Fame (1982–1987): Season 1, Episode 16 - A Special Place - full transcript

Budget cutbacks prompts the School Board to fire one of the school's teachers.

- One more time.
- [Clamoring]

Budget cuts? Again?

We evaluators do rub people the
wrong way sometimes, I'm afraid.

They come in here with their
reports and they treat us like digits?

Do you happen to have a form
for reporting sexual harassment?

That was sexual advancement?

They end up pitting
friends against each other.

- Danny!
- [Crowd Shouting]

♪♪ [Disco]

♪ Fame ♪
♪ I'm gonna live forever ♪

♪ I'm gonna learn how to fly ♪
♪ High ♪

♪ I feel it comin' together ♪

♪ People will see me and cry ♪
♪ Fame ♪

♪ I'm gonna make it to heaven ♪

♪ Light up the
sky like a flame ♪

♪ Fame ♪
♪ I'm gonna live forever ♪

♪ Baby, remember my name ♪
♪ Remember, remember ♪

♪ Remember, remember ♪

You got big dreams.

You want fame.

Well, fame costs,

and right here is where
you start paying in sweat.

♪ Fame ♪
♪ I'm gonna live forever ♪

♪ Baby, remember my name ♪
♪ Remember, remember ♪

♪ Remember, remember ♪

♪ Fame ♪♪

♪♪ [Disco]

Miss Polsdorfer? Why, yes.

Board of Education. What a
wonderful memory you have.

Well, what I remember is that you
and I have a real difference of opinion...

about the way this
school ought to be run.

Well, we evaluators do rub people
the wrong way sometimes, I'm afraid.

Budget cuts? Again?


Straight talk.

Assembly Bill 47920 did
not pass the legislature.

So we find ourselves unable to
move into normal fund dispersal.

Instead, we've had to assume
a budget-cutting posture.

That's straight talk.

Necessitating a
stiff examination...

of those options available
to us for cost reduction.

Trim the fat, so to speak.

Um... Yes?

What if you don't find any fat?

I'm not sure that I understand
your question, Miss, uh...

- You'll have to forgive me. I
don't know many of your names.
- I'm Elizabeth Sherwood.

My question concerns the fact that
each year the budget is less and less.

And with this less and less, we're
expected to do more and more.

Is there a purpose to all
this we don't understand?

Certainly. To make
the system work.

You're gonna make the school
system work by cutting back on it, yes?

Hey, uh, people, don't blame me.

I'm just the messenger.

If you're the messenger,
who's that spy in my classroom?

You are... I'm damn angry!

- I was referring to your name.
- I know what
you were referring to.

But what are you going to do
about that spy in my classroom?

We are observers
in your classrooms.

We are not spies.

Well, I would like to know what
specific measures you have in mind...

for this so-called
trimming of the fat?

I can't tell you that yet.

First, we have to collate, then we have to
come up with a criteria for the reductions.

At that point, we will
pass on the information.

And I guarantee you that
nobody will understand a word of it.


Hey, Leroy. What do
you want? I'm studying.

Did you have your
evaluation interview yet?

If that's what
you wanna call it.

Can we go someplace and talk
about it? I can't. I'm the hall monitor.

The job you're doing doesn't
matter a whole lot. Come on.

Gavin Lattimer was a guest lecturer in one
of Shorofsky's classes a couple a months ago.

We were talking about how you
could build a melody in different ways.

And that's when you played him
the song? I used it as an example.

So? What, so?

- So, what are you
gonna do about it?
- Nothing.

- Bruno!
- Doris! What do you
want me to do,

take on Gavin Lattimer and accuse
him of plagiarism? If that's what he did!

[No Audible Dialogue]

[Doris] You can't let him get
away with it! Is this a private fight?

It's not a fight.

It ain't a whole lot of
friendly, either. What's up?

Miss Miller here said that the
evaluation interviews are a crock.

Julie Miller has never used
the word "crock" in her life.

Look, you've had your evaluation
interviews. What did you talk about?

- The usual.
- Music? Shorofsky's class?

- No. Not much.
- What about dance class, Leroy?

- None.
- Chemistry? History? What about math?

A little. Mostly they asked
questions about Crandall's class.

- And English.
- Then I'll bet
that's what it is.

That's what what is?

- One more time?
- [All Clamoring]

Hey! Hey! Hold it! Hold it!

Look, I have enough trouble
understanding with just one of you talking.

Okay, Julie, and slowly, please.

Okay. Miss Grant, when was the last time you
had one of those evaluators in your class?

I don't know, a couple a
days ago, for one class period.

Well, they've been in
Mr. Crandall's class all day, ever day.

Same with Sherwood's
class. Not much in music class.

So? Is there some great theory
that goes along with all of this?

Yes. We think they're
planning on dumping a teacher.

We think these interviews are just
to decide who they're going to fire.

Miss Sherwood or Mr. Crandall.

Here. What's this?

Roughing It? Mark
Twain. It's an idea I had.

See, you want to be a stand-up comic, and
I want to teach you something about acting.

I thought maybe we
could combine the two.

You want me to stand
up and read this in class?

I don't think any of
us are ready for that.

What I want you to do is
find some material in there,

so we can make a scene
out of it to do in class.

Where does being a
stand-up comic come in?

Mark Twain has written
some very snappy one-liners.

Really? Hey, that's a good idea.

Well, I can't take
full credit for it.

See, Hal Holbrook's been doing a
one-man Mark Twain show for years.

All right! Me and Hal Holbrook.

Mm-hmm. Just like Tom and Huck.

Oh, yeah.

You want I should check out
the place for hidden microphones?

Elizabeth. I just didn't
want us to be interrupted.

You make it sound
ominous. Not at all.

In fact, it's really only a suspicion.
Something the kids put me onto.

I'm listening.

Well, it's about this
evaluating and budget cutting.

That mob up in the cafeteria
was using up all the air.

I need a little room.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I walk in in
the middle of something important?

[Sighs] Did I walk in in the
middle of something unimportant?

It's all right, Greg. You might
as well hear this now too.

I really didn't mean to
say anything about this...

until I had a better idea about
what was really going to happen.

But I've been talking with some
of the kids and asking questions,

and it seems like this budget-cutting
thing has reached a point, maybe,

where they're starting to think about
cutting back on the teaching staff.

At least, that's the
way it looks to me.

And I think... I'm...

Lydia, we won't
let them fire you.

Elizabeth, it's not me
they're thinking about firing.


Well, surely, they're not
talking about letting me go.

You or...

It's amazing how quickly
an appetite can go.

Well, here we are.

Now, once I have explained the basic
concept of the cost-reduction blueprint,

I think this should
all become clear.

Mr. Forbes, could you cut through
the bureaucratic double-talk...

and just tell us if this budget cutting
is going to mean dropping a teacher?

That is a definite possibility
given the economic parameters...

and the equality of...
The answer is yes.

And that teacher
is either Greg...

Mr. Crandall or me?

It's a solution, and it works.

- You must be a lot of fun
in a lifeboat.
- Excuse me?

That was a joke.

Here is the reality.

If we selected any other course,

say for example, biology,

we might put ourselves in danger
of losing our academic status.

On the other hand, if we lose someone in the
music department, that's counterproductive.

Because it poses problems in terms of
finding someone from another discipline...

to cover his or her courses.

The same would hold true
for the dance department.

Now, uh,

you graduated from college
with, um, a major in English.

Yes. And the reason I went into drama
was because I was lousy in English.

- [Chuckles] That's very good.
- That was no joke.


and your minor was in... drama.

You even spent one
season in summer stock.

I worked in the box office.

So, you see, each of you
could absorb the other's classes,

I mean, without any real
disruption in the system.

Mr. Forbes, that isn't true.

That isn't even
close to being true.

And the very fact that you
think it even might be true,

shows how little you
understand about this school.

Either a person
can act or they can't.

You merely guide. Oh, well,
then, if I'm the one who stays,

I assume that I'll be
working under the theory...

that the students either
know English or they don't.

No, I don't believe
that for a moment.

That was a joke.

All right, what is it, Martelli?

I didn't say anything.

But your suffering
silence is deafening.

Also, you've rearranged
that stack at least four times.

Is it the Chopin?

Would you prefer to play something
more modern, more cacophonous?

It isn't the Chopin. Good.

Because playing the
Chopin will help you grow.


You remember when Gavin
Lattimer came to school and lectured?

Of course. I invited him.

It's very important to hear from former students
who have attained some degree of success.

I played one of my
songs for him. So?

Why should playing music
several months ago for someone...

cause such excessive zeal
in stacking orchestra parts?

It's now a hit song called "If You Want
My Love" composed by Gavin Lattimer.

- Oh.
- Exactly. And I don't know
what to do about it.

- Something.
- Beg pardon?

Do something. That's as
good as my advice is gonna get.

"Do something."

Combine that with "Have a nice day"
and we'll have the whole thing licked.

Martelli, being older does not
mean we have all the answers.

But it usually means we know how
to avoid some of the dumber mistakes.

You're eating yourself
up about this thing.

And doing anything, something,
is likely to be an improvement.

Good day.

Have a nice day.

And you do something
about your problem.

Actually, they do go
together rather well.

Well, as far as I'm concerned,
there's always stage managing.

Of course. You've worked on
Broadway. Probably a phone call...

Well, I don't think Broadway.

I'd probably have to
take out a road company.

There's always a great need
for a good road stage manager.

Isn't the road a
little arduous for...

If you are thinking of completing
that sentence with "a man your age,"

I wish you wouldn't.

What I was really going to say is for
someone who hasn't done it in a while.

That's very nice.

I'm not being nice.

I'm being what we're
both being... brave.

And I'm not very good at it.

The fact of the matter is
teaching isn't just a job,

and this school, it
isn't just a school.

It's a very special place.

[Sobs] And I'm not feeling
very brave about any of this.

Hey, if we're supposed to
be cheering each other up,

we're not doing a very good job.

[Sherwood] But if they
go ahead with this thing,

regardless of what
they decide, we lose.

Either we're unemployed,

or we're doing a job that
we're not trained for or skilled at.

You know, I would never
have said "skilled at."

Now, I would have expected a playwright
to write exactly what I want to say,

and I would never say "skilled at," and that's
why I don't want to be an English teacher.


♪ We build our lives ♪

♪ On hopes and
dreams and trust ♪

♪ Such fragile things as these ♪

♪ Can turn to dust ♪

♪ And yet, when all you
hope for comes through ♪

♪ When all you've
dreamed of comes true ♪

♪ It's like magic ♪

♪ Magic ♪

♪ Oh, this is a special place ♪

♪ The magic is here to see ♪

♪ And when it works ♪

♪ The universe is
dancing in time with me ♪

♪ Oh, this is a special place ♪

♪ And though I may
leave someday ♪

♪ In my heart will remain ♪

♪ This very special place ♪

♪ Because we care ♪

♪ No matter where we go ♪

♪ We carry with us all ♪

♪ This love and hope ♪

♪ It keeps on echoing
through these halls ♪

♪ Singing through the
windows and walls ♪

♪ It's all magic ♪

♪ Magic ♪

♪ Oh, this is a special place ♪

♪ The magic is here to see ♪

♪ And when it works ♪

♪ The universe is
dancing in time with me ♪

♪ Oh, this is a special place ♪

♪ And though I may
leave someday ♪

♪ In my heart will remain ♪

♪ This very special place ♪

♪ In my heart will remain ♪

♪ This very special ♪

♪ Place ♪♪

Tough day? They're
all tough, Mr. Forbes.

Paul. It's my name. Paul.

I assumed that's what you meant. I
just wasn't sure what you meant by it.


It's just that school's
out, so to speak,

and we are, after
all, colleagues.

And Paul and Elizabeth...

seemed a little bit less, um...



Don't you ever
feel the need to, uh,

let go a little bit?

- Please?
- You know,
let off a little steam.

At the end of a day teaching
here, I rarely have any steam left.

At least we could have dinner.

- Maybe a drink?
- [Scoffs]

- Mr. Forbes...
- Paul.

I really don't think it would be the
right thing to do under the circumstances.

[Chuckles] I think you're wrong.

It might be exactly the right thing
to do, uh, under the circumstances.

Good morning, Mrs. Berg. Do you happen to
have a form for reporting sexual harassment?

I don't believe so.

These are curricula
confirmation forms, I think.

Oh, I didn't mean those. I
meant over in the files someplace.

Oh, well, let me...


What did you ask about?
A sexual harassment form?

We must have some. We
have forms for everything else.

Studies progress, ethnic
balance, insurance, job description,

extracurricular involvement,
withholding, Miss Sherwood...

Attendance, nonattendance, projected
attendance... Miss Sherwood, you are rambling.

- Who are we talking about?
- That master of our fates,
Mr. Paul Forbes.

Forbes? Sexual? The way
he talks, how could you tell?

No problem whatsoever. He made it
perfectly clear how I could keep my job.

- That was sexual advancement?
- Sexual harassment.

I hope you have proof. You know, you're
gonna have to prove something like that.

Oh, I'll prove it. I'll
nail that son of a...

Gun! gun... if it's the
last thing I do here.

Be careful. Why?

Because you don't want it really
to be the last thing you do here.

I don't have an excuse.
An excuse for what?

For comin' in
here to talk to you.

You don't need one. Come on in.

- You heard anything yet?
- No.

You worried?

Well, I'm not sure worried
is the correct word. I...

There's a certain
amount of concern.

Yeah. I'm worried.

Why does that Mr. Forbes and his team
gotta come up here and mess us up anyway?

- It's their role in life,
to mess us up.
- Tell me about it.

However, I'm sure there are worse
tragedies in your life than my leaving.

- What?
- Well, I mean, there
are other things that...

- Are you tryin' to say I'll be
glad to see you get the ax?
- No.

You think I'm sittin' around
here hopin' you get fired?

- You don't understand nothin'.
- Leroy. Leroy, wait. Come back.

Look, I would never accuse you of
hoping somebody would lose a job.

Sit down.

All I meant was...

that it would be more unfortunate
for you if Lydia... Miss Grant... left.

You got to understand.

Miss Grant gets on
me, and I may not like it,

but I know it's gonna
make me a better dancer.

You. You get on me,
and you do it a lot,

and I'm not so sure what
that does for me either.

But I know that I'm learning.

I'm reading and writing.

So don't go telling me what's
good for me and what ain't.

Isn't. Not ain't.

Come on, don't fuss with me,
woman. I'm on my free period.

Sorry. English
teachers never rest.

Don't I know it.

Thank you, Leroy.

I didn't say I like you fussing
at me. I just said I'm learning.

Twenty-One Grammercy Park.

I had office duty last hour.

There's a file with all the addresses
of the people we've had here...

as guest lecturers.
That's very devious.

Bruno, you don't have
to go if you don't want to.

But 12 Grammercy Park is just a
quick subway ride away. Wait a minute.

I thought you said
21 Grammercy Park.

Glad to see you're
listening, Martelli.

Oh. Sorry. I didn't know
the room was being used.

Uh, Miss Sherwood.
No. No, please.

Um, please, come in. I
have nothing to say to you.

But I have something
to say to you.

And it is something you
probably ought to hear.

Have you sent in your
harassment complaint yet?

It's a small school. The
good news travels fast.

I'm still working on it.

Our evaluation report.

Read it.

And then you decide whether or not you
want your complaint of improper conduct...

included in the

that you be retained as the new
English/Drama instructor here.

It might seem as though you
had accepted my alleged offer.

It's just the kind of thing
that could be misunderstood...

in the same way that my original
invitation to you was misunderstood.

"recommendation of this
panel that Elizabeth Sherwood,

presently instructor in
English, be retained..."

"in the newly created position
of instructor in Drama/English...

"and that the present instructor
in drama, Gregory Crandall, be...

relieved of his

What does that mean,
"relieved of responsibilities"?

It means he got fired. Fired?

Danny! [Chattering]

Hey, Leroy, did you
hear? Hear what?

They decided to let Crandall
go and keep Miss Sherwood.

All right! Somebody in this
school finally made a good decision.

Hey, I feel a heck of a whole lot
better after that. Yeah, you feel better?

I always feel better when I hear
good news. Let me know how this feels.

[Julie] Danny! Leroy!
Leroy! You guys, come on!

Danny, come on, stop it.


All right! Stop it! Quit it!

Amatullo! Johnson!
Stop it! Stop it now!

- His fly's unzipped!
- Stop it!

Stop! Anyplace else but here!

Stop it! Move it! Move it!
The fight's over! Move it!

You two guys are supposed to be
such good friends. What's this all about?

Ask him! And I'm busy!

You're busy being a
jerk! Mr. Johnson, stop it!

Now, what's this all
about? I don't know!

I don't!

Look, it just happened. I was telling
Leroy about Crandall getting fired.

Mr. Crandall... fired?

- Don't you have a class now?
- Study hall.

- That's a class.
- I got nothing to do.

Okay, well, you do now.
See that pile of scripts?

I'd like you to hand them to me one at a time,
make a nice neat pile for Miss Sherwood...

so it'll be all organized
when she takes over.

Camino Real. Williams.

Here's another one.

You got anything lined up?

Yeah, I got a call to teach
part-time at the American Academy.

Is that a good school? Very.

Next. Chamber Music. Kopit.

Yeah, I'm thinkin' of
droppin' out of this place.


I think I should go some other place.
Maybe to that academy you're going to.

- Uh-uh.
- Why not?

Two reasons. One: I would
tell the admissions board...

that you cannot be accepted because
you do not have a high school diploma.

- I'd be going there
to study with you.
- That's the second reason.

Danny, I'm a teacher.
I am not a guru.

If you decide to stay in this business,
you're gonna have a lot of teachers.

Now, you want to get through
the bad ones as fast as you can...

but do not hang
on to the good ones.

Now, if you're smart, you'll
learn a little bit from each one.

- Come on. Sherwood's a...
- Is a very good teacher.

She'll be different, but she
has something to teach you.

You ever hear her tell a joke?

- Danny, life is not
all just telling jokes.
- It is to me.

Give me the next one.

The Apology. Robinson.

Now, this one would
be very good for you.

- Good play?
- Good idea.

[Door Opens] You come
to talk or you come to fight?

I figure it'd be better to talk.

Besides, I hurt my
knuckles by hitting you.

You got a jaw of stone,
man. I got a brain of lead.

Look, I don't know whether you are going to
believe a single word of what I am about to say,

but nevertheless, I
am determined to say it.

And I guess you can think
whatever you want to think,

but, at least, I
will have said it.

I hope the concerto is
shorter than the fanfare.

What I did was... dumb.

It was certainly ill-timed and
wide open to misunderstanding.

But I am not one of the
bad guys, Miss Sherwood.

I just happen to be a guy who
has a bad job that he has to do.

And that can sort of
distance you from people.

And I wanted to
talk to somebody...

who is very much at home
in a world which to me is...

as strange and wonderful...

and rare as any place I
could possibly imagine.

End of concerto.

I honestly don't know whether I
want to say anything to stop you.

So you might as
well keep on going.

I know I can't go up against you and
make it stick, but that was my song.

Look, you want to
be a composer, right?

I am a composer. "If You
Want My Love," remember?

You'd better start getting used to the fact
that someday you're gonna hear something...

and it won't mean
a whole lot to you.

Then a couple a years later,
you're gonna be writing a song...

and somehow, that
tune will sneak in.

And you'll be absolutely
positive it's yours.

Maybe that's the
way it works for you.

You're gonna be different,
huh? I'm gonna try.

[Sighs] Well, I wish you luck.

I remember what it
was like being your age.

You think you're being very profound when
you realize that the world isn't perfect.

But when you start growin' up is when you
realize that not only isn't the world perfect,

but neither are you.

If you wrote that song,
you're pretty good,

and you're gonna
write lots of others.

If you didn't... If you didn't,

then you're a pain.

And I'm gonna forget you about
30 seconds after you're out the door.

- I'm playing hardball, kid.
- No, you're not.

In hardball, you don't pitch
underhanded. [Phone Ringing]



[Rings] Hello? Speaking.


Talk about pushy. It's for you.

- Look, if I've been unfair...
- You haven't been.

It's just that you want
a winner and a loser,

and I'm not gonna go to war.

You got a lot of
songs inside you, kid.

Come on, don't be stingy.


Bruno, hi. It's Julie. When can
you get back here to rehearse?

Rehearse? Rehearse what?

Well, we were all
talking about Crandall,

and we came up with
this really terrific idea.

This is a repulsive idea.

[Lydia] Gregory,
would you stop it?

This party is not
for you. It's for them.

If it's for them, why
do I have to be here?

They wish a chance to say
auf Wiedersehen to a friend...

and do it with a little grace.

How is it that you can make something
as distasteful as this sound so pleasant?

The advantage of a
European education.

[Chuckles] No word yet? No.

Does that mean
"no" or "no word"?

What's going on?

Well, come on. You're gonna have to tell me.
I'm not gonna be around to find out on my own.

Well, you know the new contract
gives us all five percent raises.

We went out on
strike to get it. So?

So, there are still 22 teachers
left, even with you gone.

So, we all got together...

and we asked the board to
postpone our raises for a year.

The money they'd save would be
slightly more than one teacher's salary...


I can't find the words...
You don't have to.

To tell you how
much I hate that idea.

I mean, who was the genius who
came up with that brilliant idea?

Me. I'm the genius.

But you should have known that
I'd be opposed to something like that.

Of course. I knew
that. Then why?

Because I'm even more opposed to your leaving.
So I thought we might make a compromise.

The board is meeting
on it right now.

You haven't got a prayer. Wrong.

That's precisely
what we do have.

[Danny On Mike] Excuse me.
Can I have your attention, please?

Mr. Crandall, could you please
come over here and take a seat?

Mr. Crandall, it isn't easy for us to let you
know how sorry we are that you're leaving.

And, uh, how
much we'll miss you.

So we decided to do it
the way we know best.

We'll show you. [Applause]

♪ Here, as I watch
the ships go by ♪

♪ I'm rooted to my shore ♪

♪ I keep asking myself why ♪

[Lydia] ♪ And if there's
more on the other side ♪

♪ Here, as I see the
friends I thought I made ♪

♪ A little bit crazed
and knowing now ♪

♪ We've outgrown one another ♪

♪ Star ♪

♪ Maker ♪

♪ Dream ♪

♪ Breaker ♪

♪ Soul ♪

♪ Taker ♪

♪ We're happy now ♪

♪ Now when I see
the things I want ♪

♪ I can take the things I see ♪

♪ But I keep askin' myself why ♪

♪ And if there ain't just a
little bit more for me Ooh ♪

♪ Here, when it's
time to count the cost ♪

♪ I keep measuring what I lost ♪

♪ And wondering if you knew ♪

♪ It would all
wind up with you ♪

♪ Star ♪

♪ Maker ♪

♪ Dream ♪

♪ Breaker ♪

♪ Soul ♪

♪ Taker ♪

♪ We're happy now ♪

♪ Here, as I watch
the time go by ♪

♪ How I'd like to sail away ♪

♪ Leaving all my past behind ♪

♪ But I know I'd only
last for a couple of days ♪

♪ Here, stands everything
I thought I made ♪

♪ It's the only
life I've known ♪

♪ And I can't even
call it my own ♪

♪ I got no home
I belong to you ♪

♪ My star ♪
♪ Star ♪

♪ Maker ♪

♪ Dream ♪

♪ Breaker ♪

♪ Soul ♪

♪ Taker ♪

♪ We're happy now ♪

♪ We're so happy now ♪

♪ Oh, we're happy now ♪

♪ We're so happy now ♪

♪♪ [Ends]

Thank you. Thank you very much.

[Clears Throat] I,
uh... [Clears Throat]

had intended to... To
get out of here with, uh,

as little fuss as possible,

because, uh, um, I'm not very
good about saying good-bye.

I, uh, tend to dawdle
at the door a lot.

When Lydia dragged me in here, it
wasn't that I didn't want to be in here,

it's that I knew
once I got in here...

I wouldn't want to leave.

In the last couple of days,
I've been trying to figure out, uh,

what there is about this place,

this... job that makes it so...


And I finally
figured out it's, uh,

it's not what we teach you.

It's you.

We take your talent...

and mold it into a
skill, and along the way,

we try to instill some
integrity in you...

which you can use...

so that you can
practice your skill,

your profession, with pride.

And then you turn
around and you honor us...

with song and, uh, dance and...


And here I am dawdling
at the door again.

[Forbes] Mr. Crandall.

Perhaps I can be of some help.

Uh, no, I'm already unemployed. I don't
think I can stand any more help from you.

- That's a joke, right?
- Yeah.

See? I'm catching on.

I've just come from a
meeting downtown...

where the rather
unique proposal...

you people came up with
was the topic of discussion.

Your compromise offer
was turned down flat.

- [Chattering]
- It would set
a bad precedent...

and also serve to
embarrass the board terribly,

and the board does not
like to be embarrassed.

One of the items earmarked in next year's
budget was new lighting for the auditorium.

Well, the board got a little mad at
you people and cut it out of the budget.

So you're not going to get
new lighting for the auditorium.

Instead, you're going
to get an old Crandall.

I hope I haven't
spoiled your party.

Now that's what I call
a concerto, Mr. Forbes.

Welcome to the
School of the Arts.

♪♪ [Dance]

[Woman] ♪ Shady Sadie
♪ ♪ Shady Sadie ♪

♪ Serving lady ♪
♪ Serving lady ♪

♪ Don't you pay her no mind No ♪

♪ She'll take every dime ♪
♪ Whoo-oo-oo-oo ♪

♪ She's got a one-a-day lunch ♪

♪ Good for all the bunch Yeah ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Macaroni and bologna
Tuna fish our favorite dish ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪

♪ If it's yellow
then it's Jell-O ♪

♪ If it's blue it
could be stew ♪

♪ Ohh, ohh, ohh ♪

♪ She's got a one-a-day lunch ♪

♪ Good for all the bunch Yeah ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Hot lunch Yeah ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪
♪ Whoo-oo-oo-oo ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪
♪ Whoo-oo-oo-oo ♪

♪ Hot lunch ♪♪

♪♪ [Ends]

♪♪ [Disco]

♪ Fame ♪

♪ Fame ♪

♪ Fame ♪

♪ Remember, remember
Remember, remember ♪

♪ Remember, remember
Remember, remember ♪

♪ Fame ♪♪