Falling Water (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Castles Made of Sand - full transcript

Burton's facade begins to crumble; Taka and Sabine find an unexpected intimacy; Tess seeks solace with a dying ex-lover.

Previously on "Falling Water"...

Yeah, I saw your
patient out in the woods

with a bunch of those
green-sneaker people.

Alice is not some gentle, little girl.

Our Belgian client has concerns.

But he's also unloading
his nine-figure holdings.

Step out of the way.

Who is he?

He was my silent partner.

I thought we weren't seeing each other?

We're not.

I'm not even here.

- What are they?
- Forget-me-nots.

Help me, and I will
help you find your son.

What now?

Now you lie down and go to sleep.

- Your man was there, Andy.
- Andy?

Don't tell Bill.

A half-hearted poem:

"I once met a woman who wasn't there.

"She was long and tall
and slim and fair.

"I love this woman with all my heart.

"And when she vanished,

it tore me apart."

"I once met a woman
who wasn't there."

"I followed her down

"to the pit of despair.

"She was not evil,

"she was kind.

"It was not her, but me..."

"Who was blind."


How are you, Andy?

You look in a hurry.

Are you in a hurry?


That's why you never get anywhere.

Things take time.

Patience, practice.

I hear you're working with Bill Boerg.

Not anymore.

You don't have to worry.


I've worried about you every minute

since you've scuttled off into the dark

three years ago.

Now I need you.

You're family,

and family is forever.


The boy's been taken.

Hey, Tess, it's B.

He doesn't want you to know, but...

Javier's in the hospital.

It's not good.


How are you, amor?

How do I look?


Thank goodness love is blind.

How about you?

How are your wings?

Come on,

let me see, turn around.

- Javi...
- Turn.


Must have taken a lot
to get you off the boat.

If I knew all they were gonna tell me

is that I'm dying,

I would have jumped into the Aegean

while I still could.

I'm glad you didn't.


how much for your secrets?

A drachma.

I will give you ten.

You already know too many.

I always knew I couldn't keep you.


What is it?

Been having powerful dreams again.


When did you stop?

Javi, I'm serious...

So am I.

You talk like your dreams are a curse.

How I wish I could dream like you.

It is a privilege to dream.

None of us can do it forever.

Excuse me, Mr. Mendoza, we need to...

We just need a moment.

They have come

to make it possible for me

to piss.

If you don't mind,

I don't want the last
memory you have of my penis

attached to a catheter.


I wanted to apologize
for the other night.

Alice... her parents confirmed

what you told me, that
she's been sneaking out.

I like this girl.

She's... reachable, but
I'm not reaching her.

And I thought if you told
me more about your experience

in the woods, it might
give me some insight.

Let me talk to her.

She'll barely talk to me.

She won't talk to me,

not about her friends
in the green sneakers.

Well, then she'll
probably stonewall me too.

So where's the risk?

I'll ask.

What are you writing?

What do you care?

You don't even want to be here.

Where are you going?

I have a date.

No, you don't.

It's what you want me to do.

Validate the little pocket
of paranoia in your head.

Why are you doing this?

I don't want to do this.

Then be here.

Stay here.

Accept this as the time we have.

See, even when you're
here, you're not here.

Because this is a dream.

I need more than just dreams.


Tell me about the pub.

That's not fair.

Blonde wood.

Brass fixtures.

A jackalope above the bar.

You were wearing a green skirt.

You were on your second pint.

You asked me my favorite book.

I wrote my number on your business card.

Stop it.

I swore I wasn't going to kiss you.

You can't keep doing this.

I swore I wasn't going to kiss you.

I swore I
wasn't going to kiss you.

Then you did.

You hungry?

I always eat them two at a
time in a three-to-two ratio.

Perfect balance.

The only problem is the extra cookie.

Sure you don't want?

Those'll kill you.

Almost everything in this life will.

I almost broke my neck chasing
you through those woods.

I'm sorry if I disturbed the ritual.

I just... I really wanted to understand.

Can you help me understand?

I'm the one who found them.

They were lying in a circle.

Their heads together.

Such an odd way to die.

Not like eating an ice cream sundae,

somebody sneaking up behind you,
pulling a bag over your head.

That's a whole different kind of death.

Your friends in the house,

that was something sacred.

Cops I work with think
they were deluded,

but I know they're wrong.

Problem is I can't
explain why they're wrong.

Who cares?

The police don't matter.

Who does?

Ann-Marie Bowen?

The other Ann-Marie Bowen?

Does Trey Walker matter?

He was one of the dead
bodies, an older boy.

He lived across the street from you.

I'm not talking about Trey.

Your parents told me you
used to have dreams about him.

That's a lie.

Said you wrote about it in your diary.

I was a stupid little girl.

- Trey...
- Can't speak for himself anymore.

He needs you. He needs you to explain

why what he did was so important.

It was.

Worth his life?

He wasn't supposed to die.

What was supposed to happen?


They were betrayed.

By who?

Fat men who eat too much ice cream.

What were they protecting?

I'm not talking about that.

- Was it Topeka?
- Shut your mouth.

Tell me about Topeka.
Why was it backwards on the wall?

- I said shut up!
- Alice, stop.

You're a blind sheep.

Your face is buried in the mud.

Blind sheep get slaughtered.

Today's exercise:

You're the lead.

Your job's to collect the other dreamers

and bring them back
to the chairs one-by-one.

We're giving you a promotion.


Dreamers, look this way.

Look at the others.

Take in their faces.

Then go find them.

Lie down, please.

Can you hear the music?

I'm not allowed to change the channel.

It's recording.

You're a very smart girl.

Come on.

Go. Find him.

There you are.

Welcome back.

Something went wrong.

Faceless man?

The man in that bed...

He's fine.

We were attacked.


He's fine, I promise.

It's you we're worried about.

You were out for hours.

He's really fine?

When you die in your dreams,

you don't actually die. That's a myth.

That's how the whole Andy
stroke rumor got started.

Tess, I know this is difficult,

but we're doing groundbreaking work.

This gets to the heart of who we are.

I'm just glad you're okay.

Can you see me?


Can you see me now?

Just your legs.

That's enough.

Can you feel it?


Open your eyes.

Look at me.

Here you go.

What are they selling?


Come out, come out,

wherever you are.


How much?

I knew I knew that voice.

Get out of my life.

Thought you wanted to get tight.

Not anymore.

Can't even be friends?

Now that I've had my
hand down your pants?

You know, I had a good thing

before you had Bill
kick me out of the study.

I was... I was embedded.

Yeah, like a tick on a dog.

Who's the kid in the flyer?

Why was that flyer so special
that you lost your mind?

- Get out of my way!
- God, you are selfish.

You're like...

You're like Goldilocks,

when you stumble in the bears' house,

you eat all their food...

You break their chairs,

you sleep in their beds.

And then you scream

when they catch you,
like you're the victim.

But here's the thing.

About Goldilocks?

In the end?

The bears ate her.

And nobody noticed.

Because nobody cared.

She was a self-centered bitch,

alone in the world.

And nobody missed her when she was gone.

I don't have to do a damn thing to you.

World's full of monsters.

One of 'em will swallow
you up soon enough.

On your way, Goldilocks.

On your way!

What are you writing?

We're going in circles.

I have a date.

I'm not doing this again.

It's what we do.

Hello, darling.

Just passing by?

Who's back there?

I'm not the nosy type.

You're not supposed to be here.

- The restaurant's closed.
- Who's the boy?

- This isn't for you.
- You have to go.

What are you trying to hide?


This is Burton.

Where's the fire?

Our paranoid Belgian client.

Fallout from Montreal.

Seven days ago this was an easy closing

on a nine-figure deal.

Now it's a tire fire.

The Belgian doesn't want to
sell to white sand anymore.

He wants new buyers, multiple buyers,

and he wants to be in
active negotiations this week

or he'll take his business
across the street.

Talk him out of it. Walk him back.

Cow's already out of the barn.

It's my fault.

No, you don't get to take a bullet.

You were security and you
were the senior hand on deck.

You should've been watching him.

We'll find another buyer.

In a week?

I had to guarantee the
Belgian a goddamn floor price.

Sounds like we don't have a choice.

Well, with time, we could
use this to our advantage,

play buyers off of each other.

We still can.

We just have to get
them all in one place,

put a clock on them.

We do it out of our office.

Treat it like an auction.

It's already Monday in the far east.

I could get on the horn and
start making phone calls.

We'll need travel,
security, office space

for everyone we can lure into town.

Whatever his prospects need, you get,

even if it's a half
dozen corn-fed virgins.

As we hone in on a buyer,

I'll need help vetting
their cash reserves.

Shouldn't be hard.

It'll be goddamn arcane,

but it's find a buyer
or cancel Christmas.

Can I help you?

- Can I have a dozen biscotti?
- Sure.

Double cap up.

Long way to come for biscotti.

There's a...

A farmers' market that I like

not far from here.

It has this lady who sells pupusas.

Yeah, Mrs. Flores. She's good.

Here I thought she was my little secret.

You want a secret?

Try Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen,

the Vietnamese couple two stalls down.

Their mushrooms will change your life.

Life-changing mushrooms?

No, not quite as life changing as

the pinoles here.

You've had the pinoles?

Just the biscotti.

Hey, Maria?

Can I get a pinole?

- Here you go.
- Thank you.


Now, if that's not the
best pinole in the city,

I'll buy you a dozen pupusas.


I guess I'll have to try the mushrooms.

Well, can I introduce
you to the Nguyens?

That'd be nice.

You can't go.

Why not?

Because if I got eaten by
bears, you'd actually care.

Tess, don't do that.


I wish I could.

I wish I could have one last dance.

I can do that.

I can.

Close your eyes and trust me.

I'll be there.

How much for all your secrets?



The tide is going out.

I should get back to the boat.

We still have time.

I'm so tired.

But I'm scared to go.

I'll stay here as long as you do.

Yeah, exactly.

Yeah, that is our hope too.

Yeah, well, if,

if that works for you.

Yes. Great.

So our head of security will be
at the hotel to meet your people

when... when they arrive.


You too.

Okay. Yeah.

Thank you.

We have our first swimmer in the pool.


Mr. Song from Malaysia.

His top aide was already in Vancouver

so it was just a hop,
a skip, and a jump.

I was thinking we should get some food.

Yeah, I could eat.

How about Marcello's?


Do they deliver?

If you ask nicely.

Yeah, sure, why not?

Only shame is we can't put
it on Hull's credit card.

You could call Mrs. Hull,

ask for the number.

Yeah, I don't want
to drag her into this.

She's a nice lady, even
if she is a bit nuts.

Maybe it's the company she keeps.

Well, that's true for all of us.

There are sirens everywhere,

just waiting to drag us into the well.

Mr. Song's people,

6:00 AM at the hotel.

Hey. Yeah.

You... you have Japan? Okay, great.

Yeah, no, I'll hold.

I didn't expect to
spend my day like this.

Is it over?

There's a crepe
place around the corner.

We could maybe go there sometime.

On a date?

I don't date.

I don't want to be alone either, but...

I'm too old for the ritual.

I know who I am and that's not changing.

Things happen to you,

you become particular.

And you have to be honest about it.

Right, I get it.


Come inside.

Stand here.

Can you see me?


Promise you won't move?

I won't move.

So are you coming or going?

I have a date.

I love you.

It doesn't matter.

I conjured you.

This is what we have.

It's not enough.

Without you, I'm lost in the dark.

It's not enough.

I won't go.

Please don't do this.

You need me.

I'll be fine.


You won't.

And I won't either.



I once met a woman who wasn't there.

I followed her down
to the pit of despair.

She was not evil, she was kind.

It was not her, but me, who was blind.

So nice of you to meet me.