Farscape (1999–2003): Season 2, Episode 18 - A Clockwork Nebari - full transcript

Rygel and Aeryn return from a planet to Moya accompanied by another Nebari who aims to take Chiana back. The crew is temporarily mind-cleansed except the Pilot but they put a collar on him and thus take over Moya to attain the nearest Nebari territorial post. Chiana learns that her brother is alive. Crichton who is not affected by mind-cleansing thanks to Scorpius' chip, makes Chiana reveal the reason she is being chased: she knows of her people's plot to infect the galaxy with a deadly contagion. Crichton must work together with Pilot and Rygel, quickly recovered due to his fast metabolism, against the rest of the crew to rid Moya of the Nebari intruder. And they also have a spy to thank for unexpected help.

Pilot, I'm bringing Miss Kitty back from the OK Corral.

Any word on Aeryn or Doc Rygel yet?

Not as yet, Crichton.

Hey! Are you still angry at me?

Cut it out. What do you think?

Look, I got information on the slave auctions, didn't I?

- Quit tripping me!
- D'Argo will be happy.

D'Argo's not going to be happy if he
finds out how you got the information.

D'Argo won't care how I got the
information as long as I help him find his son.

Chiana, my little trollop, he will care.

Look, you needn't worry, okay?
I can look after myself.

Yes, yes I know.

You can kick, kiss and cry your way out of any situation.

I just wish you would stop getting into them.

You know, we barely got your ass out of there before that guy and his buddies turned nasty.

You're just crying because Wynona jammed!

Hey, Wynona, has been very reliable.
It's not her fault that she jammed.


And Aeryn and Rygel had to stay behind to cover our asses.

You can bet they're going to be really cranked when they get back.

Look, Aeryn can yell at me as much as she likes.

You need to hope that Aeryn only yells.

C'mon, baby...


- Good luck.
- Dren.

Here we go.

Hey. You gonna have a go at me, too?

'Cause Crichton sure isn't holding back.

I want to apologize for not looking after you better.

My behavior has been self-centered and inappropriate.

- I don't get it.
- What don't you get?

Well, we just had our asses whooped saving Chiana...

and you're apologizing to her.

That's scary...

Well, that was in the past, John.
Now we look toward the future.

We have a surprise for you!

For me.

Oh, will it explode when I open it?

No, Chiana, you don't open this.
You embrace it.

Yes, a feeling of joy and contentment so powerful

...you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!...

Something's not right.

Aeryn doesn't even shower without a pulse pistol.

Chiana... go talk to D'Argo.


Where are you going?

We told you we had a surprise for you.

It's all right. You can give it to me later.

Chiana, dear.

It's time to go home.

Aeryn, who the frell is this?

It's all right, John.

Varla helped us and in turn we must help her.


They're cleansed.


They're cleansed.


I'm never going home! Do you hear me!

- Aeryn, my god!
- Aeryn!

- Don't make me hurt you, Chiana.
- Drop your weapon!

Let her go!

My name is John Crichton.
an astronaut

a radiation wave hit...

I got shot through a wormhole...
lost in some distant part of the universe...

on a ship

a living ship full of strange alien life-forms...

Listen please...

Is anybody out there who can hear me?

I'm Being hunted by an insane military commander...

Doing everything I can...

I'm just looking for a way home.

- Meelak.
- My guide.

I came as soon as I received your signal.

Is Chiana aboard?

She is,

and we must honor our fallen shipmates...

...and deliver her as soon as possible

and is this ship contained?

Officer Sun! Aeryn!

Why are you doing this?!

We need your cooperation, Pilot.
No harm will come to you if you cooperate.

Regrettably, your species nullifies
the effects of the mental cleansing process,

therefore we must resort to the use of the collar.

Please, do as I ask, and I won't
have to use the collar again.

What do you want?!

This holds the coordinates to
the nearest Nebari territorial outpost.

We'd like you to take us there immediately.

Pilot, Varla's ship had a run in with a
Peacekeeper patrol,

...probably from Scorpius' carrier.

Please make sure that Moya's senses are on full alert. The patrol may still be in the area.

If there's even a chance that it is,
then we need to StarBurst immediately!

If this leviathan goes into StarBurst...

...the collar will detect it and automatically inject a lethal dose.

We must get to the outpost

Please do so, Pilot.
We would not like to lose you.

D'Argo, what do you remember?

Well, I was in command...

...and Aeryn came in...

...a smile on her face for no apparent reason, and then...

Yeah, Aeryn smiling for no reason
that should have been our first clue.

Yeah, she shot me with some weapon.
I've never seen anything like it before.

Wait until they rip your eyes out.

Yeah, but why'd they chain you up, Chiana?

I'm their prize.

Hell, you must be the top of the hundred thousand dollar pyramid,

because they're gonna mind-cleanse
Aeryn and Rygel just to get on board.


Chiana, I thought you said that took one hundred cycles.

This is temporary. It's drug-induced.

Short term, but just as effective.

Chiana, let me ask you a question.

When you first came on board,

...Elvis had you in cuffs dragging you back to Nebari Prime.

Now we got Debra Harry doing the same thing.

Why are your people so jazzed about getting you home?

I don't know.

That woman looks like she's been
through the bad part of hell just to get near you.

Now why would she do that?

Chiana, you must tell us.

So, you are the sister.

Zhaan! Help us!

Worry not.

Leave them alone!

Soon you will know the bliss that I know.

Your wounds are deep.

This one looks badly infected.

My condition is of no concern.

All that matters is that Chiana is
delivered to Nebari territorial control.

Varla, I know this girl. She isn't even
remotely dangerous to anyone but herself.

Perhaps you don't know her as well as you think.

Is it something you can disclose to me?

My people have initiated the most ambitious
plan to eliminate violent and aggressive behavior,

...and that girl threatens everything.

It's hard to believe that Chiana could jeopardize your efforts.

Well, hopefully that fear will become obsolete.

Chiana, everybody else on
board has been mind-cleansed.

D'Argo's probably in the spin cycle right now.
That means it's either you or me next.

Can't be me.

Temporary cleansing doesn't work on Nebaris.
It's only meant for aliens.

Perfect, I'm next.

Chiana, when these people
came on board, they were after you.

That makes you the "it" girl.
You've got something they want.

- What is it?
- I don't have anything!


Salis, he kept asking me about the resistance, some kind of resistance.

After D'Argo - what - he called you "the sister".
What did he mean, "the sister"?

I've only been sister to one person,

that's Nerri. He's dead.

We've got to get you out of here.
Get me out of these chains!

Chiana! Stop. Stop it. Stop!

Look, everybody on board has secrets. We all have secrets.

You got one? That's fine. Keep it.

Right up to the point where they come to fry my brain.

Now. When Salis found you, you'd been running.


Nerri and I escaped Nebari Prime when we were really young.

We didn't escape. The government gave us exit permits.

We didn't know why they made it so easy.
We didn't care, we-we just ran.

It wasn't until two cycles later that Nerri found out why.

I can't believe-believe how much it hurts.

I c-couldn't-I couldn't believe it either,
but I lived through it. You will, too.

Once I'm through this, the contagion will
be-will be completely out of my system?

That's what I was told.

Then I won't be spreading it anymore?

- You and me, we're both clean.
- Okay.

I just wish I could say the same for all the others.

We'll be better when we're out of here.

When we get off this planet.

Chiana. I'm not coming with you.

What? What are you talking about?

Somebody high up in the establishment gave me the antibody.

I saw him.

He's the one they're after. I can identify him.

Well then, we run!
He's the one they're after. I can identify him.

Well then, we run!

We hide, that's-that's what we're good at.

This is serious this time, Chiana.

The establishment is trying to infect as much of the galaxy

as it can with this contagion of theirs,

and they're going to want to find out who gave it to us,

and then they're gonna mind-frell me...

I'm coming with you. Yeah.


We're less conspicuous if we split up.

But Nerri...

We will see each other again, sister.

I swear to you we will.

Your own people infected you with some kind of... disease

Nerri. Me.

Hundreds like us.

Maybe thousands, in the routine physical examination they so generously gave us.

And they knew that you'd go out and transmit it.

How did you, um...

Through carnal contact.

Nerri and I were young.

We did an admirable job for them.


why didn't you tell us about this before?

That my people were planning to frell over as much of the galaxy as they could?

You barely let me stay aboard Moya as it was.


probably think you're still in contact, but you might be able to

It is his time, Chiana. Soon it will be yours.

The treatment will help you by removing all negative impulses.

Tell him, D'Argo.

Um... it's true, John.

All the things I've done as a warrior...

...all the horrible thoughts I've had

...all the cycles of my life... even about you

I am so sorry!

That's okay, D'Argo. We'll talk later.

You don't have to do this. You can just lock me up.

You will thank us after treatment.

Stay the hell away from me! Don't do this!

It is either mind-cleansing or death.

Hey, isn't that against your Nebari prime directive?

We are in difficult times.

I'm afraid we must do whatever is necessary to serve the greater good.

Don't struggle.

It only makes this process more painful.

The patches will release a chemical into your neural system.

You should feel the effects almost immediately.

Welcome, Chiana.

Would you care for some food?

I'd rather starve.

Please, take my plate.

All of your friends are now free of their old ways.

All their selfish, abhorrent, violent thoughts have been eliminated.

You mean drugged away.

Where is your brother?

Where is Nerri?

My brother.

My brother's dead.

He died a quarter of a cycle ago.

So you can use me all you like,

but you can't get to him anymore.

Your brother is very much alive.

He was positively identified as the leader of an assault on Nebari freight convoys

less than ten solar days ago.

The establishment has sent out many messengers like you and Nerri,

spreading the contagion for nearly twenty cycles.

The contagion spreads quickly.

It shows no outward symptoms.

It merely waits.

Waits for what?

A specific time Chiana, ordained by the establishment.

We don't expect it to have infected entire civilizations, only enough to throw those worlds into chaos,

so that when our emissaries arrive,
they'll be met with minimal resistance.

The contagion will take control of everybody it's infected.

All on the same day.

Hopefully not too long from now.

Where is Nerri?

I don't know.

You will tell us where he is, or we will simply use you to bring him out of hiding.

You're not using me again!

Frell the greater good. Frell it.

Resist. Fight it.

Fight them.

If you've also come to tell me what a wonderful thing the Nebari are doing for you,

I am not interested!


No, Pilot.

I'm here to tell you that the Nebari are a bunch of geeks!

And their damn mind-cleansing doesn't work on Momma Crichton's baby boy!

John Crichton! Astronaut!

Master of the universe! Ah!

Pilot, it's me.

But... how?

I don't know.

They gave me the full monty, and it was working,

and then I got this-this-this... flash!

And it was like it was soaking up the drug. I snapped out of it.

And the Nebari, they don't know?

Crap, man, I drool with the best of 'em, dude!

What is it they want?

They have some vast plot to take over a chunk of the galaxy.

Ah! Varla gave me the coordinates to a Nebari outpost.

We're on our way there

Well, can't you veer off course? Slow down or something?

Officer Sun comes in often - checks the read outs on my panel.

And StarBurst is out of the question.

If I attempt it, this frelling collar will kill me instantly.

We've got Nebari aboard!

Most everybody else is mind-cleansed, and there's a Peacekeeper patrol within the immediate vicinity.

Peacekeeper patrol?

That's why most of Varla's crew is dead. Their transport came under attack by Peacekeeper patrol.

Well, keep cussin', man.

I sure as hell can't get this collar off without some help.

It is the ultimate gift, Chiana.

Any other life course only leads to pain and suffering.

Look at you.

You wouldn't have to be bound like this if you were to give yourself up to serve the greater good.

What good could come of infecting your own people and then sending them out to infect as many others as possible?!

You and Nerri and those like you...

we merely found another way for you to serve

What are you doing?

Oh, y'know, Moya's amnexus system is, like, in flux so I'm just, sorta, y'know, lookin' for the source.

Will that affect the safety and speed of this ship?

Shyeah! It'd totally screw the pooch, babe!

Very well, proceed. Thank you for your service.

Cool. It's for the greater good!
Very well, proceed. Thank you for your service.

Cool. It's for the greater good!

She's gonna gitcha-gitcha-gitcha-gitcha!

How you doing?

Get out of here. Leave me alone.

Chiana dear... I'm not mind-cleansed.

Yeah, right!

Y'know, I don't have time for this.

What is this, some half-count attempt to make me tell you anything

You're... you're really not cleansed?

No. My thoughts are as dirty as ever.

My god!

I thought - I thought I was all alone.
I thought - I thought you were- were

Aw, you're not-you're not going to cry on me are you?

No, hey, you got a plan?

A plan.

Well, we got no weapons, the DRDs are switched off,

and we got to find a way to get D'Argo or Aeryn back on our side.

There's no way.

Why not?

Hell, Durka did something that busted his brainwashing.


This temporary cleansing is drug-induced.

It's got to be metabolized.

Hey, Crichton. Crichton you okay?

Snap out of it.

Oh, I'm fine. I'm, ah, I'm fine

Just fine.

- What?
- What?

Oh, uh, Rygel... Rygel has a great metabolism.

- Yes he does.
- Yes he does.

Hey, dude. How's it hangin', man?

Just, uh, perfect. Thank you so much for your concern.

Oh, munchies.

Good idea, man. Don't eat so much,
though. You'll Belushie-out, cat

Hynerian physiology. Three stomachs?

Oh, three stomachs.

Whoa, hey, don't go away! Don't stop eating!

What's the matter, your food doesn't taste good?

Hey, three tummies, dude - you could be clean, man!

Please! Don't tell them!

Rygel. Rygel, calm down.

Please, Crichton! I don't want my eyes sucked out again!

- Sparky, shut up! It's me!
- I like my eyeballs where they are!

You mean you're not affected either?

No! I'm not affected. Now keep your voice down.

I been having these f-fl um,

forget about that. Right now, we got to do something, and I mean fast.

- We?
- Yes. You, me and Pilot

- we're the only ones who aren't Nebari puppets
- I'm nobody's puppet!

I don't know what you're suggesting, but I'm not angering these people.

They're not mad at me! And that's how it's gonna stay!

Buckwheat, I need your help.

Exactly what do you want the Hynerian to help you do, Crichton?

Oh! I'm so grateful you're here! He needs help!

Lots of help. Lots of help. I don't think the mind cleansing is working

Obviously not.

Is this part of your plan?

You have something planned?

Are there any communication devices here?

No, you krovash.

You took them away from us right before you and your girlfriend decided...

Are we missing something here?

We don't have much time.

This can only be activated by contacting your DNA.

Hey, little sister.

I told you we'd see each other again.

Well, at least you're seeing me.

A lot of things have changed since we saw each other last.

I don't know how much you know about what it is I'm doing,
but it's important work, very important.

Work, you believe I've been doing something like that?

I wish you could be part of it, but it's kinda dangerous.

Wherever it is you are right now, you'd probably be better off there.

Who ever gave you this image disc is one of my people.

Treat them well. They are our friend. But they are also under my strictest orders not to take you to me.

It's far too hazardous.

- Maybe someday when things get safer
- Nerri, they're coming!

Look, I just wanted you to know that I'm alive and well.

For now, at least. Keep yourself well-hidden little sister,

and out of harm's reach.

I love you dearly.


The only thing that Nerri cares more about than the resistance is you.

You gotta get me outta here. Yeah, you gotta take me to him.

You heard the message. He only wants you to know that he's alive.

He doesn't want you to get involved with what we're doing.

No, I want to help him. Help the cause!


Shh. If Varla hears you, we'll all be frelled.

All right... so what do we do now?

You know our secret, we know yours. We're kind of at a stand off.

I have some data that I've got to get back to Nerri and the others.

As soon as we hit the outpost, I'm going to take the express out of there.

You two are on your own.

So he cares enough to send you with a message,

but he doesn't care if she gets mind-cleansed?

If I help you, then I jeopardize my position and all those that are depending on me.

If you don't take me with you, I'll tell Varla everything!

Go on, threaten me with that. Tell her how your friend here somehow avoided the temporary mind-cleanse.

Well, if we don't do something soon, Pilot, we will all be speaking Nebari.

What can we...

Hey, Varla and Meelak's transport.

They said tha-that they got chased by a Peacekeeper patrol right?

- Yes!
- It's perfect.

I got an idea.

What if we made them think that it came back?

I... don't understand.

Is there some way that you and Moya could fake them hunting us down, make Varla think that the Peacekeeper

patrol had come back! Yes.

There are some vid images in Moya's data stores.

I could cyber-manipulate one to appear in the forward portal.

All right. Do it. Get started, all of it.

I'm gonna get D'Argo and Aeryn

Wait commander!

All DRD functions have been shut down and this isn't something I can do from here.

Someone has to make the hard wire circuitry connection in Moya's neural cluster.

I'm going to need help.


Where are you my little husky?

I have a stick for you!

Where are you boy?

Oh my. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe!

Hello! Ah,

I felt it best if I, uh...

Best if you hid until all my violent thoughts had been wiped?

I didn't want to disturb the process.

- You are cleansed, aren't you?
-No, Rygel.

As you may notice, my nasty urges have not been suppressed.

Crichton! What in the yotz are you

Shut up, you miserable excuse for a life!

I'm sick of having you sell us out every chance you get!

I don't do it every chance! Believe me, the..

Don't you B.S. me, Guido!

You're on the first transport outta here.

On the contrary, I was looking forward to reaching the Nebari outpost.

We're not getting out of this one. These are the Nebari.

- Ne-ba-ri!
- What happens when you get to the outpost, Buckwheat?

You let them strap you in and give you the deluxe brain wash?

They only cleanse those who don't conform.

I can be the 'go-along-guy' if it means being apart of the action.

You aren't into self preservation.

You are the KING of it!

Not king - dominar!

Well, I'm not ready to roll over and be mind-frelled.

Pilot and I have a plan, and you are going to help.

And if I refuse?

Hey, everybody! Rygel's not mind-cleansed!

- He's-he's not conforming!
- Crichton!

He's faking it, man! Hey, maybe we should double his dose!


You get the point?

What's all this noise?

Uh, hey, Aeryn.

Yeah, uh, I was just yelling for Rygel.

He's gonna, uh, uh, uh, help me, ah, fix a leak in one of the amnexus conduits.

- Yes! Yes!
- Cool.

I thought D'Argo was doing that

Yes, he is.

No. No! No, no,

D'Argo, he's, uh, he's not well, so we told him that we could do it.

Hey, it's no problem. No problem at all.

C'mon little buddy!

Woo, there you go, little buddy! Oh,

yeah, hey, we're gonna do our service for the greater good.



Oh, hey! Rygel, whoa, ho, sorry man. C'mon. Whoa!

It's gonna be more real than real.

It's gonna be super, 3-D, smell-a-vision in sense-around, but you have to do your part.


Well, how do you suppose I-I get Varla to Command?

I don't know, but you're a smart girl. You'll figure that out.

Just make sure you give me half an arn before you get started.

Hey old man?

Ultra on the vision man. Whoa!

D'Argo, are you feeling better?

I've never felt any better.

That's strange. Crichton said you were feeling ill.

Hey, Sparky! Pass me some more plexus cable!

Oh no! Hey,

hey! Don't-don't do that! You're going to get us killed!

- Huh. It'll only save the Nebari the trouble later.
- Crichton.

Yeah, Pilot.

I suggest you and Rygel hurry.

It appears that Chiana already has the Nebari up on the Command!

- Already?
- Yes!

- And I have nothing to show them.
- Aw, hell.

So, Chiana...

I told you I was ready to cooperate.

I don't want to be cleansed.

Don't need to be cleansed.

That's what I want to prove to you.

You said you know where Nerri is hiding.

Yes. I know.

And I'm ready to tell you.

I told her to wait half an arn!

- It has been half an arn, Crichton.
- Yeah, well, we're not ready yet.

What are you two doing?

Oh great,

just what we need, a lobotomized Luxan.

Hey, hey guys. How you doin'?

You wanna give us a hand here?

Y'know, Moya's amnexus conduits are really frelled a lot worse than I thought.

Totally frelled.

But I finished adjusting the amnexus conduits myself less than an arn ago.

So if you are not fixing the amnexus conduits, that would mean that you just lied,

which would indicate...

That you are no longer... Mind-cleansed.

Wow, y'know, you're both really mistaken,

but if you don't wanna help, just leave me alone.

I can work in peace, man.

No, I think we all need to go and see Varla.

I can't do that, Aeryn.

Then you leave us no choice.

Hey! Y'know, I thought that mind cleansing removed inappropriate behaviors?

You know it really pains us to do this to you John, but you have left us no other options.

Drop what you're doing now, Rygel.

But I...

Hey, Ryge! It's a good idea, man.

- Drop what you're doing.
- Are you completely fahrbot?

Just... don't argue. It's inappropriate.

Ah, if you insist.

- Bitchin', man.
- Bitchin'.

This is not a game, child.

You said that you had information about Nerri's whereabouts.

Either you do, or you don't.

You gotta give me some time.

I'm a slum kid from the south walden Prime.

Hey, Varla?

I've got something of great urgency to tell you.

Wow. Is everything cool?

What is it you want to tell me?

It appears as though we're being shadowed by a Peacekeeper patrol.

Servicer. Report?

Commander Crichton is correct.

Moya's sensors are detecting a squadron of prowlers closing fast.

-Prepare for confrontation.
- With what?

She's a leviathan. She doesn't have any weapons.

How screwed does that make you?

This vessel is large enough to withstand a prowler attack.

Maintain course and increase speed.

The prowlers are not alone.

They have a vanguard of a full Peacekeeper command carrier.

Has the larger vessel located us yet?

Affirmative. It has just entered Moyas sense horizon.

- Do we have visual?
- On forward portal

Whoa. Detail.

- How could they find us?
- Initiate defensive maneuvers.

The only defensive maneuver Moya's got is-is StarBurst.

And I am restrained from StarBurst upon penalty of death.

Maybe we should let the pilot go. Then we can escape.

No, maintain course at all costs.

The safety of our rendezvous point is near.

The command carrier's frag cannons have locked and targeted us.

They wouldn't fire before contacting us... would they?

They're firing!

I cannot out-turn it. Impact in three microts!

Direct hit, upper canopy!

Uh, yeah, Pilot. Uh, damage assessment?

Outer hull breach. Primary and secondary iriscentent fluid glands ruptured.

Emergency! Directional stabilizers vaporized.
filters non operational!

Maneuver from their range, Pilot!

I cannot! My control of the ship is decreasing with each...

...another star bomb! Prepare for impact!

Attention leviathan.

I am Captain Crais, Commander of the Peacekeeper Pleisar regiment.

Our sensors detect a presence aboard your vessel of a Nebari star runner which we have been pursuing.

A boarding party is being dispatched.

Do not attempt to turn them away.

If you do, it will mean the destruction of your ship.

I warn you, do not test me.

How far to the rendezvous point?

You'll never make it.

- How far?
- At least one arn!

- Do we have any capability of outrunning this pursuer?
- Not without StarBursting,

and one more direct hit and even that will be gone!

Hey! We really ought to cut the collar off that pilot so we can StarBurst, y'know?

There is no time to StarBurst.

If the Peacekeepers get the girl, she'll lead them to Nerri.

And that will mean Peacekeeper's aid to the resistance!


Hey, no!

Hey, y'know, that goes against everything Nebaris stand for, man!

You can't just kill her in cold blood.

All is forgiven if it is in the service of the greater good.

Help me, please.

- Give me your gun!
- No.

You've got to choose between these two women. You have to choose!


You are senior here, Varla, but I resist the temptation to terminate the prize that we were sent to retrieve!

- No!
- Pilot, now!

You know, you don't have to kill her! This entire Peacekeeper experience?

It's a ruse.

No Peacekeeper command carrier?

Pilot, terminate the simulation!

But Commander, the vessel attacking us is real!

Cut the crap, Pilot! Terminate the simulation!

If I had released Pilot's control collar?

We would StarBurst away from your rendezvous point...

...you foul skank.

You see Meelak, discipline and faith defeats any insurgence.


You betrayed me.

And you have betrayed the spirit of our people.

Sorry you had to do that.

I had no choice.

Hey Pip, you okay?

Yeah... yeah.

Crichton, did that work for you? I thought it worked.

Yeah, Pilot. You're the best.

You were great.

Just how long do you intend to keep us here for, Rygel?

As long as it takes for the mind-cleansing to wear off?

It has frelling worn off!

Isn't it obvious, sweet Rygel, that we are no longer cleansed?

Must be absolutely certain!

We are in the vicinity of the slave auctions where my son was sold,

and you are wasting my time!

Pilot is already plotting a course.

There's nothing left for you to do but stay in there and metabolize!

I'm coming with you.

Nerri asked me not to bring you.

He's my leader. I do what he says.

No, hey-hey-hey!

Nerri doesn't know what he's talking about.

All right? I'm three cycles younger than him and I had to teach him how to-how to cinch his shoes.

I believe if I limp across the Nebari boundary, and tell them we were attacked and everybody else

was killed, they might believe me.

And... I still have information vital to the resistance.

But I want to help!


he's right.

It's for the best.

If you go into Nebari territory, you will be recognized and arrested.

Ne - Nerri is alive.

I just gotta - I wanna to see him.

I understand, but you cannot compromise what he's doing.

Your brother's alive. He's alive.

Take that.

It's more than you had yesterday.

I want to go to him.

I know...

but since when do people
like us get what we want?