Fargo (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Rooster Prince - full transcript

Molly begins to suspect that Lester is involved in the murders, but her boss points her in a different direction. Meanwhile, Malvo investigates the plot against a man known as the Supermarket King.

[Intense drumming]


♪ ♪




[Drumming continues]

♪ ♪

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We're here about Hess.

Oh, yeah, you want Gold...
Max Gold.

He's on his way.

[Intense drumming continues]

♪ ♪

[Music stops]

You Gold?

Yeah. And you're...

We're from Fargo.

Good. They said
they were sending someone.

They were right.

There's no library in this town.

Why is there no library
in this town?

Uh... cutbacks?


He thinks every town
should have a library.

I agree.
Tell him I agree.

Fargo sent us to find out
what happened to Hess.

He got stabbed
in the back of the head

at a strip club,
is what happened to him.



Okay, all right.

Do you believe this was
connected to the business?

Things have been quiet.

No labor BS,

no skirmishes with other
trucking concerns.


There was a guy...
I told this to Fargo...

came by the garage
the day it happened.

Brown hair, just under 6 feet,
not young, not old.

Had a cut on his forehead, here.

Said he just wanted
to take a look at Sam,

which he did, then he left.


Hold on a second.

He was my friend, okay?


Sure, he was a jerk,
but deep down...

All I'm saying is,
you're gonna find him, right?

The... the guy who did it.

We'll find him.

[Soft music, chatter]

♪ ♪

How's your head, then?

Oh, yeah, it's okay.
Aches still, but...

You try that hot dish?

Oh, yeah.
Real good.


So, you know,
kitty and I were talking,

and we think you should move
in here for a while.

Just stay with us, you know,

until you get the house
cleaned up or sold.

Why the heck
would I sell the house?


I'm not saying
you have to go that way.

Just, you know, stay a few days
until we get it cleaned up.

Cops left a real mess.

- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, the crime scene and all,

really turned the place
upside down.

Looking for clues, I suppose.

[Door opens]

[Melancholy instrumentals]

♪ ♪


[Indistinct sports announcer talking]

How are you doing?
All right?

Thank you.


[Sports announcer,
chatter in background]

You don't have to do that.

They're piling up.

Vern told me this story once.

When he was a rookie, had a boss

couldn't tell his shoe
from his foot.

Got killed by a hail stone.

Just standing in the parking lot
of the Dairy Queen,

having a milkshake,

hail stone comes down,
size of a softball,

crushes his skull.

What flavor?

Strawberry, I think.

I was thinking
about when my dad got shot.

Traffic stop, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Hmm.

He pulled over the fellas
that robbed Callihans

and stole the snow plow.


They came to tell me at school.
I was in Algebra.

And he's okay, you know?

Got the limp, of course,
but they caught the guys, so...

The little one,
he even got probation.

Convinced the jury it was
a Stockholm Syndrome deal,

you know.

Okay, we got now a list of
who'll come by when and do what.

This is on the due date,
you know.

Get you to the hospital,
bring you home,

so you're covered.

Say, Bill, I was thinking,

we should talk to Lester Nygaard
first thing.

Lester? Well, he already made
a statement

back at the hospital.

Yeah, I know, I read it,
but see, thing is,

Vern was on his way
to Lester's house

to talk to him
about Hess' murder,

you know, how possibly
Lester was involved.



went to high school with Lester.

Had to dissect a mouse
in Mrs. Knutson's class,

and poor Lester fainted.

Oh. Yeah, okay, but...

Girl had her monthly once
in gym class,

there goes Lester,
fainting again.

Right, so he doesn't
like blood, but still...

Plus, this Hess murder,
got to believe

that's about the cutthroat world
of regional trucking.


So it's just coincidence,
you're saying?

Hess gets killed, and then
the massacre at Lester's house

- the next day?
- Exactly.

See, I'm thinking
this is home invasion.

You know, it's a drifter
or some such.

Drug related maybe, but not,
you know, Lester Nygaard.

Am I right, Ida?

You're not not right.

But on these
high-profile deals, Bill,

it never hurts to talk
to the eyewitnesses yourself.

"Take control of the facts."

That's what Vern
always used to say.


Okay. Okay, good.

We go see Lester,
but I do the talking.


[Suspenseful music]

♪ ♪




[Sobs loudly]

[Doorbell rings]

Heya, Lester.


Mr. Nygaard, we got
some questions we'd like...

- This is Molly.
- Deputy Solverson.

Sure, nice to meet ya.

Like I was saying,
we got some questions, so...

How you holding up, Lester?
How's the head?

Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it hurts.

I got a little...
double vision still.

Jeez, well, you know,
if now's not a good time...

No, no, I was just about to...
I want to help, you know,

it's just, there's
so much work to do.

Yeah, sure,
it'll only take a second.


All I got's grape juice.
Hope that's okay.

Pearl says it reminds her

of being a kid.


Remember that gum?

That grape gum

that they had when we were kids?


what was that called?

Uh, so we got your statement
from the hospital.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I-I was real thorough
with those fellas.

I mean, what I could remember.
Doctor says I got a concussion.

Says if I was hit any harder,
my brain could've swole up

and leaked right out my ears.

[Gags, clears throat]

Thank gosh that didn't happen.

In your statement,
you said that you came home

and found your wife, that...
that she was already dead.

Uh-huh, downstairs, yeah.
I heard the washer going...

spin cycle, and I...

well, you know,
she was on the floor,

you know,
and there was a lot of...

I never even heard the guy.
Uh, just one minute, I'm...

uh, looking at her,
and the next...

So, uh, you don't remember

Chief Thurman
coming to the house, then?

Oh, no. No, I feel sick
about that, really.

I guess he saw the guy
breaking in.

Uh, no, Mr. Nygaard.

Chief Thurman
came to talk to you

about a man you may have met
in the Emergency Room

the day previous.

Hmm, you don't say?

Look, Lester...

if this is too hard for you,

you can just give us
the bare bones...

We got a witness says
that, uh, she saw you

and this other fella
arguing about Sam Hess.


Sam Hess.

You remember Sam... he used to
beat you up in high school.


Oh, yeah, Sam had a thing
for ol' Lester here.

Used to chase him
around the schoolyard

till one or the other
ran out of gas.

You remember...

big kid.

What was that name
he called you?

Uh, Lester Nig...

Oh, yeah. Yeah, Sam.
[Clears throat]



That was a long time ago.

But you were talking about him
in the Emergency Room,

so what's the story there?

Well, I, uh...

Hmm, it's real fuzzy,
but I might have said,

"My face is a mess."

"Mess" sounds like "Hess."
Probably, your...

The witness just misheard.

Yeah, that's possible.

Can you describe the fella?

Height, eye color,
that kind of thing?

You know, the last few days,
they're real fuzzy.

Reason we asks is,

we got an operating
theory, okay?

This being the work
of a drifter, or drifters,

possibly drug-related.

See, I'm thinking this fella
you met at the hospital,

- maybe he followed you home.
- That's not...

- We don't both share that theory.
- Yeah. No, but...

- So...
- Yeah.


I-I'm a little, uh,
scrambled right now.

I-I got a concussion.
I'm not sure if I said that.

So, yeah, thi-things...

things are kind of fuzzy.

Well, you know what?

I'm satisfied.

I've actually...

I got a few more quest...

Yeah, thanks for
the grape juice, Lester.

Takes me back, I tell ya.

And I'm gonna look up the name
of that gum when I get home.

Hubba Bubba.

[Laughs] Hubba Bubba, yeah.

Yeah, Hubba Bubba.
We used to crack up about that.

- Do you remember Hubba Bubba?
- No.

(Bill) If you need anything,
Lester, you give us a call,

'cause I'll tell you what,
this is a tragedy.

dyed-in-the-wool tragedy.

She was a good woman, you know.

Good wife.

I-I just keep
asking myself,

"Who could've done
a thing like this?"


Good morning, young fella.

You have a package for me.

All righty, what's your name?


So I can find the package.


I'm sorry?

The package is addressed
to "Duluth."

That's a city.
I need your name.

I told you my name.

Your name's "Duluth"?

Well, I'll need to see some ID.



You heard me.


I can't give you
your mail if you don't show ID.

Sure, you can.

All you gotta do is look through
those packages over there,

find the one addressed
to "Duluth,"

and then hand it to me.

Look, son, we're in Duluth,
so, technically,

all the mail
is addressed to "Duluth."

Am I gonna need to come
back there and find it myself?



This is highly irregular.

No, highly irregular
is the time I found

a human foot in a toaster oven.
This is just odd.




I'm a minister, apparently.


You have a blessed day.

Missed a spot.

(Stavros) You're looking
at the supermarket king

of Minnesota, la mercado rey.

29 markets in 15 counties,

and it all started
right here in this office.

Next quarter, we're expanding
into Wisconsin and the Dakotas.

By this time next year,

rule the whole goddamn Midwest.

You see my mangos?

Straight from Ecuador,
kiwis too.

That's what makes my stores
so goddamn superior.

I got mangos in goddamn January.


And the back
of a 90-year-old woman.

God damn it.

Who's the fire hydrant?

Semenchko, head of security.

You an Oilers fan?

Wally here
is 1992 Farm League MVP.

Knocked 138 heads career-wise,
ain't that right, Wally?

Our mutual friend said something
about a blackmail letter.

Found this on my windshield
last week.


What does this mean,
"I know about the money"?

What it means don't matter.

It's blackmail.

I didn't bring you here
for what it means.

I brought you here
to make it stop.

Semenchko said, "Don't do it."
He said, "Let me handle it."

But you don't get to be
la mercado rey

without knowing
when to delegate, comprende?

It's a pretty specific number,

Hell, maybe he wants
to pay off his student loans,

I don't know. What matters is,
can you find the guy?

Hey, dad.
Got a good one for ya.

Oh, sorry.

Don't you know closed door
means "Keep out," boy?

Or at least knock,
for shit's sake?

You'll like this.

What's a karate expert's
favorite beverage?

Get it?


It's... it's tea.

Son, get the hell out.

[Whispers] Nice to meet ya.

[Door closes]

Look, I can find the guy.
The question is,

what do you want done with him
once he's found?

Send him packing.
Isn't that what they say?

Who says that?

In the movies.

I don't watch movies.

You don't watch movies.

Look, this ain't complicated.

You don't get to be
the supermarket king

of Minnesota without making
a few enemies, all right?

Start with my damn wife.

You think your wife's
blackmailing you?

You ever nail a Greek woman?

After 40,
their pussies grow teeth.

And she ain't my wife,
she's my soon-to-be ex-wife,

and she is suing me for 50%.

Except now I'm starting to think

maybe 50% ain't enough for her.

This is kind of
embarrassing, but, uh...

would you sign a copy

of my book?

I'd be delighted.

You... you want
something personal?

Yeah, could you put
"To Frank Peterson,

thanks for nailing
my blackmailer."

I'm just kidding.

Anything you want.
You're the writer.


In addition to the victims
in the basement...

that's Nygaard,
Mr. and Mrs...

we're hearing
the Chief of Police

was shotgunned in the foyer.

That means "Entryway."

No description yet
of the suspect or suspects,

but I told the new Chief
over in Bemidji

we'd be on high alert
for anything that connects.

That means suspicious persons
or jailhouse snitches

saying they know a thing.

Okay, let's get to it.

[Low chatter starts]


Animal-Control guy called
in sick again... You're on duty.

Yes, sir.

[Dog whimpers]



I got "Aurora Borealis."
What about you? Over.

(Boy) I just put
"Northern Lights." Over.

My dad's home with dinner.

What's it tonight?

Looks like burgers.

And chicken nuggets.

And chicken nuggets.
Over and out.

[Clears throat]

Did you get the dipping sauces?

Extra, even.


Good day?


We, uh...
we had an assembly,

and the principal
talked about bullying

and how bullying was wrong,
and if we saw somebody

getting bullied, we should
say something or stop it,

and I raised my hand,
and I asked

what you're supposed to do
if the bully is, like,

a lot bigger than you are
or has a knife or something.

And what did he say?

Said, if they bully has a knife
then you should tell a grown up.

Well, that's good advice.

Yeah, but what if
there's no time?

I mean, you're the police.

If you saw somebody
doing something,

you'd stop 'em, right?

Well, you know, sometimes

there's more than
one right thing.

What does that mean?

It means...

I got you, and I am
responsible for you,

and sometimes I might be
in a situation where...

and this hasn't happened,
and it won't...

but a situation where
if I try to stop a guy

from doing a bad thing,
I could get hurt.

Or worse.

And then who would
take care of you?

But it's your job.

Well, I got two jobs,
and the first,

the most important,
is being your dad.

Well, if I saw somebody doing something,
I would stop them.

I believe you would.

Every cooperation, obviously.

If you want girl,
you want drug, just ask.

You know who we are.

I told the police,
I couldn't see the guy

on account of the blood
being in my eyes.

We got a description of a man.
5'10", brown hair,

big bruise on the forehead.
Does it ring a bell at all?

Could be Lenny.

(Mr. Numbers) Who's Lenny?

Comes in here a lot.
Drink pretty heavy.

I heard him say a few things
over the years

about guys like Hess.

Money in the pocket,
think they're tough shit.

That's him at the bar,
with the band-aid on his head.

(Lenny) Well, the Russians, they
used to send dogs up into space,

which is stupid, because
what's a dog gonna do in space?

At least with a monkey,
they can operate the, uh...

the equipment or something.

Hi. My friend would like
an orange soda,

and I'll have just a cup
of hot water with lemon.

What are you supposed to be,

some kind of circus act?


Oh, my friend was wondering,
how'd you hurt your head?

Oh, is your friend
looking for a date?

'Cause you know this is a place
for dicks who like pussies,

not pussies who like dick.

No, seriously,
h-h-how'd you hurt your head?


I ain't afraid of a dink
and a lepton.

You like playing with knives?

Oh, you keep talking, big boy,
you're gonna find out.

[Intense drumming]

♪ ♪

[Muffled yelling] Hey, come on!

[Muffled yelling]

That the guy?

Can you take off the tape maybe?

[Grunting, panting]

God damn you little bastards!

I'll kill the lot of you!


Hey, now, look, okay?

I'm sorry for what I said
to you before

about the dink and the lepton.

[Muffled protesting]

I don't think it's him.

[Muffled grunting]

(Chumph) Delicious.
Just a few more.

What'd you say your name was
again, handsome?

Frank Peterson, ma'am.

I work for Mike,
your divorce attorney.

Charmed, I'm sure.


Oh, sorry.
Just bronzed.

He's a pig.
You smelled his hands?

Have I smelled
your husband's hands?

They smell like feet.

Your ass looks amazing, darling.
Keep it up.

So, anyway, I've been tasked
to put together

a complete record
of your husband's assets.

We want to get you the biggest
divorce settlement possible.

Now, I've got
your husband's net worth

estimated at $10 million.

[Scoffs] More.



Okay, sweetie,
let's do a cool down, yeah?

Five minutes.
There you go.

Ma'am, can you confirm
that your husband

started his first grocery
with a loan from his uncle,

like it says in the book?

[Both laughing]

- That's the story.
- [Snorts]

But you don't believe it?

Stavros had two uncles.

One of 'em was a drunk
who lived in a barn,

and the other died in a fishing
accident when he was ten.

So where did the money
come from?

(Dmitri) Hey, ma.

Frank Peterson.

Oh, yeah, from the store.

Hey, I got one for you.

What kind of bone
will a dog never eat?



A trombone.

Oh, yeah!

That's a good one.
A trombone.

My dad'll like that one.

Your dad, your dad.

Your dad's screwing us, mister.


I'm just being honest.

He's a hard-on, your father,
and you're too trusting.

Well, he's my dad,

and you're my mom,

and everything's
gonna work out, okay?


[Laughs] Mmm.

Aren't they just
the sweetest pair? Hmm?


Yeah, it's-it's me.
It's Lester.

Uh, she's, uh... My wi...
My wife, she's, uh,

aw, hell, um...

I think I, uh...

She's in the basement dead
and, uh... look.

I'm freaking out here.
I don't know what to do.


[Voice garbled]

Yeah, yeah, it's-it's me.

It's Lester.

Uh, she's, uh... My wi...
My wife, she's, uh,

aw, hell, um...

I think I, uh...

She's in the basement dead
and, uh... look.

I'm freaking out here.
I don't know what to do.

(Malvo) Lester, have
you been a bad boy?

(Lester) Jeez...

Here. Oh! Sorry.
Just bronzed.

(Lester) The hammer and, uh...

can you come over?
I'm on Willow Creek Drive.

Number 613.

[Whispers] Please!

[Normal voice] Please?

[Pounding at door]

(Malvo) Sure, Lester.
I'll be right there.


[Pounding at door]

This place is a shithole.

Okay, nut sack,
here's the drill...

You're gonna pack up
your shit and blow.

I'll tell Stavros
you couldn't find the guy,

and in return,
I won't bust your head.

You hearing me, asswipe?

I did some digging on you,
made some calls, you get me?

And we don't need you
and your big-city connections

coming here and showing us
what time it is.

I'm the guy.

You understand?

20 years I worked for the king.

You know what that makes me?
The goddamn prime minister.

So give me the letter,
pack up your shit, and...

What the hell you doing?

[Water splashes]

That's disgusting.

Okay, slick, I got your number.

I'm on to ya.

Just remember, you were warned.

Semenchko warned you.

Uh, hey, Molly.

Yeah, Chief?

So just want to make sure

we're on the same page
about everything.

I want you to center it.

(Molly) Same page about what?

Just... about Lester
and the case, you know.

Just want to make sure you know
to focus on the break-in angle.

Maybe call some other town,

see if they have a similar problem.
No, higher.

Similar to three murders,
including the Police Chief?

Not, you know, literally.

Just ruffians and the like.

Right there, perfect.

Look, Chief, I know
you don't think Lester...

Maybe call the staties,
you know?

See if they effected
any car stops.

Suspicious types
where the driver

- had a head wound, and the like.
- Yeah.

- Yeah, but I think...
- Just...

Leave poor Lester
alone, will ya?

[Ominous music]

♪ ♪

- You'll be in Gordo's room.
- Uh-huh.

He's on the sofa, which is...
Don't worry.

His dad built him a fort.
He loves it.



Baby, it's cold outside!

But here at Phoenix Farms,
it's always summer.

Real good peas, hon.

Yeah, mom, real good.

How's your dinner there, Lester?

Oh, yeah.
Real good.

I was thinking of going hunting

- this weekend.
- Mm-hmm.

Told Gordo I would
take him shooting.

You interested?

- Uh...
- Now, hon, I don't think

your brother wants to be around
all that guns and violence,

not after what happened.

Oh, shoot.
I'm sorry.

- No, no, it's fine.
- I can be

- a real ass sometimes.
- Language.

No, no, no, I...
It sounds...

You know, bag a deer
or something.

[Clears throat]
So I've been thinking,

maybe I should sell
the place, you know?

Get a... what do you call it,
a fresh start?

- Yeah?
- Mm.

That's great.
I'll call Jimmy.

It's a fine market right now
he says... real good.

It is the right choice, sweetie.

Too many bad memories
in that old house.

Both Chaz and me think so.

- Ow!
- Oh, jeez!

- Mm.
- Oh, I am so sorry.

- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.

It's fine.


What can I do for you, son?

Well, I got a...

I need something for a wound,
I guess you'd call it.

Are we talking pain pill
or something more topical?

It's... I guess something to keep
it from getting infected.

That'd be an anti-bacterial.

All right.
I got some in the back.

Mr. Nygaard?

- Yeah?
- Ooh, hiya.

Deputy Solverson again.

I just have
a few more questions.

Is now a good time?

N-not really.
I'm kind of in the middle of...

Sure, yeah, no, I understand.

Yeah, it won't take a second.

Um, so, listen, going back
to the Emergency Room,

that first visit, that was for
a broken nose, is that right?

[Snaps fingers]
Shoot. I-I just remembered.

Um, sir...

You know, I got to be honest,

I-I-I'm starting to feel
a little harassed here.

- Now, that's not...
- Sir, your unguent!


I think he means you.

You know, you're asking
about a fella

that I might've talked to
at the hospital

when you should be out there
looking for the animal

- that killed my wife.
- With all respect, sir,

your wife's not
the only victim here.

A friend of mine was killed,
plus, you know, Sam Hess.

Yeah... I told you, I haven't
seen Sam since high school.


I'm not sure this is your car,
Mr. Nygaard.


Oh, no, it's...
it's my wife's.

Mine's in the shop.

Well, sir, it's just... it's hard
to believe is all, you know?

I mean, you're saying this is
all some big coincidence,

you know,
you knowing Sam and all.

And it's a quiet town,
and suddenly,

we got four victims in 24 hours,
yourself included.

And then there's this witness
saying that you were talking

about Sam Hess the day he died,
and, you know,

then it turns out you and he had
differences in the past, so...

You know, all I'm saying
is, just...

help me understand
what happened.

Look, I answered all your...
Just ask Bill, huh?

Your boss,
he said he was satisfied.

And I-I got...
Look at me.

My wife...

is dead,
and you're harassing me.

I'm not harassing
you, sir. I...

Talk to Bill!

He'll tell you,
this... this was a break-in.

[Car engine starting] You're
wasting time talking to me.

I'm sor... I can't help you.

Watch your feet, now.

So how's it going?

Well, it turns out
Lester and Hess

went to high school together
and Hess used to beat him up.

A learned detective
might consider that a clue.

Yeah, that's what I said,

but Bill's a big believer
in coincidence, apparently.

Well, what he lacks
in common sense,

he makes up in self-esteem.

[Laughs] Yeah.

Bill have a theory?

Oh, yeah, he says
that it was a spree, you know?

A drifter
or "gang of drifters."

You know, like it's 1942.

Like, uh, drifters
are a national threat... hobos.


Well, he's Chief now,

so he sets the agenda,
same as always.

Yeah, I know, it's just...

I mean, you know,
here we get this car crash

with this dead man
in frozen panties nearby,

and the driver has a head injury

and maybe went
to the Emergency Room

where he talked to Lester
about Sam Hess,

and then within 24 hours,
Hess is dead,

and then there's the fracas

with, you know,
Lester's wife and Vern.

[Muzak plays in background]

Not sure if you remember,
but when you were five,

they had to put you
under anesthesia

to fix your teeth.

- Gave you that mask.
- Hmm.

- Gas that smelled like tutti frutti.
- Yeah.

My soft little girl

in a hard world
of drills and needles.

I'm 31, dad.
I carry a gun.

I know.

But it's relative, you know?

There's the kind of things

a schoolteacher gets exposed
to... truancy and the like...

and then there's the stuff
a cop sees...

murder and violence
and general scofflawery...

and then there's the kind
of deal you're looking at now.

Which is?

Which is, if I'm right...

savagery, pure and simple.

Slaughter, hatred,

devils with dead eyes
and shark smiles,


one day, you're gonna
get married...

- [Scoffs]
- ...and have kids,

and when you look at them,
their faces,

you need to see
what's good in the world,

'cause if you don't,
how you gonna live?

You talk a lot, you know that?

[Door opens]

It's always been a problem.

- Lou.
- Chief.

[Clears throat]
Molly could I have a word?

Yeah, sure.

Pull up a chair.
You want some coffee or...

Yeah, no, uh...

Lester Nygaard called me,
yeah, and he's super upset.

Well, yeah, you know,
I thought he might do that.

Yeah, we talked
about this and all,

and I thought we were...
I thought I was clear

that we were gonna focus
on the drifter angle

and not, you know...
harass the victim.

Well, I'm not, you know...
I didn't harass him.

I just... I got questions,
you know.

Yeah, well, I'm the Chief now,
and I got to...

[Sighs] Everyone's got
to line up behind me,

you know, toe the line.

Sure, yeah.
Yeah, I know.

Yeah, we talked about this,

and now I got to take you
off the case.

Well, we all know
how you felt about Vern.

I mean, heck, who didn't?

maybe it's best if you just...

it... and this could be good
for you career-wise,

because, uh, I'm gonna
make you head of inquiry

on that frozen fella,
the naked one.

Yeah, I'll make you lead
on that.

- Bill, listen, I...
- Yeah!

So that's my decision.

- Take care.
- [Stammers]

[Door opens and closes]

[Muzak in background]

♪ ♪

Well, okay, then.

- See you for dinner.
- Yup.

Drills and needles.

[Eden Ahbez's Full Moon]

♪ ♪

♪ to live in an old shack
by the sea ♪

♪ ♪



♪ to live with the dawn
and the dusk ♪

♪ ♪

♪ the new moon
and the full moon ♪

♪ ♪

♪ the tides, the wind,
and the rain ♪

♪ ♪

♪ to surf and comb the beach ♪

♪ and gather seashells
and driftwood ♪

♪ and know
the thrill of loneliness ♪

♪ and lose all sense of time ♪

♪ and be free ♪

♪ to hike over the island
to the village ♪

♪ and visit the marketplace ♪

♪ and enjoy the music
and the food and the people ♪

♪ and do a little trading ♪

♪ and see the great ships
come and go ♪

[Weakly] No, wait...

- ♪ and, man, have me a ball ♪
- [Splash]

♪ ♪

♪ and in the evening
when the sky is on fire ♪

♪ heaven and earth become
my great open cathedral ♪

♪ where all men are brothers ♪

♪ where all things
are bound by law ♪

♪ and crowned with love ♪

Sync and corrections by n17t01