Falling Water (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Safehouse - full transcript

Burton, Taka and Tess must deal with the pain brought by Shadowman in both the real and dream worlds. Woody enters the mayor's dreams.

Previously, on "Falling Water"...

- James, did you draw that?
- The Shadowman.

When my people get here,
I can explain everything.

What happened?

- Get in the car, now.
- The hell's going on?

A search warrant.

And a warrant for your arrest, Mr. Hull.

Heard about all the ruckus at the Firm.

In the meantime,
I'd like to offer you a job.

It's political, straight up your alley.

Madam Mayor, Woody Hammond.

I would like to offer you my support.

That's very generous of you,
Mr. Hammond.

Tell her the ball's in motion.

You did good, Burton,
you led us to a solid takedown.

And who knows what the
evidence is gonna show

or who else it's gonna point to.

If someone else
was here, and recently I mean,

shouldn't we investigate it?
Isn't that what we do?

And whoever set up camp
here drilled that hole

to spy on the bedroom below
the night of the murder.

Sam, you can make it stop.

I can't.

He won't let me.

No, no, no, no, no.

No... no...

What'd you do?

Police, ma'am.

Where you headed?

Um, New York from Maine.

Just needed to catch some
sleep before the final leg.

Might wanna spring
for a motel next time.

You gotta be careful where you sleep.

You okay?

I'm sorry, Mom.

What are you sorry about?

The Shadowman.

He almost saw us.

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It doesn't make any sense.

You know, why she would...

Sabine is not a killer.

- I know you loved her...
- Love her.

She didn't want your mom living here.

That's not a reason to kill someone.

I'm not a shrink, but I am a cop.

You and I both know
sometimes people just snap.

You weren't there.

She was standing here.

Holding the bottle.

Her eyes were open.

And it's like...
it's like she couldn't see.

She didn't even hear the gagging.

She's really gone.

I can't see this.

This man is dead.

The investigation is over, Burton.

What in the hell are you talking about?

We've got three indictments

on corporate fraud, case closed.

HullBedford is responsible
for this man's death.

Has the NYPD come to that conclusion?

Because a dead body
is their jurisdiction.

No, it was staged
to look like an overdose.

My orders were clear...

prosecute the financial
crimes we can make stick,

that's it, this comes from way up.

If you get something solid...
and I mean airtight...

you could directly to a US attorney.

There's plenty more evidence on this.

The case is over.

I shouldn't even be talking to you.

Hold on.


You're being investigated.

For what?


HullBedford's attorneys
have provided evidence.

That's bullshit, a retaliation.

I know, that's why I'm telling you.

So, I'm on my own, then?

I'll take a look. That's all I can do.

Thank you.

Watch your back.

Mayor Harding.

Thank you for coming on
such short notice, Mr. Hammond.

Always a pleasure to see you.

Sit, please.

How can I be of assistance?

Actually, you can't.

Have I done something to offend you?

No, it's so stupid, I...

I heard about the FBI raid.


These investigations
never amount to anything,

but my advisors say
the optics aren't good.

And I suppose there's nothing
I can do to change your mind.

I so wish there was, but...

Well, there must be
a political action committee

that supports you.

Would optics keep them
from accepting this?

Woody Hammond,

has anyone ever suggested
you go into politics?

I see the laundry.

Okay, there's an alley
to the right of it.

Follow that.

I remember you.

Well, the James I knew was much shorter.

Glad you're both safe.

Come on.

I followed all your instructions,

parked four blocks away.

You wanna tell me where we are?

Best Sudanese restaurant in New York.

Come, let's meet everyone.

Grace, Clinton, these are my friends.

Maybe Ronnie can be
a new friend to James.

He's a little tired from the drive.

Maybe you'd like a sweet first?

Have you tried basboosa before?

In Sudan, we also had to hide,

until Burton helped us immigrate.

I filled out a few forms, that's all.

We would have died
if it wasn't for his help.

Well, now it's you and Grace
who are helping me.

It's the least we can do.

You'll be safe here.

Thank you.

No one comes or goes
except through here.

What happened to your place?

I'm being watched.

By whom?

The FBI.

The FBI?

I thought you were working with them.

Apparently not any longer.

What happened?

Their hands are tied.

There is one agent I trust.

She's being watched too.

So, the Firm got to them?

HullBedford will do anything

to protect their asses, it seems.

And their reach goes
further than I ever imagined.

Look, it's not much, but, um...

It's fine.

Is Taka being watched too?

Is that why he wouldn't
let me go to his place?

No, I told you not to go
because it's a crime scene.

Tell me.

Tell me right now, Burton.

Your sister...

it appears she murdered Taka's mother.

I'm sorry,
there's no easy way to say it.

I don't understand it either.

No, there's been a mistake,

there's just no way she...

It's no mistake. She did it, Tess.

Taka was there.

Taka saw her?

She can't answer because
she's been arrested.

You've reached the
confidential voicemail

of Dr. Sabine Brighton.

I can't come to the phone right now.

Taka's going to come here

after he's given his
statement to the authorities.

Did he say how she...

Chemical drain cleaner down her throat.


I'm sorry.

It's not possible.

Listen, Tess, hey...

No, not my sister, not Sabine.

Listen to me, the evidence...

I don't care about the evidence.

I'm telling you, it's not possible.

She's not capable
of something like that.

When Taka comes,
he'll explain everything.


I'd crawl into bed
with her when we were kids,

when I had a bad dream.

She'd sing to me,

anytime of the night, so...

so soft, so gentle.

I'd fall right back to sleep.


Hey, come here.



I just talked to her a few days ago.

She looked so happy.

Taka, this makes no sense.

Help me understand this.

How can I when I don't
understand it myself?

I'm so sorry. I can't imagine.

Sabine went to see my mom,

made sure the laundry
was being done, read to her.

She was better with
my mom than I ever was.

And then...

Why did you bring your mother
home from the care facility?


I needed to dream with her.

You needed to dream with her? Why?

I have this case.

Shit, why didn't I see it before?

This the case where
the guy murdered his wife

- and he was dreaming?
- Yes, damn, yes, okay,

someone was in their attic...
a stranger.

I have DNA evidence to prove it.

And I'm pretty sure
this person is a Dreamer.

A Dreamer who came into this man's house

to make him kill his wife?

- I know it sounds crazy...
- Doesn't sound any crazier

than Sabine suddenly
turning into a murderer.

I don't know about that, guys.

If it's true, if someone
else made her do it...

Look, at this point, it's just a theory.

We don't even have a suspect.

We need to talk to Sabine,

find out if she remembers
any of her dreams.

She's at Central Booking.

I can't even see her until
after she's arraigned.

When is that?

Another day at least, maybe two.

I have a friend down there,
offered to get me in

for a few minutes, off the books.

If anyone reported me,
I could lose my badge.

Could your friend arrange an
offthebooks meeting for me?

That's what I'm thinking.

You've got five minutes.



Thank you for coming.

You must be so scared.

I swear, I don't know
how any of this happened.

I mean, I know that I did it, but I...

Maybe you didn't do it,

not on your own,

We don't have much time.

I heard you were having nightmares.

What were they about?

I already feel guilty enough.

This could help prove
you didn't intend to kill her.

I was having...

nightmares about Kumiko.

"I doubt if I have made the best use

of all my calamities."

They would start normally enough.

"Soft, amiable natures,

they would've refined to saintliness."

You are no saint.

You are selfish and conniving.

You stole him from me!

I didn't.


She looked the same, but evil.

And she'd say horrible things to me.

You'd like to squash me like a cockroach

so you can have him all to yourself.

Did you actually see cockroaches?


Where were they coming from?

From everywhere.

Was there anyone else in the dream?

There was a man, um,

something upstairs.

What did he look like,
that man upstairs?

I'm not sure.

Like this?

Just like this.

James calls him the Shadowman.

What does any of this matter?

It was just... a dream.

My dream.

It only proves how much I hated her.

Of course you didn't hate her.

I did.

That's what scares me.

She was...

I would wake up, and I'd feel this rage.

She was totally helpless,
she couldn't even speak, and...

it made me hate her even more.

Time's up.

Tell Taka.

Tell him...

I'm sorry.

I'm gonna find a way
to get you out of here.

- I will.
- Let's go.

Thanks for putting me up.

It shouldn't be more than day or two

before I'm back into my own place.

Can't imagine it'll be easy going back.

The main thing now is
to figure out what happened.

Tess doesn't know anything about

the Morrison murder.

She's not gonna know what to ask Sabine,

what details are important.

You don't actually
know they're connected.

You're right, I don't. I have a feeling.

Now so does Tess.

Did you stop to think you
might be giving her false hope?

Like I said, it's just a theory.

A theory Tess thinks
might exonerate her sister,

but it can't, can it?

Yeah, but,

if she wasn't acting
of her own free will,

if she was coerced...

In her dreams,

by another Dreamer, to commit murder?

I know it sounds crazy,

but you've seen firsthand

how dangerous dreams can be.

Okay, maybe some Dreamers
can force someone to kill.

I've never seen it, neither has Tess.

But now she's at the police station

because she desperately
wants to believe it's true.

Morrison said he was having a nightmare.

Hey, I found evidence someone
was sleeping in the attic.

We're not talking about Morrison,

we're talking about
Tess and Sabine and you.

Taka, look, this theory of yours

is giving all three of you hope.

I'm not really sure it helps.

You're right.

Theories don't help...

evidence does.


I told you if you
followed me, I'd kill you.

I won't tell you again...

stay away from me and my son.

You're supposed to be taking time off.

Just look, this RV
pulled in a little after 3:00,

and it pulled away at 5:44 a.m.,

exactly two minutes after
I placed the call to 911,

Okay, so someone on
your block works first shift.

No one ever got in or out.

You are on bereavement leave.

The Morrisons had an attic.
My building doesn't.

But that RV parked in the same spot,

- three nights in a row...
- Taka.

I mean, it could've been weeks,

but the store owner deleted

a bunch of video files over the weekend.


When was the last time you ate

or slept?

I'm fine.

No, you're not.

Maybe you should talk to Doc Vickers.

What if someone was sleeping
outside my building,

just like someone was sleeping
in the Morrisons' attic?

This would be proof.

Look, I'm...

I'm not crazy.

I know you're not crazy,
but I'm worried about you.

Will you please just

run the plates?

I can't work on the case.


I'll run the plates if you promise

to talk to Doc Vickers.

Final offer.



There are more basboosa downstairs

if you eat lunch.

No, thanks.

You've had a long day?

Long couple of days.

Probably didn't get
much sleep in the car.

I'm not tired.

Ronnie's a nice boy, isn't he?

He's at school.


she shouldn't have made us leave Maine.

A mom isn't supposed to do that.

My dad died when I was ten,

and my mother and I had to leave London

and go to live with my grandparents

in a place called Bristol.

I hated it.

Everything was different.

Both of our moms
should've never made us move.

They did it to keep us safe.

That's what mums do.

It's their job.

She is my real mom, isn't she?


no one but your real mum

would've done what she did to find you.

Why don't you lay down for a bit?

Your mum will be home soon.

I guarantee you'll be asleep

before I get down to the kitchen.

I don't wanna see him again.



Who are you afraid of?

I can show you.

If we dream together?

All right, then.

Don't let him see you.

- James?
- Shh.

Bloody hell.

You okay?


Amelia. You do not have
to tell me what's wrong,

but you do not walk away from me.

I have homework.


Excuse me, young lady.

You know better than this.


Excuse me, missy.

I'm not talking to you.

- Excuse me, Mayor Harding?
- Yeah.

- Excuse me, Mayor Harding?
- Yeah?

The Edelman fundraiser
starts in five minutes,

and we're 50,000 below goal.

I should get dressed.

You can't be here, people will see.

Look, you're the one
who wanted to do it there.

Deep down, you're an exhibitionist.
Embrace it.

Just find my clothes, please?

Tell the Edelmans I'll be on my way.

Waste of a good sex dream,
if you ask me.

It's all I could find.

So, are we going
to the shindig together?

- Put that on.
- If you insist.

- Is that him?
- Amelia.

What are you doing here?

You're supposed to be in school.

- Is that Greg?
- No.

Who's Greg?

No one.

Mr. Hammond is a
contributor to the campaign.

Did he contribute his pants too?

You're being very
inappropriate, young lady.

Are you gonna tell dad it's
"another" surprise pregnancy?


We will talk about this later.


There you go.

What's wrong?

I don't like the crusts.

You don't like the crusts?

Well, that's a problem
that is easily solved.

But my mum always used to say...

This is Burton.

Have you looked at the news?

Who is this?

Take a look,

then realize how much danger you're in.

What did she say?

What's that?

Your mom.

What did she say?

That the crust has all the vitamins.

That's one lucky dog.

No, Woody.

I'm the lucky one.

Brutus is the perfect companion.

He knows all, but tells no one.

You, on the other hand,
are paid to tell me everything.

If you don't mind my asking,

the mayor's a smart, successful woman,

like you.

I can't help but wonder
why you're not backing her.

You growing attached
to Elizabeth Harding, Woody?

Of course not.

Wouldn't be the first.

It's one of the perils of
having such intimate contact.

It can be difficult
to remain unencumbered.

Unencumbered is my specialty.

That's your reputation.

I need results.

And I need a little more time.

If I can verify what I saw last night,

I promise it will be
the end of her career.


Success is always rewarded.

Just ask Brutus.

Good boy, good boy.


You see Doc Vickers yet?

Take that as a no.

I will.

Yeah, you'd better.

I ran those plates.


They're stolen.

Taken a couple weeks ago
off an old Buick.

Someone went to a lot of trouble

putting stolen plates on.

Yeah, I wouldn't get
your hopes up too high.

It's probably nothing. But I went ahead

and put out a BOLO on the RV anyway.

Every unit in the city's

looking for that heap, all right?

Man, thanks for running
the plates, Alex.

- Seriously.
- Of course.

There's no shame in talking
to someone, you know.

I'll call Vickers, I promise.

All right, thanks.

How did Jeremy find me?

The case has been all over the news.

He keeps saying, they just wanna talk.

Sound familiar?

I'll give you one guess
who I think it is.

- Bill Boerg.
- Exactly.

Boerg did try to take James before.

The only problem with
that theory is Boerg seems

to have disappeared
off the face of the Earth.


It was in all the financials.
He divested himself

of all his businesses,
holdings and just disappeared.


No, more likely, it's HullBedford.

The Firm?

Wouldn't they just come and kidnap us

- in the middle of the night?
- True enough.

Subtlety is not their strong suit.

- Still.
- What?

My life was threatened today.


And they fished the FBI agent

I was working with out of the Hudson.


It's happening all over again. Shit!

- I have to get James.
- Tess.

Well, we can't stay all together

in the same spot, Burton,
it's too dangerous.

Listen to me, Taka and I
promised you we'd keep you safe.

- That's right.
- And we will.

What are you talking about?

Lolook what happened to
Sabine, to your mother.

Now your FBI agent?

And now there's this crazy tutor

- running after James and me?
- You need to believe me.

Right now,

this is the safest place for you to be.


Except then there's this.

James calls him the Shadowman.

I've seen him.

Yeah, me too.

- Where?
- In the dreams.

James showed him to me.

And my mother showed me.

Sabine saw him
in her dream before she...


Even if we can stay safe
here in the real world,

how do we protect
ourselves from this thing

coming after us in our dreams?


Hey, sweetie.

Everything okay, Mom?

Yeah, everything's fine.

Go back on down,
I'll be there in a second.

All right, bye, Mom.

I don't think it's a thing.

I think it's an actual person.

- A Dreamer?
- Yeah, I think so.

And there was an RV parked

in front of my building that night.

It had stolen plates,
and whoever this Dreamer is,

I think he or she was sleeping there

to get in Sabine's dreams.

To be physically close?

Or the closer he is,

the more easily he can control someone.

Wait, does that mean he was here?

Shadowman didn't come to us.

James led me to him.

Same with me.

Yeah, my mother showed
the Shadowman to me.

Okay, so, high level Dreamers
like James and your mother

can, what, sense this bastard?

If that's true,

then James knows how to find him,

which means he could lead me to him.

No, not happening.

- Tess.
- No.

Even if it could prove
Sabine's innocent?

I mean, don't you care about that?

Of course I do.

We're not using my son as bait

for some psycho dream killer.

Mom, look, they're real flowers.

I love the smell.

Ronnie says this is the last
thing they do every night...

make tea for the next day.

I'm glad you like it here.

Except for all the boxes.

We'll fix it up.

Does that mean we're...

we're never going home?

I'm sorry we had
to leave Maine, sweetie.

There was no other choice.

I know.

You just wanna keep me safe.

You're my mom.

That is your job.

That's right.

And that's why I need you
to stop looking for Shadowman.

But Mom,

he's very angry and
wants to hurt people,

lots of people.

Let's let Taka and Burton deal with him.


I know where he is.

You won't be able
to find him without me.

I can help.

I know you wanna help, but...


I can do this.

He needs to be stopped.

So, if this Shadowman's a Dreamer,

that means he's a real person
with flesh and blood,

like you and me.

Now, if we can find him,
we might be able

to figure out where
he is in the real world.

You don't have to do anything
you don't wanna do, James.

I know.

Let's get to it, then.

Well, this is different.

Are you doing this, James?

I can't tell you why I feel this, but...

I think it's us.

He's up there.

- I know this place.
- Me too.



- I see you.
- I see you.

I see you.

I see you.

I see you!

I see you.

I see you.

I see you.

I see you.

I see you.

I see you.

- I see you.
- I see you.

I see you.

I see you.

I see you.

I see you!

Change of plan.

Let's get out of here.

I know none of us wanted any of this,

but we need to figure out
how to stop this guy.

We found him, what else can we do?

We keep dreaming together.

Sabine didn't want...

she didn't want me to dream with my mom,

but it was the only way
I could figure out

how to stop him.

And that might be the
only way to save Sabine.

That's why you brought your mother home.

She knew how to find Shadowman.

But then he tortured Sabine in her sleep

until she killed Kumiko.

What if your mom was getting too close?

He's seen all of us now,
including James.

We're not gonna let
anything happen to James.

If it's too dangerous,
Tess, I understand...

There's no escaping this.

What am I gonna do,
stop him from sleeping?

I tried running away,

doing it on my own,
new identify, new town...

clearly, it hasn't worked.

Let's find this bastard.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx