Farscape (1999–2003): Season 2, Episode 21 - Liars, Guns and Money: Part 3: Plan B - full transcript

The crew is going to break into the depository to free Crichton. Crichton is being tortured for wormhole technology. Nothing is going like planned with those mercenaries but unexpected arrival of Talyn helps them to break free. They get rid of Scorpius but their losses are too big, among which Crichton's sanity.

Ka D'Argo, your son is being
sold in a lot of 10,000 slaves.

Are we gonna rob a bank?
- Yes!

In one container is enough wealth
to buy the entire shipment of slaves.

Crichton! Seal all exits!

- The doors are sealed, Aeryn! What's happening?!

Scorpius must be on to us.

They won't get out.

What the frell did you
put in my head?

A tiny chip.

A tiny seed that's been
growing in your brain.

Scorpy, when he put me in his chair he
did something, and it's getting worse.

We have done it! We've done it!
We are rich.

As soon as we establish an
exchange rate for these ingots,

we'll know exactly how
rich we really are.

They're eating the ship!

Metalites. They consume metal.

There are over 2,000 of those
creatures on board.

We could never kill them
one by one like this.

I can't lose Jothee, not again.

What do you want?

From you, nothing.

But your father would give me
something I want very much.

Surrender to me.

Or the boy dies.

Item one, we need a Bloodtracker.
- Come with me.

Item two, we're gonna have to
pound our way into the depository.

For that, we need a Sheyang.

Three, we need a Tavloid.

You want the gauntlet,
you take me with it.

And finally, we need the
Zenetan Pirates.

I liked your proposal.

These guys are mercenaries.

We get them, we go in hot,

we kill Scorpius, and we
bring your son back.

You'd burn Moya?

To save her.


Scorpius is going to
kill Jothee.

No, he won't.

Jothee, it's really you!

You win.

As if there was ever any doubt.

And now, on Farscape.

All right, Frankenstein.
Let's get it on.

Get your property out
of my head.

It's controlling you,
isn't it, John?

I don't know what you're
talking about.

In there.

My neural clone.

It forced you to me.

Nothing forced me here.

Annual checkups are essential
to good health.

You're lying, John.
I always know.

Don't worry.

Soon, I'll take the pain away.

This thing in my head,
this chip.

Part of me now wants it
to control me,

so I'm going to go to Scorpy and have
him take it out before it's too late.

Before I no longer
want it gone.

Goodbye, my friends.

At least by swapping myself for
Jothee I can do you some good.

You see how you misread him?


This doesn't change anything.

What's not changed?

The plan.

Why we brought you all here.

Hey, nobody brought me.
I volunteered.

I am the Holy Warrior of Tarou.


All I'm saying to the
rest of you is

that you were willing to go and
save Jothee and instead,

we'll just go and rescue

Excuse me.

You're forgetting one thing.
- What?

We came on this adventure
for one reason.

You said you could pay us.

That's right.

Well, that's true...

Have you any currency now?

Well, um, we did have currency.

Ah, well, what we thought was currency
actually turned into, um, a creature.

And it, ah, it...
it was alive, and...

we had to burn the ship.
- Yes, yes, yes, I understand that, girl.

But you see my problem,
don't you?

I don't do anything unless
I get paid.

And since you no longer
have currency...

Moya is now mine.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut.

A radiation wave hit and I got
shot through a wormhole.

Now I'm lost in some distant
part of the universe on a ship,

a living ship, full of strange
alien life-forms.

Help me.

Listen, please.

Is there anybody out there
who can hear me?

I'm being hunted by an insane
military commander.

I'm doing everything I can.

I'm just looking for
a way home.

Go on, shoot her.

You're an embarrassment,

- You're worse... you're worse than an embarrassment.

You're an idiot.
- What are you doing?

There are 30,000 containers in
the Shadow Depository filled with

riches that you could have but
you'd rather point a gun at a girl.

What are you trying
to do, Aeryn?

Shame me into going with you?
- No.

No, because even if you wanted to, I
wouldn't go into battle with you now.

Do you know why? Because you're
a coward and an idiot.

What do you think you're going
to get if you steal Moya?

She's a half burned Leviathan.

I mean, you two have to be the
stupidest pirates I've ever met.

We are not stupid!

Hey! What's going on?!

You all stay where you are
and remain calm!

Everybody, keep calm.

See, Zelkin?

You don't have the numbers.

Get that gun out of my face!

I think this whole idea rots!

I want...

"I want! I want!"

"My side! Your side!"
All of you, "I want"!

What's the matter with
you, frek face?

Matter? Matter? I'll tell you "matter."
Anti-matter, matter, matter, matter!

Oh, Scorpius killed 10,000
of my people!

10,000 cast into space!

10,000 souls scream
in my brain.

The chair! The chair!
Remember the chair?

What chair?!
This frek is crazy!

You coming? Do you agree?

Will you fight like this
down there?

Of course, of course.
No hands, no hands.

Then I change my mind, Zelkin.

This one has the spirit of the
hunter and not the prey.

But I want currency if I come
and plenty of it.

You'll get it.
You'll all get it.

So, are we agreed? Are we going
down to rescue Crichton?

Aeryn? D'Argo?

Not now, Pilot.
We're negotiating.

But there's a ship approaching.

Is it Scorpius?

No, it's...

...it's Talyn.


Scorpius, tell me something.

Why are you so interested
in this human?

There's nothing impressive
about the species.

Try not to move so much.

One flinch at the wrong time
and this will paralyze you.

It's kind of hard not to
flinch here, Scorpy,

with Frau Blucher tickling
my prostate.

What are you doing to him?

Why don't you just take him and

I must soften his neural receptors
to see if my clone in his brain

has reached the information
I need.

If I have, then I will call my Command
Carrier back from battle and be away from you.

See? Flavius Scorpius here
wants to visit foreign lands,

meet foreign people
and conquer them.

You overestimate me, John.

I have no desire to dominate
the universe.

But know this.

The wormhole technology
in your brain

will sway the balance of power
as we know it.

Imagine, the ability to move
an army in an instant.

The power to make hostile
planets disappear.

Crais, we are very thankful
that you allowed Talyn

to respond to her mother's
distress call.

Eight entire tiers are burnt and Moya's
immune levels are falling to critical.

The nutrients that Talyn's
supplying should start to heal Moya.

Keep a check on the electrocell levels.
They mustn't rise above six parts.

I'm well aware of that.

How much longer will Talyn
remain linked to Moya?

Two arns.

And then you'll be leaving?

There's little more that
Talyn can do.

Is there some reason you
wish us to stay?

We are planning to attack the Shadow
Depository on the planet below us.

And you want Talyn to help?

Scorpius is in the depository.


I thought that you didn't want
to use Talyn for violence.

You all said that from
the beginning.

Yes, but this is different.

How? Is this violence more
acceptable because it's for you?

No, it's because Scorpius
has captured Crichton

and he's going to kill him if
we don't get down there.

There's always a reason
for violence, Aeryn.

Thousands of people die for
the most virtuous causes.

You don't have to
lecture me, Crais.

I believe I do.

You've lectured me
countless times.

How long has Scorpius
held Crichton?

Four arns.

Then I recommend you bring down
a basket without any holes

so that Crichton's liquid
remains are not lost.

He's already dead, Aeryn.

And all the doors are
cross-synchronized so when you're here, I'm here.

And everything's perfectly timed because
we're on a silent count, right? Right?


You pay attention!

If one piece of this plan fails
then the entire plan fails.

You got it? You got it?!

Look, all I understand is that
I'm going down first.

With Bekhesh.

Great. We're going down, while
you all stay up here out of danger.

You're the tracker. You must locate
Crichton before we risk ourselves.

What are you doing
with that head?

He's an old enemy. I like that
he doesn't talk back.

As soon as you locate Crichton, then
the rest of us will follow straight down.

And then Teurac and I will
destroy their generator.

How come I don't get that job?

Because you can't produce a
fireball that burns at 7,000 klances.

How will I know when to start
burning the generator?

I told you! We'll all be on a
silent count for the entire battle!

A- A silent count?

While we're fighting?

Yes, it's easy.

It's complicated.

What do they do?

The Zenetans will deploy
the Flax.

The Flix? What the frell
is the Flix?

The Flax is a net that will
trap any ship coming after you.

A net? Oh, I see. They stay up
here opening a net

while I'm down there
risking my life?!

What's the point of a plan if you
don't get away at the end, pack animal?

Do you know what that is?

No. What is it?

It's, uh...

it's your blood ancestor's
Qualta Blade.

My father's father used it in
the Siege of Repmek.

You're kidding me?
You fought with this?

It weighs a drackik.

It's perfectly balanced.

I still use it myself.

I'm, uh...

I'm sorry that we
haven't spoken.

Don't be sorry.

I don't know what
to say either.

Who did this to you?
Who mutilated you?

You did.

In a way, you've done everything
that ever happened to me.



I had to send you away.

After your uncle accused me
of killing your mother...

I'm not angry with you.

But what's going on
in this ship...

you don't expect me to help you
save Crichton, do you?

I thought you would want to.


I'm interested in saving myself.

For ten cycles I've been
running, trying to survive.

I realize that. I want to know everything
that has happened to you in your life...

No, no! You don't want to know!

Believe me you don't
want to know.

I have done things, many things
I'm not proud of to survive.

Now... I... I don't want
to shame you,

but I am not going back
to that planet.

I only just got my freedom back.

I'm not going to risk
losing it again.

There. He's ready now.

Oh, don't stop now, Scorpy.

Roll me over and baste
the other side.

Are you going to take out
the implant?


I'm going in.

What the hell?

This is Sawyer's Mill.

My dad used to bring me fishing
here when I was a kid.

This is a place inside
your memory, John.

A place in your brain.

In my brain?

Yes. We're inside your brain,
and no, I'm not Scorpius.

But he is.

Hello, John.

Have you obtained the
wormhole information?

I believe I've burrowed
far enough.

The information was well
hidden by the Ancients.

I suspect even Crichton is
unaware of the specifics.

Is he ready to have the
chip removed?

Oh, yes.

I'll call my Command Carrier.

When we reach my ship and
I remove my neural clone,

your death will be painless.

Screw this.

I can't move.

God, I can't move.

I'm sorry Aeryn. You're wasting
your time if you came here to beg.

Not begging.

Choose your own word.

Look, Crais, we're all going to
die if you don't help us.

Will other lives be lost
in this attack?

You can have anything you want.

Aeryn Sun...

are you... offering yourself?

Crichton, if he's alive,

must mean a great deal to you.

You can take what you want
and I won't stop you.

I don't want you to think
I'm a coward.

I don't.

I've been thinking about
what you said earlier.

I was wrong to ask you
to join us in battle.

It's not your fight.

No, Father.

If it's your fight then
it's mine, too.

Thank you.

Ka D'Argo.

We need to talk.
About the plan.

Not again.

Pilot, would you mind telling these
fools what we talked about earlier?

D'argo advised me to
auto-program the Maintenance Bay.

If you try to mutiny, the
chamber will fill with benon gas

and render you unconscious.

We have no desire to die,
Ka D'argo.

But you are a warrior.

You must admit, this plan
seems, uh...


It's more than flawed.

It's frelled.

And that is why I say we
should forget about it.

Forget it? You think they're just
going to let us walk in down there?

Pilot, is Moya well enough to
do us one more favor?

What kind of favor?

A low-level maneuver through

I think she might be able
to manage it once.

I'll ask her.

This is what I think we
should do.

Moya should prove a

Then we go down there, burst through
the front doors and storm the place.

It's what we do best.

Are you ready to go down now,
and save Crichton?

But we all heard his

What if Crichton's worse
and won't be rescued?

Well, that's easy.

I put a bullet in Crichton's
head and end it.

The Command Carrier is arriving
six arns earlier than expected, sir.

Well, that's too bad.

I thought you wanted to leave
as soon as possible.

I do, but, uh... good news.

I'm always suspicious
of good news.

Hey, Scorpy, why don't you cut me
down? Isn’t torture time over?

I don't torture people, John.
You misunderstand me.

Now that my neural clone has
reached the information that I need,

I'll remove it.

As soon as my Command Carrier

It seems...

Oh, what's the matter?

Got a little warm head?

How about I change that rod
for ya? I got some spares.

Natira, lock this chamber down.

Open it for no one but me.

I'll do it.

Human, you are surprising.

I've never seen Scorpius worry
about anyone as much as you.

Don't be jealous, Frau Bl cher.

He only loves me for my mind.

You know, you should come in
and visit some time.

Why would I ever want to
go inside you?

So the Scorpius in my head can tell
you exactly how he's going to kill you.

Well, I can tell you, you're
about to taste blood.

Was that good for you?


Moya? Anyone?

How does this frelling
thing work?

I hear you, Bloodtracker.

We're just outside the depository
and yes, you were right.

The guards aren't looking for
a Vocarian or a Tavlek.

Can you smell Crichton?

No, but...

Why not?

Well, it's just...

The problem is he's
a lousy tracker.

It seems smelling is
a female's job.

Oh, frell!

I don't want to hear excuses.
Just find Crichton.

You're no help, Bekhesh!

Why don't you frell off? Hmm?

I would've found him by now if it
wasn't for you clumping around behind me.

Fine. From now on, you're
on your own.

What's the matter, Teurac?

Uh, nothing.

Can you produce flame?

Of course.

I will not let you endanger
the rest of us.

Stark's plan depends upon your
ability to produce flame.

If you cannot, I must warn
the others.

No! I still have flame

but can no longer tap
into them.


Unless what?

If you have Taakar serum...

But that's poison.



Answer this frelling thing,
will you?

Ah, I'm sorry, Rorf.

I've been training all my
sensors on healing Moya.

I got through the waste vents and Crichton's
on the level above the main chamber.


Rorf? Rorf?

I told you.

I don't know this human.

Bounty hunter.

Why are you here?

Well, I was planning to
make a deposit.

A deposit of what? Fur lice?


Back away and shut up.

I'm just doing...

Back away now.

Bounty hunter.

This is the last time I will

What are you doing here?

Get frelled.

You know what I was doing.

I was casing the joint for
Zenetan pirates.

I didn't know you were here,
and I don't know who he is.

Zenetan Pirates.

Please, allow me to
question the animal.

Sometimes a female's touch...

You should have answered me.

I was trying to save you.

Animal, you have lovely eyes.

I love red eyes.

Very sensual.

Very unusual.

Animal, what are you
doing here?

I told you...

Do not lie again.

Who were you communicating to?

And what is the plan
to free the human?

A plan?

I don't know of any plan.


I love your eyes so much.

Your lying eyes.

That's all I know.

They plan to destroy the generator
then attack in the darkness.

Darkness is the key.

Please don't take my other eye.

Natira, my senses tell me that
this animal is telling the truth.

Braca, come with me.

If we secure the generator
their plan will fail.

We have to be fast.

Once we land on the planet
Moya's going to run a distraction.

Teurac, Zhaan and Stark, I want
you to go through the waste vents,

into the depository and
destroy the generators.

Aeryn and I will meet up
with Bekhesh.

Once the power is gone we'll
be able to storm

through the center chamber
doors and rescue Crichton.

What about me? I thought
I was going too.

You're going to stay here on
the Transport Pod with Rygel.

I said I'd go. That's why I'm here.
- Look, it is not your fight.

I've lost you once before.
I'm not going to lose you again.

Braca, while I secure the

get to the monitor and be
my eyes and ears.

Yes, sir.

Tell me.

Is there a back way to the generator?
- Yes.

Pilot, we'll be touching down
on the planet in 30 microts.

Good luck, Aeryn.

Good luck to you all.

Thank you, Pilot.

Rygel, I'm handing control
over to you... now.

Let's do it.

Starting descent... now.

Chiana, tell the Zenetans to
prepare for a low level maneuver.

You got it, Pilot.

Blue Eyes.

Look out at that.

That is the last sight your
eyes will ever see.

You are a sick puppy.

Scorpius has to kill me, and
you're still getting your jollies.

Oh, he doesn't... he doesn't
have to kill you, Blue Eyes.


He... He can get the chip out
without hurting me?

Oh, yes.

First red, now blue.

Scorpius wants your brain.

He said nothing about
your eyes.

Blue eyes...

So soft...

Very rare...

What the frell is that?

That's Moya.

You're clear to land, Rygel.
Get in there now.

Sir, we have a problem.


Bekhesh, take out the camera.

Mobilize every
available soldier.

Have them stand by outside
the main chamber.

Oh, dear, dear, dear.
What has Moya done here?

You are so screwed, Medusa!

I'll tell you what. You get me out
of here, I'll help you stay alive.

Why do you want to escape
now, human?

You just told me that I could get
the chip out of my head without dying!

When you get me out of here,
I'll give you the damn chip.

Hell, you can have the
wormhole technology.

As a bonus, you can have
one of my eyes.

Let us go, you bitch!

The generator's this way.


Teurac, that's the generator.

Burn it!

Give me the Taakar serum.

Give it to me now.

Are you sure? It's seven units.
It's a lethal dose.

Not for us.

Younger Sheyangs have
survived nine.

Give it to me!
There is no other way.

We have to get that
frelling gun.


Good shot.

I was aiming for between
his eyes.

Teurac, what's taking so long? You
have to destroy the generator now.

I'm trying.

My chest...

the fuel is there, but I
can't reach it.

You must hurry.
They'll be here soon.

I'm here already, Zhaan.

Hold it there. Don't resist.

Put the weapon down.

Put the weapon down now!

Why hasn't the power gone off?

It's that frelling Sheyang.
He couldn't do it.

I knew I shouldn't have
trusted him.

Do you think there's anyone on
the other side of this door?

Are we going to do this or not?

I don't know if we have
any other choice.

None whatsoever.


Natira, why aren't you
answering me?


Don't worry about her.

Worry about me.

Shoot him.
- No. No, don't.

He's a Sheyang.

That's right.

I'll explode if you shoot me.

Goodbye, Zhaan.

This is not your fault.

I always knew it had to
end like this.


- No!

They did it.
They killed the power.

You two go to night vision.

I can't see. Mine's not working.

Just shoot!


I think I did it.

My night visions are
finally working.

For someone who couldn't see,
you did okay.


Braca, can you see Crichton?

No, the monitor's gone dead.

Then get me some emergency
power now!


Natira, I know you're listening.

If you're betraying me,

if anything happens
to Crichton...

Come on, Natira, you'd better
make up your mind quick!

- Answer me.
- Scorpy's gonna kill you

no matter what happens here.

You don't believe me?

Go in my head and ask the clone
how you're gonna die.

Ask him!

Natira, ask him.

Where is he?

I'm here, Natira.

Tell me...

Scorpius would never
harm me, would he?

Now I know why Scorpius found
you so... enticing.

To possess a beauty like you...

To feel... all of this.

Crichton's right.

Scorpius is going to kill me.

Oh, my lovely, how
fortunate you are.

Your death will be painless.

Natira, come get this spike out
of my neck. Forget about him.

If I take it out will you get me
on Moya and away from Scorpius?

Do we have a deal?

Where is Crichton?

You said he was here!

This is where Rorf said
he would be.

They must have moved him.


There's a way out on the lower
level. We must move faster.

What's the matter, Crichton?

I can't get Scorpius out of my
head and he's not gonna let me go!

Don't push him, bitch!

Just stop it!
- Don't tell me to stop it.

She took out my eye!


We're on our way to the pickup
point, Rygel. Come and get us now.

On our way, Zhaan.

Out of the way, you slug.
I'm gonna...

Intruders in the landing bay.
Get a squadron up there now.

Braca. Braca, signal the
Zenetan Pirates.

Zelkin, deploy the Flax.

I repeat, deploy the Flax.
- Zelkin, who you speaking to?

Is that a Comm?

Hey, easy, easy girl.

Oh, I didn't know you cared.

Kurz, release the Flax.

Why the frell aren't we moving?

It's the Flax. We're trapped.

You'll never get away
from me, John. -Let... go!

Go away. You're not real.

You'll never get away
from me, John.

Go away Scorpius!

Move it!


Don't shoot Crichton.
I need him alive.

Crichton, get back!

There's no escape, John.
No escape, John.


Let's go!

We have a deal, Crichton.


Leave him, John.

Come on!

Go! Go!

Leave him,

and come to me.


Take me to Moya.

Frell you, Crichton?

Die alone.


My female! My female!

D'Argo, you must go
back to her.

You must tell her...
- I will. I will.

They're coming from both sides.
We're trapped.



Why aren't you here?


Zhaan. Is that you, Zhaan?


Has Talyn returned?

Sorry about this, but Scorpius will
kill me if I don't hold Moya for him.

We're free, Chiana!

The Flax has gone.

Kurz? Kurz, what's happening?


Kurz is dead.

Talyn has destroyed your ship.

I'll take Moya then.

You're not taking anything.

Oh, what a waste.



Talyn has just destroyed
the Zenetan ship.

Have you come back to help us?

Let's just say that I'm here.

All right. Hang on a microt.
Stark, Zhaan?

Yes, Aeryn, we're here.

Can you remember from the blueprints what
runs parallel to the internal corridors?

I think there are reverse
pressurization chambers.

Where do they lead?

To the depository.

Perfect. Rygel?


Pick up Zhaan and Stark
in the waste vents,

and come and get us when
Talyn's finished.

Finished with what?
- Don't ask.

Crais, target off my Comms,
and destroy the depository.

Talyn's firepower is
massive, Aeryn.

How will you survive the damage?

We'll be safe.

Just give us 90 microts
and obviously,

try not to hit my signal
with a direct strike.

Crichton, you want
the chip gone?

All right, follow me.

Follow you where?
- Here.

You want the pain gone?
Come to me.

Go down to the depository.
Hide in a container.

That should protect us
from Talyn's attack.

- Have you got a better idea?


Aeryn, I'm, uh...

I'm going to go to Scorpius.

Frell you are.


carry him!

It's what Aeryn wants
us to do, Pilot.

Destroy the entire building.

This way!

It's frelling locked!

They're in the depositing room.

Zhaan, I think we've
got company.

Rygel! Rygel!

Almost there, Zhaan.


Right! Into the container.

I didn't plan on becoming
a deposit.

Touching down now, Zhaan.

Let's go! Come on!

Talyn firing in 20 microts.

Locking on now.

Talyn firing in 15 microts.

All right, they're in! Let's
go! Go! Go! Move! Move! Move!

Wait for my signal.


Ten microts.











Mine, mine, mine.

Can I have this?

Can this be mine?

We can all have anything
we want now, right?

Any food, any female, anything?

Right? Right!


Oh, don't be like them.

You're like me, Chiana.
We did it!

This is not like before.

This won't eat the ship.

So cheer up.

We got Crichton back and Aeryn
and D'Argo and Jothee,

and we're rich.


Yes, but Moya is still
extremely ill.

Pilot says that she may
never fully recover.

And Rorf and Teurac
lost their lives.

So? They knew the risks.

Don't worry about Rorf
and Teurac.

On my oath, I will deliver
their shares to their families.

Farewell, my friends.

And thank you for teaching me
to kill again.

I have to thank you, Crais.

If you hadn't of returned,
we all would be dead.

As much as I'd like to take
credit for it, I did nothing.

Your attack saved us.

I had little control.

Talyn came to free
Moya himself.

You didn't command him?

No. He acted alone.

As much as any of us may want,

he has the instincts of a warrior
and does exactly as he pleases.

How is Crichton?

Daisy, Daisy...


I've brought my son Jothee
- Give me your answer true...

to thank you.
- I'm half crazy...

- all for the love of you...

John, John, John...

John, John, John...
- Shhh! He's here, um...

He's here and, um...
he blames me.

He blames me for killing

So, I've been... I've been
trying to... but I can't...

Do what? Do what, John?

D'Argo, kill me.

D'Argo, please.

Kill me.