Farscape (1999–2003): Season 2, Episode 1 - Mind the Baby - full transcript

Aeryn has managed to rescue D'Argo and Crichton, they're hiding in an asteroid belt. But she needed help from Crais and Talyn to rescue them. Even as she's checking on her friends, she's ...

The Sheyang vessel is
about to fire.

Starburst. Starburst now.

Moya can't. She isn't ready.

Zhaan! Zhaan, do something.

D'Argo. He can help him.

He can talk to them.
- No, no, no.

Listen to me. D'Argo is gone.

No D'Argo, no Aeryn,
no Crichton.

Just us, okay? And in a few
microts, we'll be dead, too.

No, D'Argo can save us.

He can.

He, he has to save us.

They're firing.

D'Argo, we need you.




Shake it off.

Come on Rock, get off the
canvas. You can do it.

Rise and shine. Up and at 'em.
Break through.

Man, this is getting old.

The least you can do is
talk in your sleep.

What would you like me to say?

Whoa. How about great
to be back?

Was I away?

You sure as hell were. Days.

I don't know how many.
I kind of lost track of time.

Do you know who I am?

Yes, I recognize you, John, but
I do not recognize this place.

Am I dead?

- No.
- Am I dead?!


You're not dead.

I, uh... I thought
we were dead.

Why aren't we?


She finally managed to scoop
us up, brought us here.

Some asteroid.

Abandoned mining camp, factory.
I don't know, something like that.

Where is she?

She's in the Prowler,
grocery shopping.

This rock gets a nine on atmosphere
but only two on food and water.

We have a lot to thank her for.


Prowler to Talyn.

What delayed you?

You were supposed to check in
two arns ago.

I can't always get away
on schedule.

Don't forget, I have to give
Crichton a reason for my absence.

He still has no knowledge
of our arrangement?


It might facilitate matters
if you explained to him.


Eventually, you'll have to.

Only when it's too late
for him to interfere.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut.

A radiation wave hit and I got
shot through a wormhole.

Now I'm lost in some distant
part of the universe on a ship,

a living ship, full of strange
alien life-forms.

Help me.

Listen, please.

Is there anybody out there
who can hear me?

I'm being hunted by an insane
military commander.

I'm doing everything I can.

I'm just looking for
a way home.

You sure your memory's okay?

How long was I without
oxygen for?

Long enough to scare the
hell out of me.

What's the last thing
you remember?



Gammak base aflame.

Magnificent sight.


Did Moya get away?

Moya did but Talyn...


Yeah, Moya's baby.

Awful name.

What happened to him?

Crais happened.

He made off with the baby.

We should never have
let him live.

- Yeah, I know. What happened
to the Command Carrier?

It's still in the area.

Aeryn has spotted Marauders

checking the asteroid field out
but they haven't seen us yet.

So now we have to
evade Scorpius.

And then we have to find Crais,
remove him from Talyn.

Who the yotz named him Talyn?

I did. After my father.

Aeryn, check out who finally
woke up from his little siesta.

Yes, I have eyes, Crichton.

I have eyes as well, and they're
very pleased to see you alive.

Hey, yo.

What's the matter?
Is there a problem?

All I managed to find
was a little water.

I'll have to keep exploring.

If this asteroid is unsuitable
then we should all leave.

Good idea. Change of scenery.


This is the only asteroid I've
seen with structures

that'll hide you from the
Marauder patrols.

Yeah, but D'Argo's awake.

We get out of the asteroid, we signal
to Moya, she comes and she picks us up.

We don't even know if Moya is in range
and we can't outrun a Command Carrier.

So we have to remain hidden
until the Carrier withdraws.

What if it never does?

Well, Scorpius can't look
for us forever,

and he can't even be certain
that you survived.

Aeryn, Scorpius wants
me pretty bad.

His patience may outlast our
Prowler's fuel.

When the Prowler's fuel runs
out we starve.

As John once said, I would
rather go down on a swing.

"Swinging." That you want
to go down "swinging."


The only reason we'll starve

is if you don't stop this
useless discussion

and let me keep searching
for food.

- This discussion...
- Aeryn, D'Argo.

Stop it! Both of you.

If not for me you'd both
be dead, all right?

So stop fighting me!

Rygel, eat.

I can't eat.

What, you... you can't eat?


What? Any fever?

Or dizziness?

Or secretions that are even
abnormal for you?

I'm not sick.
I'm simply not hungry.

Ask Pilot why.

Bad news, Pilot?

Moya is returning to the asteroid
field where she last saw Talyn.


There, you see?

Is Moya unclear on the concept
of why we ran away?

She insists on searching for
her offspring despite the risk.

A Peacekeeper Command Carrier
is slightly more than a risk.

Moya and I have chosen a course that should
allow us to re-enter the field undetected.

But even then, we're flying
back in unarmed, defenseless.

We aren't entirely defenseless.

Ha! As good as.

All we have is that antiquated defense screen
we took from the wreck of the Zelbinion.

This pile of dren?

Well, I-is it even functional?

I'll have the DRDs give it
a thorough going-over.

Moya doesn't understand
your distress.

Besides Talyn, we might also
find Crichton, D'Argo and Aeryn.

If they could have gotten out,
they would have by now.

All patrols still report
nothing, sir.

Uh, no signal from Leviathan

No trace of Crichton.


I comprehend the meaning of
nothing, Lieutenant.

After Crichton ejected from
the Transport,

it may have been a mistake to pull back
and allow that rogue Prowler to rescue him.

Oh, you had little choice, sir.

Oh, true.

He would have chosen to perish
rather than be saved by us.


the Prowler eluded capture,

and continues to.

In a field of this size,
we may never find it.

Time for a change of tactics.

Talyn! Stop this senseless

You mother has gone.
Do you understand?

Moya has abandoned you.

What are you doing?

Power down your engines
at once.

Leaving the protection of the
field right now is suicidal.

I know you detest all
this hiding.

You're a gunship, a warrior.

You want to move, to fight.

But you're not yet strong enough
to take on a Command Carrier.

He's going berserk.

Talk to him!


What's the matter?

Show us.

There's no reason to be afraid.

I'm here.

So is Crais.

Talyn, we want to help
you, please.

Let us see what's upsetting you.


Broadband transmissions.

Random noises mixed with
distortion spikes.


Talyn, these signals
mean nothing.

They're intended to alarm you
and to make you run.

Talyn, do not play into the
hands of your enemy.

Remain right where you are.

You're brave enough to
do that, aren't you?

Very good, Talyn.

Talyn, excuse us for a moment.

D'Argo's regained

He and Crichton are
eager to leave.

And don't suggest that we
simply abandon them

because that was not part
of our arrangement.

We can't leave just yet.

Talyn is still too immature.

No weapons, no Starburst and he
continues to ignore my commands.

You can't command a Leviathan.
You can only persuade.

Talyn is part Leviathan, part Peacekeeper.
He was designed to take orders.

Why don't you let me
talk to him?



I'm willing to share
command of Talyn.

I will not relinquish it.

- Again?
- Yeah.

One, two, three.

Again, I win.

No, I win. Paper wraps rock.

No, paper cannot possibly
beat rock.

It does. Paper beats rock.

Rock rips through paper.

D'Argo, that's not how
it works.

- Paper beats rock.
- That is unrealistic.

Well, it's the rules and it's
not supposed to be realistic.

It's supposed to be

My coma was more entertaining.

It's a kid's game.


Good hunting?

Should we give you a hand?

No need.

No. It's no problem.

What did I say?
I don't need any help.

You know what? I think you do.

I'm certain you do.

This is ridiculous.

I have a question.

How many times have we saved
each others lives?

I've lost count.

Safe to say more than once?


Right. And how many times have
you and I been close?

Just the once.

No, no, uh, not that
kind of close.

Oh, uh, friend close?



Um, 'em, ah, ah,
more than once.

Yeah, right. Well.

Whatever our relationship is...

we should be at a place where
we can trust one another.

I think you're holding
something back.

Look me in the eye.

Look me in the eye.

Tell me that I'm wrong.

You're not going to like
what I have to say.

Maybe not.

In order to save your lives I
had to make a deal with Crais.


Slow down. Stop.

You had to what?

By the time I retrieved you, Moya had
gone you were both about to suffocate.

And then Crais signaled
me from Talyn

with the coordinates to an
oxygen-atmosphere asteroid.

This asteroid.

I never would have found it on
my own. Not in time, anyway.

Back up.

What's your end in this deal?

When Moya left, Talyn got
upset, stopped obeying Crais.

I agreed to help calm Talyn down and
teach him to start obeying Crais's orders.

Oh, well...

that makes sense.

You're helping Talyn obey the
guy who kidnapped him?!

I didn't have a another choice.

You should have let us die.

No, I couldn't have.

That offspring has weaponry!

And you've put that weaponry
within the grasp of Crais.

Oh, what would you prefer,

That Scorpius gets Talyn,
or destroys Talyn?

Right now, even Crais's control
is better than no control at all.

Right now?!

When exactly is that going
to change, Aeryn?

After Crais has brainwashed him
he's going to give him back?!

I told you you wouldn't
like what I had to say.

I don't!

Neither do I.

Yeah, well, it's all we have.

No, it isn't.

All right, we cannot allow Crais to
remain aboard Talyn. Do you agree?


She's going to be pissed
when she gets up, though.

It was a time-saver.

You look after her while I go
and break Crais' neck.

D'Argo, you couldn't break
wind right now.

I'm going.

I owe Crais.

You think I don't owe him?

Shoot for it.

One, two, three.

I'll see ya.

Zhaan? It's me.


It's me. Chiana.

Look, I hate to disturb you
while you're so busy.

Well, not that I understand
what you're doing.

I mean, I understand it's part
of the Delvian Seek thing

so you can become a priest
again or...

or something...

But I don't see how it works.

Not that it's my business.

You have 30 microts.

Moya's got some farhbot idea
about going back

to the asteroid field to
look for her baby

even though we're sure to get
captured by Peacekeepers

and I don't have to tell you
what happens then.

So, I was wondering if you could
talk to Pilot so he could talk to Moya

to convince her that this bad
idea is, well, a bad idea.

Did you get all that?


So, you'll do it?


You've killed all three
of us now.

Without Crais and Talyn's help
we'll never get out of here alive.

Do you really think that Crais would return
us to Moya once Talyn is under his control?

His word is worth
next to nothing.

He no longer considers
himself a Peacekeeper.

Or so he claims.

I believe him. He knows Scorpius
would have him executed.

Oh, then his conversion doesn't
mean much, does it?

Well, perhaps not, but he is
a fugitive, just as we are

which means that his goals and
ours may no longer conflict.

If he has deserted the

then his loyalties lie
only to himself,

which makes him more dangerous
not less.

Locking scramble,
Security Three Velka.

Please confirm.

Scramble confirmed.


The gunship is still...

not my concern.

Where's Crichton?

Officer Sun won't tell me yet.

Building her trust is time-consuming,
as is building the gunship's trust.

The latter task is made
no easier

when the gunship is panicked by
your spurious transmissions.

Your progress report was overdue,
I concluded you were incapacitated,

and I attempted to retrieve
the gunship.

Then it is among your concerns?

As a means to recovering
Crichton, no more.

Deliver Crichton to me and I will
allow you to keep the gunship.

Demonstrate some of the formidable
patience you're always bragging you possess.

My patience is formidable,

but it is not infinite.

Talyn, you heard Scorpius.

You are not his concern.

Merely a tool he can use
or barter away.

This is how the Peacekeepers
treat their own.

You, me, Officer Sun.

But we are alike now.
Orphaned from all we ever knew.

We have only one another
to rely upon.

You must believe me, trust me.


I know. I know. Sorry.

You know, I should have called

but I was in the neighborhood,
thought I'd drop in, say hi.

How you doing?

Where's Officer Sun?
Have you harmed her?

You're asking me if I've
harmed Aeryn?

That's a winner, Crais.

Do Sebaceans have a word
for "chutzpah"?

What do you want, Crichton?

Oh, a couple of things.

Your head on a platter,
for starters.

I'm unarmed.

You can kill me easily.

Be warned, however.

Talyn regards me as a friend.


I heard that you had a long way
to go in that department.

I have.

Nevertheless, I believe he
would react badly to my death

and retaliate by killing you.


Well, but if you're dead,
he's out of your clutches.

A fair price to pay, I'd say.

Consider this.

Neither of us wants to see
Talyn in Scorpius' hands.


I give.

What do you want, Crais?

Simply to escape.

To travel deeper into the
Uncharted Territories.

To re-examine my path.

You want to have a
midlife crisis?


Just ditch the firm, head off to
Maui, shack up with a supermodel,

but you do not get to
keep the Porsche!

You don't get the keys
to Moya's baby.

Talyn. Intruder.

You're about to lose your head.

Now, tell Talyn to put
away the toys.


Now open the hatch.

We're going to go for
a little drive.

Wha...? Pilot!

What the yotz was that?

Moya is accelerating.

I know that.

I felt it in all three stomachs.

She heard a transmission
from Talyn.

He's in the asteroid field,
apparently in great pain.

I'll try to find out more.

Moya's in full lunatic
mother mode.

She'll blunder right into
Scorpius' bad teeth.

Ah, that, ah... module thing of
Crichton's is still operational.

We could let Moya go on
without us.

Mmm, we could.

Not that any planet in this
vicinity was very hospitable.

Pilot and... Pilot and Moya didn't
abandon us during Zhaan's trial.

We can't ditch.

We have to stick.

Stupid though it may be.

There is a transport pod available
should you not wish to accompany us.

What? Leave you and Moya?

No. We... we couldn't!

Could we?

Uh, no. Oh, we'd never
consider such a thing.

This transmission can only

a Leviathan distress call.

Then if Moya is anywhere in the
area, she should come running.

But the gunship has not emerged
from the asteroid field.

If Moya joins her offspring in
concealment, we have gained nothing.

Nearing the origin of Talyn's
transmission, but there's no sign of Talyn.

He may have fled further
into the field.

Any other ships around?


Wait. A Prowler.

Has it seen us?

Apparently, it's changing
course to intersect with ours.

It's been a thrill,
Your Frogness.

May your afterlife be almost
as pleasant as mine.

This is odd.

The Prowler has not initiated
any communications.

Not sending word home?

No. In fact it's maneuvering
as if it wishes to dock.

You don't think...?

No. It couldn't be.

Pilot, let it dock.

Chiana, but don't you...?
- Chiana...?

Yo, Chi! What up?

Stay where you frelling are!

How do I know it's you?

You want to check my birthmarks?

Yeah, maybe.

Uh... Why didn't you signal?

'Cause the bad guys
might be listening.

Okay, so, uh... so what are
you doing with him?

What? This guy?

I'm putting this guy
back in his cell!


You survived!

Hey, don't I always?

Hey, blue.


Hey, darling, can you hear me?

Certainly I can hear you, John.

I can always hear you.


You okay?


You're not...

surprised to see me?

Not at all.

I apologize for shouting
at you, John.

That's okay.

Um, when exactly was that?

On Litigara.

I accused you of not being
there for me.

I realize now that...
that wasn't true.



I don't think that I've been
there but I'm here now.

Yes. Your spirit is with me.

The flesh is unimportant.

No. It's kind of important.


Oh, ho, oh, I'm not dead.

She thinks I'm dead.

I'm real.

Yes, John.

You always will be to me.


Uh, what the ah, hell...?

Pilot thinks nothing's wrong.

She's resumed the Delvian Seek.

What... wait. The Del...

Why didn't you tell me? Is this
supposed to be important?

Oh, you tell me.

You've seen more Delvians
than I have.

You think that's a help?

Oh, tie.

We're low on food. I'd conserve
your energy, if I were you.

For what purpose?

To live longer.

If I am to die on this asteroid, I
would rather it was sooner than later.

Besides, if I die,
you can eat me.

You don't look ripe to me.

Somebody call for a taxi?

Crichton, you succeeded?

I'm one for two. I'll give you
the details on the way back.

Crichton, you must return now.

Moya's made contact with Talyn.

Where is Talyn?

About to leave the
asteroid field.

We're on the way, Pilot.

There's no mistake, sir.

The gunship is leaving the
asteroid field and Moya is pursuing.

Follow them, but stay well
clear of their sensor range.

They must not see us, until they are too
far from the asteroid field to hide again.

But we won't be able to catch
the Leviathan if she Starbursts.

She won't because her
offspring can't.

On my signal, cripple
both ships.

Commando units will take Crichton alive,
but I care for no other prisoners. Clear?


How's my favorite Hynerian?

Even I'm pleased to see you.

Are, uh... are you not well?

You got a frog in your throat?

You need a Hynerian heimlich?


I'll be fine.

A slight case of the intons.

The what?

It's a Hynerian airway seizure
caused by very strong emotions.

I didn't know you had strong
emotions in you, Sparky.

Other than greed, of course.

A simple reaction to the shock
of seeing you again.

It is good to have you
all back aboard.

We missed you, too, Pilot.

Very much.
What's Talyn's status?

Highly distraught.

He continues to flee and won't
even acknowledge Moya's signals.

Pilot, I might have a
little more luck.

Is Moya willing to let me try?

Moya consents.

You may proceed.

Thank you.

Talyn, this is Aeryn.

Please answer.

Talyn, you don't have to run from
Moya. She only wants to protect you.

Look Talyn, I know you're confused.
You've heard so many voices.

But you know that I
care about you.

At least let me know that you
can hear what I'm saying.

Hey, you might want to
give it a rest.

Poor kid's confused. He doesn't
know who to listen to.

Moya's still trying to catch him,
which can't be helping matters.

No. Look, I'm going to go have
a chat with Pilot.

I'm sorry, Commander.

Moya refuses to allow Talyn
to get further away.

Look, does she not realize that by
chasing him, she's making him more nervous?

She's convinced she can still get
through to him and talk him down.

Having found him, she's terrified
at the thought of losing him again.

I know. I know. It's her kid.
It's her kid.

I know that. I know that.
Maybe Mom really does know best.

There's no sign of the
Command Carrier, right?

None... yet.


Hello, Aeryn. Come in.

Crichton said you
were chanting.

Are you finished yet?

I'll never be finished.

This is a different phase
of the Seek.


Well, I just wanted to see
how you were.

I love you.

You what?

I love you.

Oh, yes, I did hear it the first
time and you know what? I, I...

I love all living beings.

The Seek has reopened my eyes
to the wonder of the spirit.

I am now going to devote my
life to enlightenment.


Well, I think that's, um...

really selfish, actually.

You know, before you bliss off
completely into oblivion,

you might want to have a
little look around you,

because Moya and Talyn are in

Worldly concerns do not
interest me now.

Oh, really? Well, then, don't give me
any dren about how much you love me.

Love in its most
rarefied sense...

Too rarefied for me.

I'm just an ignorant warrior
who believes that love means

you're willing to fight and die
for your fellow living beings.

You're an atypical Luxan,
Ka D'Argo.

You left your military service to
raise a family upon a rural planet.

Spare me your disapproval.

I don't.

I lived upon a farming community
until the Peacekeepers conscripted me.

My wife was a Sebacean.

Tell me you approve of that.

No. I find it repellent.

But that reaction, the concept
of irreversible contamination

was instilled in me by
the Peacekeepers.

As such, it needs to be
questioned, re-examined.

A containment cell is a fine
place for reflection.

True. Pa'u Zhaan achieved much
during her incarceration,

but I cannot stay here.

Talyn needs me.

Too frelling bad.

Your hatred of me, though well
earned blinds you.

I can keep Talyn out of
Peacekeeper hands.

And I will.

You're not getting back
aboard Talyn.

Get used to the idea.

Re-examine it.

I shall.

Before you were arrested,

were you happy?

Happier than you can
ever imagine.

Then I envy you.

Both Leviathans are

Either they have no
plan whatsoever,

or they're about to implement one
which isn't immediately apparent.

Our wisest move in both cases
is the same.

Overtake and engage.

Well, don't take your
time or anything.

You're sure it's the
Command Carrier, Pilot?

Yes. Closing fast.

Firing range in 6,000 microts.

Scorpius, he just can't
live without me.

Talyn sees the Carrier.

He's powering up his
main cannon.

Excellent! Have him aim dead
amidships, right in Scorpius's...

He's aiming for Moya.

Damn it! What the hell's
he doing?

Talyn says that was
a warning shot.

He's sending Moya a demand.

What's he want?

A captain. Talyn's afraid.

He doesn't know what to do about
the approaching Command Carrier.

Oh, like we do?

He insists he needs guidance.

Ouch. Let's get that boy some guidance before
he turns into a full-blown Menendez brother.

I'll go at once.

Talyn demands that we send over Crais.
- What?

He said he wants Crais?
- He can't have him.

Pilot, get that boy
on the phone.

He's unwilling to discuss
it further.

He says he'll fire upon us unless
we agree to return Crais now.

Pilot, evasives.

Moya won't. She doesn't
believe he'll fire.

Pilot, let's get the defense
screen up just in case mama's wrong.

Done. But it may not hold.

Man, haven't you people
ever heard of fuses?

Moya's unhurt, but the
defense screen is out.

No? Really?

And another shot would do Moya
considerable harm.

Scorpius will be upon us in
no more than 5,000 microts.

I'm going to take Crais
to Talyn.

And then what?

We leave Talyn in
Crais' control?

His and mine. I'll stay aboard
Talyn with Crais.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

For how long?

For as long as necessary
to protect Talyn.

He's very intelligent, John.

Once he matures, he'll no
longer want a captain.

Yeah, but Aeryn in the

I'll be there to mitigate any
damage that Crais does.

Crais is never going to
go for that.

Yes, he will.

He's already offered to
take me with him.

And you'd do that?

I don't have another choice.

There are always choices,

The only other choice is death
for everyone, Talyn included.

Well, I'm not going to let
you go with him.

There isn't another solution.

There has to be.

We're out of time.


Your nephew wants to see you.

I knew he would, eventually.

Officer Sun,

make your choice.

I want to go with you.


this is a beneficial turn of
events for all concerned,

with the happy exception
of Scorpius.

Crais, I don't like this plan
and I never will.

So you better behave yourself
with Talyn and Aeryn.

'Cause if you hurt either
one of them,

I'm going to hunt you down.

You hunt me down.

That would complete the
symmetry nicely, wouldn't it?

Last time we stood here,
we didn't say goodbye.

And it wasn't goodbye,
as it turned out.

Here's hoping history
repeats itself.

Talyn, we have returned.

We are prepared to guide you
out of danger,

take you far from the domain
of the Peacekeepers.

Maneuver very close to Moya and her
Starburst will carry us all to safety.

What is that?

It's the Hand of Friendship.

It's the greatest honor
it can bestow.


who's it for?

Thank you.

I humbly accept.

No, Talyn.


Talyn, what's happening?

Talyn, what have you done?

What is that?

A neural transponder.

A direct interface with Talyn.

His senses...

his propulsors...

his weaponry.

I command them all.

You command him?

Every system.

It's indescribable.

It's a pity you can't
experience it.

Crais, we were going to share command of Talyn.
- Talyn chose otherwise.

He needs both of us.


We no longer need you.

Talyn can only have one master.

You may return to Moya.

I will not.

You must.

He and I are of like mind
on this.

Crais, take that thing off.

Take it off.

Take it off or I will!

Talyn, I'm not the enemy.

We know that.

But you cannot stay
aboard here.

You have 50 microts to get
back to your Prowler

before we open that
passageway into space.

Good health, Officer Sun.

Pilot, why hasn't Talyn tucked in
close? We need a Starburst damn soon.

In 90 microts. The Carrier
will be in range to fire.

Then what's keeping them?

The Prowler has just
emerged from Talyn.

Who's aboard?

Officer Sun.

She's asking to return to Moya.

Pilot, get her aboard fast.

40 more microts.

- Charging all frag cannons.
- Boarding parties standing by.

Fire when at optimal range.


My final progress report.

Stay that command.

The gunship is secured,

and I am resigning my Peacekeeper
commission effective immediately.

Crais, cease this nonsense.

As for Crichton,

he is dead.

I killed him with my
bare hands.

My brother is avenged.

Here ends my report, Captain.

Fire upon both Leviathans.


I thought Talyn wasn't ready.

He obviously learns a lot
faster than we thought.

Pilot, is the Prowler aboard?

Yes. Prepare for immediate


Your tactical expert claimed...

the gunship's ability
to Starburst...

would not mature for an arn.

Send him to me so I might
educate him.

Yes, sir.

Start searching for Moya, on her
most probable Starburst vectors.

Not the gunship, sir?

After all, with
Crichton dead...

Crichton isn't dead.

That's merely Crais' small
attempt to take revenge upon me.

How can you be so sure?

If Crais had killed Crichton,
he wouldn't tell me.

Crichton is alive!

And I will find him.

If you are going to sit there in
a coma, you could at least smile.

Sweet D'Argo.

I was just thinking.

Part of the Seek?

No, Aeryn was right.

As much as I wish to immerse myself in the
Seek and in the next level of existence,

I cannot abandon you all.

I will slow down the Seek.

The next level will
always there.

This one will not.

Then we must cherish it
while we have it.

And we must cherish each other.

I failed.

Well, you did everything
you could.

In other words, I failed.

Officer Sun,

Talyn told Moya he was choosing
Crais of his own volition.

Yeah. For what that's worth.

He'll contact her from time to
time and let her know he's okay.

Well, they say they'll call
home, Pilot, once a week.

They never do.

Talyn will be all right,
won't he?

Well, he's young,

and he's going to make mistakes.

But he'll learn.

And if Crais ever mistreats
him, he'll bounce him.

Maybe Crais won't mistreat him.

He could have killed me,
you know.

He could have killed all
of us and he didn't.

Yeah. Maybe he just needed to
save the energy for Starburst.

Or maybe he's changed.

Well, you do believe people can
change, don't you, John?


Well, you have.

- Mm-hmm.

I have.


But Crais?