Fargo (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - The Lord of No Mercy - full transcript

Gloria and Winnie get closer to the truth; Emmit tries to make things right; Nikki and Ray prepare for payback; Varga cleans up a mess.

Two guys...

A Russian and some...

Some kind of oriental.

Drove a late model Cadillac.

I didn't get the license.


You ready?

Oh, you betcha.

Come on.

Varga: This is a true story.

A 150-year-old bank

with $60 billion in assets
collapses overnight.

Its stock price drops
93% in eight hours.

One day, it's solvent,
the next, it's worthless.

Perception of reality
becomes reality.

Another true story.

The first world war
was started by a sandwich.

On June 28th, 1914,

gavrilo princip,
one of seven conspirators,

failed to blow up
the archduke of Austria

with a hand grenade.

gavrilo stopped for lunch

at Schiller's delicatessen

on Franz Joseph street
in Sarajevo.

But as he was eating,

the archduke's driver, lost,

pulled up outside
the restaurant and stopped.

Fate had delivered
gavrilo's target to him

and he would not miss twice.

One last story, also true.

Neil Armstrong:
Here men from the planet earth

first set foot upon the moon.

July 1969 a.D.

I guess you're about
the only person around

that doesn't have TV
coverage of the scene.

That's one small step for man,

one giant leap for mankind.

Director: Cut!

Sy: Wait.


Varga: It was a sound stage
in new Mexico.

That's not...

That never happened.

"Let each man say
what he deems truth

"and let truth itself
be commended unto god."

Emmit, are you gonna...

The point is, stussy lots ltd.
Are in the process of securing

$50 million in new loans.

Now, we're gonna use that
money to buy 16 more lots,

after paying
some healthy bonuses

to the partners, of course.

Sy: You're talking about

doubling the size of
the company in six months?

-Three months.
-It's a lot of debt.

And just to line our pockets?
Shouldn't we...

I'm just sayin', a more
cautious approach. Why not?

Because the shallow end
of the pool

is where the turds float.


No one ever got anywhere
staying home, sy.

What does that mean?

It means,
we're either doing this,

or we're not doing it.

Whether you step off the board
with one foot or two,

you still end up in the water.

Sy: Okay.
But what about the IRS?

You said yourself,
he's sitting

in the conference room
right now,

going over the books.

Some books, not "the" books.

What the heck does that mean?

Let's just say for
testimonial purposes,

it's better that
you don't know.

Oh, you think the IRS won't...
This is what they do.

Catch cheats.

Middle managers
and movie stars,

people who park their money
in a Denver Wells Fargo

under their mother-in-law's
maiden name.

But I assure you,

the IRS could not unravel
an intricate web

of shell companies and
loan-outs with secret accounts

in Monaco, Luxembourg,
and the Cook Islands,

if you gave them
the account numbers.


I'm beginning to think that

finance is more of
a hobby with you.

Sy: Just how are
we supposed to...

Varga: It's already done.

I've even seeded in the odd
100k as an act of good faith.

Emmit, you wanna...

Varga: Your problem,
Mr. feltz, is you think

You started
a parking lot company.

You started a bank.
This is a true story.

Ray: Yeah?
You'll be in the poor house

making soup out
of your dirty socks.

Emmit: When I'm done with you,

they'll be sponging you
off the floor.

Varga: Bigger the bank,
the safer the banker.

So, the IRS?

Leave the IRS to me.

Section 41c of the us tax code

affords my client the right
to licensed representation

in the face of
any IRS inquiry.

As counsel, I'm filing here
with you an official protest

to this baseless
and cockeyed inquiry,

and demand you
withdraw immediately

and file by mail

the statutory-required
30-day notice

listing the exact documents
you require

and personnel
you wish to interview.

Until that time, we demand
you vacate our offices.


Third fella.

Could be the head honcho.


Why not?

Baby, trust me.

I want payback,
maybe even more than you.

But we gotta wait.

Babe, shouldn't we...

I'm worried you've
got internal injuries.

I'm fine.

I'm just saying,
drop in to the emergency room,

let 'em take a look.

You said yourself,
the cops are looking for me.

And these fellas,
the villains,

probably watching
the hospital.

I don't like it.

He's into something,
your brother.

I got the sense
from his lawyer, feltz,

that it may be involuntary.

Meaning, against his will.

So, you sayin'...

What are you sayin'?

Some shady dealings.

Guys like your brother,
fat cats,

making secret moves,
looking for quick returns.

What do they care
if a wad is legit or not?

Didn't you say he was having
money trouble a while back?

In the crash, yeah.

Business like theirs,
real estate,

with the mortgage collapse.

He never said so, emmit,
but I think he was worried.

So, what does he do?

He goes to the bank,
tries to borrow.

But we know from the news,
they're not lending.

A loan shark?

On that level they
call 'em something else.

Private equity.

But a shark in a suit
is still a shark.

We got any more aspirin?

Those fellas are lucky
you held me back.

No one puts a finger
on my woman

-and gets away with it.
-Easy, baby.

You'll get your chance.

But first,
we gotta know the play.


Receptionist: Right this way.

Mr. stussy, these ladies
are here to see you.

Oh, yeah?

Gloria burgle.

Hi. Winnie Lopez.

-Would you like to sit down?
-Gloria: Yeah, thanks.

What's this about?

I'm, uh, chief of Eden valley.

-Emmit: Out near paynesville.

And, uh, officer Lopez is
from here in St. cloud.

Winnie: I was in
the other night

talking to your Mr. feltz

about a traffic skirmish
involving a company car.

Well, I'm... sure. I mean,

sy's the man
to help you there.

I don't know
how I could, uh...


I'm sorry, I couldn't
help but overhearin', uh...

This sounds like
my area of expertise,

if you like to talk
in my office?

That's... I got it.

Don't trouble yourself.

There's no trouble.
I know how busy you are.

So, what are we
talking about here?

I didn't get your name?


Emmit: This is mister, uh...

I'm an associate
of Mr. stussy's

is all you need
to know for now.

Associate in what capacity?

Ladies shoes.

We'll come back to that.

Mr. stussy, have you seen
your brother recently?


No, I know his name. I just...

I thought this was
about a traffic accident.

Gloria: In a way.

Well, it either is,
or it isn't, isn't it?

Turns out the traffic accident
i was in for previous

-is connected to a homicide.
-We think.

A homicide?

Yes, sir, that's my case.

Uh, victim ran a grocery
store in Eden valley

about 30 miles south
of here, ennis stussy.

I read that in the tribune,
the old fella.

What'd he die with, again?

Gloria: His mouth and nose
were glued shut.


Also, the house was ransacked

in search of what,
we're not yet sure.

But, as of yesterday,
we pinned the crime

on an ex-convict
named Maurice lefay.

This is from hard evidence,
fingerprints and the like.

Turns out your brother
was his parole officer.

-Winnie: Yes, sir.

And that got us wondering,

especially since
Mr. stussy, Raymond,

his car got rammed into
by another vehicle

registered to your company

words exchanged between ray

and a yet-to-be-identified
member of your team.

-My team?
-Yes, sir.

And we thought it curious

the house being targeted
and searched as it was

that he shared the same last
name as you and your brother.

The same first initial.

Winnie: Lived in towns
with similar names.

What are they...

Is there some kind of feud
between you and ray?

A feud? No.

'Cause we had your brother
into the station,

asked him the same question,
and he said...

Emmit: Well, I mean...

Okay, we had our differences
over the years.

Who hasn't?

Brothers and all,
but nothing like a feud.

Varga: May I?

What exactly is
the connection, in your mind,

between emmit's alleged
brother and the victim?

His alleged?

Are you suggesting
somehow ray stussy isn't...

It's your story, detective.

I'm merely looking
for clarification.

Chief, not detective.

My apologies.

My point is,

all this sounds
like mere surmise.

Two brothers,
a traffic skirmish,

a dead man in another county.

Mere what?

All named stussy.

You see,
in 1932 there were, what,

24 Hitlers in
a German phone book.

Now, are you suggesting

that they were all responsible
for the final solution?

Twenty-four, exactly?

Sir, was there some
kind of disagreement

over money between
you and your brother?

Or if not money,
something he wanted back?

-Reason we ask is...

You're saying...

My brother was
trying to rob me?

All right. Look.

I'd like to thank you

for bringing all this
to our attention.

And to assure you that

if anything fruitful
comes to mind,

any details that
you might find illuminating,

then we'll make sure

to bring them to
your attention, all right?

Are we leaving?

Yes, you are. Come on.

If you think of anything.

Thanks. Thank you.

So, Eden valley,
is it a nice town?

We got a tastee freez
and a dairy queen.

Will wonders never cease?
Come on.

Seems like your brother's
got a backbone after all.

Torrent downloaded from RARBG

There is a police station

in Eden valley
with no computers.

I'd like to take a look
at a case file.

One or two?

Just Yuri.

I think keep a low profile.

Now, the victim's name is...

Same as our benefactor.

-Quiet or loud?

I'm trying to contain
something, not expand it.

Stay the course for me?

Put an ear to
this goldfarb meeting tonight?

They're on for 6:00.


I want you to
find the brother,

this ray character,
and his bitch.


Got anything back there?

Winnie: Nope,
it's all locked up back here.

Gloria: Come back tomorrow.


Heat's on. We better blow.

Ray: Okay, come on.

Ray, slow up.

Sorry, babe.
We should get off the street.

I know a motel
where they take cash.

Good boy.

-All right?


I think I'm gonna
need you to round me up

some more aspirin, babe.

Maybe a cold compress.

Thought I could tough it out,
but I guess I'm a wimp.

Baby, please.

That beating that you took...

I swear to god,
if those guys were here, I...

Cash only, remember.

For the aspirin. They can
track the cards, the cops.

I know. I just gotta...

I, uh, used my last 20
for the room. So...

What about
the sack from the bank?

There's still a few
thousand in that, right?


Tell me you brought
the getaway money.

It's just that we...

It happened so fast.

Ray, we need that money.

I know.

I mean, if it were
just the underworld types,

but with the law enforcement
on our ass, we're...

-I know, I'm going.
-You want me to go?

No, I'm fine.


I got it.

Emmit: You win.

I'm done.

Whatever you want,
just tell me.

I co-signed the mortgage,
you think I don't have a key?

Came for my money.

The dalmatian at the bank.

You poured her in the trash,
the dog.

I got it for grace
when she was seven.

She didn't live that long.

Car got her,
but we'd grown attached.

I was looking for my stamp.

You know, I was thinking
about her on the way over.

I can't think of a single
person doesn't like me.

Except you.

That's what they
say to your face.

No. Ray, I'm a fair man.

I treat people honestly.

-Help 'em when they're down.
-Them you help.

When did I not help you, kid?

Everything you asked.

Co-signing the mortgage,
repairs for the car.

I'm not less than you.

Some child that needs...

Ray, come on.

We've done this already.

Been doing it for 20 years.

It's finished, okay?

Words said in anger,
crimes committed...

We've both done things.

It's a certain madness,
i think.


Buttons you push in me,
that I push in you.


But I don't want that anymore.


I'm giving you the stamp.

you're not giving it to me.

No. I am.

You can't give me
what was mine from the start.


No, that's...

Take it.

It's yours.

I said take it.

I don't want it.

Take the damn stamp.


Take it!

Don't. Don't.






Varga: Mr. stussy.

Do you know what Lenin

said about Beethoven's
piano sonata number 23?

Vladimir ilyich ulyanov.

Not the bloody walrus.

He said, "i know nothing

"that is greater
than the appassionata,

"but I cannot
listen too often.

"It affects one's nerves,

"and makes one

"want to say kind,
stupid things,

"and stroke the heads of those

"who, living in such
a foul hell,

"can create such beauty.

"Better to beat the person
unmercifully over the head."

Where are you, Mr. stussy?

There's been an accident.

Things of consequence
rarely happen by accident.

Can you come?

Give me the address
and I'll leave immediately.

I'm at Ray's.

Did anyone see you?

I'm so rarely seen,
maybe I don't even exist.

What's he doing here?

You called for help.

This is what help looks like.

I wanted to find his pulse,
but I was afraid.

Afraid you'd
leave fingerprints?

Where else might we find
your fingerprints?

Uh, I came in that door.

So, the knob, inside and out.

That frame, the glass.

Meemo: Bury the body,
missing person?


Collect the frame
and the stamp,

and leave the glass.

Is there someplace you're
supposed to be right now?

Is there someplace you're
supposed to be right now?

Uh, what time is it?

A meeting, a dinner.

Which is it,
a meeting or a dinner?

Uh, dinner.

With whom?

-Which restaurant?

Uh, it's in my phone.

Never mind, never mind.

Listen, this is important.

If the restaurant
has a back door,

go to the bathroom

and wash your face and hands
in very cold water,

then go to the table.

That way,
if any witnesses see you,

they won't be able
to time your arrival.

Do you understand?

Yeah, but...


Look at me.

-Are you listening?

Your brother

was killed by
his ex-convict girlfriend.

He'd been abusing her,
you see?

Beating her in places
you don't show.

And tonight she'd had enough,
so she cut his throat.

And watched him bleed.


the police will
contact you tonight

to inform you of his death.

Be upset, not too upset.

Volunteer nothing,
you haven't seen him for days,

you haven't spoken to him.

I called him on his cell.


Right. Well,
there'll be a record of that.

Did you speak for long?

Just a few minutes.

All right.
Well, it's just a quick call,

just to catch up, innit?

Be vague.

I didn't mean to...

No one ever does.

Walk him to his car,
out in the back.

Make sure you're not seen.

Emmit: ...Nothing like a feud.

Will wonders never cease?

Ray: Go figure.
It's a pretty common name.

-There's jealousy there.
-Varga: Ladies shoes.

Screw it.

St. cloud Metro,
this is Eden valley one.

Female dispatcher:
Go ahead, Eden valley.

Yeah, I'm trying to get
a message to officer Lopez.

Tell her I'm heading back
to the po's domicile.

Have her meet me there.

Will do.