Farscape (1999–2003): Season 2, Episode 7 - Home on the Remains - full transcript

The crew needs food. Zahn needs to eat meat, she starts spewing spores. Only Aeryn seems to have an tolerance for the spores. While she's on Moya with Zahn, the others find a Budong to get some food.

Fields of green grass.

Well, mold is, uh, is green.

Crystal-blue streams.

Ruptured bile ducts...


If I had anything at all in my
stomach right now, I'd throw up.

I've never seen anything
like it.

Moya could fit in its mouth.

It's the remains of a Budong

one of the largest
creatures there is.

For the last month,
you've been telling us

about this fantastic place
where we're going to get fed

and this is it?

A big... rotting Budong?

You mean that thing's edible?

Budong flesh is...
well, it's kind of poisonous.

It's got pustule things
filled with acid mucus.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got it. We
got that one. It ain't edible.

what's the matter with you?

I don't know.
Ah... I don't know.

I hope it's not a cold

'cause I'm sure not going to get
any chicken soup on a Budong.

Look, I don't know what
"cheeken zoop" is, okay?

But there's plenty of
other food at the mining camp.

What, people live on the Budong?

Inside, yeah. Mining
for nogelti crystals.

How'd you find out
about this place?

Um, my brother Nerri and I
stayed here for a while.

We had a great time.

Why did you leave, then?

The winds blew in a
different direction.


How much did you steal?

It was a long time ago.

And they're going to welcome
the prodigal daughter home

with a thanksgiving meal.

Look, we'll work it out
once we're there.

If they've got food let's go.

What is that appalling smell?



You can't eat dentics.

Fried dentics. You can eat
anything if it's fried.

I'll pass.

Suit yourself, Jenny Craig
but I'm hungry.

Obviously not that hungry.

I say we starburst out of here

and try our luck somewhere
else, Crichton.

Aeryn, we are out of supplies.

We're going to become the Donner
Party of the uncharted territories

if we don't get some food soon.

Nobody is going to starve.

The colony has food.

Chiana's right.

We must go to the mining camp.

Of course I'm right.

No, Zhaan. You obviously
didn't hear.

Chiana's got enemies that
she forgot to tell us about.

I need food- now.

Zhaan, what's going on?


I must have food or I'll die.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut.

A radiation wave hit and I got
shot through a wormhole.

Now I'm lost in some distant
part of the universe on a ship,

a living ship, full of strange
alien life-forms.

Help me.

Listen, please.

Is there anybody out there
who can hear me?

I'm being hunted by an insane
military commander.

I'm doing everything I can.

I'm just looking
for a way home.

Why? Crichton, why?

Why do I have to
stay aboard Moya?

Because D'Argo and I
are allergic

to whatever's happening
to Zhaan, and you aren't.

Are you feeling all right?

You up for this?

I'm not sure what's worse-

the hunger pains or the
frelling allergies.

What the dren are
we waiting for?



That's nice.

You think this'll catch
Temmon's eye?

Who's Temmon?

Just an old friend.

He'll look after me.

We'll get food, don't worry.

Well, we better or Zhaan dies.

Come on, let's go.

Oh, that's just great.

I get to stay onboard with
the blooming blue bush

and you get to play with
your favorite little trelk.

We'll be back in a
couple of arns, tops.

I hope the food tastes better
than this place smells.

What did you expect?
It's a corpse.

It's a filthy gelft sty.

Do you want food... or not?

What about your friend?


Why didn't you tell us
about him before?

Is he edible?

Shut up, Rygel.

You did, didn't you?
You stole from this guy.

How's this going to go down?

When I tell him Nerri's dead

he'll forget all...
all about the money.

You're going to use
your dead brother

to play on his sympathies?

I have a plan.

D'Argo, it's okay.
Chiana has a plan.

An attack.

D'Argo. Crichton. A keedva.

Temmon? Oh, frell.

This is who's going to help us?


It's me. Chiana.


Don't let me suffer like this.

Get B'Sogg.


What the hezmana are you doing?

Once that stuff touches you,
you're dead anyway!

Chiana, what's happening here?

He smack- ah!

Smack into a pustule.

Keedva must have been after him.

Keedva. What exactly
is a keedva?

Vicious beast that
feeds off the Budong.

Chews up anything that
gets in the way.

You did what needed
to be done, Chiana.

As usual, these weaklings
didn't have the guts

to put my brother
out of his misery.

Go home!

All of you.

I'm closing the mine till I
track that keedva and kill it.

But with the mines closed
how are these poor folk

going to earn enough
nogelti for provisions?

How are you going to
anything if you're dead?


Now, get out.

I'm gone.

Never thought I'd see you again.

You got some nerve.

Temmon used to say
you liked my nerve.

That wasn't all I liked.

Too bad you left so suddenly.

Why are you back?

Our ship's out of food.

We're dying of starvation.

I thought you could help us out.

You want food.

Hand over your weapons.


Then stay hungry.

Here you are, Marshal.

I'll feed your friends

but not you, Chiana.

You used up my charity.


Get food for Zhaan.


Alive and kickin'.

Come on, girl.
I'll give you a feed.

So, what's Desdi girl
been up to?

A keedva got her
just after you left.

She lost both her arms
and half her face.

True god.

Too right.

Tara gave it up. She bugged out.

She got some kids
or something now.

True? What about Jav?

Scored big and... left.
Just like I'm about to.

Hey, girl, you've
been here too long.

You've been waiting your whole
life for that big score.

No good.

No more, girl-
I'm leaving.

Because I did hit it big.

You better shut it

before something
you won't like flies in.


You really found something?

Vein of nogelti.

Near the second liver,
just past the ribs.

Set me up for ten lifetimes.

Oh, I'm so happy for you.

Be happy for yourself, girl.

I want you to have a share.

You do?

Well, then I,
I can get food for Zhaan.

For all of us.

Just one problem- B'sogg.

That folly closed the mines.

Bastard's probably down there
right now jumping my claim.


Do you think B'sogg...

Think B'sogg could
have killed Temmon?

No more, girl.
They were brothers.

Well, surely we can do something
if not cure it, stabilize it.

I can...

mix a salve which...

which might slow down
the growth of the buds.

Great, you stay there
and you tell me how to mix it.


Can you tell me?

Begin with bet-tur and ly-jel.

Right. Which one are they?

The two marked vials.

Is it supposed to do that?


Zhaan? Can you hear me?

Frelling great.

Officer Sun.

Yes? What is it, Pilot?

The micropollens Zhaan's

are beginning to affect Moya.

She's experiencing a
slight numbing sensation

along her inner hull.

All right, we'll put
the atmosphere scrubbers

to maximum capacity.

Already done.

Well, I don't know what
else to suggest then.

This is your grand
gesture of generosity?

Fungus, mold, lichens...


What's that you're eating?


Why didn't I get any meat?

You want meat,
you have to pay for it.

So, if what I've given you
isn't to your liking...

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

You can ignore the little green
eating machine.

We appreciate what you've
done for us.

We need more food.

We need enough to last us

until we get to the next system.

You want more you have to
earn it like everybody else...

Once I reopen the mines.

What do you say we trade?

We got medical
supplies, weapons...

This is not a commerce planet.

You want meat,
nogelti crystals buys food.

Work... gets crystals.

Then, we'll work.

Dominars do not work!

Especially not in some rotting
corpse filled with creatures.

What are those men doing?


Do you play?

I'm about to.

We're here for Zhaan,
maverick, not games.

I'm here for food.

This is how I'll get it.

I'll introduce you.

Most kind.

Maybe we should have fried this.

Well, it ain't lobster but
it'll keep Zhaan alive.

Keep an eye on the children
till I get back.

Mmm... definitely takes
the edge off.

Man, can it get any worse in
here? I can barely breathe.

Hey, Blue. Delivery.

It's not exactly Domino's,

but it got here in
less than 30 minutes.



Here you go.

Come on.

Can't. Gone too far.

Need meat.

No, no, y-you don't want meat.

Meat's bad for you. It's got
cholesterol, hormones...

Animal proteins...

Stop the budding cycle.

Buds evolved...

For protection.

Famine immobilizes us.

Predator attacks.

Buds poisoned animal.

When animal dies,

we eat animal to recover.

I'll get you some meat.


You cheated.


It's part of the game.

You're just a lousy cheater.

I'll have you know I am an
excellent cheater.

I'm just not at my
best right now.

This outrageous hunger
is affecting me.

Let's see some of these nogelti
crystals you claim to have.

We'll settle up when we're done.

You know what I think?

I think you don't have any
crystals- never did.

Don't be ridiculous.

You lie about having anything
of any value to bet with.

I demand another game

or I'll tear your
frelling eyes out.

You green-assed, stinking,
warty, little bastard!

I'm going to kill you!

That won't get you
your crystals.

You get me my crystals
one way or another.

Yeah, you look good
on that couch.

You always did.

I missed you.

You chose Temmon over me.

Well, maybe I made the
wrong choice.

Temmon's gone now... anyway.

You don't seem too
broken up about it.

Oh, well, neither do you.

Well, we all grieve
in our own way.

Temmon was a
brother... a partner.

I'm going to miss him.

Yeah... Me, too...
but we got to move on.

The miners need to...


Go away.

One of our shipmates
is dying. She must have meat.

You have nothing to
trade for it.

We'll get you whatever you want

but I want that meat now.

There must be
something you want.


Is that what this is about,
free handouts?

I told you

you want meat

you have to pay for it.

Maybe you do have
something to trade.


Does he make all of your
decisions for you?

That's not the Chiana I knew.


I make my own decisions.

Run away Luxan.

Now, give me what I need!

You've got mivonks, luxan...

But I hid the meat in the mine

and no one knows
the mines like I do.

Kill me

and you'll never find it

and your shipmate dies anyway.


if he wants a night with me...

I'll give it to him.

One night?


I play for keeps.

A life for a life.

I give you meat-

you're mine...

till I'm done with you.

What were you thinking,
attacking B'Sogg like that?

What, did you think
he'd just hand over the meat?

It seemed like a better idea

than waiting for you
to frell him into submission.

Yeah, well, if that's
what it takes,

then that's what it takes.

I thought this was supposed
to be about saving Zhaan.

There are other ways to get
the crystals that we need.

I will not allow you
to stay here with him.

- Don't tell me what to do!
- Well, someone has to!



I had a brother.

He's gone.

I don't need another.

I don't want to be...
your brother.

Then, what?

I want to help you.

Do you want to help?

My friend, Altana, she's...

She's found this really
big vein of crystals.

She's willing to
share the wealth.

Is it enough to help save Zhaan?

More than enough...

Except they've closed the mine
because of the keedva.

What if I went
down there with her?

Calibration is complete.

Did Zhaan tell you
what intensity to use?

Zhaan's out of it, Pilot.
I'm doing this on my own.

Then how do you know it'll help?

I don't, but she's a plant
and she loves light.



What are you reading, Pilot?

Zhaan now seems
to be exuding spores

as a reaction to
the intense light.

Can you do anything about it?

I've minimized Moya's ambient
illumination as a precaution

but the spore levels
are still increasing.

You've only made things worse.

I had to do something and you
didn't give me any suggestions.

Why did you do that?

What? I was trying
to help, Zhaan.

Lies. You tried to kill me.

Don't be stupid.

Brutish Peacekeeper.

Can't wait to see me die.

Are you enjoying this?

Not in the least.

Should be easy.

It's never easy.


I'll stay half a cycle, no more.

I've given you my terms.

Take them or leave them.

That was the deal, Chiana.

Can't we negotiate?



- Where's D'Argo?
- Did he get some meat?

Yeah, he's working on it
in the mines.

What? In the...

Is he nuts?!

You remember the creature,
don't you?

How long has he been gone?

I don't know- like,
three arns or so.

He's with Altana.

It should be easy.

It's never easy.

I'm gonna go get him.

Zhaan's spores are spreading faster
than the scrubbers can remove it.

It's penetrating Moya's neural
conduits and dulling her senses.

How badly?

Already enough to impede

Can you compensate?

I'm having difficulty.

My own connection to Moya is
still much less than optimal.

How much damage can
these spores do?

If the levels continue
to increase

Moya could be
permanently blinded.

It's all right. I won't
let that happen, Pilot.

What if Zhaan were to
leave Moya entirely?

If she and I were to leave
in a transport pod

then you could open the
rest of Moya to space

and flush the pollen out.

That would... help Moya...

but what about you?

The spores have begun
to affect you as well.

No, I'll be fine.

We just need to buy some time

until Crichton can return
with some meat.

You prime a transport pod,
all right?

Very well.

Zhaan's gone, Pilot.


Slug monkey.

Rygel, what the hell
are you doing down here?

Get lost, Crichton.
This one's mine.

You seen D'Argo?

Forget D'Argo.

That filthy character Vija
threw me down here

just because I lost at deemo.

He cheated.

What? And you didn't?

Of course I cheated.

You cheated and you lost.

D'Argo and Chiana have a line
on some crystals so let's go.

Crichton, I've got
a crystal right here.

Our luck is changing.


That's your ear, right?


Zhaan is almost out of time

so get your crystal and...







Sorry, Crichton.

Oh, no, you don't.

You're not ditching me.

Get off!

Let go!

- No way!
- There's no reason for both of us to die.

I'm a dominar.

You are just you.

Shut your yap

and give it more gas.

There is no more gas.

Let go or we'll both die.

Screw you.

We're going down!


Let go or we'll die!

For the last time NO!

Let go or I'll bite
your fingers off.

Oh, yeah? Screw you.


Rygel... Rygel...

Rygel, let go! Let me go!

Lucky for you.


What was that for?

I ain't your lunch.

The dentics tasted better.

You tasted worse.

Okay, here's the plan.

You're going to go back to the
transport pod and stay there.

What about Vija?

What about keedva?

Oh, good plan.

Now put our asses down.


Why won't you answer me?

Pilot, why can't you locate her?

The spores have clouded
Moya's senses too much.

I can't even track
where you are.

I'm on tier seven, and there's
no sign of Zhaan.

Officer Sun, Moya's worsening.

If we don't find Zhaan soon

we may have to flush the
atmosphere anyway.


Some water?


Couldn't have done
this without you.

Both our purposes are served:

we save Zhaan, and
you get out of here.

I'm not going to miss the stench

but I'll miss the thrill of it.


Always living constantly
on your guard-

alive and fighting.

You sound like Chiana.

Ah, that girl,
she's a wild one.

But she's got a heart of good.

Her loyalties are certainly
flexible, that's for sure.

She'll do whatever it takes
to get meat for your friend.

That's what worries me.

Nah. We always came out on top,
the two of us.

We had our fun even when
she and Temmon were together.

Ah, that fella,
he was good for her

and her brother.

And yet, she repays his
kindness by stealing from him.

That's why it's very difficult
to trust her.


Are you and Chiana together?


No, or not yet?

That's up to her.

Aeryn, any further

and Moya will lose all
ability to navigate.

Then we can't wait any longer.

But unless Zhaan's secured
herself in a transport pod

decompression will kill her.

Is there no other way
to save Moya?


Then seal off Command and do it.

Decompression in five microts.

Oh, Zhaan... forgive us.

Officer Sun.

Spore levels have dropped.

Thank you, Pilot.

Beginning repressurization now.

It'll take over an arn.



D'Argo make it back?

Well, didn't you find him?

No, I found Rygel and
one very big, ugly critter.

They should be back by
now with the crystals.

It's been a hell of a day.

If we don't get some meat
before the end of it

I'm going to cut my own damn
arm off and feed it to Zhaan.

Creature alarm.


What happened?

The mines were closed,

but some of you decided to
ignore that.

Where's D'Argo and Altana?

I found your friends

but got there too late.

What the hell do you mean,
"too late"?

I heard the keedva

and drove it off.

John... John...


Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy.

I... I tried to get it...

But I couldn't...

I couldn't protect her.



D'Argo, what happened?

The creature attacked.

I tried to stop it, but...

How bad you hurt?

Nothing broken.

Blood's running clear.

I'll survive.

Your friend's lucky to be alive.

How could this happen?

First Temmon, now Altana.

You know what, boudreau?

For someone who's supposed to
be such a great critter hunter

you ain't doing
that good of a job.

I closed the mines for a reason.

Now stay out and let me
do what I have to do.

All right, Pip...

What's the plan now?

He killed Altana.

He's going to go
steal her crystals.

I'm not going to let him.

You stay here with D'Argo.

Boudreau is mine.

How much longer, Pilot?

Repressurization will be
complete in 900 microts.


You don't understand.

Tried to kill me.

Suffocate me.

Poison salve.

Burn me with light.

Look, I've only been
trying to help you.

No, always hated me.

Came to Delvia.

Imprisoned me.

Zhaan, they were Peacekeepers.

I'm no longer a Peacekeeper.

Always a Peacekeeper.

Barbaric savage!

Afraid to come near me.

Afraid of contamination.

It's not true.

Plotting with Pilot against me.

Plotting my death.

Nobody wanted you dead.

We did whatever
we could to help you

but we ran out of options.

Your spores are harming Moya.

Would never harm Moya.

Zhaan... look at me.

I can barely talk,
I can barely breathe properly.

Your spores are doing that
and it's far worse for Moya.



Lies to confuse me.

No, I'm trying to
get through to you

and for the sake of
your goddess, think.

Think... can't think. Hazy...


Cut through the haze, Zhaan.


You're a Delvian
Tenth Level Pa'u.

You trained your mind
to control your thoughts.

Do it now.


Help me.

All right.

I will.

- Pilot.
- Yes?

Get the transport pod primed.

Nice stash you got here.

And you came down to
steal some of it.

No, fella, you have to earn it.

Like Altana was doing
before the critter got her.

Speak of the devil.

What do you say we take this
conversation someplace else?


Well, I've heard that somewhere

Not yet.

And I've seen this guy
somewhere before.

Friend of yours?

It's a primitive animal but
intelligent in its own way.

Over the years,

we have developed a mutually
beneficial relationship.

Well, I'm really not interested
in your personal life.

I should warn you
I don't taste too good.

He won't eat you.

He prefers what I give him.

That's how I trained him-
to have his way.


I'll let you two get to know
each other.

Easy, fella.


You're just a
big ol' dog, right?


Look what I got.

This is for you.

Oh, yeah, this is good, huh?

You want this, yeah.

Hey, yah!

There you go, have a look.

No, no, it's that way.

That way, that way,
there you go.

Good boy, good boy.

No more Captain Kirk chit-chat.



One... two...

Come on.


Turn around.

Drop it.

Drop it!

Kick it away!

Where's Crichton?

I have no idea.

Don't frell with me.

Believe me.

Oh, believe you.

Well, that's a joke.

Get 'em up!


You're a thief and a trelk

but you're not a killer.

I'm evolving as a...

as an individual.

I know you.

You won't shoot me
in cold blood.

You can't do it.

You're right.

I can't.

You bitch!

What did you do?

Don't leave me here to suffer!

- Mmm?
- What?

- Mmm.
- That was your fourth plate.



- D'Argo?
- Thank you.

Another helping?

Uh... no.

Mmm, that's wonderful.


Carolina-style keedva.

Best barbecue this
side of a Budong.

- Thank you, John, for everything.
- A pleasure.

Y'all dig in now.

Pilot is very relieved
that you're recovering.

Well, as much as I suffered
your experience was...

was also painful. I only made
it more difficult for you.

You weren't yourself, Zhaan.

No, I was the mindless savage
I accused you of being.

But, uh, it wasn't very pleasant

reverting back to such
a primitive...

vicious state.

I'm sorry for what I said.



Don't talk.

You must be happy
to be out of there.

You can't understand, D'Argo.

Understand what?


I understand that.

It's not a big thing.


You don't have to
put on an act for me.

D'Argo, I do what
I do to survive.

Can't you just let it go?

I can only let go
when I feel safe.

You are safe.

Am I?