Fame (1982–1987): Season 1, Episode 5 - To Soar and Never Falter - full transcript

Bruno is in love with a dance major named Kathy Murphy. When he is to write a piece of music for her, she performs for him and gets injured. It turns out that she has Multiple Sclerosis.

Make wisecracks, but
dancing comes first.

♪♪ [Upbeat]

You know I'm a flake and a jerk.

- Don't you wanna develop
some versatility?
- No.

Mr. Martelli, men
sweat, women perspire.

Dancers glow. Miss
Murphy, you're glowing a lot.

- Kathy Murphy.
- What?

She's gonna have
to leave the school.

♪♪ [Disco]

♪ Fame ♪
♪ I'm gonna live forever ♪

♪ I'm gonna learn how to fly ♪
♪ High ♪

♪ I feel it comin' together ♪

♪ People will see me and cry ♪
♪ Fame ♪

♪ I'm gonna make it to heaven ♪

♪ Light up the
sky like a flame ♪

♪ Fame ♪
♪ I'm gonna live forever ♪

♪ Baby, remember my name ♪
♪ Remember, remember ♪

♪ Remember, remember ♪

You got big dreams.

You want fame.

Well, fame costs,

and right here is where
you start paying in sweat.

♪ Fame ♪
♪ I'm gonna live forever ♪

♪ Baby, remember my name ♪
♪ Remember, remember ♪

♪ Remember, remember ♪

♪ Fame ♪♪

♪♪ [Piano, Congas: Upbeat]

[Lydia] And boogie! And
boogie! Turn! Hah, hah, hah!


Hah! Step, step, step!
One, two, three and four!

Yes! Come on! Rock! Hey!
One and two! And three!

Five, six, seven, eight!

Four, five, six, seven, eight!

And one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight!

And one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight!

And one and two, three and
four and five, six, seven eight!

Again! Hah, hah! Hey!

And six, seven, eight!

And one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven! Hold!

Okay, that's pretty good. Pretty
good. [Kids Panting, Exclaiming]

Take a couple minutes, catch
your breath, and then we'll go again.

Miss Grant, I don't think I
can do this again. I truly don't.

[Kids Laughing] Leroy,
don't come in here...

littering up this nice, clean dance
floor with that kind of garbage.

I'm serious. It's hard to
do this kinda dancin'...

- when the tempo keeps
changin' all the time.
- [Kids Laughing]

Okay, okay. Let's ease
up off of Mr. Martelli.

I think you're doing a fine job. Besides,
until Mr. Tillman gets over the flu,

that poor child
is all we've got.

How about it, Martelli? What's your
impression of your first dance class?

I think it's nice that society provides
facilities like this for these kind of people.

[All Laughing] Get outta here.

All right. That's enough.

Back up on your feet. Let's go
again. [Kids Grumbling, Chattering]

[Chattering Continues]


Could you stick around after
class? I'd like to speak to you.

Martelli, why don't
you stick around too?

All right, class! Come on.
Let's go. [Stick Rapping]

Time is money, and y'all don't
have much. [Kids Exclaiming]

All right, let's go. Five,
six, seven, eight! And one...

Amatullo, I've been telling
you no for the past 10 minutes.

When are you going
to start hearing it?

Mr. Crandall, it's
for your own good.

I'm trying to stop you
from making a big mistake.

Your concern breaks my
heart. But I'm right. I really am.

Ask Miss Sherwood. Leave me
out of this, Danny, whatever it is.

Mr. Crandall just doesn't
know me as well as you do.

- You know I'm a flake
and a jerk, right?
- I know no such thing.

- I'm always clowning
and making jokes, aren't I?
- Yes, but...

But that's the same
thing. And-And Crandall...

Mr. Crandall... has put me in this really
serious love scene with Julie Miller,

and it's just
something I-I can't do.


Danny, don't you wanna
develop some versatility?


Amatullo, this is
not a debating team.

You have been given an
assignment, you and Julie Miller.

I expect to see the scene
on its feet next week.

Curtain, applause.
Get outta here.

Okay. Fine.

Try and do a guy a favor and
tell him he's makin' a big mistake.

But does he listen?
No way. I tried.

It's not my fault if
the man won't listen.

[Door Opens, Closes]

What do you suppose
the hang-up is?

It's a love scene. Hugging,
kissing... all that good stuff.

He probably feels a
little awkward about it.

Greg, the concept of "sweet
16 and never been kissed"...

- Prehistoric of me.
- Mm-hmm.

I beg your pardon.

Oh, I can't believe it! I
simply can't believe it!

Calm down, child. It's just a tryout.
There's nothing guaranteed about it.

Oh, I know, but this is
not just a dance troupe.

This is the Rand
Tyler Dance Troupe.

They're the best! Just the best!

What's the matter with you?

Nothing. I... I just don't know what we're
talking about... or what I'm doing here.

Neither do I. What
is he doing here?

Well, Martelli, there isn't a
young dancer who wouldn't kill...

to be picked to tour
with the Tyler troupe.

The people on the audition board
have heard every classical piece,

every semiclassical piece, even every
possible variation on "You Light Up My Life."

- So?
- So...

how would you like to
compose an original number...

for Kathy to use
when she tries out?

It's a little thing, but any edge we can
get when the competition is this tough...

Would you?

I'm not sure what kind
of music you'll be wanting.

Uh, I've never done
any dance stuff before.

But I'll give it a shot
if you want me to.

Oh, I want! Believe it!

Um, listen, we'll
talk in the cafeteria...

and figure out how to
put this all together, okay?

Okay. Whatever you say.

Great. Thank you.

- All right, baby.
- Bye. See ya.

[Footsteps Departing]

[Clicks Tongue] Bruno.

Why was it that you
gave Kathy a look...

that went from her toes all
the way to the top of her head?

Why do you think you
looked at her like that?

Can I refuse to
answer that question?


Honey, you just did answer. Mmm.

[All] ♪ Don't stop
You'd better not ♪

♪ Don't stop, you'd better not
Don't stop, you'd better not ♪

♪ Don't stop, you'd better not
Don't stop, you'd better not ♪

♪ Don't stop, you'd better not
Don't stop, you'd better not ♪

♪ Don't stop, you'd better not
Don't stop, you'd better not ♪

♪ Don't stop, you'd better not
Don't stop, you'd better not ♪

♪ Don't stop, you'd better not
Don't stop, you'd better not ♪

♪ Don't stop You'd better
not ♪♪ [All Cheering]

There's room down
there. We can talk.

[Mouthing Word]

[Chattering] ♪♪
[Piano: Noodling]

[Chattering] Yeah.

[Sighs] Now, I've gotta
warn you about something.

I'm not any kind of miracle
worker when it comes to dance stuff.

I know. That's why I think
we should tell Miss Grant...

that it's not gonna work
out with you and me.

Shortest job I ever had.
Why wouldn't it work out?

Well, after I left class, I started
thinking about you not even knowing...

who the Rand Tyler
Dance Troupe is, and...

I think that anyone who
doesn't know that kind of stuff...

Which is really basic... couldn't
help me with an original number.

You like music? Of
course. I love music.

Then tell me who
Paul Della Robbia is.

I don't know.

Only arranger and composer to work
for Stan Kenton and Duke Ellington.

Only white composer-arranger to
work for both Basie and Ellington.

Leonard Bernstein
commissioned Della Robbia...

to compose an original
jazz mass and requiem...

which was performed with rave
reviews at the Kennedy Center in 1964.

Ray Brown said that
Paul Della Robbia...

is the best white jazz
bass player he's ever heard.

Now, I can say that you not
knowing anything about Della Robbia...

means that you
don't really love music.

Would that be fair? [Chuckles]
No. I guess it wouldn't.

It certainly wouldn't... even if
any of what I just said was true.

See you tomorrow.
Oh, Miss Sherwood.

Do you have a minute to talk?

Sure. What can I do for you?

Um, we can walk.
I'm heading home too.

What's the problem?
I'm not sure what...

I guess you'd call it protocol.

Fire when ready. Okay.

When I'm in music class and
Shorofsky assigns me something...

But I don't think I'm ready for it...
I can ask him for another choice.

And he'll give it
to me... usually.

Are you asking me to change
one of your assignments?

Oh, no. Look, actually, I was wondering
what you think Mr. Crandall might say...

if I asked him to change
one of my assignments.

What kind of assignment
are we talking about here?

Oh, it's an acting
sort of a thing.

But the thing of it is, even if
Crandall does agree to the change,

I might be hurting
somebody else's feelings.

I tell you what. Why don't
I talk to Mr. Crandall...

Informally, of course... and see if I can find
out how he feels about this kind of thing.

Thanks a lot. Really. [Sighs]

Sometimes you just seem to
understand more than the other teachers.

[Exhales] It's a gift.

Something like that, you know?

And then you have to look
for places where I can breathe.

Well, let's see. That rules out Los
Angeles, but I'm told Aspen is nice.

Bruno, dancing is supposed
to look effortless, but it's not.

And if you go with a
tempo that's nonstop...

and a melody line that just
builds and builds and builds,

I'm gonna end up sounding
like a steam engine.

It's a weird way to write music.
Why can't I just write something,

and then you put whatever
steps that go with it?

You're missing the point.
I'm not dancing to your music.

You are composing to
the needs of my routine.

If this is what it's gonna
be like working with you,

I would just as soon put on
a cassette of The Nutcracker.

That's very appropriate.

You can make all the
wisecracks you want... I doubt that.

But the dancing comes first.

Fine, but remember that no one
ever left a concert hall humming a jump.

[Scoffs] Humming a what?

Jump. Or whatever
dancers call them.

- The term is a jeté.
- I knew that. I was just testing you.

You know what our problem
is? We are too much alike.

To you, nothing can be
more important than the music.

And I feel the same
way about dancing.

Now, how do we work this out?

By that... by-by working it out.

Why don't you show
me how you wanna start,

and I'll see if it doesn't
trigger something.

Hey, Bruno. Oh, Pop.

Where you been? I been
waitin' out front for 15 minutes.

I'm sorry. I forgot
about the time.

I'm Angelo Martelli.
I'm his father. Hi.

He's got bad manners. It's
a reflection on me actually.

- Seeing you, I can't blame him
for losing track of time.
- I'm Kathy Murphy.

What are you doing in here?
This is a dance room, right?

Kathy has an audition coming up, and I was
supposed to help out with some original music.

- We were just starting
when you came in.
- Can I watch?

I never saw something
like that. I won't say a word.

Aren't you afraid you're
gonna get a ticket?

I already got a ticket. I might as
well get my money's worth out of it.

[Laughing] Listen, I
swear. I won't say a word.

I'll just watch. You two go
right ahead. Don't mind me at all.

Have a seat.


Okay. Now, if the routine
is gonna have a build to it,

I think it should start out
real... real simple, you know?

Like this.

And then when they think
it's gonna be all lace, la-di-da...

- [Groaning]
- Lie still. Don't move.

Oh, it hurts! It really hurts! I
think I tore something inside.

We'll get her to Lang Memorial in
the back of the cab. Give me a hand.

[Moaning] Careful.

- How long ago
did this happen?
- Ten, 15 minutes ago.


On a scale of one to 10,
how much does this hurt?

[Wincing] Five, five and a half.

Well, something's
screwed up in there.

Let's get you down to
X-ray and see what it is.

Can you tell how bad it is?

That's what the X-rays are
for. I'll get 'em movin' on it.

Who's your family physician?

Dr. Langtree. East 76th Street.

Okay. You relax if
you can. Won't be long.

Should I call your parents?

No. I don't wanna be alone.

After the X-rays are
taken. Maybe then, okay?

- They'll wanna know.
- I know.

But there's no point in calling
them till we know how bad it is.

It's not like I'm
dying or anything.

[Crying] It's-It's just that I
might miss that audition.

There'll be others.

Right. There'll be
others. You bet. Kathy.

I've seen basketball players go down
with knee injuries. The pain is incredible.

I'm not tryin' to say that
you're not hurting or anything.

It's just that... Doesn't
seem to be the same thing.

Is that your expert
opinion, Dr. Martelli?

I'm not trying to be an
expert. I just wanted to...

I'm sorry. It's... It's
just that it really hurts.

And... [Sniffles] I'm not really
taking this like a champ or anything.

So just bear with
me? Be a friend.

What else are composers for?

You got good hands.

Piano player or wide
receiver... I couldn't decide.


[Woman Chattering]

She's still up in X-ray.

- That's what did it.
- What?

I betcha I spilled a little bit
of coffee on the dance floor.

That's what her foot hit when she
came down. I betcha that's what it was.

Yeah. Or maybe she just fell.

No. Coffee.

Is there somethin' about bein'
a parent that automatically...

makes a person feel responsible for
everything that happens, good or bad?

Yeah, there is.

They're workin' on
a vaccine though.

If there's any ligament damage or
any tear, it doesn't show up here.

There's some swelling,
but not a big deal.

We'll take a look in there
in the morning to make sure.

- You're talking about
an operation?
- Barely qualifies for the term.

The procedure's
called an arthroscopy.

We make an incision
about half an inch long,

look around inside the knee with a small
fiber-optic device, close it with a simple bandage.

- Takes 20 minutes.
- I'm gonna hold you to that.

I'll deliver.

I'll see you in the morning.

Everything's under control
here. We'll be leaving too.

Mr. Martelli, I... I can't thank you enough
for all your help... you and your son.

It's the least we could've done.

You be good now, huh,
Kathy? You do what they tell you.

Bruno. Yeah?

- Don't stop writing, okay?
- Okay. [Chuckles]

Mom, I just fell.

It happens to other dancers
all the time. If you say so.

You don't believe me. Baby.

I just think we've made
a mistake. That's all.

I wonder if we shouldn't...
rethink our decision.

No, we should not. Kathy.

Mom, it's my life, and we
shouldn't rethink anything.

You could at least sit
them down and talk it over.

No. Does it occur to you
you're being bullheaded?

It occurs to me that I do not comment
on how you run your English class.

That's what occurs to me.

All right. Maybe
I'm out of line.

But Danny and Julie are
both asking for help. I...

They are not asking for
help. They are asking out.

Now, when they come to me and
explain the problem, then we'll see.

Until then, you are
dealing with Simon Legree.

Mr. Legree?

"Kathy" is spelled with a "K."

You get an "A" in spelling.

Room for one more?
Soon as I'm finished.

How is she?

Strained ligaments,
they say. Nothing torn.

- And the upcoming audition?
- Lydia's asked them
to postpone.

Three weeks or so. If
they do, she can still try out.

- If not?
- Then I suppose Leroy
comes in off the bench.

In the meantime, you will help
Mr. Crandall with his problem?

The only thing
wrong with Gregory...

is that he is occasionally
insensitive to the obvious.

- What's so obvious?
- That Julie's serious
about the cello,

that Danny wants to be a comic,

and that they're both scared to death when
it comes to a heavyweight acting audition.

Miss Sherwood, I wouldn't
dream of interfering...

into your meddling
with Mr. Crandall's class.

But there's something even
a little more obvious. What?

I'll show you. You'll
be Julie. I'll be Danny.

You make a perfect Julie Miller.

And I... I am now a very
good Danny Amatullo.

Wouldn't your love scene be
interesting though? [Laughing]

♪♪ [Noodling]

Hey. Hey, no resting up
there. Come on back down.

I'm not resting.
How many is that?

Who's counting?
You're supposed to be.

Twenty-three when you
get to the top this time.

Okay, 25, and
I'll call it quits.

Thirty, and you'll
call it quits. Okay.

♪♪ [Resumes]

Pretty sound. What's it called?

Nothin' yet. What are
you doing here so early?

Just thought I'd come in and
get some extra rehearsal time.

Same question for you. What
you doin' here this time of mornin'?

Oh. Good mornin'. Hi.

How's the knee? Oh, not great.

But it's getting better
every day. That's good.

You heard anything
about the tryout?

- Not yet. Have you?
- No.

Well, I gotta get goin'.
I got a lot of stuff to do.

See you guys later. Take care.

You'd better get back at it. You don't
wanna cool off while you're all sweaty.

Mr. Martelli,

men sweat, women
perspire, dancers glow.

Miss Murphy,
you're glowing a lot.

♪♪ ["Dance of the
Sugar Plum Fairy"]

♪♪ [Ends] Good
girl, Rhonda. Good girl!

All right.

All right, y'all, hit the
showers. Come on.

[Kids Chattering] Miss Grant?

Yes? Marvin Rutledge,
Franconia Insurance Group.

We're the carrier for the school's
health-and-accident policy.

Am I supposed to
know why you're here?

Oh, I have some forms
that you must sign...

regarding the accident the Murphy
girl had, you being the dance teacher.

And I'm supposed to make sure there
was no negligence on the school's part...

- for keeping the flooring safe.
- Mr. Rutledge.

Which, obviously, there isn't.
The flooring looks fine to me.

Now, this will authorize
payment to the hospital...

for the emergency room care,
the overnight stay and so forth.

If you'll just sign where
I've marked the X's.

Was the Murphy
girl a good dancer?

The Murphy girl
is a good dancer.

Stretched ligaments don't
end careers, Mr. Rutledge.

But multiple sclerosis does.


It was in the information her family
physician sent over to the emergency hospital.

Kathy was diagnosed a year ago
as being in the initial stages of M.S.

It might take five or six years
for the symptoms to really surface,

but... that girl is never going
to be a dancer, Miss Grant.

No way.

[Doorbell Rings]

Who is it, please? It's
me, Elizabeth. Lydia.


They've agreed to
postpone the tryouts.

That's wonderful.

Elizabeth, would you happen to have
a glass of wine or something like that?

Are you... You got it.

Crandall isn't gonna let either
one of them off the hook...

until they come clean
about what the problem is.

That's not gonna happen. They're both
too hung-up about it to level with him.

So one is short, and one's tall. That
never stopped Napoléon and Josephine.

Yeah, but look at the
mood it put Napoléon in.

One's not gonna grow, and one's not gonna
shrink. So they might as well deal with it.

Easy to find a solution when
you don't have the problem.

They oughta just play the scene as well as
they can and stop feeling sorry for themselves.

- Thank you, General Patton.
- Well, it's true.

We all have our problems.
No one gets everything.

We all have some kind
of handicap or something.

The thing to do is just go
for it and get it over with.

Then you think I should
continue my efforts...

to break into the National
Basketball Association...

in spite of the
fact that I'm white.

- [Chuckles]
- Hey, we've all got
problems and hang-ups.

- What's Bruno's hang-up?
- Hangs on to his music

- Won't play it for anyone
until it's triple perfect.
- I do not.

The heck you don't. Has he let you
hear what he's composing for you?

- No, he hasn't.
- Well, I'm about to.

It's not what you'll
be dancing to,

but it is something
I composed for you.

And with the magic of
electronic keyboards...

and my string machine
and my rhythm machine...

See what I told you
about hanging on to it?

Will you play it, jerk?

[Flips Switches]

♪♪ [Keyboard]

♪ 2:00 a.m. ♪

♪ Eyes open ♪

♪ Ticking clocks ♪

♪ And falling rain ♪

♪ Thoughts of you ♪

♪ Dancing through ♪

♪ My mind ♪

♪ I can hear your voice ♪

♪ If only I could ♪

♪ Be your music ♪

♪ You'll be my music ♪

♪ With every song we sing ♪

♪ Love will flow between us ♪

♪ Be my music ♪

♪ We'll write the music ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Forevermore ♪

♪ I'm playin' with
a simple phrase ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ Not so simple when it's true ♪

♪ What is this ♪

♪ Helplessness ♪

♪ I feel when you smile at me ♪

♪ Won't you let me ♪

♪ Be your music ♪

♪ You'll be my music ♪

♪ With every song we sing ♪

♪ Love will flow between us ♪

♪ Be my music ♪

♪ We'll write the music ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ I'll be your rainy
weather friend ♪

♪ Your night-light ♪

♪ Your sunshine
'round the bend ♪

♪ Your stars ♪

♪ I'll be your music ♪

♪ You'll be my music ♪

♪ With every song we sing ♪

♪ Love will flow between us ♪

♪ Be my music ♪

♪ We'll write the
music together ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Your rainy weather friend ♪♪

Let's, uh, you and me go
upstairs and wash the dishes.

There aren't any dishes.
We'll make some. Move.

[Door Opens, Closes]

You didn't limp when
you walked over here.

Dope. That's 'cause my feet
didn't even touch the ground.

You're not gonna let
her audition, are you?

I certainly am.

Lydia, she can't be a dancer.

She can dance now, damn
it, and now's all I know about.

But what the future
is going to be...

I don't know what the future's
going to be, and neither do you.

All I know is that the girl can dance, and
I'm not going to take that away from her.

What about the things you are
taking away from her? Like what?


I liked Rocky as well
as the next person.

And every time I
go to see Peter Pan,

I applaud forever trying to
bring Tinker Bell back to life.

But this isn't a
story. It's real.

And with the hand
that girl has been dealt,

it isn't fair to let her dream
dreams that can't come true.

Elizabeth, you know medicine.

They're always coming up with
some new drug, some new treatment...


You're always telling me
to be tough on the kids...

in order to make them
do the best they can.

That's good advice
from you to me.

It's just as good
from me to you.

You can't let her
build a life on maybe.

She's too good a kid.

She's such a good
dancer, Elizabeth.

She's so fine.

Oh... [Pulls Tissue]

go ahead.

Go ahead what?



Meeting of the Faculty Subcommittee
on Operations now called to order...

as of Wednesday
the 19th, 7:30 a.m.

Members of the committee present
include Miss Sherwood, Miss Grant,

Mr. Crandall and Mr. Shorofsky.

- Where's Wyler?
- His back went out. He's in traction.

He's lucky. [Women Murmur]

Meeting called to order.

Can you tell us why this meeting
had to be scheduled at this hour?

- I mean, the muggers
aren't even up yet.
- [Both Laugh]

There's one item on our
agenda: Kathy Murphy.

As you two obviously
know... And you do not know...

Kathy Murphy has
multiple sclerosis.

- She's gonna have
to leave the school.
- What?

Miss Grant, I was on the
phone last night for three hours...

with a Mr. Rutledge from
the insurance company.

They will not cover us if she
continues in the dance program.

Without that insurance, the board
will not permit us to stay open.

No options. No alternatives.

Then may I please ask what is the purpose
of this meeting if it's all been decided?

The purpose of this meeting...

is to decide who
tells the girl...

and how we can do it
with the most humanity.

[Kids Chattering]
♪♪ [Piano, Muffled]

Come with me. I'll read
you your rights later.


Listen, I know
about the problem...

you and Amatullo are
having with your scene.

You know what I'm
talking about? Yeah.

Okay. We figured
out a way out...

but you gotta pay me back first.

Pay you back? You
haven't done anything yet.

Have I lied to you yet today?

[Laughing] No, not today. Okay.

I have study hall first period.

Let's say you go into
Shorofsky's class...

and snitch a couple
cassettes off the desk...

so I don't have to listen to
Leroy's Aretha Franklin rejects.

And I'll return 'em
to you first period.

- Did you lose something,
Mr. Shorofsky?
- Creeping stupidity.

I had the cassette with
the faculty minutes on it,

and who knows what I did
with it? [Class Bell Rings]

Sit, Miller, sit.
We got work to do.

[Door Opens, Closes]

What's up?

What's the matter?

[Kids Laughing, Chattering]

What do you want...
Good news or money?

Let me warn you
first, I'm broke.

I think I'll take good news.

You are looking at a person with two perfect
knees who's ready to go back to work,

assuming, of course, my flaky
composer didn't go on vacation.

Your flaky composer
has finished his score.

When do you wanna
hear it? Right after school.

Oh, wait. Not right after. I have
a conference with Shorofsky.

What's the conference with
Shorofsky about? I don't know.

Wyler told me in homeroom I had to meet
with Shorofsky right after sixth period.

- What's the problem?
- Kathy, they know.

And so do I.

What do you mean?
They know what?

And I told my mom and dad that
I wanted to go as far as I could...

as long as I could... until this
thing I've got makes me stop.

[Sighs] Maybe you'd better
start thinking of a long-term view,

like lowering your
sights a little bit.

[Exhales] Hey, I'm
a butterfly, okay?

You don't want butterflies worrying about
what's gonna happen when winter comes.

That's not what a
butterfly's all about.

They're about spring and
summer and being pretty,

not about taking
long-term views.

Shorofsky's gonna kick
you out of school, Kathy.

- No. He's gonna try,
but he won't be able to.
- How are you gonna stop him?

Because... I won't let anybody
judge me on what's going to happen.

They gotta judge me on now.

And right now, I belong
in that dance troupe.

I love you, Kathy.
You know that.

For now.

For now, yeah, though it may last into
fifth period if you play your cards right.

♪♪ [Congas: Upbeat]

♪♪ [Stops]

That was truly tired.

I don't know why you
people are so lazy today,

but you better pull up before
you come back in here tomorrow.

All right. Hit the door.


Can I speak to you?

The Rand Tyler people want
to come by Thursday night.

- Are you ready for that?
- I guess so.

Okay. 8:00, Thursday. In here.

Great. Hey!

Don't you give me attitude.

If you have a problem,
let's hear about it.

But don't you ever
give me attitude.

- How about a question then?
- What's the question?

Am I gettin' this tryout 'cause
I'm the best dancer in the school?

That's what I figured.

You've gotta see it.

Parting the Red Sea was
nothing compared to this.

[Mouthing Words]

[Shouting, Muffled]

It's a thing of beauty.

They're never on the
same level at the same time.

Talk about creative staging.

What about the kiss at the end?

Saved the best
part till the end.

Watch what happens when
he walks around the sofa.

They built a ramp.
[Both Laughing]

Good afternoon, Miss Murphy.

Is this gonna be like one of those evaluation
interviews we had a couple months ago?

Well, not... Because,
as a music teacher,

there are a couple of things you might not
know about me that you really oughta know.

Actually, Miss... You see,

dancing is the most
important thing in my life.

There's not even a close second.

I guess musicians must
have that, too, in a way.

Like when a chord or a note is
hit, and you never want it to end.

Well, there are times
when I'm dancing...

and I leave the ground, and I
feel like I'm never coming down...

Like I could just go
on and on, soaring.

Well, that never
happens, of course.

But that doesn't mean
that I give up trying.

Because I won't, not ever.

Mr. Shorofsky, what's
wrong? Nothing is wrong.

I'm simply heading for a bar on 14th
Street that knows how to serve schnapps.

- Then everything will be fine.
- Oh. You had your meeting
with Kathy Murphy.

And I helped her change
her major. You what?

She's now a temporary
music major, Miss Sherwood.

And if she wants to stop into a dance class
from time to time, who am I to stop her?

A music major?

- But... wh-what instrument?
- Tambourine.

At the meeting, you said... At
the meeting, I said foolishness.

I said rules were rules and
we had to obey the rules,

follow the orders regardless.

A man with my background ought to know
the terrible things that can be done...

in the name of following orders.

But you were the
one giving the orders.

Tuesday a nincompoop,
today a mensch.

I am on my way to schnapps.

I'll see you tonight
at the auditions.

Then I reminded Danny
about Edward G. Robinson,

and I told Julie
about Lauren Bacall.

I don't know if it helped, but I think it
might cut down on our budget for ramp building.

[Laughing] Every
little bit helps.

Leroy, what happened?

Are you all right? I
sprained my ankle.

Guess this means
I can't try out, huh?

Why didn't you tell us?

Well, it just happened
a few minutes ago.

Sorry. Maybe next year.

David, Edgar...

We've already
postponed once, Lydia.

I'm afraid we're gonna
have to look elsewhere.

There's still some coffee in the
teachers' lounge if anyone's interested.

Right, yeah. Come on.



There's a flag on the play.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you
would kindly take your seats.

[Sherwood] What's
going on? I have no idea.

Tonight's auditioner will
be Miss Kathy Murphy.

Miss Murphy will be dancing to an
original composition by Mr. Bruno Martelli.

Thank you. Thank you.

Miss Murphy's
performance will be aided...

by the sophomore
and junior students...

from Miss Lydia Grant's
advanced classes.

We trust that you'll enjoy
tonight's presentation.

♪♪ [Soft Jazz]

♪♪ [Continues]

♪♪ [Ends]


[Cheering, Applauding]

[Laughing, Chattering]

[Laughing, Chattering Continue]

[All Chattering]

♪ Be my music ♪

♪ We'll write the music ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Your rainy weather friend ♪♪

♪♪ [Disco]

♪ Fame ♪

♪ Fame ♪

♪ Fame ♪

♪ Remember, remember
Remember, remember ♪

♪ Remember, remember
Remember, remember ♪

♪ Fame ♪♪


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