Farscape (1999–2003): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Way We Weren't - full transcript

Chiana discovers a recording with Moya's original Pilot. After seeing the recording and realizing Aeryn was involved, Pilot orders Aeryn to leave Moya.

Lieutenant Velorek, this display
of force will change nothing.

This is not a display. I offer
you one final chance to cooperate.

I have been bonded to this
Leviathan for 21 cycles.

Two minds, two bodies,
intertwined as one.

Whatever your secret project
is, I will not participate!

This Leviathan will do what I
wish if you lead her to do so.

You Peacekeepers subjugate us,

torture us, and now you expect
us to cooperate with you?

You have no understanding of the
covenant between Leviathan and Pilot.

I tk ar-t Keta.

Another Pilot?

He's being held down at the
Transport Bay, awaiting your decision.

I insist you reverse the
Control Collar anesthetic

and reawaken this Leviathan
at once!

You insist?

Lieutenant, what is
taking so long?

I'm offering her one last
chance to see the folly of her...

You have secured a
replacement Pilot?

Yes Captain, but...


How long will it take
to replace it?

I can't be certain until
we extract the body.

Then stop wasting my time.

Get your unit working!


How far down there do
you think it is?

I don't know. We'll find out
soon enough.

I hate waste removal.

Keep your opinions to yourself.
Is that clear?!

Yes, sir!

Where'd you find this?

Top Tier.

Digging through all the
dren stored up there.

It must be some kind of
Peacekeeper recording device.

Did you see what I see?

This is Aeryn. It shows she's
been aboard Moya...

Peacekeepers must have kept
these things running 24/7

to spy on their people.

Crichton, that is Aeryn!

She's been aboard Moya before.

She killed a Pilot.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut.

A radiation wave hit and I got
shot through a wormhole.

Now I'm lost in some distant
part of the universe on a ship,

a living ship, full of strange
alien life-forms.

Help me.

Listen, please.

Is there anybody out there
who can hear me?

I'm being hunted by an insane
military commander.

I'm doing everything I can.

I'm just looking for
a way home.

I'm offering her one last chance
to see the folly of her...

You have secured a
replacement Pilot?

Yes, Captain, but...


How long will it take to
replace it?

I can't be certain until we
extract the body.

Then stop wasting my time!

Get your unit working!

How far down there do you
think it is?

I don't know. We'll find
out soon enough.

Keep your opinions to
yourselves! Is that clear?!

Yes, sir!

- Yes, it's me. I admit it.
- Are you happy now?

This shows you have been
aboard Moya before.

Why didn't you ever tell us?

Criminally obvious, isn't it?

She helped murder a
defenseless Pilot.

Must have been about
three cycles ago.

I've been aboard hundreds of Leviathans
and I had no idea that it was Moya.

Oh, so all non-Sebacians
look alike? That it?

I didn't know, Chiana.

Look, the Aeryn on that tape
is not the Aeryn we know.

It was a long time ago.

Three cycles isn't that long.

Heh. I was aboard Moya by then.

As was I.

Maybe you were one of the ones
who took a turn torturing me!

Ever torture a Hynerian?

Perhaps you helped
torture me, too.

- Aeryn, just don't...

Okay, everybody.
Neutral corners.

Let's chill out for a microt.

We all have things in our past that
we'd rather not have on instant replay.

True enough, John.

But I still can't accept the
cold-blooded slaughter

of such a helpless creature.

Oh, it's perfectly fine to cut off
one of his arms then, is it, Zhaan?

Peacekeeper murderer!

Aeryn, no!


You're not helping your case.

What have you guys been
thinking all this time?

What, she was out picking
baskets of Rawlis buds

while all the other mean Peacekeepers
did all the really nasty stuff?

She was a Peacekeeper.


I was a Peacekeeper, and things
were very different then.

My priorities, my values,

and my relationships.

Officer Sun.

Wish you were back flying
Prowlers again, eh?

You're a very fine pilot.

I'm glad you were reassigned
to fly my transport.

We were in space for
22 solar days,

and not once did you ask
what the cargo was.

I get yanked from Prowler duty without
cause and reassigned to transport duty.

That's fine.

I do what I'm ordered to do.

But that doesn't mean I have
to be interested.

Healthy curiosity isn't against
regulations, officer.

Asking questions is.

And besides, if I had a question
to ask of my superiors,

it would be "why was I pulled
from Prowler detail

and when do I get to go back?"

The replacement Pilot.

Aeryn, you saw Pilot.

Our Pilot, being
brought onboard?

I was sent on the cargo transport
mission and that was my cargo.

If I'd known that it was Moya,
that it was our Pilot,

I would have said
something long ago.

I can't tell if you're
lying or not.

One thing I do know.
For all our sakes,

Pilot had better never see
this recording.

What's done is done. There's
nothing we can do about it now.

If you'll excuse me, I'd rather
spend the next few arns alone.

So, our Pilot wasn't
Moya's first Pilot.

Well, I su... sure didn't know
you could replace them.

You can replace them all right,
but it's a long,

difficult, dangerous procedure.

I think I'll go and
check up on Zhaan.

So, the guy on the tape.

That was his job?

Replace Miss Pilot with
Mr. Pilot?

It was Velorek's job to bond the
new Pilot to the ship, to Moya.

Any way he could.

Remember what we discussed.
Remember what we discussed!

There's nothing to be afraid of.

I can't understand what
he's saying.

He's speaking in his species'
ancient language.

One sentence can carry over a hundred
different facts, concepts, emotions.

Far too complex for our
translator microbes to interpret.

Once he's calmed down, once
he's comfortable here,

then he'll start to simplify
his sentences for us.

Attention, sir.

You will straighten out and
you will do so immediately!

Is that clear?

Captain Crais.

Running into problems already,

You're not filling me
with confidence.

No, not a problem, sir.

No. It s happened. It's over.

Like Zhaan said, what's done
is done. I can't undo it.

I just thought perhaps
if you talked.

No means no, John.

I estimate that insertion will
be complete in 83 arns.

You may have 60.
- It can't be done.

Then you will find a way.

Your sole responsibility is to
install this new Pilot

and teach her to command this
Leviathan as I direct her.

This Pilot is a "he," sir.

With all due respect, I
understand my responsibilities.

But this Pilot is young and

That's why the Peacekeeper
Military Tech sent me you.

You were the only one who could do
what I want as quickly as I want.

The success of my project
depends on it.

Are you telling me you can't?

It will take time to acclimate him,
more time to conform physiology,

and even more time
to teach him.

And that is what my
report will say.

And my report will say they're merely
excuses to mask your own incompetence.

Whose report do you think
will be believed?

Don't you threaten me,

Take a lesson from
your new Pilot.

Anyone can be replaced.
- Captain Crais?

Officer, Aeryn Sun, Icarion Company,
Pleisar Regiment. Currently reassigned.

I'd like to state my case for being returned
to my regular assignment as a Prowler...

I guess we're stuck with each other
for at least a little while longer.

Well, well, if it isn't our high
and mighty little Prowler pilot.

Too good to get down in the hull with
us and dig out that old Pilot's guts, eh?

All those nerve fibers.

I couldn't believe how far down
that beastie got into this ship.

Well, you're one of us now.

You'll be digging guts
with us next time.


You're making hamburger there.

Talk to me.

Come on.

What happened back then?

Come on.


Crichton, you might have noticed that
at times, I've kept you at a distance.

Many times.

Vast distances.

There's a reason for that.

Just one?

Go ahead.

Most Peacekeepers are bred and
reared for one purpose.

Military service.

Procreation is assigned.

There's no such thing as
a lifelong mate.

But you have relationships.

The male and female kind.

Of course. As many and
as often as you want.

Peacekeeper High Command understands
the troops' biological needs.

Only you don't connect with anyone
openly and never with any longevity.

I guess, the point is,

my relationships back then
tended to be somewhat...



What does this have to
do with the tape?


Oh, this is about that guy.


What about him?

He, um...

He what?


We were lovers.


Lovers. Um...


I don't think I've ever heard
you use that word before ever.

So, uh, you...

did you love him?

Uh... I felt something for him

that I never felt with any of
the other men I recreated with.

I don't know what it was, but...

I guess now, I'd say that
it was love.


Well, from the way you tell the
story, he sounded kind of sadistic.


The opposite.

That was the problem.

Officer Sun.

We must talk.

How the hell did he get
hold of that?

It doesn't matter.
He's seen it.

I have to talk to him.

Fine. I'll go with you.


It has to be just him and me.


This is difficult for
both of us.

Both of us?

It isn't me on that recording
committing barbaric slaughter,

with no remorse.

This is me, Pilot. Aeryn.

We are closer than any two
others on this ship.

I still carry remnants of your
DNA inside of me.

That's why your betrayal
cuts so deep.

Your DNA is the same DNA as the
Pilot on this recording.

Do you have any idea how
I felt when I saw it?

When I was reminded of
what I had done?

Prepare for all power conduits
to connect!

Ready, sir.


We're ready to remove
this thing now.

So remember, calm and
easy, okay?

We're ready, sir.
- Okay, here we go.

- Slow, slow, slow.

Remember, simple sentences.


Am I there?

Indeed, you are.

Your new home.

The ship.

Her name is Moya.





What happened?

Aeryn went to see Pilot.

He somehow got his hands
on the recording.

I'd have that recording in
my quarters, hidden.

Does she know I'm here?
Does she...

She's under heavy sedation
at the moment.

She will be until the bonding
is complete.

But the bonding takes over
a cycle, sometimes two.

That is natural bonding.
We don't have time for that.




He's venting the chamber!

This ship, this Moya.

She doesn't know her old Pilot
is dead, does she?

When she's awakened, my presence here
will be a complete surprise to her.

By then, the bonding process
will be complete.

There's no more time to allow
you further adjustments

to your new surroundings.

It's best for all of us the
sooner we get this over with.

You killed this ship's
first Pilot!

The Pilot that belonged here!

I will not have you aboard
defiling her with your presence.

Until Aeryn leaves this vessel,
Moya will not move another metra.

You stole the datacam from
D'Argo's room, didn't ya?

You showed it to Pilot,
didn't ya?

He deserved to see the truth.
- Oh, the truth.

It was my ethical duty.
- Ethical?!

I am a Dominar of principle
as well as action.

Principle? No, no, no. I think you
showed it to him so he owed you one.

Yeah, a big one.


Pilot is a creature of his word.
We've not moved one metra.

We're just drifting.

You know, we've never seen
Pilot like this before.

Chop off an arm the best he can
muster is a few snotty remarks.

But this, he shuts down the ship
and he tries to kill Aeryn.

Shut down is right.

We're not moving unless
he wants us to.

Yeah, there's more to it than
what's on that recording.

Kind of makes you wonder how
bad things were back then.

I wouldn't know.

I spent the whole time with my collarbones
chained to the walls of my cell.

Oh, did I hurt you, my dear?

You're done, Zhaan.

Thank you for your compassion.

Interesting hearing you
speaking of compassion.

You think I lack compassion?

That Pilot is right and that I
defile Moya with my presence?

Well, you know what?

He's right.

And you are right.

And I will be in my Prowler and
out of here in less than an arn.

I'm sorry.

No, Zhaan.

I am what I am and I did
what I did.

Aeryn, you had no choice
back then.

You did exactly what was
expected of you.

In that world, that was the only
kind of Peacekeeper you could be.

Did you hear some call to
Battle Stations that I didn't?

No. But we're finished and I
have to get to my duty station.

Well, you're not expected there
for another half arn.

Spend it here with me.

You don't enjoy being
here with me?

Hmm. I enjoy it.


it just isn't right to actually feel
something for a fellow Peacekeeper, is it?

Well, what's the point? We won't
be assigned to be together forever.

We could be.

I'm high enough in Military
Tech hierarchy.

I could make it happen.

If you wanted me to.

Peacekeeper High Command makes
all assignment decisions.

High Command doesn't always
make the right decisions.

Come on, Aeryn.

You and I have been intimate since the
second solar day of our voyage to get here.

There's something about you.

Something special, and
I think you know it.


No, I'm not special.

Don't take the Peacekeeper
hard line, Aeryn.

You understand what I'm saying.

Can you honestly tell me all you
want out of life is to fly Prowlers,

like a thousand others,

and serve a madman like
Captain Crais?

That is outright

No, it's not.

It's observation.

Think beyond the box the
Peacekeepers put your mind in, Aeryn.

Crais is a maniac and his
coveted project is an abomination.

No, I don't know anything about Crais'
project and I don't want to know.

The project will likely kill this
Leviathan and I cannot let that happen.

Will not.

What does that mean?

Aeryn, I know how I
feel about you.

And I think I know how you
feel about me.

When I leave here, I want you
to come with me.

You can be so much more.


What are you doing?

She's going to do
as Pilot asks.

She's planning to leave Moya.

Pilot, we have to talk.

Let's hash this out right here,
right now.

Five cents, the doctor is in.

Major systems grafts are complete.
Now, are you ready for this?

I'm... I'm in a great
deal of pain.

You'll get used to the pain.

Get used to it?!

It will go away, won't it?

I'm afraid not.

An unfortunate but permanent side
effect of the grafting process.

Now, I'm about to reawaken
the Leviathan.

All of her senses will reawaken
instantly along with her consciousness.

Remember, her senses are
now yours.

Nothing I can say can prepare you
for what you're about to experience.

Try not to be afraid.

I won't cry out.

You will.

Something is wrong!

Something is horribly wrong!

Moya can sense your presence.

She knows that you're not
her old Pilot.

What is that?!

I'm sorry. It's a pain pulse
from her Control Collar.

I must force her to accept you.

It is unbearable!

It's the only way for her to
accept you as her new Pilot.

Moya only accepted me because
she was tortured into it.

Tortured into it!

Moya is free of me.

Pilot, what the hell are you...

I'm no longer bonded to her.

I am reading major variances in
the life support system.

The internal gravity bladders are all
deforming and Moya's trying to fix it herself.

That's because Pilot
is off-line.

Crichton, what the frell is
going on down there?!

Pilot, what the hell
have you done?!

No, no, no, no, no,
this is not good.

No, no, not good!

The pain is finally gone.

And Pilot's been in pain
all this time?

Very likely. I remember Velorek was
forced to graft Pilot to Moya's systems

instead of letting the process
occur naturally.

And why didn't you tell us
about this before?

Because I didn't know it was
this Pilot, remember?

Kids, save it for after school.

Right now, how do we fix this thing so we
stop bobbing about like three men in a tub?

We don't.
- We don't.

We need Pilot's help.

He's got to instruct us through
the process manually.

Yeah, well, I don't think
Pilot's in a...

'Leviathan for Dummies'
kind of mood right now.

Yes, working.

Does that feel good?


You sure?


There, how's that?

Much better.

The DRDS are responding
to my impulses now.

Hundreds of them.


I've completed the task
you asked for.

Everything went
according to plan.

The structure's in place.
The shaft has been sealed.

Good, good, good.


What secret project,
Lieutenant Velorek?

I see your heightened senses
are fully functional now.

This project is nothing for you
to concern yourself with.

I've just made certain that it
should never be a threat to you

or the ship ever again.


I have to talk to him.
- Aeryn, no, no, no.

Pilot's Etch-a-Sketch isn't operating
with all its knobs right now.

I'm afraid seeing you
won't help.

Besides, he's locked himself
inside his chamber

and the DRDs have taken up
defensive positions.

He must've used voice command.

It's all my fault.

I don't buy that, unless more
happened back then.

So what happened back then?

I have to talk to him.

- Aeryn!

I'll go.
- No, no, no, I'm already into this.

No, I can talk some sense
into both of them.

D'Argo... look...

See ya.

I can't believe it.

The DRDs are definitely in
a defensive posture.

What do you plan on saying to Pilot that
you think is going to make a difference?

You are right. This is about
the past,

and he's remembering more and
more about those days.

I'm the only one who could
possibly understand,

so I figure if I can get him to
talk about it, it might help.

So you think that talking
will help?


Why don't you talk to me?

Come on, Aeryn, let me know.

What's got you so torn up
about what happened?

Aeryn, what happened with
you and Velorek?

It's just you, me, and the
walls in here.

I have finished my
assignment here.

I'm going to be
reassigned soon.

I want to go with you.

You mean that?

What about flying Prowlers?

I've been through all the
accepted channels of command.

Without something to single me
out, they'll never listen to me.

I will make this as exciting for you
as flying any Prowler could ever be,

I promise.

Where would we go?

What does it matter?
Somewhere else.

I don't know how to live
somewhere else.

You only say that because this
is all you've ever known.

In the right new place,
you'll thrive.

Change your mind.


Whatever you did with Crais'
plan, put it back.

What are you talking
about, Aeryn?

Aeryn, what is this about?

What have you done?

What is the meaning of this?!

What do you think
it is, Velorek?

You're under arrest.

On what charge?!

Treason, of course.

We can find no evidence of your
attempt to sabotage my project.

I think we may have caught you before
you were able to do your damage.

We'll find out soon enough.

I assume you're the informant?

Yes, Captain.
Officer Aeryn Sun.

Just contact Lieutenant Teegue.

She'll see that you're rewarded
with the assignment you requested.

Prowler detail, sir?


Bring him.

You found that something special
to single yourself out with.

Congratulations, Aeryn.

No ordinary Peacekeeper
would've attempted this.

I told you, you were special.

I got my duty.

And what happened to Velorek?

But they never got him to talk.

He never told them what he had
done to sabotage Crais' plan.

But I think I know now.

It was Crais' project to
impregnate a Leviathan, Moya.

To breed a Peacekeeper
Leviathan warship.

Velorek installed the shield
to prevent conception.

The shield that D'Argo
accidentally shattered.

It's no use.

There must be some way to
get Moya to help us.

No, there isn't.

All interior life support
is in Pilot's hands.

Not anymore.

Even if we can communicate
directly with Moya,

there's nothing she can
do on her own.

Just my luck.

Out of all the Leviathans in
the universe,

I end up aboard one with a
second-string Pilot.

And do we know Moya's first
Pilot was any better?

Pilot, no!

Get out of my chamber.

Leave me alone!

No, Pilot, we need to talk.


You want a chance to tell me
how non-violent you are now.

Or what? You'll blast me into pieces like
you did the Pilot who used to sit here?

Stay away from me!

Tell me now, Pilot. Talk to
me right now or I swear, I...


Pilot, we're just here to help.

If you stay disconnected from
Moya, you'll starve to death.

And with no one to
regulate them,

your precious life support
systems won't function properly.

Right, fine, yes. We all want
you back in the seat.

And Moya must be pretty worried,
wondering where the hell you got to.

Doesn't matter.

She'll be better off
without me.

That recording brought back memories
of a time none of us wanted to remember.

Based on my actions back then,
I deserve to die.

And if you wish to kill me right
now I'm not going to stop you.

But please, spare the others
and yourself.

Aeryn Sun, it is not you
who deserves death.

It is I.


So you're not Moya's original
Pilot. You replaced her.

You can't blame yourself
for that.

I didn't only replace
the old Pilot.

The elders have already
judged me.

They said I was not yet worthy
to Pilot a Leviathan.

If you believed that, you
wouldn't be here right now.

So why are you?

I want to be joined so badly...

I can make that happen,
young one.

But the elders.

The elders have not yet decreed
it to be my destiny.

I offer you the chance to
make your destiny.

Look up.

And what do you see?


That's what I offer you.
The stars.

I dream of nothing else.

I offer you a Leviathan.

All you have to do is
agree to help me.

But you said that for me to be
joined, the old one would have to die.

That Pilot will die no matter
what you do.

If you don't come with me, I'll
find someone else who will.

Someone who isn't afraid to take
their place amongst the stars.

The fate of Moya's true Pilot
was sealed at that moment.

So you see, Aeryn, it wasn't
really you who caused her death.

It was me.

If I hadn't agreed to come, Velorek may
never have found a replacement Pilot.

But... but I just wanted so
desperately to see the stars.

Do you remember when you
first came aboard Moya?

Velorek stroked your cheek
like this to calm you.

Back then, I couldn't fathom
why he'd do a thing like that.

And now I couldn't fathom
not doing it.

We've come a long way
since then, Pilot.

And we've still got a
long way to go.

Take the journey with me.


I know a procedure, some temporary
connections that can be made

to give me back rudimentary
control of Moya's systems.

Okay. Let's get started.

Those temporary connections
you've made are working just fine.

You realize if you finish what
you're doing now,

allowing me to bond with
Moya naturally,

it could take an entire cycle
before the process is complete.

During the bonding period,
I won't have as much control

of Moya's systems as
I had before.

It will make it even more
tenuous for all of us.

It doesn't matter, Pilot.

You deserve to be bonded
to Moya naturally.

I will work hard to deserve it.

I'm finished.

How does it feel?

There's no pain.

No longer any pain.

Velorek said that he'd
always remember you.

And you, have you...?


He said that in the right new
place, I would thrive.

He was right.

You know, that time when he
asked me to go with him,

he said, you can be
so much more.

That was exactly what you said
to me on the first day I was here.

And you... say you think...

you loved this man?