Falling Water (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Shadowman - full transcript

Previously on "Falling Water"...

For most citizens of the world,

they're either dreaming or awake.

You, though, have the rare ability

to spill your waking into your dreaming

so that they overlap and mix together.

Where do you go when you're not with me?

What lie do you want me to tell?

Tess. My mother has been
catatonic for seven years.

Your boy has the power to wake her up.

There's an old friend of mine
who works at the firm.

He wants me to meet with him.

I want to protect you. I care about you.

Everyone always says they care about me

right before they start to lie.

You bought that boy, didn't you?

You don't buy and sell people.

You're his mother.

Until he grows up, he's always

gonna have people after him.

We're an invisible army.
You can never outrun us.

He's a very special boy.

In the wrong hands, your son's
powers are a danger to us all.

Three individual lives, one path.

What seemed a random, chance encounter

ultimately proved itself
to be an inevitability,

a certainty, fate.

But to what end?

To what purpose?

If any of the three of us
had known the answer to that,

it would be the end of the story.

But it turns out,
it was only the beginning.

Medic! Medic!



Go away. You don't belong here.

You can't save them all, my love.

I need to try.

I need to try.

I can't just let go.

Then you'll be stuck
in the hell you've created

for yourself for the rest of your life.

Okay, okay.


That's an interesting way
of getting my attention.

Must have dozed off.


More coffee?

I think you know
the answer to that by now.

- Thanks. And if I could get one...
- Get one to go?

Way ahead of you, Burton.

Hey. Hey!

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Hey, Alex, long time, no see.

- How you been?
- Good, yeah.

- How's the family?
- Good.

Raj is ten now. Can you believe it?

- My God. Ten?
- Crazy, right?

Yeah. Sanjay,
this is my new partner, Taka.

- What's up?
- Hey, how you doing?

Heard a lot about you. Homicide now.

Weren't you in special
investigations or something?

Special Intel Unit.

You know, phased out.
Got reassigned to the 51st.

Alex is showing me the ropes here.

Let me tell you, you got lucky.

You know.

How's it in there?

Some messedup shit in that bedroom.



Thanks. Guess you know
everyone on the force.


Well, yeah. I mean,
everyone in the 51st for sure.

It's the only precinct I've ever worked.

Kind of grew up there.

- Holy...
- Shit.

Sanjay was not exaggerating.

What do you got?

Multiple weapons.

Lamp on the bed stand.

Letter opener.

Five iron.


Taka, you okay?


Yeah, I'm fine.

Mr. Morrison?

I'm Detective Matsuyama.
This is Detective Simms.


We understand
a terrible thing has happened,

and we're here to get
to the bottom of it,

so if you can, you know,
try and help us help you

and tell us everything you can about...

Met at Stevenson High.

Football game.

I was working the concessions.

She was a cheerleader.

She loved the way I made snow cones.

I was heavy with the syrup, she said.

- Lord.
- We know how tough this is.

But we need to ask a few questions.

I've never loved anyone else.

We understand that, sir, but
we need to know what happened.

Was there a breakin?

A breakin? No. There was no breakin.

Where were you, then?

In the bathroom. I had a bad dream.

- Crazy dream.
- What kind of dream?

I don't know.

Lots of bugs crawling all over me.

So do you have any idea

who might have done this, Mr. Morrison?

I do.

Absolutely I do.

- You know who did this?
- Yes.

I did.

I killed my wife.

My sweet, lovely Annette.

I killed her, but, God help me,
I don't know why.

Order up.

Come on, Vi.
We got a packed crowd today.

- This isn't my order, Bill.
- What's that?

Not my order.

Don't worry about it, Vi.

Old coot's gotten confused again.

By the way, he's back.

- Who is?
- Old puppy dog eyes.

What the hell? Why me?

'Cause you're the prettiest
thing that's walked

into this town in, like, a decade.

Now go warm up that boy's coffee.

Nice to see you again, Vi.

You done with that toast there?

Yeah. Sure.

So you grew up around here,
I'm guessing?

- No.
- How'd you end up here, then?

Just did.

New here myself. Two months in.

Got the old Brocton place
up on Muston Lane.

- Don't know it.
- Well,

it's a little north on Main and...

Can I get you something else
or just the check?

Yeah, the check, I guess.

- You got it.
- Thanks.

Our position in the gold
market has taken a nosedive.

Yes, the international markets
suck right now.

Yes, the dollar is like
toilet paper being wiped

on the ass of the Nikkei right now,

and yes, China is holding
precious metals hostage,

but I don't give a shit.

Place everything on the floor,
including your cell phones.

- Everyone outside now, please.
- What the hell's going on?

Search warrant.

And a warrant for your arrest, Mr. Hull.

I should have guessed this was coming.

Did we not put enough in your
Christmas stocking last year?

You hired me to fix problems
for the firm.

Consider this simply
an extension of that service.

Pretty good trick here.

Didn't realize this was possible.

You know, we all have
our special talents.

And just to beat a metaphor
into the ground,

you're right on the edge of disaster,

and you don't even realize it.

I have a pretty good idea
of what I'm doing.

You don't. Not really.

There are big players here,

bigger than I think you realize.

The Firm is just the first thread.

Tug a little, and more will be revealed.


You need to do
what you need to do, right?

And by the way,
have you seen her lately?

- Who?
- The woman of your dreams.

- Has a thing for red?
- What about her?

It would just be a shame
if something happened

to that pretty little face
of hers, don't you think?

You're welcome.


No worries.

You want something to drink with that?

Milk or something?


So milk?


James, did you draw that?



I saw him.

In my dreams.

He scares me.

Does he talk to you?


He doesn't even know I see him.

But he's very angry

and wants to do bad things.

To you?

To everyone.

Wish they could all be this easy.

The Morrison case? Easy?

Think about it.

This tool stabs his wife to death,

leaves bloody fingerprints
all over the place,

and then admits he did it.

Something about it that feels,
you know, too easy.

Evidence is evidence, Taka.

Guy works at the same company 30 years,

raises two children,
has tickets on his desk

to go on a cruise with his wife
that he bought two weeks ago.

Then he kills her?

Doesn't add up.

Retirement does
strange things to people.

- Take care.
- Alex.

I'm not sure we're dealing
with the same thing here.

I think we should talk to Morrison

once he's gone through processing.

We have a stack
of pending cases on our desk.

Boss man wants those cases closed ASAP.

- Yeah, I get that. It's just...
- Let's go home,

kiss our respective girlfriends,
get a good night's sleep,

and we'll revisit this
in the morning, yeah?

Yeah. All right.



- Hey, Violet.
- Jeremy.

How you doing?


- Captain Jeremy.
- Hey, Space Cadet.

What's the word from Jupiter?

Well, it's just
a big old hydrogen gas ball,

about 483,682,810 miles
away from the sun.

Ganymede may be the largest
out of its 63 moons,

but I would live on Europa

'cause I could go swimming every day

in its secret ocean.

- Wow.
- Wow is right.

Very impressive,
my young space explorer.

Galileo would be proud.

Can Jeremy stay for dinner?

Of course. If he can.

- Can you?
- Um... yeah, sure.

Yeah, if it's okay with your mom.

We just have leftovers.

Sounds good to me.

- Sorry, I got to take this.
- No worries.

Come on, James. It's puzzle day.

Hey. Everything okay?

- Just checking in on you, Tess.
- It's Violet now.

Believe it or not,

life in a witness relocation
program of your own making

isn't always as romantic
as I thought it would be.

We raided The Firm today, Tess.

Did you find what you were looking for?

Didn't really expect to, but I will.

And when I do, hopefully that will end

the danger to you and James.

Will it really ever end?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

I don't have much credit left
on this phone.

I'll trash it and send you the number

when I get a new one.

I know it's a hassle.

This is my life now.

And you know what? I'm okay with it.

It took me eight years to find James,

to even convince people I had a son.

I'll never let anyone
take him away from me again.

Which is why I want to make sure

the bastards go down for good.

I made you that promise six months ago,

and I intend to keep it.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to sound ungrateful.

I appreciate what you
and Taka have done.

- It's just...
- No. Look, I understand.

Let me know if you need anything, okay?

Money, whatever.

And don't forget...

Hey, Sabine.

Hello there, you.

Thanks for doing this.

- Doing what?
- You know, this.

Coming to see her.

And as I've said about,
a thousand times,

I don't mind.

Still, I'm not sure I'd have
the patience or the...

desire, for that matter.

I talked to Dr. Assad this morning.


Your mother's platelet count...

it took a big dip.

- It could indicate...
- Cancer.

He wants to run a bunch of tests,

rule out as much as he can.

Can't say I'm surprised.

I'm sorry.

It is what it is.

I'm not sure she'd care all that much.

Just like everything else,
including her son.

Hey, um, how would you feel
about takeout tonight?

You know, from Buona Notte?

- That's weird.
- What?

I've had a craving
for their shiitake ravioli

in truffle sauce all day.

You're pretty good at this.

Youngest of eight, you learn
to clean up after everyone.

I know a little about that.

Had an older sister
who kind of treated me

like her own personal slave.

So you know what I'm saying.

So where'd you grow up?

New York.


Maine, born and bred.

I don't know if I'll ever get
used to not having any noise.

It's kind of spooky.


Most people find it peaceful.

So how'd you end up here, then?

Got divorced and...

needed to get as far away
as fast as possible.


kismet, then.

- Kismet?
- Fate.

See, if that hadn't happened,

then you never would have come here,

and I never would have met you.





Are you all right?

Yeah, everything's fine, sweetie.

You can go back to bed.

Maybe you'd like me
to stay here with you.

In case you get scared again.

Come on.

I was hoping you could give us

a few more details, Mr. Morrison.

I'll try.

I don't know what more I can tell you.

I loved my wife.

I don't know why I did what I did.

You must have had some reason, no?


We spoke to your next door neighbor,

Mrs. Beatrice Mantoni.

Yeah, sure. We've been
neighbors for years.

She said she's been hearing
you two fighting

pretty violently
for the last month or so.

- True?
- Okay, look.

Annette and I have had
a rough time lately.

That's what happens after
25 years of marriage, you know?

It doesn't mean I didn't love her.

What about the weird dream

you were talking about that night?

Can you recall any more details?

I'd been having a lot of bad dreams.

I still am.

They're getting worse and worse.

Like what?

My wife, Annette, she's in them.

- All of them.
- Doing what?

I don't know.
It's weird stuff, you know.

I'll sit down to dinner, and she'll put

a plate in front of me,
and it's our cat... dead,

covered in bugs,
like cockroaches and stuff.

And then another time, I come upstairs,

and she's having sex with the mailman.

Okay, I think we're done here.

What the hell was that all about?

Trying to find a motive, same as you,

something that can explain
a man killing his wife

after 25 years of marriage.

And somehow, asking him
about his dreams does that?

We're homicide detectives, not shrinks.

There are documented cases of
people walking in their sleep,

- committing murder.
- Damn it, Taka.

How about we leave his defense

up to his lawyers?

- You're right.
- Yeah, I am.

You know, everyone warned me about you.

But I said, "No."

"Taka seems a straightup good guy.

"Yeah, sure, I know all about
his intuition bullshit,

"but at the end of the day,
his record speaks for itself.

"No, I think I can work with him.

I do. I really do."

I'm beginning to have
second thoughts, Detective.

He seems happy.

It's hard to tell sometimes.

It'll get better, little by little.

Kids are amazingly resilient.
I mean, look at us.

We didn't exactly have
the most normal childhood,

and we sort of turned out okay.

- Well...
- Right.

Okay, maybe not best example.

I'm actually happy
with the life we have here.

Being a waitress?
Not the most stimulating thing

I've ever done,

but it's not as bad
as I thought it would be.

- Really?
- Really.

Now, what I don't like
is all the sneaking around,


staying on high alert.

That part's exhausting.

I bet.

I mean, here I am, making you

drive all the way up to New Hampshire.

- It's crazy.
- You know I don't mind.

I know, but still.

By the way...

What's this?

Just a little something to help you out.

- Sabine, you don't have to do this.
- I know.

But I want to.


Thank you.

I'll pay you back.

As soon as it's safe for me

to access my real bank account again.

Don't worry about it.

And you. How are things
with you and Taka?

Really great.

I never, ever imagined myself
in a longterm relationship.

Not sure I even wanted one.

But still.

He's pretty great.

The Brighton sisters, happy at last.

Who would have guessed?

The links are adding up, Burton.

It'll take a few more weeks
to sift through everything,

but so far, it looks as though
we have enough evidence

to shut The Firm down
for at least a little while.

A little while?

- Not permanently?
- Well, sure.

There is a paper trail
indicating improprieties.

Insider trading, possible tax evasion,

some SEC violations, but...

- What?
- They lawyered up bigtime.

All of them will probably walk
within the next couple of days.

Every one of them?

Pretty much, yeah.

- Shit.
- Hey, look on the bright side.

We gave them a solid punch in the nose.

That's not exactly
what I was hoping for, Diane.

We're used to it here at the bureau.

It takes time to take these guys down.

But they stand up, we punch them again

and again until they eventually fold.

- And they will fold.
- Eventually.

You did good, Burton.

You got the ball rolling.

Honestly, I was skeptical

when you walked in here six months ago.

But you led us to a solid takedown.

And who knows
what the evidence is gonna show

or who else it's gonna point to?

She wants to see you.

You could probably
make it a block or two,

but then force would be required.

You might even lose a tooth,

and the result, inevitably,
would be the same.


Can I help you, Mark?

- Hey, Vi.
- Get in the car now.

- What are you doing?
- I was just passing by.

Recognized your car, thought I'd say hi.


- Quite a coincidence.
- What is?

You're from New Jersey.
I'm from Teaneck myself.


So guess I'll see you, then.


He creeps me out is all.

What, Mark?

Seems harmless enough.

Sure, he might be trying
a little too hard

with his L.L. Bean outfits and all.

We get a lot of city folks
coming in here

trying to look, like, all rural.

- Like me, you mean.
- What, you? No.

No, you're different.

You fit in like you've
lived here all your life.

Still, he makes me nervous.

Relax, Vi.

Life is for having fun, you know?

Take it from someone who waited

way too long to figure that out, okay?

Damn FBI suddenly isn't sure

they can make the case stick.


If I can get the FBI

real evidence of criminal activity,

I think it might be a game changer.

And I've got an idea
of where I might be able

to find some of Hull's special files.

Don't tell me everything.

- I'm still a cop, you know?
- Don't worry.

I won't incriminate you.

I've got this case.

It's been bugging the hell out of me.

How so?

I can't tell you all
the details, but basically,

this guy kills his wife in cold blood.

Doesn't know why.

Last thing he knew, he was dreaming.

Dreaming? Like our kind of dreams?

That's the thing. I don't know.

But I know how to find out.

- Enter into his dreams.
- Exactly.

I'm not sure if I can do it.

Or more importantly...

if I want to do it.

- Because?
- You know damn well why.

Me, you, and Tess,

we almost didn't come out of there.

And I don't want that
to happen ever again... never.

But don't you think
we've been given a gift?

No, I think it's a curse, to be honest.

Okay, maybe.

But I think we've been
given it for a purpose.

Look, if you think
you'll discover the truth

by entering into someone's dreams,

then I think you have to.



I hate it when you make sense.

Come in, Mr. Hammond. Come in.


Come on. Woody's an old friend.

What can I get you? Coffee?

Tea? Soda?

No, thanks. I'm fine.

So I heard about
all the ruckus at The Firm.


Certainly took us all by surprise.

Nobody saw that coming.

Well, some of us did.

No matter.

It's like my father used
to say: One man's tragedy

is another man's boon.

I suppose.

I have no doubt
you'll land on your feet.

You're a clever man.

A gifted man.

There's always an opportunity for...

a clever, gifted man, Woody.

Well, thank you for saying so, ma'am.

In the meantime,
I'd like to offer you a job.

Short assignment, just to tide you over.

I see. Um...

and what would this job entail?

It's political. Straight up your alley.

Especially with your...

special abilities.

And if I may be blunt, ma'am,

what is in it for me?

My dear boy,

a chance to change the world.

And a fee I believe you'll be
more than happy with.

- Annette?
- Yes, Sammy?

- I was wondering...
- Yes?

Would you ever consider...

Spit it out, silly.

Would you ever consider getting married?

To me?

In a heartbeat.


I want to show you something.

What is this place?

Like I told you, Sammy, it's our future.

Mom. Dad.


What's going on?

They've been very bad.

They need to be taught a lesson.

These are our children, Annette.

Charlie, Vanessa. Don't you remember?

Don't be silly, Sammy.

We don't have any children.

These are just ungrateful little pigs.

Be a man.

Do your duty.

This is crazy.


Stop it. Stop it!

You're a weak little nothing of a man.

To think how I wasted my life on you!

Not again.

I don't want to do this again.

Sam, you can make it stop.

I can't.

He won't let me.

What have you got?

Let me know if you can crack this.


You know where to reach me.

This is not what we agreed to.

You know our arrangement, Dimitri.

Half up front, half on delivery.

Visiting hours are
almost over, Mr. Matsuyama.

Yeah, sure. I just want to say
good night, if that's okay.

Of course.

Thank you.

Hey, Mom.

It's been a while, I know.

Things didn't go well last time we met.

But I need your help now.

And you know the dream world
better than me,

better than anyone.

If there's something
or someone out there doing...

Hell, I don't know what.

I need to find out.

I was hoping you were listening.

So I guess we're back to this again.

Look, I don't want to fight about...

- Yes?
- What is this drive you found?

- Did you crack it?
- Of course.

But I found something
you need to look at immediately.

It's a link to a live video feed.

I'm sending it to you now.




What's wrong, Mom?

Just a bad dream.

Yeah, this is Detective Matsuyama,

51st precinct, Homicide.

I need a full forensics team

at 578 Stillman Avenue, Bedford Park.

Hello, Burton.

Sit down, won't you?

We have a lot to talk about.

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