Fargo (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Fear and Trembling - full transcript

The Gerhardts respond to Kansas City's proposal, while Hanzee finds a new lead in Rye's disappearance. Lou questions Ed and Peggy.

United States Marines
would be successful

in pushing back
North Korean troops

surging south across
the 38th parallel.

Truman offered
unlimited military aid to
South Korea without seeking

an official declaration
of war from Congress.

The world, Mr. Lawrence,
is now experiencing

strange astronomical

Reports have come
in from all over

the globe of
inexplicable objects...

Gotta check ya, Otto.

Surely, you're
not telling me a
scientist like yourself

believes such nonsense.

No, I'm not telling you that.


Like the heads
of Easter Island.


Not a sound.

Cheech says we're
going to the moon.

You and Cheech?

No, ya moron. America.

I told him, don't be stupid.
We got too many gooks to kill.

That Mao Tse Dung
thinks he's gonna
run the whole show.

Be king o' the world.
Is that what you want?

Be king, like your dad?
Sit on my throne?

The way I see it,
you're on his throne.

Hey, kill the king,
be the king.
That's the world.

If you're
feeling sour about it,
write a letter to Napoleon.

Or maybe you've come
to get your revenge.

Me? Nah.

I just want a
seat at the table.

There ain't no table.

There's me.

Everybody else
sits on the floor.

So what're you waiting for?
Sit. Avert your eyes.

I love this part.

Stupid to bring your kid.

Boy's gotta learn
how men are.


But it's the last
lesson he'll ever...

We should
have waited until daylight...




Thought Hanzee
goes with you on jobs.

Half-breed is in Luverne
looking for your uncle.

You're what, 15 now?


Small for your age.

What? Your dad wants you to
be some kinda professional?

You know, a lawyer, probably.


I suppose we
could use a lawyer.

Is that what you
want, though?

Punch a clock?

Always thought I
could do what you do.

Bust heads?
How does that
work with one arm?

I can shoot a gun.

Yeah, but what happens
when you need to reload?

I'll show you. Pull over.

Pull over.

Okay, Wild Bill.
How does this work?


Look at you.

So, what do you
need me to do?

Get in the car. Tough guy.

Think I got your dial tone

Think I got
Billy Baxter's bone

Son of a bitch.

I think I got
a Big Mac attack

Hold the pickles,
hold the lettuce

Special orders
don't upset us

All we ask is
that you let us
serve it your way

There he is.

Joe Bulo says to say hi.

Whatcha gonna do, big boy?

Give us a kiss?

You want a kiss?
I'll give you a kiss.

My wrist!

Kiss the man, son.

Hurry, before he
gets that sticker.

He's still standing.
Hit him again.

Hit him again!

Give me a chocolate
glaze and...


An old-fashioned.
An old-fashioned?

Come on, get
some zip in ya.

It's on them.

Well, it's a war.
Nixon declared it.

"The war on cancer."

As long as it's
not a war on me.

No, no. It's not against you.
It's a war against your body.

Well, that doesn't sound...

Our doctor said...

Dr. Gerber?


Right, Dr. Gerber said
a few weeks of chemo.

He said they
caught it early.

He thought a few weeks
of chemo and, well,

he thought she'd
be out of the woods.

Your blood work
and your X-rays.

These are not,
as they say, good.

I'm getting worse.

Well, if by "worse"
you mean the cancer's
spreading, then, yes.

But there is a trial.
A clinical trial that
might be beneficial.


Yeah, of course.

We'll try anything.

It's a new drug.

Let's call it Xanadu.

Is that its name?

No, that's just
what they're calling
it for the trial.

This drug, Xanadu,
it has shown promise.

And I'll be getting
that drug?

As part of the trial.

Yes. That or a placebo.

A placebo? Um...

Yeah, I don't understand.

You see, in order to ascertain
the effectiveness of a drug,

it has to be judged in
a controlled setting

against an equal number
of patients that are not
getting the drug.

And those patients,
the ones not getting
the drug, they get...

Well, it's like a Smartie.
You know Smarties?

Well, hold on.
I'm confused. You said

Betsy would be part
of the trial, so...

Am I getting the real
drug or the fake drug?

That I can't say.

Shall I sign you up?

That one stuck for sure.


I gotta pee.

Sure. Oh.

Might just have
ourselves a fall baby
if we're...

I mean, can you imagine?
You, me, and a baby?

And I'll buy the shop,

and we'll live like
three pigs in a blanket.

Probably need
more space, though.

What's that, hon?

A bigger house.

Not right away, of course.

I mean, if we have two,
let's say a boy and a girl,

then they'll need their own...

You know, and a yard
if we get a dog...

Anyway, might have to
wait on that seminar.


Yeah, I thought about it

and we just can't
afford it right now.

Not with buying
the butcher shop.
That's $500 for...

Unless we find a cheaper one.

A cheaper course?


Well, what?
So I can be a less good me?

No, I...

I'm saying,

on the list of priorities,

you know, this is our future.

The shop and, you know,
all that other stuff,

the knitting class or...

It's not a knitting class.

It's gonna help me
reach my full potential.

Of course, and I know
that. But, hon,

you are so great now.

I'm not sure if I
could handle it if
you got any better.

Better get dressed, yeah.

Now we got all that
mess cleaned up,

today's the first day
of the rest of our lives.

Help ya?

Got some cars for
sale 'round back.

This one's a repair.

'65 Corvair.

light-footed, light-hearted."

I'm not sure what that means.

Oh, ah! No, can't have
ya looking inside.

See, I'm entrusted
with the safety of
the customers' effects.

Part of the code, so...

Excuse me?
All right? That's...

Like I said, what's
for sale is outside.

He known to you?

Oh, Ed? Yeah.
Yeah, he's a butcher.

I mean...

No, uh, no, never
seen him before.

Butcher where?

All right, see, that's...

Now you got me
thinking you're up to
some shady doings, mister...

All right...

Look, I was in Nam, yeah?

Out there they
called me Mad Dog, so...

You watch your...

Do you miss it?


The country.

You know, the wet,
the heat, the bugs.

Do you miss it?

God, no.

It's this quiet
I can't get used to.

This frozen winter.

Yeah, well...

Can't argue with ya.

Did you work the tunnels?


"Send the Indian," they'd say.

"Who cares about booby traps?

"Give Hanzee a
flashlight and a knife

"and send him down
into the black echo."

Moving through the
earth like a rat.

Killing off Charlie.
Taking his ears.


You gotta push their faces
down into the dirt

so they don't scream
and wake the others.


Where on God's green earth
do you keep the plunger?

Is there a problem
here, Sonny?

I dunno.
Of course you don't.

Friend, is there a problem?

He's got a knife, Karl.

Ya, Sonny. I got eyes.

I said, do we got a problem?

He seemed real angry.

Yeah, I got that part.

Any other Einstein insights
you can share with me?

An Indian. I think.

Get the phone, kid.

We better alert
the local constable.

The sheriff, you idiot.


Surprised me there at the end.

Your finger.
Ya like that?

Didn't say I liked it.
Said you surprised me.

You got that bump, then?

I'm worried your family's
gonna go the wrong way
on this thing.

Floyd's smart.
She'll take the money.

What about your dad?

You probably gotta kill him.

And you're okay with that?

Ya know what depresses me?

I missed the '60s.

Free love,

drop acid, Woodstock.

Wake up one day, decide
you wanna call yourself
Flower Rain Blossom?

You just call yourself
Flower Rain Blossom.

Yeah, but the '70s were
always coming like a...

What do you...

A hangover.

And you know what happened
to Flower Rain Blossom?

She's on methadone
in Bismarck,

turning tricks
for breakfast meat.

I know, but at least
I would have had fun.

Be free.

Like how you get to dream
before you wake up.

I saw the Indian
left town yesterday.


Dad sent him to find Rye.

He shot a judge, I heard.

So he's either
hiding out now or dead.

Either way, could
be gone for good.

You're boring me.

I thought we were
gonna have some fun.

We had fun, darling.

All I know is, I
can still feel your
finger in my ass.

That was my thumb.

So, the sit-down today.

You think Floyd says yes?

Takes the deal?

What I hear?

She's got a compromise.

Give some,

keep some.

Is that Otto's idea?

Grandpa? No.

He's a legume.

They're taking him
to the doctor later,

see if they can
stop the drooling.

Is that right?

Which doctor?

Thought I'd take
Molly ice fishing
this weekend.

Bring something more than
just jerky this time.

That's what my dad brought.

But she's six
and she's a girl.

Gonna have to
learn this stuff.


Should I be...

I don't know, uh...

Treating you any different?
Please don't.

Well, you let me know.

Better get inside and
take my sugar pills.

State Car 18, come back. Over.

Uh, that's me...
Yeah, I know.

Go, I'll be fine.

State Car 18,
come back. Over.

Indian buck.
Had, like, a rat face.

Didn't much like
the look of him.

Scared me a little.


Took Betsy to a specialist.


Uh, well, there's a trial.

Clinical. New drug, so...

Uh, we signed up for that.

What did I miss here?

Uh, well, uh...

Well, this Indian fella
put a scare to Sonny.

Luckily, Karl was nearby
stressing the plumbing,

scared the Indian off.

What was he was doing exactly,
this, uh, Indian?

I found him out
here in the bay,

looking over Ed's car.
Seemed real interested.

Ed Renner?

No. Ed Blumquist. You know,
works Bud's butcher shop.

Wife's car, technically.
Got some front-end damage,
you can see.

As in, front-end
damage like the kind you
get running down a gunman

who just shot up three people
at the Waffle Hut?

The what now?

No, no, this was from
a accident yesterday.

Bluth took the report.

Said the Blumquists hit a
tree off Ice Patch Junction.

Tree branch went through
the window. Lucky the
wife wasn't killed.

Hit it coming and going?

Yeah, I saw that.

Peggy said garage
door bit her in the back,

but I found bits o' wood
in the bumper so...

I'm not saying
she's lying but,
you know, well...

Hey. Burning it
at both ends, huh?

You gonna get that?


Thank you for sitting
with me here today,

and for giving us time
to consider your offer.

I've asked the bank to
arbitrate, as neutral party.

Whatever makes
you comfortable.
This is your town.

Where's Mr. Milligan?

Another matter.
Back in Kansas City.

So, we've given you
48 hours to consider.
Do we have a deal?


But I have a counter offer.
A respectful one.

Instead of a straight
sale, us to you,

we pay you one million,
cash money,

plus 20% of our
territory in Minnesota.

We also discount
transportation fees

on all Kansas City

25% for the first five years.

In exchange,

we retain full control of
our remaining operations.

The Gerhardt family
still runs North Dakota,

but with Kansas City.

A partnership, not a sale.

That's our offer to you.

And we believe it's
more than fair.

I see.


I don't know.

Maybe when you look at
me you see an old woman.

And I am 61.

I've borne six children.
Had three miscarriages.

Two of my sons are here today.

Two were stillborn.

My firstborn,
Elron, killed in Korea.

Gook sniper took
off half his head.

The point is...

Don't assume just
because I'm an old woman

that my back is weak and
my stomach is not strong.

I make this counter
because a deal is
always better than war.

But no mistake.

We'll fight to
keep what's ours
to the last man.

You're a good woman.

I wish I had
known your husband.


My husband would
have killed you

where you stood the
first time you met.

So be glad you're
talking to his wife.

Then that's what I'm glad for.

And if it were up to me,
I would take your counter.

Partner up.


I got to admit, I just wonder,
if we make this deal,

split the territory,
we move in,

can you guarantee
your boys will abide?

My sons listen
to their mother.

Good. Okay.

Except here are two of my men,

assaulted just
this morning

in the appropriation of
donuts by your oldest.

Attacked in peacetime,

during a period
of deliberation,

without provocation.

Oh, I was provoked.


My sons will abide.

Ah, see, see, that's
the problem with a
family business.

Now, if one of my
men defies me,

puts a deal in jeopardy,
I take his arm.

If he talks out of turn,
I take his tongue.

But you, your children,

your grandchildren, what
are you willing to do

to show us you're committed?

I'll deal with my son.
This partnership will hold.

Come on. You're
gonna let this guy

come here and disrespect us?
Disrespect Pop?

A bunch o' fruits in ties!

And your pocket protectors?
I'll pick my teeth...

Take him out!
Fricking teeth.

Jeez, get off me!

I apologize.

He's a proud man.

His father built an empire,
and he just wants what's his.

He'll fall into line.


I don't think he will.

Hold up.

Who's the dumb-ass?

Go around to the
passenger seat.

Slide across.

Hurry up. Hurry up!

Well, what's the hold up?

Think maybe I flooded it.

Take him inside! Go!

Joe Bulo says hi.

Your counter
has been rejected.

And now we're lowering
our price by two million.

But because I respect
you and your family,

I'm gonna give you the
night to think it over.

Anything other than
unconditional surrender

and we'll wipe every
last Gerhardt off the
face of the Earth.

Hey, Bud.

Where the heck did
you go yesterday?

Yeah, I'm real sorry about
that. Peg had a kinda

emergency, and
you know...

You know that
check you gave me?
For the down payment?


Yeah, it bounced.

No. That's not...

I checked the account myself.

But anyway, I got the funds.

Well, I don't know
about that.

It's just, the check
you gave me didn't
clear, so you know...

There's this other buyer,

up in Sleepy Eye, wants
to be closer to his sick
mother, yeah.

He offered more
than you, and...

I'm moving to Florida, so...

Bud, no.

I got the funds.

Yeah, just let me call
over there, straighten
this thing out.

Yeah, so it's Tuesday.
Figure we'd agree Friday.

If you don't got the money,
I'll go ahead and sell to him.

The other buyer.

Like I said,
he's up in Sleepy Eye.

Take a look at
that grinder, will ya?
It's making a funny noise.

Jeez, hon. Where's your coat?

Hon, did... Did you...

We talked about this.

Yeah, didn't we
talk about this?

What happened?

Something with the car?
Did they find blood?

No, no. This is
about the shop.

Yeah? And we shook
on it. Bud and me.

I wrote a check
for the down payment.

And now I am hearing...

He said the check bounced.

Insufficient funds.
So I call over there,

We agreed, right?

Well, we never...
I thought...

You told me. But I never...

Well, now there's
another buyer up in

Sleepy Eye and he's
gonna get the shop.

Well, he can't do that.
You shook on it.

Yeah, but the check bounced!

Insufficient funds.

We talked about this.

Well, if you mean you talked
and then I also talked,

then, yeah, I guess,

but not really sure you heard

anything I said.
Yeah, I...


I'm sorry. I am.
But you know, this course,

the one I've been
telling ya about,

it's real important.

Yeah. More important
than the shop?


I mean, to me.

Well, I mean, you got to get
the money back. Right away.

I mean, just call them
and tell them you're sorry,

but you need the money.

Ed, it's...
'Cause on Friday

he sells to the fella up in
Sleepy Eye, and then we're


Everything okay?

I need the money back.

For the course?
Sent that on already.

I need it back!

Ed says we could
lose the shop!

Oh, Ed says.
Well, then, stop the presses.

Come here. Sit down.


Look in that mirror, hon.
Tell me what you see.

I dunno. A girl?

You get your period?

Then what girl?
That's a woman.

A strong, beautiful,
vibrant woman.

And no man should be
able to tell you what to do.

Not with your body
or your money.

How much I been
paying you here?

Six hundred a month.
And you been saving?

Ed and I put away
one third every week

minus the occasional...

So, 200?

And you gave me
five for the course.

So that's two-and-a-half
months' savings. Your money.

For you to spend
as you please.

But I get it.
It's what we do.

We surrender our needs
to the needs of men
to our great detriment.

But no more.
Say it with me.

No more.
No more. That's right.

You're gonna go to
Sioux Falls and you're
gonna take this course,

and you're gonna be the best
Peggy Blumquist you can be,

and no one's ever
gonna tell you how to
live your life again.

What the heck?


You need to invite me in.

I could make some coffee.

None for me. Thanks.

Saw your car.
At the shop.

Yeah. I slipped on some
ice on the way to work.

My fault really.
I was going on
about something.

Ran right off the
road into a tree.

Lucky Peggy wasn't killed.


Something wrong?

No, I just...

I'm sorry.

Come in. Sit down. Please.

I wanna be clear
about something.

I can help,
but you gotta be
straight with me.

Well, what...

If I check the car,
the interior,

I'm not gonna find blood?

Oh, well, Ed hurt
his neck, but...

That's why I got the...
No blood.

You didn't fight,
did you, Ed?

In the war.
No, sir.

4-F on account I got
the one kidney, so...

There's a look a boy gets
when he's been shot.

Or a landmine takes
off his legs.

And he's laying
there in the mud,
trying to get up,

'cause he doesn't
feel it yet.

I don't...
His brain

hasn't caught up with
the reality, which is

he's already dead.

Ed, he's scaring me.

But we see it.

The rest of us.

And we lie.

We say, "Lay still.
You're gonna be fine."

If you'd been to war,
you'd know the look.

See, you and Peggy,
you got the look.

You still think it's Tuesday.

You have no idea
what's coming.

Lou, I'm really trying to
be straight with you here.

We hit some ice.

That's all,
I mean, it could've
happened to anyone.

Ed wasn't even speeding.
That man you hit?

His name was Rye Gerhardt.

Hit a tree. We told ya.

I mean, we were arguing,
and Ed turned his head.

It happened in a flash.

Rye Gerhardt.

And his family hurts
people for money.

And they're coming.

May be here already.

And my point is, 'cause
I'm tired o' talking,

if you did something,
you made a mistake,
you panicked,

maybe covered it up,
now's the time to say.
Right now.

'Cause we can still fix this.

But if I'm right, that
window's closing and
you may already be dead.

This is...

You're out of line.
I mean, we...

We want you to leave.
No offense but we're
asking you to leave.

Is that true, Ed?

Ed? Is that true?
You're asking me to leave?

You know, Lou, that's probably
for the best, yeah.

It was an accident.
That's all it was.


Do yourself a favor.
Lock the door.


Everyone's together.

We need to know...

What do you wanna do?

It's war.

Yeah, it's me.

You should go
back to bed, huh?

You expecting someone?

Not really, couldn't sleep.

I think you got the real pill.


You hope or you think?

We're just out of balance.

You and me?

Whole world.

We used to know
right from wrong.

A moral center.


You should go into bed.

I'm gonna sit out
here for a while.

Make sure we're,
I dunno, safe.

Down in the willow garden

Where me and my
true love did meet

It was there
we went a-courtin'

My love fell off to sleep

I had a bottle
of Burgundy wine

My true love,
she did not know

It was there that I murdered
that dear little girl

Down on the banks below