Falling Water (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons - full transcript

Tess and Alex try to convince a rescued dreamer to testify. Taka and Burton work on flipping Nicholas Hull against Taylor.

Previously on "Falling Water"...

My pods allow dreamers

to connect with anyone, anywhere.


They won't let me go.

We found the girl from the dream.

We're talking human trafficking

and the murder of a reporter...

...by a politician

to keep it all from getting out.

This isn't just about Shadowman anymore.

This is a full-on conspiracy.

We put this out tomorrow,

there's no way
Harding's campaign can survive

this kind of a scandal.

What kind of man are you?

It didn't have to go down that way.

Bullshit it didn't.

You're under the false assumption
that you're the one

in control of things.

Go home and wait
for your next assignment

like a good little boy.

There's someone out there

who's entering people's dreams

and manipulating them to commit murder.

I killed my wife, but God help me,

- I don't know why.
- Why?

To strip you of everything...

like you did to me.

I can hear you! Who's there?

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- Hey.
- You okay?

Your cell phone's been off.

Yeah. That's because I turned it off.

You're in the same clothes
you wore yesterday.

I didn't realize we
had a fashion shoot today.

- What's your problem?
- No problem.

Just, you know, want to know why

you're sleeping in a holding cell.


Because I'm worried about
what this dream asshole

might make me do to myself...
or worse, to Christy.

If this guy's real,
after what he did to you

and Sabine and your mother,
I'm not taking any chances.

- Alex...
- And before you start talking

with that guilty look
on your face, don't.

I'm not your problem.

I'm fine.

You got enough on your plate.

But anyway, I'm up

and in desperate need of coffee.

We need to follow up
on this Ralston recording.

The problem is, everything we have

- on Taylor Bennett...
- Yeah, is circumstantial

and hearsay. I know.

And the whole dance ends

with the reporter and Ralston
pushing daisies

after they each off themselves.

A seeming cluster of dead ends.

And dead people.

There's nothing that ties
any of this to the killer.

So unless we find a witness
to something... anything...

we got nothing.

You're absolutely right.

A witness is exactly what we need.

Come on.

♪ All the money ♪

- Lainie?
- ♪ I ever spent ♪

Are you in there?

♪ I spent it in good company ♪

It's okay, Lainie.
You don't need to be afraid.

You're safe now.

♪ Good night ♪

♪ And joy be with you all ♪

♪ Good night ♪

♪ And joy be with you all ♪

Lainie? Where are you?

You're okay.

Then why can't I wake up?

You've been drugged.
But you're safe now.

Burton and I, we found you.

Some people were trying to sell you.

I don't believe you. I wanna wake up.

If I'm safe, then help me wake up.

The drug has to wear off.

I don't believe you.
I want to wake up now.

I wanna wake up now.

Do you hear me? I wanna wake up now!

Lainie. Lainie, where are you?

Lainie, you can trust me.

Please, Lainie.

- Want to wake up...
- I'll stay with you.

I wanna wake up!


Come on, man.

Get up.

You gotta go before Buck comes in.

If he finds out I let you sleep here,

- he'll chew my ass out.
- Ugh. Rafferty, please.

It's too early for that kind of imagery.

I'm serious. Wag it and shag it.

How about a face tightener for the road?


You're down in the polls
as a direct result

from this recent scandal.

Have you considered
dropping out of the race

for the sake of your family?

I appreciate your concern,

but my family is doing just fine.

I've discussed this with my husband,

and he agrees.

We cannot bow to the gutter tactics

of the Whittaker campaign.

We must continue to fight for the issues

that the people of New York care about.

And what about your daughter Amelia?

How does she feel?

She's working through this.


You ever wake up some days

and realize you're just
a goddamn asshole?

My old man used to say...

"If you always do
what you've always done...

you'll always get
what you've always gotten."

He sounds like an asshole too.

Yeah, but he got it right.

Don't like who you are,

do something different.

So, she's just basically sleeping?

Sort of. But she's fine.

She... is one of us, right?


She is.

She was kidnapped,

and then... you rescued her like me?

Yeah. Like you.

- Bill.
- You said you'd call.

I'm sorry.

How is she?

She's still sleeping,
but I think she's okay.

I'm coming over there.

She needs to see a familiar face

when she wakes up. Where are you?


No, give her a chance
to get her bearings.

I need to make this right, Tess.

You have. We found her with your help,

and now she's safe.

I'll call you back when she's awake.

Hey, what are you...


What are you doing here?

Mom says you're not supposed to see me.

I know, I just...

I just really needed to.

I miss you, Peanut.

I miss you too.

How's the new school?

How do you think it is? It's new.

I got you something.

What's this?

Figured you're gonna need
a computer for NYU, right?

I'm not...

I'm not going to NYU, Dad.

Mom didn't tell you?


Well, what happened? I thought...

The scholarship didn't come through,

and Mom says a loan
is out of the question.

I'll be lucky if I can go

to a community college at this point.

Well, you earned a spot there.

You deserve it.

I'm gonna call them.

I'll talk to them.

It doesn't work like that, Dad.

Well, let me see what I can do.

And I'm going to see about
getting our house back too.

How's that gonna happen?

How's any of it gonna happen?

I've been working.

- Really hard.
- Doing what?


For who?

For some... important people.

And I have a feeling that...

they might be able to convince
NYU to have a change of heart.


You have my word on it, Peanut.

Come here.

- I love you.
- I love you too.


Have a good day at school, Peanut.

Thanks, Dad.

Hair of the dog?


I got carried away last night...

celebrating Whittaker's poll numbers.

No hard feelings, then? About Harding.

Politics is a contact sport.

If you don't want to get bruised,

you shouldn't get on the field, right?

Now, my concerns about
the way you handled it were...

purely tactical.

And obviously, I was a fool
to question your judgment.

Well, I think you know

I'm more of a shock and awe kind of gal.

We needed to take advantage
of Harding's gender.

If she were a man,
none of this would matter.

But this election's
only the beginning, huh?

Who knows?

Someday, we might be pulling the strings

of someone holding the keys
to the White House,

and there will always be a
place on the team

for someone with your unique abilities.

Well, I am a patriot.

And full disclosure
about my "unique abilities":

I've only showed you
the tip of the iceberg.

Good to know.

As a matter of fact, I have
a new assignment for you.

There are rumblings

of a former Whittaker intern
planning to surface

with sexual harassment accusations.

Well, what convenient timing.

Harding's people must have
put her up to it.

We need to crush this thing ASAP.

I'm glad to see we're on the same page.

I'm sure the little harlot's
bound to have

some soiled lingerie in her closet.

- And you want me to find it.
- Exactly.

That's all her pertinent
personal information.

You'll need to work quickly.

And, as always, success
will be rewarded handsomely.

Consider it done.

Excellent. Your car's out front.

- They're in there?
- Yeah, but Alex, hold on.

Hold on. You trust me, right?

Of course I trust you.
What kind of question is that?

Because I trust them.

Okay, I'll try not to embarrass you

in front of your friends.

- Burton, right?
- That's me.

- Nice to meet you too.
- She's fired up about this.

- I hadn't noticed.
- Can you confirm

you have a kidnapping victim
in your custody

- and in this apartment?
- Yes,

- I can confirm that.
- You can't sequester

a kidnapping victim until you decide

she's ready to talk
to a State's attorney.

You want me to list everything
that's wrong with that?

Should I start with the legal things

- or the ethical things?
- Okay, relax, Alex.

She's been heavily sedated.
We don't know for how long,

and she can't make a statement
until she's fully coherent.

Yeah, and we're not convinced

that putting her on anyone's radar...

authorities or not... is a safe move.

Her abilities made her a commodity.

But if the people that took her
get wind that she's willing

- to testify...
- If she's willing to testify.

- If.
- Yes.

If she's willing to testify,

then we might as well
paint a target on her back.

Fine, but I want to talk to her.

You will, just not yet.

Like Taka said, she's still unconscious.

When she wakes up,

she's gonna be frightened and confused.

She's been through a lot.

And that's not even accounting
for what we saw in her dreams.

Hold up. What you saw in her dreams?

Does that mean he can do
the dream thing too?

Yeah. Tess as well.

So we're just gonna tell everyone now?

Seriously, am I the only one
who can't do this?



Sorry. You scared him.

We don't allow pets
in here, Ms. Bennett.

- It's been a while.
- Well, I've been busy.

You locked me out
of your data bank, Bill.

Your system says my password expired.

Sure. There's an automatic lockout

after a certain period of time.

It's been months since
you've expressed any interest

in providing financing.

The data's for investors,
which you are not.

Well, I am very eager
to open my checkbook...

as long as you can provide some evidence

that these things actually work.

Well, that's great news.

Good. Then you'll...

- reactivate my password.
- Absolutely.

As soon as I get the system back up

and a firm commitment
from you in writing.

- Tomorrow, then?
- Probably.

Let's say "definitely."

Still in touch with Lainie Whicker?

- Who?
- Lainie Whicker.

You said you had high hopes for her.

Oh! Yes, Lainie. No, no. She's gone.

- She disappeared.
- Did she?

Yeah, she just disappeared.

She didn't leave
any contact information.

Not even a good-bye note.

- That's disappointing.
- It is.

She had a lot of potential.


You know, we can't just
make a run at Bennett.

We don't have enough.

And when the victim wakes up...

Her name is Lainie.

When Lainie wakes up,

we have no idea
what she's gonna remember,

- if anything.
- For now,

we stick with the plan.
As soon as she's conscious

and coherent, we get her
to a State's attorney

- we can trust.
- But we do it

when she's ready. Not a second before.

In the meantime, we need to start

fortifying our case against Bennett,

rattle some cages.

And I think we start with the one

who's already shook up: Nicholas Hull.

Who's that?

He runs a financial firm
Burton used to work for.

They were the ones brokering
the deal to sell my son.

And you worked for them?

I did,

only until I realized what
they had their hands into.

I've been trying to burn
the place down ever since.

Listen, Taka and I are
putting our jobs on the line

by not calling this in right now.

So, Taka, one of us needs to be here

when Lainie wakes up, so I'm staying.

No. Out of the question.

- Excuse me?
- She's gonna be terrified

when she wakes up. I'll handle it.

She knows me from her dreams.

I'll tell you when you can come back.

Okay, it's not up to you
if I'm here or not.

She's a victim. I'm a cop.

She's my responsibility,

and this is my case.

She's not a case. She's a person.

We need to get her on the record.

We've wasted enough time.

Who knows how long ago she was taken

and what happened to her?

The kidnapping case
is cold enough as is.

We can't even do a rape kit
on her at this point.

What are you talking about?

If this trafficking business is real,

statistically there's a 60% chance

she was about to be or already was

part of a sex ring.

- That's not what this is.
- And you're sure about that?

No. The only certainty

is that Lainie is one of us

and she was taken against her will.

Look, Alex will hang back

until you think it's okay
to talk to Lainie,

but I think she should stay.


But no questions till I say so...

until she's ready.


Alex, come on.


- Mom!
- Yeah, sweetie?

Mom, she's awake.

What the hell?

She's been getting fed off an IV

for who knows how long.
You have to take it slow.

Look at her nails... the polish.

That's gotta be at least
a month's growth.

What is she talking about?

I thought we agreed
you were gonna hang back.

We agreed no questions.
I'm making statements.

It's okay, Lainie.

We're just trying to figure out
what happened to you.

I just wanna get out of here.

I hear you, but you need to rest.

This is important.

Try to think back
to when you were taken.

What's... what's
the last thing you remember?

I don't know.

I was alone, I think.

A movie. I was at a movie.

- Okay.
- An old one.

Do you remember where? What movie?

The Quad Theaters.

It was a foreign movie,
but it was in English.

"The Last" something.

"The Last Wave." Is that it?

Y... yes? Yeah, I think so.

"The Last Wave" played at
the Quad almost six weeks ago.

That's impossible.

It feels like it was just
a couple of days ago.

Bill Boerg.

- Who?
- Bill Boerg.

He must have something to do with this.

That guy's an asshole.

I won't argue with you on that.

Anything's possible with Boerg,

but he did help us find you.

He did?

Of course he did. He just wants me back

in one of his stupid pods,
dreaming for him.

You realize all we have
on Hull is hearsay

and a check that came
from a shell corporation.

He doesn't know that,
nor does he need to.

Well, now you're thinking like a cop.

If we're right about
his connection to Bennett,

it won't matter anyway. Chances are,

Bennett will come after us
before the day's out.

Good. I'll count on it.

...Nothing to protect themselves.

You're talking about Whittaker?

I told you, Whittaker is nothing.

The people behind Whittaker?

Can you give a name, Doctor?

- Taylor Bennett.
- How do you...

Recognize the voice?

Well, first, let me just say,

you've got a serious set of stones

coming here, Burton.

- And yet, you let us in.
- I'm intrigued...

to see what else you might use
to absolve yourself

of whatever it is you need
to absolve yourself of.

It worked so well last time
with the FBI.

I asked you a question, Mr. Hull.

Do I recognize the voice? I do not.

- He used to work for you.
- Many people work for me.

This one ended up dead.

I do have to admire
your tenacity, Burton.

That's why I hired you
in the first place.

I admire your optimism,
misplaced as it is.

You know, I find it curious
that you wouldn't know

about someone who received
as much compensation

as Dr. Ralston did.

You know, but then again,
perhaps our witness was

mistaken when she connected you
with those payments...

before she was abducted, drugged,

and unlawfully detained by said doctor.

You might just consider
asking Taylor Bennett

about this, Detective.

It was her name I heard
on the recording, not mine.

True enough.

But once that arrest warrant
issues on her for kidnapping,

she'll start naming names
to chip years off her sentence.

The early bird gets the deal, Mr. Hull.

The rest get hard time.

So, roll on Bennett
and you could spend your time

at Club Fed rather than Sing Sing.

If you two think that
you have... what it takes

to bring me down this time,

please, be my guest.

Until then, I have
a company to run, so...

I'm still nauseous.

It'll pass. It's probably the drugs.

I'll leave it here.

Was that your son in here? Earlier?


I feel like I saw him in a dream once.

It's possible.

I know I saw you and that other guy.


You found me, right? At Evallyse?

My castle. Evallyse.

That's right.

That's how we found you
in the real world too.

So you're dreamers.

- We are.
- Her too?

- No.
- I didn't think so.

Why do you keep staring at me?

You're kind of the star
of the show here, kid.

I'm just making sure you're okay,

that you're safe.

Is there anyone I can call for you?


Any family? Your parents?

I don't have any family...

at least, none I want to go back to.

We should try
and shake anything else out

you can remember.

Maybe the people who abducted you.

How many there were,
or what they looked like.

How do I even know you're really a cop?

You wanna play with my badge?
Would that help?

You guys could be the people
who kidnapped me

for all I know.

Lainie, we rescued you

because we wanted to protect you.

- That's all.
- Then I'm free to go.

Of course you're free to go.

But... I hope you don't. You can help us

get the people who did this to you,

and... and maybe stop them
from doing it to someone else.

I know how you feel.

What you've been through is... inhuman.

We've been through a lot too,
my son and I.

That's why we all care so much
about what happens to you.

Maybe we're special
because of what we can do,

but we're still people.

We're not property
to be bought and sold.

No one is.

We need your help
to make these bastards pay.

We don't have to be victims.

What happened after
you left Bill Boerg's place?

I was so stupid.

Some guy... he didn't tell me his name.

I didn't ask. I didn't care...

handed me $25,000 in cash

and offered me another $250,000

just to go overseas for a few months

and dream with some sheikh or something.

I said yes. I mean, who wouldn't?

I moved out of my apartment.

I donated all my crap.
I was all set to go.

It's the perfect plan.

They let you make it look
like you packed up and moved,

then they took you.

Okay. Your turn.

- What?
- You said that

you and your boy had been through a lot,

that we're the same,
that you understand.

They stole my life.

Weeks gone.

God only knows what they did to me.

So tell me, what's so terrible
that happened to you?

What is it?

- Tess.
- What's going on?

I think I know why they kidnapped her...

why they drugged her.

What the hell is going on?

I'm sorry, Lainie. I'll be back.

- I'm sorry.
- Tess, where are you going?


I feel like I'm back in the Stone Age.

- Who's this?
- It's Bill.

We've got a problem.

Taylor Bennett just came to my office.

- What did she want?
- Well, she wanted to know

if I'd been in touch
with Lainie Whicker.

- And what did you tell her?
- I handled it.

I said that I hadn't
been in touch with her

and I had no idea where she'd went.

Did she believe you?

Maybe, but if she suspects anything,

then we could be in danger,
especially Lainie.

If she suspected something,

we wouldn't be talking right now.

Yeah, I'd try to stay awake
if I was you.

You don't think she'd send
that Shadow guy after me?

Just put on a pot of coffee
and we'll be there.

Okay, I'll never sleep again.
That sounds like a great plan.


take care of Lainie.

Okay? Protect her.
That is what matters right now.

We will. Talk to you soon.

So Bennett's been sniffing around Boerg.

Asking questions about Lainie.

She was one of Bill's test subjects.

It makes sense that Bennett's

been pushing him for information.

Yeah, but what if there's
more to it than that?

What, do you think
he's hiding something?

Bill's always hiding something.

Tess, what the hell is going on?

Where did you go?

I'll tell you. Just give me a moment.

Hey. How are you feeling?

- Better.
- Have you eaten?

- Not really
- Are you still nauseous?

You're starting to freak me out, lady.

Okay. You said "God only knows

what they did" to you.
And we don't know.

But we have to find out.

So... I don't know how else to say it,

so I'm just gonna...

I think you're pregnant.

What are you talking about?
That's impossible.

I don't know why I didn't
think about this before.

A dreamer, the lost time,

your nausea, and the fact that, uh...

the fact that this happened to me...

eight years ago.


I lost an entire year of my life,

every bit of it gone from my memory,

except... this one thing.

This thing that kept me
from giving up on everything.

This vague, almost unseeable image

of... my boy.

This is crazy.

I don't want this to be true,
but we need to know.

So, what's the game plan, Taylor?

"Game plan"? Nicky, we don't need

a game plan. Everything's under control.

I was the one who was unceremoniously

marched out of his office in handcuffs

not too long ago, if you recall.

And yet, there you are,

back in your cozy little office.

They obviously have no
prosecutable evidence on you.

Well, it seems like they know

a lot more than they're saying,

especially about your connection

to us and our mutual interests.

A recording without corroboration

is nothing more than gossip.

There are layers and layers
separating my name

from all of this.

There are, right?

Of course.

Then it's still just our little secret.

When I first got my detective badge,

I was assigned to a sex crimes unit.

Spent two years before I...

couldn't take it anymore.

You don't expect it, you know?
You think, "Crime is crime."

You steel yourself against it.
You've been trained for it.

But the women I saw...

abused and raped and forgotten.

Most of them just...
bury the pain and the horror

deep insides themselves,
but it... never goes away.

It's always there,
right under the surface,

just... waiting to explode.

That's why I went into homicide.

I realized, sometimes
the dead got it made.

If this test is positive...

whoever we saved her from,
they'll never stop looking

for her until they find that baby.

Not if I can help it.

How about that?

We finally agree on something.

No, I have no
further comment on this today,

ladies and gentlemen.

The voters will decide

on who the best man for the job
of leading the city is.

That's it. Thank you.

Nope, nope.

Only the voters are speaking. Not me.

Is there something else?

There is, actually.


I would like to ask for a favor.

Go on.

It's my daughter.


Oh, of course you know
everything, don't you?

What about your daughter, Mr. Dolan?

Well, it's just that
she got accepted into NYU.


Yes, but unfortunately,

the scholarship she was expecting

did not materialize.

I realize that it's a long shot, but...

I was hoping you might have
a way to persuade

the scholarship office to reconsider

their decision about my daughter.

I'm sorry if I've overstepped my...

You have done very good work
for us, Mr. Dolan.

Thank you.

If you continue to please management,

the possibilities are endless.

So you'll consider it, at least?

We'll discuss this further

after you complete your next assignment.

Thank you. I won't let you down.

The 2020 presidential
election is coming to a close.

Richard, back to you.

And we have another
state's result coming in,

and this is a big one, folks.

We are projecting that the state of Ohio

and their 18 electoral votes
will be going to...

New York Mayor, Phillip Whittaker.



- Oh, my gosh.
- Whittaker!

- Whittaker!
- Whittaker! Whittaker!

You did it, big guy.

I knew you had it in you.

What... what are you doing here?

You invited me. Don't you remember?

- No.
- And I've got a very special

surprise for you, so...
come with me, Mr. President.

You're gonna love this part.

I'm gonna remember you, Woody,

when it comes time to...
to naming my cabinet.

Well, hello, ladies.

POTUS is in the house.

You did good work today.

Thanks. You too.

We're gonna get this Taylor Bennett.

We're close. I can feel it.

And she's gonna lead us
right to the asshole

who did this to you and Sabine

and your mother.

Where are you going?

The precinct's the other way.

Nah, you're sleeping
at my place tonight.

I'll take the couch.

I already told you, Taka.
This isn't your problem.

Besides, Christy's gonna get all...

I already talked to her.

Wait, you told her I was gonna sleep

at your apartment
because I'm afraid my dreams

will be invaded by a madman?

No, I told her we had
an all-night stakeout

and that I owed her a big one.
I'm not a complete idiot.

- Taka...
- Listen.

We're partners, so that means

your problems are my problems,
whether you like it or not.

You're gonna get a good night's rest,

and I'm gonna be there.

No one's getting into
your dreams tonight.

Great. Our first sleepover.

I can't wait for the pillow fight.


- Hey.
- Hey.

- James okay?
- Yeah.

He's out cold,
snoring like a little bear.

Thanks for letting him
sleep in your room.

Of course.

You should try getting
some sleep yourself.

I tried.

Didn't take.

What's going on?

Tess? Talk to me.

- I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay.

It's okay. What is it?

You know, all this time, I've been...

I've been like a mad dog
looking for James,

and... Thinking I was crazy.

And then when I finally found him,

it all became about...

making up for lost times

and then... building him
the life he deserves.

But now, with Lainie,

I realize there's a lot I don't know.

And I've been convincing myself
it didn't matter,


What happened to me?

Why can't I remember any of it?

Listen to me.

I'll help you. Okay?

You don't have to do this alone.

Let's find out what happened to you.

- What happened?
- Oh, a goddamn mess

is what happened.

Guy took a nose dive.

So what am I doing here?

Eh, we're peeling the onion already,

and guess whose name
was on the sign-in sheet

at his office yesterday?

You wanna tell me
why this guy had the pleasure

of your company 18 hours ago?

It's all finished up down here?

Yeah, I got to get a few
more shots, and...

- Dad.
- Hi, Peanut.

You're not going to believe it.

I just got an email from NYU.

The scholarship people,
they said they made a mistake.

I got it.

A full ride! I'm going to NYU!

That's so wonderful, Peanut.

I'm so proud of you.

- I love you.
- Love you too, Dad.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx