Farscape (1999–2003): Season 2, Episode 2 - Vitas Mortis - full transcript

The crew finds a dying Orican, a Luxan holy woman. She asks D'Argo to help her with a ceremony. She tests D'Argo's worthiness, and throws him out saying he's not worthy. He explains to his friends why she rejected him, and convince him to explain it to her. She accepts his help, and starts the ceremony, but instead of dying, she becomes revitalized but her actions cause Moya to suffer.

Damn, it's colder in here than it is outside.

- Not possible.
- Greetings.

We have been told we might find a Luxan, here.

Hey, buddy we're expected.

Where you goin?

I think we're being asked to wait.

Take a number. Have a seat. No magazines.



I believe it is an Oltek Lamp.

Is that a Luxan thing?

It is used to ward off evil.

Then the rumors we heard on the
commerce planet must be true, after all.

Number seventy eight.

We're good to go?

I take that as a yes.

Stop! There.

How remarkable! It is a Luxan.

Plus a Delvian and some
species I can't identify.

Human. You wouldn't know about us, yet.

I don't care to.

Only the Luxan interests me.

Send him closer.

What's the matter? Are you hideous?

Let me see you!

Have you a name?

I am Ka D'argo.

Rather young, for a General.

General? She must be losing her eyesight.

Yes, but not my hearing.

General D'argo.

My name is Nilaam.

Please forgive me! I did not realize.
We must leave!

You will stay!!

You are an Oracan.

Does that justify you collapsing in fear?

Stop your groveling, and look at me!!

That's better.

Come closer.


As you must have noticed by now, I'm dying.

If you wish it, I will attend.

Think you're worthy of the honor?

That judgement is yours to make.

Exactly so. Let's find out.

- D'argo!
- No, stand back!

You are...very strong!

But worthy!

No!! Fraud!!


I'm fine.

How the hell can you be fine?

She just shoved her hand inside your chest!

- I'm unharmed.
- Then let me look!

As I told you. We'll leave, now.

That works for me.

D'argo, you don't want to leave.

Zhaan. Word.

D'argo has been humiliated.

Yeah, but considering that
woman was grabbing his guts,

I'd say he got off lucky with humiliated!

- She does not mean to harm him.
- How do you know?

Because she's an Oracan!

She's a holy woman revered by all Luxans.

And holy women never go bad?

So why is she way out here,

all by herself...alone?

- I don't know.
- Right, you don't know!

She could have been ex- communicated.

She could have been kicked out

for putting her hands in
other people's business!

Her worthiness is not in question! Mine is.

D'argo, just because some ancient Luxan

doesn't like the feel of your spleen,
does not mean she has the right

to call my friend a fraud!

She called me a fraud,
because I am not a General!

- Well who said that you were?
- I did!

These...are the markings...of a General.


So you uh,

- you got the bar codes of a
General, but you aren't one.
- No.

In my second campaign,
our enemy surrounded us.

My General was badly wounded.

I knew he wouldn't survive
interrogation if he were captured.

So I took on the tattoo of
his rank, to protect him.

Were you captured, D'argo?


But my battle unit was freed before the
enemy had a chance to see through my ruse.

But you saved the real General's ass, right?


So tell me,

what the hell is she bitchin about?

I agree with Crichton.

Your fraud served a higher purpose, D'argo.

Certainly the Oracan can understand that.

And if she doesn't…

brother, that's her problem.

You're right.


- So let's get back to Moya and
heat up some Irish coffees.
- No,

you're right that she should
understand that. Wait here.


We were almost out of here.

I have not sent for you.


Yet you dare to intrude upon me?

Yes, I wish to say something.

I could kill you were you stand.

I know you could.

None the less, I wish to say something.

Huh! And why would I wish to hear it?

Because it is the truth.

I was taught that Oracans are
seekers of truth, was I misinformed?

You are no General.

What more truth need I hear?

An explanation.

If you are not interested in the full truth,

then you are not a true Oracan.

I knew you had strength.

But I needed to know, if you had fire.

Here are some more.

- Some more what?
- Clothes to be cleaned.

Oh, no problem. Room for us both!

No, I want you to wash these.

Oh, do you?

What are you...are you allergic to
Moya's amnexus fluids or something?

Just wash them, will you?

Um, when exactly did I
become your- your servant?

- Why do I have to wash your clothes?
- Well, you're cleaning D'argo's, aren't you?

Yeah! But I like D'argo.

She...wants you...to attend her.

What exactly does that mean?

Whatever she wants it to mean.

So, if she wants to rip out your liver,
snack on it with a Chianti, she can do that?

She wouldn't do that.

Well, what is she gonna do?

She's going to die, John.

D'argo, I know that.

What are you supposed to do?

Comfort her, John.

Provide support. Ease her
journey into the next realm.

I'm to assist her in the Ritual of Passing.


- Ritual?
- A bonding.

An emotional and spiritual
link is forged, John.

As I understand it, when the Oracan dies,

the attendant sanctifies the ascent
by transferring energy to her.


I do not like the sound of
transferring energy, either!

But the process only involves little risk.

How little risk? Oh, no,
let me put it this way...

how wrong can it go?

I could die.

I do not...understand, D'argo!

What do you get out of it?

You know what? You sound like Rygel!

Luxans consider it a great
privilege John, to attend an Oracan!

No, not merely a privilege.

It is the highest honor we know.

So, you get your name
on the Oracan honor roll.

And that's it.

You also go part of the way
into the next realm, John.

- When you come back, you've seen...
- If you get back.

When you come back, you've had
a glimpse of the other side.

- I envy you, D'argo.
- Don't.

Don't envy him.

He hasn't made up his mind, yet.

Yes I have.

- Oh, you're back.
- Only briefly.

- Did you find your Luxan?
- Yes, I'll tell you about it later.

Or, if I don't, Zhaan and Crichton will.

Where's Crichton?

I'm not dead yet.


I didn't expect that you were.

But you were hoping I was.

Hoping I had quietly slipped away,

before D'argo had a chance to return.

You need to understand something.

I'm worried about my friend.

Commendable. But a waste of time.

His fate is… out of your control.

Yes, it's in your control,
that's what worries me.

The spiritual realm frightens you?

Losing those I care about...frightens me.

Isn't this where you're
supposed to say "Don't worry,

I'm not going to hurt D'argo"?

I can… guarantee… no such thing.

I will, however, promise
that I will do all I can

to keep him from harm.

It's not very comforting.

It's the best I can do.


Thissss… Ritual of Passing.

How important is it?

You mean,

why don't I just die, like any other being?

Yeah, I mean why don't you
just die like any other being.

Well, I could.

But, I don't want to.

Do you realize that I haven't even seen

- another Luxan for nine cycles?
- Nine?

And now...I'm too frail,

to make the journey home.

Have you any idea, what it's like,

to be separated from your own kind?

Yeah, matter of fact I do.

Then you can't begrudge me,
this one last wish.

Packing up all your stuff?

Only the Luxan objects.

Oooh, you're gonna show them off to
that ancient mystic you dredged up.

Is there some reason why you would care?

Just don't want you to miss an opportunity.

Bet your new friend would pay quite
well for some genuine Luxan artifacts.

This is not a trading expedition.

Oh, I understand.

This is one of your countrymen.

You don't want to sully your
relationship with commerce.

Let me do that.

- Ten microts with the old fossil and
we'll be in profit.
- Clamp it, frog lips.

Hey, Zhaan told me you're...

you're gonna do some kind of ritual thing.

That's right.

So? Is it dangerous?

Not in the least.

I'll be back soon.

Make sure he doesn't eat
my share of the food.

I will.

You heard'im.

Yes, I heard him,

but somehow I don't believe him.

Are you ready?


I know it's time.

I'm old, weak, and in pain.

I know the next realm will welcome me.

Still, it's...it's not easy to...to let go.

To enter the darkness.

Perhaps that's why Oracans have attendants.

To strengthen our resolve
as much as our spirit.

Your strength is impressive.

I hope it is sufficient.

I'm sure it will be.

D'argo, your spirit, so strong!

I never felt such power! I must try!



What's going on in there?



Leave us! The ritual isn't done!

- The hell it ain't, this party's over!
- You're too late!

I said, it's over!


- D'argo! You okay?
- John, what happened?

- I don't know, ask grandma here!
- Ah, it worked!

It...it really worked.

No pain, no age.

D'argo...we did it!

You've given me life!

Zhaan? Aeryn?

Need some help in h...


What have you done?


Well you must have done something.

I didn't do anything, it...
it just froze up all around me.

Get me out of here?

When did I become your servant?

Don't frell around. Just...

just get me out of here, okay?

What's the hurry, Chiana?

You're not allergic to Moya's
amnexus fluids, are you?

Oh yeah, very funny Aeryn. Look,
can you please just do something?


Finally, someone who's a little more useful.

- What did she do?
- I didn't do anything! I just...

Pilot, do you know anything about this?

Only that Moya's hydric system
is failing on a number of tiers.

Cause unknown.

D'argo, you okay?

He's more than okay.

He's the most powerful Luxan
I have ever known.

You did this?

I'm not sure how.

- Was that supposed to happen?
- No.

I was supposed to die,

but when I sensed your astonishing power,

I decided to try the
Ritual of Renewal, instead.

- See how well it worked?
- Look, Princess, you damn near killed him!

Actually I've...

- I've never felt better.
- Neither have I.

Yeah, well you...

- you could've killed him.
- But she didn't.

His pain was short lived.

And I intend to make up for it.

Yeah, D'arg, I'm just gonna just...

- buzz up to Moya and see…
- I think that's a good idea, John.

Oh, weirder and weirder.

- Oh, your taste! Oh!
- What?

I can taste you!

I can move!

I can breathe! I can feel!

You...are glorious!

We are glorious.

We must celebrate.

You gave me this,

I think it's only fair
that you enjoy it with me.

Ow! Watch it! Careful with thing.

Do you want to get out of here, or not?

Zhaan, I'm not having any luck here,
how about you and the solvent?

The solidified amnexus resists
everything I throw at it.

Same here. Even the DRD's
are having difficulties.

We have a more serious problem.

Oh, come on. More serious than mine?

Certain areas of Moya's
outer skin, appear to be…


- What's wrong, Pilot?
- I don't know.

Neither does Moya.

- Patch me through to Crichton and D'argo.
- Yes.

And Pilot has no idea?

None. We could use some extra hands, John.

Can you and D'argo return at once?

Yeah, no, I'll...I'll be right there. Uh,

D'argo he might uh be awhile.

He's revitalizing.

I need a Ritual of Renewal, myself.

Have I finally sapped your strength?

Only temporarily.

Mm. Let me know when you recover.

Believe me, you will.

You know D'argo,

I've hardly been able to leave
this bed for over six cycles.

And now that I can, I don't want to.

Oh, you're keeping me prisoner.


I once made an oath that I'd
never be taken prisoner again.

So much for that oath.

Neelam...what do you want to do now?

Besides that.


Start a new life.

Not in the Uncharted Territories,
I want to go home.

You can do that?

D'argo, I can do anything!

I can guide your ship home.

I can help your friends.

I could even make you a real General.

My son. I want to see my son again.

Then you will.

But I have no idea where he is.

Then we will find him.

Anything is possible, now.


There's been an outer hull breech.

Tier Twenty, Hammond side.


No, Moya's inner walls
appear to be unaffected.

So far.

Is this a good time to tell you that uh,

I can't feel my feet?

If we had any idea how Moya made it,

- we could patent this stuff.
- Useless!

Wonder if I've got any grenades left?

She was kidding, right?

- Tell me that she was kidding!
- Well, with Aeryn…

you never know.

What emergency could possibly
justify waking me up?

How about breeches in the outer hull?

Oooh, aren't the inner hulls secure?

Yeah, but we need you to take your
scooter out there in the tight spaces

and check for weak spots.

Oh, can't the DRD's do that?

They're already doing it,
doesn't mean you can't help.

He's right toad face! Pitch in!

Make yourself useful for a change!

If I must.

But you're worrying for nothing.

Hull breeches are nearly
unheard of on Leviathans.

Pilot, what the hell's going on?

Inner hull breech! Sluice chamber!

Pilot, seal off this tier!!

Rygel, grab my hand!

- Rygel, hang on!
- Oh, hold me!

Sparky, grab my hand!


- Crichtoooooon!
- No!


Help! Help!

Well what do you know!

He has made himself useful.

I'm...I'm stuck.

Decompression has ceased.
What happened?

- We got lucky, Sparky's got a big ass.
- Pardon?

Butt...hole. I'll explain later, Pilot.

The good news is… no leak.

You're a tight fit sluggo.
As long as you don't move.

Don't move!

Call that good news? I want out!

Yeah...no, no, you want in.

Not out, in, not out.

- Hey.
- What did you see from outside?

A few gaps in the outer hull and
your backside hanging out in space.

Am I… intact?

Seemed to be all there, but
I can't say I looked too closely.

What the hell is this?

That is a piece from the edge of the largest
hole and it came off very easily in my hands.

Well let's hope it gives Zhaan a clue.


Woah, hold still!

What...what are you trying to do,
kill all of us, now?

I can't help it! I'm being crushed!

- I can hardly breathe!
- Then don't breathe!

Who's that?

And why is she here?

This is Neelam. She's here to help.

How could she possibly help us?

She's an Oracan.

Oh, okay.

I'll repeat the question...

No, hold the question.

Neelam, if there's something
you can do, please…

do it.

Don't you dare touch me!
I don't trust Luxans!

I'm not going to touch you.

- I'm going to heal the outer
skin of your ship.
- You are?

Well, hurry. Does this look
comfortable to you?

- I thought you said she was ancient?
- Later, later!

John, what's going on?

Zhaan, did you feel that?

The tremors are occurring all through Moya.

They're increasing the deterioration!

Hey, look, Neelam.

You're making it worse.


It's a healing incantation, it has to work.

Should work.

Try another! Try anything!

I need to meditate, find another way.

D'argo, is there a private place?

Come with me.

- Please D'argo, don't disturb me now,
I'm trying to find a cu...
- We did this, didn't we?

We caused this problem.
We're harming Moya.

Neelam, tell me.

I didn't know.

You have to believe that.

Please believe that.

What happened?

During the ritual, the power I sensed,

I thought it was yours.

I didn't realize the ship was a biomechanoid.

- So you bonded with Moya's energy?
- I didn't know!

Now you know.

And I can make things right.

There must be a way.

- How can you be sure?
- Because this shouldn't be happening!

This ritual shouldn't keep draining strength
from the Leviathan, she should recover.

- She is dying!
- And I can save her!

I need to consult my Tevek Scrolls.

Take me back to the planet.

I cannot abandon Moya.

All of my resources are in my chamber!

Potions, artifacts, ancient manuscripts,

they'll have an answer.


I'm a disease to this ship.

Get me away from her.

It might at least slow the process down.

Slowing the process down is not good enough.

Well let me try everything I can.

It's a little odd, don't you think, that all
Moya's problems developed just as this
shaman woman turned herself young?

It's not necessarily linked.

If it is, Neelam should be
able to find a solution.

I'm not sure she wants to find a solution.

- Officer Sun, may I speak with you please?
- What is it Pilot?

- I would prefer to discuss it in person.
- I'll be right there.


My...connection… with Moya...

affecting me… as her systems… fail.

What is it Pilot, how can we fix it?

Don't know.

Amnexus solidification…

skin deterioration…

only happens during… old age.

Moya's still young.

Makes no sense.

It makes too much sense.
Where's Neelam?

I will check…

take a moment…

senses aren't clear.

Found her.

She's with D'argo.

Tier six. On their way
to the transport hangar.

I don't know if this can be reversed
Pilot, but I promise you this,

I won't let Neelam keep what she's stolen!

Hey, what are you doing?

D'argo and his woman are gonna make
a run for it, I'm gonna to stop them.

- Huh uh, not with that thing, you're not!
- Watch me!



That won't hold them for long.

Come on.

D'argo, we must go!

What was that?

Pins and needles, you're
asking the wrong space man!

Pilot, did they get away?

The… transport pod…

left Moya a quarter arn ago.

Neelam, you have already tried four
different incantations, it is not working!

I know!

Your transport pod uh,
how far can it get us?

Leave my friends?

Some distance between me and
Moya might stop the energy drain.

- I…
- And if it doesn't?

D'argo it is just a ship!

Moya is not just a ship!

She's alive!

And you are taking her
life to restore your own.

The life of a Leviathan
for the life of an Oracan!

How can an Oracan justify taking life?
Have you forgotten who you are?

Have you forgot what I can do?

I have not forgot what you can not do,
which is restore Moya's life!!

Does that not suggest to you that
you have taken something that you
really should not have?

I can't give it back now.

I can't lose this.

Lose you.

D'argo, I...

I don't know what to do.

Tell me what to do.

D'argo! D'argo?

It's me, John.

We have to talk.


We're out of time.

Moya's hull is deteriorating
fast and Pilot can't do a thing.

You know what's causing it.


Neelam isn't evil.

That doesn't change anything.

Moya, Pilot, Aeryn...

they will never forgive her.
They may never even forgive me.

But you...

you must understand.

I understand.

What she's doing is killing Moya.

She didn't...mean it.

Doesn't matter.

She honestly thought that it was
my energy that restored her youth.

She is trying everything she can
to restore Moya's health.

D'argo, I don't…


what she intended.

What I know…

is that it's murder.

And you're the only one who can stop it.

Don't you think I know what has to be done?

I came here… to end this.

And I will.

It's time.


the gifts you gave me.

Youth. Happiness. Passion.

I know I can't keep them, but I...

I have treasured them.

As I've treasured you.

I'm not afraid anymore.

I've chosen my path.

I just don't know if I have
the will to travel it.

I turned back once,
I can't turn back again.

I need your strength once more.

You know, until today, I...

I never really realized
how much I love my feet.

Frell your feet! How about loving your life?

I don't know you survived, Ryg.

Your butt must be made out
of reinforced krandack.

I have no idea what krandack is but,

if I've lost any sensation below middle level,

then I'm going to test how sensitive
D'argo's nether regions are with a red hot...

Careful, ticklish spot.

You're looking better, already.

Is there anything I can do to help
speed up the healing process?

Nothing I'm aware of. Moya and I...

thank you for your concern.

Pilot, what is the normal
life span of a Leviathan?

Uh… many have lived over
three hundred cycles.

What about your species?

Normally, a thousand cycles or more.

However, when we bond with Leviathans,
we live no longer than they do.

So, when Moya eventually does die?

I will go as well.

I would not have it any other way.

You want me to get lost?

Why would I want you to do that?

In case you wanted some time alone.

I do.

But not yet.