


Damage repaired.

Speech should return.


Will know soon.

Hey where are you going?

Must excrete.

D... D...


Aeryn's gone.

I want to die.

Aeryn died so that you
could live, John.

She would want you to
keep fighting.


Still hear Scorpy...

Listen to me.

The chip's out.

Its tendrils are dead.

The Scorpy in your head
is merely a remnant,

a... an... impudent wraith
buzzing in your ear.

You are stronger than he is.
Show him.

Hey, Harvey.
Let's have a little chat.

I don't wish to chat, John.
I wish to leave.

That is why you must die.

Why don't you kill me?
You did it before.

Stopped my brain function cold.

What's the matter?
You lost your touch?

Circumstances are
different now.

Yes, they are.

You got no connections,
no backup, no power supply.

No place to hide.

I wanna make some rules now.

Come on. Let me show you
what I mean.

Now John, you listen to me.

Not this time, Scorpius.

Brain ain't big enough
for the two of us.

Look Crichton,
I'm warning you...

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

Come on, Scorpy. Come on, man.

Show me that ugly grin.

I'm warning you, Crichton.

Now, you stop.

Oh, no, no, no, no, I don't
think so, remember?

Out with the old,
in with the new!

Can I get a hell yeah?!

Hell yeah!

It's your time to pray, Scorpy.

Oh, Crichton.

Pray for your soul, Scorpy.

If you have one.

And pray for the soul
of Aeryn Sun!


Shut up.



One of the cryogenic pods is
starting an autorelease sequence, eh?

Uh, nah. Can't be.

Let me talk to him.

Sorry, Doc. Say again?

Full restoration? You sure?

Nah. Nah, I-it must be a
screwed-up sensor.

Ha... no. You get back and
tend your patient, doc.

I'll deal with it.

Doc, leave it to me.

Doc, get out of there.

I'll handle it!

Doc? Doc!

A Scarran? Here? Why?

Get frelled.


You can do one of two things
with your mouth.

The first is talk to me.

And that is the second.

All right.

You know the Scarrans
are after you.

They found out this is where you
had your cooling system installed.

And they sent a spy who offered
me currency to keep him hidden

till you came back
for a checkup.

And you took his money.

Just his advance.

I was going to keep the dumb frell
frozen and hand him over to you.

But you didn't.

When your goons came in
locked and loaded,

I kind of doubted your
good intentions.

As insurance, I switched on the
Scarran's auto release, three arns delay.

If you'd behaved, and paid
what we'd agreed,

I'd have switched it off.

I hope he kills you
very slowly.

Not likely.

If my father finds out, we're dead.
- He won't find out.

What the hezmana happened
in here?

Oh, we were...

we were making some...

some sork wings and...

and the pot exploded.

You blew up a cook pot?

We used too much lutra oil.

The grolack's fine, though.

Nice and crispy.


Sit down and eat.

Ah, I'll give the...

ah, I'll give the sork wings
another try.

I'll, uh... consume this in a
room without detonating crockery.

Thank you very much.

We'd better clean this up.

I guess so.

Crichton, D'Argo and Stark are
in the surgery room.

Now the Scarran is in the
cryo-chamber, level four.

Shall I take care of it, sir?

With that?

He'll saute you, son.

He's never taken on
a Scarran, has he?


Have you?

I beat him.

He was all mouth, Stark.
How'd you know?

I didn't. I just thought
it sounded good.

Well, it worked.
Harvey's caged.

Come on, let's pay the bill and
get the hell out of here.

I will find Zhaan.


Ithrawan Plonek!

I'm alone!

I got a present for you!


Grunchlk, where is Scorpius?

He's not here.

Then why did you release me?

Well, I... I... I've... I've
got someone almost as good.

John Crichton.

Do you know who that is?


Scorpius seems obsessed
with him.

We want to know why.

Why don't you ask him?

He's in the surgery
room recovering.

No! No! Ohh!

Are you lying? Is this a trap?

No, no, no. No trap.

Where is Scorpius?

Scorpius isn't here.

Scorpius isn't here,
I told you.

But I'm sure he's on his way
back to the planet

to capture Crichton.
- to capture Crichton.

Who is with Crichton?

Just a Luxan and the
Banik slave.

I might have use for you later.

That should divert the Scarran
away from us.

Officer Kobrin,

we've received vital

which I must deliver to my
Command Carrier.

Sir, the carrier is
now much closer.

I am certain we can outrun the
gunship long enough to reach it safely.

You have that much faith in
your piloting skills?

My last rating was 991, sir.

No active pilot rates higher.

Your skills will be tested,

very soon.

Stark, look at these indicators.

The cryo-system is activated to
preserve the body until burial.

But that's not all. The cellular
maintenance functions are still operating

keeping her body alive.


Unless Grunchlk was intending
to keep her here as a donor.

I wouldn't put it past him.

No, the Diagnosian
pronounced her dead.

He could not save her.

His gifts could not.

I could hear the distant
voices of the Interons,

but I cannot hear Aeryn Sun's.

If her soul has not fled entirely
it's much too far away to be reached.

Even the attempt would
be dangerous.

Yes, you're probably right.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
- Zhaan. Stark!

Why don't they answer?

Zhaan? Stark?

What's the delay?


Where the hell did
that come from?

A Scarran.

We have no weapons so I
suggest a tactical retreat.

That looks like an exit.

Door controls.

You didn't bring any weapons?

I only brought down my
Qualta Blade.

It's still sealed.

Well, how am I supposed
to know about that?

Wait! There's a hatch.


I hate the cold.

Freeze or fry.


Sir, the diversion's working.

The Scarran is moving outside in
pursuit of Crichton and D'Argo.

However, two of the others are now
blocking our path to the surface.

If they see us and
notify Crais.

Two Commandos from the Marauder
coming from this approach

could take them out and still
maintain a zero-presence profile.

Summon them.

No sign of the Scarran.
Do you think he's following?

Better hope he is.
- Sounds like you got a plan.

We're going to bring him out here and
see how he likes being in the cold.

And what if he likes it?

Look! One plan at a time!

All right.

Forgive me, Stark, but I
need your strength.

I knew you would never
allow me to risk this.

Do you know who I am?

Do you know who you are?

Officer Aeryn Sun,
Special Peacekeeper Commando,

Icarian Company,
Pleisar Regiment.

Have you come to reassign me?

I've come to take you back.

Zhaan, what is this?

Unity, Aeryn.

The sharing of minds and souls.

As our thoughts merge,
you will understand.

I understand that you
shouldn't be here.

Nor should you.

Why are you doing this?

Because I love you.

More importantly,
Crichton loves you.

You must take this gift,
not for my sake, but for his.

I can't.

I know your thoughts.

And I know what this
will cost you.

Stop resisting, Aeryn.

Accept this.




We'll take Stark with us.

Capture or terminate?

Keep the Banik alive.

Terminate the Delvian.

You're back. You're back.

Oh, Zhaan.

- Success.

Where are the others?



The Commandos are dead,

Even if Crais is now aware of our presence
the Scarran won't stay diverted forever.

Officer Kobrin.

We can wait no longer.

Yes, sir.

Here he comes!

I don't think he likes
the cold either!

Warm up the hot cocoa, baby.
Here we come.

It's jammed!
I can't believe this!

You have got to be kidding me!

Unjam it.

What? What are you gonna do?


Yes, Talyn.

I see it.

That is a vessel leaving
the planet.

No, a Transport Pod would not be
attempting a stealth trajectory.


That's my Qualta blade.

Can't be, you left it
in the coffin!

Hey! Hey, horse face!


No! You're gone.

It's me, John.

But it can't be you.

This is some kind of a trick.

She died.

Zhaan brought me back.

She did a Unity thing.



You're alive.

Crais, cease this pursuit
at once.

This pursuit will end in
your death, Scorpius.

Aboard this Marauder is information
that will help us defeat the Scarrans.

You may have foresworn the
Peacekeepers, but before you act,

consider your fellow Sebaceans.

You consider one Sebacean who died
at your hands, Officer Aeryn Sun.

Yes, Talyn, I see it.

Command Carrier.

Crais, you destroy this ship,

and my Command Carrier
will destroy you.


Talyn! Are we in agreement?!



Scorpius is dead.

His Command Carrier is now
in pursuit of Talyn.

We'll draw it away from your
position before we Starburst.

Scorpius is dead?


Officer Sun is avenged.

Are you certain, Pilot?

Yes. Moya confirms it.

Before Starbursting, Talyn told her
that he destroyed Scorpius's Marauder.

Damn shame on two counts.

Too quick, and I wasn't
there to see it.

D'Argo, I'm with Zhaan.

Did you find Tocot?

Yes. He's dead.

And what about Grunchlk?

He's dead, too.


Then we're gonna take
these two with us.

The Interons?


One of them died because of me.

What, and you think they can be

You were.

A signal from the Command
Carrier, sir.

Moya and Talyn have both fled.

A Prowler detail is on its
way to pick us up.

The Marauder?
- Destroyed.

Plainly Officer Kobrin
overestimated his piloting skills.

Well, perhaps Talyn is more
formidable than we thought.

Sir, Crais must be...

First Command has already taken
care of that situation.

Our task is much
more important.

We have a new Gammak Research
Base ready to go into operation.

Hundreds of techs,
all waiting to apply this...

priceless information.

Let's not keep them
waiting, Lieutenant.

Taste all right?

That frelling planet got me so chilled
I still can't smell anything, but...

it is warming me up.

Mine is more than adequate.

All the time you two
spent in here was...

ultimately productive.

Two excellent cooks.

I couldn't be luckier.

Well, I could.

That frelling Grunchlk.

I paid for services and
they were not rendered.

I'm delighted he's dead.

Finished making your rounds?


I shouldn't be here.

This is exactly where
you should be.

I love you.

I love you, too.

We will not act on it.


My Peacekeeper training was
right about one thing.

Soldiers and emotional attachments
in battle may distort your thinking.

We're not in battle, Aeryn.
Scorpius is...

What happens... What happens when Moya
comes into contact with more Scarrans?

Or Nebari or Sheyangs
or something worse?

I will not be the cause of any more
deaths because my judgment was faulty.

I will not permit anyone else
to sacrifice their life for mine.

What do you mean, anyone else?

Hello, John.

Aeryn just told me that, uh...

whatever you did to
bring her back...

A gift of spiritual energy.


And it took everything
that you had.

Is there anything we
can do to help?


I will not accept that.

I have, John.

I'm dying.