Fargo (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Law of Vacant Places - full transcript

A twisted sibling rivalry leads to murder, mobsters and cutthroat competitive bridge in a small Midwestern town.

- Good.


- Honestly buck
it's a little embarrassing.

I mean we called the number.

They said if there
was ever a problem

we should call the number,
and well we called it.

- And?

- A series of
clicks and buzzers.

- A series of--

- clicks and buzzers.

That's what we got, which--

- couldn't even leave a message.

- No message possible.

So we thought--

- we thought get
buck back in here,

after all he vouched for him.

- Well now, let's be,
let's call a spade a spade.

I don't know him,
don't vouch for him.

I was just a conduit
for information.

Like you said "buck we tried
all the normal channels,

"and we just need
a bridge loan to--"

It was last year
for Pete's sake.

I met him at the shriner's.

- Sure, okay then.

Everything went great when
we met with the broker,

mr ehrmantraut, if I'm not a-

- right, Rick ehrmantraut.

I got his card in my--

- and now we're in
the black again,

so we called the number
to arrange payback

and clicks and buzzers.

- Maybe there's another
number, we're thinking.

- Another number where we can
at least leave a darn message.

It's a lot of money.

- And it's just sitting
there on the books which--

- can't have that.

- Okay then well,

thanks for coming in.

- Of course.

And did you think
about what I asked?

The widow goldfarb
she wants to meet.

- The who?
- I was gonna tell ya.

She's the so called storage
queen, sniffing around

for a possible silent
partner type arrangement.

- Seems
like the real deal.

Money to burn.

- Where was she two years ago?

Friends, friends and Dave.

I'm not lying when I tell ya,

I still remember the first date.

25 years ago.

Took her to fjords in
St. Paul, my Stella.

I brought her a lobster
the size of a car.

Cost me two weeks
wages at the red Robin,

but it was worth it.

And so over shellfish she
says "where do you live?"

You know, just
making conversation

and I tell her the
address 213 Monroe.

And she gets this
funny look on her face.

And she says "which apartment?"

So I say "16."

And now the look gets even
funnier and she says--

- I say "what are the odds?"

I lived in that same apartment
for three and a half years,

I still had the key.

- Of course she
never told me that part.

So I come home a week
later and what the heck?

She'd moved in!

And now somehow it's 25
years later and here we are.

And we've got grace
and her husband Dennis.

And life has been to
us, more than good.

- Okay.
- Raise a glass to my Stella.

Still lovely as the day we met.


- Thank you.

- Enjoy
yourselves come on.

- I got you five minutes.

- Go get him tiger.

- Yeah.

- How we doing?

Good to see you,
thanks for coming.

- Ray.

- You know, congratulations
and all that.

- Thanks.

- Place looks good.

- We had the floors re-done.

- Oh ya.
That's, uh...

So you said grace got a--

that's her, her husband now?


- There was nothing.

Barely even a wedding.

- We did in cabo on a beach.

They said, invitation
said "no shoes."

Imagine wearing a
suit and no shoes.

Still real nice.

- But small, only
like 10 people.

- Ah but you went?

- We had some meetings.

- The next day.

Potential investors.

- In cabo?

- It's like a resort,
super high end.

- International
businessmen and the like.

- Exclusive.

- Not for parole
officers you mean.

- Don't take offense.

- Ya, ray.
Geez, don't take offense.

We're just explaining
what happened.

- How's the corvette?

- It's a car.

Look I'm getting engaged.

- Again?

- Don't say that.

- I'm sorry I just--

- she's real sweet, Nikki.

We're in, you know--

- you meet her at work?

- At work yeah.

- So, embezzler?

Drug mule?

- Why is he here?

He doesn't need to be here.

- Sy's always here when the
conversations about money.

That's what this is right?

A conversation about money?

- I wanna buy her a ring.

- So, serious.

- And the way I figure it,

is you still owe me from--
- I owe you?

- From what happened
when we were kids.

- Well now ray, that's...

I gotta say, your math
seems shaky there.

I mean, after the, what
was it last quarter,

we fronted you 850
for car repairs.

- On top of co-signing
your mortgage

so you could get your apartment.

Not that I mind,
happy to help really.

But where does it--

- see that's not
the way I see it.

That's you paying me back for--

- ray.

- The thing is ray, even
if we wanted to, we're--

- what sy's saying is,
it's not the best time.


- How about you just
give me back my stamp

and we'll call it square.

- Ray.

- No, I'm talking to my brother.

Look, you are lucky I don't sue.

I mean, a legal document
which delineates things.

Bequeaths them to
specific parties.

A father, dead in a driveway.

An older boy taking advantage
of a younger playing--

- nobody took advantage.

It was a trade.

If I had a time machine, you'd
see I'd play back the tape.

"Emmit come on, I'm begging ya.

"Take the stupid stamps already.

"Give me the car."

- No, that's not, that
was you tricking me.

- Ray.

- How much did you
get for them anyway?

- The whole collection?

I never asked.

- What two, three dozen stamps?


- Ray.
- No.

She's a nice girl, a catch.

And she deserves a
sweet ring, pricey, so...

Are you gonna do
what's right here?

Are you gonna do what's right?

- What happened?

Did you get it?

- I need a real drink.

Here's the er--

it's not the best time.

He said.

Don't worry, I'm gonna--

I'll handle it.

- Ray?

- Sorry.

- No tip?

- Ya.

Get a real job.

so then we use the dentist coup
or play a canapé.

And watch out
for the cuthberts,

I don't think that
cough of his is real.

Whatever happens don't
let the swedes force

the trump check again.

- What?

- I'm talking about the
wildcat regional on Thursday.

Top three mixed pairs
we qualify

for the upper Wisconsin semi
professional next month.

Which top three in that, the
sport really opens up for us.

- Now hun, you know you're not
supposed to leave the state.

- I know but
couldn't you fix it?

I mean as po isn't there
a form you could sign?

- Well see there's
a lot of sticky.

I mean, with the first being,

technically we're not supposed
to be, you know, dating.

And I'm saying it's mission
critical to keep that a secret.

So when it comes to
signing official forms,

I mean, talk about
showing your cards.

- What are you saying?

- No, just as to the legalities.

I mean parolee,
parole officer et cetera.

I mean, we're right
on the line here.

- There's big money
to be won hun.

- I know.

- I'm not just talking
a few regionals.

We get ourselves on the map,

bridge wise locally
in the next few months

and I'm talking
sponsorship opportunities

bordering on six figures.

Then we don't need to borrow
money from your stupid brother

or nobody else.


- Yeah.

- Baby look at me.

We're a team you and me.

Simpatico to the
point of spooky.

Like how I always know
when you're gonna lead

with a hard or
backwards finesse.

And you got that
putter's instinct

for when to drop the Marie
applebaum discovery play.

- That's true.

- You're the hand
and I'm the glove.

- You're the bottle
and I'm the beer.

- Or the beer and
the glass in my case.

- Oh yeah, but i
mean it comes in--

- I know.

- Yeah.

- Simpatico.

- That's weird huh?

- There's a sensor.

- You ready?

- Yeah.

- See you tonight pops?

- If macaroni and cheese
don't float your boat,

might as well stay home.

- so what happened?

- What could I do?

The land was fallow
and we needed grain.

- The land was what?

- I didn't even know
that was illegal,

'cause who makes
the laws anyway.

Person in her own home,
on her own property,

I mean short of murder,

shouldn't you be able to, you
know, just about anything?


- Maurice?

- Huh?

- You blew
your piss test pal.

- Oh bummer.


- thing like that, normally
that gets you right away revoked

but I thought call him up,
see what he has to say.

- Cool.


Hey, why are we
meeting in a bar?

I mean not in your office.

Hey, I was drinking that.

- Let's cut to the quick here.

Your last stretch
was six and a half

for breaking into
rich folks' digs

and stealing their flat screens.

- Allegedly.

- No moron.

How it works is when
they convict you,

it turns into a fact.

Now look, I gotta,
i gotta pla--

hey! Dickhead!

- Huh?

- I gotta place, turns out a
place that needs some robbing.

A little robbing, not wholesale
burglary, just a specific--

just looking for a certain item.

And if you do it,
well let's just say

your little problem
goes up in smoke.

- What are we talking about?

- A stamp.

- A stamp?

Like a...

Postage stamp?

- Yeah.

- Cool.

So I mean, I know
I'm the moron but--

- it's not that kind
of stamp numb nuts.

It's a vintage stamp,
it's got you know,

sentimental value for me.

It's my stamp.

- Your stamp.

- But it's, you know, at someone
else's house temporarily.

- Cool, cool.

So why not just ask for it back?

- Well it's, you
know, complicated.

Just get the damn stamp.

- What's cooking?

- You need
to come down here.

- Nine o'clock at
night isn't it?

- Er number,
ticks and buzzers.

He came.

- Who?

- Well now,
the fella from the--

- ehrmantraut?

- No, different fella.

Don't wanna say too
much on the phone just--

you better come down here.

- Everything okay?

- Gotta go to the office hun.

- Hun?

You're in your house shoes.

- Good call.

- you ever think about how
they never put the morgue

on the top floor of a hospital?

I notice stuff like that.

It's always in the basement.

It's like its own elevator.

- And...

How does that
make you feel?

- Huh? No.

You asked me how I define
the person called me.

And I'm saying, I'm always
having thoughts of...

What do ya?


For example, where does the
president of United States

buy his clothes?

Do they shut down like
a whole jc penney?

Just so he can try on a suit.

- There's a tailor,
he comes to the white house.

- Now see, I didn't know that.

- Let's focus.

So when you say your parole
officer was mean to you before,

how did that make you feel?

- You know, just
not good, you know.

I mean here I am,
I'm trying, you know.

Not hurting anybody, anymore.


- Are you getting high?

- No.

Oh shit.

- Maurice?

- Ah hell.

- No, no, no, no!

Son of a bitch.

What the shit?

God blast.

Ah screw it, I remember.

Torrent downloaded from RARBG

- I put him in your office.

- Oh geez.

- Didn't get a name.

Here from the lender he said.

I told him it was late, but
he just got off a plane so--

- hey there.

Emmit stussy, thanks for a--


Honestly we didn't know
if our message had--

- you called the number?

- Ya, like I said we didn't--

- all you get when call--

- clicks and buzzers.

Which, hard to leave a

But good news, you're here

and we're in the black now.

Stussy corp and well your
firm was nice enough to--

mr ehrmantraut, your broker,

he arranged for your firm to
lend us that money last year.

We're happy to say we're
ready to pay it back in full.

- That's alright.

- I'm sorry.

- You keep it.

- Keep it?

- Yeah.

- I apologize, i
didn't catch your name.

- I'm v.M. Vargas.

- And you work for--

- with narwhal yes.

- Well now.

It's, see your firm, narwhal,

like I said last year,

we borrowed a hefty sum.

And I know you're
not bona fide fdic,

but I mean, unless you boys
do business differently in...

Where you from?

- America.

- Well in America normally
when you lend somebody money--

- if that were us, he's
saying, in your shoes,

well I'd expect the
money back with interest.

Which we're happy to--

like I say we got it.

Just need to know where
to send the check.

- Or a wire transfer if you--

- exactly just
give us the digits.

- Investment.

- One more time?

- Well you called it a loan,

it wasn't a loan,
it was an investment.

We are investors.

- Investors?

- The problem I think,
is you're confusing the word

singularity with
the word continuity.

- What's that now?

- The word begin and the
word end, are these the same?

- No but--

- then why talk about
ending something

that's only just begun.

- See now, the document
we signed last year--

- when we met with your broker.

- Mr. ehrmantraut.

- Buck olander introduced us
and he said, your broker--

we were very specific
about a short term--

- and nowhere in the document
did it say anything about,

and believe me, I'm a
lawyer, so you know,

I vetted it very--

- a document is just
a piece of paper.

- Legally binding actually.

A contract.

- To be clear, you had a
problem as you said last year.

The real estate business,
well this a bad business.

So you tried the normal
channels, the banks,

but you're companies still
failing so you come to us.

- For a loan.

- You never thought to
ask why we might lend you

one million dollars with
no collateral required?

- See, no, we were
under the impression--

- our fundamentals are strong.

Our holdings--

- my point is that was the
time for questions yes.

Not this.

Now we've taken the past
year to study your business.

Properties, cash flow,

so we can better
disguise our activities.

- Look, we just wanna pay
the money back and you know,

be on our way.

- As I said, the first
sum was an investment

for you to keep.

All future funds will be run
through the front office,

the same as other stussy income.

A few thousand a
month, more or less,

now I can get you the
specs and instructions.

We'll have to account for
the comings and goings

in your software.

We already have access to your--

to your system.

So we can monitor your activity.

Make sure you're adjusting.

And it goes without saying,

you're not to mention
this to anybody.

- Happy birthday
or whatever.

- Uh, cool.

- The trash is under
the sink, if you hate it.

- No it's...

What is it?

- It's nothing.

Just a dumb thing I made.

- Something special
for the clean plate club.

- I told you, I don't
like strawberries.

- More for me then.

So the thinking is
absorb the local precinct

into the larger county force.

- Leaving you Jack shit.

- Language?

No, I'd still be highest
ranking local officer just not--

- chief.

- Right.

What'd you get there?

- A model grandpa made me.

- Like I said, it's
a stupid carving.

Remember when the
time we went camping.

- So don't forget you're
at your dad's this weekend.

He and Dale are gonna
take you to the symphony.

- So is Dale my other dad now?

- Well no.

I mean he and your dad haven't
been together that long.

But if they got married.

- Not legal.

Is it two men?

- If they did, well you know
how ennis is my stepfather,

married my mom after
grandpa passed.

I guess Dale would
become your stepfather.

I think.

I honestly don't
know how it works.

- I know how it
works in the Bible.

- Another beer pops?

- Now you're speaking English.

- swango and stussy.

hello boys.



You're the dummy.

- Right yeah.

Okay, I got this.

- Guy's name was stussy
on something Lane.

Midnight Lane?

Ah hell, it was erm,
was it midnight, no.

And the town was ah goddammit.

And the town was
something biblical

like Eden village or Eden...

Eden valley.

Triple goddam bingo.

- Night pops.

- Can I run the siren?

- Once, on the highway.

- Hey you
got a phonebook?

- Ya.

- Can I borrow it?

- No.

- What do you mean no?

- Gotta buy something.

- I'm not buying anything,
just give me the phone book.

- No.

- Give the phone book.
- No.

- Give me the damn phone book.


Stussy, hot damn.

- Hey.

That's a public book you know.

- You see now that
always make me feel queer

reading in the car.

What'd you think about that
model your grandpa made ya?

Pretty sweet huh.

He's a good guy.

I know he drinks too much,

but I think deep
down we've all of us

got something positive
inside us, don't cha think?

What's going on?

- It's the model.
I left the model.

- Hun.

It's late, swing by
in the morning

and maybe pick it up huh.

- No, he made it for me.

I have to--

- okay.

Okay, let me flip a b-ward.

Back in a sec.


Oh geez, I better...


- Mom?

- Go outside!
Go outside now!

- Mom!

- Lock the door.

Call Donny and tell him
to radio the state police.

I'm gonna search the
rest of the house.

- No, no mom!

- I gotta, I'm chief.

Like I said lock the door.

If you see anyone you
lean on the horn okay.

Anybody tries for you,

use the pepper spray
just like I taught you,

it's in the glove.

he was looking for something.

What the...?


What the heck?

- Third place.

- I know.

- We played so good.

- I know it was amazing.

- So good

Oh my god, I am so proud of you.

You made such a good job of it.

- You're last hands,
you played those cards

and you were on fire.

this is nice.

- Huh?

Oh, yeah, amazing.

Third runner up,
wildcat regionals.

Just posted it to my Facebook.

- We played good.

- We didn't just play good.

That hand I got, ten hearts,
that doesn't just happen.

That's, what have
you, fate or luck.

- Plus my steely gaze.

Striking fear into the
hearts of the elderly.

- I'm proud of you mister.

You really, you focused.

It's like I said, simpatico.

Third runner up.

- In the Olympics that's bronze.

- Now see, that's
the kind of thinking

that's gonna take us
straight to the top.

- Oh.

So, I got it ray.

I did.

But I won't lie,
it didn't go smooth.

- Ray, there's a
man in my bathroom.

- Let's not jump
to any conclusions.

- Are you saying he's not a
man or he's not in my bathroom?

- I'm saying,
i can explain.

- There was some
acting required,

in throwing the gas station
attendant off my scent but--

- there's no smoking in here.

- Also, if I'm being honest.

I sure hope that that
fella with the stamps

wasn't a friend of yours ray.

'Cause well, let's just say--

when an ex-con threatens
ya, demands the goods.

The smart money says co-operate.

- That wasn't part of the--

nobody said anything
about hurting--

- ray!

Look at me, what did you do?

- Nothing.
Just give me a second.

Hey! Shitbird!

What did you do?

- Nothing, just what ya asked.

Drove out to Eden valley and
robbed your guy, the rich one.

Although I gotta say the
place wasn't exactly a palace.

- Prairie.
- Come again?

- Eden prairie.
- Huh?

- Ray, did you hire
one your parolees

to steal money
from your brother?

- No.

Not money.


Just taking back what's mine.

The stamp.

I told you that,

how he bamboozled me out
of a fortune and I just--

all these years I just...

Let it go, but no more.

You need a ring.

This is our time.

- That is so...


Come here.

- That is so sweet.

Although I gotta say,

brother must have been
from another mother

'cause man was he old.

- What are talking about?

- What matters is, is
i go what you asked.

And now you can, we can tear
up the piss test and you can--

I should probably get
out of town for a while.

If I'm being honest given
the level of uncooperation

and consequences thereof.

- What the shit is this?

- It's, what are
ya, it's stamps.

- What did you do?

- Listen, don't be--

putting your hands on me,

you're raising the
tone of your voice,

not after the night I had.

You didn't, do--

the risk I took
on account of you.

Your needs.

- Emmit stussy.

Eden prairie,
it's a short drive.

I wrote it down.

- No you said--

look I did what you said.

The address on the Eden
valley, I looked it up.

And now--

I'm out of pocket here ray.

I've got--

I think I covered my
tracks pretty good.

And look, since you touched me,

I'm gonna have to
demand a dollar value.

Five thousand.

Which is more than fair,
considering the fella we robbed

is probably dead.

- What's your name handsome?

- Well now, I'm not
sure I should tell ya.

On account of I've
gotta think about

covering my tracks here.

- Darling I've seen your face.

And ray knows your name so--

- it's Maurice.

- Okay Maurice,

you get me a towel

and maybe we can discuss
this in the living room,

like civilized people.


The gun.

- You tricked me.

You got--

I'm giving ya 'til
tomorrow to get my money.

Five thousand.

Otherwise, well maybe
i turn you into the cops.

Or shoot ya, or her.

Robbing your own brother.

That's just low.

You don't tell
Maurice what to do.

- Now hun, let me explain.



- Three floors,
10 seconds per floor.

- Hun, what are you?

- Cross the front hall,
eight seconds.

- Babe.
- Not now.

- Hun what are--

- quiet, I'm counting.

21, 22, 23, 24, 25.

27, 28, 29, 30.

31, 32, 33, 34, 35,

36, 37, 38, 39, 40,

41, 42, 43, 44,

45, 46, 47, 48, 49,


- Can you believe this guy?

I gave him a simple--

I even wrote down the damn--

and now just my--

just my damn luck.

- 64, 65, 66.

- Ah suck off.

- 67, 68, 69, 70.

- Son of a bastard.
- 71 72, 73, 74.

- Short drive my ass.
- 75, 76.

Is he out?

- What?

- The other window,
do you see him?

- ya.
He's coming hurry.

Did you see that?

Oh my god.

- Get down, or someone'll see.

- I mean right in the--

no way--

he came over.

Holy shit.

What are you?

- Yes 911.

There's been an accident,
on the sidewalk,

the air conditioner.

Get dressed you've gotta go.

- What?

- Oh thank god.

It's 940 hannover street,
hurry please.

It was an accident.

I've been trying to get the
landlord to take that unit out

for like six weeks,
it's on record.

And tonight I don't know, it
must have come loose somehow.

You're his parole officer,
you can't be here.

- Ya but--

what happens when?

- I gave a fake name
when I rented the place.

I got ID.

- Now that's--

babe, that's a violation
of your probation.

- Ray?

- Oh right yeah.

Good call.

- We'll talk about this later.

- You, you're sexy.

- Yes officer,
I'll stay on the line.

- Don't forget the stamps.

- What?

- The stamps.

- Stamps, yeah.

- Burn 'em, okay.

- Okay.

- I love you.

- Baby you have no idea.

Yes I hear the sirens.

Thank you.

Back stairs.

Yes, I'll hold.

- your dad's here.

You take him Dale's,
I'm not sure how long--

- Whatever you need.

I already turned the
lights on in his room.

- I wanna stay with mom.

- No hun, mommy's
gotta work now.

let's say no school
tomorrow, huh?

- Yeah.

- Now I get it.

- Ah, geeze!