Farscape (1999–2003): Season 1, Episode 1 - Premiere - full transcript

Astronaut John Crichton's "Farscape-1" space module is swallowed by a wormhole and spat out on the other side of the universe into the middle of a space battle. Taken on board "Moya", a huge bio-mechanoid living ship, desperately trying to escape Peacekeeper captivity. On board Moya is a group of alien fugitives trying to escape from the ruthless Peacekeepers, a local military regime. While managing to escape the immediate threat, John Crichton forms friendships with the prisoners and continues to look for a way home. But later a race of beings called, "The Ancients" implanted knowledge about the power of wormholes in his mind and this knowledge makes him a wanted man throught the Uncharted Territories. Now, John and his crewmates are on the run from ruthless alien races that want his knowledge so they can make wormhole weapons to take over the universe. Despite all that happens to him, despite his friendships and relationships with the crew, at the end of the day he wants to get home to Earth. This 2-hour TV pilot was later divided into episodes 1 and 3 of Farscape the series.

Launch conditions as of 05:00 are optimal.

Final checks underway,
recovery craft in position.

How are the CRC numbers?

Mid thirties and holding.

Meteorology has got some
hiccup to check now-

See our latest press?

Childhood Friends...
Out to prove a theory.

Can a manned spacecraft
overcome atmospheric friction

and exponentially increase its speed

using only a planet's
natural gravitational pull?

Man, what is wrong with you?


You know that feeling when you get
the night before something big's

about to happen to your life?

It's the night before
we graduated high school.

It's the...

...the night before
we started this job.

Well, I had that feeling
last night in quarantine.

This experiment...
that important to you?

One small step, Bud.

- Hey DK!
- Sir.

Well you're looking pretty sharp there...
Commander Crichton.

Thanks Dad!

Let's do this thing!

I talked to Pete Maxwell
and the others at Control.

They're going to take real good
care of you while you're up there.

I heard that you went AWOL
from the Rat Cage this morning.

Man, in my day... if I'd ever broken
quarantine like that, they would have...

Son, you got rattlers in your stomach?

Oh, I've been up on
the Shuttle before, Dad... twice.

Didn't matter how many times I went up,
Every time, rattlers...

First EVA...

First time I walked on the moon...

I'm not going EVA, Dad.
I'm not walking on the moon.

I'm just running a little experiment.

Yeah, an experiment
to prove your own theory.

You have any idea
how proud that makes me?

That's something I never did.

I mean, the guys the in button down
collars and the neck ties,

they got to use their brains.

The only thing I ever used was...

Guts... and the seat of my flight suit.

Son, I can't help being who I am... who I was.

It's not who you are, Dad,
I love who you are.

It's being son of you...

Look... I...

(t-minus 4 minutes)

I can't be your kind of hero.

No, you can't be.

Each man gets the chance
to be his own kind of hero.

Your time will come
and when it does, watch out.

Chances are it'll be
the last thing you ever expected.

Oh no... that's your good luck charm.
Yuri Gagarin gave you that.

Oh listen... you hang on to it.
You give it back to me tonight, okay?

Ladies and gentlemen of the press...

At 2614 on the flight clock,

we begin the major experiment
of this shuttle mission.

Commander John Crichton
will pilot a craft of his own design

in a dangerous attempt to use
our planet's gravity as a speed booster,

slingshotting him off into space
at previously unrecorded speeds.

If successful...

The results are anticipated as
the first concrete step toward interstellar travel.

Canaveral, this is Farscape One...
I am free and flying.

Are you with me there, Mama Bear?

Oh yeah Farscape,
I'm reading you loud and clear.

Authorising flight computer to initiate
acceleration sequencing...


Roger, Farscape.
You are go for insertion procedure.

Approaching maximal velocity in...

Twenty one seconds.

(Eighteen seconds)

Entering critical apogee phase.

Farscape One, hold a moment!

Hold? Canaveral, what?

Meteorology reports some kind of
electromagnetic wave...

Repeat, some kind of wave.

John, do you read me?

Yeah, I read you...

What're we talking here?
(breaking up)


- John, abort!
- Canaveral!

Son, you have to abort!
Abort now!

Oh... God... My head...

Canaveral, this is Farscape One.

I'm okay... repeat, I'm okay.

Hey, did you guys get video
through all that?

Canaveral? DK? Dad?

Where are you guys?

What the...?


Oh gee, Canaveral, I've been hit!

That's big!

That's really big!

Oh hell no...


Canaveral? Dad?
DK? I-I am being pulled...

The engine's not responding
and I can't break away!

Look, can anybody hear me?

Oh my God...


My name's John... John Cr...

I can't understand what...

What... was... that...?

...him quickly.
You know how Luxans can be.

Your ship... what kind is it?

Your ship appeared from nowhere.
We don't know that technology.

Is it something we can use to escape?

We brought you aboard for one reason.

Tell us or die with us.

I demand you give me maneuverability now!


There's is nothing I can do

Not while the control collar is
still in place!

Moya can't withstand
this assault much longer!

Those synapses you are tearing out
are not wired to the control collar.

Then I shall keep pulling
until I find the ones that are!

Get out of the way!

The others, where are they?

There are no others.
I checked every cell level.

I found a manifest. We were scheduled
for transfer to Terran Raa.

That is a lifeless colony.

Prisoners? Escaped prisoners?

I will not be taken prisoner again.

They brought you on board, didn't they?
Don't worry!

I'll protect you. I'll look after you now,
you look after me later.

Attention! Hull integrity is reaching
critical compromise!

- What have you done?
- What do you mean?

The coding wall... It's dimming!

I've hit the code...

I've hit the code!

The control collar... It's coming off!

Pilot, prepare for immediate Starburst!

But Moya has been restrained so long!

She is a Leviathan!

It is the single defensive manoeuvre
that she is capable of!

Terminate assault!
All Prowlers terminate assault!

Claw onto something, people!
Prepare for Starburst!

I hate Starburst!

- Captain... Captain Crais?
- Yes, Lieutenant?

The Prowler Squadhas returned sir.

They report...
the Leviathan transport has escaped.

One of the prisoners, the Hynerian Royal,
somehow secured the key codes to the
prisoners' cells


There were casualties sir.

Two ships lost...

I don't care about casualties!

A Leviathan transporting prisoners
does not escape while under my custody.

Has my brother returned yet?

I'll despatch him in the
Rear Battle Fighter to track her down.


This is playback from the Recon Satellite
monitoring the pursuit of the Leviathan.

What manner of craft is that?

My brother's Prowler...

I'm sure that he will...

We lost a second ship, sir.

It was absorbed with the Leviathan
when it went into Starburst.

I want to see him!

See him, sir?

Peel back the image!

I want to see who is inside.

We've done it! We've escaped!

One Prowler travelled with us!

Block its radio! Net it!
And bring it aboard!

As good as done!

Pilot, does Moya know where we are?

Yes, of course! We're someplace else!

I'll... get back to you on the specifics.

At least we're free.

What is the matter with you people?

This damned Leviathan
has no idea where we are.

I am Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan... and you?

Ka D'Argo.

- You are Delvian?
- A priest.

I have heard of your kind's practices...



Such as?

I have...

Heard of something known as the...

Fourth Sensation

I have experienced this.


Not lately.

Why were you...

Why have you...


Because on my home world,
even among my kind,

I was something of an anarchist.

Actually... I was the leading anarchist.

And you?

I killed a fellow soldier.

My commanding officer.

How old are you?

Thirty cycles.

Oh, you are but a boy.

I am not...

I am a Luxan warrior.

I have seen two battle campaigns.

Only two?

You know Peacekeeper coding?

Yes... I spent three cycles
on a maximum labour planet.

Which one?

Mekkar 7.
Assigned to Peacekeeper Intellilan Interface.

- I was on Mekkar 7.
- Truly?

In the ninety third level.
In the Kemlac mines.

- Why aren't you dead?
- I often ask myself the same question.

I watched so many others die
while the Peacekeepers looked on.

Somehow it made me stronger.

I suppose the warrior in me
became too strong not to survive.

Perhaps you survived for this.

This escape...
I doubt it will last long enough

for the Peacekeepers even to note it in their log.

Not the escape itself,
but what we pray will be the result...


That is a very Delvian way
to look at the situation.

I am nothing if not a product
of my upbringing.

And I of mine.

Then perhaps together a warrior and
a priest can help save each other.

Oh please, let it all be a dream.

A very bad, a very twisted dream.

What, um... where...

Where are my clothes?

Why did you take off my clothes?

I am Rygel the Sixteenth.

Dominar to over six hundred billion people.

I don't need to talk to you!

I thought you were a prisoner!

Falsely imprisoned.

My cousin Bishan
stole my throne from me while I slept.

A mistake I will soon be correcting.

Your garments were removed
so that we could examine you.

Examine me?

How...? Where...?
Wait a minute.

One of those mechanical things
of yours injected me right here.

- Translator microbes!
- Microbes?

They colonise at the base of the brain,
allow us to understand each other.

Why you weren't injected at birth
I cannot fathom.

Colonise? The brain?

Wh-Why have you got me locked in here?

I'm... I'm not here to harm you.
Hell, I wouldn't know how to harm you.

We can no more trust you
than we can trust that.

My name's John!

What is your rank and regiment?
And why are you out of your uniform?

Rank and regiment, now!

Let me out of here, you Hynerian slug!

Your efforts are wasted, Peacekeeper!

You of all people should know that!

Peacekeeper... you were one of those out there
attacking the ship. They think I'm one of you?

Officer Aeryn Sun!
Special Peacekeeper Commando.

Icarian Company, Pleisar Regiment!

Identify yourself!

My rank... is Commander.

...I'm not military.
At least not any military you know.

I'm a damned scientist!

It's been so long!

Our possessions!

- My blade!
- Hands off, Luxan!

Ah, you're awake, both of you.
A problem, my dear?

You should be used to viewing
the likes of us through bars.

You've got to listen to me!
I'm not what you think I am!

Not a Peacekeeper?
...Yes, we know that now.

You have some decidedly
unfamiliar bacteria living within you.

I'm from a planet called Earth.

...l'm human, Homo sapien, sapien!

It's time for us to eat!

Eat what?

Whoever killed my brother will pay dearly.

Captain... the techs are completing,
the imaging of the module's pilot.

Show me!

On the final sweep now, sir.

He's Sebacean!

Inform the Rear Battle Fighter.
They will take charge of the armada.

We are going after the Leviathan.

- But sir, regulations...
- That is a direct order, Lieutenant!

Look, you know I'm not a Peacekeeper!
How about you get this stuff off my wrists?

- We still do now know your loyalties!
- My loyalties...? I just got here!

You know, you're the first alien contact
anybody from my planet has ever made.

We dreamed about it.
Made movies about it but...

By the way,
what part of the universe are we in?

Are we still in Orion's Arm?
Still in the Milky Way?

You have no idea
what I'm talking about, do you?

I need to see some star charts,
get some common points of reference.

Damn... you know this ship
is amazing. What kind of...

She's a Leviathan.
A bio-mechanoid. A living ship.

You blame me?
If I hadn't pulled those wires...

your precious Moya
would still be wearing that control collar!

But in doing so, you also
caused Moya to haemorrhage

most of her iriscentant fluid.

Leading to what result... Pilot?

Leading to our current
maximum speed which is barely "Hetch Two".

Moya and I don't want to return...

Why are they doing this?
...feeding us?

They'll need information
if they're going to survive,

and they're hoping we'll provide it.

I'd eat... if I were you.

(Attention, we are approaching a...)

It may be the only chance... we get.


The ship's pilot has just informed us

that we're approaching an inhabited system,
with a Commerce planet.

A Commerce planet?
Excellent, we need many things!

Hynerian cream soap, definitely.
Some fresh janeray syrup

to get rid of the taste
of these food cubes and...

- We need iriscentant fluid!
- How dare you, you Luxan swine!

Silence, your Eminence.

I've been searching for a reason
not to jettison you with the next refuse dump.

You dump me? I bribed the
Maintenance Drones at the last checkpoint.

I secured the cell codes
that allowed for your escape!


Gentlemen, I suggest we focus
on the situation at hand...

Before we approach this planet,
we must know.

Is there Peacekeeper presence
in this system?

I don't know...

Wish I did...

We are wasting time we do not have.
She is infantry.

Peacekeeper Command tells
her where to fight and die.

This one, he's some kind of...
higher brain function deficient.

How he escaped the genetic sieving
process. I do not know.


What just happened?

It is a perfectly natural
bodily function... and it's odourless.

So your loyal subjects tell you!

- You fart helium?
- Sometimes, when I'm nervous or angry.

Attention... I thought you would want
to know we are entering planetary orbit!

Thank you, Pilot!

You know, you only expose your ignorance

if you don't concede knowledge
of the Hurlian stone.

- Twenty!
- Twenty barrels of fluid?

There was a time when you would
have been disembowelled

with a dull Lashan spade
for half such an insult to me.

Thirty five...?

Boy, was Spielberg ever wrong...

Close Encounters, my ass!


I must have come here through a...
I must have come here through
a wormhole!


So if I did come here through a wormhole,
the only way I'm going to get back is to...

...find another wormhole.

Or to create one...


Look... You want to make one
of these wormhole things of yours?

How do you expect to do that
from inside this cell?

- Come on, move faster!
- What are you doing?

I'm going to sabotage this ship!

Sabotage? Give me a break.
They haven't hurt us!

How about we show 'em
a little compassion?

Compassion... what is compassion?

Compassion? What... you're kidding, right?
lt's a feeling,..

that you have when you see
someone else's pain,

and instead of taking advantage
of their weakness, you help them.

- Oh, I know this feeling.
- Well, it is a fairly common human feeling.

Mmm... I hate it!

You know what? I'm on the wrong team here!
I'm just going to stay!

Fine... do what you want. But if you stay
with these lowlifes, you'll die with them.

Yeah, well, how do I know I can trust you?

You don't...
That's just another thing you don't know.


What is that?

That's cutting edge technology!

We're taking mine.

Captain... we are receiving a transmission
from one of the outer systems.

It's Aeryn Sun. The Prowler pilot
we thought we'd lost.

She was taken captive aboard the Leviathan,
but she's escaped.

She has the being from
the white pod with her.

I'm on another planet!

Yes Pilot, understood!

The female Peacekeeper and
the human have just escaped,

and there is a Command Carrier
on approach to this planet.

A full Carrier?

But it makes no sense for him
to come after us himself.

Unless the two who just escaped
are something special.

This barter session is over!

Trouble! We must go!

Hmm... What are you asking
for those Wellan Glow Crystals?

Come on! I've relayed our rendez-vous point.
We can get off this waste hole of a planet.

That's the Leviathan's pod.
They're getting away.

Come on, we have to report it!

Hey! Aren't we about to be rescued
any minute? I mean, they are no
danger to us now!

They are prisoners... escaped prisoners,
they must be recaptured!

Or destroyed...

- Do not tempt me!
- You need to get out of here, there's a ship full

- of Peacekeepers on its way here right now!
- Traitor!

That is why I want you both
aboard Moya... as insurance.

Just go. Before...

You are such fools!
I will not fall for such an ancient ruse!

Fall you will, Luxan!

If a Luxan give you any trouble,
kill him.

Captain Crais...


It's, uh, John Crichton.

And where are you from...
John Crichton?

Sir, he claims to be a human from a planet
called Erp. But he's shown himself to be...

To be what, Officer Sun?
A clever imposter?

An accomplice to a ship full of
escaping prisoners... my brother's murderer!

Your brother's what?

You charged my brother's Prowler
in that white death pod of yours!

Wait a minute... Are you talking about
that near miss I had the first minute
I got here?

That... that was an accident!

It was no near miss for my brother!

A human...

It will require some study!

I will personally enjoy pulling you
apart to see what you are made of!


- Wait!
- Yes, Officer Sun?

- You know something about this alien?
- Only that I have spent time with him,

And I believe him when he says that what
happened to your brother was an accident.

I don't believe that he is
brave enough or intelligent enough

to attack one of our
Prowlers intentionally.

Exactly how much time
have you spent with this human?

Not a lot... Not much at all.

Because as you know, Peacekeeper
High Command has very clear parameters

regarding contact
with unclassified alien lifeforms.

You may have very well exceeded
those parameters, Officer Sun, which...

- No, sir, I...
...would make you irreversibly contaminated.

- No, sir, I...
- Take them away... Take them all away!

Deploy your men
while we locate the other inmates!

Warrior to warrior,
I vow one day I will kill you!

Keep moving, come on!

- Pilot, how's it coming?
- Fluid tanks are nearly full...

Shouldn't be another minute or two.

Any word from D'Argo?

None... I'm sorry!

Right, turn around!

What is this thing?

It's a toy... A puzzle.

You have to figure out how to take
it apart and put it back together again.

- A field resourcefulness exercise?

Something like that.

Pull that loop through there.

- Yeah that one.
- Turn around!

Yeah, right...
I think I've got the hang of this.

Now figure out how
to put it back together again.

What is it?
It's a weapon, you fool!

- Give it here, before you activate it!
- No, don't do that!


Don't move!
Or I'll fill you full of...
little yellow bolts of light!

Throw me the key!

On the ground!

Give up now Officer Sun!
You might avoid the death sentence!

- Unlock me then I will unlock you!
- No, me!

Come on, there isn't time!

Unlock me!


If you run, you're going to have
to find someone else to unlock you.

Then you're going to have to
explain these Peacekeeper handcuffs.

Give up now, Officer Sun...
You might avoid the death sentence!

- Now unlock me!
- No, he is a criminal!

We all are!

Officer Sun...
They are.

- Can you get me away from here?
- What?

Can you get me off this rock, away from these
over-amped rent-a-cops? Away from Crais?

- And we take her too!
- What?

Never! I will take you.
You are manageable, but she...

If she stays... we all stay!

I will not come with you!

You've been irreversibly
contaminated, remember?

It means death.

It is my duty... My breeding...
Since birth... It's what I am!

You can be more!

- Say again, Pilot?
- It is D'Argo and the arriving Prowler!

He is telling us to leave orbit immediately!

Thank Khalaan!

The Peacekeeper female
and that... other one are with him.

Can't you see he's under duress?
lt's a trap!

I'd take them to the
Transport Hangar and...

Pilot, break orbit!


The Unchartered Territories!
I will explain later.

Your attention!

Distance between the pursuing
Peacekeeper Carrier and Moya...

Sixty metras and closing...

They are bringing around
their Frag Cannons...

- Frag cannons?
- What is the range of their Frag Cannons?

I'm afraid neither Moya nor I is sufficiently
conversant with Peacekeeper technology.

Forty five metras.

Let's just do another one
of those Starburst things!

There's no time. The Leviathan
must restore her energy reserves.

Fifty metras...

- I need paper!
- Paper?

To write on!
Turn the ship around!

We have to go back toward
the planet!

Go back to the planet?

Frag Cannons are locking on...

Crichton, what are you doing?

It's a theory. It has to do with
overcoming atmospheric friction.

Are you completely insane?

Listen, we're going to have to hit
a pretty exact trajectory...
Can you do that?

I'm doing all that I can, maintaining
Moya's regular systems at this speed...

Well, can this ship thing be flown...


- Yes, but there are...
- Good, you do it!

I am not trained as a pilot!

Fine... You're the experienced pilot?
You fly.

- No!
- This is madness!

Weapons control... Full charge!

It appears our only alternative is death.

The charmer!

Pilot, give me manoeuvreability now!

We may dodge one shot, but never-

- Do it!
- Alright...!


- Target is banking!
- Reacquire!

Banking towards us, sir!

She's accelerating, sir!

We end this... now!

Just go for the maximum.
Let the planet's gravity pull us in!

Hetch 9!

Now, straight into the atmosphere!

Twenty eight to thirty-eight degrees!
You got it?

Do it if you're gonna do it!

More speed...
More speed to slingshot us out.

We are there!

- Sir... the Leviathan... she's about...
- I can see that, Lieutenant!

Pull out... Pull out now!

She's off our scanners, sir!

We've lost her.

- It's gone!
- Thank you!

- It's gone!
- You can let go now, John... Thank you!

We need to talk!

Get your hands off me!

You have a warrior's instinct.
Good... we'll need that!


I have spent eight degrading cycles aboard
this ship and now I'm finally liberated.


I don't know who you are...
where you're from... or what you want...

but if you threaten my freedom...
I'll kill you.

They're a brutal race, uncivilised.
Indiscriminate in their deployment of

unlike your people.

My people might have helped you,

if you hadn't put us into this position.

Me? Oh no, no, no... Try your boy, Crais!

So you haven't forgotten about him?
I know he hasn't forgotten about you!

Yeah... well, the transparent purple guy,
what's his name? Pilot?

He said we've passed
into the Unchartered Territories

and that your people don't have jurisdiction.

Crais thinks you killed his brother.

In such a case, would you
obey jurisdictional boundaries?

Listen to me.

If you want to live...

Choose your allegiances carefully.

That's not to say that there's
any guarantees there.

Come here.

l'm not going to hurt you.
Come here.

Hey Dad...

It works. DK's and my theory,
it actually worked.

Sort of.

Look, I know this is... crazy... I mean,
you're never going to get this message...

but I just... wanted to
let you know that I'm alive.

Oh, hold still! ...hold still!

I don't know where I am...
Technically I don't know how I got here,

but I'm not going to
stop trying to get home.

You're fixed!

Go play!

What the hell are you doing?

Your equipment may be
worth something in trade.

My equipment...
It's mine!

Are you a sound sleeper?

And there's life out here, Dad.

Weird, amazing, psychotic life.

and death... in technicolour.

Dad, you know those rattlers
in the stomach we talked about?

Well I got 'em now.