Farscape (1999–2003): Season 1, Episode 20 - The Hidden Memory - full transcript

Aeryn is cured, but Crichton has been captured. Now the crew struggles to find a way to rescue him. Scorpius probes Crichton for wormhole knowledge, and discovers something left behind by the Ancients. Crais arrives he wants Crichton. Aeryn will arrive and confront her former Captain, the person who deemed her irreversibly contaminated.

Previously on Farscape.

You are not going to die.

The only treatment is a tissue graft
from a genetically compatible donor.


If a warrior cannot die in
battle, she can at least die alone.

One dose, some bed rest.

This may help stabilize you until
Crichton returns with the cure.

I am Scorpius.

What the hell was that?

A memory.

Our spy has an interest in
wormhole technology.

And you can have Crichton when
I have finished with him.

We've got to get you
out of there.

Get the sample back to Moya.

Does Aeryn mean that
much to him?

Crichton is in love with you.

Crichton succeeded.

Where is he? I want to see him.

My side, your side!

Danger, Will Robinson.

Beware the chair.

Why the yotz are we still here?

The Prowler's on board,
isn't it?

We should Starburst away from here
before Crais finds out where we are.

- We can't.
- Starburst is not available.

Nor is propulsion.

We will be fortunate just
to maintain orbit.

But, Pilot, I thought Moya was
prepared for one more Starburst.

She was, but no longer.

She has gone into what
appears to be full labor.

She chooses now to
go into labor?

It's a little inconvenient.

She has little choice.
And she is very frightened.

Pilot, that's a natural reaction
during a birthing cycle.

Moya tells me that this is not
a natural birthing cycle.

She's now certain that there is
something wrong with her child.

It is not a normal Leviathan.

How are you feeling?


Lie back down.

It may be some time before your
strength returns completely.

I hear I have you to
thank for my life.

Yeah. Oh, and, uh,
the other one.

What other one?


Or don't you remember her?

We met on the Zelbinion.

Where's Crichton?

You should rest now, Aeryn.

Where is he?

Crichton's still on
the Gammak Base.

He's been captured by
the Peacekeepers.

They're probing his mind using
something called an Aurora Chair.

Why didn't anyone tell me?
Why haven't you gone after him?

There are hundreds of
Peacekeepers down there, Aeryn.

I cannot infiltrate that base
without being detected.

Well, I can.

Don't try to stop me, D'Argo.

I won't.

I'm strong enough to go alone.

No, you're not.
I'm coming with you.

If you can be an idiot,
I can be an idiot.

Well, a warrior may be of some
use to me down there

but Zhaan, why don't
you stay here?

John might need me. If he gets damaged
by the chair then I can help him.

I'm hoping Crichton will be
strong enough to fight the chair.

...brell phase distortion.

Flight recorder getting
all this?

What do you call the maneuver
we're doing now?


Holy mother, it's a wormhole.

...it's unstable.

There's no use
resisting, Crichton.

The chair will rip the memories
from you, even if you fight it.

I'm not resisting.

The chair says he is.

He's holding something back.

Then increase the extraction.

Show us what you're blocking!

I'm not blocking.

About wormholes.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut...

...a radiation wave hit and I
got shot through a wormhole...

Now I'm lost in some distant
part of the universe on a ship.

A living ship, full of strange
alien life-forms...

Help me.

Listen, please.

Is there anybody out there
who can hear me?

...being hunted by an insane
military commander...

...doing everything I can...

I'm just looking for
a way home.

What are you doing there?

Don't talk to me!


You stay where you are!

Don't talk to me!

There's no talking to me!

I do my talking in the chair.


You like the chair?

Love the chair, love the chair,
love the chair.

Are you spying on me, Stark?

Scorpy sent you in here
to spy on me?

No, I'm no spy for Scorpy.

What you got there?

Nothing. Nothing.

What is that?



If you don't stop, I'm going
to have to kill you.

Give it a couple days.

I think Scorpy and Peacekeeper
Barbie will do it for you.

You're not crazy.

Are you, Stark?


But if they think I am,

they don't bother me so much.

So what you hiding there?

My baby.

It's a magnetic crypt encoder.

I made it from scraps of metal
I've been collecting for two cycles.

What's it do?

If I get the sequence right,
it can unlock the door.

But it can only try one
sequence at a time.

You're going to be
here forever,

if you're waiting for that
thing to get you out.

At least I'm trying something.


You'll tell them about
my baby, won't you?


No, I've kept things
from them this far.

I can keep this.

Everyone can block thoughts
for a while, Crichton,

but eventually you'll
tell the chair.

I'm the only one who can
block thoughts forever.

How many times have you
been in it?

Over one hundred sessions.


Well, what is it?

What's so important that you
can keep it from the chair?

What do you know?


I'm tellin' 'em the truth.

What I'm blocking has nothing
to do with the wormholes!

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Any sign they've
spotted us, D'Argo?

Nothing's tracking.

The scanning blind that Gilina
created seems to be holding.

Let's hope so.

What about when we land?

There won't be any
sensors up top.

The sensors would give away that
there's a Gammak Base underground.


Who's there?

John? John?

Where's that voice coming from?

Shut up!

Don't say a word.


John, keep your back
to the camera.

They can see but they
can't hear.

I remember. I... I remember.

Did you get the paraphoral
tissue to Aeryn?

Chiana got it off the base,

but I don't know if she made it
back to Moya in time.

Who is that?
Who you talking to?

It's a friend. She can help
us get out of here.

Now we both have a
secret to keep.

Gilina, I need some help.

I need you to get them
off my back for awhile.

I'll think of something.

John, don't worry.

I've got to go now.

I can't stay tapped
in for long.


Moya's data stores indicate it
may be best to get the offspring out as fast as possible.

How the yotz do we do that?

It says we can try blasting the tranix
with coolant from Moya's thermal chamber.

Then do it.

I want this thing over with.
I want to be still...

Rygel! You've got to stay
calm during the birth.

I am calm. I...

I've conceived hundreds
of progeny.

And those are only the official
ones with my wives.

Well then, you should know
something about this.

Or you should be able
to help us.

I was never present
at the birth.

Not one.

Well, of course not.

I think this is a trifle
different, don't you?

My progeny were tiny.

Tiny and handsome.
Like their father.


- Okay, I'm patched in here.
- Try it again.

Hurry up!

Scorpius wants maximum
power now.

We just have to reroute
the annex cable.

We're onto it.

Alex, you need some help?

Oh, hi Gilina.
Yeah, you're not wrong.

Uh, if you put the double
cabling on-line,

uh, I can finish patching in.

Oh, sure, all right
then, well...

you know all this
better than me.

- Mmm.
- Mmm.


- Status report.
- Are we back on-line?

- Checking power levels now.
- Just a few microts.


Are we ready?

All levels are go.

Calibration complete.

The chair is ready, Scorpius.


Follow us.

Come on... come on...



I can't talk right now.

Looks like we got company.

John, when you get into the
chair just remember one thing.


Remember when we kissed
on the Zelbinion.

No. No, no, no, that's the
thing I'm blocking.

Trust me.

I do trust you. I do.

- Then remember the kiss.
- Scorpy!

- Move back, Stark! Get inside!
- But Scorpy, let me get into the chair!

Scorpy! Will Scorpy let me
get into the chair?

Have you finished?


You see, Crichton,

this is what I'm trying
to keep you from.

Yeah, Scorpy. You're all heart.

You show me everything
that's in your brain

and I won't torture you anymore.

I've shown you everything.

The chair indicates that you're
holding something back.

Chair's wrong.

What won't you tell me?

I already know everything else.

I know you're living on a stolen
Leviathan with escaped prisoners,

and I know that Leviathan
is pregnant.

You know who the Daddy is?

Why are you doing this
to yourself?

What is so important

that you're willing to go
through all of this?

I'm not blocking anything.

Bring him.

I'm going to enjoy ripping the
truth out of you, Crichton.

Commander Crichton,

it's good to see you're
enjoying your stay with us.

Crais, don't you ever knock?


What is that?

My question as well, Captain.

What do you want?

I'm here to thank you.


For what?

I've never been one
of the elite.

Did you know that?

My parents were common farmers.

I was shanghaied from their
commune as a young boy.

I rose through Peacekeeper
ranks on my wits and my hatred.

But still, some doors were
always closed to me.

Well, thanks for the family tree,
Crais, but frankly, I don't give a damn.

With this wormhole information
you've given me

I now have the power to rise
where I should be.

You don't actually believe
any of that, do you?

Come on, he made it all up!

You can't make things up
for the chair, Captain.

You know that.

What is that, hmm?

I don't know.

Kind of looks like an episode
of Melrose Place.

What do you mean you don't
know what it is?

I don't know.

Damn! What is it?

Is that it, Crais?

Is the game up?


Crais, first found out about
wormholes when I came through.

I gave him the information disk
in exchange for my life.

That's a lie!

No, it's not.

He's lying!

Damn you, Crichton!

Tell him the truth!

So, nothing of what we
saw was true?


Were you born on a
farming commune?


Were you conscripted from it
by the Peacekeepers?

Yes, but...

How does Crichton know this?

He must have stolen it
from a database...

While in security three

Look, I don't know how he did it,
but what you saw on there is not true.

Of course, it's not.

But there's only one way
to be sure it is a lie.


For you to go in the chair.



No captain has ever been
subjected to such an indignity.

There's always a first
for everything.

Get Crichton back to his cell.

You overstep yourself, Scorpius.

You haven't got the numbers
to put me in the chair.

Don't I?

I commend your loyalty.

It must be difficult to maintain
for an officer like Crais,

an officer on the edge
and out of control.

Talk to me, Scorpius,
not to them.

I have unconditional authority
on a Gammak Base.

Captain Crais will go
to the chair.

To stop that, you will
have to kill me.

And all my men.

Are you prepared to do that?

Do not listen to him.
That is an order.

Do what you know in your
hearts if the right thing.

Put Crais in the chair.

That's the last of the gear
from the Transport Pod.

What are you doing with
those explosives?

I'm upgrading these
primitive things.

I found an access shaft.

I should be able to get to the
base and look for Crichton.

Are you strong enough?

I better be.


I don't know how she did it.

But she did it.

Rest, Crichton.

No. No, no, no, we've got
to do something.

I gotta get that door open.


What is that?

What did you just show me?

I'm able to give a few
thoughts, that's all.

Rest, my friend.

How long have you been here?

Two cycles.

Peacekeepers killed most
of my people,

but they kept me alive
because I interest them.

I'm able to hide thoughts that
their chair can't touch.

It's almost ironic.

What made me a slave now
keeps me alive.

What made you a slave?


I'm of the Banik slave race.

Outsiders think that we
do not feel

but it's only that our feelings
don't always show.

Just as this can hide
our feelings.

We're also able to cloud
thoughts from our minds.

What I know deep inside,

Peacekeepers will never see.

I did everything I could
to avoid him!

The recruiter is here
to pick you up.

I'm counting on you to
protect him.

Do you understand?


Who is that?

My father!

Turn it off!

Don't you like your past, Crais?

Turn it off!

Can't you get to what he knows
about wormholes?

No. He's fighting it.

I don't know anything!


Is there surveillance
inside this cell?



Chiana told me what you
did for me.

Thank you.

What are you doing here?

The paraphoral tissue takes at
least ten solar days before...

I don't have ten days. I need
to know where Crichton is.

They have him on level
nine containment.

There is no way of reaching him
without a direct order from Scorpius.

John is blocking a memory
from them.

Scorpius thinks it has something to do
with his precious wormholes, but it doesn't.

What does it have to do with?


He's protecting me,

but as soon as Scorpius finds out
that he knows nothing about wormholes,

he'll kill him.

We'll need more rocks if we're going
to hide the rest of these, D'Argo.

If the Peacekeepers come up
through the level risers,

this is where they're
going to surface.

I hope those things work.

Otherwise, there is not much to
stand between us and them.

I always wanted to ask
you, D'Argo.

That Qualta blade.

For a warrior, it seems a very
unconventional weapon.

Many cycles ago, there was a race
even more feared than the Peacekeepers.

The Teloks.

They laid siege to my planet for
over one hundred solar days.

When the final assault came, all our warriors
had were these unconventional weapons.

My own great grandfather
died in that war.

When the final days come, Luxans believe
that the Qualta blade will lead us to freedom.

I understand, D'Argo.

Please forgive my curiosity.

There is another thing we
can do for you.


My Qualta blade and I can
cut stones for you.

Look, I'm not going to say this
again. There is nothing in there.

I'm just telling you what I
picked up from Crais' carrier.

- What's going on?
- Shh.

I detected an unauthorized magnetic
pulse coming from somewhere on this...

There is no signal coming
from in there.


Look, I'll prove it to you.

See? Nothing.
Absolutely nothing.

What the frell is that?

Obviously nothing.

Get out of it, Stark.

How could you?

You were right.

I'll move him to another cell.

They don't need to be moved.

Why not?

Because they're coming with me.

She's with me!

Who is she?

That is the radiant Aeryn Sun.

How many Peacekeepers do you
know on this base?

Are you all right, Crichton?


How you doin'?

I'm better now.

Come on. We'd better go.


And no one outside this chamber
knows of the Admiral's orders.

I saw to that, sir.

So now I know why you tried
to fight the chair.


Are there any more barriers?

No, that's what he was
fighting to hold.

And what Crichton saw
about wormholes?

Is not in this captain's memory.

Level one security breach.

This is Scorpius.

Sir, the human prisoner
has escaped.


There's a Peacekeeper
working with him.

Seal the base, everything.

He must not reach the surface.

It's clear, come on.

Go. Go. Go.

You first.


Come on. This way.

Just go.

Come on.

In here.

Keep searching.

Oh, no.

What do you mean, "oh, no"?

To give birth, Moya must equalize
pressure with her outside environment.

You mean, you mean with space?

What? Moya has to make
a vacuum into here?

Yes. I can't stop her.

How much time do we have?

I don't know.
Maybe eighteen microts.

Eighteen microts!
Well, where do we go?

My den's stable.

That's lucky for you,
isn't it, prabakto?

We can't get to you in
eighteen microts.

There are pressure tanks in
Maintenance Bay six.

I suggest you go. Go now.

It's locked.

Pilot, it's locked!

Yes, it is, my dear.

There's plenty of room in here.

I'm not getting in there.

That's all there is.

Get inside. You only have
ten microts.

Alright then!

Right. Any other ways
off the base?

They're sealing all the
access shafts.

It means they're shutting
down everything.

There's got to be some
way out of here.

No way. Everything else, even
the lock they just put on,

you need an Ident Chip from
a senior officer.

All right, let's go bag a
senior officer.

No, I'll do it, Crichton.

You stay with him.

Excuse me, I'm just making
myself comfortable.

What is that?

Uh, what?


Oh, it's nothing.

Where's your hand, slug-face?

It, it's down there.

I know. Keep it in your
caftan, pal.




I'm very busy now, Chiana.

You two okay?

How's Moya?

Oh, yes.

The offspring's coming now.

I can see it.

I must go, Chiana.

What was that?

- Ah, nothing, eh?
- Just a bit of helium.

- Yes, I...

I don't like being in
confined spaces.

I... I get nervous.

You're disgusting.


Captain Crais.

What are you doing
in this chair?

Who's that?

Who's there?

I suppose I shouldn't expect
you to recognize my voice.

Did Scorpius send you?

Release me from this chair.


So that you can kill me, the way
that you killed Lieutenant Teeg?


Who are you?

I am irreversibly contaminated.

Now do you know who I am?

Aeryn Sun.

Does this contaminate
you, Crais?

As a Peacekeeper, you took a blood
oath to obey your commanding officer.

Till death.
- Yes.

I am still your
commanding officer.

But I am no longer
a Peacekeeper.

You are a Peacekeeper for life!

On the oath you...

Your oath means nothing to me.

You made sure of that.
You destroyed everything.

I lost everything
because of you.

Aeryn Sun...

Do you know what I learned
while I was away from you?

Everything I lost isn't
worth a damn

and I don't want to go
back to your past.

I order you!

You order me?!

You will never order me again.

I will track you down and
kill you, Officer Sun.

On that, I give you my vow!

You know what I give you, Crais?

Your life.

I will make you watch your life.

Where's Aeryn?

She should be here by now.

Do you want to be with
her, Crichton?


Do you want to be with
Officer Sun?

Gilina, can we talk about
this another time?


No, I don't think we can.

You want me to go with you.

You want me to give up
everything I know,

so you must answer me.

Do you want to be with her?

Only me. Let's go.

Aeryn, did you bag yourself
a senior officer?

Ran into an old friend.

Let's go.

Let's get out of here.


Come on.

Do you want to be with Crichton?

I'm sorry?

He won't answer my question.
Will you?

Gilina, whatever the two of you have
been discussing, it's none of my business.

- Yes, it is.
- Come on.

He asked me to go with him,

and I cannot do that if
he loves you.

Gilina, you have to
come with us.

If you don't come they
will kill you.

I'll be okay.

Gilina, you've saved my life,
and you know Peacekeepers.

They will come and they
will find you.

I can take care of myself.

You take care of John.

Gilina, tell John.

At least come and talk
to him before...

They used a senior officer's
Ident Chip

and they're climbing the
air vent to the surface.

I thought as much.

Do you want me to burn them out?

No, we need Crichton alive.

We'll take the level risers and
beat them to the surface.

Let's go!


Where's Gilina?

She's not coming with us.

What? What'd you say to her?

I didn't say anything to her.

It's a decision she made
on her own.

I got to get her.

Crichton, we don't have
time for this.

She has gone.
It's what she wants.

Come on.


Pilot, are we
re-pressurized yet?!


You can get out now.


Chiana, I didn't mean to...

Shut up!

Something's still not right.

A portion of the offspring can't
get clear of Moya's external vent.

I'm getting a closer visual now.

What is that?

What? What's wrong?

The offspring, look.

That's Moya's child?


But it's covered in weapons.

When D'Argo broke the
contraception wall half a cycle ago,

the Peacekeeper catalyst he
released must have contained

a DNA signature to
produce weapons.

Will that grow as big
as its mother?

Possibly bigger.

Will Moya control him
or the Peacekeepers?

I don't know.

There's never been a Leviathan
with weapons before,

but we have a more immediate
problem. Look.

The birthing channel was not
designed for this manner of offspring.

It cannot fly free.

It is panicking and starting to
charge its way forward.

Well, is he going to shoot
his way out of Moya?

I think so.

Pilot, can you force an atmosphere
I can breathe into that vent?

Yes. Yes, I think so.

Maybe... maybe I can climb down
the internal shaft and cut a seam,

so the child can get
itself free.

You'd better hurry.

It's good to see you again.

- Come on.
- They're not far behind.

The Transport Pod is this way.
Let's go.

Keep your weapons ready.

Let's go!

Eight and nine. Load weapons!

Aeryn, watch out!

Cover me, Aeryn!


What was the secret you were keeping
hidden from Scorpius down there?

They thought it was about
his doomsday device.

About wormholes. It wasn't.

It was only about the time
I kissed a girl.



Okay, uh...

Don't shoot me, baby Moya.

Just, um... stay nice and calm.

Nice and calm.

What were you keeping from him?

The memory of a place I saw
when I was a boy.

Must've been one hell
of a place.

I can't do it, Pilot!

You have to.

It won't move!

Moya's trying to control the offspring
but that weapon's primed to fire.

So let it fire.

Tell Moya to let the gun fire
at low blast level.


I know it's crazy, but
it's the only way.

If we don't get this child out,
it'll destroy Moya's bulkhead.

Go, Zhaan!


We're coming!

Come on.

Let's give them something
to remember us by.

Not yet!

- Let me get out of here!
- I can't stop it!

Get out now!

Just get out!

Run, Chiana, run!

That was a low-level blast?

That did it.

The offspring's free.

It's free.

How's Moya?

She's okay.

We're okay.

Not quite.

You're not going with them.

Shoot him, Gilina.

Shoot him!


We must get back to the
Transport Pod.

The firewall is dissipating.

Before she left the Gammak Base,

Gilina scrambled the
scanning datafiles.

Even Crais's Carrier
can't find us now,

which is quite fortunate, because we
can't Starburst with the offspring.

We can't move very far at all.

Thank you, Pilot.

How's Gilina?

Not good.

What about Moya's child?

He's okay.


It's a boy?


A male.


What kind of a beast is he?

Just lie still, let Zhaan's
medicine do its work.

You'll be fine in a
little while.

No more lies, John.

I'm not lying.

Gilina, why did you come
back for us?

I had to help you.

Aeryn was right.

If I'd stayed there they
would've found out about me.

Found out that I...

I love you.



May I help?

May I give you this?

It's a place I once saw.

I've been carrying it with me
for a very long time.

Oh, it's beautiful.

It's beautiful.

There now.

Just hold onto it.

Don't let go.



Do you think...

if things had been different...

that you could've loved me?