Fargo (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Did You Do This? No, You Did It! - full transcript

The police bring in Floyd for questioning, in an attempt to make her talk. Bear goes on a ride with Simone. Karl keeps an eye on Lou's family.

Erstwhile on Fargo...

I'm not afraid of a war.

But are you with me?

We're not gonna make
the first move.

But if these Kansas City mooks
come at you shootin'...

we'll cut the goddamn nose
off their face.

Your Indian killed him.

I didn't know
that was happening.

I wanna know what they're
gonna do before they do it.

Otherwise, you can die
with the rest of them.

You sent my goddamn son!

The kid said it should be family
that pulls the trigger,

which is true.

He's 17.

- Sheriff?
- Go inside now, Peggy.

When I find ya, darlin',
I'm gonna make you bleed.

- [ Grunts ]
- [ Electricity crackling ]

- [ Grunts ]
- [ Panting ]

And that--
there's a word for that.

It's called "managing up."

Which, if you want to rise
to any kind of power

in this organization,

is something
you'd better learn.

Because they'll say to you,

"Go out, do the job,
and don't worry."

But, in fact,
what they mean...

- is talk 'em through it.
- [ Windows squeaking ]

You understand?

It doesn't matter

if it's washing machines
or cocaine,

whores or horseradish,

the powers that be--

they need to know...

[ All screaming ]

[ Wind whistling ]


[ Magazine clip clicking ]

What I'm trying to say
is, quite simply--

[ Choking, gasping ]

♪ in the shuffling madness ♪

♪ of the locomotive breath ♪

♪ runs the all-time loser ♪

♪ headlong to his death ♪

♪ oh, he feels
the pistol scraping ♪

♪ steam breaking on his brow ♪

♪ old Charlie stole the handle ♪

♪ and the train,
it won't stop going ♪

♪ no way to slow down ♪

♪ oh, oh ♪

♪ he sees his children
jumping off ♪

♪ at the stations, one by one ♪

♪ his woman
and his best friend ♪

[ Gunshot ]

♪ in bed and having fun ♪

♪ oh, he's crawling
down the corridor ♪

♪ on his hands and knees ♪

♪ old Charlie stole the handle ♪

♪ and the train,
it won't stop going ♪

♪ no way to slow down ♪

♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

[ Man speaking German ]

[ Horse whinnying ]

[ Horse whinnying ]

Floyd: We waited.

Don't like funerals.

Nobody likes funerals.

I want to thank you boys

for coming out from Buffalo
and helping us out.

We couldn't have
fought them off much longer.

Forget about it.

I'm seeing cows, horses,
whaddya? Chickens.

It's like wild
goddamn kingdom in here.

[ Chuckles ]

- We got ups and downs.
- Tell me.

Go see to lunch.

I'm grown.
I can hear.

We got five of theirs,
including Management.

But they felled
Roost and Seymour.

That means
South Dakota's turned.

Which Bear now tells me
is where

they got
the presidents' faces

up on the side
of a rock.

So we should
get that back.

Nothing from Hanzee?


Two days.

What about my dad?

[ Spits ]

Gonna need a third hole
is my feelin'.

Have some respect.

My lion
didn't raise that boy

to be killed
by small-town muscle.

Thought that about Rye.

- Now there's nothin' left but clothes.
- They're just men.

What are you sayin'?

I said, it's not like my dad's
the shark in that movie--

"We're gonna need
a bigger boat."

He shits and sleeps.

I swear, I thought your father
was the problem--

his nature...
and towards women.

But you're two of the same!

You're porcupines!

You're half crazy,
always lookin' for a fight!

This family...

deserves the ground.

I got this.

Hey, porcupine?

[ Chuckles ] Hey.
Where are you running?

- I shouldn't have hit her.
- Hey.

- Hittin's the least of it.
- [ Engine turns over ]

Not enough of us left
to start tellin' the truth.

Simone: Go to hell.

[ Siren wails ]

[ Spits ]

Last stand
or make a run for it?

[ Car doors close ]

- Benjamin.
- Floyd.

- It's funeral day.
- I know.

Uh, we waited till
the dirt settled, but...

now I need you
to come with us.

It's me
you should be takin'.

No, you're good.


- [ Sighs ]
- [ Car door opens ]

How's my boy?

State pen--
awaitin' trial.

You should visit.

- Where's your brother?
- Found Jesus.

Joined a monastery.

Mm. I just bet.

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Take a message.

You're gonna want
to take this one, bro.

Prick says he knows
where Dodd is.

Take a message.

Tell me one more time,

why is Floyd Gerhardt
sittin' in my interview room?

Schmidt: Sir, uh,
Trooper Solverson and myself,

we're tired
of playin' clean-up--


Thought we'd apply some pressure
to both sides.

Let 'em know all this killin'
isn't, uh, goin' unnoticed.

What about this butcher?

We got an APB out
on both Blumquists, Ed and Peggy.

So far, nothin'.

Could be on the run,
could be dead.

checked on that girl.

Elliot Ness himself
deputized my daddy ATF

during prohibition.

Used to tell stories
of Tommy-Gun bloodbaths

and heads
rollin' in the road.

Never thought I'd see it
in my lifetime,

but here we are.

This thing's
just plumb out of control.

- What do you think?
- Mm.

I think I want
to live in a world

- where people leave
the front door unlocked. - Yeah.

Probably we're just
wastin' our breath.


You two go see
the out-of-towners.

Leave the old broad
to us.

[ Sniffs, clears throat ]
I'm gonna smoke.

Ma'am, I'm, uh,
Sheriff Larsson, Rock County.

Had some differences with
your oldest boy yesterday.

How'd that go for you?

[ Chuckles ]

Uh, let's call it a draw

on account of your Indian
sucker-punched me

'fore I could make
a showin'.

He does that.

Sorry to hear about Otto.

They shot him
in his own home.

These Kansas City

Children sleepin' upstairs--

My wife passed
last summer.

We were up in Brainerd,
visitin' my sister.

Last thing
she said to me--

"Do you smell toast?"

Different roads,
same destination.

I suppose.

But the question is--
for you, I mean--

how far does it go?

Husband dead,
plus your youngest,

grandson in jail,

and now Dodd's missin',
we hear.

Old-timers had it worse.

Used to be 10 born,
2 survived--

consumption, scalpings,
smallpox, wolves.

Well, it's a question
of what you can live with,

I suppose--
how many ghosts.

I-I shot a man through the teeth
in Vichy, France.

I still see his face
every night before bed.

Our backs to the wall.

You see that, yeah?

Yeah, except I'm the guy
in the next state

who got shanghaied,

and your sons are the ones
that took the drive.

The butcher of Luverne
killed my boy--

on orders
from Kansas City.

Oh, I've known Ed Blumquist
since short pants.

If he's workin'
for the Kansas City mob,

I'll cut off my toe.

What's it they call
those Russians?

Sleeper agents.

I'm sayin',
you think you know someone,

- but what do you know, really?
- [ Sighs ]

I had a kid in here
the other day.

Stabbed his parents to death
in their sleep.

When I asked him why,
he couldn't say.

It just come over him
all of a sudden.

The stories used to be simpler.
That's for sure.

This, then that--

And now I don't know

where it starts
or how it ends.

I truly don't.

Without bein' simplistic,

this thing's over
when you say it's over.

No. They won't stop--
my boys.

They've lost too much.
They're too proud.

Well, okay, then.

How about you
help us out?

You know
these Kansas City fellas.

Point us in
the right direction there--

you know, weaknesses,

Give us somethin'

and maybe we make
this whole, uh...

northern expansion

[ Chuckles softly ]


Well, uh...
you said yourself--

hard to be simple
in times of complication.

[ White Denim's "To See What
Condition My Condition Was In" plays ]

♪ with the sun down,
shining in ♪

♪ I found my mind
in a brown paper bag within ♪

♪ I tripped on a cloud
and fell eight miles high ♪

♪ I tore my mind
on a jagged sky ♪

♪ I just dropped in ♪

Son of a bitch.

[ Inhales sharply ]

Oh, you son of a bitch.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sniffs, sighs ]

[ Sniffs ]

- [ Sniffs ]
- [ Engine shuts off ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Sniffs, sighs ]

Mike: Yes, sir. Maybe...

"Under control"
was the wrong phrase

- given what's happened.
Hamish: - You said--

when they killed Bulo,

you said this Gerhardt outfit
was a stuffed shirt.

Now I'm standing here
with blood on my socks!

- I can handle it.
- The hell, you say.

Braverman stood for you,

said, "He's not like
the other darkies.

This one's smart,

- Sir--
- But that is not what I'm seeing.

And I appreciate
the opportunity... sir,

believin', as I do,

like the good Dr. King said,

"A man should be judged on
the content of his character,

not the color of his skin."

Yeah, he's dead.

You're gonna need
a different quote.

I can break this family.

Two weeks.

You got two days.

Then I'm sending
the undertaker.

Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.

You son of a bitch.

You-- Aah!--
Son of a bitch!

that terrible word

inscribed upon
the chariot of the storm."


You want me
to repeat it?

Is that a quote?


What do you want,
little girl?

You were supposed
to kill my dad,

not the old cripple!

- What's the difference?
- What?!

To quote Louis XVI...

"Est-ce une révolte?"

"Non, sire.

C'est une révolution."

The Duke of La Rochefoucauld.

Are we gonna talk,

or are you just gonna quote
the Thesaurus at me?!

I mean, if the goal is
to kill those who oppress you,

what does it matter
who goes first?

Because! I said!

Now, ironically,
in astronomy,

the word "revolution" means

"a celestial object
that comes full circle."

Did you know that?

Which, if you think about it,
is pretty funny,

considering here on earth
it means change.

You're nuts.

I'm talkin'
about a promise!

You could've killed me
shootin' up the house,

or grandma!

- [ Grunts ]
- Unless...

- Would you say you're her favorite?
- Who?!

The mater-familias.

In my experience,
the first-born granddaughter,

well, she's always
the shine on the apple.

Oh, God.

[ Grunts ]

[ Cries ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Knock on door ]


[ Pound on door ]


[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Sighs ]


You okay there, miss?

I am now.

Walk her out, huh?

- What about you?
- I'm not sayin' "Don't come back."

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

I'm a big girl.

You don't
have to nursemaid me.

Floyd know you're here?


Yeah, I've seen you around
up at the compound.

Seen me?

Or watched me?

I'm aware, I'm sayin',

that the last place
you should be

is in a hotel room
with those fellas,

especially given
what's happenin'...

You won't tell, though.

Will you?

I don't... have to.


Ow, Jesus!

Oh, Jesus!


If I'm going to the noose,
I'm going,

but I'm done
lyin' down for men.

Schmidt: [ Groans ]


[ Groans ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Engine revs, shuts off ]


I, uh...

I just...

I was out of weed.

So I bought a dime bag
from, uh, Packy.

You know, with the, uh...

Not safe around here
for us.

Simone: Yeah? Wow.

No one tells me nothin'.

But I'll...

Look, I can score weed
other places.

Thanks for the, uh...

Come on,
I'll give you a ride.

I got my car.

Ricky will
drive it back.

You two have fun,

[ Engine turns over ]

[ Engine turns over ]

Seat belt on.

So... is this
a conversation about

how it's time for me
to pack up and go home?

Don't have to go home.

It's a big country.

Just maybe don't be here.

Are you familiar with the phrase
"manifest destiny"?

but see, here's the thing.

I own two pairs of shoes--

a summer pair
and one for winter.

We're not meant to have
more than we can handle,

is what I mean.

So, this need for conquest,
you know,

tryin' to own things
that aren't meant to be owned--

Like people?

That's an example.

But also places--

we can tame things.

That's a problem, right?
Not a solution.

You're saying capitalism
is a problem?



Makin' this thing
all or nothin'.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs, groans ]

- What happened to you?
- Hmm?

What happened?

- What happened?
- Let's just get this over with, huh?

So, you got a response
to my "all or nothin'" line?

There's a man.

What-- what man?

Just a man.

He works in a factory.

One day, the boss gets it
in his mind

that this man
is stealing from him.

So, every night at the gate,

the guards
search his wheelbarrow.

But they never
find anything.

- Pat him down.
- Oh, they do that.

Strip him naked--


So... he's not stealin'.

Of course he is.


Thank you.

That's right.

He's stealing


My point is

sometimes the answer
is so obvious

you can't see it
because you're looking too hard.

See, we can't leave
because we're the future,

and they're the past.

The past can no more
become the future

than the future
can become the past.

We said our piece.

Just don't be offended
next time

if I don't say hello
before I shoot.

[ Shotgun cocks ]

- Geez!
- Hmm?

[ Breathing heavily ]

Karl Weathers,
that is a good way

to get yourself shot!

Your lesser half
gave us a key,

asked us to look out
for you and the little one

while he's gone.

Do I strike you as someone
who needs lookin' after?

You do not.

But he asked,
so here we are.

I'll sleep on the sofa.

Sonny's already called dibs
on the floor.

- Wait, did what? - I'd give you the sofa,
see, except for my back.

What's the matter
with your back?

It hurts when I sleep
on the floor.

Eggs are done.

Pancakes are warmin'
in the oven.

You can fight me on
"Are we gonna stay the night?"

Or you and the kid
can grab a plate

and see why they call me
"The Breakfast King of Loyola."

[ Pan scraping ]

Any word from grandma?

I saw they took her--
the police.

She's tough, though.

It's not like they'd...

And like I said,
I was just--

you know, uh...

Dodd told everybody on our side
not to sell to me.

Weed, you know?

And so...

I mean, sometimes a girl

just wants to bust a nut,
you know?

- How come you don't ask about Charlie?
- What?

You ask about Floyd
and your dad,

but not about Charlie.

I mean, yeah, sure.

- How's he...
- State pen waitin' for trial.

Well, we should,
I mean, visit.

- Except, maybe Dodd--
- Dad.


His name's not Dodd
to you.

It's dad.


After everything
he did...

That you seen him
do to me,

which you don't even
want to think

- about what he does when you're not around.
- Not defendin' him,

just tellin' you
what he is to you.

What's he to you?

Where are we goin'?

[ Engine shuts off ]



That's not...


You're scarin' me.

[ Seat belt clicks ]

[ Grunting ]


- [ Breathes heavily ]
- He took my boy.


He used his snake tongue
and took him,

walked him
right out the door.

That's what your dad
is to me.

Look, I didn't...

It wasn't against you,
what I did.

I didn't mean for--

It doesn't matter
what you mean.

It's what you do.

Sleepin' with the enemy.

- In France...
- [ Exhales sharply ]

the Second War...

they shaved a lady's head
for beddin' the Germans,

and they ran her
out of town...

[ Squeals ]

...or worse.

I can help.

They trust me.

I could--
I don't know.

I could give them

fake information,
and you could--

- Not our way.
- Yeah, but...

I mean, they're--

How many dead now?

They're kickin' our ass!

That's on you.

Your uncle...

Your own grandfather.

That's you.


You... don't do that--

put this on me.

Grandma wanted to negotiate,
but Dodd--

wouldn't let her.

He did this.

He made it war.

He's a snake, like you said--
a rat.

He took Charlie, not me.

[ Crying ]
I was just...

I'm the victim here!

What was I
supposed to do?

- [ Gasps ]
- Kneel down now.



It's not...

We're family.

None of us
are family anymore.

- [ Gun cocks ]
- [ Crying ]

[ Sobs ]

[ Sobbing ]

Pl-please, just...

banish me.

Like you said,
shave my head.

[ Sniffles ]
Run me out of-- I'll go!

I'll go away and never...

You don't have to.

- [ Inhales deeply ]
- Hush now.

[ Sobbing quietly ]

It's already done.

♪ oh, Danny boy ♪

♪ the pipes,
the pipes are calling ♪

♪ from glen to glen ♪

♪ and down the mountainside ♪

♪ the summer's gone ♪

♪ and all the roses falling ♪

♪ it's you, it's you ♪

♪ must go, and I must bide ♪

♪ but come ye back ♪

♪ when summer's in the meadow ♪

♪ or when the valley's hushed ♪

♪ and white with snow ♪

♪ and I'll be here ♪

♪ in sunshine or in shadow ♪

♪ oh, Danny boy ♪

♪ oh, Danny boy,
I love you so ♪

- Guy called for you again.
- What guy?

Says he knows Dodd,
where he is.

What did you say?!

I told him
you were out!

- Aah!
- To the men here--

- They know?
- No.

Shit, man, I don't--
I don't say nothin'

unless you tell me.

[ Gasps ]

There's no Dodd.
You hear?

Not anymore.

He calls back, this guy,

you tell him to sell that shit
someplace else.

Hell, we got all the crazy
we can handle.


[ Breathing heavily ]

Kind of cold,
don't you think?

[ Breathing heavily ]



Family business.

Not my place.

[ Karl speaking indistinctly ]

People think it's morbid,
but I think it's beautiful.

"...and tried to wipe away
the tears that still rolled..."

[ Telephone ringing ]

No, I got it.

[ Ringing continues ]

- Solversons.
Lou: - Yeah, it's me.

"...if you don't
want us to..."

Oh, still breathin'?

- Thank God.
- The boys there?

- Uh, you mean, "The King of Breakfast"?
- Huh?

[ Chuckles ]

I don't need lookin' after,
you know.

How long we been together?

Well, it's all hands
on deck, hon.

You don't know
how bad it is out there.

- So, tell me.
- Well, I am tellin' you.

Is Karl drinkin'?

[ Inhales deeply ]
Not unless beer counts.

- How's Molly?
- Short.

[ Chuckling ]

and, uh, and Noreen--
she's still there?

Yeah, she's good.

Molly likes her, and...

and she's... helpin'.

And you, uh--
you feel okay?

Better than some,
worse than others.

Well, can you rest?

How am I
supposed to rest?

You keep tellin' me
how bad things are.

- Ask Karl about John McCain's thumb screws.
- What?

Oh, he said to tell you
that if John McCain

could survive five years
in Viet Cong thumb screws,

- you could beat cancer.
- [ Chuckles ]

Well... yeah,
I don't know about that.

My daughter?

But... I'm tryin'.

- [ Sighs ]
- Your dad says hi.

Say "Hi" back.

Yeah, tell her don't forget
to feed my cats.

- He said to tell you, hon--
- No, yeah.

Yeah, I-I heard.

Come home soon, okay?

I will.

[ Receiver clicks ]

Everything okay?

Oh, yeah.

Well, looks like
Floyd's gonna flip.

- Yeah?
- It took some doin', but we convinced her

the only way this thing was
gonna end up in the win column

was if she puts us
in the game.


Okay, um, first,

I want--
I want it on the record

that this is
a road of last resort.

My husband...

Second, I need assurances

that none of my children
or my grandchildren

are in line
for any repercussions.

This is my choice, my war.

They're just
doin' what they're told.

Capital crimes

What's that
supposed to mean?

Murder in the first
and the like.

What's the point
of the damn deal

if it doesn't
cover murder?!

From this point forth,
he's sayin'.

New crimes.

Now, it's time you tell us
what you know.

[ Sighs ]

Don't you look at me
with those eyes.

None of you are mothers.

Kansas City
runs most of their dope

through an outfit
called Legit Trucking

out of Cincinnati.

My information is
they hide it in the tires.

[ Clears throat ]

Here in town,

they store their gak
in two different places.

There's a nail salon
on Robertson

and an auto repair shop
on 1st.

Um, check the air pump

I hear they got weapons...

stashed on the roof.

[ Telephone ringing ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Telephone ringing ]

[ Receiver picks up ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

The undertaker's coming.

You're done.

[ Receiver clicks, dial tone ]

Bear: - Okay?
Floyd: - Yeah.

Get word to Hanzee.
Tell him to come in.

- And find Dodd.
- How?

Don't care how.
The war's almost won.

We got to finish them
while they're reelin'.

What do you think?

I think we just
chose a side.

[ Car door closes ]

[ Engine turns over ]

Indian shot two troopers
in South Dakota.

- What-- what Indian?
- Ours.

The description matches
the Gerhardts' man,

- been missin'.
- Uh, where?

Sioux Falls.

Witness said the, uh,
the Indian shot up a bar

and that he was lookin' for
a young couple--

- the man of which bein' a redhead.
- Peggy and Ed.

It's South Dakota's problem,
it sounds like.

Well, that's one way
to think about it.

So the Indian probably--
he got away, yeah?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

One trooper dead,
one clingin' to life.

Still, pursuit means
they could be close, right?

Peggy and Ed
holed up somewhere.

- Or on the road.
- If we're lucky, yeah.

The troopers
got roadblocks set up.

Then there's Dodd.

Usually, where the Indian goes,
Dodd's there.

- Witness just saw the Indian.
- Except, remember,

we just promised to give
the Gerhardts a free pass.

You'd better run it
by the Captain.

That's all I'm sayin'.

You're a shit cop.
You know that, right?

[ Chuckles ]

- Gettin' promoted next month, so...
- Ah.

how bad could it be?

Stay, then.

Maybe we'll go see
if we can save the day.

Stop it.

I'm fine.

I feel fine.


[ Inhales deeply ]

He worries too much.

Like this--
sendin' you over.

Ugh. Men!

[ Laughs ]

Shut up.

He was supposed to marry
my sister, you know.

- Lenore, the older.
- After high school.

She used to say,

"I'm gonna marry that boy

But then there was Vietnam,
and he joined up,

and she never was very good
at waitin'.

So he got me...

the dud.

Listen, if I was
buildin' an ark,

and they said you can only
take two people, man and wife,

I'd take him and you
over him and her any day.

You'll look after them?


My dad will help,

but he'll need
lookin' after, too,

before too long.

You got the new pills--



They gave me
the sugar ones.

I'm pretty sure.

Tell him, if he needs
to get married again,

it's okay.

Just not Rhonda Knutson.

Her eyes are too small.

They're too close together
or somethin'.

It's weird.

- Listen, if John McCain could--
- Karl Weathers...

don't you be silly now.

John McCain
was a fighter pilot.

I live in a starter house
in Minnesota

and dream of havin' chickens
one day.

Just make sure
he feeds her more than jerky.

And stop drinkin',
Mr. King of Breakfast.

It'll kill ya.

- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.


[ Clicks tongue ]


[ Keys jingle ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Clicks tongue ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Clicks tongue ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Floorboards creaking ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

Tell Simone
to come see me.

I want to apologize
for yesterday.

She... left in a hurry
when you were took.

Don't think
she's back yet.


Sorry, missus, uh,
but, uh...

What? What is it?

It's for your son, ma'am.

I'm supposed to
talk to him directly.

It's okay.
We'll go into the barn.


No secrets here.

Well, what is it, kid?
Spit it out.

Your Indian...
he's on the phone--


He says he found Dodd.

I'm sorry.

[ Sighs ]

[ Shakey Graves' "O Death" plays ]

♪ o death ♪

♪ o, o death ♪

♪ won't you spare me over
till another year? ♪

[ Knock on door ]

Undertaker's on his way up.

♪ well, what is this
that I can't see? ♪

♪ with ice cold hands
takin' hold of me ♪

♪ well, I am death,
none can excel ♪

♪ I'll open the door
to heaven or hell ♪

♪ "O death,"
someone would pray ♪

♪ could you wait to call me
another day? ♪

♪ the children prayed,
the preacher preached ♪

♪ and time and mercy
is out of your reach ♪

♪ I'll fix your feet
till you can't walk ♪

♪ I'll lock your jaw
till you can't talk ♪

♪ I'll close your eyes
so you can't see ♪

♪ this very hour,
come and go with me ♪

♪ I am death,
I come to take the soul ♪

♪ and leave the body,
and I'll leave it cold ♪

Where is this eggplant

that can't stop
shittin' the bed?


[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Both breathing heavily ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]
Bag 'em and drop 'em in the woods.

[ Sighs ]

We tell the boss
the Gerhardts got 'em.

[ Telephone ringing ]


Mike Milligan?


Today's your lucky day.

I've got Dodd Gerhardt
in the trunk of my car.

You want him?

♪ I woke this morning
with the sun down, shining in ♪

♪ I found my mind ♪

- [ Engine turns over ]
- ♪ in a brown paper bag within ♪

♪ I tripped on a cloud
and fell eight miles high ♪

♪ I tore my mind
on a jagged sky ♪

♪ I just dropped in ♪

♪ to see what condition
my condition was in ♪

Sync and corrections by n17t01

♪ I pushed my soul
in a deep, dark hole ♪

♪ and I followed it in ♪

♪ I watched myself crawlin' out
as I was crawlin' in ♪

♪ got up so tight,
I couldn't unwind ♪

♪ I saw so much,
I broke my mind ♪

♪ I just dropped in

♪ to see what condition
my condition was in ♪