Family (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Line up.



So you've made your decision.

Are you sure you're not going to regret?


What if Minseo wakes up?


That's your weakness.

You're still clumsy.

Chunryun was
the most outstanding kid we created.

Whatever the mission,

I could rely on her.

Her father was a missionary.

She got sick of traveling

with her father when she was young.

So she ran away
as soon as she came of age.

Every time she regretted
making her father die alone,

she nagged at me to be a good son.

I made that story up.

She liked it back then.

I never thought she'd still use it.

Should I trust

your story?

I don't care about earning your trust.

All I want is my family.

Bring back my daughter and granddaughter
whom Chunryun took from me.

If Chunryun's in this photo,

she knows what happened
to these children

at the time.

Show me what you've got.

Remember Butterfly?


Can't kill someone you know?

Keep your promise first.

You said you'd leave if I kill Wolfe.

You have two days.


I put all the emergency medications
and important stuff in here.

The selfie stick.

The nest egg envelope is in here.

Your passport.

I put enough underwear and socks.

So you don't need to handwash them.

How do I look?



If you ever miss the guide,

go to the nearest police...

Oh, no. You forgot about what happened.

Don't you remember?

Last time I went to the US,

I lost my wallet and phone,

but I became friends
with a 20-year-old Yankee

and stayed in his house for 3 days.

We all went crazy

because we couldn't reach you.

Don't do that again.

Okay, okay.

What about these?

The previous pair was better.

You think so?

We changed the schedule
in the last minute.

Is Ms. Park okay with it?

She can't wait to escape
from looking after her children.

- Father.
- Hmm?


The cab must be here.

Oh, that reminds me.

I forgot about the most important part.

Your cousin.

I made him a lot of promises.

I should show him around Seoul,
get him herbal medicine

and set up a blind date
with a nice woman.

I'll take good care of him.

Don't worry and enjoy your trip.

He'd think I was saying empty words.


- Have a safe trip.
- I'll see you later.

Please take him safely to the airport.

Dad, look.

Give me three reasons
why you need the piggybank.

- First.
- First.

What if a thief comes to our house

and steals this?

That'd never happen.

- Second.
- Second.

If I find money on the street,
I'll save it in here.

They have banks in Jeju Island.

- Third.
- Third.

- Hmm...
- Third.

The piggybank is out.

No, I have to take it with me.

You have to?

Hey, Minseo.

How can you do this to me?

How come you're so excited?

The thought of not seeing you
for three days

already breaks my heart.


I know you're excited now,

but at night, you're going to miss me,

and cry because you're lonely,

and call me all crying.


I don't know, I'd have to see. Hmm...

You'd have to see?


Oh, sweetie.


Why does Mom suddenly want to
send you on a trip?

Dohoon. Dohoon.

Are you ready, Minseo?

Let's go.

Listen carefully.

When you land in Jeju,

you have to send
a nice picture of Minseo

every 30 minutes, okay?

And if she says her legs hurt,

you'll have to carry her, okay?

Lastly, if she says she's hungry,

get her anything she wants.

Don't save your money.

You know I worked my butt off...

What's wrong with this punk?

- Yura.
- Remember what I said.

Thank you. We'll enjoy our trip.

Thank you, Yura.

We're not going overseas,
but I guess Jeju's not so bad.

For Bboongbboong's sibling,
I'll send you abroad.

You always read my mind.

Here's the most important part.

If Minseo gets scared on the plane,

stop the plane, okay?

Tell them to stop.

Stop the plane, okay?

Get off on the way.

Just come with us.

- Seriously.
- Honey.

Are you sure we can trust him?

I'm worried
about leaving Minseo with him.

Don't worry.

He does a better job
caring for her than you.



I love you, Dad.

I love you too.

Give me a kiss.

- Give Mom a kiss.
- Kiss.

Have fun, Minseo.

Behave yourself, punk!

Have fun, Mirim.

Be careful.

Be careful.

Treat her like treasure.

- Bye, Yura.
- Bye.

Bye, Minseo.

I'm so worried.

Why do I feel so anxious?

Are you sure you can run the café
by yourself?

You should take this chance
to get some rest.

You lost so much weight.

You look haggard.


What do you mean no? Come here.


You lost so much weight.

- I'm dizzy.
- Yes?

Me too.

Even if you can't reach me today,
don't worry.

Why? Are you busy?

I have to go to a parents' meeting
at school

and get the café restroom fixed.

I need to get an estimate
on the kitchen, it's a hectic day.

- What about you?
- I'm busy too.

I have a lot to get done at work.

Anyway, don't skip your meals.

Have a good day.

- Don't worry.
- See you later.

- Drive safe.
- Okay.


We're changing our destination.

Show me what you've got.


Can't kill someone you know?

Keep your promise.

That if I kill Wolfe, you'd leave.

You have two days.

A sniper is never
in a perfect spot.

You must overcome all variables,

and remove the target
with your first bullet.

There is no second chance.

Time, distance, height, humidity.

For that one chance,

leverage the environment around you.

What matters the most to a sniper

is hitting the target.

But what's more crucial is
what happens after sniping.

Whether you succeed or not,

you must survive.

Find as many,

and surest exits as possible.

Remove all your traces.

Hide your practices, habits,

and anything that leads to you.

You're a bullet.

Remove yourself
and leave only the bullet.

Chief Oh, wait.

You look really nice.

I thought I'd take a picture with you
before I quit.

I already took one with Jaeyeol.

While working in this company,

the only thing I improved on
is taking photos.

Once I'm fired,

I'm opening a photo studio.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

My wage got cut.
I should make up for that.

Stay still.

I forgot the lights.

- Come on, look at the camera.
- Hey.

It's 50,000 won per photo,
so it's 100,000.

You're really not working?

How long are you going to
stay on strike?

Would you feel like working?

I need to recover my pride
from the reduced wage.

I don't feel like working.

Not at all.

Hey, my friend.
How have you been?

I'm in a hurry,
so I'll tell you about something first.

I will send you two pictures.

Check please.

If they are the same person
based on the current appearance.

Did you say eight guns
were sold in Busan?

Yes, so far,
we've retrieved six of them.

There's still a rat.

Anything found in their hidden phones?

We checked the records,

but nothing other than
the changing caller ID, no.


I'll deal with him,

- you can look for the rat.
- Yes, ma'am.

Are you worried about your family?

I know
how your organization works.

They're holding your wife and children
as hostage

for a time like this.

We are protecting your family.

I've already issued
a new clean identity for you.

I'll give you money

for your escape, of course.

You can stay in overseas

under the witness protection program
if you want.


I can't leave my family behind
in a world

where I cannot protect them.

It's better if we all die together.

If you see this,

you'll change your mind.

It's okay, you can tell me.

You know the one who died in Wonju.

Where are the rest of them now?

See if anyone named Taegu

arrived from Thailand
in the last five days.

He's the control tower of MGD.

Yes, go on.

What? A toy?


Let me see.

Hang on.

They don't have it here.

Do you want something else?

Stop crying, all right.

What? Cuteness overload?

Hey, would you like
money instead?

I'll give you plenty.

Where is it?

I've confirmed your daughter
and granddaughter are safe.

Hey, James.

After a montage comparison

based on ears, eyebrows, etcetera,

we can assume she is the same person

as the girl in the middle.

Should I check if anyone else is alive,

other than the woman
who's just confirmed?

I will send you the original data that

can be compared now.

- Okay.
- Got it.

We've landed in Jeju!

Isn't it cold?

It's not cold at all, don't worry.

We'll have tons of fun.

Mom, I love you.

I love you too, Minseo.

- I love you, Yura.
- I love you.

Minseo, off my knees now.

What if Yura finds out?

Mm-mm. She won't.

We must not get caught.



When's Boseok coming?

I have to show him my new shoes.

Because it's new...

Did you open it?

I can't go.

Boseok can't come.


Minseo, Kwon Minseo.

Kwon Minseo!


If you want to go, go over my dead body.

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Uncle Taegu.

I'll call him for you.


That's right.

Uncle Taegu wanted to play with you.

- Really?
- Yes.

I'll call Uncle for you.

Come here, Minseo.

Let's go back home.

Uncle Taegu.

Uncle Taegu.

Uncle Taegu.



Taegu! This is bad. Minseo is...

Total number of children confirmed dead

in the photos you sent is 15.

If you compare that to the number
in the group photo

there are three children
we can't confirm.

That means there are two more,

aside from the woman
you already checked.

PS. What are these pictures?

Where did such a terrible thing happen?

Could she be alive?

Maybe the body is gone.

If she survived in there
like Chunryun...

No, not today.

Not tomorrow either.

Both you and Chunryun.

You think I'm your underling?

Sir, no, thank you.

I'm good.

- No need to reconsider.
- Thank you.

Hey, you should quit.

You should quit and work with me.

What can you do with a girl
who can't even cut her own nails?

So you can make her clean this place?

No, thanks, to you too.

Okay, you have a point.

You got it.

It must be here,
have a look at the parts.


This looks expensive.

This one.

This will cost you extra.

- My, you're scary.
- You're scarier.

You know I'm penniless.
Please don't be like this.

Look here, ma'am.

Do you see this? To this price,

you can add one more zero

and send it to my account.

Ugh. So expensive.

She needs to give me

his name at least.



Something's not right.


Can you email this to me?

Sure, I can do that.

Well done.

Chief Oh.

Please have a seat.

You know it'll take quite a while

to go over all of that.

Oh, Chief Oh.

You're so old school at doing things.

Start with this guy.

Is there a reason?

I'm not sure
if he's a coward or a psycho.

The day I arrived,

I shared the cab with him
by coincidence.

The cab number's five three four,
nine one nine O.

He was carrying a cello case,

but it wasn't the weight of a cello.

Does that ring a bell?

You can make him pay.

Chief Oh, where are you going?

I just got here.

Hmm, I'm busy.


My goodness.

How did you know I was here?

Didn't you know?

I put a GPS tracker on you.

Geez. Where? Where is it?


What did you and Chief Oh talk about?

Touch me and I'll bite you, growl.



They're alive.

They're still alive.



set, go!

- Go!
- Go, Jihoon!

Go, Jihoon!

Go, Jihoon, you can do it!


Go, Jihoon!

He's weak.

Are you okay?

My goodness.

I think I'd beat you too.

I should've gone easy on him.

How did you do that?

Uncle, are you crying?

I'm okay.

One more time.

What? Are you sure?

You're weaker than my dad.


We're having dinner.

Sashimi, must be nice, right?


Minseo, it's Mom.

Look how delicious it is!

So good.

It's good.

I wish you were here too.

- Minseo, open your mouth.
- Aah!


Minseo's having fun,
so you can stop calling us.

Do you know how many calls
you've made already today?

I'll call you one last time
when you get in the pension.

The pension?

Yura, did you have dinner?

No pension, what now?

The weather forecast said
it's going to snow in Jeju Island.

Is it snowing there?

Oh, yes. It is.

Can't you see? It's snowing so much.

It's beautiful.

Oh, snow.

It's snowing.

Oh, snow.



do you want to go make a snowman later?

And go sledding.

A snowman sounds perfect.

Were you prepared for it?


Yura, do you see the snow?

Got to go.


It's so tiring.

Stop spraying.

We're inside.

Honey, how many times more
do we have to do this?

Is this right?

Oh. Uncle Taegu, your hand.

He must've scratched it when he fell.

That's nothing.

I'm getting sick of it.

- Taegu.
- He's so slow,

- way too slow.
- You were late.

Minseo, I told you to say hi

- with a big smile.
- Was that on purpose?

Uncle Taegu, please don't get hurt.


Jo Taegu.

He runs a small business in Thailand,

is a 2nd generation immigrant
and it's his first time visiting Korea.

His whereabouts after his arrival?

He got out of the hotel around 3:00 p.m.
on his first day

and returned around 4:00 a.m.

Got out again around 11:00 a.m.
this morning and hasn't returned yet.

We've requested the hotel
for further information.

What are you doing in my room?

What took you so long?
I've been waiting.

That's not something for a rat to say.

That's sad.

I even sent you a gift.

Please don't disregard my sincerity.

A gift?


This is no time to go through my room.

Right, Wind?

Who are you?

You were very impressive.

What made you so soft?

Since you're there,
take your time.

I guess you're not ready yet,
so I'll wait.

Don't take too long.

I'm not that patient.



Minseo, see that?


Mirim, is Min...

Are you still at the airport?

That's the airport, isn't it?

What are you still...

We left something in the airport.

Minseo. Minseo.

Where did she go?


Mirim, did you...

not go to Jeju Island?

You see...

The thing is...

- Jihoon.
- Put Jihoon on the phone.

What? Jihoon...

That prick.

Kwon Jihoon, you prick!

You darn prick!


Yes, sir.

What the heck were you doing?

My apologies, I should've been careful.

So you got nothing?

Yes, I retrieved the burned items

and requested for a DNA test.

Drop it now.

- Excuse me?
- It's an order from the head office.

Maintain a low profile for a while.

We're almost there, sir.

As long as we keep Butterfly,

she'll bring us something.

We can get Warrior soon.

We'll be handling Butterfly.

No, sir.

Butterfly is the last original member.

If we lose this chance,
we'll never get another one.

Once we handle Butterfly,
Bullet or Warrior will not

come in action for a while.

- Sir.
- Do as I say.



You look familiar.

It's you.

Twenty seven.

You're dying tomorrow.

Run for your life.

So I won't kill anyone.

I was curious to know
how Bullet's favorite had grown up.

When you reach this age, you can see it.

You're trying to protect your family.

Is it extravagant to have a family?

I wonder...

what Bullet would've done
in this situation.

I've been following his will.

This is your last chance.


Appreciate the suggestion.


I guess we'll all do it our own ways.

Things have gone south.
You should leave Korea for a while.

I'll do as you say.

But let me see the kids before I go.

Come on, pick up.


How did it go?

The girl can't be traced,

but I found the boy.

Who's he? What's his age and name?

I don't know that much yet.

You see,

there's something strange about this.

Chunryun ordered me

to track the MGD killer
who recently arrived in Korea.

And that suspect's name is the same

as the guy you're looking for.

What's his name?

Taegu. Not sure of his last name.


You're trying
to protect your family.

Is it extravagant to have a family?

Appreciate the suggestion.


I guess we'll all do it our own ways.



I was just thinking about you.

I called right on time.

We can read each other's minds.

So how was your day?

Must have been peaceful without me.

I was bored to death.

It's not like the café is busy.

My only enjoyment is chatting with you.

But you weren't here.

You should've told me.

You want me to come now?

Is there a flight now?


What is it, dear?

I want to hear you sing.



Hold on.


I myself alone

Want to know you

I myself alone

Want to hold you

I myself alone

Will love you


If Mom yells at me,
you have to stop her.

I don't know.

I might not be able to stop her today.

Do you know how furious she is?

Kwon Minseo.

Where did you learn

to lie like that?


I never taught you to lie.

I'm utterly shocked.

Every day.


You can be nice from now on.

Then I'll only learn the good things.


Not okay.


what did you do with Uncle Taegu?

We did the chicken fight, arm wrestle

and hopscotch.

Dad, Uncle Taegu has a serious problem.

- Why?
- How come he can't even cook ramyeon?

He lost at rock-paper-scissors
every time.

He has a lot to learn.

He has more than 100 things to learn.

More than 100.

This is no time for this.

This is crazy.
What am I going to tell her?

It's Mom.


Minseo, don't ever lie again.

Cheers, one more time.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- Ah! Home is the best.
- Really?

I won't go on a trip again

- unless I'm going with you.
- Mm!

Mom, Dad,

I missed you so much.

Did you?

Don't go anywhere from now on, okay?

Yes, I've made up my mind.

To live with you for my whole life.

Do you mean it?

You promised.

Don't ever betray us and get married.

If you do, you're a bad child.

Why not? You're married.

I'm going to marry Boseok too.

We can live together with Boseok.

Are you really going to marry him?


I'll let you do that.

When you get married,

we'll have to move to a bigger house.

Or should we just build a house?

So we can live with Father and Jihoon's?

For everyone to live together,

how big should it be?

Uh... 2.5 acres?

We'll need 2.5 acres.

- 2.5 acres?
- Yes.

Can we get a puppy too?

Of course.

But you have to do
all the potty training, okay?


I want ten siblings.

I want to play soccer with my siblings
in a 2.5-acre house.

When are we moving?

I can't wait.


Who is it?



It's from work.

I'm suddenly meeting a buyer
from abroad.

I'll have to bring my suit.


Where did I stop?

- 2.5 acres.
- Oh, 2.5 acres.

For a new house!

Let's work harder, Dohoon.

- For 2.5 acres.
- Let's work harder.

I've confirmed the route.

I'm aware of the confidentiality.

I'll handle it.

Chief Oh.

Why are you so busy lately?

You're always outside.

If you've got nothing to do,
go help Jaeyeol.

He may look fine, but

to be back in the field
after getting shot...

Of course I should.

What's gotten into you? No complaints?

Because we're friends.

So, you got anything to say to me?

You should help Jaeyeol.

The performance is almost over.

If you wait inside, they'll soon be out.

Kyungjin already knows.

She knows why you left her

and what you've gone through

to save her.

She thought she was helping you

by keeping a distance.

She had to pretend to be innocent

to have you approach her.

I'll call you again.

Stay alive and wait for my call.

It wasn't Bullet.

The person who killed Wolfe.

Some girl came to me yesterday

and gave me Bullet's bullet.

Some girl?

One of the kids who came after you.

Twenty seven.

I don't care
about earning your trust.

All I want is my family.

Bring back my daughter and granddaughter
whom Chunryun took from me.

Wait, I got a call.


Yes, I'll check when I get home.


Who is it?

Have you seen the face?

What's up with you two today?

I was wondering why it's so icy in here.

Yura, what did he do wrong this time?

You got to make it this time.

I can't reach Minseo.

If you want your daughter back,

come after you have finished the task.

Your smile hasn't change a bit,
then or now.

The target is Oh Chunryun.

The murderer who has
destroyed our lives.