Falling Water (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Dröm - full transcript

Taka tries to find Shadowman in the real world. Tess and Burton search for a missing dreamer. Woody betrays the mayor. Bill returns.

Previously on "Falling Water"...

If I can verify what I saw last night,

I promise it will be
the end of her career.

- Is that Greg?
- No.

Who's Greg?

Are you gonna tell dad it's
another surprise pregnancy?

Sabine. She's been arrested.

It appears she murdered Taka's mother.

He keeps saying,
"They just want to talk."

I'll give you one guess
who I think it is.

- Bill Boerg.
- Boerg divested himself

of all his businesses,
holdings, and just disappeared.

Help me, and I will
help you find your son.

- Stop looking for Shadowman.
- I know where he is.

You won't be able to find him
without me.

He's very angry
and wants to hurt people.

Lots of people.

That's why you brought your mother home.

She knew how to find Shadowman.

But then he tortured Sabine in her sleep

until she killed Kumiko.

What if your mom was getting too close?

He's seen all of us now,
including James.

Let's find this bastard.



You're home?


Crazy, right?


Well, are you going to let me in?

Yeah, sure.

I don't understand. I thought...

It was all a mistake.

A misunderstanding.

But I saw it happening.

You killed my mother.

She's dead.


I'm fine.

Come on, now.

Dinner's almost ready.

He was such a finicky eater
when he was young.

- Mom.
- Come on, Taka.

It's a sweet story.

Sabine doesn't want to hear it.

I do.

I think Taka was about six or seven.

All I could get him to eat was
cream cheese and Ritz crackers.


- Afraid so.
- Now look at him.

My boy's a regular gourmand.

No doubt thanks to your influence.


He inspires me.

You do, you know.

Well, let's say it's mutual.





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Taka, did you see James?



Sorry, I thought maybe
James was in here.

No, he's downstairs with Ronnie.

They're helping Clinton and
Grace get set up for the day.

Thought you could use
a little extra sleep.

Yeah, thanks.

- I should go check on James.
- I'm sure he's fine.

Look, I would trust Clinton
and Grace with my life.

I'm sure, it's...
it's just that I...

Tess, I know it's not my place,

but don't you think
James could use some friends

of his own age to interact with?

Like Ronnie?

Of course, it's just that...

I like to know what his dreams were.

I'm scared.

And II don't know what to do.

Look, we'll figure this
all out together.

We will.

I have something for you.

Now, I know you didn't have time to pack

before you left Maine,
so I picked up a few things

for you at the store.

Thank you.

You're quite welcome.

It's gonna be okay.

Excuse me.

Good stuff, Dimitri.

If you find anything else, call me.

- Someone's been busy.
- Can't sleep.


This guy's a major league dreamer.

I believe he's connected
to people on your list.

I don't know how, but I can feel it.

What's this? Social Security numbers?

Yeah, that's what I thought at first.

They're actually bank routing numbers.

- Makes more sense.
- And I looked into

their bank accounts and all of them

were receiving payments
from the shell corporation

registered in the Bahamas,
Sycorax Industries, Limited.

Any relation to the firm
of HullBedford?

Can't tell, I mean, whoever it is

covered their tracks pretty well.

It all leads back to this bastard?

I know it's a long shot, but
maybe one of them is Shadowman.


A few of the names
on the list also got checks

from this company
called "drom," supposedly

a medical research company.

Privately held, down near
the financial district.

I tried calling, but no answer.

Perhaps we should pay them
a little visit.

- Who?
- Drom.

I have no idea who that is.

Possible lead Taka was able to

dig out of this mound of data.

- Wow.
- Chalk it up to insomnia.

But what is it?

Somehow connected to HullBedford

and their brokering of Dreamers.

That was Alex.

She found the RV that was
parked outside my apartment.

- Where?
- Brooklyn.

- I'll call you later.
- I'll check out drom then.

Can I come with you?

What about James?

You're right. He's in good hands.

And honestly, I'm going insane
doing nothing.

Hi, I'm Woody.

Woody Hammond. I'm a friend
of Mayor Harding's.

Yes, of course, Mr. Hammond.

Yeah, hi. Woody, please.

Yesterday the Mayor
mentioned that I should contact

her friend Greg about hosting
a fundraising event,

but for the life of me,
I can't remember his last name.

Was it Greg Terwilliger
from the DA's office?

Greg Terwilliger, no,
that doesn't sound familiar.

II feel like he had a short last name.

That's the only Greg I know,
but give me a sec.

Okay, she has three other
Gregs in her contact list.


Greg Long, Gregory Stafford,
and Greg Bachmann.

- Greg...
- Bachmann.

Take it nice and easy, all right?

Yeah. Sure.


You think someone's in there?

Only one way to find out.


You call that nice and easy?

Stolen plates.

Probable cause to search
the vehicle, right?


Well, that was a bust.

I'll call my guys in Auto.

Nah, I think we should wait
until he shows up.

There was no one in there!

What, we arrest a guy
for stealing a crappy RV?

No, this isn't about a stolen RV.

You seem really sure about this.

Is there anything you're not telling me?

Because this does not work
without complete trust.

I know that from experience.

Call it one of my hunches. All right?

Come on.

Welcome to Drom.

My name is Audrey.

How can I be of assistance?

We'd like to talk to
whoever's in charge.

- Do you have an appointment?
- We do not.

I am sorry, but without an appointment,

I cannot accommodate your request.

Can we make an appointment then?

Appointments can only be
made on our website

We need to speak to someone now.

It's quite urgent.

I am sorry, but without an appointment,

I cannot accommodate your request.

Blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I'm sorry. I did not
understand your response.

I said shove it up your robotic ass.

I'm sorry. I did not
understand your response.

- We're wasting our time here.
- Agreed.

Your appointment has been accepted.

Please wait here and someone
will assist you momentarily.

You have no idea how happy
I am to see you, Tess.

Thought I'd lost you forever.


How are you doing?

I didn't study.

I forgot there was a test.

You'll be fine.

What do you think of Elizabeth Harding?

The mayor?

She's nice.

I got her a good return last year.


Was she not happy with my work?

No talking during the exam.

So what the hell is drom?

It's Swedish for "dream."
I thought it sounded cool.

I meant what is it, not what it means.

It's kind of an extension

of my previous work in dream research.

So youyou buy and sell
children on a higher scale now.

No, God, no. Nothing like that.

How is your son, by the way?

You are not allowed to talk
about my son. Ever.

There are still some bad feelings here.

I understand.

Do you realize what James
and I have been through

- because of you?
- You never gave me

a chance to explain.

You made your intentions fairly clear.

I was trying to protect you
and your son.

- Why?
- Because you're both

so vital to my research.

- Such a piece of shit!
- Let's just meet another day.


Let's just get what
we came for and leave.

- What do you say?
- Yeah.

Do you recognize any of those names?

- Where did you get this?
- That's not important.

Do you recognize these names?

I can't. I have
confidentiality agreements.

All of the people on this list

have not only been paid by yourself,

but also by HullBedford,
my former employers.

I'm sure you remember them.

- Yes.
- And that they're currently

under investigation by the FBI?

I believe I remember
something about that, yes.

So that ties the two of you together.

Now, do you really want to get

dragged down in the shit with them?

These are...

Test subjects.
They're paid test subjects.

Test subjects for what?

Can I show you something?

If anyone had told us 20 years ago

that newspapers and shopping
malls would become obsolete,

we would've had them locked up.

The Internet changed everything.

Now, imagine a world where
the Internet no longer exists

because it has been replaced
with a neuronet.

No more wires. No more computers.

People will connect
through their dreams.

You and I know that powerful
Dreamers such as yourselves

can share dreams as long as they are...

sleeping near each other.

About 100 meters seems to be the max.

But what if you could dream with someone

across an ocean from you?

With your parents in Paris

or your business partner in China.

These pods amplify a dreamer's range

allowing them to connect
with anyone, anywhere.

Do they work?

Unfortunately, no.

I have come close a few times,

but nowhere near as well as
I would have liked to.

Now, I don't know what to do.

I poured my heart and soul
into this, and my money.

Sold everything to do this,
and now I'm petrified

that all I'm going to end up
left with to show for it

is essentially a $200,000 mattress.

And that's what you need
a test subject for.


Is there anyone on this list of names

who might have been a powerful Dreamer?

More powerful than even Tess.

Yeah, only one came close.


Lainie Whicker.

- She had talent.
- Had?

What are you really looking for?

There's someone out there,
we think a Dreamer,

who's entering people's dreams

and manipulating them to commit murder.

I have never come across
anything like that.

How can you be sure?

- I've seen him.
- We all have.

James calls him the Shadowman.

- He's seen him too?
- Yep.

Well, I don't think it could be Lainie.

Okay, I'm sure it couldn't be Lainie.

And it couldn't be any of
my Dreamers for that matter.

How can you be so certain?

I'm fairly certain.

I have a pretty good
screening process set up.

Anybody like you're describing
would probably be eliminated.

But you can't say for sure.

Not for sure, no.

We'd like to see those profiles.

Like I said, they are confidential.

Like I told you, we'd like
to see those profiles.

There are hundreds of them.

Okay, so why don't we start

with your most powerful Dreamer.

This Lainie Whicker for instance.


If I knew we'd be on a stakeout all day,

I would've brought coffee.

Or a novel.

Or a sane partner.

If you want, you... go home,
you're off the clock anyway.

Thanks but I don't want you

going all "Punisher" or anything.

- I'm fine.
- No, you're not.

And you shouldn't be.

You should be taking care of yourself.

Working through this incredible
trauma you've been through.

Talking to Doc Vickers
like I've asked you

a dozen times.

But also, I...

Understand this.

And I'm your partner.

And while I think it'll end
in a long night of nothing,

I'm good with hanging.


Would you look at this fool?

He's going to get himself run over.

- Sir.
- Sir.

Why don't you come out of the street?


NYPD. You need to get off the street.

- Sir.
- Sir, get off the street.

- No!
- No, no!

Greg, my man.


I was at my grandma's house.

- The one in... Savannah?
- Yeah.

She was a real classy lady, my grandma.

Collected art and shit.

I felt like a princess
living there, you know?

It's all gone now.

Lost in the flood.

I can only go there when I dream.

Was Justin at your grandma's house?

No. Why would he be?

Because your assignment was to locate.

Justin somewhere in the dreamscape.


I tried. I couldn't find him.

You are a very strong dreamer.

I know you can do this.

You just... you have to focus.

Well, we'll, we'll try
again next time.

There's not going to be a next time.

This is my last session.

What do you mean? Why?


Let's talk about this.

Nah. There's nothing to talk about.

Lainie, Lainie.

She was one of my best.

Nowhere near your caliber,
Tess, but damn good.

She's just a kid.

What happened to her?

I tried to find her, but...


She just disappeared.
Her phone was disconnected.

She moved out of her place.

Well, she couldn't have
completely disappeared.

The last payment she received
from this other entity

was dated two weeks ago.

Then I don't know.

Maybe there's a way we can
find her the dreamscape.


You were always a natural
at finding people.

If anyone can do this, you can,
and my pods can help.

You said they didn't work.

Well, they don't, not to the extent

that we need them to,
but what do we have to lose?

Yeah, we got here
around 3:00, and, um...

And, um, this...

we saw... we were sitting in the car

and II noticed a man
who wasn't in clothes.

He was naked, and,
he walks towards us.

- And he's singing.
- Hey!

You in the cap. Hey, stop.

Police. Hey! Hey.

- What's going on?
- Hey, you in the cap, stop.

- Police! Hey!
- Taka.


Hey! Hey!


It was the RV guy.


Taka, Taka, you all right?


Taka, stay with me.

All right, get in. Get comfortable.

These machines

use magnetic fields and
radio waves to map your brain.

Much like an MRI machine.

This is safe, right?


It's 95%.

Statistically insignificant.

Let's do this.



Lainie, can you hear me?


I'm pretty sure I found
her grandma's house.

I think I could hear her singing,

but I couldn't find her.

She is clever, our Lainie.

She's what I call an "Engineer,"

which means that she can
construct her own dream space.

And she's obviously found a way
to hide inside of it.

Most cool.

So that's that then.

Well, you're the best Tracker I know.

If you can't find her,
I don't think anybody can.

Unless you want to find a
Skater to go in with you.

A what?

A Skater is what I call

a person who can move past
a dream construct.

They don't concern themselves
with the logical environment

built by the dreamer.

It's basically somebody
who can walk through walls.

Or dream walls.


That would be me.

Someone's not flossing.

Help me.

There's something wrong with my teeth.

Hey, what do you think
about Elizabeth Harding?


She's a looker, don't you think?

Hello, Woody.

I understand you have
some good news for us.

I assume you know Phillip Whittaker.

Of course, you're running
against Mayor Harding.

I am indeed.

And with your help, I might even

have a chance of succeeding.

So, what have you got?

It's a who, and his name
is Greg Bachmann.

Greg... Bachmann...
I don'tdon't follow.

He and Mayor Harding met
at a charity event years ago.

They had a torrid sixmonth affair

and Harding became pregnant.

So Mrs. Family First

cheats on her husband
and gets knocked up?

Yeah, and that's not the half of it.

Mayor Harding convinced Greg
that it would be best

for both of their families
if they kept the affair secret.

Harding's husband has no idea

that his daughter, Amelia,
isn't his biological child.

Shit, this is...

Where did you get this?

That, I'm afraid, is a trade secret.

But I'm sure Ms. Bennett
will vouch for my reliability.

Indeed I do.

It's best not to concern yourself

with the details, Philip.

We put this out tomorrow, there's no way.

Harding's campaign can survive
this kind of a scandal.

With all due respect, Mr. Whittaker,

I don't think going public
is the smart play here.

The scandal could overshadow
your entire campaign.

But I'd still win.

I know Harding, Ms. Bennett.

I can use this information to get her

to drop out of the race quietly.

We don't need to create a circus,

especially if there's a chance
that it could lead back to us.

No, she's got the votes.

Her approval rating is through the roof.

II need this. I want this now!


Brutus doesn't like it
when people shout.

Apologize, please.

Of course, I'm very sorry.

I didn't mean to raise my voice.

Not to me.

To Brutus.

Brutus, I, I apologize.
I didn't mean to upset.

I understand your concerns, Phillip.

But Woody makes a good point.

I think we should give him some
time to handle this his way.

Here you go. Good boy.

Good boy.

You're a lucky man, Detective Matsuyama.

Slight concussion, but otherwise good.

- That's a relief.
- When can I check out?

I recommend staying overnight
for observation.

Standard procedure for anyone
who's had a concussion.

- I feel fine.
- Taka, listen to the man

with the medical degree.

You can check out in the morning.

Till then, get some rest.

How do you feel?

How you doing?

- I'm okay.
- Good.

Then maybe you can tell me what the hell

that was all about.

He's the guy who owns the RV,
and I'm pretty sure

he caused that man in his

underwear to blow his brains out.

- What are you talking about?
- He was sleepwalking.

The guy in the blue cap came
out of the same brownstone

as the victim, and I'm pretty
sure he was sleeping there.


She asks, dreading the answer.

He can enter people's dreams
if he sleeps near them.

The closer he gets the more
power he has over his victims.

That's why he was sleeping
in Morrison's attic.

That's why he was parked
outside my apartment

the night Sabine killed my mother.

And that's why he was sleeping
in the brownstone.

So you're saying
that man in the blue cap

entered Morrison and Sabine's dreams

and somehow... compelled them
to commit murder?


I saw him in Morrison's dream.

And he was in Sabine's as well.

But in the dreams, he,

appears in disguise.

Whatwhat do you mean you
saw him in Morrison's dream?

- How?
- Look, I know it sounds crazy.

It sounds crazy
because it is crazy, Taka.

You can't enter people's dreams.

- It's not possible.
- But what if it was?

What if it was possible?

I think you should get some rest.

You're on meds.

We can talk about this
in the morning, okay?


What are you doing?

Making sure you don't have
a psychotic break or something.

I'm gonna be fine.

Go home to Christy
and get a good night's sleep.

Christy's used to this. Shut up.

And no snoring.

See what I mean?

Her voice is coming from somewhere

right in the middle of this wall.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

There has to be a hidden door
somewhere, right?

I don't think Lainie's behind the wall.

I think she's in there.

So we're in a painting?

I think we're actually still
in Lainie's dreamscape.

She appears to have created
a labyrinth of sorts.

And you just figured
we could go into it?


I'm not really sure how it works.

Just something I discovered I can do.

You are full of surprises.

Any other... special skills
I should know about?

I make a mean omelet.

Madam Mayor.

- It's good to see you.
- And you.

Can I get you a glass of wine?

No, thank you. I can't stay long.

I promised my family
I'd be home for dinner.

How is the family?

They have been wonderfully
patient with me.

This election has been
intense to say the least.

There never seems to be
enough hours in the day.

I nearly missed my daughter's birthday.

It was her sweet 16,

and I showed up an hour after
she blew out her candles.

God, I felt like the
worst mother in the world.

When I asked what she wished for,

do you know what she said?

She said she wished I would
kick Phil Whittaker's ass

in a landslide victory.

She sounds like a good kid.

She is.

Sorry, it's been a long day.

I only stopped by because you said

you had something important to tell me

that couldn't be discussed
over the phone.

I do.

And I appreciate you making the time.

Look, I want to start by saying

that I've already taken steps
to protect you.

At least until you decide
how you want to proceed.

This sounds serious.

I'm so sorry.

Please continue.

I've learned recently
that a friend of mine

was hired to perform oppo research

on you during your first election.

- That's fairly routine.
- Yes.

But he has information that...

- What in the world?
- What's going on?

New York's Mayor, Elizabeth Harding

long held up decency and family values...

out of an extramarital affair.

Bachmann, do you have a comment, sir?

Just leave me the hell alone, all right?

- Elizabeth.
- I have to go.




Are you real?

My name is Tess.

This is Burton.

They won't let me go.

Who won't let you go?

- What's happening to you?
- Please help me.

I'm scared.

We're gonna help you.
Tell me where you are.

No, no, no, no.

No, no, no.

No, no, no.

What's going on?

- What was that?
- I don't know.

- Your nose.
- You too.

Unfortunate side effect of the Pod.

I'm working on it. Did you find her?

She's in danger.


Someone's holding her against her will.

- Where?
- I don't know.

But we have to find her.


What's wrong?

I'm having a bad day.

Come on, let's get out of here.

And go where?

This is where I come
when I'm having a bad day.

This is nice.

- What do you do here?
- I'll show you.

Watch out, now.

Did you see that?

Straight down third!

Not bad.

Did you play ball in high school?

Freshman year.

I would not have taken you for a jock.

Why not?

Most of the jocks I went to
high school with were all...

arrogant pricks.

Want to hit a few balls?

Sure. We're here.

Let's go, Detective Simms.

See what you got.

Did I mention I used to be
a jock in high school too?

Well, I believe that now.

- It's magical, right?
- Yeah.

Hey, slugger.

You awake?

What did you call me?

You know, I had no idea
you were such a jock.

Most of the jocks I grew up
with were arrogant pricks.

Was I talking in my sleep?


I was in your dream.

I wanted to show you
that it was possible.

So, everything you've been telling me...

It's real.

Now, the man we saw today.

In the blue hat.

He infiltrates people's dreams

and makes them do terrible things.

Things they normally would never do.

I call him the... Shadowman.

And I need your help to take him down.

Are you with me?

Yeah, I'm with you.

But we do this as much
by the book as possible.

Intuition cannot be proved
in a court of law.



And if you ever enter my dreams again

without my permission,
I'm gonna punch you in the face.

Maybe worse. Got it?

Got it.

All right, let's get you
checked out of here

and go find your Shadowman.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx