Falling Water (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Calling the Vasty Deep - full transcript

Burton is faced with the idea that The Woman in Red may only exist his dreams. Tess begins to learn how to navigate into others' dreams. Taka connects the group suicide to unexpected sources.

on "falling water"...

I wanna see my baby.

There is no baby, dear.

Bill Boerg really wants
to meet with you.

See if you can think about
what he might be dreaming.

- Your man was there.
- Andy?

Go to st. Joseph's hospital
in queens.

And the billing code
is for an epidural.

The next time you shag
the wife of a senior partner,

tell her not to sext you
on your company cell.

Think jones
is insider trading?

The answer is,
I have no idea.

I thought we weren't
seeing each other.

We're not.
I'm not even here.

you look like you got
run over in your sleep.

got a line on your vic.

- Lady's name is ann-marie bowen.
- You need to call 911.

Send the police
to this location.

- What's going on?
- It's topeka.

It's always topeka.

you look like
the sky's about to fall.

Sky's fine
right where it is.

a quote from shakespeare.

Forgive me if I get it wrong.

"'I can call spirits
from the vasty deep.'

"'why, so can I,
so can any man;

but will they come
when you do call them?'"

never seen her in my life,

but if she's some big deal,

I can keep my eye out.

Sure, that'd be great.

You look like
the sky's about to fall.

Sky's fine right where it is.

Thank you for your help.

we're done here.

Let's torch it.

can I clear the rusty nail?

I'm with someone.

The rusty nail's for her.

I don't think so.

I think you're alone.

sir, the restaurant's closing.

No, no, we were here.


Uh, three nights ago.

She, uh...we went outside,

and they, uh...

She was taken by men.

That was a dream.

This is a dream.

we were here.

you owe the hospital $10.

I'd like to see
the rest of my patient file.

You don't have a file.

So how do you know
I owe $10?

'cause it says here
you owe $10.

How can I owe $10
if I've never been a patient?

Mysteries of the universe.

thanks for making time.

Oh, we all gotta
help each other.

Come on back.

We got coffee if you want,

and some bastard
brought doughnuts.

As if I need the temptation.

They say a little temptation's
good for the soul.

Yeah, assuming
we've got one.

So, uh, where do things stand?

Uh, the investigation's

It's been almost a week.

You've had to have made
some progress.

Yeah, four days,
and it's ongoing.

12 people laid down in a house
and killed themselves.

I mean, forget they blew up
the house across the street.

How do 12 people decide
just to kill themselves?

Well, I have my own opinions,

but they're no more informed
than anyone else's.

Al-qaeda posts videos
on the web.

These guys don't even have
a known ethos,

much less a public profile.

Unless you count
the word "topeka,"

which apparently means
"a good place to grow potatoes."

"a good place
to dig for roots."

yeah, well,
we know they're a cult,

but they're not jihadist
or far right wing.

We know they blew up the house,

but they've made no calls
for violence.

They're still dangerous.

And that's why
the investigation's ongoing.

Is there anything
in the green sneakers?

Generic brand,
national chain.

Here we go.

Logbook from
the belgian consulate...

And the personal effects
of ann-marie bowen,

the white one.

We've closed off that portion
of the investigation,

so nypd can dispose of them
as you see fit.

Is that it?

You just need me
to take the logbook

back to the consulate?

You're nypd liaison.

thank you.

I expected you in early.

I saw you, uh, speaking
with woody hammond?

We're giving him
some of jones' accounts.

His numbers are better
than you think,

and he and jones came over
from deutsche together, so...

of client relations."

- whole thing's tragic.
- Did you call campbell's?

They'll pick up the body
as soon as the me releases it.

What about the obit
in the "times"?

It'll run Monday.
Three-inch column.

All right,
so how bad off are we?

I combed jones' computer
and files.

They're immaculate.

If there was anything
to hurt the firm,

he scrubbed it.

Well, at least he did us
that courtesy.

Or maybe there was
nothing to find.

Jones was regularly predicting
market swings

like he could see into the minds
of half the street.

That's an argument
for clairvoyance,

not insider trading.

Then why was he
only clairvoyant

- in his topeka accounts?
- The man killed himself.

He didn't do it for no reason.

I'd like to search
jones' apartment.

If there's nothing here,
maybe the evidence is buried

in his home files.

Is his wife back in the city?

Bizzy and I are supposed to go
over and pay our respects today.

If the government
comes knocking,

we need to make sure
we're inoculated.

Get a ride in the car uptown
with my wife.

I've still got a call
with antwerp,

and she'll appreciate
the company.

swell office.

This is my office.
This is just a room.

There are no other records
at the hospital.

I know.
I looked.

- I looked hard.
- So it's a coding error.

some random clerk

randomly mis-entered
the exact code for an epidural,

one of ten thousand
possible codes,

in your file
of all possible files?

Then you explain it.

You had an epidural.

You gave birth to a son.

Tess, I believe you.

Of all the people
in your life,

how many
actually believe you?

none of 'em.

So have a little faith

in those of us who have faith.

It's dreams that connect us.
You experienced it.

What we don't know
is how those connections work,

but with your help, I was hoping
we could figure that out.

How do you know
so much about me?


I stalked you.


Five years ago,
I tried to hire you

to consult on my 3gen phone,
and you turned me down,

and I still don't know why,

but I decided
you were interesting,

and data mining
and algorithms did the rest.

If you wanna convince me,
you're not helping yourself.

Listen to your language.
You wanna be convinced.


Then go.


Well, there we are.

This is your new phone.

We need you to track
your sleep patterns,

exercise, diet.

Carry it with you at all times.

I already have a phone.

So don't use it as a phone.

Now, before you can

we need to establish
a baseline medical history.

Please answer honestly.

have you ever been diagnosed
with any of the following:

- Cancer?
- No.

- Arrhythmia?
- No.

- Seizures?
- No.

Are you currently


I'll wait outside.

have you ever been diagnosed

with a sexually transmitted


Have you ever
been hospitalized

for mental illness?


We know about your time
at cranwell

and st. John b.

Then why ask the question?

Purity of the data.

If the data's faulty,
the study's meaningless

and we're all wasting our time.

Have you ever been diagnosed
with genetic disorder:

- Ms, als, crohn's?
- No.

I've always had nightmares
about that staircase.

And then those people killing
themselves in that house.

So many things,

just beyond
the corner of your eye.

That's new york.

8 million people side by side,

trying not to notice each other.

You know, is it possible for me
to speak with the ambassador?

Ann-marie bowen
asked to see him,

and I wanna make sure
it wasn't about someone

who didn't make it
into the book.

The ambassador's in montreal
with his wife,

but I can pull his diary.

I'd appreciate it.

is that your son?

- You think he could be?
- He's not?

It was a gift
from the ambassador.

We were in a record store
in the west village.

I saw the sketch on the wall.
He bought it for me.

Hmm. You and the ambassador
go to record stores a lot?

Only when his wife's
out of the country.

We're belgian, not french.

It was drawn by some musician
I'd never heard of

a million years ago.

I'm not even sure
why I like it.

Maybe it's the way
he watches over me.

What was the name
of the store?

Topeka city blues.

please, let us take care of it.

you haven't seen a bible
around here,

preferably king james?

Laura needs a reading
for the service,

and I'll be damned
if I let her settle

for "my father's house
has many rooms."

it's about as personal
as a walmart.

- Aha.
- Try job 19.

"for I know my redeemer liveth."

all right.


"for I know
that my redeemer liveth

"and that he shall stand
the latter day upon the earth.

"and after my skin
has been destroyed,

yet in my flesh
I shall see god."

well, that's a cheery vision.

A body without skin.

A man redeemed is a man
whose life was worthwhile.

So saith
the dirty-laundry man.

That is why you're here,
isn't it?

To destroy a dead man's
good name

while his wife sits
in the other room

chewing valium?

I'm here to protect the firm.

You say potato.

I didn't destroy your life.

When you sent those texts
to woody hammond,

you sent them to his
company-owned cell phone.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

You have no idea
what you're talking about.

They were quite explicit...


But not every truth needs
the light of day.

you'll be one of eight
participants in today's test.

Your goal is to dream
and, in your dream,

with the other subjects.

- Would you like a sleep aid?
- No.

If you change your mind
once you lie down,

raise your hand;
we'll come to you.

If you wake up
before the other participants,

raise your hand;
do not wake the others.

If you and another participant
wake at the same time,

do not acknowledge each other.

Waking interaction
between the subjects

jeopardizes the purity
of the data.

Don't drag your wires
on the floor.

are you sure
you don't want something?

lie down.

close your eyes.

Now dream.

you're new.

Where are the others?

Not everybody makes it.

We're really
not supposed to talk.

I thought andy
might be here.

He had a beard.


No, andy...

He hasn't been around
in a while.

Where is he?

No way to know.

He was here;
he was gone.

Sue heard he stroked out,
went catatonic.


you have a nice face.

It's just a face.

hey, don't get distracted.

Your own dream
will suck you back in.

He's here.


Where you going?

We're supposed to stay together.


how long have I been alone?

I can't tell you that.
Purity of the data.

hi, I'm looking for a record.

Hmm, close your eyes
and swing a dead cat.

Or were you looking
for something specific?

Cult musician.
New york guy.

Robert eacey.

All right, "somnambulism."

one and only album
of bobby eacey.

One of 12,000 pressed.

♪ got a hole in my pocket ♪

♪ and it just keeps burning ♪

yeah, I was told you have
some of his artwork for sale.

- Uh, sketches?
- "the boy," yeah.

Yeah, I sold that.

You have any others?

Cost of bobby being dead,

truncated supply.

- When did he die?
- 1984, '85.

Legend is, he went nuts,
got stabbed by his girlfriend.

But who knows?

Truth's only true
about half the time.

When did he draw the picture?

Uh, '82, '83.

Album's got a scratch
on the b side,

so it's only $200.

they tell you
it gets easier, but...

It still leaves me messed up
every time.

I thought we weren't supposed
to have outside contact.

Purity of the data.

Man, to hell with it.

They don't know what it's like.

We're the ones deep in it.

They're just...

On the outside
watching dials.

What are they?


They'll help even you out.

If the tests are so awful,
why don't you walk away?

The money.

general laziness.

You still have
a really nice face.

♪ come on down
from your mountain ♪

♪ I'm on my belly ♪

♪ for 20 years and counting ♪

♪ you been lording it over me ♪

♪ everybody here
has been broken ♪

♪ everybody is alone ♪

♪ lately my eyes
have been opened ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

♪ gone, gone, gone ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

♪ gone, gone, gone ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

♪ gone, gone, gone ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

it's beautiful.


Ugh, it's shit!

how's the scavenger hunt?

If jones was insider trading,
no one will ever know.

So that's good news.

We close the door
and walk away?


The firm's safe.

It's not like jones
outsmarted you somehow.

He's dead in a casket.

you're good.
You know?

You're a good dreamer.


I guess.

♪ oh ♪

♪ all I need ♪

♪ is a place ♪

♪ where I can go to ♪


so I guess you found
the guy you were looking for?

In the dream?

You said,

"he's here."

did I?

I don't know.

Did you?

♪ and you may know ♪

how did you get into this?

Um, I was at burning man.

I sold Bill Boerg
three hits of molly.

Next day,
he offered me a job.




I used to love to dream.

Like a warm blanket.

I'd...Wrap myself up
and hide.

- My own private world.
- Mm.


I wish I was
that young again.

Tell me what you dreamed.


Come on.

We all dream.

there's a stain on your
ceiling shaped like a rabbit.

don't change the subject.

I like rabbits.

They're very attuned.

Twitchy pink noses.

Is that what you are
in your dreams?

A rabbit?


No, I'm a fox.

so you eat rabbits?

shut up.

you would be the one
to catch me.

don't do that.

it barely registers.

Is it because woody's here?

you're so goddamn literal.

Then why?

to wake myself up.

When all I wanna do is dream.

Go ahead, tell nicholas.

I don't care anymore.

Tell me about your dreams.

What do you dream about?


every night.

We have this...

Mad, passionate love affair.

A relationship with
conversations and adventures.

Then I wake up
and it's all a dream.

A reoccurring dream...

about a pathetic, squirrelly man

I don't even know.

I don't believe you.

I don't care.

You can't have a relationship
that only exists in your dreams.

why not?

They're my dreams.

Who cares?

Your husband.

wrong card.

I care.


When I dream,

I'm happy.

I won't tell nicholas.

Oh, don't be so kind.

what the hell is this?

Where'd you get this?

Some guy shoved it in my hand
outside the subway.

And you hung it
in your bathroom?

the kid's creepy-looking.

I thought it was cool.
What have I done?

- I'm innocent.
- Get off me.

Whoa, I'm sorry.
Tell me what I've done.

Hey, tess, wait a minute.

I didn't do anything.

do you think I don't know
where my phones are?

what aren't you telling me?

About what?
About levon?

That's a picture of my son.

I have no idea.

Where did he get it?

He said someone
shoved it in his hand.

Do you want me
to talk to him,

see if I can get the truth?


I am only here
because I need you to obey

the rules of the experiment.

The purity of the data.

Take your toy back.


Tess, you're special.

What you did today
without instruction

took the others nine months
of lucid dream training.

You are the only one
in that room who matters.

I will do whatever you want.

I will get rid of levon.

- Just stay.
- What happened to andy?

The stroke rumor?

Yeah, no, he's fine.

Then where is he?

He moved on.
He quit.

Tess, I promise you.

Andy did not stroke out.

I know this is scary,

but together
we can find your son.

The problem with your phones?

They're too perfect.

The way they fit in my hand,
the interface,

it's...it's perfect.

Like your designers have been
inside my head.

You know,
most people like that.

I don't.

Duly noted.

This is one of your drills,

This isn't a drill.

You always say that
and it's always a drill.

Where is she?

She was in the lobby.

We had a conversation.

And I looked for you.

All I found was this.

That's you.

So it's a drill.

- Yeah.
- Next time, give me a heads-up.

My wife and I were supposed to
have drinks with the costellos.

♪ come on down
from your mountain ♪

that's you, isn't it?

♪ I'm on my belly ♪

you're smiling
like somebody told you a joke.

You look happy.

♪ lording it over me ♪

I don't remember
ever seeing you that happy.

why were you there?

Who were you then?

♪ everybody here
has been broken ♪

♪ lately my eyes
have been opened ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

♪ gone, gone, gone ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

♪ gone, gone, gone ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

♪ gone, gone, gone ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

♪ I wanna see it once
before it's all gone ♪

we're in session.

I'm sorry.

You can close the door.

I know you're in there.

I just wanna see your face.

Go away.

I'm tired.

Come on.
I think you're really great.

All right, we had a great time.

Yeah, well, time's up.

but Bill's mad at me.

Like, mad.

He said he's gonna kick me out
of the experiment

because of you.

He won't say it's you, but...

I don't know anything
about that.

I need you
to talk him out of it.

are you there?

I'm sorry.


please, I need this.

look, without Bill,
I'm screwed.

can you open the goddamn door?

You're a bitch!
Open the door!

I'm not your goddamn dildo!


I almost thought
you weren't coming.

I couldn't get a cab.

"'I can call spirits
from the vasty deep.'

"'why, so can I,
so can any man;

but will they come
when you do call them?'"