Farscape (1999–2003): Season 1, Episode 19 - Nerve - full transcript

Aeryn has been critically wounded. She needs some tissue samples to heal. The only source is the Secret base the Peacekeeper mentioned. Crichton and Chiana go to the base, to get the samples. They encounter an old friend, and a new enemy.

Here you are.

You sure you should
be exercising?

Why not?

Well, 'cause a little while ago
a commando skewered you

with his Swiss Peacekeeper
army knife.

The muscles are
completely healed.

Do you want something?

Yeah. Your Comm's on the blink. We
called you three times for dinner.

Not hungry.

No? Next time answer.
It's kind of rude not to reply.

Leave me alone!

Yeah, sure.

As soon as you tell me
what the problem is.

Hell, Aeryn, what is that?

You're ice cold.

All right, knock off the completely
healed crap and talk to me.

Better yet, we'll talk to Zhaan.
Closest thing we got to a doctor.

No, don't summon the others.

Just let me get to my Prowler.

Your Prowler?

What, you going to go for a drive? Last
I heard, we weren't within Prowler...

No, you are not going to die.

I didn't lie to you.
My muscles are healed.

But that knife must have
pierced my paraphoral nerve.

And once that is damaged,
it doesn't regenerate.

So within fifty or sixty arns, it's
going to fail, and I am going to die.

There's nothing you
can do about it.

There's something we can do.

The only treatment is a tissue graft
from a genetically compatible donor.

Fine. We'll find someone. We've
got, what, two, three days?

At best. And we're nowhere
near a Sebacean colony.

But we are near a
Peacekeeper base.

Less than twenty arns and those commandoes
were kind enough to leave the address.

You aren’t just fahrbot;
you're magra-fahrbot.

I did it before;
I can do it again.

Yeah. By the skin of
your mivonks.

Your masquerade as a Peacekeeper
fooled four battle weary commandos briefly.

Infiltrating a top-secret Gammak Base
is quite another matter though, John.

When you get inside the base
you'll have to find a tissue match.

And obtain a tissue sample.

If he's found out we're
all put at risk.

Will Moya be able to get us out of
here with her pregnancy so far advanced?

So what are we saying here?

We do nothing?

We let Aeryn die?

Is everybody happy with that?

No, John.

I do not want Aeryn to die.

Nor do I.

Well you could've fooled me.

What about you, Guido?

How do you feel about this?

Look, what's the difference
what we want?

She is dying.

We must face reality here.

The only sensible course
of action is...

I'm sorry, Sparky.

What were you saying?

Is to do everything in our
power to save Aeryn's life.


Even though it's likely
to get us killed.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut...

...a radiation wave hit and I
got shot through a wormhole...

Now I'm lost in some distant
part of the universe on a ship.

A living ship full of strange
alien life-forms...

Help me...

Listen, please.

Is there anybody out there
who can hear me?

...being hunted by an insane
military commander...

...doing everything I can...

I'm just looking for
a way home.

This mission is foolhardy,

It makes no sense for you
to be killed as well.

Let's just cut our losses.

Drop the martyr routine, Aeryn.
I'm not going to let you die.

Crichton, we have reached the
designated coordinates.

Thank you, Pilot.

Do humans have some sort of
ritual for occasions like these?

Well, there's the handshake.

Followed by "good luck."

Good luck.

How was that?


The planet is an uninhabitable
gas giant, but it has a large moon on the far side.

Large enough to have an
atmosphere, Pilot?

Yes. The base must be
located there.

In this orbit, the planet's huge mass
will shield us from it completely.

Hey, got to love a man
in a uniform.

Yeah? Well, I love a
girl in gray.

Traveling outfit.

Yeah? You going somewhere?

With you.

Think again.

I'll think out loud.

What you need on this jaunt is a
talented burglar and destruction causer.

You're volunteering?

What's the angle?

I want to earn my keep
aboard this boat.

You? No. I don't think so.

At least take this.

Peacekeeper Ident Chip.

Maximum security clearance.

This is Larraq's.

How'd you get this?

Told you I was talented.

All right, fine.

I could use the help.

If you're going to help.

We'll pull the same routine we
pulled on those Marauder commandos.

You're the boss man and I'm
your meek little server.

Sure you don't want me
to fly this thing?

You know how?

Yeah. Do you?

Oh, yeah.

You should see my Immelmann.

Check this out.

Looks like some kind of
mining complex.

Maybe a refinery?

Looks like it's been nuked.

Long time ago, big time.

Could be camouflage.
Could be dead.

Ah, it's not dead.

Eight targeting systems have
just locked onto us.

Typical warm Peacekeeper

Prowler to Gammak Base.

What's with the weapons
locks, you idiots?

Can't you tell a friend
from a foe?

Prowler, identify yourself.

On an open channel?
I don't think so.

You want to count my teeth,
do it after I land.

The channel is secure. If you
don't identify yourself, we will...

You'll what? Shoot me down?

It's not a good idea to
gun down a superior officer

without first checking
his Ident Chip.

Prowler, you have a
landing vector.

Thank you so much.

You're not completely
untalented yourself.

Thank you so much.

I'm Tollona Javio,
Commander of this base.

This is Lieutenant Heskon.

And you would be?



And don't even think of asking
what my assignment is.

I wouldn't dream of it, Captain.

But we do need to see
your Ident Chip.

Ident Chip verified, sir.


Delighted to have you
with us, Captain.

Though I am wondering how you
knew this base was here.

Keep wondering.

I'll need quarters for myself
and for my personal server.


Larraq, make sure the quarters
are comfortably cool.

It's hot in here.

You brought a civilian with you.

You're getting nosy.

Just admiring your taste.

May I offer food and drink to
you and your server?

I'd love some refreshment.

Hmm, I could get real
fond of this place.

The raslak is good and strong.

Is that how you like it?

Mmm, strong and hot.

Makes the mouth tingle.

Help it go down smooth and slow.

I've never seen a species
quite like hers.

Males outnumber females here?

Five to one?

What do you poor guys
do for fun?

Not very much.

Well, I'd say I got
here just in time.

What did you pay for her?

You don't want to know.

Does she give good...


She has her moments.

Excuse me, Captain.

Duty calls.



Chiana! Front!

What the hell are you doing?

You acting like a trollop was
not part of the plan.

They bought it, didn't they?

You're drawing a lot
of attention.

The more they look at me,
the less they look at you.

Do you think that before they
elect you centerfold of the year,

we could get on with the
business of saving Aeryn?

Your quarters have been assigned.
Level four, number six lerg five.

You're so helpful.

I'll need your Ident Chip, sir.


If you would place your hand in
here thank you, Captain.

You know who we are.
Let us past.

Sir, everything beyond this
point is Security Three Velka.

Genetic verification required.

Is this really necessary?

Larraq gets so impatient
with delays.

Captain, I must ask you to
place your hand in the device.

And I must ask you, Lieutenant,
who are you to give me orders?

I can give you orders because I'm
a Chief Security Officer, Captain.

Not for long, if this is how you
treat your superior officers.

You will comply, Captain.


Genetic scan verified.


He's only doing his job.

Let's get to our quarters
so I can do mine.

Well, I am for that.

I'll take you there immediately.

Six lerg five.
I'll find it myself.

Yes, sir.

How the hell did we get
away with that?

Did you do something
to the chip?




What are you doing here?

Is Crais here?


I've been assigned to a new
development project here.

To do what?

They haven't told us.

I assume it's something to do with
developing weaponry of some kind.

New weapons?

In Peacekeeper hands? Yeah,
just what this galaxy needs.

It's okay. She's a friend.

How did you know I was here?

I saw you in the Officers'
Lounge, wearing that uniform.

I knew you'd never pass a genetic scan,
so I overwrote the security program.

You did all that?
What, from here?


Crichton, this is a
very good friend.

Not acceptable, Commander.

We must increase the efficiency
of the Aurora Chair.

I'll need more techs, sir.
I'm understaffed.

Understaffed or mismanaged?

We've also got to find a match for this
tissue sample of Aeryn's, or she'll die.

Can you help us?

Of course.

Stay here. I'll take the sample
to the Medical Unit.

No, no, no. I'm not going
to put you at risk.

I won't be. I can fake the work orders
and the Med Techs won't ask any questions.

We're used to secrecy.

It's still too dangerous.
I'll go.

John, you should stay hidden.

Suppose somebody here
knew the real Larraq?

Well, she's right.

One close call's enough.

Yo, pip.

I'm going to go back
to the lounge,

and let our good friend, Mr. Chief
Security Officer buy me another raslak.

Come home alone.

Oh! I came to see how
you were doing.

You came to see if I was dead so you
could start going through my possessions.

Oh! I resent your unfounded

Furthermore, you have no
possessions worth taking.

How inconsiderate.

Yes. How terribly inconsiderate.

Rygel, you are needed
on Command.

I am? What for?

A quick decision may be required
if the Peacekeepers arrive.

Hmm. A quick and correct

I accept this vital

Thank you.

If a warrior cannot
die in battle,

she can at least die alone.

Talk about having something
to remember him by.

Duty cycle complete, Lieutenant?

Oh, no, sir.

Commander Javio.

I was...


Oh, I thought I'd get at least
another round out of him.


We can do much better than that.


Aeryn is deteriorating fast.

This is no way for someone
to die, even a Peacekeeper.

D'Argo, all I can do is
ease her journey.

The nerve that was damaged
regulates toxin removal functions.

The poisons that are building up
in her body, they're killing her.

Well can you filter them out?

I have no means to do that.


Moya does, doesn't she?

Not a bad way to live.

Not at all.

How would you like to stay?

Whatever you're getting from
Larraq, I can easily double.

I'm getting quite a bit.

'Course, I'm worth it.

I think you're selling
yourself short.

Covert Op types are always flying off to
some backwater planet and getting shot up.

This is much more civilized.

I am getting real tired of
running from system to system

with a guy who's got a real talent
for getting himself into danger.


With me, you'd be comfortable
and protected.

Shall we continue this
discussion in my quarters?

My policy's no free samples.

Let me, uh...

let me consider your
offer on my own.

Good news.

You find a match?

Even better.

We don't need to find a donor.

Our medics can now synthesize
paraphoral tissue.

Right. How long will it take
them to cook up a batch?

They already have.

One dose, some bed rest, and
she'll be as healthy as ever.

Thanks doesn't even begin
to cover it.

You don't have to thank me.

I better get back to the ship.

If I'm late, Aeryn dies.

And I wouldn't even dream
of stopping you.

We always seem to be
saying goodbye.


You'd think we'd get
better at it.


That man.

He is an impostor.

Seize him.

Get him up!

My name is Larraq,
Peacekeeper Special Ops.

Unfortunately, wrong,
on all counts.

I am Scorpius.

But of course you are

Funny, you don't look
like a Sebacean.

On the other hand you
do look Sebacean.

Yet your energy signature
is quite dissimilar.

What species are you?

And who are you working for?

Get stuffed.

You attempt to provoke me.

Perhaps you were hoping I
will lose my composure

and kill you before I've
extracted any information.

I long ago learned the
advantages of patience.

What the hell was that?

A memory.

Random and indistinct
at the moment.

It will take some time to map
your neural patterns.

You stay the hell out
of mind, you fr...

That was a Leviathan ship,
was it not?

I seem to remember a report of an
escaped Leviathan prison transport.

Have Javio check the
data files.

You are a most interesting spy.

This may help stabilize you until
Crichton returns with the cure.

Are you sure this won't
hurt Moya?

Pilot says no.

The amount of toxins your body generates is
insignificant to Moya, relative to your sizes.

What about her baby?

The baby's already well
over a sakmar.

This will not affect it.

Well, whether it works or not, Zhaan,
I commend you on your ingenuity.

Actually, it wasn't my idea.
It was...

it was Pilot's.

Crichton's been captured.

Can you find out where they
are keeping him?

I can't access main control.

They must have shut down the main grid
because they suspect someone is helping him.

Sooner or later they're going
to find out who.

Waste... of... time.

I'm not a spy.

According to the report,

the Leviathan had a Delvian,
Hynerian and a Luxan aboard.

No mention of a creature like
him or his female accomplice.

Whom you have yet to locate.

You charged my brother's Prowler
in that white death pod of yours.

You're talking about that near miss
I had the first minute I got here?

That was an accident.

It was no "near-miss"
for my brother.

That was Captain Bialar Crais.

The Leviathan escaped
from his convoy.

As I recall, he received
special dispensation from the Council

to head into the Uncharted
Territories and hunt it down.

Right, but First Command lost contact
with his carrier some time ago.

I want to see more of that.

I can't locate it again, sir, but
I've found something linked to it.

Tauvo is dead.

Struck down by a weak,
pathetic, inferior being.

You will die in my hands.

I suspect our Captain has
turned renegade.

Broadcast a wide-dispersal message,
coded to Crais's Command Carrier.

Direct him to come immediately.

You think he'll actually
show up?


Tell him we have his prey.

What do you think?

Will it work?

I don't even think John
would recognize you.

Let's track him down
and find out.

Your memory holds an impressive
array of other races, Crichton.

You're quite a well
traveled spy.

For the ninth time, Nosferatu,
I am not a spy.

His previous missions
are unimportant.

I want to know who sent him
here, and why.

Keep searching.

It's deja vu all over again.

There are but a few planets
where we can live.

The ancients have stories of a
world that will welcome us.

We can only hope they're true.


No, he's put up a neural block.

It wasn't me.

Damn, don't you hate it when
the batteries go dead!

- Break through it.
- Increase the extraction level.

These equations are necessary
for creating a wormhole.

I don't remember that.

You're teaching me how to...

No. You cannot access this
data consciously.

You won't remember this part
of our encounter.

We will not give you
wormhole technology.

Why not?

If you're not smart enough to
discover it on your own,

you're not smart enough to
handle it wisely.

You'll have to find it yourself.

The unconscious knowledge we've given
you will guide you, nothing more.

That's all that we can
do for you.

But that should be enough.

You are already on
the right path.

Well, well, well.

Our spy has an interest in
wormhole technology.

He... he gave me the equations.

And that's why you came
to this place.

What's this base got
to do with...

That's why you built it?

All this research.

You're trying to create
a wormhole!

As are you.

That creature knows how.

But he wouldn't tell you,
would he?

Or so you thought.

So you sought that
knowledge here,

never realizing that you already
had it, locked deeply away.

Find it.

Segment his mind.
As many layers as it takes.

No... no.


Or his mind will simply liquefy.

He seems to be an exceptionally
strong species.

A short recuperation

and then we'll start again.


Hey! You don't put that
thing in here!

I don't want a roommate!

Get it out!

Hey, that's my mat!

Now get off my mat!

Go on!


Fine. I don't want any trouble.

This is my side.

That's your side!

This is my side!
You stay on your side!

My side! Your side!

You were just in my chair,
too, weren't you?

You talking about
Scorpius's chair.

Ah, Scorpy.

Scorpy puts me in the chair over and
over and over and over and over...

The chair did this to you?


Danger, Will Robinson.

Beware of the chair.

Beware of the chair.

The treatment's working.

But all it seems to be doing is
stopping her from deteriorating further.

Why didn't you want me to tell
her it was your idea?

Earlier on, Aeryn told me she
wanted to die alone.

As a warrior, I should respect
her wishes and not interfere.

You did a good thing.

You may have saved her life.

Despite her words, she really
didn't want to die.

I don't even believe that she
wants to die alone.


Pilot, are we under attack?

No. It's Moya.

She's having muscular

Is she giving birth?

I'm not sure.

It's killing Aeryn. We've
got to stop the treatment now.

Hold her down.

Right, Pilot!

Isolate Aeryn now!

Let's hope Crichton gets
here soon.

This should bypass the grid and
hook us directly with main control.

Spare me the technobabble,
Gadget Girl.

Let's just get on with it.

Again, Scorpy!

Thrill me again!

Excuse me, sir.
Captain Crais has arrived.

Where is he?

Where's Crichton?

This way, Captain.

I have orders to recapture the
Leviathan and its passengers.

Captain, Crichton has
vital information.

Until I get it, you may
not have him.

I order you to release
him to me.

Your adherence to orders
is selective.

You have repeatedly failed to cease
the pursuit and return to First Command.

I have received no such orders.

Your dereliction of duty is
not my prime concern.

Give me your full cooperation,
and you can have Crichton,

when I have finished with him.

Give me Crichton now, and I'll get
you all the information he possesses.

Torture alone would be

Only the Aurora Chair can
extract the information we need.

But the chair might well kill
him before you find it.

Therein lies the stalemate
I must break.

You know this human better
than anyone.

What would persuade him to
stop resisting the chair?

I found him.

He's in a cell on level nine.

Hey, I may be able to
patch into it.

Let's see.



It's Gilina.

Keep your back to the wall
camera and it's safe to talk.

I've bypassed the audio in
the monitoring station.

How you doing? You okay?

Are they onto you?


Chiana and I are in hiding.

Chiana, are you there?

Listen, I stashed the tissue
gizmo under the checkpoint.

Third intersection past the T.
You got that?

Got it.

Good. Go find it and get it
back to the ship.

We've got to get you
out of there.

No, no. Forget about me.

Just get the sample
back to Moya.

Aeryn can't have that much time.


There's somebody coming.


How do I get out of this place?

Once I take off, they'll blast me out
of the sky before I'm half a metra.

I don't understand it.

Why wouldn't Crichton try
and save himself?

Chiana, does Aeryn mean
that much to him?


Aeryn's just a...

just a shipmate.

Crichton is in love with you.

Why do you think he's staying?

Look, once Aeryn's okay we'll
come back with the reinforcements.

Get the both of you.



If he wants me to go with him.

Let's get you out of here.

You are dead, Crichton.

But you have one choice.

Do you wish to save the lives
of your shipmates on Moya?

What are you talking about?

Why do you think I'm here?

I've recaptured the Leviathan.

The fugitives are back
in my custody.


whether I deliver them alive
or dead is up to me.

How do I keep them alive?

Stop resisting the Aurora Chair.

Allow us to probe freely, for
any information we wish.

That's not a very good option.

You are not in a very
good position.

So, everybody on the
ship's okay?



They're all unharmed,
as is the Leviathan.

They're all in perfect health.

That could easily change.

Fetch the comfy chair.

There. I've programmed a blind
spot into the targeting system.

Keep your Prowler on this trajectory
and they won't even see it.

How will I know if it works?

You won't get blasted
out of the sky.


Now all I have to do is
get to the Prowler.

Well I'll give you a diversion.

How much head start do you
think you'll need?

Give me 400 microts.


One more, sir.

Please! Please, one more!

I got my mind right, boss.

Be nice.

We will.

Where are you going, Tech?

Sorry, sir?

Where are you going?

I... I'm, uh...

level three, sir.

The Commander's quarters.

Please forgive me.

On your way.


Level six clear.






- Evacuation warning.
- Reactor overload.

Evacuation warning.

Evacuation warning.
Reactor overload.

Evacuation warning.

Reactor overload.

Clear the area!

Get everyone away from
the reactor core!

Emergency radiation gear
is on level ten!

Commander Javio, wait!

Sir, this Prowler is

There's a faulty component
in the, uh...

in the froonium drive, causing
instabilities in the... the stabilizer.

Uh... it may have been fixed.
If I could just have a look.

Very good, Chiana.

But I thought the Commander was
meant to be the last one to evacuate.

It's funny. I believe
just the opposite.

We could both leave.

Continue our earlier

It won't work twice.

What was that?

A tissue sample.

Crichton succeeded.

I'm not going to die.

As you once said to me,

"you will die, but not today."

Are you sure about that?
I'm starting to hallucinate.

You make a worse Peacekeeper
than Crichton.


Glad to see you're okay.

Where is he? I want to see him.

You will. Soon.

She should rest.

Great idea.

Some of us desperately
need to bathe.


I'll stay here and watch
over her, just in case.

Thank you.

The reactor warning
was a false alarm.

Sir, a Prowler has launched
without authorization.

It has vanished.

There are no sensor
readings at all.

Crichton's accomplice.

One of them, anyway.

The false alarm was a diversion.

Who triggered it?

We don't know, sir.
We're still checking.

Crichton will tell us.