Fargo (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Gift of the Magi - full transcript

Floyd takes action and Charlie tries to prove himself; Peggy and Ed disagree about what to do next; Lou finds himself sidelined during Ronald Reagan's campaign tour.

Erstwhile on Fargo...

- We need to find Rye, bring him home.
- Yes, ma'am.

You know him, do you?

Ed? Oh, yeah. He's a butcher.

I ran over him. Hit and run.

His name was Rye Gerhardt,

and his family hurts people
for money.

If you did something, you made
a mistake, you panicked,

you maybe covered it up,
now is the time to say.

But that window's closin',
and you may already be dead.

We're asking you to leave.

Management says acquire
the territory, we acquire it.

Whether that's cash down
or sending bodies to the morgue,

that's up to the krauts.

Joe Bulo says hi.

Your counter
has been rejected,

and now we're lowering our price
by $2 million.

Anything other than
unconditional surrender,

and we'll wipe
every last Gerhardt

off the face of the Earth.

My father was a salesman.

Ladies shoes.

It's fair to say
during the Depression

that he struggled,

like a lot of people
on the Rock River

in Dixon, Illinois.


But I've never been one
to focus on life's downs.

I was a lifeguard
in high school,

and where some saw
a drowning man,

I saw a life to save...


...which I did,
77 times in 5 years.

They put up a plaque
after I became governor,

and, uh...
Well, I'd have to say

I'm prouder of that
than just about anything.


I'm gonna call you Chief Wigwam,
you bring that thing.

Any man can fire a gun.

The longbow is an art.

Well, you're all set.

Everything okay?

Just a little housekeeping.

Let's kill ourselves some deer.

My friends, we have
in our lifetime fought harder,

paid a higher price for freedom

and done more to advance
the dignity of man

than any people who ever lived
on this Earth.

But if you look around,

you may not see many signs
of that dignity.

Crime is up. Jobs are scarce.

You have to stand in a line
just to fill up your car.


Run down in the street

and finished off
at a second location.

You're sure?



- A butcher?
- Down in Luverne.

Like the law said, Rye followed
the judge, shot up the place.

Got killed after.

By a butcher?

That's his name.

Butcher of Luverne.
That's what they call him.

Contract man outta...

outta Kansas City.

I wanna hear it from him.

Kid was marked

probably the day he left.

Butcher ambushed him

after the judge tried
to grab him, probably.

He got in some licks.

Things went downhill.

- Why?
- Ma, it's war.

You said yourself.

They're jackals, came here
talking about a settlement.

Meanwhile, the kid is
already dead.

I'm asking him.

He's a bargaining chip, yeah?

Kansas City thinks
if they grab him up,

then come to you with that
leverage, you'll sell for sure.

Instead, they kill him,
they panic, cover it up,

knowing once you find out,
sale's dead, no question.


The citizens
of this great nation

want leadership, yes,
but not a man on a white horse,

demanding obedience
to his command.

They want someone who believes

they can begin the world
over again...

I'm saying, the age of
the local mom and pop is over,

and what comes next,

the era of big business,

is gonna make a lot of people
very rich.

Oh, I like
the sound of that.

And you're saying
you can deliver leaders

on the state and local level?

Joe, there's not
a politician in this state

wouldn't take my call
in the middle of dinner.

Well, then, you and me
are really gonna be pals.

...a leader who will unleash
their great strength

and remove the roadblocks
government has put in their way.

Watch and learn, Joe.

I believe this nation hungers
for a spiritual revival...

Watch and learn.


Move! Gerhardt!

...that we, all of us,

hunger to, once again,

see honor placed above
political expediency...

...to see government

once again
the protector of liberties,

not the distributor
of gifts and privilege.

Government should uphold
and not undermine

those institutions

which are custodians
of the very values

upon which civilization is founded...

Religion, education,

and above all, family.





We, who are privileged
to be Americans,

have had a rendezvous
with destiny

since the moment in 1630
when John Winthrop,

standing on the deck
of the tiny Arbella

off the coast of Massachusetts,

told that little band
of pilgrims,

"We shall be
as a city upon a hill."

A troubled and afflicted mankind
looks to us,

pleading for us to keep
our rendezvous with destiny,

that we will uphold
the principles of self-reliance,


morality, and above all,

responsible liberty
for every individual...

That we will become
that shining city on a hill.

My friends, I believe
that you and I together

can keep this rendezvous
with destiny.

Thank you.

God bless you.
Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.
Thank you. God bless you.

Okay. Okay.

Son of a bitch is
charismatic, I'll give him that.

But I'm not shaking his hand.

Why not, Karl?

Because, Sonny, the man made
a movie with a monkey.

It wouldn't be dignified.

- Well, hello.
- Oh, hey.

- I loved you in "Cattle Queen Of Montana."
- Well, thank you.

Not many people liked that film.

Hello, little girl.

Governor, I'll be escorting
your bus to the next stop,

- so whenever you're ready.
- Well, all right.

- Ya got drafted?
- Yeah, Captain called.

I offered we had murders
to solve, but...

He knows best, probably.

Said he did, anyway.

Anyway, just gotta take him
as far as the state line,

- so be home by dark.
- Okay.

Bye. Mwah!

- Bye.
- Bye.

If you get the chance,

ask him if it's true
that Joan Crawford had crabs.

I'm not gonna do that.

We got 'em.

Bulo, too?

Oh, yeah.


No, he wasn't there.

You can bet they're gonna
come back at us hard.

I thought they'd negotiate.

That's the feminine side, Ma.

It was always gonna be war,
them knowing Rye was dead.

Killing him, I mean.

I want this butcher dead.

In Luverne.

No mercy.

I'm sending Virgil.



Are we are out of coffee?

- What?
- What?


Did you...

You weren't in bed, so I...

I know. I was just thinkin'.


What we should take.

Take where?

When we go.

Where are we going?

To California.

What are you...
What are you talking...

When we run, I mean.

You heard what Lou said.

I-I mean, if we've just
messed things...

if I've just messed things up
from the start,

if... if this is
still not over,

just the tail
of the snake...

What... what are you sayin'?

I mean, what was he even doin'
in the road, for shit sake?

That fella.

All those dead people, and...

and he had a car, so why was he
standing in the road?

I-I don't know.

- But...
- Constance saw.

Saw what?

The car,

after you cleaned it,
but before we crashed it again.

She knows
about the accident.

She drove me home the night I...

The night you got rid of the...

And, uh, had to use
the bathroom.

I was gonna
walk her right out,

but then I heard music
coming from the garage,

and she came up by me
and saw.

Well, I mean,
what did she say, though?

I don't think she'll tell,

but how can we know for sure,
ya know?

And plus now
with the law enforcement

askin' questions,

And... and these ghouls
on the come, Lou said.

Hon, we can't stay here.




You said. We agreed.

Clean it up,
and everything'd be...

- I know. Hon?
- No.

We... we did this
for a reason, Peg.

For the shop and the kids.

For a reason, so we could stay.
That's the only...

Hon, you got...
you gotta be realistic.

No, no.
I... We're stayin'.

That was...

Whatever comes,

we'll deal with it,
or it'll deal with us.

But I'm buying the shop,
and we're starting a-a family.

But... how?

It's too late to get
the money back for the course.

And... and... and you said
bud had to have it by Friday.

We'll figure it out.
That's what people do.

They figure things out,
stay together, make it work.

- I can help.
- Do your chores, kid.

I'm serious.
Playtime's over.

I can do it. You saw.

Luverne, Minnesota,
Ed Blumquist.

He's posing as the town butcher.

This is baloney.

I'm not just some crippled kid
can't shoot straight.

Ask your dad. If he says
you can go, you can go.

It should be us.

A Gerhardt.

He killed a Gerhardt,
so it should be one of us.

A real boss'd know that.

You're taking the kid.

You're the boss.

You walk him in,
he pulls the trigger.

Anything goes wrong...

You fix it, you understand?

- Where do you think you're goin'?
- Got an errand.

- Send one of the boys.
- I can run my own errand.

It's not safe.

Goddamn it!

♪ some people
are made of plastic ♪

♪ you know some people ♪

♪ are made of wood ♪

- Whoa.
- ♪ some people ♪

♪ have hearts of stone ♪

- ♪ some people ♪
- ♪ some people ♪

♪ are up to no good ♪

♪ oh, but, baby ♪

♪ I'm for real ♪

♪ I'm as real as real can get ♪

♪ if what you're looking for ♪

♪ is real loving ♪

♪ then whatcha see ♪

♪ is whatcha get ♪

- ♪ ha! whatcha see ♪
- ♪ whatcha see ♪

♪ is whatcha get ♪
♪ is whatcha get ♪


- And?
- ♪ is what you get ♪

♪ is what you get ♪

- ♪ I said, whatcha see ♪
- ♪ whatcha see ♪

♪ is whatcha get ♪

It's gettin' ugly out there.

You okay?

My mother could find the cloud
in every silver lining.

That's cute.

Mine smiles all the time,
like some ghoul.

I think it's 'cause dad hits her
when she looks sad.

I see thing one.
Where's thing two?


Your Indian killed him.

Killed a lot of people.

I didn't know
that was happening.

Nobody told me.

You believe me?


What are we,
in your mind?

Romeo and Juliet?


I don't know.

She was a true gloom,
my mother.

We used
to eat in the dark.

For a laugh,
I wrote on her tombstone,

"Here lies Barbara Milligan,
happy till the end."

Me, on the other hand,

I'm an optimist.

So when I see this...

Ugh! Oh!


I don't think the sky
is falling.

I think that, sir, is the sound
of opportunity knocking.

Not so much,
my young friend.

It's not my fault.

They had a meetin' without me.

I woulda said.

If you want me
to take you seriously,

you have to be
a serious person.

Have a beer,

do a line,

blow your load.

All that's fine,

but it's not the point.

What's the point?

I wanna know what they're
gonna do before they do it.

Every time.

Otherwise, you can die
with the rest of them.

State Car 1-8, come in, over.

This is 1-8. Go ahead.

I got Fargo PD on the line
looking for ya.

Yeah, okay. Patch it through.

Hey, how's your day then?

Uh, peachy. You?

Oh, it's a shit sandwich
up here.

Got 12 dead in the woods...

half Gerhardt,
half Kansas City,

plus the local
zoning commissioner

with half his face
in the bushes.

Good Christ.

Yeah, this thing's gonna get
worse before it gets better.

Well, on my end,
we think we know

what happened
to Rye Gerhardt.

Run over
by a local beautician.

Got stuck
in her windshield.

We think, uh, she
and her husband panicked

and dumped the body

Meanwhile, we've got visitors
from both factions

most likely
looking for revenge,

so little like
the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Well, my Captain thinks
I should try to intervene,

seeing as how
my mom knows Floyd,

and maybe cooler heads
can prevail, et cetera,

which, well, you saw how well
that went over last time, huh?

Sounds like maybe I should
come up.

I wouldn't mind the company.

Well, I'm stuck
in this Reagan detail today,

so assuming we survive
the night here,

I'll, uh,
drive up first thing.


Okay, I'll try to keep the pot
from boiling over

in the meantime.

Yeah. Over.

No, I... Yeah, that's,
uh, I understand.

It's a... it's a... recession.

No, I-I appreciate it, and...

Okay. Okay, say hi
to Aunt Velma for me.


Personally not sure why you're
makin' all this effort.

Gonna buy the shop,

be my own boss.

- And?
- And what?

That's the American dream.

What's the point?

Just gonna die, anyway.

What do you mean?

Camus says knowing we're all
gonna die makes life a joke.

So what, you just...
you just give up?

You could kill yourself,
get it over with.

Okay, that... that's not...

I-I mean, come on,
you gotta... you gotta try.


You go to school,
you get a job,

you start a family.

- Die.
- That's...

Would you please
stop saying that?

I'm gonna live a long, long life.

My... my grandpa was 96.

At which point he did what?

- Died.
- Noreen.

Well, okay, uh...

I'm gonna go
in the back now,

away from this nonsense.

Would you please let me know
if Bud's back?

I will.

Unless I'm dead!

What are you waiting for?

You want that I should
carry you over there?

No, I-I just, uh...

Well, do I, uh...

you know, shoot him
in the head or in...

Don't overthink it.

Just point and shoot.

If he keeps moving,
you shoot him again.



One more thing.

No witnesses.

Oh. Sorry.

I didn't hear ya.

Uh, what kind of meat
do you want?

We got pig meat,

cow meat, chicken meat.

Um, Bud won't let us
sell fish,

even though Jesus says
eat it on Fridays.

Uh, the, um...

Looking for the butcher.

He's not the butcher.

More the assistant butcher,

though that's gonna change,
I think.

Buying the place.

Uh, you need to...

He's in the back.

Buzz him for you.

Oh, hey. I read that.

Oh, yeah?

Last year.

It's... pretty depressing.


I think it's beautiful.

But then, everyone always says,
"Noreen, you're morose."

Halloween is
my favorite holiday.

I like Easter.

Of course.
The Resurrection.

It's like why everyone
loves Rocky,

even though
it's a boxing picture.

The comeback.

Except he loses in the end.

Now you ruined it.


Just kiddin'.


Here's Ed now.

Sorry. Was just in the middle
of a hog.

So what can I do you for?

♪ let's find each other
tonight ♪

♪ everything will be all right ♪

♪ don't hesitate now ♪

♪ let's find each other
tonight ♪

♪ if you need some company ♪

♪ mama, take a chance on me ♪

♪ don't hesitate now ♪

♪ let's find each other
tonight ♪

♪ you don't wanna be
those other dreamers ♪

♪ that dream about love
and ever love ♪

♪ if you wanna be a screamer ♪

♪ so, honey, I'm hopin',
honey, I'm hopin' ♪

♪ if you need some company ♪

♪ mama, take a chance on me ♪

♪ don't hesitate now ♪

♪ let's find each other
tonight ♪

Hey, Peggy.

I just...
I'm here for my car.

Yeah? So, she's all fixed,
front and back.

Put a new windshield on her.
She's a sweet car, really.


- So is that gonna be cash or...
- I wrote out a check.

Maybe don't cash it till the end
of the week, though, huh?

- Payday.
- Oh, yeah, that's no problem.

You, uh, you goin' somewhere?

Well, I guess so.

You know, for the best.

Best what?


Wait till the end of the month
to cash that check, okay?

Yeah, sure thing.
You take care.

You wanna buy my car?

What do you mean?

you said it was sweet,

and you know, we gotta buy
the shop, the butcher shop,

so we could use the money.

What about your trip?

Decided not to go.

Just now?

Moments ago.

Well, I...

couldn't give you any more
than $700 for it.


Are you sure? It's...
it's worth at least $1,400.

Yeah, well,

$700 today is better than
$1,400 tomorrow.

So, can we do it now?

Like, right away?

♪ wash away my troubles,
wash away my pain ♪

♪ with the rain in Shambala ♪

♪ wash away my sorrow,
wash away my shame ♪

♪ with the rain in Shambala ♪

♪ ahh, ooh, yeah ♪

♪ yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah ♪

♪ ahh, ooh, yeah ♪

How'd it go this mornin'?

Killed a few, lost a few.

But you delivered
the message?

I wanna thank you
for your service to this family.

Me and mom.

Ever since my dad took you in
8, 9 years old,

you never complained
or made demands.

It might not feel like it
all the time...

to me...

you're part of this family.

Not that Dodd would ever
tell you that.

Which, I know you're mostly
his guy,

but I just want you to know,

there's a place for you at our
table, with or without him.

All you gotta do
is be straight with us.

Am straight.

Well, of course,
it's just...

We just escalated this war...

On account of what you...

The information you found out
about Rye.

Mom's real upset,

but I have to just double check
the veracity of...

Before it's too far
over the breach.

My daughter back?

What the hell are you doin'?

Get back to work.

That's my man.

You need to talk to him,
you talk to me first.

Last time I checked,

everyone here worked for
one person... Ma.

You actually like it, huh,
taking orders from a woman?

Was that how it was
in the bedroom with Kathy?

Don't you talk about her.

She strap one on,
bend you over the bed,

and show you who's boss?

There's gonna be a reckoning
one day, brother.

All souls are called to account
for their actions.

In the end,

we all get what we deserve.

You keep
telling yourself that.

The eyes of all people
are upon us,

so that if we shall deal falsely
with our God

in this work
we have undertaken,

and so cause him to withdraw
his presence him from us,

we shall be made a story
and a byword

throughout the world.

A troubled and afflicted mankind
looks to us.

My friends, I believe
that you and I together

can keep this rendezvous
with destiny.

Thank you.

God bless you,
and God bless America.


Ooh, that's good.

Been holding it
since Ortonville.

My wife puts this potpourri
in the bus toilet.

Can barely breathe in there.

They do like their scents.

Where'd you serve, son?

Um, Mekong Delta.

Swift boat patrol,
two tours.

Well, I sure appreciate
your service.

Every generation
has their time.

I remember back in '42,
America just joined the war.

I was working on, uh...

"Operation Eagle's Nest"
for Paramount.

I got dropped behind enemy lines

trying to rescue Jimmy Whitmore
and Laraine Day

from this SS commando.

Bob Stack was on loan
from Selznick.

That Nazi bastard
had us cornered.

We were done for,
but in the end,

with a little
American ingenuity,

we managed to, uh...

Oh, no.
No, no, wait a minute. Um...

Come to think of it,

I don't think we made it out
of that one.

Or did we?

Oh, shit, I can't remember.

Well, either way,
it was a fine picture.



I don't mean to, uh...

What we did over there,
the war?

Um... and now?

My wife's got lymphoma.
Uh, Stage III.

And, uh, lately,
the state of things, uh...

Well, sometimes, I...
late at night...

I wonder if maybe
the sickness of this world,

if it isn't inside my wife

The... the cancer.

I don't... I don't know

what I'm saying, except...

Do you really think we'll get
out of this mess we're in?

Son, there's not a challenge
on God's Earth

that can't be overcome
by an American.

I truly believe that.


But how?


- Mommy.
- Sorry.

Poppa's here.

- Your dad is...
- No.

No, just me.

Saw Molly in the window.

I knocked.

You, uh, you didn't hear?


Well, got worried,
so I let myself in.


You feeling okay?

Oh, sure.

Little tired.

Yeah. Just talked to Lou.
Probably got another two hours

- on this Reagan detail...
- Oh?

So I thought maybe I'd just
stop by and make a nuisance.

Are you... are you hungry?
I-I can fix you somethin'.

You're sweet.

I'm just now trying to decide
if I'm hungry

or if I want to throw up.

Don't normally confuse
the two.

Well, nausea's a side effect
of this drug they gave me.

Which would mean they actually
gave me the drug and not candy.

There's candy?

Eat something green,
and we'll talk.

So, we're, uh, rooting for
nausea then, huh?

Well, okay. Um...

I'm just all left thumbs
when it comes to this stuff.

- Mm, you're doing great, Dad.
- No, I don't know about that.

Your mom were here,
she'd know just what to say.


I can fix the toaster.

Well, maybe just, uh...

Do you think maybe...
you could watch Molly for a bit?

I just don't...
I'm not sure

- if I can keep my eyes open right now...
- Okay.

For some reason.

Watch who?


- Who?
- Me!

Well, what the heck?

Thank you, Dad.

Hmm. Yeah, sure.
You get some rest.

We'll just be here, uh,
eatin' sugar cereal

and playing
with my service weapon.

What the heck is that?
A rhinoceros?

Yeah, it's Charlie.

I'm looking for dad.

Well, is he...
When's he coming back?

No, that's...

Just tell him that I'm...
I'm ready for school,

to go back.

I want to go, like he said.

Okay, then.




Oh, no! No!


Noreen. Noreen, you okay?

You okay?
Come on. Come on.




Ed! Come on!

- Leave him.
- No!

No, he's still alive.
We gotta take him.

- Ed, please.
- Okay.

Call the fire truck!

Ed, what happened?

I saved the kid, didn't I?

Didn't I?


And he shot first.
Can you tell the cops that?

And the big guy, he came at me,
and it was self-defense?

- Yeah.
- Yeah? Okay.

Of course!


But... Ed!


Where you been?

I just met a-a friend.


You think you're grown,
is that it?


With your clothes
and your hair and no bra?

Like you know somethin'
about the world?

Being grown's got a price.

Kid gets slapped
when he's bad.

When you're grown,

you get the fist.

Or the knife.


You let that girl alone.

Get upstairs now, darling.

- Hon?
- Hon?

Hon, where's the luggage?
We need to pack.


- Hon, we... we...
- Hon?

Yeah, we... we need...

I got a surprise for ya.

That's... o-okay,
but we need to go.

No, we don't gotta go,
no, listen, I wanna talk to ya.

I been thinkin' a lot about what
you said and how I've been,

and... and sit, sit.

No, this is important.

What I'm trying to say is,
you were right.

I mean, we were both right,
but... but you also

is what I'm...
Not just me, in other words.

And... and what you said
about the shop and the money,

that was...
It was selfish of me to...

Without even askin'.

And also, we... we gotta fight,
fight for what we want.

- Okay, but...
- You know, and I can see that now, so...

Hon, hon.


- I...
- I sold the car.

- What car?
- My car.

I-I went to the shop,
and... and... and Sonny,

you know, he said how much
he loved it, and so I...

And I-I know that, um,
I could have gotten more for it,

but it's enough
is what matters.

Enough to buy the shop...

Because you were right.

This was our dream, you know,
and so now...

now we can do it.

The shop burned down.


And I killed another fella,
maybe two.

And Lou...
Lou was right.

They came. They came.

The other fella that you hit,
his family? They... they came.

- Oh.
- So this is...

That's great.
You know, thank you.

But... we gotta go.

You need to pack.
Okay? Okay?

Okay, okay.

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♪ Children of the Sun ♪

♪ Children of the Sun ♪

♪ Children of the Sun ♪

♪ ahh, ahh, ahh ♪