Fargo (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Rhinoceros - full transcript

With Ed and Charlie in custody, the Gerhardts arrive at the police station, forcing Lou and Hank to try and prevent any more bloodshed.

[ Typewriter keys clacking,
bell dings ]

[ Police radio chatter ]


Ed, no.
Hank: Peggy, come here.

This is... you're so out of line!
Peggy. Peggy.

You can't just ruin
people's lives!

Peggy, Peggy,
can you come back inside?

Huh? Come on. Come on.
Parade them around main street

for something they didn't do,
falsely accused.

No. Mnh-mnh.

No. You're not gonna prove
my ed did anything wrong!

It's unprovable!

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Brakes squeal ]

[ Door opens ]

Heard about the fire.
You okay?

You didn't have to come down.

Mrs. solverson.

Worried about ya.
[ Sighs ]

Feels like the top

might just spin right off
the globe these days

and take you along with it.
[ Chuckles ]

What's that for?

I'm just imagining you

parachutin' into
the mekong delta,

telling the black pajamas
to leave your husband alone.

Shoulda. Could've saved
a lot of lives

if wives and mothers
from both sides

came and dragged
their fool men home by the ear.

Anything I can do
to help this mess?

Uh, yeah. You can, uh,
take Noreen home with ya.

Her place burned down
with the shop,

and we both know she's just a
kid, emancipated or not. Mm.


Hey, ed.
I told 'em what you said.

Quiet now, both of ya.

Come home soon.

We both know that's not likely.

Come on, dear. Let's get
you home and in a bath.

Betsy: I'll make us
some cocoa, all right?

She's a nice lady.
Shut up.

Time for your phone call.

[ Keys jangling ]

[ Door creaks ]

[ Typewriter keys clacking ]


[ Thud, bell dings ]

Five minutes.

I was thinking about elron
the other day.


His face, you know?

Trying to remember.

I was 10 when they came.

Soldiers in uniform with that...

Folded up flag.

You were in Chicago, I think.

Mom says.

There's that picture in the hall
of you and all the kids.

That winter in bear lake.

Everyone else in coats,

but elron's in a t-shirt,
makin' muscles.

[ Vehicle approaches ]

What would he do now?

You know?

Now with this.

He was the oldest, right?

[ Engine turns off, door opens ]

[ Telephone ringing in
distance ] Not dodd.

[ Ringing continues ]

[ Door opens ]

Unka? Charlie's on the phone.

[ Door creaks ]
[ Kisses ]


[ Chuckling ]


I get it.

You don't have respect
for anything.


Do you know what
a whore's life is?

Come on, now.

I'm serious. This is
me looking out for you.

Some career advice.

A whore's life is
five good years,

five bad years,

and then
some half-dick sweat stain

grinds you out like a cigarette.

Like a goddamn spent cigarette.
[ Door creaks ]

My son?

You sent my goddamn son!

You sent my...

[ Grunting ]

Oh, Jesus! Oh, cut it out!

Come on, bear.

[ Grunts ]
Would somebody get him off me?

[ Gun cocks ]

You better stop, huh?

Okay. You've been asking for it
for days.

Tell your man walk away,
and we'll see.

And now it's time you're...
you're getting the belt, kid.

Strap or buckle?

[ Scoffs ] You think you're...

belt was dad's thing.
The kid said he was ready.

Said it should be family
that pulls the trigger,

which is true.

[ Breathing heavily ] He's 17.

He's got a crippled arm.

[ Belt snaps ]
Now, see, I don't see that.

I see heart and will.
I see spirit.

I see grandpa after the war.
Right, pop?

Grandpa, who stows away
on a boat,

comes to America,
and builds an empire.

Compared to that,
what have you ever done?

Or me? Arm or no arm?

Now, you can have the strap
or the buckle,

'cause I can't have you
knocking me around,

not in front of the men.

Give me that buckle,
you piece of shit.

That's my boy.

Floyd: No!


None of your bullshit!

Not today.

You'll kill us all.
You'll split this family apart!

Now tell me what happened.

[ Engines starting ]

Bring back my grandson.

No excuses.

I'll call up to winnipeg,
tell 'em he's coming.

He can stay there
till things cool down.

And you...

While he's seeing to the boy,
you take care of this butcher.

He doesn't live through
the night.

Already dead, believe me.
He just doesn't know it.

[ Engines start ]

[ Rotary dial whirring ]

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ]

Simone: Hello?


[ Sighs ]
Get Mike on the phone.

[ Gun clicking ]

[ Clears throat ]

This better be
state secret-level information.

They all left.
Who all?

Dodd and bear and maybe
half a dozen... going?

He called me a whore.

Well, darling...

it's my body.
I got every right.

Of course you do.

We're in full agreement,
you and me.

[ Sighs ]

A beautiful body, and you can do
what you want with it.

But right now
I need you to tell me.

Your dad and the others,
where are they headed?

They're going to that town
in Minnesota where the judge...



And I want...

You're gonna...

Get the hell outta here.

[ Dog barking in distance ]

Did I lose you there,

You're gonna kill him for me.

Your dad?
He's not...

Ozzie was a dad, on the TV.

Shit, Mr. French is
more of a...

how long ago did they leave?

Just... [sighs]

Uh, maybe half an hour ago?

Took a whole army almost.

Okay, baby.

Any last message for your dad
when I see him?


Tell him...

Kiss my grits.

[ Hangs up receiver ]

"'Twas brillig,

"and the slithy toves did gyre
and gimble in the wabe,

all mimsy
were the borogroves..."

[ Gun cocks ]
"And the mome raths outgrabe."

[ Gun cocks ]

"Beware the jabberwock, my son.

The jaws that bite..."

[ Gun cocks ]
"The claws that catch.

"Beware the jubjub bird

"and shun
the frumious bandersnatch.

"And, as if in uffish thought
he stood,

"the jabberwock,
with eyes of flame,

"came whiffling through
the tulgey wood,

"and burbled as it came.

"One, two. One, two.
And through and through.

"The vorpal blade did

"He left it dead,

and with its head
he went galumphing back."

I got coffee from this mornin'.
I could heat it up.



I'm gonna move these, okay?

No. Actually, no.
Those are my... no!

No, put them down.

Oh. No problem.

I just got that organized.

So, you... you collect these,

The beauty and travel mags.

No, not collect.
I... [sighs]

I gotta stay up with
the latest trends, you know,

in my line of work.

[ Cabinet closes ]

Well, that explains
the... the beauty mags.

Well, there's more to life
than Minnesota, you know.

Do you think, uh...

I-I know there's a lot
of questions, but I just...

I got a, um,
I got this seminar tomorrow,

lifespring, and, uh,

I gotta drive up to sioux falls
first thing, so...


[ Sighs ] Well, now, I-i got
five dead since Saturday,

including the one tonight
in the burned down butcher shop,

and your husband is
currently in jail,

so I wouldn't count on
getting there early.

No, I mean, that's terrible.

But what can ed... I mean...

Attempted robbery
and those two men...

no, no, no,
it wasn't a robbery, Peggy.

Those men came for your husband.
They came to kill him.

[ Scoffs ] You don't know that
for sure, sheriff.

You're just trying to be
dramatic, trying to scare me.

I assure you, I am not.
And when I say five dead,

I'm only talking about
inside the city limits.

Reports are 15 more bodies...
15 more bodies up in Fargo.

This is a turf war
between the Kansas City mob

and this gerhardt family you've
gotten yourself mixed up with.

Stop saying that.

Me and ed...
we're just bystanders.

Not even.
Uh, disconnected...

him with the shop,

and... and me just trying
to actualize fully, ya know?

Be the best me I can be
because these are modern times,

you know, and a woman...

well, she just doesn't have to
be a wife and a mother no more.

She can be...
There's nothing she can't be.

[ Sips ] You're a little
touched, aren't ya?

[ Gulps ]


It's not that there's anything
wrong with that.

Don't get me wrong.

It's just, uh, the time
and place in which you're...

well, you know, if you mean
I got dreams, then yeah.

And... [ scoffs ] Maybe I don't
see it all like everybody else,

but I got plans.

We... we got plans,

and you can't just come in here...
Yeah, Peggy?

And derail... they tried
to kill your husband.

I mean, they burned down
his shop.

You think that's the end of it?

Well, I mean... Look, right?

Ed... he really...
He loved that place.

[ Clicks tongue ]
But life's a journey, ya know?

That's what John hanley sr.

He's the founder of lifespring.

Life's a journey,

and the one thing
you don't do on a journey

is stay in one place, right?

So maybe we'll...

I don't know,
go to California or...


now that the shop's gone.


Before you, uh... [ sighs ]
[ Mug clatters ]

Before you start making plans,

you should know I got
a forensic team coming down

from the twin cities
in the morning.

And I know it's been repaired,

but we're gonna check your car
for blood.

Microscopically, I mean,

which... You'd be amazed

at what we can find
on the atomic level these days.

No. I mean...
[ Sets down mug ]

Y-you can't do that,
of course,

without permission from
the owner, you know, so...

oh, we got permission,
about an hour ago.

You sold the car to Sonny greer,
didn't ya?

Earlier at the body shop.

And Sonny now is
the owner of record,

and he was more than happy to...
no. No, you can't.

That's... [ sighs ]
Hold... hold on.

Peggy. Peggy.
I'm serious now.

Better you tell me before I get
a fistful of evidence.

What happened that night

when you hit rye gerhardt
with your car?

I-I'm the victim here, Lou.

[ Sighs ]

I mean, 'cause...

I sat in your living room
last night

and gave you the chance.

You and Peggy both, I gave ya
the chance to c...

I know,
but you gotta understand,

w-we're just trying to...

you know, me, I'm just trying
to protect my family.

There was a cleaver
in the man's head, son,

which Noreen said was you.

Not to mention there's a war
going on up in Fargo

that you may have started

when you ran over that
gerhardt boy in Peggy's car.

You or... or... or...
or Peggy or both.

This is all just so crazy.

And I can't stop thinking
about that book.

Noreen's book.
It's, like, stuck in my head.

What? What book?

It's about this guy
who, every day,

he... he pushes this rock
up this hill.

Like a Boulder.

And then every night,
it just rolls back down.

But he doesn't stop.

You know, he just...
he keeps goin'.

And... and he wakes up every day
and starts pushin'.

By which I-i-i guess
I'm... I'm sayin'

it doesn't matter what
they throw at me.

I'm gonna take care
of what's mine.


These boys aren't gonna rest
until you're dead, son.

Possibly Peggy, too.

I want a lawyer.

[ Sighs ]

Lou, I-i...

I need one.
I'm... I'm askin' ya for one.

Ed, that's not...
no, I-i seen the shows...

You don't...
On TV.

You don't... [ sighs ]
I seen the shows on TV.

"Ironside" and...

[ Sighs, stammers ]

This is all too important
to make mistakes here.

So get me a lawyer,

a good one.

And if he says...

Then I'll... I'll talk.

No, Sonny, they just
called themselves plumbers,

but what it was,

was a special investigative unit
inside the white house.

Bluth: Hey, Karl.

Got a customer for you.

A client, I guess you'd...

Over at the station.

Ed blumquist?
Butcher's assistant?

I guess he's mixed up
in all the craziness.

You hear that, Sonny?

There's a crisis at the highest
level, so who do they call?

[ Glass thuds ]
The best lawyer in town.

Aren't ya the only lawyer
in town, Karl?

Yes, but that's because
I scared away all my...

[ bottles clink ]
Oh. Great Caesar's ghost.

Would appear I'm a little unstable.
Um... Okay there, Karl?

Want me to tell Lou
you need a few hours?

Fair-may ton bush, son.

I am sound in mind and body

and ready to run circles around
the inferior minds

of the rock county
sheriff's department.

Lou is a state cop, Karl.

Shut up, Sonny.

Will need you to drive, however.


My question for you is,

how come after you hit
that fella,

you didn't just drive
to the hospital

or waved at a passin' motorist

and ask 'em to call the cops?

You say it like these things
happen in a vacuum.

Like it's a test.

Check "a" or "b."

But it's like...

Decisions you make in a dream,
ya know?

I'll tell you what,

if it was me,
and we had to run...

I wouldn't look back.

For what? The dazzle?

This house?

This is Ed's house.
He grew up here.

His mom washing his undies,

his father taking his paper
to the commode.

[ Sighs ]

You ask me how come I buy
all these magazines?

I'm livin' in a museum
of the past.

[ Vehicles approaching ]


You stay here.

[ Engines idling ]

[ Door creaks ]

Go inside now, Peggy.

You got a hiding place
in the basement or the attic,

go to that.
What about you?

Go now.
[ Car door closes ]

And don't come out,
no matter what ya hear.

[ Door creaks closed ]



Help you fellas with somethin'?

Hope so.

Ed home?

Ed who?

[ Electricity crackles ]

Oh. Ed.

Yeah. [ Chuckles ]

Yeah, ya just missed him.

Whole squad took him to
the station about an hour ago.

And that's the, uh,

the well-guarded
and impenetrable police station

on Hazel Lane.

Which... don't let the name fool ya...
is a fortress. [ Door creaks ]

Or maybe he's inside
and you think I'm stupid.


I could fill out a steamer trunk

with the amount of stupid
I think you are.

But no, that's...
that's where he went.

[ Whistles ]

[ Car door closes ]

[ Lowered voice ] Yeah,
that's what I thought.

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Unsnaps holster ]

Here we go.

[ Door creaks ]
No, Peggy, hey, hey.


Said the butcher's
down at the precinct.

Could be bullshit.
Take polk and Carter.

I'll clean up here.

[ Pipes clanging ]

Man: All clear upstairs.

[ Door creaks ]

[ Sighs ]

Here, kitty, kitty.

Come, kitty.

[ Singsongy ] Kitty.

Here, kitty, kitty.

[ Loud thud, glass shatters ]
Uhh! [ Groans ]

[ Groaning ]
Shut up.

Shut up, you fool.

[ Metal clatters ]


[ Objects clattering ]


[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

When I find ya, darlin',
I'm gonna make you bleed.


[ Electricity crackling ]

[ Grunts ]
[ Panting ]

[ Huffs ]

[ Electricity crackling ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]


Don't leave.

[ Water running ] Wanna talk
to you about somethin'.

[ Slurps ]

Are you with us?

When you say "us"...

I mean the family.
All of it.

You don't get
to pick and choose.

[ Spoon clinks ]

Sure, grandma.

[ Slurps ]

[ Bowl clatters ]

[ Chair creaks ]

[ Footsteps approach ]

[ Sets down mug ]

We all got a role to play.

You need to take my example.

Be a leader.

This is our time.

No such thing as men's work,
women's work anymore.

We get just as much right to...

[ Dog barking in distance ]

[ Vehicle approaches ]

[ Shouts indistinctly ]

[ Rapid gunfire ]


Keep it running, Sonny.

I'll be back before
the beer goes warm.


[ Engine idling ]

Greetings and salutations.

I have made the pilgrimage
from the hall of veterans

as George Washington once forded
the Delaware.

Steely in my resolve,

prepared to battle
unto my dying breath

for the rights...
lawyer's here.

Hey, Denise.
For the rights of free men!

Hey, Karl, Ed's in back.

Rights that were squeezed
from British oppression

like water from a stone!

That all men are created equal,

free from the jackboot tyranny
and gulag magic tricks

of nameless,
faceless committees.

Hope they didn't wake ya.

Outta my way, tool of the state,

for I am come to comfort
and counsel my client,

even as you seek
to prison him...

yeah, whatever you're gonna do,
you got 30 minutes.

Don't dictate terms to me,
you rogue,

for the law is a light
on a hill,

calling to its breast
all those in search of justice.

To whit, this poor,
mottled wretch in front of me.

Hey, Karl.


What a sad and fortuitous day...

you chained to that table,

and me...
no, I'm... I'm not in cuffs.

Chained in thought,
if not action.

At the mercy of
a cold and venal...

I-I-i didn't do this thing
that they're... no, no.

Don't tell me.

The establishment
has ears everywhere,

even here.

Instead, I shall simply ask
"g" or "n.G."

And you, my client,

will shake your head
in the affirmative

for the letter or letters
that best describes your status.

So I-i-i shake my head "yes."

Let's say for the purposes
of the cameras

that are no doubt watching...

That a negative shake
side to side

shall in this case
be a positive affirmation.

Remember, only shake once.




Well, son, rest assured...

Whatever your status,

I shall defend you
till your last breath.

I mean my last breath.

Excuse the obvious
death penalty snafu.

I'm slightly inebriated.

Still got 26 minutes.

And that,
by no strange coincidence,

is the amount of time
it'll take me

to rouse judge peabody
from his bed

and have him dismiss
these unfounded charges.

No charges as of yet.

Held without charges.
Even better.

Then I shall have to tell
his honor to boost my client

from these baseless...

Baseless restraints
you've shackled him under.

Hey, you're not drivin', are ya?

My choices outside this building
are none of your...

But no.

Sonny valeted me here tonight.

But now...
Now I must bid you all adieu

and admonish you to watch
your proverbial butts,

for I shall be back
with a sledgehammer of justice

prepared to lay Joseph waste
to these four walls

if you so much as touch a hair
on my client's...

[ guns cocking ]

[ Panting ]

[ Continues panting ]


The jackboots are upon us.

Deputy bluth, I need you to lock
the back door.

Do it now.

Garfield, kill the lights
in back.

Denise, get on the horn
to h.Q.

Tell 'em we need every man
available yesterday.

There's a lynchin' party

Denise: Shouldn't call
the sheriff first?

Oh, you can try, but somehow,
I don't think he'll answer.

If he does, tell him
not to do anything heroic

until reinforcements arrive.

You okay there, counselor?
[ Turns on radio ]

It's possible I soiled myself.

Bear: Here for my boy.

Doesn't have to get any more
complicated than that.

Met you before, at the compound.

So you know.

Already called for backup
on the radio.

Nobody's comin'.
Oh, they'll come.

State police up in Marshall
or sheriff out of nobles.

30, 40 minutes.

Maybe we got a trap set.

It's possible.

Just gonna keep comin', though.

After wounded knee.

Hell, the governor may send in
the national guard.

We got your son
on attempted murder.

Took a shot
at the local butcher.

The place burned down.

Where's that butcher now?


I know you got designs on him.

He inside?

He's safe, guarded by armed men.


No, he's not.

This kind of thing
didn't work in westerns

and it's not gonna work tonight.

We got enough men and guns
to hold you off till mornin'.

Maybe I got a trunk
full of dynamite.

Blow my way in.

Either way,

you got until the count of 50
to send my Charlie out.

Who's this Charlie now?
Karl, I'm serious.

I need you to sit over there
and stay out of the way.

Deputy, how we doin' securing
the back of the buildin'?

Uh, well, I mean,
I locked the door.

Well, let's barricade that,

Shades down on all the windows.

We got any lightbulbs?


I want you to take
all the lightbulbs we got,

smash 'em up
by the back doors and windows.

That way we can hear 'em
if they try to sneak in.

Oh. That's good thinkin'.

[ Clattering in distance ]

Need your help here.

Thought you had backup coming.
[ Sighs deeply ]

Closest men are outside nobles,
an hour away.

Plus, you're talking about
farm boys

who've never been face-to-face
with a serious man before.

Whereas I stared down
chiang Kai-shek.


And I need someone who can
talk some sense into the father.

Who better than
the son's lawyer?

Don't represent the son, though.

You do now, Karl.

[ Switch clicks ]

I'm walking you outta here.

Am I released then?

Well, let's call it that
for simplicity.

Truth is,
there's a lynch mob outside

wantin' to string you up.

Come on.

Stay close and be ready to run.


Denise over radio:
Sheriff, come in.


Come in, sheriff?

[ Static crackles ]

Hello, sheriff.

There's a calamity up here. If you're
there, pick up. [ Static crackles ]

[ Groans ]

Yeah, Denise, I'm here.

Oh, sheriff, thank god.

There's an army of men outside.

They want ed blumquist
and that kid from that fire.

Lou's got this plan to...
[ Sighs ]

He told me to tell you not to
come till reinforcements arrive,

which... Sheriff's deputies
are on their way from nobles,

maybe 45 minutes, sir.

Yeah, okay. Uh...

Tell Lou to sit tight.

Can't have him gettin' killed
without me.

Never hear the end of it
at dinner.

[ Train whistle blowing
in distance ]

[ Slurps ]

Maybe they forgot we're here.

Bear: Yeah.

[ Sniffs ]

Gear up. We're goin' in.

[ Gun cocks ]

Hold on now.

We're allies,

like hô chí minh
and the red Chinese.

Arms in the air.

[ Slides latch ]

[ Screen creaks and clicks ]

Karl weathers.

It's my name.

I'm your son's attorney.

Don't need a lawyer.

He's goin' home tonight.

Send him out. I'm done playin'.

Yes, sir.

That's in the works as we...

You mind if I...

[ Guns cock ]

As your son's man...

[ Lighter clicks ] ...I spoke with a
constabulary at the highest level.

[ Lights cigarette ]

[ Karl inhales and exhales ]

And they're prepared
to meet your demands.

Send the boy out.

Processing him now.

But as his lawyer...
don't need no lawyer.

I told you.
As his lawyer,

I gotta advise you
of somethin', which is this...

you're makin' it worse.

He's a minor, see? Only 17.

So, reduced sentencin' applies.

[ Leaves rustle ]

Karl: And yes,

witness puts a gun in his hand
with a shot fired,

but it's a miss.

You understand?

A miss, so even if
they convict him,

it's attempted at best.

The maximum is 10 years.
He's out in 5 for good behavior.


But this?

You take him outta here now,

and he's runnin'
the rest of his life.

A wanted fugitive,
shoot on sight.

But there's a way out.

Leave now, take your men,

and none of this falls
on the kid.

This is the deal I made.

He stays clean,

but you gotta go... Now.

Maybe we leave Charlie,

just take the butcher, huh?

Well, now, that's a problem.

See, any movement there,

and they loop the kid in,
make him an accomplice.

conspiracy to commit murder,

assaultin' a police officer
or worse.

So, we're back to the best thing
for the kid

being a fast retreat
on your part.

That's the clearest path
to victory for you.

Think about it.

He's only 17.

[ Cocks rifle ]

Let's go.


[ Starts engine ]


I need to find Peggy.

[ Sighs deeply ]

Can't do that, ed,
not right now.

You're still in my custody.

Yeah, but what if they came
to the house?

I-I mean, they went to
the station.

What if they came to the hou...

[ Vehicles approaching ]

[ Whispers ] Come on.

[ Engine turns off ]
[ Exhales ]

Oh, Christ, man.
You look worse than me.

Smell better, maybe.

No, don't...
don't tire yourself.

We know where he's headed.

Maybe you drive. I'm...
[ Grunts ]

I'm seeing double.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Door squeaks ]

[ Starts engine ]

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

[ Siren continues wailing
in distance ]

[ "Man of constant sorrow"
playing ]

♪ I am a man
of constant sorrow ♪

♪ I've seen trouble
all my days ♪

I'm talking about
the camaraderie of men, kid...

that hard to define male bond

born in the age
of the neanderthal

when men still hunted mastodon
with flint and Spears.

♪ And raised ♪

♪ Place where he
was born and raised ♪

♪ For six long years ♪

♪ Oh, I've been in trouble ♪

♪ No pleasures here ♪

I'm saying you find that
in wartime.

That foxhole brotherhood.

Then when you come back...

Well, there's
no civilian equivalent,

not in peacetime.

♪ To help me now ♪

♪ Have no friends ♪

♪ To help you now ♪

♪ So fare thee well to you,
my old true lover ♪

♪ I never expect ♪

Sure know a lot of words, Karl.

[ Can clatters ]

I'm an esquire, kid.

A barrister.

[ Can fizzes ]

Defender of the common man,

the mis-accused.

[ Chuckles ]

♪ Perhaps he'll die
upon this train ♪