Falling Water (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - The Art of the Deal - full transcript

Taka and Alex interrogate Shadowman. Tess learns of her mother's history with Bennett's buyer, Dr. Ginsburg. A stranger comes to Shadowman's rescue. The team springs their trap.

- Previously
on "Falling Water"...

- She was abducted,
and they found her dead.

- What was her name?
- Katrina.

- Remember what
you were dreaming about?

- No.
- Well, that's too bad.

- And Charlotte...
- Your mom?

- She's not... my... mother!
- Ooh!

- Your old boss,
Mr. Morrison...

He was asleep the whole time.

Thought he was having
a nightmare.

You look different.

You're tall and skinny,

and your face is all
stretched and broken.

- Don't you worry.

No one backs
out of a promise

they make to Tom Dolan.

- Christy!

They wanted to make her kill me

and then kill herself.

It would've been
domestic murder-suicide.

I love you.

- You're under arrest!

- You can't prove anything.

- We can prove
you were violating

your restraining order.

- Boerg has stumbled

on the mother of all dreamers.

- Why would he
hide anything from me?

- Because he's working
with Detective Matsuyama.

- The buyer... it's Jeremy.

James' tutor from Maine.

- Sorry the doctor
couldn't be here.

- Forget Bennett
and her dreamer.

Focus on finding Tess.

- Stanislaus Ginsburg
was a dream research pioneer.

My parents contacted him,
trying to help my sister.

- Your sister
was his patient?

- She was going to be,
and then he died.

- Somebody went to
a lot of trouble

to make us think he's dead.

- We get Ginsburg to New York
by offering a new deal.

We're going to give the doctor
exactly what he wants...

- You mean who.
- Me.

- She's so beautiful.

- And she's going to
change the world.

- Only, there's a problem.

- What problem?

- We have no baby.

- Nonsense.

- She never existed.

- This is not my fault.

- No. Nothing ever is.

- I still
don't quite understand

what it is you can do
in America

that you can't do here.

- Follow my own path.

- This is because
I couldn't give you a child,

isn't it?

- Please, Stan,
don't make this

any more difficult
than it has to be.

I will always love you.


- I'll give you
that child one day.

You hear me, Charlotte?

So... you found me.

Congratulations, Tess.

You're growing stronger
every day,

just like your mother and I
thought you would.

- She's not my mother.

- Isn't she?

- Who are you?

- Dr. Ginsburg?

We're beginning our descent.

Please bring your seat
to an upright position.

- What do you think
it means?

- I don't know.

I'm not even sure
it was my dream.

- You mean Ginsburg
infiltrated your unconscious?

- Yeah, that's exactly
what I mean.

- Maybe we could use it
to our advantage.

- It's Woody.

Bennett says the buyer,
Ginsburg, just landed.

- The rat's
about to spring the trap.

- But who's the rat?

- Those are the results
from your DNA sample.

- It matches the DNA
we recovered

from Morrison's attic.

- Oh, there must be a mistake.

You guys mess up those tests
all the time.

I saw it on TV.
- You were in that attic.

- And you drilled that hole
in that floor.

- Why would I do that?
- You know damn well why...

So you could get
into Sam Morrison's dream.

- Well, that
doesn't even make sense.

- How long did you work
at Carter Mowers?

- 15 years.

- Oh, that's a long time.
- Yes, it was.

- Couldn't have been fun
getting laid off, huh?

- No, but shit happens.

- And Sam Morrison
was your supervisor, correct?

- Sure, but we
hardly ever talked.

He didn't come down
to the floor much.

- But it must have
pissed you off

when he told you
they were letting you go, huh?

- He never
told me anything.

Just slipped a letter
in my box.

- This is your last paycheck,
the one you refused to cash.

- "Eat shit, Morrison."

I don't know,
Detective Matsuyama.

That sounds pretty
pissed off to me.

What do you think?

- Yeah, sounds like a man
with major anger issues.

- Me?
No, I'm not angry.

You, on the other hand,
have every right to be angry.

- What's that
supposed to mean?

- I read about your girlfriend
in the paper...

What she did
to your mother.

That would make anyone angry.

- You made her do it.

- I don't think anyone
can make anyone

do something
they don't want to do.

Are you sure
she didn't want her dead?

Are you sure
youdidn't want her dead?

- Shut up!
- Taka, come on.

- You need to control
your partner here, Detective.

By the way,

how's your girlfriend
holding up?

- You petty piece of shit!

- Alex, come on.

The son of a bitch
is just playing with us.

He knows damn well

we'll never be able
to connect him to the murders,

to Christy's attack on you,
or to Taylor Bennett.

- When Bennett finds out we're
holding him, she's gonna...

- They'll have him back on the
street before the day's out,

and we'll be right back
where we started.

- No, we won't.

I won't let him hurt
Christy again.

- Shit.

- What is it?
- It's Burton.

Buyer's here in New York.
They're taking the bait.

- Billy!


Hey, Billy!

- It's okay, Billy.

Don't be scared.

- Katrina?


Is this real?

Are you really...
- Dead?

What do you think?

- I've spent my whole life
looking for you.

I had hope...

That there'd been
a mistake or a lie.

Everything I've ever done,
everything I've ever built...

the technology...

İt was just all so that
I could find you.

What is this?

I thought I was having
a breakthrough.

- Breakthrough?

Breakdown? Who knows?

Either way, the big door,
this morgue...

Total cliché, Billy,

but I know it's the best
you can do.


I'm dead, Bill.

And you're a terrible dreamer.

- What's going on?

You look like
you've seen a ghost.

- What are you doing here?

- Ginsburg just arrived
in New York.

- And we're gonna
take him down.

- And it's got a couple ways we
can get out if things go sour.

- I can think
of a dozen reasons

why Bennett and Ginsburg won't
agree to make the exchange

at this place...
For one, we chose it.

They might suspect we're
setting them up, which we are.

- No, I'm confident they'll do

whatever it takes
to secure Tess and James.

If I tell them that I need
to feel safe, or no deal,

they'll go for it.

- Okay, so, once Bennett
and Ginsburg are inside,

Burton will cut off
their escape,

and what, you call for backup
and arrest them?

- No, I can't ask for backup.
- Why?

- Uh, we ask for backup,

Lieutenant kills this thing
immediately... simple as that.

- But you can bet,
when we catch

human traffickers
in the act,

he'll be the first
to take credit for it.

But Taka's right...
We can't involve the department

until we have solid evidence.

- Like having them on video
making the deal.

- Exactly. That happens,
Taka and I will cuff him

and call for backup

- Sounds like a plan.

Into the breach.

I will go set this thing up.

- Mr. Dolan.

It's an honor.

Heard a lot about you.

- And you are?

- The person
who paid your bail.

- Finally
a live human being.

I'm getting tired of talking
to that goddamn speaker box.

I got a lot of questions
for you.

- I can probably connect
a few dots.

But I think
I should clarify something.

I don't work
for your employer.

Why don't we take a walk
so I can explain?

- So exactly what have you
heard about me?

- I know about
your extraordinary abilities

and the work
you've been doing.

- What work is that?

- Samuel Morrison...

Kumiko Matsuyama...

Nicholas Hull...

and the others.

- Let's talk over here.

Who are you working for?

Woody Hammond?

- No.

- Then how do you know
all that shit?

- I'm a dreamer,
like you.

There's a group of us.

We've had our eye on you
for some time.

- What do you want?

- We believe that
if we combine our abilities,

we can have a positive impact
on this screwed-up world,

and we'd like you to join us.

- Sorry, not interested.

- I understand.
You're well paid.

Don't want to walk away

from what appears to be
a good thing.

But do you have any idea
who you're working for?

- Tell me.

- Taylor Bennett.

Ever hear of her?

- Name sounds familiar.

- She's one of the most
powerful venture capitalists

on Wall Street.

Has a huge estate
on Long Island.

But, of course,

you've never been
invited there.

In fact, she's never agreed
to meet you face-to-face.

Am I right?

Tell me, Tom...

does that sound like
a relationship

built on mutual trust
and respect?

Think about it.

Does she ever bother
to explain

why she wants you
to carry out an assignment?

That reporter, for instance.

Brent Jankowski...

Did she give you a reason
why he was targeted?

Does she think you're
too stupid to understand?

- I'm not stupid.
- Of course not.

You're incredibly talented.

We know that.

But does Bennett?

Why don't you come
with me?

Give us a chance to explain
exactly how we can help you.

- I'm not walking away
from the best job I've ever had

based on some blue-sky promises
from a stranger.

- I'm disappointed
to hear that, Tom.

But perhaps we can talk again

in the not-too-distant future.

- Wait.

How do I contact you?

I don't even know
your name.

- It's Katrina,

Katrina Boerg,

and you can find me

in your dreams.

- They've arrived.

- 16 minutes late.

- Relax, my boy.

They wouldn't dare
dream of harming us,

at least not
until they get our money.

- Why would I harm
a paying customer?

We're not common criminals.

- Common?
No, I suppose not.

- What, Dr. Ginsburg,
does that make you?

- My reasons for acquiring Tess
and her son are pure.

- Pure?

I see. Interesting.

- Well, now that we've
exchanged pleasantries,

perhaps we should get
down to business.

- Agreed.

First, I'd like to see
some proof

that you actually have
Tess and her son

in your possession.

- They are being kept
in a secure location.

If you'll just
give me a moment...

- Yeah, they're here.

- Well, they want to be sure
we're not bullshitting them,

so put her on.

- Right.

- Is that you, Tess?

- Who is this?

- It's lovely to hear
your voice.

I've been looking forward
to this conversation

for a long time.

- What do you want from us?

- Yes, I imagine
you have lots of questions,

especially since we shared
that dream last night.

- So it was you.

- Actually, I only did
half the work, my dear.

You have abilities

you haven't begun to tap
or understand.

But we will help you
develop them soon enough.

- By kidnapping me
and my son?

- All will be revealed
in due time.

- Go to hell,
you sick bastard!

- Hey, you okay?

- Yeah.

I will be
once we finish this.

- Okay, bye.
- See you guys later.

- Bye, Emily.

- Emily.

- What are you
doing here, Dad?

I thought you were in...
- Jail?

No, they couldn't make
it stick, just like I said.

- I don't believe you.

- You see me standing here,
not in jail.

What don't you believe?

- I've done a lot
of thinking...

about everything.

How'd you get
all this money?

- I told you,
I got a new job.

- Doing what?

You don't have
any special skills.

- I do now,

and I've been working really
hard at developing them...

- Really?

So what are they?

What's the name of the company?
Where's your office?

- Look, you're confused,

It's understandable,
but once you get to NYU

and gain a little perspective...
- I'm not going to NYU.

- What are you talking about?
- They canceled my scholarship.

- No, it must be
some kind of mistake.

- No.

The mistake was believing you
in the first place.

You're a liar!

Did you send me
a fake email

to make me think
that I got it?

- Of course not.
Just... give me a couple days.

I'll fix this, peanut.
- Stop calling me that.

- No one's taking
that scholarship from you.

You'll see. Okay?

In the meantime,
take this, buy some clothes...

- Stay away from me!

I never want
to see you again!

- So, when they arrive,
they're gonna want to see me.

- How about if Woody
shows you off from this spot?

We'll be able to
keep you covered from here.

- Great.

Can't wait
to look Ginsburg in the eyes

and shake some answers
out of him.

- Yeah, okay, look,
I've been thinking about that.

We won't need you at the site
to make this work.

You can get all your answers
once Ginsburg's behind bars.

Tess, listen to me...
İt doesn't make sense

to put you in harm's way

just so you can have
a moment of satisfaction.

- If they don't see me,

they won't step inside
that warehouse.

- I can tell them
I'm afraid of an ambush.

I don't want them

to steal the merchandise
without paying for it.

- Yeah, that could work.
They know Woody's a coward.

- And greedy and amoral.

- Thanks, guys.

- They'll believe he wants
to make the deal

and that he's brought
the merchandise, right?

- I'm going to be there.

I planned this.
I've got to see it through.

- There are at least 50 ways
this can blow up in our faces.

- They might get lucky.
- Bottom line is...

Are you willing
to lose James again?

Let Bennett or Ginsburg
get their hands on him?

- Of course not.

- Then don't take that risk.

We don't need you there
to bag him.

With everything
we've got now,

if they show up
with payment,

they're performing
an overt act

in furtherance
of a class A felony...

Human trafficking.

They're looking at 25 years

for conspiracy
in the second degree, minimum.

- All we're gambling
is ourselves,

but if this goes south
and takes you with it,

James is on his own.

- God damn it.

- If only people
were more like you, Brutus,

my life would be
so much easier.

Sweet dreams.

- Who's there?

We finally meet.

What do you want?

- Why did you cancel
my daughter's scholarship?

- I don't reward failure.

- What failure?

- Do I really need
to spell it out?

You promised you'd eliminate
Woody Hammond, but you didn't.

And when the police are trying
to pin murders on us,

you violated
your restraining order,

giving them cause
to arrest you.

You put everything
I've worked for in jeopardy.

- Those charges
will never stick.

- Let me set you straight.

You don't so much
as break wind

without me telling you
to do so,

and under no circumstances

are you to see
your daughter again.

- You don't get to say...

what I do.

- Yes, I do, Tom.

I own you.

Tread carefully.

Worse things could happen
to your daughter

than losing a scholarship.

- Are you threatening me?

- Just stating a fact.

Now get out of my head
and stay out.

Yes, Ms. Bennett?

- We have an intruder.

- Canine unit number 2,
we have him on-site.

- Go to east gate!
- We're pursuing!

- Aah!

- Canine's got him!
Let's go!

- Towards the east fence!

Call local for backup!

- Mom, who do you think
would win in a fight

between a Triceratops
and a Stegosaurus?

- They're both vegetarians.
Why would they fight?

'Cause they're dinosaurs.

- Tess, Bill says everything's
set at the exchange site.

- All we need now
are the buyers.

- I better get going.

- Hey, James.

Been a long time.
Do you remember me?

- Yeah. You're the man

who tried to take me
away from my mother.

- I know it looked like that,
but that's not true,

and I could've handled
things a lot better.

I apologize for that,
but, you know,

I actually was
trying to protect you.

- Right.

- Hey.

See you later, buddy.

Little man.

- Burton?

- Mm-hmm?

- I love you.

- I know we all agreed
to this plan,

but it still feels strange.

- How so?

- Playing it safe, when all
of you guys are gonna be...

- Listen, you...

You are one
of the bravest people

I've ever known.

It might be
an odd thing to say,

but despite all the horrors
we've witnessed

these past few weeks,

I've never felt so...



Weird, right?


- Yeah?

This is insane. We have no idea
what's happening with them.

- I am working on it.

How was James
when you left him downstairs?

- Fine. He's folding napkins
with Ronnie

for the dinner rush

and debating
who would win a fight

between a T. rex
and a saber-toothed tiger.

Could be going down right now.
Is that gonna work or not?

- Yes!

All right, we are up
and running. Come and look.

- There's no power
in that building. How did you...

- Battery cameras
are piggybacked

onto a local hot spot.

I wish I could've
put up a drone,

but at least this way,
we can see what's going on.

- Yes?

- We're outside.

- Okay.

You see the open door
to the left of the big tank?

- Yeah.
- Come on in.

- That's Ginsburg?

- Would have to be, right?

- He doesn't look anything
like that in the dream world.

- How does he look
in the dream world?

- Younger, like the photo
you showed us.

- That's interesting.

- Taylor Bennett's not coming?
- She is not.

- What's the problem?
- Best to let her tell you.

Hello, Woody dear.

- Ah, couldn't help but notice
that you're not here.

- Oh, I have every confidence

that you can handle
the transaction,

so I arranged to have
my half of the payment

delivered electronically.

- And what about my half?

- Right here.

- Everything in order?
- Yes.

- Then I'll leave
the rest of this

in your capable hands.

- As you can see,
Mr. Hammond,

we've upheld our part
of the bargain.

I'd like to see Tess
and her son...

now, if you please.

- Right this way.

- They were reluctant
to participate,

so I had to secure them.

You have transportation
to move them?

Uh, your little minivan's
not going to cut it.

- Let us worry
about the details.

- Stay right where you are!

Hands on your head!

- Surprise.

- Stanislaus Ginsburg,
Jeremy Connors,

you're both arrested
for human trafficking

and conspiracy
to commit kidnapping.

- Turn around.

- If it's any comfort,
Taylor Bennett

will soon join you in custody.

- You look tired, officer.

Have you been getting
enough sleep?

- What the hell?

- What about her?
- She's not a dreamer.

Leave her.

Gentlemen, follow me.

- Yes?

- Miss Bennett, I am sorry,

but we have yet to resolve
the Dolan problem.

- What's the hang-up?
- He hasn't surfaced.

We have operatives
watching his apartment

and tailing his ex-wife.

It's just a matter of time

before we find
and neutralize him.

Meanwhile, we've doubled
perimeter security,

and we'll continue
sweeps of the neighborhood

so that you may rest easy.

He won't get close enough
to dream with you again.

- That'll have to do,

but I want Dolan
out of play ASAP.

- Of course.

Good night, Miss Bennett.

- Thank you, Simon.

- Alex.



You okay?

- What...
What's going on?

- You tell me.

We saw you start
to handcuff Jeremy,

and then everybody
just stopped.

- I don't remember
anything after that.

Where is everyone?
Where's Taka?

They all left with Ginsburg.

- I don't understand.

- It's looking like Ginsburg
might be a little more powerful

than we previously thought.

- That's quite
an understatement.

- Where the hell
is he taking them?

- I think I know
who can tell us.

- All things considered,

it went
quite satisfactory, no?

- I would hardly characterize

the transaction
as satisfactory.

- Well, you got
three powerful dreamers

for the price of two.

- And with Tess's
protectors gone,

at least it'll be easier
to acquire her and James.

- I'd be happy
to help with that.

- No need.

If I may be honest,

I expected Tess to outwit you.

That she did it so easily

indicates I should make
other arrangements.

- As you see fit.

- Hmm.

- Simon, help me!

- Stop!


- Help me, Simon!
- Okay, you bastard!

- No! No!

Aah! No!


- Subject... William Boerg,

post-session number 167.

Recurring archetypal dream

of childhood memory
with sister Katrina

into a subconscious event...

convincing subject
that his search

for a dream connection
with his lost sister

is most likely futile...

Something he
had often suspected...


something he seemed
to always have known deep down.

Her death was real.

But still,
especially now that Ginsburg

has resurfaced...

I'm having trouble

how Taylor Bennett
fits into all of this.

Is she manipulating
the whole thing?

And this crazy Shadowman,

this Tom Dolan...

with Burton and Taka gone,

will Tess and James be
safe from him?

Are any of us safe?
Is the world safe?

Subject has stumbled
upon a notion

that cannot be ignored.

The question remains,

in reference
to this personal revelation...

Why now?

Ah, sweet Katrina.

If, against odds,
you are truly alive...

please come to me
in a dream.

I miss you so much.

I would do anything
to see you again.

What have you done
with them?

- That's for you
to discover.

- Oh, I will.

No matter how long it takes,
how far I have to go,

I won't stop
until I find you!

- I wouldn't expect
any less of you, my dear.

- Who are you talking to,

- Come and see who's
come to visit us, my love.

- Oh.

How wonderful
to see you, sweetie.

- Is this really Charlotte,

or is she just another one
of your constructs?

- Tess, I'm disappointed

you can't recognize
your own mother.

- You're not my mother.
- What nonsense.

- Sabine told me how I got
to Aeskyton.

- It's true.

I didn't give birth to you,

but I raised you
as my daughter.

- Shut up!

I am sick

of your self-serving

And you...

- If you harm Burton
or the others...

you'll answer to me,
'cause I'm coming for you.

- I always knew
you had it in you.

We look forward
to seeing you...

very soon.

Pleasant dreams.