Farscape (1999–2003): Season 2, Episode 10 - My Three Crichtons - full transcript

An energy ball enters Moya, and comes into contact with everyone on board. When it reaches Crichton, it engulfs him, then a cave man comes out, followed by Crichton. Blood tests show the cave man is Crichton. Another Crichton emerges from the energy ball, this one is extremely advanced. The probe says it needs to study at least one of the Crichtons. If it doesn't get at least one of them back, it will destroy Moya.

What are you doing?

Prowler needs one of those Moya propulsor control units.

>From my module, I don't think so.

It's a matter of priorities Crichton,
you know which ship is more important.

Yes, I know which ship is more important to you, but...

Yes, the one that can actually get us out of trouble
if we come under attack.

I know someone...

who will soon be under attack...

if they don't...


Yes, Mister Bad News.

Moya's senses have just picked something up.

It appears to be actively tracking us.

You were right, put it in.

Can you tell what it is?


It doesn't even seem to be a physical object.




can you see it?


I can't get a visual.

But I estimate it will be upon us in...

fifteen microts.

Starting evasive maneuvers...


What do you mean it's inside Moya?

It's moving too fast to track, Pilot!

Pilot, you there?




aim high.

But shoot it!




My name is John Crichton...

an astronaut...

radiation wave hit me...

I got shot through a wormhole...

lost in some distant part of the universe...

on a ship

a living ship full of strange alien life- forms...

Listen please...

Is anybody out there who can hear me?

I'm Being hunted by an insane military commander...

Doing everything I can...

I'm just looking for a way home.

What the hezmana is that and where is Crichton?

It sucked him in, don't ask me to explain it.

Can someone please tell me
what the yotz I'm looking at?

Where are you?

I'm in the passageway beneath...

maintenance bay two.

There's some thing

sticking through the ceiling!

Don't go near it, Rygel.

You really think I need you to tell me that?

Pilot, what the frell is this thing?

I can't make sense of these readings.

Well then keep trying.

I'm getting contradictory data!

There are energy fluctuations.

It's putting Moya under a great deal of stress.



Massive energy fluctuations!

Vacate the area immediately!


W- what the frell's...

Keep your comms open and do not move until I say so!


Just do as I say!


Just do it!!

I got sucked into that?

You were inside it.
Do you not remember anything?

Huh uh. I uh...I remember cold.

Well you're gonna have to focus
a little bit more for me, John.

I need to know...
did you see anything, anyone, inside there?

No. There was uh...


I remember light.

A- a- and I was uh...

John, where have you cut yourself?

I'm cut?

Am I cut?

You're not cut.

No, no, I'm not cut.

It was the creature.

The creature?

You weren't the only thing to come out of that sphere.
D'argo's tracking it down now.

Oh God, another critter.

Right, I better go help him.

John, you're in no condition.

No, no, I'm okay, I just need a gun.

Frell me.

What happened to you?

Well, that's the sixty- four thousand dollar question.
Aeryn, you got a gun?

John, please...

No, I'm okay, I jus need to go help find the creature.

You alright?


Did he really say creature?

Well I don't care how busy they are,
I need more DRDs!


They're on their way.

Oh, I take it you're not having any luck.

And I take it you aren't going to lift
a digit to help!

Well if I see the creature,
you'll be the first to know.

I'll be sure to follow your screams.

What about that all- powerful Luxan nose?
You're always complaining you can smell me.

Can't you...

sniff this thing out?

I would.

Except all I can smell...

is Crichton.

I don't get it.
Okay? How could that...

...that little tiny light turn into this.....

thing, and then...

then suck you up
and then spit out not only you...

Chiana please, my head.

I could probably use some extra clothes?

oh. I'll be twenty microts.


This can't be right.

What can't be right?

As far as I can tell,
you received no injuries while you were in that sphere.

Well is that a bad thing?

Well, it means that this blood
has to have come from the creature.

But what?

John, this blood is yours.

This is where it gets good, right?

Please. W..

whatever...whatever you want....

Ch, Ch...

Whatever you came for you...

you take it, okay?



You know my name?



Mmm...mmm Joh.

I...I don't understand.

What are you?





Crich- tooooon

You are...

are Crichton?

You can't be.

You can't be.



We're gonna go see Zhaan, okay?


She's gonna figure out what's going on.

Zhaan, blue.

You know Zhaan?





Uh, not quite.

No, no, no, it's okay!

I uh...
I don't think he wants to hurt anyone.

Get away from him Chiana.

I don't think you need the gun.

Where did you find him?

And what the hell is he doin' in my flight suit?

It was in your quarters.

Look at him.

He thinks he's you.




Who are you, and what do you want?

I'm me.

John. Crich- toh.

Yeah. That's a uh,

superb disguise, it's foolin' everybody.

Who are you?




Oh, God

I love this.

Okay, y- y- you wanna stick with that routine?

You wanna be the next to mess with me?
Well get in line!

No, Crichton!


I'm sick of it!

It's bad enough being spat out of some green blob,

now I've got Quasimodo here saying he's me!

Me! You!


You're not.

What do you want? Huh?

Wh- wh- wh- wh what do you want?

Y- y- y- ou tell me!
Tell me what you want and maybe I can get it for you.


Uh uh, don't touch me.

Wanna know...

Hands off!


Please tell me that was just a sleep shot.

It was.

Truly hideous!


take away the hair, the brow,
I...I can see a resemblance to you, Crichton.

Well, it's enough to make him think he's you.

Oh, please.

This is not me,
this is some kind of clone or something, gone wrong.

Yeah, but how does he...

how does he know everyone?

It's like he's got your memories.


half of this galaxy has my memories.


Yeah, Zhaan?

I've ran a full analysis on the blood.

There are some minute chromosomal differences, but...

apart from that,
it's exactly the same as yours.

John, I've done every test that I can.
There can be no doubt.


It's got my blood.


Chiana's right.
It's got a lot more than that.

That's nuts.

I mean, who in their right mind would want a copy of me,
much less this...

caveman version?


Yeah, it's a primitive ancestor.
They were supposed've looked like that.

You had ancestors that looked like that?


What did yours look like?


It's the sphere!

Energy fluctuations have re- commenced!

Aw, hell! Let's go!

Chiana, stay here!

Aeryn, what's it doing up there?

Same as before.
Pilot, what are you reading?

Same energy fluctuations, only more powerful!

And increasing!

Let's get the hell out of here!


Pilot, you guys okay?

Energy fluctuations are still present.
But, diminished.

Crichton, you'd better get up here.


Don't move.

Look, I'm freezin' here.
And why the hell are you pointin' a gun at me?

Who are you?

I'm John.

John Crichton.

I don't think so.

For a start, John has more hair.

Amongst other things.

Are you gonna blame that on feeling cold?

What the hell happened to me?


I understand why you're doing this, but....

At least you can talk. So start.

Who are you and what do you know about the sphere?

Oh, I know as much as you do.

Is that because you're supposed to be me?


I understand the bizarreness of the situation,

but I'm telling you the truth.

I am John Crichton.


I'm John Crichton.

I don't...

I don't doubt

that you're telling the truth.



We're making progress.

I get to be me!


you are not...


Well, no.

Not as I...

normally perceive myself.
There are some...

physical differences.

Just some?


Look, perhaps it would help

if you thought of me as an alternative version...

of yourself.

I don't wanna think of you at all.

Well, you have that luxury.

I don't.

In my memories,

I look like you.

Your memories?


I perceive myself as having lead your life.

I don't believe you.


I didn't think that you would.


When the Farscape project...

received funding,

what did I do?

Celebrated with Dad, DK and Alex.

Drank a little too much Champagne that cost

way too much.

Argued with DK.

Wait. What argument?

He thought that things were going too smoothly.

That something had to go wrong.

You do remember.

Yeah...I uh...

I told him he was full of crap.

I'd completely forgotten that.


New activity from the sphere!

I'm analyzing it!

D'argo, maintenance bay.

Aeryn, stay with him,
see what you can find out about the sphere!

Pilot, status!

Are we about to get another me?

I don't think so.

They're different readings than before.

In what way?


This can't be!


it appears that the sphere is generating some sort of...

interdimensional portal!

Whoa, whoa!
This blob is creating a dimensional hole?

Yes, and it's actively trying to pull us through!

I estimate we have less than a quarter arn
before it pulls us through!


Know anything about this?

How many times Aeryn? I don't know anything.

Alright Pilot, you got any ideas?

I'm trying everything I can!

What about Starburst?
Perhaps we can blast clear of it.

The portal is being generated by the sphere
and the sphere is inside Moya.

We cannot escape it.

Right. Well what the hell can we use?

Give me your comms.


I have an idea. Give me your comms.

Listen, Aeryn.

Do you wanna be pulled through to another dimension?

No, but perhaps you do.

I'm not some sort of interdimensional alien.

If this ship gets pulled through,
I get pulled through as well.

So...give me

your comms.

Aeryn, trust me.

Fine, then at least get them a message.

Tell them to use the defense screen,
it's all we've got.

The defense screen!


The defense screen.
We use it to counter- act the pull of the dimensional hole!

Uh uh, I don't that...

Look, I'm not entirely sure here,
I'm just kinda riffin' as I go. But...

the defense screen deflects energy, right?


So we use it to counter- act the pull.

I'm in Bill and Ted land here,
so I'm open to suggestion!



Your mutation has a suggestion.

Oh good.

Listen, you have to use the defense screen to counter- act

the pull of the dimensional hole.

Man, I hope we're both right.

Sounds like he knew what you were thinking.

You trust me now.


We still don't know if it's going to work.

It won't work if they don't set it up right.

Aeryn, get me to the maintenance bay.

At gunpoint if you have to,
but get me to the maintenance bay!

At gunpoint.

I don't know that it is going to work,
Mister Rygel,

I'm just going on a gut instinct.

Something I'm sure you can appreciate.

We should be heading for a transport,
not frelling about with a defense screen,
hoping it will do something!

Then go to a transport!

At least then if we die, we'll die in peace!

Pilot, are you ready to transfer power to the defense screen?


Good, cause we're about finished, here.

John, what power settings are you using?

Everything's set at a hundred percent, why?

I'm afraid you're gonna have to recalibrate.

No, no- no- no- no.
We are not re- calibrating anything,
we give this thing everything we've got.

The settings have to be synchronized with readings
from the sphere or they'll never counter- act the pull.

They have to be synchronous.

Recalibrate to eighty- five percent.

You're not seriously gonna do what he says, are you?

Shift'em down! Shift'em down!

You're mad!

Pilot, are you good to go up there?

On your command!



Do it now!

Doing it!

It worked!

The defense screen is deflecting the sphere's energy back on itself!

It stopped dragging us in.

Son' bitch.

He was right.


I'm pleased that it worked.

But we're not out of the woods yet.

Pilot, how long can we hold out?

Our energy levels won't last forever.

I estimate the defense screen will be able to counter- act
the pull of the sphere for only...

four arns.

Perhaps less.

That's assuming the defense screen itself holds out.

We should work under the basis
that we have less than three arns.

Hey! Hey! Heeeey. It's okay.

It's me,


What happened?

Y- you lost it for a microt.

You remember?


Must know...

What happened.


I can't tell you anything.

I've...I've had my comms off.

I didn't want to wake you.

Must know!


Please, calm down!



That is your name, right?

Who you are?

Was me.

What do you mean "was"?


John no more.


Well, doesn't look as though
we'll learn anything here.

Who the frell are you?

Apparently another Crichton.


Hello Pip.

I don't suppose he's told you anything useful
about the sphere?

You don't have to go through me.

Ask him yourself.

You me, too.

Would there really be any point?

Looking at him however, does raise some...

interesting possibilities,
there seems to be a pattern to my replication.

Don't you mean Crichton's replications?


He is the template, the original.

And on the one hand we have this version,
who seems barely able to think,

and on the other hand...



Have you attempted to communicate with the sphere?

It hasn't responded to any of my signals.

But it is sending out a number of it's own.

Commander Crichton has already started looking at them.

Of course he has.

Stand by for the first signals.

I've told you,
I've already analyzed this signal.

I understand that,
but we're gonna analyze it again.

When you're ready, Pilot.

Can you try a lower pitch, please?

Now try filtering out the third and fifth harmonics.

Listen to this.

Double the Crichton
and you double the waste of time!

That's very funny Rygel.

We really should be paying more attention
to this defense shield.

It's already showing signs of strain.


Finally, it stopped.

What stopped?

You can't hear this?

So much for that.

You can't hear that?

Crichton, would you mind explaining?

Shut up, Fluffy.

Translating to alien brainwave pattern.

You incapacitated our sample collections vessel.

Resulting in the loss of the targeted sample,
and genetic derivatives.

Internal repairs have been completed,

but our vessel cannot return unless it carries

at least one of the targeted samples.

If the sample is not placed within the vessel,

it will automatically retrieve all biological matter,

within one metra of it's radius.

We do not wish to harm you.

To avoid any further damage,

place one of the targeted sample into our vessel.

One of the targeted sample.


Must go back.


We have an answer.


What is going on?

One of us is gonna die.

A sample.

Yes, apparently that's what I am.

And what if the sphere's not got what it came for?

Then it's gonna take all of us.

To another dimension?

ha ha ha..I don't think so!

Sorry Crichton.
Perhaps we can spare each of you a small last meal.

One, Rygel.

It wants one of me.

Only one?

You mean we're gonna be left with two of you?


just cause the sphere wants a Crichton,
it doesn't mean it has to be you, okay?

Will be me.

Who else?

What about the guy with the big head?

Hey, you have just as much right to be here as he does.

A remarkable device.

You understand what this is?
This is a pure research vessel.
Devoted to the study of life.

Yes, it's a remarkable device,
I just wish it had chosen some other life to study.

Hey, why me?

Why...why not all of us?

Because it's never seen anything like us before.


It's already had a chance to collect a Luxan,
a Delvian...

And one of everyone else on board.

I'd wager that your...

replication, or should I say my creation,
is a by- product of it's research.

A mapping of our genetic pathways.


I don't care what this thing does,
all I know is that I want to get rid of it!


And unfortunately, we have an answer.

We return the most expendable one of us.


No, I don't think so.

Oh, come on!

Are you going to say he's wrong?

Let's just give the sphere the hairy bastard
and get it the frell out of here!

Well, not quite as I would have phrased it Rygel,

We're getting way ahead of ourselves, guys.


What if we're wrong?

W- wh- we're gonna chuck him to the sphere
like he's nothing?

We can't do that!

I can.

What if there's another solution?

One that we haven't found yet?


you heard the message.

Yes, I heard...

the message!

But we just bought ourselves a couple of arns,
and we're gonna use...it

to find another solution.

No, no, you're losing perspective.

No, I am widening my perspective,

that is what I do, that's what makes me me!

Crichton, what's the alternative?
I try and shoot at this thing again?

Aeryn, that is a bad plan,
you really don't want another me.


What, D'argo?

Are you gonna tell me I'm wrong?

Since when do we take the easy way out?

Is anyone with me on this?

Not me.

Very well.

Let's try and see what we can find.

But, John.

When the time comes...



I want every reading you have on that sphere.

All of them.

Very well, Crichton.

I know Crichton, okay?

You know Crichton.

You are him, for frell's sake.

Look, I promise you,
he's not gonna to quit.

Til he fixes this.

Know Crichtoh.


Save Moya.


Only one answer.

I've transferred all collected information on the sphere
to a data console in the maintenance bay.

The other Crichton has started an analysis.

You don't think he's gonna have much luck, do ya?

Very perceptive.

We have to try, Pilot.

With all respect, I've analyzed that data four times.

I doubt any new insights will be gained.


I am not gonna to let Moya get sucked into the sphere.

Neither am I.


I should tell you,

Moya would never expect an innocent being to die for her sake.

She will understand if you chose to leave.

We're not gonna do that.

I know.


...while I would never want my fate
to be different to Moya's,

I do not share her acceptance of this situation.

If we have a solution, then I su...

Is what I am trying to find, Pilot,

and I am not gonna stop until I have to.

Do you understand that?




Now let's see if we can get a message
to these body snatchers.

It's the defense screen!

Pilot, we have a power drain!

Can we re- route through the neural cluster?

I'm already onto it.
We need you in command!

On the way!

It appears as though our options on
how to resolve this have become limited.

We are not giving up.

Look at the data, Zhaan.

I'm thinking with more speed and clarity than I ever have before,
and I'm still only able to absorb a fraction of this.

Something may reveal itself.

Yes, things are revealing themselves,
they're just not pertinent to this situation.

It's amazing, Zhaan, what's happened to me.

Virtually without even trying,
I'm beginning to understand concepts
that I've been thinking about for months,


You may find a solution here, if you try.

No, this is over.

We know what the outcome will be,
I'm talking about the future,
about what's possible.

You're just going to give up?

I'm gonna face reality.

This is reality!

No, this is futile.

You are not the John Crichton I know.


Look at what's happened to me.

How could I be?

I wonder if you can also see what you have lost.

Your logic may be firm, but it is cold.

But correct.

When all the options have been exhausted,

the John Crichton you know will reach the same conclusion.

I get there quicker.

That's the only difference.

And I know that you'll get there, too.

The reserve power unit's completely burned out!

The defense screen was not made for this.

Just give me whatever power you got.

We're feeding you as much as we can.

I don't wanna hear that, Aeryn.

Well, we're running out of options, Crichton.
We can't keep re- doing this.


I want you to know,

if you have to get rid of one of the Crichtons,

I'm there for you.

I appreciate the offer D'argo,

but I'm not giving up yet.

I understand.

But I also want you to know,

that if you don't start facing reality soon,
I'm gonna face it for you!

Just give me some more time.


D'argo! Just give me more time!

Now I want all the power you got.

Transferring power...

The defense screen's down to it's last power cell!

It cannot be recharged while the screen is active!

You must do something, now!

It's time.

I know.

Would you like me to take care of it?

Is that a yes?

How can you sound so calm?

You think I don't feel for him?

Of course I do.

But I'm prepared to do what has to be done.

Now would you like me to take care of it?


I'll take care of it.


Don't feel bad.

You knew this moment was coming.

I appreciate you coming with me, D'argo.

I would not have you do it alone.

Besides, I do not think it will go voluntarily.

Looking for someone?

Where is he?




You think I'd just let you kill him?

I set him free.

How could you have done this?

Frell you, D'argo!

Where is he?

Somewhere you'll never find.

Do you know what you've done?

We had a simple choice. Simple!

He dies, we live.

Now we all die!

Moya dies!

We have two choices left.


I'm the one who's supposed to be here!

You think I should go in there?


Well what about your bald headed friend?
He meant to be here too?

I tried to find another way.

Oh yeah. I bet you did.

Dammit Chiana, that is not fair!


You think this guy is nothing!

He's you!

He's warm.

He's sensitive.

He's everything I ever liked about you.

You take tiers one to three,
I'll take four to seven.

Update, Pilot!

Remaining power cell down to fifteen percent!

The DRDs still report no sign of the other Crichton.

I've checked the rest of this tier.

Then we'll have to move on to the next one.

Aeryn, I think it's time we re- asses.

I'm guessing you're not going to volunteer to go in the sphere.


You've seen what I can do, I can help this crew.

What do you suggest I do now,
turn around and start hunting Crichton?

It would make sense.

To you, yes.

But you don't belong here.

You're a mistake.

So you better pray we find the other one.




You stupid bony assed little bitch!

What were you thinking?

What was I thinking?

It was self preservation!

I thought you of all people would have understood that!

Even Crichton understood it!

What are you doing?

What do you think?

The first Crichton I see gets this in the back of the head.

No way.


We're all gonna die if one of them doesn't.

No way!

Yes way!
And I don't care which one it is!


It's you're doing Chiana!



How did I know where to find you?

I knew where I'd go if I wanted to hide.

You know why I'm here?



I'm letting you go.

Get out of here.

Go! Move it!


I found'im.

Meet me in the maintenance bay.

On my way.

Where is he?

I let him go.

I thought you would.

John, you had your chance.

And you blew it.

You let your emotions get the better of ya.

You couldn't face reality.

You wanna face...


Face reality?
We were saving ourselves at someone else's expense!

Who wasn't worth saving.

Come on, Johnny.
Don't tell me you didn't think that.

I can see a part of you still thinks it.

Remember the way you first saw the ape man?

How you could legitimize sacrificing him?

Well guess what?

That's the way I see you.

Tell me something.

if I wasn't here,
you wouldn't volunteer to go into the sphere, would ya?

Moya might emerge through the dimensional porthole unscathed,
I'll take that risk.

Oh, yeah.

Aren't you special?

With an attitude like that,
do you really think you're the best of the three of us?

You know I am.

Yeah, you're fantastic.

You're gonna fit in great around here.
The rest of the crew's just gonna love ya.

They will when they see what I can do for'em.

You just told me you'd sell'em down the river.

Let'em go through the porthole.

I tell ya what...

You ever wanna know what it was like to have'em for friends?

Just think back to when you were me.

You're very judgmental for someone who's still hiding.

No I'm not.

We're out of time.

Bet you didn't guess that move.

You're very predictable.

I prefer to think of it as...


You understand it has to be this way.

I could never really be me with you still around.

I'd always be the outsider.


more capable.

Yet not quite John.

Can you understand how frustrating that would be?

You think you're ever going to be anything but an outsider?

Better than dying.

So you're the future.

I'm glad I won't be here to see it.




Hey. Hey, you don't have to do that.

Want to.

Not my place.

Don't belong.

Look, I don't...

I don't really belong here, either.

Your time.

Your place.

My fate.

I accept.

I understand.

I understand.

Good luck.

How's Aeryn?

Well, she's doing better than this defense screen.

Actually, she's doing better than you...
you look terrible.

Oh, I've had better days.

You did what you thought was right, John.

And I did what I knew was wrong.

The future Crichton.

Kinda makes you wonder if that's where we're headed.

It's only one possible genetic path.

Yeah, but it's possible.

That's the problem.

I heard about what you did.

You really offered to take the dive?

It took me awhile.

And I needed some help.

Well, for what it's worth...

I'm glad it worked out the way it did.

I wish I could be.

I always thought I was a good guy, Chiana.

But it was the least developed one of me,

the one I thought least likely,
who did the right thing.

Somehow you knew.

I know you.