Face Off (2011–…): Season 13, Episode 8 - Immortals Interrupted - full transcript

It's the semifinals and the artists engage in an all out battle royale, as they create vampires based on real life bats with just three finale spots on the line.


McKenzie: Previously, on
"Face Off: Battle Royale"...

the artists made
underwater creatures.

Jordan's sinister sea monster
terrified the judges,

leaving the bottom look
on the brink of elimination,

and tonight--

Welcome to the semifinals.
- [bleep].

- Oh, my God.

- I need to get
into that finale.

- I'm feeling sheer
panic and horror.

- When I first saw it,
you know what I thought of?

Harry Potter, here I come.

- This is complete hell.

? ?

- This is "Face Off:
Battle Royale."

all: Whoo!

[exciting music]

? ?

[upbeat music]

? ?

[ominous music]

- It is pitch black in here.
- Oh, dude, that's awesome.

- It's like a cave.
- We walk into the lab,

and I'm immediately stoked

because it's been transformed
into a bat cave.

Oh, bats.
I love bats.

- Whoa. A bunch of webs--
- Oh, I walked through it.



- It seems like this is gonna be
a really exciting challenge.

- Welcome to the semifinals.

- Oh.
- I'm ready.

- One of the six of you

will be our new champion.

So let's get right into
your next Spotlight Challenge.

For centuries, superstitions
have existed around bats...

- Yeah.

- And their supernatural

to one of the most terrifying
creatures of the night;


- Yes.
- Yeah.

- Awesome.
- Makeup artists have long

used bats and their incredibly
unique anatomy as inspiration

for their bloodsucking creations

in all sorts of films,
like "Nosferatu,"

"Dracula," and "Blade."

So in your next
Spotlight Challenge,

you will be doing the same thing

by choosing a real bat

and using it as inspiration

for an original
vampire character.

- Oh.
- Nice.

- I love that.
- That's awesome.

- I love vampires.

I love bat creatures.

I love everything about this.

It's right up my alley.

- Now, before you choose a bat,

there is something
that I do need to tell you.

- Oh.

- Head-to-head battles are gone,

and this week
it's a battle royale.

- Oh.

- So that means it's everyone
for themselves

in one grand battle

to determine
this season's finalists.

- That changes everything.

This is do-or-die.
This is it.

- And I have another
game-changer to share.

Unfortunately, we only have room
for three finalists...

- Oh, my God.

- Which means half of you...
- [bleep].

- Will be going home this week.

- Oh, God.
- That's crazy.

I don't think I've ever seen
a challenge

that's eliminated
half of us before.

So I'm gonna do my best to be
on the half that stays.

- This is gonna be insane.

- All right,
now that all that nasty stuff

is out of the way,
let's select bats.

- Oh, that's awesome.
- You'll be choosing

from the false vampire bat,

painted bat,
slit-faced bat,

mouse-eared bat,
horseshoe bat,

and bamboo bat.

Walter, you're first.

- No way.

False vampire bat.

- Painted bat.

- Horseshoe bat.

- Mouse-eared bat.

- Slit-faced bat.

- The bamboo bat.

- We've got your bats,

but we have one more
piece of business

to attend to.

Jordan, since you won
last week's challenge,

you've earned the help
of an industry expert.

So let's meet him.

- All right.

- With a career
spanning 30 years,

he's kind of done it all,

but he's particularly

to this week's challenge,

having created vampires
for "True Blood,"

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon,"

and "Underworld: Awakening."

Please welcome two-time
Emmy Award-winning makeup artist

Todd Masters.

- Ooh. Wow.
- Nice.


- How's it going, man?

It's gonna be really cool
to work beside Todd.

Can't wait to hear
his vampire advice.

- Good to see you again.
- Hi. Good to see you too.

- Thanks for having me.
- All right.

You ready to get to work?
- Yeah. Sounds great.

- Well, if you would join Jordan
over there, please.

- Okay.
- Nice to meet you, man.

- Hey. How are you?
- Okay, guys.

Keep in mind
that this is your last chance

to show the judges
what you're made of

before they choose
this season's finalists.

Good luck.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

- Bye, guys.
- Thanks.

- Thank you.
- No pressure.

- [chuckles]

[upbeat electronic music]

? ?

Look at all this to go--
okay, great.

- I've got
two hours with you.

This is a crucial challenge
to have the help

of an industry expert,

especially with three of us
getting eliminated.

It couldn't have come
at a better time.

- I mean, we're not
going cute, right?

- No.
- We're going creepy?

I picked the horseshoe bat.

We're taking a lot of
different ideas from the nose

and the ears to make him
really old-looking.

I think it'd be cool to kind of,
like, have him,

like, more sunken-in cheeks,

and, like, kind of mimic the
ears with, like, the cheekbones.

- That's totally it.

Yeah, yeah.
That's a great idea.

- I'm just planning on doing
a face and a cowl.

I'm really automatically
thinking quality over quantity.

I made this mistake
once before on my season,

and that's what sent me home.

So let's hope it's not a repeat

and I go into the finale
on this one.

- Big ears, big nose--

[upbeat music]

- Semifinal--to me,
it means "almost,"

and "almost"
is not good enough in my book.

This is where I was
on season two,

and I didn't make it
any further.

It's been eating at me,

and I don't want to
repeat history.

I have in mind a large,
intimidating character,

using the larger ears
of the mouse-eared bat.

So I'm gonna go angular
with a lot of the structure.

So it's more of an albino,
ancient vampire.

I literally need to destroy
every contestant,

because now
I'm against everyone,

and it's more like,

"I'm not in here with you.

You're in here with me."

? ?

- I want my vampire
to be a badass bitch.

I'm so happy
I got the painted bat.

I want her to be
irresistible to look at,

closer to a glam-pire.

I want her to have

really accentuated
bone structure,

and I want to make an umbrella

so that she won't get burned.

I feel focused,

and if I'm going out,
I'm going out swinging.

[upbeat music]

? ?

- One of the only challenges

that I look back
on my season and think,

"Wow, I wish I could have redone
that and made it cooler,"

was the Skull Island challenge.

I made a bat creature
with these huge wings,

and it was just a big disaster.

What I did accomplish
is that challenge

did shoot me into the finale,

and I would like to repeat that.

I have the false vampire bat.

It's the scariest-looking bat.

So the forms that I'm going
for are big powerful jaws,

really big bat ears.

I'm swinging for the fences.

? ?

[pulsing techno music]

? ?

- [whispering] I wouldn't
do that if I were you.

- Shut up, Derek.
- [laughs]

- Well, I feel like I started
off the season really strong

and then, like, slowly been
losing the challenges.

I'm getting my energy back up,

and I'm definitely motivated
to get into the finale.

I have this tiny, little,
itty-bitty bamboo bat.

It reads more cute
than ferocious,

so I think I'm gonna make
a sleek and sexy creature.

He's got some fun
nose anatomy

that I really want to base
my sculpture around.

I'm feeling pretty confident
in this design,

and I'm having a lot of fun,

which usually means
good things--

I'll knock on wood.

- I like that a lot, dude.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.

? ?

- I choose the slit-faced bat.

On this bat, there's a bit
split up the middle,

so I want to incorporate
that into my design.

I want my vampire to look like

she's been trapped
for centuries in a dungeon.

There's a lot riding on this.

I really want to do this
for my family, for my son.

I've been here a long time

without seeing him,
and it's hard,

and I've really got
to step it up,

because I want to be
in this finale.

? ?

- You want to do a little
switch, try a few things?

- Yeah.
- Is that all right?

- That's cool with me, yeah.

Our plan is to move
back and forth

between the two sculptures

so that they have
a cohesive feel to them.

I want something that you see

just how it resembles the nose
on the horseshoe bat,

because it's a really
cool shape.

- A lot of cat out of this
instead of bat--

- Right now, the nose feels
a little bit cat-like,

but once we get that
forehead piece put into there,

it's gonna have the more
bat feel to it.

- This is looking
really good, Jordan.

- Thanks, man.

- Yeah, you made some really
good decisions in here.

- I'm happy that I got Todd's
help on this challenge.

- Nice working with you.

It's been awesome
working beside you.

- It was actually a lot of fun.
- Oh, yeah.

- So thank you very much.

Good luck.
- Thank you.

He's really given me a lot of
energy to move on to the finale.

- Cheers.

[upbeat electronic music]

? ?

- Hi, everybody.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- Hi, Mr. Westmore.

- Now, what bat
did you select?

- I selected the painted bat.

- Your direction is toward,
like, a vampiress?

- Yes.
- Okay.

You've got a good start
on your face,

but everything you have
going here is cute.

This actually looks like
a pretty lady

that's gone to sleep.

You need to bring
a little bit more scary

to sell the vampire.

- Mr. Westmore does not
love my design.

- I haven't seen them yet,
but I'm concerned with

how it's gonna compete
with the other ones.

- He said, "I haven't
even seen everybody else's,

and I know yours is not enough."

Now I'm second-guessing myself
a little bit.

I don't want to make
it too batty.

- I don't want you
to go home, either.

- The competition
is thinning down.

So if I don't pull this out
this week, that's it.

I'm definitely going home.

McKenzie: The winner of
"Face Off: Battle Royale"

will receive a VIP trip from
Kryolan Professional Make-up

to one of their 85
international locations,

an all-new Fiat 500,

and $100,000.


[upbeat music]

- It needs some expression.

I would extend your chin
a little bit,

your ears--
doing the nose,

as opposed to being so cute--

- Now I'm second-guessing myself
a little bit.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna
keep it the same or change it.

I just need to think about it.

- Step it up
just a little teeny bit.

- Okay.

- And what bat did you choose?
- The mouse-eared bat.

- I think the main thing you're
gonna have to be careful with

in here--and I like it--
is your painting.

Maybe paler in the center

so it's really visible,

and let it pick up
its own shadows,

as opposed to you trying to do
a lot of shading in there

and getting this too dark
and losing it.

It's so busy, you really
need that to pop out.

- I got the false vampire bat.

- With the lips,

as opposed to giving it
a really human,

sharp edge on that,
that could become smooth,

because when you see
that tight lip line--

you know,
you put your hand on that,

- Mm-hmm.

- And you're seeing a person
there with a cleft chin,

as opposed to the vampire.

- Yeah.
- I got the slit-faced bat.

His nose is what
I'm really focusing on.

- I'm just wondering if you
ought to take advantage

of a little bit
more flair here,

because it's--
all of a sudden,

we have this little nose
peeking out,

and this is all falling
away from it,

as opposed to giving it

a little more definition.
- Bring it--okay.

So bring it outwards more
so it looks more deeper?

- Yeah, I'd bring it out
a little bit more.

- Cool.

- So I got the bamboo bat.

He's a tiny little critter.

- Boy, he sure is.

- If I leave my blending edge
right here

underneath the jawline...
- Yeah.

- Do you think it's a good idea
to leave this split open

or do you think
I should close it?

- By leaving it open,

it's easier to close it up

and overlap it
than it is to all of a sudden

pull this over
and it doesn't quite fit.

- This gives me more play.
- Yeah.

It can be close,
but I would leave it open.

- Gotcha.
- I got the horseshoe bat.

I've got this really crazy
nose on his face.

- Mm-hmm.
With your cowl,

I would change your ears.

When I first saw it,
you know what I thought of?

- Dobby?

- Harry Potter,
here I come.

- Yeah.

- Well, I think
you've got a good start.

- Just change those ears up?
- I would say, for sure.

- Yeah.

- Bye, everybody.

- Bye, Mr. Westmore.
- Good luck.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

? ?

- Mr. Westmore advises me
to up the forms I have

and make them
more exaggerated.

So I'm gonna take his advice
and make the nose and ears

look more specifically
like my bat,

but other than that,
I'm gonna stay true to my idea.

- I mean, I want her
to be pretty.

A lot of my competitors

do heavy textures
and heavy sculpts,

and I think beauty's a way

to highlight
what makes me different.

I feel like
I've just got to dance

to the beat
of my own drum this time.

- True.
- It's weird going against

Mr. Westmore's advice,

but this is the semifinals.
I can't be wish-washy.

I'm gonna make the most
beautiful vampire I can.

I'm committing to my ideas.

It's a whole new Mel.

[upbeat music]

? ?

- Thanks.

Mr. Westmore told me the nose
looks like it's deep in--

like, pretty much
a hole in the face,

and I definitely
don't want that look.

I want it to look like a bat.

So I'm trying to push out
the nose a little bit.

- This nose looks great, man.
- Yeah. Thanks, man.

The longer I work on it,
the cooler it's looking...

- One hour!

- But I'm not sure
if I'll have time

to mold it
and have it for tomorrow.

I think I could do it
in an hour.

- Quickest molder
in the game--

yeah, you got this.


- Funny.

? ?

- 15 minutes, guys.

- Time is ticking,

and I mold it,

but it's definitely not cured
enough to open and clean out.

- That's time.

- I just ran out of time.

- All right, all right,
all right.

- Most everybody got
their face molded

and has a cowl sculpted,
as well.

So it feels like I'm behind.

It's gonna be tough
to get into that finale.

- [grunts]

[upbeat electronic music]

? ?

- So for today, I just
really want to focus on

getting my sculpts done
as quick as possible.

This could be my last chance
to really impress the judges,

so I want all the detail,
all the textures,

to be as good as possible.

I finish up my face. I'm really
happy with where it's at.

So now I'm going in
and re-blocking out my cowl,

just because my original ears

were facing downward
a little too much,

and it didn't quite resemble
the horseshoe bat

that I'm trying to go for.

So I chopped those off
and repositioned them

in that more upward motion.

[lively rock music]

? ?

- I really want to prove myself

to the judges this challenge,

and I think my wings
will help do that.

I decide to take the mannequin
and lay it down

and structure the wings
out of clay

that I can
then stipple latex into

and have a finished product.

- Looks really [bleep] good.
- Thanks.

? ?

So I take my time to sculpt

all those details and forms
into the clay,

and then I can just stipple
the latex right on top,

and I don't have
to run it at all.

I'm hoping it'll save me
some time down the road.

? ?

[pulsing electronic music]

- Instead of doing
the predisposed

classic vampire wings,

I wanted to step out of the box
a little bit.

So I'm doing a scorpion-like
humpback feature

to create a striking profile.

I think it stands out.

It gives it that extra level

that no one else
is thinking about.

Time is ticking,
so I really need this piece

to come out well,

and then my sculpt cracks.

I'm feeling sheer panic
and horror.

Oh, my God. I'm not going
to have this back piece

that's gonna set me apart.

This challenge is deciding
who will be in the finale,

and I'm thinking,
"This could be it."

[dramatic music]


[upbeat electronic music]

- I'm freaking out that I'm not
going to have this back piece

and I'm just gonna be another
face and a cowl in the crowd.

I need to pull out
all the stops

to make this come together,

and so I just think,

"What do I have to do
to fix this?"

And I just reach
for a popsicle stick,

and I shove it in one side
and blend it under the mold

and start packing
on that ultra cowl,

and then a wave of calm comes
over me like a Zen state of,

"Okay, we've got this."
It's working completely.

[upbeat music]

- I have a lot of things to do.

I want to do a big chest,

and then I'm detailing
the cowl.

I really want it
to be powerful,

so I'm making traps
that are really big,

but I've been so focused
on my own work,

and I look across the room
and notice

that everybody's
already in the mold room

and has been in the mold room.

So I really need to focus on
knocking out this cowl

as fast as possible.

? ?

[upbeat rock music]

? ?

- I really want to keep
this bat fleshy but brown.

I'm gonna stick mostly
to the colors of my actual bat.

Even though I'm planning on
using the second face tomorrow,

so that way I can cohesively
paint everything at once,

it's nice to know that I have
this first face as a backup

in case time gets ahead of me
with application.

- That looks pretty bitching.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.

? ?

- What's our time?

- 27 minutes.

Time's running out,

and I'm worried

I'm not gonna
get these molds done.

There's still steam
coming off the mold

because it's still curing,

but I got to get this thing out.

- Got that sand hammer?

- Fortunately, it opens,

but it's full of clay.

I'm so close to the finale.

If I were to lose

just because
I can't get a mold out,

it would be crushing.

? ?

- That's time.

- Thankfully, I got my cowl
cleaned out just in time.

Even though I love
what I came up with,

I know I have
a lot of work to do,

and I know that it's gonna come
down to execution and paint job.

? ?

[dramatic percussive music]

- A lot to do.
- It's application day.

We've got four hours
in the lab,

one hour at Last Looks,

and then we find out
who is in the finale.

How does that [bleep] happen?

Walk in, and my cowl
has some steam pockets,

which happens when the mold
is just so wet,

and it collapses the foam.

Super weird--

It looks really terrible,

but the front of it
all looks fine.

So I'm just gonna hide it
with hair

and darker colors

and hope nobody notices.

[upbeat music]

- What's going on?
Good to see you again.

- Good to see you again.

- Ready to be a vampire?
- Yeah.

- One, two, three.

? ?

- So to apply these wings,

I posture my model

in the same way
I had the mannequin.

I have her hands up on stools
and I have her laying facedown.

Yeah, this is kind of perfect,

It takes a little bit
of finessing and a lot of glue,

but it's buckling
in a really natural way.

I mean, she can't do this,
but beyond that,

she's moving around.

They look like wings.


? ?

- With this character,

I'm really pulling out
all the stops.

So after I get everything
applied down,

I go in with a brown
and start spattering

that on there lightly,

and then I go in with
a little bit of purples

and reds here and there,

just to give him that older,
liver-spotty look

and to have it kind of go along

with the dissipating hair,
as well.

Once I start laying the pinks
into the nose and in the ears,

I'm really starting to see
this horseshoe bat come to life.

- It's looking tight, dude.
- Thanks, man.

- Try tilting it forward.
- Yeah.

- Pieces turned out great, but
they're taking a little longer

than I expected to patch,

even though they're
very subtle little things.

I notice a lot of the
competitors already painting,

and I'm starting to second-guess
the amount of pieces I have.

I know that it has to be worthy

to make it into the finale.

[dramatic music]

? ?

- All right,
the scary part.

I'm going back to my roots
for this paint job

'cause I've lost the last
three battles in a row.

I'm blasting another color
all over your head.

You know, I've been trying
to do innovative things,

and I feel like it's biting me
in the ass

the last couple challenges.

So this time I'm gonna airbrush

absolutely everything on this.

It's just my forte.

I think you're looking
pretty good right now.

? ?

- For my vampire,
I'm gonna use the colors--

the actual palette
that's on the bat,

and the nose is my focal point.

I'm gonna go with some purples

and some blues
and a lot of browns.

It looks like--
more like real skin.

? ?

We got 15 minutes, guys.

? ?

- That's time!

I've got a lot to do still.

Leaving for Last Looks,

I am nowhere near
done with the painting,

so I start to panic
a little bit,

because this is as far as I got
last time I was on "Face Off."

I do have flashbacks
of that gut-wrenching feeling

of not having your name called
to get in the finale.

That's not where I want to be.

? ?

[dramatic music]

? ?

- We're in Last Looks.
We have an hour left.

An hour's not a lot of time
for what I want to do,

but I'll hope for the best.

Let's go ahead
and put that hump on.

I just start painting her hump.

I think the hump will give it
that creepy profile.

I want to be in this finale.

I want to make it to the end.

? ?

- I'm finishing up the paint job
with stencils,

and I just airbrushed
this blood splatter

to add the contrast
between the white and the red.

At this point,
every second that I'm using

is applying something
to this makeup.

? ?

- We've got to start
gluing some hair.

Hair laying is really tricky,

and it's really hard
to get it to look cohesive.

I'm laying this beautiful,
flowing mane.

It's gonna really
pop off the profile

and make that little
egg head shape

a lot more complex
and breathtaking.

? "Laying hair is fun" ?

? Said no one, ever ?

? ?

- 15 minutes, guys.

? ?

- That's time, everybody.

- Thank you for being awesome.
- You're welcome.

- I'm a little nervous,

because half of us
are gonna be eliminated.

So I really hope that I'm not
falling short of the finale.

I've actually been through
this situation before,

and going home at the semifinals
again would really hurt.


[dramatic music]

? ?

- Good evening, semifinalists.
- Thank you.

- Evening.
- Welcome to the "Face Off"

reveal stage.

As you know, tonight,
three of you will be eliminated,

and three of you will make it
to this season's finale.

Please say hello to the people

who have to make
that tough decision tonight;

our amazing judges--

owner of Alchemy Studios,
Glenn Hetrick...

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Evening, Glenn.

- Oscar and Emmy Award-winning

makeup artist Ve Neill...

- Good evening, everyone.
- [laughs]

- Hey.
- And, of course,

creature and concept designer
Neville Page.

- Hello.
- Hello, Neville.

- All right, let's get to it.

For your Spotlight Challenge,

we asked you each
to select a unique bat

and use it as inspiration

for an original
vampire character.

Because it is the semifinals,

we did away
with head-to-head battles

in favor of one giant
battle royale.

Let's take a look
at your vampires.

Matt, you're up first.

[dramatic music]

? ?

- I love this vampire.

It really stands out completely

from all the other makeups.

He has this kind of swagger

of that dark,
vampiric character.

? ?

- He's just so powerful
and so cool,

and his paint job
definitely stands out

from everyone else's,

and I'm loving
my makeup so much.

? ?

- It looks like
all of the boys' bats

are from the same town and mine
is from a different state,

but that's what a vampire
looks like to me.

? ?

- It's reading really well
from where I'm at,

and I'm really loving
the makeup that I did today.

It's 50/50 on who's
going to the finale.

So it's nerve-racking,

but I'm very confident
in my makeup.

? ?

- She looks rad.

I wish I would've painted
the chest a little bit darker,

but still, overall, I'm really
stoked on the way she looks.

? ?

- Standing there, looking at
my character on stage,

I really feel like this is an
All-Stars finale-worthy makeup.

I really wanted to go for
quality over quantity on this,

and I think I achieved that.

? ?

- Okay, judges.
Why don't you go ahead

and take a closer look
at tonight's makeups?

? ?

- There are some nice details.

I really like this little paint
detail on this jawline.

- I love this bold choice
to create a single dorsal ridge

instead of a pair of wings.

- Yeah.

- I love the coloration
on this one.

- Oh, yeah.

He's striking, powerful,

- This is Mel's finest work
to date.

She's really gone for it.

- And I like the fact that she
made it so feminine, as well.

- The combination of that nose,
the chin,

and then the hunch on the back

really plays on the age
of the vampire species.

- Looks like she's wearing
a backpack, guys.

Come on.

I can't believe how beautiful
this chest piece is.

- Unfortunately, I like
the chest a little more

than I like the face.

- Here's this bitchin' dude.

Look at the detail and the
wrinkling on his forehead.

It's unbelievable.

- And he's using
every single drop of color

to push forth everything
he did in the sculpture.

Thank you.

? ?

- All right, guys,
so normally this is where

I would tell you that the judges

have scored your creations
and want to speak with you,

but tonight we're doing things
a bit differently.

Since half of you
are going home tonight,

we need to see what you're
made of as makeup artists.

- How do we do that?
- Now, sometimes in Hollywood,

there are last-minute changes
to the script,

and tonight is no exception.

- [bleep].

- So we need to see
what your vampires look like

after they've been
exposed to sunlight.

- Oh, man.

- You're getting another hour
of Last Looks

and one more chance
to wow the judges.

- Oh, [bleep].

This totally changes
the challenge.

I don't want to get this close
to the finale

and just fall by the wayside.

- An hour is no time
to transform

a whole makeup
we spent days creating.

So this has definitely turned
the competition on its head,

and I am just praying
I can make it through

this next elimination.

? ?


? ?

- You're getting another hour

of Last Looks

and one more chance
to wow the judges.

- Oy.
- Oh, [bleep].

- Models, why don't you
take your places

back in the makeup room?

? ?

Now, I know this is
a bit of a shocker,

but are you guys ready
to do this?

- Let's do it.
- Yeah, I got.

- Okay, your time starts now.

- Let's go.
- [laughing]

? ?

- Let's see how this goes.

- Back at it again.

This is what's standing
in between

me and the finale.

So I have to apply
an amazing burn makeup

and wow those judges with it.

My plan is to create
black texture

but also bloody, raw tissue,

kind of like sunlight is coming
in from different angles

and burning his flesh.

So I'm using Artex,
which looks flesh-like,

and then I add
some of the blood

and then brush over that
with black paint.

? ?

- All right,
let's [bleep] you up.

I've actually been through
this situation before.

On my season,
three of us had one hour

to make revisions
to our character,

and that one hour
was complete hell.

So for this one
I'm really hoping

that it's not quite as frantic,

and I start plucking away
foam from his head

just to make him
look really deteriorated.

After I get that done,
I start painting

different reds, purples,
and browns.

It's kind of sad
to pluck away this hard work,

but it's also cool
to transform him

into something completely new.

Looks pretty sweet, actually.

? ?

- Here we go.

For this burn makeup,

I'm using the gelatin

as a really melted part
of the flesh,

and then I lay
tissue paper over that,

and I peel that back,
like the charred flesh

is breaking away
and revealing the melted skin.

Come on.

But it looks
too much like rubber,

and I'm just kind of
smearing things around.

So I'm very nervous.

? ?

- I hate doing this.
I love this makeup.

We have to recreate
our vampires,

which I feel like
I should be exempt for,

because I'm the only one
who brought an umbrella,

but I'm gonna do the best I can

because I'm not ready to go yet.

I put some Artex on the face.

It makes it look
like it's melted,

rather than burned,

which is more of the look
I'm going for,

and then I add lots
of blood drips,

which creates a lot of depth.

It looks really creepy.

I want you to be, like,
a bloody mess.

? ?

- I'll burn your arm
and half your face.

I want to make her look like

she's trying to protect herself
from the sun,

and just the side of her
gets burned.

I grab black dust powder
and mix that into Pros-Aide

to make crispy burned material,

and then I start
painting yellows and reds

to give it, like,
a blistery look.

I feel it looks very realistic,

and so I'm just gonna do it
as much as I can

until the last few seconds.

You're kind of like, "Ah!"

- This Artex [bleep]
looks so badass.

I really want
the midway process of her

in the sunlight being burned
before she gets destroyed.

So I'm making all these just,
like, gross raised burns

that are extremely shiny
and gelatinous.

So it looks like these burns

go deep into the anatomy
of my vampire.

I'm feeling optimistic,

but I'm also
definitely worried,

because there's only three slots
in the finale.

- All right, guys.
You have 15 minutes left.

? ?

All right, guys.
Time is up.

- Oh-ho!
- Brushes down.

- Man, I thrashed
a makeup I really love.

My heart's sinking a little bit.

I don't like the burn makeup.

It's knocked me down
from one of the better makeups,

so now I'm definitely stressed
and worried about it.

It would suck so much
to get this close

and still not make it.

I just want to win.

[upbeat music]

? ?

- I think I pulled it off.

It looks like
it's pretty cohesive.

It has a fleshy look
with the charcoal burn,

and I'm just hoping that's
enough to pull me through.

- He's got some really nice
textured stuff here,

sort of boily.

- There's no directionality
to it at all.

Can you tip your head down?

- It's really nice up in here.
- He did a great job of placing

all the damage in a way

that still retains the beauty
of the original design.

- You can still see
my good makeup

underneath that crap that
I just smeared all over it,

but I don't know if the judges
will think it's as fun

and as cool as it was before.

- A lot of the damage is here
in the trapezius area.

- That's serious damage.

What's cool about this image
is he still looks badass.

- He didn't do all that much,

but at least
it's all from this direction.

- Once again, I've taken an
unconventional route to this,

and I hope that they appreciate

I went for something
a little different.

We'll find out.

- It doesn't feel like there's
a single source of inspiration.

- Yeah, I don't get it.

It's just a little blood
dripping everywhere.

- Her hair's also burnt.
- Singed.

- She burned the umbrella,

and then the vampire character
is patching it

to keep the sun off of it.

I love that.
I love the way it ties in.

- That's what all those
little pinpoints are,

is it came through the umbrella.

- I feel very confident
in my makeup.

I'm still nervous, obviously,
but it looks very realistic,

and I'm very happy
how it turned out.

- This makes a lot of sense.
- Mm-hmm.

- You can tell where
the source of the light is,

and he's the only one who got
into using these yellow tones.

- That exposure of fat

under the flesh feels realistic.

- I actually like
it better burned.

- Yeah. I just wish
it didn't end right there.

It kind of needs to--

- Yeah, it's just
a little too down the middle.

- Harvey Two-Face.

- She's smoldering,
the burns are glistening,

and it looks awesome.

It's really cool to go
from liking a character

to loving it
after destroying it.

- This helps
the forehead so much.

I almost wish it was there
to begin with.

It's really cool.

- What I like is this,

because it's just cutting
and eating into her.

- But, see,
there's no directionality

or no sense
to these burns, either.

- My vampire looks pretty cool
with his new burn makeup,

and I think the details that

I put into it
could make this a piece

that could get me
into the finale.

- I really like the singed hair.
It's grody.

- Yeah.
- The big space in the back

where it's really eating away--

- He's very, very strong,

That perfect symmetrical
silhouette is destroyed,

which is very effective.

? ?

- All right, judges.
So we threw these guys

a real curveball tonight,

and let's talk about
how they did.

Why don't we start with Matt?

- I think it's the most unique
of all the designs

that were out there.

I was very impressed
with his ability

to create something that felt
authentic and original.

- And then he managed to do
a really beautiful paint job

on top of it, breaking it up
with all the speckling

and a little bit of veining.

- Well, one of the things
I love about Matt's work

is it's very intelligent,

particularly from a sculptural

- Matt hasn't been on the show
since season two,

so he's had a lot of time
to perfect his art,

and I think
he's stepped up his game

and really shown us
some really beautiful work.

- All right, judges,
let's move on to Walter.

- It was so strong in both
front view and side view.

I've never seen
that silhouette before

on this type of character.

- I loved this paint job.

The beautiful blues--and then
he has some beautiful purples

around the eyes--
just really well done.

- He's killed pretty much
every challenge

that we've put in front of him.

He is a phenomenally
talented artist.

- All right,
let's move on to Mel.

- It came out
a little bit cutesy gothy,

as opposed to what I was
looking for in this challenge.

It's purposeful. It's her thing.
She owned it,

and I think she accomplished
what she set out to do.

- I appreciate that she was
shooting for something feminine,

but I think it fell
a little short.

- She kind of missed
on the burn thing.

It just looked to me like

little drips
of blood everywhere.

It didn't really look like
they were burn holes.

It was a good idea, but I don't
think she executed it that well.

- All right,
let's talk about Derek.

- I struggle with it,

because there's an element
that I love.

The middle of the face,
the nose area,

into the chin--

the rest of it is soft

and undefined and nebulous,

both in the sculpture
and the paint.

- But the exposure makeup on
this was one of the best ones.

It was simple
and very authentic.

- It looked like a real burn,

as opposed to some of
the other ones,

which you really couldn't tell
what they were.

- All right, judges,
let's move on to Damien.

- The chest is very,
very interesting,

but it does not carry on
to the face.

The chest and the face
don't even match one another.

- And what about the burn?

Just big gooey blobs

- It felt more like
he was covered in acid,

kind of like that character
in "RoboCop."

- Damien has improved leaps
and bounds, and it's like,

"Where did this guy come from?"

Because it's a completely
different artist

than the person
that we last saw.

- And, finally,
let's talk about Jordan.

- His paint job was exquisite.

The freckling on the side
of the face

when we got close up,
all that beautiful work--

- I don't think it was
the best burn makeup.

It felt more like erosion,

but, regardless of it
being accurate,

it was really well-done.

- Jordan has really been
listening to us, has he not?

- Every week, better from the
notes that we're giving him--

- All right, judges, have you
chosen this season's finalists?

- We have.

- Fantastic.

Let's bring 'em back out.

? ?

All right.

It's time to find out
the first person

to make it
to this season's finale.


- The first person moving on
to the finale is...

[tense music]

? ?

- All right, guys.
It's time to get on Twitter

and tell us
who made your favorite vampire

using #faceoff.


- It's time to find out
the first person

to make it
to this season's finale. Glenn?

- The first person moving on
to the finale is...

[tense music]

? ?



You have a unique aesthetic,
and you've delivered us

fantastic makeups
all season long.

We absolutely cannot wait
to see what you do next.

- Thank you so much.

Being the first name called
feels incredible,

and I'm so incredibly happy

that I have another opportunity
at $100,000.

- Walter, congratulations
on being the first finalist.

So, Glenn, who is the second
person making it to the finale?

- The second person moving on
to the finale is...

[tense music]

? ?



? ?

Your creative vision--
certainly one of a kind,

and we're always excited to see

what you've got to offer
from week to week.

- Thank you so much.

I'm overwhelmed
with so much emotion.

It's good to finally
be in the finale

and to battle it out

with "Face Off"'s best head-on.

- Congratulations, Matt.

You have also made it
to the finale.

- Thank you.

- All right.
We have four All-Stars left,

and only one of you
can join us in the finale.

So, Glenn, who is the winner
of this challenge

and the third person
joining us in the finale?

- The winner
of tonight's challenge,

and the third and final artist

that will be joining us
in the final, is...

[tense music]

? ?



? ?

It has been amazing to watch
your evolution this season.

It's obvious to us
that you've been listening,

and each week we've seen your
makeups get better and better.

- Thank you.

It's an amazing feeling to know
that I won this challenge,

but we've still got
that one challenge left,

and I want to take
this entire competition.

- Congratulations, Jordan.
- Thank you.

- Unfortunately, that means,
Mel, Derek, and Damien,

you have all been eliminated.

It's been amazing
having you back here with us,

but if you'd please,
head back to the makeup room

and pack up your kits.

- Bye, guys.
- Bye.

- Good luck, guys.
- Good luck, guys.

- Good job, you guys. Great job.

- Congrats.

Getting eliminated
is bittersweet,

but I made it to the semifinals,

which is great,
because that's further

than I made it
the last time I was here.

It's been a wild ride
and it's been lots of fun.

So I definitely have a lot
to be proud of.

- It sucks to get to this place
twice and not go to the finale,

but the competition
was really hard.

I'm proud of what
I accomplished,

and I'm proud to say I made it

to the semifinals
in both my seasons.

- I'm disappointed.
I wanted to get to the finale,

but I'm proud of the makeups
I did while I was here,

and I know
it's just gonna make me

that much of a better artist.

? ?

- Congratulations again
to all three of you

on being
this season's finalists.

I will see you back here
on stage tomorrow morning

to tell you about your
final Spotlight Challenge.


- Thank you, guys.
- Good night, guys.

- See you.
- Good night, guys.

- It's game time.

I want this as bad
as I want to breathe.

Everything comes down to this.

Next time on "Face Off"...

Let's talk about
your final challenge.

- I want to win this.

- I'm just getting less
and less happy with it.

- [grunts] Oh.
The whole mold falls apart.

- What is it? I don't know.