Farscape (1999–2003): Season 2, Episode 22 - Die Me, Dichotomy - full transcript

The neural chip in Crichton's head is driving him insane. He pleads with D'Argo to kill him. They take him to a healer to have the chip removed. The chip takes control of Crichton, and ...

Ah, there you are.
We're dividing spoils from the depository.

These were set aside for you
to choose from, and I understand that...

She is burnt.
She's badly crippled because of our desires.

- Let go!
- Was all this wealth worth it?

Of course not, you blue bitch.
But what's done is done!

- Just as long as we're wealthy?
- May as well put it to good use.

Crais and Talyn have located
some kind of surgeon, a healer species.

We're almost there.

We're all choosing one or two items we want,

the rest is to pay any fee for Moya's remedy.

- I'm sorry Rygel. I misjudged you.
- It's becoming your career.

Now listen, John.

Be smart. See the situation for what it is.

Screw you!

No John. Not this time.

We've reached the end of the old...
the beginning of the new.

I am in control. I am in control of me!

- No more John.
- Screw you!

The reverse is more likely.

Stop it!

Stop it!

I can't! I can't!

No. There's no one here, John.
You made yourself bleed!

Scorpius! Scorpius!

Yes. Listen! He put a neural tracer chip in your brain.

- You know this. You know he isn't really here.
- I see him! I see him!

Well fight it. Listen to me.

We've reached the surgical facility.

We're going to see if they can remove the chip.

I have to smash him!

No! Scorpius isn't really there, John.

I need you to face reality as it is!

It's ridiculous, I know.

She cannot see us, John.

- What's happening to me?
- You know what's happening to you.

Scorpius put that frelling chip in your brain.


what do you see...

in the mirror?

- What do you see?
- There is no mirror.

There is no Scorpius.


You must confront your fears,
with strength.

You're right, Aeryn.

There's no Scorpius here...

There's only me...

My name is John Crichton...an astronaut...

Radiation wave hit me...I got shot through a wormhole...

Lost in some distant part of the universe...
on a ship...

A living ship full of strange alien life- forms...

Help...Listen please...
Is anybody out there who can hear me?

I'm Being hunted by an insane military commander...

Doing everything I can...

I'm just looking for a way home.

Die Me Dichotomy

If it wasn't serious,
they wouldn't have called us, would they?

Now when you're done...the big picture.

I don't like him.

He's rumored to be one of the best healers
in the Uncharted Territories.

No, not him. His sleazy confederate...



Splendid hearing. Doc fix there.

- Can he save Moya?
- Oh, looks good!

He's splendid with infections.

He'll make up a mixture. It'll be absorbed
through these scarred areas.

And then a couple of applications.
Keep the patient sedated.

- You're laughing.
- How much?

By my calculations, let's say...

exchange equivalent, with the meter
and all of that...

- 12, 000 Kretmas.
- Outrageous!

Just a microt!

I don't know. What do you think?

I don't know if we have any choice.

She's gotta get fixed, but this is crazy.

He always thinks I undercharge.

He's a greedy bastard, it's a species trait.

Now, I'm sorry to have to do this to you but, he insists!

- That's 15, 000 Kretmas.
- I could buy a whole new ship for that.

Well, I had to let an aunt die once

because we couldn't afford a fixer.

I'm gonna go and assess our funds.

If you don't make her better, we are gonna get you.

- Let me introduce you.
- Chiana!

Leave him alone.

Why do you wear that mask?

Dr. Diagnosan...

intuits disease through inhalation.


Very, very sensitive.

Even the Siljot bacteria in your beautiful hair,

would kill him,
if he got it in his nose and his mouth

at the same time.

Crichton. A word, if I may.

Not now, Rygel.

Now works for me.
So, if you haven't chosen a bauble yet...

Rygel shut up!

- If I take you to him...
- I don't wanna have them repaired!

He's a surgeon. We have currency.

- I'm sure...
- Father, you're not listening to me.

- Alright, Rygel. I'll take care of it.
- Well, he just tried to force,

- this chinka stone down my throat...
- What did I just say?

I can't see why you wouldn't want
your tankas restored,

- I mean, as a Luxan.
- I'm only half Luxan.

And for many cycles,
I didn't even wanna be that.

You cut yourself.

You mutilated your own tankas.

You hate me that much?

It's okay.

It doesn't hurt anymore, Father.

- Hey, D'Argo...
- What!

Sorry, Chiana,...

A moment ago you said 17. 5.

Expenses, experience, expertise. The meter is still running.

- 20, 000 is the rate.
- I'll pay 18 and not a Kretma more, got it?

I hate to negotiate like this,

but I do find that it cuts through the krutatah.

Put him down Greenchalk.


This is business. I have the supply,

I make the demand.

It's alright, doctor.

The family are in denial.
I won't let them hurt each other.

Take the 20, 000...

before it goes up.


Pilot says you're reconfiguring
a comm signal outside his control.

I want to eavesdrop on Crais's radio traffic
without him knowing about it,

I still don't trust him here.

Crais and Talyn saved our lives.
They saved yours.

Look, Aeryn, if you're worried about that...

inside my head. Don't.

He's under house arrest.
Remember what you said?


That's great, John.
But you need to stop what you are doing.

Aeryn, as long as I stay busy...

he leaves me alone.

Sometimes if I sing, he leaves me alone.


Once the Diagnosian's finished with Moya,
he's going to take a look at you.

Won't help.

I am...

reminded at this point...

of a word that you actually brought
to this vessel.


I would be lost...

without you.

Then you'll never be lost.

No matter what happens...

you have worked your way...

into my heart.

You've shown me that I have one.

I love you.

I love you, too.

You are so...my girl.

Now, listen to me.

Officer Sun cannot be blackmailed or enticed.

If she is to join us,

it would have to be of her own volition.

Agreed. If she joins us freely,
we will tell her the truth.

What's that coming through?
Identify the source of this signal!

Play it loud!

- It's a Peacekeeper signal.
- Crais says it's a special pulse code,

- known only to captain's rank and above.
- He's never been a Peacekeeper!

It has to be the neurocircuit that Scorpius has planted...

What are we gonna to do when we find him?

You, nothing! It's too dangerous.



Stop what you're doing.

Relax, boy. You're not in any danger.

Scorpius only wants me.

My father says you're in no condition to make that decision.

And you're in no condition to stop me.

Step back!

Oh my.

You really should have brought a pulse rifle.

Like father, like son.


How to you feel?

Like a popsicle.

Gotta love this sphincter end of the universe.

They're just gonna have a look, an examination.

Make sure he puts the K- Y on the glove.

What the hell are you doing here?

Meager gesture of support.

While the others attend to Aeryn and Jothee.

- Is there any permanent damage?
- Just their pride.

- You seem remarkably lucid.
- Don't get too close.

- I could turn any second.
- We'll fix it Crichton.

Everyone's pledged to give whatever it takes to...

I thought he couldn't inhale our contaminants.

You see the green light?
That's a biological neutralizer.

That is, you could have
the Karatonga Plague in here...

wouldn't touch him.

Outside. Pick your nose, and he's dead.



Frelling krutatah!

You're gonna tell me
my health plan doesn't cover this, right?

Doctor doesn't often say this...

there's nothing he can do.

That thing in his head...
he can't get it out without killing him.

D'Argo, the surgeon said
it's a numbing anesthetic, okay?

So don't breath too much and...all right?

- And shake the cannister every couple of...
- All right already! I remember!

- What's the matter with you?
- What's the matter with you?

Well, I'm just...I'm trying to have a relationship.

And you think I'm not?

Listen, Chiana. You have to understand,

- it has been so long since I've seen my son.
- D'Argo, I know how long it is.

There is no one, no one who has lived

this dream of finding your son
more than me.

You gonna help, D'Argo?

Couldn't you wait a couple of microts, Stark?

I was talking to Chiana!

Tocot says we gotta put down another layer of Danlandium...

- Frell you!
- ...after the first has been absorbed.

And you understand him.

How many bodies did he say were in here?

I believe he said "frelling millions".

Aeryn, did I say or do anything to piss you off?

I mean, other than caving in the side of your head.

Are you serious?

Do you not remember?

Splendid news for the patient.

I think I found a biological match.

What? You found a human?

Well, it's called an Interon. It's bipedal.

Central spine. Organs internal.

Single heart circulation and a small head.

I've got three specimens. That's the best I can do.

There are over 5, 000 different species frozen here.

This is an abomination against nature.

It's not as though they're suffering,
love, is it?

Yeah. I mean...
They're already dead anyway.

- No, Aeryn, they're still alive.
- That's a technicality.

No. I'm not accepting anything from someone who's alive.

They're all accident victims and the like.
I mean we freeze'em a microt

before their death
'cause the parts last longer that way.

- You have interrupted the course of nature.
- None of them would survive restoration.

That is the Doc's rules for accepting a donor.

And you've got three like me.

Well. Similar. I mean, probably a species offshoot from the same stock.

Is that possible?
We're somewhere near Earth?

I don't know.

- I want this chip out.
- Splendid! 'Course, if it don't work...

we get to keep your body.

- That's it, D'Argo.
- I can't feel my tongue.

- Who's fault it that?
- Frell you.

You know what my dad wants to do
with his share of the money?

Buy a farm.


He wants to grow Prowsa fruit and make wine.

I don't wanna live on a farm. I've been a slave...

been chained in a mine.

He wants to live the quiet life.
I want to live loudly.

Well, I didn't know that.

I guess it was gonna be just you two.

- You too, Chiana.
- Pilot, you're high.

I am no higher than I've ever been.

My position is fixed.

No, I mean. The drug in Moya,

it's messing with your brain.

He's been using my DRDs to practice.
Wanna see? It's a secret.


"You know that I have to spend
a lot more time with Jothee, so...

"I was hoping we could all find a quiet place and,...

"settle down together.

"I was hoping you would consent to be my wife."


What a surprise to find you eating.
So, Gunshock.

How long will it be before the surgeon
can operate on Crichton?

Seven or eight arns.

He wants to finish supervising the medication of your ship.

He's splendidly consciencious.

Well, we'll just keep Crichton restrained until you're ready.

- Good. Anything else?
- What are you up to?

Higher level reasoning, Aeryn.

If a simple thought occurs, I'll call you.

As I was saying...you must know your way around

this backwater part of the galaxy.

I know who I need to know. That's a very small stone.

Your savon surgeon says Moya won't be able to starburst for some time.

I'm interested in securing other passage.

There are some excellent choices available.

It depends whether you require speed, stealth, or strength.

That's another very small stone.

All three.

It's not impossible.
That's three very small stones.


Zhaan, what's happening?

They're treating one more tier, then the diagnosian wants you.


- Zhaan, listen...
- Yes, John?

Odds are that...I'm not gonna make it.

- Positive spirits. I pray to the Goddess.
- Yes, but...Reality tells me.

Your soul is troubled.

When the chip's not controlling me,
my thoughts are lucid.

There are so many things that...

I wanna say to my family and friends.

If you could absorb these thoughts,

you could find a way
to get a message back to Earth.

You want me to join with you in Unity?

I just want my dad to know.

Concentrate on me.

Hello, Delvian.

Tenth Level Pa'u.

A Twelfth could break this bond.

Time to pray.

Unlike your institutional upbringing,

my parents were compassionate, moral, emotional.

I value those traits.
They are beginning to emerge in you.

Crichton may not survive.
Moya may be permanently crippled.

The others are contemplating their next move.

You're an officer and a strategist. Have you not planned yours?

Sounds like you have a suggestion.

This ship,

this emotional ship, needs guidance.

Talyn has chosen you.
And I agree with his choice.

There is much that you can learn
that will surprise you.


It's Crichton.

Relay us to Pilot.

Crichton, why won't you frelling answer?

Aeryn, don't come after me, I'm not in...control.

You will not shoot him down, Talyn.

Crichton is broadcasting our position to Scorpius again, he must be stopped.

Track me.

Oh, and Crais...

Thank you.

Wooo haaa!

Shielded message for Scorpius.

Coordinates on specified frequency.

Request immediate extraction.

Block and fragment his transmission

as best as possible.
Buy her some time.

John Crichton to Scorpius.

Limited flight capabilities
due to the nature of this craft.

Request immediate extraction.

You just called yourself John Crichton.
Are you really John anymore?

Little lady.
How's the skull fracture?

Well, if I'm not addressing Crichton,
then I address the neurochip in his head.

- At your service.
- You're in an unarmed vessel.

I believe Scorpius's mandate is for Crichton to remain alive.

And I intend to see that he does.

Given no other choices, I will shoot you down.

I doubt it.

Make no mistake.

I believe you'll pull the trigger.

I just don't believe...you'll hit anything.

Focus. Focus your mind. Purge the memory.

No! Stark, he is no more!

His body shelters some horrific evil!

Crichton's gone.

Now, this is flying!

How's the ride back there?
A little bumpy?

Weapons locked to your exhaust.

I give you one last chance to stand down.

AAh, the radiant Miss Officious.

So sure.
So confident in the void of space.

Crichton was trained to fly in atmosphere

against gravity.
Welcome to our world, baby!

Aeryn, Crichton has often said
he'd rather die than fall to Scorpius.

If you get the opportunity,

don't hesitate.

- What makes you think I would?
- Because if our positions were reversed...

I would.

As Crichton might say: "Yee- haw!"

Where the frell am I?

Lose your dance partner?

You don't have enough fuel
to last until Scorpius gets here.

Depends on how close he is.

Look, John...if you're even in there anymore,
look at what you're doing.

You fail to understand
the extent of your friends misery.

He wants Scorpius to find us. He wants to end his pain.

No. I'll never believe that.

Look Crichton...

Scorpius...Whatever you are.

Recognize atmosphere included,
I am a superior combat pilot.

Darling. Uncontested.

So land your craft now,
or I shall be forced to demonstrate that skill.

You really would shoot your friend down,
wouldn't you?

- You know the answer.
- Well then, I shall comply.

Lowering landing gear.

Officer Sun. Trust nothing!

Crais, she doesn't need you to tell her that.
Descending now.

Terribly sorry. Didn't see you there.

I am under attack! I repeat!
I am under attack!


- Attempting to gain ejection altitude!
- I take it our encounter is terminated, Officer Sun.

All options depleted. Requesting position track!

Climb! Eject!

Ejecting now!

Well done, Officer Sun!

- Are you still concious?
- Frell you.



It's all right D'Argo.
The descent brakes auto- ignited.

I'm all right!

Officer Sun. In deference to that part of Crichton which still cares...

I inform you that you descend not over solid ground...

but a frozen lake.

He's right.

- D'Argo, Crais, do you have my position?
- Affirmative.

- I've got you, Aeryn. Can you avoid it?
- Negative.

- I go down where this chair takes me down.
- Your jets will weaken the ice.

I suggest separate before touchdown!
I repeat, separate before touch down!

Officer Sun...


Officer Sun...

didn't hurt....much.

Aeryn! Can you comply?

Negative. The harness is jammed.

Your frelling tire must have damaged
the mechanism!

Aeryn, listen to me.
This is John.

- Yeah, is it really you, John?
- Yes. Listen to me.

You do not want to be in that chair
when you set down.

Well. This harness won't release.

I don't have anything to break it...

- Aeryn. You have to get out of the damn chair!
- I don't have any choice!

Come on, please. Do something.

I don't have any options.

Baby, you're not gonna die like this.

I hope you meant what you said
in the Neural Cluster...

I did.




What have I done?

The goddess graciously receives to her bosom,

all those who pass from this existence

regardless of faith or belief.

She holds, however,

a special place

for those who travel this life
as a journey.

Aeryn Sun,

will surely harvest that favor.

Her life was a series of strides toward enlightment.

Casting off the chains of prejudice and hatred.

Reaching beyond violence and bigotry.

She sought a balance of lasting inner peace.

In her name.

You are more worthy of this.

At peace, Aeryn.

May the Goddess receive you with charity.


May the Goddess sanctify your spirit.



May the Goddess purify your soul.

May the Goddess recite your name on the whispers of the wind.



D'Argo, give me your knife.

Give me...your knife.

Aeryn, forgive me.

I love you.

I'm ready.

Are you sure you don't want your friends here?

No, I don't want them here.

The Doc says,
because of that thing in your brain,

there's no way you were responsible
for what happened to that Sebacean.

Yes, I am.


After the Doc's cut the tendrils that have hijacked your brain,

he's gonna try and take out the neurochip completely.

But he needs your help.

What do I gotta do?

Because there is no template of your brain pattern on our database,

he doesn't know what bits of gray do what.

So when he probes, you tell him.


- Where will you be?
- Anywhere else.

I vomit when things get messy.

Yes, Talyn.

I too would have like to have

shown Aeryn
what we learned from this chip.

I think it would have made her

the happiest soul among us.

- Everyone else is preparing to move on.
- I know. Tragedy often heralds flight.

- What are you going to do Zhaan?
- My concern now is for Moya and Pilot.

If you are in agreement,
Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan,

it would be an honor and a pleasure,

to share the future with you.

This is...what?

Critters. More close encounters.


American politics, Nixon to Clinton.

Lose it.


All of my dogs.

- Necessary?
- No, but keep it if you can.

The ship that you wanted,
will be on its way here shortly.

- Thank you.
- Service paid. Service rendered, I guess.

- Too bad, he?
- Yes. But that's life.




It's too bad we don't get
to spend more time together.


My whole life I never stayed
in one place long enough to...

build any real relationships.

And I always stay too long.

Jothee? Chiana.

Let's stay close.

Once we find out about John,
we should discuss our future.

Sure Dad.

Wow! Wormholes...that's it!

Good job...from you?

- I should...desist?
- No frellin' way.

Here! Down there!

What the frell was that?

Return to the Maurauder. Inform Scorpius

we've successfully maintained
our zero presence profile.



Speech close to...

neural implant.

You're gonna take my memories,
and I'm gonna talk gibberish?

Why not just take my mojo
while you're at it?


then attempt...

replace you...normal.

What the hell.

There's no one I really want to talk to.

Not much worth remembering.

Take the damn thing out.

I remove,

then restore...you.

Very clever, Grunchlk.


chip removal.




Hello, Doctor. So good to see you again.

No, quite the contrary really.

My cooling apparatus is just as functional as the day you installed it.

Eternal thanks.

I am so sorry to disturb
the sterility of your theatre but

you no longer serve a purpose.

What irony.

Sensitivity to heal anything,

but oneself.

Well, Crichton.

So much to say,

and yet, such little capacity.

I only hope,

the wormhole technology I've waited so patiently for makes more sense.

Don't need a translator microbe for that one, do we?

You've cost me much.

And I do not suffer dissapointment well.

I condemn you John Crichton,

to live.

So that your thirst for unfullfilled revenge,

will consume you.