Faking It (2014–2016): Season 2, Episode 7 - Date Expectations - full transcript

Shane wants Duke to meet his friends, but Duke doesn't want to come out. Lauren and Theo start figuring things out in their relationship. Reagan wants to meet Amy's friends and ends up finding out about Karma and Amy's past relationship at a group hang with Shane, Duke, Theo, Lauren, Karma, Liam, Amy, and Reagan. Amy and Reagan make up but things aren't going so well for Karma and Liam. Liam isn't sure if Karma is fully over Amy due to her efforts to show Reagan how well she knew Amy.

- Shrimp girl?

I feel lucky every day
I'm with you.

- I feel like I'm the lucky one.

I'm not out yet, so
I have to keep things discrete.

- Right.
- Can I get your number?

I think we should go out.

You can't kiss me the way that
you did and then mix signals.

Why can't you admit
that you like me?

I like you.

- I kind of met someone.
- Tell me everything.

I feel like I haven't seen you
in 20 years.

Can we do a girls' night
on Saturday?

- I can't.

Reagan and I are going
to communal,

That super trendy new restaurant
where you share everything.

- But you hate sharing.

I know, and yet I'm weirdly
looking forward to it.

'cause you're going with
reagan, your new girlfriend.

Shut up.
She's not my girlfriend.

- Right.

Well, when do I get to meet
this non-girlfriend?

Ooh, let's make communal
a double date.

As fun as that sounds,
it's...it's only been two weeks.

We're not at that stage
of meeting the friends yet,

And it's...it's definitely
too soon for a double date.

Okay, I get it.
I just miss you.

Can we do dinner tonight?

Let me guess,
plans with reagan?

We're going bowling,
I'm sorry.

- Don't be sorry for me.

You're the one
who has to wear rented shoes.

But you've at least told her
all about me, right?

Are you serious?
I've told her tons about you.

I'm always like,
"karma this, karma that."

She can't wait to meet you,
and she will

As soon as I decide
I really like her.

I really like you.
- I really like you too.

I don't think my mom heard us.

Would it be so terrible
if she did?

Uh, she would put bars
on the windows,

No more sneaking in.

Well, we can't have that,
can we?


To be continued.

- Okay.

My friends
can't stop texting me,

Saying how much they loved
meeting you tonight

And not just because
you're a shockingly good bowler.

I won't lie, I have thought
about getting my own ball.

Do it.
But you set the bar too high.

When I meet your friends,
I'm really gonna have to bring

My a-game.

You do have friends, right?

You haven't mentioned any.
Did you kill them all?

Just want to ask that up front.

- Of course I have friends.

They're...Busy studying.


Besides, I want you
all to myself.

Uncle, uncle.

- Role play, I like it.

Okay, "a,"
if you knew my uncle,

You'd know that's gross.

And, "b," I gotta run.

I have meditation first period,

And my teacher's a real bitch
if you're late.

- Can't you just skip class?

but I need the sunlight.

I've spent so much time
in your closet,

My vitamin d levels
are dangerously low.

Look, shane,
I really like you, but...

We can't be seen together
in public, I know.

I really like you too.

I just wish we could spend time
together out in the real world.

I want to introduce you
to my friends.

- And I want to meet them too,

But I can't risk anyone knowing
I'm gay.

what if we have a group hang?

We'll tell everyone
you're my trainer.

They won't suspect a thing.

I don't know.
That sounds risky.

- So risky, it'll be hot.

Yeah, we'll have
to sneak off to the bathroom

For a quick training sesh.

- Let's do it.
- Yeah?

I'll set it up
for Saturday night.

Please hang out with me
and my trainer Saturday, please?

Why do you want me to hang out
with your trainer so badly?

Because if we all hang out
and he sees how cool you are,

He might train me in front
of other people more often.

You're not trying to drag him
out of the closet, are you?

- No, I don't do that anymore.

But if my trainer just pops out
once he has dinner

With my cool,
open-minded friends,

Would that be so terrible?

Even if I did support this,
I can't do Saturday.

Amy has a date with reagan,
so I have a date with karma.

Can't we smush
all these dates together?

I promised duke a group hang.

As fun as that sounds,
apparently reagan is off-limits.

Karma hasn't even met her.
- Hey, guys.

- You haven't met reagan yet?
- Amy says it's too soon.

She's asked me to give her space
in her dating life,

And I'm totally fine with it.

- Really?

Well, sure, the longer
I don't meet reagan,

The more I worry she's gonna
harvest amy's organs.

But I'm mostly sure she isn't.

So I'm just gonna give amy space

Until she's ready
to introduce us.

All right,
I gotta run to the studio.

Let me know where you wanna go
on Saturday, okay?

- Okay.

Have to say,
not so sure

If this whole "giving amy space"
plan is the right move.

- What do you mean?

I mean that while you're off
giving her space,

Reagan could be burrowing
herself deeper

Into amy's love nest.

Lesbians move fast, and they are
viciously territorial.

Amy would never date anyone
like that.

Are you messing with me?

Fine, if you think being
a former fake lesbian makes you

An expert on the gay community,
go ahead, take your chances.

Or you could coincidentally
show up on their date Saturday

And show reagan
that when it comes to amy,

You are the free gift
with purchase.

I don't know.

Amy says it's too soon
for double dates.

- I tell you what.

My trainer and I
will come along too.

Then it's a group hang.

Amy didn't say anything
about group hangs, did she?

- Technically, no.

I'm trying. I'm trying.

I need more time.
I gotta go.

lauren, hi.

- What are we doing?

- Excuse me?

- We kissed.

Then you rescued me from
my accidental ecstasy overdose.

Now we have lunch

And you send me texts
with playful emojis.

What are we doing?

- Um, I...well, I...
- today, please.

- Look, I like you, lauren,

But I'm not looking
for anything serious.

Well, who said I'm looking
for anything serious?

Especially with you.

I don't even know
if you're boyfriend material.

So to figure that out, you're
taking me to dinner Saturday

To someplace nice.

You lose points
if it's a chain restaurant.

Welcome to communal.

Here's this evening's
prix fixe menu.

All dishes are communal,
just like your table.

- So how does this work?

You bring me a dish,
and I eat it all myself?

- No, here at communal,

We encourage
a communal dining experience.


So we get this table
all to ourselves?

No, it's communal dining.

What is this place called

- Oh, this is great.

Food and making fun of people
are my favorite things.

Hey, hey, hey.
What is up?

what are you doing here?

Just a night out with duke,
my personal trainer.

Funny, I almost brought
my dentist.

Shane and I usually
just hang out at the gym,

You know, as trainer and client.

But he invited me
to this group hang.

- Group hang?
- Oh, my god, amy.

What a coincidence.
- Let me guess.

Group hang?
- So fun.

I was just telling amy
I wanted to meet her friends.

- You were?

She did the whole
meet and greet with my friends.

Seems only fair.

Sorry, I didn't catch
your name.

I'm karma.

- Nice to meet you, carmen.

- Karma. Karma.

Here you are,
last two seats in the house.

You get an "a" for location
and an "f" for clientele.

Can I see you in the bathroom?

- I don't really need to go.

Amy, she has no idea who I am.
I feel like an idiot.

You weren't
supposed to be here.

You were
supposed to give me space.

- You lied to me.

She has no clue I exist.

- I didn't know how to tell her.

We're best friends,
we're insanely close,

And, oh, yeah, oh,
I was in love with you.

- Was?

I-it's great
we're getting past that.

I know,
and it's because of reagan.

I really like her, and I didn't
want to scare her away.

I was gonna tell her eventually,

Like around when we would
get a joint checking account.

We've always said
our friendship comes first.

- Can we start over?

I think you two
would really like each other.

If you really like her,
I'm sure I'll like her too.

- Where do I know you from?

Yeah, I know,
I was thinking that as well.

Do you go to hester?

Do you go to lesbian karaoke?

that's a thing?

- It's like normal karaoke,

Only everyone sings pink.

Prix fixe menu.


I'm giving you a b-plus.

This is
at least an a-minus menu.

Not that I care,

Because I'm not trying to be
your boyfriend.

- Time for the questions round.

Please answer
the following questions

About your family's
medical history.

Any heart disease?
- No.

- High blood pressure?

Now, when they bring out
the dishes,

Start with the leans and greens
to achieve your fitness goals.

Isn't this a fun group hang?
Aren't my friends great?

- Yeah, they seem really nice.

They are nice
and open-minded and accepting.

You want me to come out
to your friends.

That's why we're here,
isn't it?

- Don't be ridiculous.

I'm your trainer tonight.
That's it.

Stop picking at that bread.

Now I remember.
That's it!

You're son of skwerkel.
I catered that engagement party!


Hey, karma's back.
- I'm back.

And, reagan, I'm so excited
to get to know you.

Tell me everything.
- Maybe not everything.

It's so funny.
I just realized I met liam...

- Oh, at this table!

Uh, yeah, yes.
Great times.

I can't wait for more.

- No, amy. Remember the party?
- What party?

Uh, reagan mentioned
she was from san antonio.

Uh, karma and I went
on a field trip to san antonio

In fourth grade.

I don't think
reagan wants to hear about that.

Oh, but we had
such a good time in san antonio.

Remember the alamo?

I'm guessing
you went to the alamo.

Uh, no.

Yeah, but the bus forgot
sam alamo.

Which taught us
an important lesson.

Both: Remember the alamo.

It seems like
you guys go pretty far back.

Can't believe you never
mentioned her once, shrimp girl.

Um, that's...
that's my nickname.

She calls me that
because I-I love shrimp.

I know you love shrimp.

And we do go back.
Way, way back.

To kindergarten.

If you thought
that sam alamo story was good,

You should hear about the time
we dyed our hair with kool-aid.

My mother couldn't handle
raising me alone,

So she left me on the steps
of her church in a basket

With a note:

"please take care
of my baby boy."

And that's how I became

The son of a preacher man.

- Really?

- No, not really.

You are not taking this

You're not respecting
my boundaries.

Everyone, it's time
for the communal experience.

Now, when deciding what to
eat, I want you to think lean...

And green.
Yeah, I know.

- That's adorable.

My ex and I used to finish
each other's sentences.

Oh, we're not together.
I'm his trainer.

Yep, I'm just working
on my fitness.

What do you think, victor?
Is he good at his job?

- I think he's quite skilled.

- What?

If this is just business,

We can flirt
with whoever we want, right?

We sure can.
Excuse me, I'm sorry.

I heard what's going on here,
and I just wanted to say,

If I were lucky enough
to be on a date with you,

I would tell you
anything you wanted to know.

- Why, thank you.

It's so nice
to finally be appreciated,

Especially by someone so...

And then it took three years
to grow back.

I'm sorry.
I've been hogging the mic.

Reagan, tell me
how you two met.

- Well, amy and I...
- um, karma, look.

- Let me guess.

You guys have some special thing
about mushrooms.

Not exactly a special thing,
but it's just,

I hate mushrooms,
and amy loves them.

Why don't you try
some of this kale, amy?

Oh, no.
Amy hates kale.

Luckily, she has
all these mushrooms.

It's funny.

Amy's never mentioned mushrooms

So how much
could she really love them?

Trust me.
Amy loves mushrooms.

Kale could never compare.
- Experiment with both.

I just think everyone should
eat what's in front of them

And not share anything.
- He's right.

Everyone should leave
other people's dishes alone.

There's nothing wrong
with changing your mind

Once you've already ordered.

We should all try the kale.
It's full of antioxidants.

- Yum.

Mmm, so good.

I'm glad I tried this.
- I knew you'd like it.

- Kale's a fad food.
- Uh, excuse me?

I can't hear you
over all the kale chewing.

This must have been cooked in
peanut oil, and amy's allergic.

Oh, god.
I had no idea!

- I'll call 911.
- I don't think she can breathe.

Oh, I bet
duke can handle this.

- I can handle it.

All better.

Do you want some mushrooms?

- Reagan, where are you going?

- Where am I going?

Amy, yesterday I had no idea
you had any friends at all.

But apparently, you have
this best friend, karma,

Who you share
tons of history with

And who carries your epipen!

So to answer your question,
I'm going home.

I'm sorry.
I didn't know how to tell you.

There's no need
to get territorial.

Amy can have a best friend.
- I'm territorial?

I'm surprised
you haven't peed on her yet.

You act more like a jealous ex
than a best friend.

- Well, she kind of is.

Did you not tell her?

I cannot keep track
of who knows what anymore.

- You two were a couple?

Sort of.

We were faking being lesbians
to be popular.

- Good save.
- You were a fake lesbian?

No, no, no.
Karma was faking it.

I-I, um...

- You're in love with her.

That's it.
I'm leaving.

- It's okay.

If she can't handle
our relationship,

Then maybe
it's not meant to be.

Do you want some dessert?
They have homemade doughnuts.

She doesn't want doughnuts.
She wants reagan.

- Amy loves doughnuts.
- Karma, we get it.

You know
all of amy's favorite foods,

But can't you see
that she's really into reagan?

You can fix this, but you've
gotta go and stop her.

- You're right.

No, karma.
Karma, this isn't about you.

You need to give them space.

- You don't understand.

- Check, please.

- Butterscotch budino,

On the house.

- Well, that's so nice of you.

I'm gonna have to give you
a big tip.

You want to get out of here?

- I thought you'd never ask.

- No way.

I brought her here.

I'm taking her home.

You know I'm a black belt
in four martial arts, right?

I'm a black belt too,
in ass whupping.

You passed the test.

You can totally be my boyfriend.
- What about duke?

Oh, he's obviously gay
and on a date with shane.

- I think you hit a nerve.
- Mm, it's what I do.

- Group hang, awesome.

- Reagan, don't go.
- Sorry, shrimp girl.

Life's too short
to chase someone

Who's chasing someone else.

I'm not in love with karma

Then why didn't you tell me
about her?

And why did you freak out when
I tried to tell her about us?

I'm sorry, I can't do this
if karma's gonna be lingering

In the background.

- She won't be, I promise.

- Look behind you!

What are you doing here?

- I just wanted to explain.

Look, reagan,
we've been best friends since...

- Karma, I've got this.

- I'm just trying to help.

Well, you're not.
You're making things worse.

Please leave.

- can't tear nice

I should have told you
about karma.

My feelings for her
are complicated, we have a past,


But I want a future
with you.

- grow die

But she's right, she's always
gonna be a part of my life,

And you've gotta be okay
with that

If you're gonna be
my girlfriend.

I mean if you...
if you wanna be.

- cloud

Well, you did almost die for me,

It'd be rude
to turn you down.

You didn't have
any of that kale, did you?

- No.

Please tell me
you're not picturing my head

As you do that.

Look, I'm sorry, okay?

Yeah, I pushed too far.

I told you from the beginning
I'm not coming out.

Why can't you accept that?

Why can't you accept
that you're gay and it's okay?

There's no shame.
- I'm not ashamed of being gay!

Yes, you are.
You're just in denial about it.

See, this is why
I don't date closet cases.

Because it's
an emotional minefield.

- Shane.
- Look.

I'm willing to make an exception
and help you through this,

But you have to let me.

Shane, I'd love to kiss you
in the middle of times square,

But I can't!

It's not about being ashamed.

I've known I was gay
since I was 11.

But I've known I've wanted to be
a pro mma fighter

Since I was in preschool.

It's weird, I know that too.

- A little.

But I believe it's what I was
put on this earth to do.

And I'm so close,
I can taste it.

I just have to land
some sponsorships.

- And then you'll come out?

I can't promise you that.
This is my dream come true.

I can't risk throwing it away.

Though for you,
I-I almost want to.

I don't want to lose this.

But if you can't deal,
I understand.

- I'm sorry again.

I just wanted to help amy
move on.

Yeah, well, maybe
she's not the one who needs to.

- What does that mean?
- You seriously don't get it.

Okay, so maybe I got
a little carried away

With the whole kale thing.

It's just that shane told me
how territorial lesbians can be,

And I was worried that reagan
was trying to push me out.

Shane manipulated you, so we'd
go on a group hang with his...

- Oh.

You just can't stand
the thought that one day,

Amy might love someone
as much as she loves you.

I want amy to be happy,
just like I'm happy with you.

- You sure about that?

'cause sometimes I wonder if
I'm the one you want to be with.

Of course you are.

You let your parents think
that you're still with amy.

I have to drop you off
down the street.

I mean, I thought this was
supposed to be our fresh start.

It was.
It...it is!

Then why does it still
feel like amy is your girlfriend

And I'm second best?

- feathers in the sky

- That isn't fair.

- Maybe not,

But it's true.

Good night, karma.

- quicker than most

we're shadowing
the streetlights

to find sleep

our love's gold

we'll find a way


Do you really want
to be with me?

I need to show him
how much he means to me.

I decided to come out
to my parents

And tell them
liam's my boyfriend.

Look who's back
from saving african children!

- Zen.

I've always dreamed
of having a daughter

I could share
the pageant experience with.

I'm gonna show my mom
that I can win that crown.

All these private sessions
are starting to pay off.

- Oh!