Fargo (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Morton's Fork - full transcript

Molly takes the lead, while Gus pursues a hunch. Lester manipulates a situation, and Malvo finds a new target.

WOMAN: Precedently on Fargo...

is this what you want?
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MALVO: See you later, Lester.

Okay. Get dressed.

Lester, are you okay?


Vegas PD is gonna
send over some pictures

from the hotel
security camera.

So don't leave town
for a while.

I may have some
more questions.

Ready to go?

What? I thought
we weren't gonna go.

Acapulco, here we come.

Do you think
you could run in?

The passports
are in the safe.

There's some cash
in there too.

It's cold out there.

You're sweet.





Is this what you want?

Anywhere you like.


Just you?
Uh, no.

There's, uh...
If It be two of us.

Linda's just... Grabbing
something over by the shop.

She dropped me off, said,
"Order the grilled cheese."

So I guess
two of those.

And to drink?

A beer'd change things
for the better.

Yeah, family place,
I'm afraid.

Oh, okay...
Two ginger ales then.

And I'll... I'm gonna
use the bathroom.

Free with the meal.

MAN: That's the...
Hey, how you doing?

Oh, hi.

How are you?

he sure looks different.

MAN: Yeah.

He's a successful guy.

WOMAN: Good for him.


WOMAN: Bemidji Police.


Yeah, I... I'd like
to report shots fired.

WOMAN: Sir, this is a non-emergency number.
You should've dialed 911.

Over on Elk and Third.

Gunshots. Real loud.

Like about...
10 seconds ago.

Sounded like they'd come
from inside one of the shops.

Okay. Sir?




Grilled cheese
coming right up.

That's great, thanks.
Linda's just...

She dropped me off, grabbed
something over at the shop.

Said she had to
pick something up.

Yeah, you said that

Want me to keep hers warm
till she gets here?

Oh, yeah.
That's... Although...

Like I said, she should
be any second now.

You know... There was a fella in
here earlier, asking about you.

About me?

Yeah, uh... Silver-hair,
little goatee.

Said he went by your old
house, but you moved.


Yeah, we got the house up on...

(STAMMERS) What did he...
What did you tell him?

Said if he wanted to leave a
number, I'd give it to you.

He couldn't see his way clear
to it, so we left it at that.

Can't say I much
liked his demeanor.

Sorry for the bother.

No bother.

Thought you ought to know.

LINDA: We're going
to Acapulco.


Oh, my God.

Nothing good's
gonna come outta that.


I don't.
HOST: You want a million dollars in your case.

I want a million. It's all right.
Four more cases.

WOMAN: Three.
MAN: Three.

Take the money, right?

Forget that.
I say go for it.


I'll get it.
I got it. (GRUNTS)



Wait. What?

The other one now?


Where's Lester?

Okay, put out an APB.
I'm getting my coat.

What's that now?

Someone killed the second Mrs.


Hey, you didn't
have to come.

Now we both know
that's not true.


Poor thing.

A head shot, I think.
I didn't look too close.


She's wearing his coat.


Meaning maybe it's not Linda
who's supposed to be lying here.

LESTER: Let me through!

Oh, Lester.
Mr. Nygaard.

Oh, jeez!

Yeah, go over here. Yeah,
let's get him to sit down.

Oh! Jeez! What?
Come on.


That's right. Sit down.

Sit down.
Here we go. Sit.

This is not happening.
This is not possible.

Mr. Nygaard, I have to ask you
where you're coming from.

I just...

I was over waiting at the
restaurant, drinking ginger ale.

Your dad was keeping
her grilled cheese warm,

and I'm just waiting there.
I can't understand.

She said she had to
pick some papers up.

This is... Not possible.
This is impossible.

is there any way that...

Do you think that this is
connected to Las Vegas?

The murders we talked
about earlier?

What are you saying?

A repercussion for
what you saw, maybe?


She's wearing your coat, the wife.
Molly saw that, so...

What do you mean she's wearing my coat?
What does that mean?

Well, she...

Her coat got a rip.
So I...

Oh, wait.
Uh, you think...

You're say...

I'm gonna be sick.
I'm gonna be sick.

No, Lester. If you throw
up, then I'm gonna.

We gotta
get him outta here.

Okay, Mr. Nygaard, we're gonna
take you down to the station now.

Ask you a lot of questions...

Timeline, et cetera. Okay?

Yeah, whatever you
think is best.

Thank you.

Uh, wait, do you...

Do you think... Can I just...
Say goodbye?

Well, this is an active crime scene.

Of course you can,

You go ahead.
And take your time.


MOLLY: Mr. Nygaard.

Can't have you
touching the body, sir.

(SOFTLY) I know...

Of course not. I'm sorry.
I'm just so...

I understand. Come on.
Come away now.


That's right.
Okay. Yeah.


MAN: (ON RADIO) 6-12 to base.
Chief says send the bus.

WOMAN: (ON RADIO) Roger that, 6-12.
I'll let them know.

Base to Emergency One. Chief
says send the bus to 1381 Elk.

MOLLY: (on RADIO) 6-13 to base.
I'm inbound with the husband.

We'll need Interview One.

WOMAN: Roger that, 6-13.

6-13 to base.

Yeah, go ahead, Molly.

MOLLY: (ON RADIO) Also, someone
should wake those FBI boys.

They're over at Leroy's.
Tell 'em we got developments.

They should meet me
at the station.

WOMAN: Roger that, 6-13.
We'll scoop 'em up.


We're awake, right?



You're asking if we're awake.
Me and you?

Yeah, I was just...

You know, sometimes you're
in the middle of a dream...

Do you say everything
that comes to your head?

I got him in Interview One. Also,
they just called from the scene.

Looks like the wife had plane
tickets in her pocket.


This could be a dream.

What's he saying?

Coroner's saying a single
shot from close up.

Said they found feathers in her...
Head from her hood.

They were stuck in...

So... Execution style.

I should have said
something earlier.

You heard what happened?
More than heard.

Saw the prowlers scream by.

Lester was sitting not 10 feet
away, eating a grilled cheese.

Any chance you can put an
exact time on his arrival?

Not down to
the minute, but...

That's not why I'm...

You remember you came by
with those FBI fellas earlier?

And I was looking
out the glass?

With a peculiar look on your face?

Well, there was a fella in
just before you got there...

And he was
asking about Lester.


I'm a fool for not saying...

He was maybe mid-5Os...
Upscale looking.

Silver-hair, brushed back...
With a goatee.

Drove a red BMW.

This fella?

Not unless he changed
his whole...

Although, maybe...

Drove a red BMW,
you said?


Molly? Uh, we're going in.

Dad, I gotta go.

Well, there's two ways
of looking at it.

The first is you gotta.

The second is you don't

Will you...
Call home for me?

Let Gus know that...

Tell him it's gonna
be all night.

Oh, screw that. I'm getting
my gun, is what I'm doing.

Go sit on the front porch... Make
sure my granddaughter's safe.

You're a good man.


is this what you want?


WOMAN: Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!


Is she... Bill...

Tell me she's not
still lying there

and everyone's just
stepping over her.

Mr. Nygaard, these
fellas are from the FBI.

The... The what?
Is this...

Come on, I told you.
I didn't see nothing.

All I did was
get on an elevator.

We're not here
about Las Vegas, sir.

Well, we are
and we aren't.

Um, okay.

We're here...

About him.

Based on the hustle of the
deputy, we have a name for him.

Lorne Malvo.

Uh, Bill?

Answer the question.

Um, yeah, I'm now asking for a lawyer.
This is for the record.

He's changed his look,
hasn't he?

I'm done answering your...

You've obviously...

Made up your mind
that I'm some kind of...

And I'm... I'm not...

My wife is dead!

And... There are
arrangements to see to.

So... You can either
lock me up or let me go.

He's not gonna stop.

You know that, right?

(CHUCKLES) A man like that...

May be not even a man.

Hey there.

What's going on?

What do you mean?

I mean, it's...

7:00 in the morning
and you're sitting

on my front porch
with a shotgun.

There is some consensus
this Malvo fella maybe back.

Where's Molly?

Left her at the precinct
last night.

Had Lester Nygaard in custody...
About to talk to him.

I'm going after her.
Keep an eye on Greta.

Believe me,
I mean to.

Okay, so the plan
is, we fan out.

Prowlers on all the main
roads looking for Malvo.

Encircle the town, in other words.
Uh, there's... Yeah?

Well, there are
three main roads.

So actually...
More of a triangle.


There's photos of the
suspect in your packets.

We hear he might have
changed his look though.

So silver hair now, brushed
back, possibly a goatee.

Uh, drives a red BMW,
possibly stolen.

The FBI is sending a team.

And in the meantime,
the two original agents

are staking
out Lester's house.

Molly, Gus on one.

Yeah, I'll be out there with you
coordinating maneuvers. So...

Pass those out for me? Thanks.

Yeah, hon.
GUS: Hey, I've been calling.

Yeah, I know, sorry.
It's been...

Is it true?
Is he back?

Yeah, I just finished
briefing the guys. So...

We tried to crack Lester,
but he wouldn't flinch.

So the plan is, now we're
gonna use him as bait...

GUS: Molly.

Yeah, so things are
real busy here, hon.

Look, hon.

Don't, okay?
I gotta ask you not to...

Don't go out there. You personally,
don't go looking for...

It's my job.

Yeah, I know. And you're
amazing and the best.

And I have no doubt that if you
wanted, you could handcuff Al Capone.

But some days, sometimes, you
get forces you can't control.

Bad luck, you know?

Bad luck.

Yeah, and this is all...

If it really is him,
Malvo, I just...

With everything we've been
working for, you know...

Our family and...

And I know it's not fair.
It's not.

It's your job,
and I'm just a mailman.

But you've got a
precinct full of cops.

And the FBI is there.
So I just...

Bottom line, I can't make her go
to another funeral, you know?


Okay, don't worry.
I'll just...

Yeah, I'll run things
from here.

Okay. Good... Good.

I'm in the car.
I'm coming over.

No, don't.
That's not...

No, just go home.
Be with our girl.

Hey, is my dad there?

Yeah, yeah... On the
porch with a shotgun.


Gotta love a man
who keeps his word, right?

So you promise?

Yeah, I won't
leave the building

until they call
and tell me he's surrounded.

No... Until he's dead.

I'll call you in
a little bit, okay?

So it's decided. FBI fellas
are gonna call for backup.

We're gonna take Lester home,
sit on the house,

see if we can't draw
this Malvo fella out.

You okay, Chief?


Hanging it up after this.

What's that?

I quit...
ls what I'm saying.

Don't got
the stomach for it.

Not like some.

Wearing the badge, seeing the
lengths people are capable of.

The inhumanity.


Whatever happened to... Saying
good morning to your neighbors?

And shoveling their walk and
bringing in each other's toters?

Well... Still goes on.

Yeah, but...
Not the same.

I used to have
positive opinions

about the world,
you know, about people.

Used to think the best.

Now I'm... Looking
over my shoulder.

"An unquiet mind." That's
what the wife calls it.

The job has got me staring into
the fireplace... Drinking.

I never wanted
to be the type to think

big thoughts about
the nature of things and...

All I ever wanted was... A
stack of pancakes and a 13-8.

So I'm recommending
that you take over as Chief.

I... I appreciate that, but I...
No, no.

You're the real deal.

You got the instincts
and the disposition.

I didn't see it before,
but now...

And Vern saw it.
I know that.

So I'm hoping that
after you have the baby,

you'll come back here and...
Take things over.

Well, I... I will think about that.
I will.

I gotta talk to Gus, so...


So, uh... You're okay
with the plan then?

Call in the cavalry
and set a trap.

We're a small-time force.

We're not equipped for,
you know... Urban warfare.

Most of these guys can't
shoot a can off a fence.


Chin up, Chief.



MAN: Uh, yes,

this is FBI main.
I'm looking for my agents.

WOMAN: Yeah...

They're with a suspect.
I could interrupt.

You want Pepper or Budge?

Uh, negatory.
Don't interrupt.

Just tell them to call home
when they're done.



WOMAN: Passcode?

Uh, six-one-alpha-theta-nine.

WOMAN: Transferring.

MAN: Operations.

Uh, yes,
this is Agent Budge.

We've hit a dead end out here.
So we're gonna be heading back.

MAN: Say again?

Dead end, heading back.

MAN: Hold on. Didn't you just
call looking for backup?

Yeah, my partner, he kind of
jumped the gun on that one.

But looks like local PD
has it under control.

So we're gonna
just pack and blow.

MAN: Whatever.
Get your shit straight.

Cancelling backup.


Help you, sir?

I hope so.
I got my eye on this one.

Oh, she's a beaut,
that's for sure.

V-8 engine...
Only 22,000 miles on her.

I like it 'cause it looks
like an undercover vehicle.

Like an FBI car.

Well, sir,
I guess she does.

Never thought about it.

Even got the long
antenna on the back.

Mind if we take
a test drive?

Well... Well, we're not
officially open yet.

But I don't see why not.
Hold on, I'll grab the keys.



Okay... So we're
letting you go.

About time.

Yeah, and so the FBI fellas,
they're gonna drive you home.

Not necessary.
I can call a cab.

Yeah. Well, like I said,
we're letting you go,

but at the same time a wanted
fugitive has been spotted in town.

And we think he's got
intentions towards you. So...

The ride home's
not really optional.

Well, they're not
coming in the house.

Sure. Okay.
We can play it that way.

But they're still gonna
stick around for a while,

keep an eye on things.


You know...
I'm not sure

what it is that you've had against
me since day one, but, um...

lam not the person you think I am, this...
This kind of monster.

There was a fellow once...
Running for a train.

And he's carrying a pair
of gloves, this man.

He drops a glove on the platform...
But he doesn't notice.

And then later on... Uh, inside the train,
he's sitting by the window,

and he realizes that he's
just got this one glove left.

But the train's already started
pulling out of the station, right?

So what does he do?

He opens the window...

And he drops the other
glove onto the platform.

That way... Whoever finds
the first glove...

Can just have the pair.

So... What are you
telling me?

Goodbye, Mr. Nygaard.

Goodbye, Deputy.

I didn't do this,
you know...

Any of it.

That deputy... Boy...
She's got a thing for me.

So, Lester, say you had a boat.

Say you've got a boat

and you've got a fox,
a rabbit and a cabbage.

Now, you can only row one of
them across the river at a time.

Now, you could
take the cabbage,

but then the fox
would eat the rabbit.

Or you can take the fox, but the
rabbit would eat the cabbage.

What are you asking?
Same thing on the other side.

You could leave
the rabbit there alone,

but... What happens when
you bring the fox over

and go back
for the cabbage?

Forget it.

My partner doesn't know
what he's talking about.

I already told you,
just eat all three of them.

Can I only row them
across in one direction?

No, no. Either way.

Well then... You row
the rabbit across,

and the fox won't
eat the cabbage.

Then you go back for the fox...
And when you drop him off,

you put the rabbit back in the
boat and go get the cabbage.

Only this time,
you leave the rabbit behind

and then you row
the cabbage back across.

Again, the fox will
not eat the cabbage

and then you...
Go back for the rabbit.

That's it.

See? That wasn't so hard.

We feel we need
to say again

that your life
may be in danger.

Like a lot of danger.

So we're gonna sit right here for a bit.
Keep an eye on things.

Free country, isn't it?






You were police once...
Molly says.

State cop...

18 years.

Took a bullet in the hip
on a traffic stop...

Retired full pension.

You ever do this before...
Stand guard?

One other time...
Winter of 1979...

Minus 4 degrees.

Sat on a dark porch
from dusk till dawn.

Your stepmom was
inside sleeping...

Four years old.

Who did you
think was coming?

Wasn't a question of "who,"
more like "what."

Did it come?

Not that night...
But soon after.


What are you planning
to do with that?

If he comes...
I'll put his eye out.

You can finish him off.

That's my girl.

OFFICER: Yeah, so car 18, checking in...
Over on Bear Patch.

Pretty quiet, huh?

Okay, 18, keep your eyes peeled.

Hey, car 6,

Hey, this is car 6
out on 71.

I had a pickup
with an unsecured load.

All quiet otherwise.

Yeah, roger that, 6.

Keep me posted, okay?

I'm gonna run
over to Lester's.

Uh, but give a shout
when the other FBI rolls up.

You think it's safe?

For me, I'm saying...

With that fella out there.

I mean,
everyone else is gone.

Yeah, maybe lock the door.


You still think
this is a dream?



What if my whole
life has been a dream?

Yeah, but whose
dream is it?

Heads up.

What do you think?

Could be our backup.

FBI, step out of the car!

Out of the car! Now!

Let me see your hands!

His hands are taped.

I'm sorry.

This is a dream.




I got a little girl.






LESTER: Police? Yeah, I
need the police please.

Yes, it's an emergency.

This is Lester Nygaard,
you gotta...

I think the...

You need to send somebody.

I need help now.
I need you to come.


Lester Nygaard.

Just hurry up!

I'm upstairs in the bathroom.
There's no lock on the door.

Oh, God!
You've gotta hurry.


Ow! Ow!


Oh, shit!









God damn it.



GUS: I figured it out.

Good for you.

Your riddle... Shades of green...
I figured it out.






Open it.

MALVO: Yeah?

Yeah, it's... It's...
It's me. It's Lester.

Uh, she's. .. My wife...
My wife, she's...

Oh, hell!

Look, I think I...

She's in
the basement dead and...

Look, I'm freaking out here.
I don't know what to do.

Lester, have you been a bad boy?

Uh! Jeez.

Yeah, I took
the hammer and...

Look, can you come over? I'm on
Willow Creek Drive, number 613.

MALVO: Sure, Lester.
I'll be right there.



MAN: I think that's him.


LESTER: Oh, no.

Get after him!
Come on!


MAN: Stop! It's not safe!

Hey, come back!
It's too dangerous!

MAN: Stop!





Are you sure?

Okay, well... Let me know
what the divers turn up.


Take the money, right?

No, I say go for it.

What'd I miss?

The lady brought a list...
And Dad's being a wuss again.

No, stop it!

Scooch over, you.

Hey, so I...
I got a call today.

They're gonna give me
a citation for bravery.


Come on, you're
afraid of spiders.

Buzz Aldrin was afraid of
spiders and he went into space.

Proud of you, hon.

They really should
be giving it to you.


No, this is your deal.

I get to be Chief.
Ripped By mstoll