Falling Water (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Three Half Blind Mice - full transcript

A blackout brings Taka and Tess together. Burton finds evidence that The Woman in Red exists outside his dreams.

Previously on "Falling Water"...

- You promised me answers.
- I promised to help you

reach your mother.

You don't know anything about my mother.

Wake up!

I had a good time the other night.

The octopus was great.

I just want to know about my son.

Where is he? What's his name?

What the hell is this?

That's a picture of my son.

Tell me about the boy in the flyer.

I'm staring at a whole bag of them.

- What do you dream about?
- Woody.

We have this passionate love affair.

I think Woody's invading your dreams.

I know you think you're
in control of things,

but you're not.

The people holding her are the ones

with the green sneakers.

They want to unleash the same
kind of anarchy on humanity

that your dreams unleashed on you.

Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau:

Three white men trying to explain

what holds civilization together.

Is it the social contract?

The enlightened mind?

Or mutually assured destruction?

Personally, I keep hoping
for a fourth option.

Something full of magic.

Dreams have always been at
the center of our lives.

Right now, upstate, there's
a cult that believes

that we can enter each other's
minds through our dreams.

Part of me wants to join
just for the experience.

Sounds like your next piece
for "The New Yorker."


Well, hopefully it sounds like a book.

I have a proposal on
submission at Scribner.

Can I read it?

It's just a sample
chapter and an outline.

My plan is to get more
information on the cult,

make that the centerpiece.

Well, when you're ready for readers,

I'd love to see it.

I need to talk to you.

I think Nicholas knows.

About Woody.

About your dreams?

About the affair. It...

He has the housekeeper

following me like she's a spy,

like... like she'll get a bonus
if she catches me at something.

Elizabeth, look at me.

Hey. Look at me.

Are you awake?

- Yes.
- And your affair...

it's only in your dreams?

I don't know.

It's so confusing. I...

Nicholas is gonna kill me.

Mr. Hull's not the type.

Oh, yes, he is. Trust me.

You haven't done anything wrong.

I screwed another man.

- In your dreams.
- It's the same thing.

You know it's the same thing.

I know how you feel.

But you have the power
to make yourself right.

It's a beautiful day.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

Thank you.

How is that breakfast?

Still better than the goat milk Wheatina

they served at Aeskyton.

We're lucky we didn't all starve.

I've been thinking about it a lot.

All the people who came and went.

Yeah, it was never lonely.


Are you doing okay?

It's just you calling me
out of the blue after...

Seven years?

6 1/2.

Okay, 6 1/2.

I was thinking about when you...

when you came to visit me

at St. John B.

I was still in bad shape.

And you said it wasn't my fault.

I-I remember.

You're the only one from
Aeskyton who visited.

There's something about that place.

You know.

You left. You became a... banker.

And you ran away to Greece.

That was different.

Something happened to me there.

It was the start of everything
that's happened since.

Things happen to all of us.

What's important is that we grow past it

and we move on.

- Turn around.
- Not yet.

You don't always get to
be the one in control.

When I was a girl, I'd
follow my mother around

as she picked the dead
flowers out of the garden.

My mother thought flowers
were sentimental.

Let's buy a whole big bunch.

Here. Grab these.

- These are nice.
- Those are valueless.


Thought I lost you for a sec.

I got to go. I just...

I'll be in touch.


Something for your lady?

Not today.

I've got gifts.

This is cool.

There it is.



How worried do I need to be?

This your idea of street art?

You gonna post these up everywhere,

become the next Basquiat?

Where'd you get this?

I know the drawings that you
used to make at the hospital.

- Where?
- Let's go inside.

I'm not the one posting these flyers.

Unlock the door.

Someone else is doing this.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Someone stole one of my drawings.

Do I need to call Dr. Caligari?


Do you need to be back on the meds?

Will you listen to me?

Go ahead.

I'm listening.

- I have a son.
- No.

- I have a son.
- You're gonna put yourself

back in the hospital.

- I'm not manic.
- This is manic.

Do you know what? Get out.

Leave me alone! Get out!

I love you.

And you make it really
goddamn hard to love you.


Where'd you get this?

Astoria Park.


"Mere anarchy."


I'm looking for a Luster fiend.

Tall. Bandana and a baseball cap.

- Did you pay the bill?
- I paid the bill.

Turn on the radio, see if the
power's out in Manhattan.

These guys have areas. I bet
money he's been in here.

What radio? There's no electricity.

The small one on the shelf
with the batteries.

Hey. Have you seen my guy?

Bandana and a baseball cap.

Davey. Hangs out with a bunch of girls.

They shoplift cookies.

- Free ice cream?
- 30 minutes.

If the power's still out,
you're first in line.

Yeah, why don't you give
away the whole store?

- It's gonna melt.
- That's $8.

Take it out of the 20.


Can I borrow a couple of your lights?

They are part of my studio.

I'll buy them from you.

And a gift for you girlfriend?

Um, how much for a necklace?

- 40.
- 30.

And ten for the lights.

You need a receipt?

Are there returns?

And we are following major breaking news

out of New York

that is now making national news.

A lightning strike upstate

caused a cascade power failure...

- Stuck in the subway systems.
- Citywide power outage

in all five boroughs.

Officials say it will be
at least late tonight,

possibly tomorrow before power
is restored to the grid.

Hey, free popsicles! How
do you like that, huh?

You already got some. Here.

Oh, man!

No? What? What?

It's crazy out here.


Help! They're robbing me!

Let go of the bag, man!

It's my money!

Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Enough. Enough.


Let me help you.

Yo, what you doing?

Come on, baby.

Buddy, come on! Let's keep it moving!


Hey, Davey, I've been looking for you!


Hey, hey! Boy, watch out!

Hey! Davey!

Damn it!

You stay back, man. I'll
scratch your eyes out.

What are you? A cat?
Knock it off, bingu.

Man, I ain't do nothing,

and I'm not talking about nothing.

Not even Ann-Marie Bowen?

Now, I... I saw you tearing these down.

He's a nice-looking boy.

You ever meet him?

Because I did.

I've seen their rituals.

They took me to a house.
They laid me on the floor.

They took me places.

Did they do that to you?

Is that why you wear the green sneakers?

I-I just need some answers,

and I think you know things.

Special things.

I'll buy you a box of Yodels.

Buy me some Luster.

I'll buy you a beer.

Cold beer. Hot day.

City going to hell around us.

Yeah, it's like the city's dreaming.

Come on.

How long were you with them?

Three years as a live-in.

They started me off in a camp upstate.

Then they assigned me to
a squat in Brownsville,

but they've got fancy places too:

Manhattan, Paris, Mumbai.

So, who's in charge of the whole thing?


It's not like there's a pope.
There's just overlapping cells.

Like Al Qaeda, you know,

except without the "destroy
Western Civilization" part.

What do they want?


Peace in our time.

They're the guardians of the sacred.

You know, they're crazy.

They're hardcore.

I loved it...

till the Luster got me
booted for being unworthy.

Did you really meet The Boy?

- Yeah.
- I mean, what was it like, man?

I mean, was your body, like,
all charged and stuff?

Not really.

I figured if I ever met him, he'd...

he'd glow somehow.

Who is he?

The key to everything.

The one that's gonna turn on the lights,

teach us we're all
dreaming the same dream.

So why were you tearing down the flyers?


There are people that don't
want him to turn on the lights.

They like us separated and scared, man.

That's why The Boy's got to stay secret.

So you were protecting him?


Wouldn't you?

Pretty girl!

Best be getting home before dark.

Waking nightmares.

Get out of my head!

Get out of my head.

Get out of my head!

Get out of...

I warned you.

There's no sign of concussion.

The EMTs just wanted her to be cautious.

They forced me to call you.

She was struck with a wrench.

I was taking pictures.

And I tripped over a homeless person.

Where's my camera?

Where exactly did you find her?

Boarded-up building near Bed-Stuy.

My sister wants her camera back.

She can't live without it.

Is she okay otherwise?

Well, she's not in a coma
and she didn't get raped,

so there's that.

Tell me what I can do.

Ha. Run.

I'll come by later,
make you both dinner.

Sure you don't want to run?


Hey. Hey.


Let go of the gun.

It's not her fault.

I know.

So how about an ambulance?

- In a minute.
- I'm bleeding.

Tell me about this place first.


Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

That bullet could've hit a major artery.

You don't want to go there.

That place is the lion's den.

This is where she went, isn't it?

She was writing a book

about a cult that wears green sneakers.

Is this where they're holding her?

Please just get Bizzy out of here.

- How do I find her?
- You don't.

You give up. You go on with your life.

I don't accept that.

Oh, good God, I feel bad for you.

Go. Go to Aeskyton.

They will greet you with open arms.

Give me your wallet, watch, and phone.

Call the police.

When they get here, tell
them you were robbed

by two white kids.

Repeat it.

Two... white kids.

Two white kids.

What about her?

She'll be taken care of.

It's time to go.

I guess it is.

I never meant to cause her any pain.

He'd been violating me for years.

It was practically rape.

That's why you're going to
Silver Hill and not jail.

I can't decide if Nicholas is
going to be relieved or angry.

Either way, I'll square it with him.

He doesn't have a pre-nup.

Are you going to that lion's
den Woody was talking about?

I don't know yet.

Well, be careful you
don't end up like me.

Dreams cut you open.

They expose the grungy
parts of your soul.

Next thing you know, you've
got a pistol in your handbag.

My therapists were all wrong.

They all wanted to bring my
demons out into the light.

But some poisons are
better left in the ground.


It did feel fabulous, though.

The dreams?

Shooting him.

How long does yogurt keep
without refrigeration?

At least 12 hours.

What are you basing that on?


What about eggs?

A week.

Are you making this up?

Yeah, but it all keeps
longer with the door closed.

So, I have this open
bottle of Beaujolais,

and I'm pretty sure that
I have a Chilean red

and a New Zealand white downstairs.

I'm good with either.

- Do you care?
- How about both?

You two are sisters.

It was the two years Mom
schlepped us around France.

We're just hanging out.

Does she know you speak French?

I just know a few key words.

You know, we've met before.

I remember.

You didn't mention it.

Neither did you.

You know, I know those fliers
you're taking pictures of.

I'm not the one putting them up.

Have you heard of an
artist named Kumiko?


I was wrong about the Chilean red.

Uh, just bring the white.

I've seen the boy in the fliers.

At the Belgian consulate.

I saw him again in my dreams.


I brought a bottle

of the Nebbiolo,

which is too heavy for the ceviche,

but we can drink it after.

Well, so much for dinner by candlelight.

Pour me a glass of the Nebbiolo.

I'm gonna use the bathroom.

I'm assuming I don't need permission

to use the bathroom.


If all it takes is a
citywide power outage

to get you to text me, I'm gonna have to

arrange another one.

You want to go back for something?

No. Let's go.

Your yurt's on the other
side of the glade.

You're gonna love the dream seminar.

You were lucky to get a spot.

It's usually booked up way in advance.

Karma was on my side.

At the end of the day,

I guess we all end up
where we're supposed to.

"The open path lies in
wait for the willing."

Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau.

Three blind mice convinced the
world works like a clock.

Cogs and gears.

But dreams don't have gears.

Dreams are water

seeping through cracks in the dike.

And all it takes to cause a flood

is a little bit of darkness.