Face Off (2011–…): Season 13, Episode 7 - Maritime Monsters - full transcript

The competition tightens as the six remaining artists create original sea monsters in this week's battles, with the help of an industry expert in next week's elimination challenge on the line.


McKenzie: Previously on
"Face Off: Battle Royale,"

the artists dove
into the world of dryads.

Walter's beautiful nymph
wowed the judges for the win,

but Kevin and Graham fell short
and were sent home.

And tonight...

We are getting
very close to the finale,

and we need to see
what you are made of.

- I can see everybody
sweating a little bit.

- I like it, man.
- Thanks.

It's a bad day
to choose me, Walter.

- This area right here
concerns me. It's very weak.

- I'm probably gonna be
a bottom look.

- This is
"Face Off: Battle Royale."


[exciting music]

? ?

[electronic music]

? ?

- Whoa.
- Ooh.

- Check it out.
- Ooh.

- The lab looks awesome.

There's all this
nautical equipment,

and there's a huge
16th Century sailor's map.

Pirate ship action?
- I don't know.

- I'm just hoping it's not
gonna be a water challenge.

- Wow, this looks really cool.

- Yeah.

- Good morning, everyone.

- Morning.
all: Good morning.

- Congratulations on surviving
yet another double elimination.

Let's get right into your
next Spotlight Challenge.

During the golden age
of exploration, daring seafarers

sailed the high seas
in search of the New World.

However, many still believed
that if you sailed too close

to the world's edges,

dangerous sea monsters
would be waiting there...

- Yes.
- To devour you.

So, in the tradition
of Hollywood hits like

"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"

and "Pirates of the Caribbean,"

your Spotlight Challenge
this week

is to create an original
sea monster inspired

by one of the illustrations
on this real 16th Century map.

- That's awesome.
- I love sea creatures.

There's just so many animals
in the ocean.

There's a lot of inspiration
to draw from.

- When I call you up, come grab
one of the trinkets

and place it next to the sea
monster of your choice.

Now there are two
of each trinket,

so whoever picks the other one

is your battle partner
for this week.

Derek, you're up first.

[upbeat music]

? ?

- It's time we meet in battle.

? ?

- So just to quickly
recap our battles,

they are Matt versus Walter,
Derek versus Mel...

- Arr.

- And Jordan versus Damien.

All right, here's the thing.

- Uh-oh.
- We are getting very close

to the finale,
and we need

to see
what you guys are made of.

So we're gonna put
your sea monsters

to the test in their natural


- Oh, my God.
- That's awesome.

- Of course they're gonna
make it go underwater.

It's an All-Star season.

I could definitely see

sweating a little bit.

There's a lot
that could go wrong.

And that's what makes it
so scary.

- Your makeups will need
to be waterproof and the judges

will get to see them
on land and at sea.

All right, now before you get
started I should remind you

that the winner
of this challenge

will earn the help
of an industry expert

in next week's challenge.

Go ahead and get to work.
Good luck, guys.

- Thank you.
- Bye.

- Oh, man.

? ?

- The creature I chose has
an elongated snout,

so it looks like
a goblin shark or swordfish,

except a snout
that's closer to the mouth

and I don't want to give it
that mask look.

So I push it upwards, almost
eye level with the character.

That way it flows into a cowl,

and I'm going big
with the profile

hoping that will sell
a lot in the water.

None of these youngsters
have done this before.

I won this challenge, it was
episode two on season two,

so I'm thinking it's bad day
to choose me, Walter.

He wants it,
so I'm gonna bring it.

I'm gonna give him
what he wants.

- My monster looks like an otter
and a sea lion,

and I picked that
because I want to do tusks.

So it'll be very sea lion
in the face,

but fishy in the whole
back half with lots of fins

that look like they would
propel in the water.

I've never done
an underwater makeup before.

I'm gonna have
to seal each prosthetic

and make sure everything
is water tight

and use only alcohol paint

so it's not water soluble.

It's a little intimidating
going against

the reigning water
challenge champion,

but I'm pretty confident
in my design.

To be the best, you kind of
got to beat the best.

- When I think of sea monsters,
I think of terrifying creatures.

I don't know of anything
more terrifying

in the ocean then angler fish,

so that's the route
that I'm going for,

especially with the head
and face.

I really want to push out
that bottom jaw

and just have some really
gnarly long teeth.

And then the reference for my
sea monster looks very skeletal

so I want to incorporate
that and do a giant fin

running down
the back side of him.

I've never done
an underwater makeup before,

but to see the creature

that I make interact
with its environment,

that's gonna be really exciting.

[electronic music]

? ?

- I like my sea monster.
It's literally a sea horse.

Like...[neighing] horse and
I want to make sure

I incorporate some allusions

from sea horses
as we know them

that I think will look
really beautiful in the water.

I want to build up
the silhouette

of the back and the chest.

I also want to keep the face
more like a land horse

and have the mane be somewhat
between a fin

and a mane so that I'm serving

my inspiration
and my own ideas.

Derek's super talented
at creatures and monsters.

It's his aesthetic, but I feel
like my concept is cool.

Let's see if I can execute it.

? ?

- My sea creature is like
a catfish, koi dragon.

So I'm taking this
as inspiration,

but I also want
to incorporate the whiskers

of what a catfish has.

When she moves her head
back and forth,

I want it to kind of flow
with the direction

she's moving in the water.

As I'm sculpting, not trying
to do too much texturing.

Nothing too detailed
'cause I want her to be

a little bit smooth
like a fish as well.

I haven't battled Mel before
so it's gonna be a challenge

because she's gonna come up
with something

beautiful and interesting.

It feels like I've been coasting
it safe this whole time.

We're getting closer
to the finale

so I really need
to step it up for this one.

? ?

- My sea creature looks like
Creature from the Black Lagoon.

I start with the face.

I know that I'm gonna use
this under bite

and try to make a weird nose
that's not like a pig nose,

but maybe in profile
kind of resembles

the outlines of the pig nose.

I'm also going to make
the dragon frill that it has.

I want this frill to come around
the outside of the face

so that way
when it's in the water,

it'll get this cool
swooshing action.

I'm definitely trying to use
the water to my advantage.

I'm both excited and nervous
to battle Jordan.

He's a kick-ass artist
and I know

I'll have to create
something amazing.

? ?

- As I start sculpting I'm--
I'm looking

to bring that snout in

so I push it up higher,

and I'm elongating the chin

so it will read
beautifully in profile.

I'm trying to get the face
sculpted and molded today

so I can line it up
with the cowl tomorrow,

and create a dynamic profile

when viewed from the side.

? ?

- So to start off sculpting,
I go in and I start

getting that elongated shape
on the face, bringing the jaw

out a lot further
than his upper set of teeth.

I'm also adding larger,

more fish-like eyes
on the side of the head.

It's really gonna pull it away
from that human form.

Other than the body
being humanistic,

I really want the head to have
that creature feel to it,

and I'm battling
Damien this week.

He's gonna be a worthy
opponent for sure.

Damien's got
awesome design skills

and excellent painting skills,

so I'm gonna really need
to step it up

to beat him on this one.

? ?

- Hi, everybody.
- Hello.

- Hey, Mr. Westmore.

- What sea monster
did you select?

- So it's like
a literal sea horse.

- Okay, how about color?
What are you gonna do?

- Starting kind of black
and building up

metallics on top of it
because they really pop...

- Eh, don't start with black.
If you start lighter, you know,

and build up with your colors,

and use black as maybe an accent

as opposed to painting
your entire creature black.

- Yeah, that's smarter.

- Now what sea monster
did you select?

- He's, like, very aquatic and,
like, a sea lion, or a seal.

- Mm-hmm, you're really catching
the human in here.

Trying to get a little bit
more fish to it.

Maybe more between your cat

and a fish to really give it
a bizarre look.

- Mm-hmm.
- With your tusks now,

can epoxy 'em so they're
really, really strong.

- Absolutely.

- Now tell me about
your sea creature.

- I don't want to take
this too literally,

so I'm playing with the pig
under bite and the nose,

and then the dragon
fish fin flailing off.

- This area right here
concerns me.

It's a very weak look.

My main concern
is giving yourself

a little bit more character
right in there.

I think if you give this
a dragon bite

it could add
a real dangerous look.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

What sea monster did you select?

- I picked this guy,
he reminded me of a koi fish

that turns into a dragon.

- At first crack at this,
I'm seeing bat

as opposed to basically
what the challenge is.

- I'm really worried
'cause I definitely

don't want my face
to look like a bat.

- Everybody else is really going
in so many neat directions

that I don't want to see you be

the only one that
basically comes up with a bat.

- It's in the back of my mind

that I haven't won
any challenges,

so I need to win
this one to show

that I have what it takes
to be in the finale.


- At first crack at this,
I'm kind of seeing bat

as opposed to basically
what the challenge is.

- I don't want my face
to look like a bat.

Hopefully Mr. Westmore
can help me out.

- I don't think you're going
far enough.

- Okay.
- Change your profile.

Especially in this chin
and nose area here.

Don't be so delicate.

Bring some more elements
in there--

- Okay.
- To monster it up.

- After talking with
Mr. Westmore,

I'm definitely
gonna take his advice,

but it feels like
I'm a little bit behind,

so now I'm afraid
I might not have enough time.

- So think more
aquatic and monstrous.

- You have helped me out a lot,
thank you very much.

- Good luck.

Now what did you select?

- So, my creature
was this more

fin-looking kind of elongated
head-looking character.

- Very interesting sculpture.

- Thank you.
- I like it.

You've really captured
the idea of a sea monster.

Be careful with
supporting your mouth

when it comes up
out of the water...

- So it doesn't drag it down?
- Lower--yeah,

lower jaw doesn't drop.
- Mm.

- The thought off the top
of my head would be

to make
a little hole up through here

so it would drain water
through there

when it's coming in as opposed

to all this water
having to come here.

- Yeah.
- This little creepy guy.

His snout's kind of long
and kind of hooked a bit.

- Here you've gone out
of the box.

In this you've gone
out of the box.

The cheekbones
are basically skeleton.

- Mm-hmm.

- Maybe adding more
to the chin to balance

this type of figuration out,

or doing something here
to where

if it came up out of the ocean,
the sailors

would be scared of it
that it's a sea monster.

- Mm-hmm.
- So bring more...

creature into your sculpture.

- Mm-hmm.
- Bye, everybody.

- Bye, Mr. Westmore.
- Bye, Mr. Westmore.

[upbeat music]

? ?

- After talking with
Mr. Westmore, I take his advice

and make my face sculpt
less human.

I bring out the chin
a little bit

and change the eyes
so they're smaller.

- Ooh, that's cool, dude.
- Thanks.

I like it a lot better.

It looks a little bit
more creepy

and I like how the profile
is looking.

So now it's ready to mold.

? ?

- At this point
in the competition,

I'd be intimidated
about battling anyone,

but I need to bring
my A game against Derek.

So I start sculpting the face,

and I know
what I want it to look like.

It's just not really landing
in the clay that way,

but I can't refine it now

because I just barely
have enough time to run back

to the mold room
and clean out my chest mold.

But at least I have some forms

that I can sleep on
and look at the next day.

- With the time I have left,
I really want to start my cowl.

I'm building in fins that come
outwards along the back

and being very careful
as to where I put them

so that the cowl
is hydrodynamic--

it moves through the water,

and I'm really hoping
that the judges

can see all the little details

that I put into this to where it
looks functional in the water.

? ?

- All right, guys, it's time.

? ?

- [laughing]

Totally different
than I remembered.

I come into the lab with a fresh
set of eyes to look at my piece,

and I hate it, so I take it
all off and then start over.

I want to build up the nose
and make it a little longer

so that it looks like a horse
that looks kind of fishy.

I probably should've picked
a more intimidating fish

than a sea horse
because I feel a little nervous

that I've taken inspiration

from the cutest sea creature
in the whole ocean,

but it's looking a lot better,

and I'm already
behind schedule,

so I need to move faster
than I ever have.

? ?

- So the first thing for today
is I need

to finish up my back piece.

So I get all the forms
sculpted out

but don't put too much
texture in it

just because it doesn't
really need it.

It's just to create
that profile

for the torn up fins
on his back.

It's too early to tell
who's gonna take this battle.

Damien's is looking
pretty cool,

but I'm really liking
my sculpture,

and the closer and closer
I get to the finished product,

the more excited I get.

So hopefully I can walk away
with a win on this one.

? ?

- [grunts]

- I start off with my cowl.

I know I need to finish
that first

and get it molded so that way,

while it's cooking,
I can start working

on all these fin appliances.

The face feathers out,
so I'm gonna

pull that sea creature
frill out to the back,

use that in the anatomy
so it just looks

like all of this
hard cartilage stuff

is protecting this soft, giant,

soggy piece of flesh
in the back.

It's looking really good,
I'm really pleased with it.

? ?

- I want to show off the profile
of the character,

so I just start forming
that shark fin point

on the back of the head.

I'm also putting gills
on the neck

shells on the shoulder,

and some pointed,
protruding areas

on the back of the neck
to give it

a little bit of movement
when he's underwater.

I'm using the face
to line up with the cowl,

and it's all flowing together.

- I like it, man.
- Thanks.

? ?

- Now that my cowl is sculpted,

I really need to figure out
a way to do my fins.

So I stick quills into it

and then use the iridescent
cellophane to droop down

and that part's gonna move
through the water.

It's all looking really great
and I'm seeing what

Matt is doing,
and it looks cool,

but I love my concept
and I think

it'd be hard for Matt
to beat me.

? ?

- I want to do a fin on top
of the cowl,

and I really want it
to be transparent so

while the clothes are
in my cowl sculpture

I lay fish skin
for the membrane of the fin.

Fish skin is a material
that's stiff when it's not wet.

When I put it in the water,
it just turns to this soft,

kind of almost mushy texture.

I think it'll look cool
in the water,

but I think it's too soft,

so I'm layering it
with some latex

to give it some more strength.

After that, I use some yarn
for some veiny texture

and it's looking organic
and creepy,

so I'm really happy
with how it's turning out.

- Now that I have my cowl

I'm sculpting 12 fin appliances

that are gonna be flowing
and waving around in the water.

I have a lot of pieces
to apply,

and it's really important
to seal down all these edges

with a lot of Pros-Aide,
at least two layers

to make sure that no water
can creep in there,

and that will take
a lot of time.

Plus, I have a super
intricate paint job planned.

I'm definitely worried
a little bit,

but I am confident
I can beat Jordan.

? ?

- Oh!

Now that I have my face
and cowl done,

I want to make a mane

to bring it more towards
my sea horse inspiration.

So I lay hair on the floor

and paint latex over the ends.

The latex will actually
float in the water,

which will create
a really cool visual effect.

So hopefully this will give me

a little bit of an edge
over Derek, fingers crossed.

- 30 minutes, guys!

[electronic music]

? ?

- All right, guys, that's time!

I'm nervous for
application day.

Having the underwater
element thrown into it

just makes it that
much more stressful.

I'm gonna have to take twice
the amount of time

to apply my makeup
as I normally do

'cause if my pieces
come off underwater,

I'm guaranteed not to win.


[electronic music]

- It's application day, and
we've got four hours in the lab

and one hour in Last Looks.

I come in and check
my foam pieces--they're great.

The edges look awesome,

so this is gonna be
a pretty good application day

if I can get
these laid down nicely.

[upbeat music]

- Hello.
- What's up, man?

- It's good to see you, man.
- Yeah, dude.

- How's it going, brother?
- Man, we're gonna have

to get those down,

'cause if water gets in there--
- Yeah.

- Since my makeup is
going underwater,

the first thing I do

is completely
seal each prosthetic.

So I'm gonna have to do a lot
of prepping, so you can...

- Just chill?
- Chill and hang out.

I used Pros-Aide
and balloon latex,

and this mixture of these two

will actually keep the foam
from absorbing any water.

I haven't made anything
quite like this yet.

This prepping and sealing
is taking up a lot of time,

but at least we're all
pretty much on the same page

so we're all just gonna have
to pick it up

when it comes to painting.

- Here in a minute,
I'm gonna have to go

and start gluing the quills
in on all these,

like, fish spine things.

You'll have, like,
fins and all that.

So I start gluing
in all these quills

to the prosthetics
using five-minute epoxy.

It seems like it's
working really great.

The worst thing
that can happen in the tank

is my pieces all fall off.

Yesterday I didn't get all of
the material spray adhesive on

and connected to the quills.

Every minute that I spend
getting all these pieces sealed

and applied is taking away
from my paint job.

So I have to work as fast as I
possibly can and get painting.

- I have painted nothing.

We're about two hours in,

and everybody's
just barely starting to apply.

- Is this also sealing for,
like, waterproofing?

- This is the waterproofing.
- Okay.

- So, like, go ham.

I'm very behind,
so my wonderful model,

Christoff, is basically doing
all my sealing,

and I'm taking up
my latex hair fins

from the floor
and cutting them into shape.

All the while
my little worker bee

is taking care of business
at the fort.

Just let that go and you can put
one on the cowl, thank you.

- There we go.

- That's showing
a little bit there.

I'm gluing down the chest piece
and it's just not working right.

There's a big, gaping hole.

I don't think
it's letting it stick.

I don't know why
it's not gluing down.

I've really got to glue every
inch of the prosthetic down

'cause I don't want any water
to get underneath

and into the foam.

This chest piece has to work.

I don't have anything else as
far as wardrobe to put on her.

It's very frustrating.

I need to figure it out fast,
so I use these extra pieces

that I have to cover that
and use it as a blender.

It ends up working well,
so I'm glad

I made these extra pieces.

Yeah, that's a lot better.

? ?

- Just got to get this
base coat laid down

so I can start airbrushing.

That's when it's really
gonna start coming together.

So for this character,
I want him to resemble

a lot of those
deep sea creatures

that don't see
a whole lot of light,

so they're all very pale,

some of them
are very translucent.

Yeah, I've got a lot of,
like, black, like,

darker designs and stuff
that I'm gonna throw into it.

I'm doing
different circle patterns

from the back of the creature
and moving it forward

just to really have that
underlying vein structure to it.

It's looking sweet.

It makes him
look strong and scary.

I feel like it's really
gonna read well underwater

as well as on land.

? ?

- I'm gonna do these spots,

and then
we're gonna get ready.

For the patterning that I want
to do on my sea lion,

I'm starting with blue spots
all over

and fading them into
a lighter color in the middle.

It just gives a really cool,
layered effect.

Lean forward again. Yep, yep.

So far this is looking like
one of my better paint jobs

and I'm really proud of it.

Oh, my hand is hurting.

? ?

- Looking over across the lab,
I notice Walter's

got a lot of paint going on
and I'm thinking,

"I can beat that."

And I just start airbrushing
like crazy all over.

I'm integrating
a lot of iridescent colors,

a lot of blues to make it
really aquatic.

Just trying to bring out
all that color and beauty

without having to rely
on fabrics and flowing things.

I think it's gonna give me
the advantage

I need to get over on Walter.

This is the first coat.
- [laughing]

- Got to go on
some more colors.

? ?

- This is the fastest
four hours ever.

I got to bust ass here.

My biggest challenge today
is this huge,

vast body paint
that I have planned.

There's gonna be a lot of
little details

and a lot of patterning.

I'm starting to get a little bit
worried that I won't be able

to finish it and put my full
vision out there,

so I really have to paint faster
than I ever have before.

? ?

- Gold picks up on black
really well.

- Yeah.

- So I want to have, like,

the black going
a little further.

I want my sea horse
to be colorful,

sort of like a tropical fish.

Like, right now you're just,
like, a straight bee.

- [buzzing]

- And as I'm putting
my yellow over my black,

Mr. Westmore's words
are ringing in my ears,

and I realize, "[bleep],

"I've painted this
in the opposite order

that I was supposed to."

When I put the yellow over

the black it looks
like a green kind of.

I just, like, wasn't thinking.

Now it's turning sort of green,

and I don't know
if it's gonna catch the gold

because you need the black
for the gold

to pick up on top of it.

So I'm in a tough spot
right now.

All right, I think I really have
to pack this up now.

- We got 15 minutes, guys.

[electronic music]

? ?

- That's time!

- I still got a lot to do.

- All right.

Derek's looks really beautiful,

which is not great for me

he's my battle partner.

There's only a super slim
chance of me winning this.

I'm just hoping to fix
some of this paint

so I don't embarrass
myself too much.


[dramatic music]

- Heading into Last Looks
I step back

and think about my paint job.

I know how to fix this.

I have a plan.

I have to put stark black
over it to make it gold again.

It's not gonna make this
a top look,

but it is gonna stop this
from being

the most embarrassing makeup.

? ?

- I still have at least two
hours' worth of painting to do

and only an hour to do it in,

so I have to skip over key
components of this paint job

just to make it
look somewhat completed,

and I have no choice but
to make do with what I have.


? ?

- Gonna glue down
around your mouth.

I've got to get the teeth in,
so I grab a little bit of glue,

put it on the backs
of my teeth,

then start popping them
in individually.

They seem to be
holding up pretty well,

but it's hard to tell how
they're gonna go in the water,

so this is nerve-wracking.

- Spin.
This is one of

the coolest
paint jobs I've ever done,

and I really want it
to stand out even more,

so I paint gloss
all over my entire makeup,

and it's looking pretty good.

I think it'd be hard
for Matt to beat me.

Spin this way.

? ?

- My makeup needs to
withstand that water

and not cloud up the tank,

so I cover him head to toe
with Kryolan setting spray,

and there's no way this paint's
coming off on me.

Ha ha ha!
- [laughing]

- 10 minutes, guys!

? ?

- Time!

- Yeah, that looks cool.

- Like three colors
of paint shy.

I'm most disappointed that
I didn't get enough time

to finish this paint job.
It looks sick, dude.

- Thanks, man.
- Jordan's is looking amazing

and I'm pretty sure he's already
got this in the bag.


[dramatic music]

? ?

- Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to the "Face Off"
reveal stage.

Please say hello to our
phenomenal series judges.

Owner of Alchemy
Studios, Glenn Hetrick.

- Good evening.
- Good evening, Glenn.

- Oscar and Emmy Award-winning
makeup artist Ve Neill.

- Hello again, everyone.
- Hey, Ve.

- And of course creature and
concept designer Neville Page.

- Hello.
all: Hey, Neville.

- All right, let's get to it.

For your Spotlight Challenge,

we asked you to each select

a unique illustration found

on a 16th Century map

and use it to inspire
an original sea monster.

And in an added twist,
we told you

that your makeups would
also need to be waterproof.

Let's take a look
at your creations

before they take a plunge
in our water tank.

Mel and Derek,
you're our first battle.

[dramatic music]

? ?

- It's pretty brutal
seeing him out there.

We were supposed to make
a sea monster

and my creature
could be a Beanie Baby.

? ?

- It looks cool on stage.

Hopefully it flows
really well in the water

and it just makes it
that much cooler.

? ?

- Man, I'm so
proud of this one.

I love that paint job.

I really feel like I knocked
this one out of the park.

? ?

- My sea monster is amazing.
It's exactly what I envisioned.

If I can win this,
I can make a statement

that "I beat you.
I beat you."

? ?

- He's really selling
this character a lot.

It's looking exactly
how I wanted it to,

and I'm super
pumped about it.

I'm really thinking that
this could be my chance

to win a challenge.

? ?

- My sea creature's definitely
not contrasted enough.

The paint's only a third
of the way done

and had I had time to finish it,

I would've been much more happy
with this makeup.

? ?

- All right guys, it's time
to put your makeups to the test

by submerging them
in our water tank.

Judges, go ahead
and take a closer look.

? ?

- The fin moves
really beautifully.

It just kind of floats
back and forth.

- Those shoulder fins are
a really beautiful detail,

too, especially
how the light's hitting them.

- The color saturation
is perfect on this one.

- Mm-hmm.

- So beautiful.
- It's fantastic.

I like the way
the chest moves.

- The paint work's
even better underwater.

The tiny little details

that he managed
in the black pop so much better.

- This is really a risky one
to do, a giant nose like that.

- Mm-hmm,
it can get goofy so easy,

but instead this
is really scary.

- Wow this looks so cool.

- Yeah, the color palate looks
so good underwater.

- It does.
He's done so much rendering

and sculpting
just with an airbrush.

- Really, really
smart decision making.

- The profile of this thing
is so fantastic.

- He's really scary looking.

- I like the fact that
that pink ring

around the face
is now desaturated.

It seems to help it.

- But still, the way the colors
work against the sculpture

is just as bad
in the water as it is out.

- Oh, wow, his fin's
coming off now.

And so is all the paint.
- It's not holding up at all.

- It's falling apart.

One by one his quills
and fins start breaking free.

- He's losing a lot of his stuff

and this is what this challenge
is all about.

- This isn't good.

I'm probably
gonna be a bottom look.

- All right, guys, it's time
to get on Twitter and tell us

who you think won
tonight's battles using



- Oh, the whole thing came off.

- He's losing a lot of
his stuff underwater.

It's just sort of falling off.

- It's definitely a bummer that
I'm losing some pieces

in the water, and had I had
time to finish it,

I would've been much more happy
with this makeup.

- It's a shame, the face shapes
are actually quite beautiful.

- The face shapes are
pretty attractive,

but it's the texturing
and the paintwork,

and the details on the face
that I don't care for.

- The breastbone and chest looks
exquisite underwater,

and I love the way her tendrils
are just floating.

- I kind of like the dynamic
of that head dorsal fin too.

- Love that fin.

- I like this
a lot better underwater.

- The face,
it's gotten worse for me.

- It has, because it ups
the contrast.

The water's actually
making it worse.

- Yeah, the most effective part
is the mane.

- Mm-mm.

- Bye, bye.

- All right, the judges
have chosen the winners

and losers of each battle.

Let's find out
who came out on top.

In battle number one,
Mel versus Derek,

the winner is Derek.

- [unintelligible]
- Thanks.

- In battle number two,
Walter vs. Matt,

the winner is...



And finally, in battle
number three,

Jordan versus Damien,
the winner is...



Congratulations to all
of the victors.

Now the judges would like
to speak with some of you

to find out more about
your work.

Matt, you're up first.

[dramatic music]

- Hey, Matt.
- Hi, Glenn.

- Tell us about
your sea monster.

- Well, I had this
really odd-looking character.

It had a very prolonged snout,
so I wanted to go

with some Kaiju influence,

Godzilla textures
and bone protrusions.

- It is absolutely phenomenal.

That head shape
is just gorgeous.

What I really have to applaud
is your ability to balance

that shape, which so easily
gets goofy,

with all the shapes
in the forehead

and the back of the neck.

This is probably
my favorite shark head thing

I've ever seen, period.

- Thank you so much.
- My favorite part on

this makeup was this chest.

When he was moving in the water,
that chest plate moved in

and out like it was breathing.

It was really cool looking.

Nice job this week, honey.

- Thank you.

- The side view
is just so perfect.

You're done a magnificent job,

and all the way to the point
of the shoulder details.

It's shell-like, it's fin-like,
really sublime.

- Thank you.
- Matt, thank you so much.

If you'd please head back.

? ?

- Good job, man.

- Mel, please step up.

? ?

- Hi, Mel.
- Hello.

- Please tell us
about your sea monster.

- So I got literal sea horse.

I was thinking
more like the fish,

but I wanted to keep
the more animal mouth

and the fish structure
and profile.

- This is just so bizarre to me.

It's almost Day-Glo.

I don't think I've ever seen
a fish, or a sea horse,

or anything aquatic resemble
this character,

and it just throws me
for a loop.

This was not a success
for me this week, dear.

- The union of the body
in this character

is where it starts
to fall apart for me.

The way you treated
the sculpture

didn't feel terrestrial,
it didn't feel mythological.

It starts to feel very alien,

and it takes you way
out of the challenge.

- If you're going to just
go full-blown sea horse

then you should've really
embraced the trumpet style nose,

and it's all
very much exacerbated

by some disastrous
paint decisions.

When you work
with really dark colors

you have to be very, very,

very specific
to pop those shapes.

- Mel, thank you so much,
please head back.

- Thank you.

? ?

- Jordan, you're up.

? ?

- Jordan, tell us
about your sea monster.

- The sea monster that I had, it
had a very elongated head shape.

When I think about sea creatures

or sea monsters
I think of angler fish,

so I wanted
to go in a route like that.

- Well, you achieved
that very thing.

It is so well-crafted
and so well-conceived.

It gives us this cornucopia
of forms and shapes,

and things to look at that
are very controlled,

and very purposeful.

And as a consequence, very,
very believable.

- Thank you.

- This is an absolutely
killer embellishment

of that wood cut style.

You were able to create that
nostril area of the creature

so perfectly to give him
that killer profile,

and the makeup worked
well underwater.

I think you really,
really killed this challenge.

- Thank you very much.

- Your monster was
absolutely gorgeous.

When he turned sideways,

and when he was
swimming around in there

with that fin and everything

it just gave me
the goose bumps.

This thing could just walk
right onto a movie set.

- Thank you.
- Awesome.

- Thank you.
- Jordan, thank you so much.

You can head back.

- Thank you, guys.

- Good job, Jordan.
- Thanks, guys.

Thank you.

- Damien, please come forward.

? ?

- Hey, Damien.
- Hey.

- Tell us about
your sea monster.

- The sea monster that I had,

had a really elongated snout,
so rather

than bringing
that snout out I wanted

to just bring it more angular,
and it also had

a lot of dragon frill coming
out from behind it,

so I went literal with that.

Kind of got away from me
a little bit this week.

- I'd have to agree with you.

The paint job fights the
sculpture, it doesn't help it.

It's being battled by the way
you applied the color.

Then on top of all that,

a lot of your components
failed, they fell off.

The fin around the face
was doubling over on itself

and folding over his eyes.

So you had a lot of problems
in the water this week.

- Mm-hmm.
- What I can't figure out is

why you thought that starting
with a turquoise blue color

was gonna be a good idea
for a sea monster.

It's just so stark
against black lightning stripes

on this guy's body.

And the peach around the face
really threw me for a loop.

- This paint job sucks.
- This paint job sucks.

There, you said it.

That for me is the most
problematic part

of this makeup is the paint job.

- I completely agree.

- The pink tissue

that's around the face
feels anonymous and unresolved.

If you chose to make
that something specific

such as a gill,

you would've then been able
to figure out

what it does and resolve it
in such a way

that it isn't this
confusing thing.

It's just not done.

- Yeah.

- Damien, thank you,
you can head back.

- Thanks, guys.

- All right, please head back
to the makeup room

while the judges deliberate.

- Thank you.

- All right, judges, we saw some
incredible work here tonight,

so why don't we start with
the looks you liked the most.

Let's begin with Matt.

- That was really one of
the finest sculptures

and designs I've seen.

Around the eyes,
and that profile

at the front in particular,
it was absolutely spectacular.

- He allowed that pointed nose
to drive

what he was going to do,
and that was incredibly risky,

but man, it is fantastic
when you see it in the water.

- I thought the paint
work was really great,

and I did like the way
the stenciled

airbrushing read in the water.

It read great out
of the water as well.

- All right, let's talk
about Jordan's work.

- Oh, I love this makeup.

That thing could've stepped
right onto a horror movie.

The black and white
was just perfect,

and in the tank
it was spectacular.

- The shapes were phenomenal
and I think

it was particularly well-suited
for his skill set,

even though it
is a mask technique,

this is where you use that,

where you create a nasal region
on your creature

that allows the person
to see as well as they can,

and the mouth was nice
and wide open,

the performer
could blow bubbles very easily.

- It was the best match
to the mythos provided.

- Yeah.
- All right, let's move on

to the makeups that weren't
as successful this week.

Let's start with Mel.
- Oh, poor Mel.

That choice to go so black
and so dark

with it got away from her.

- There's no boundaries between
the light and dark shades.

There's no transitions.
It's a real mess.

- If you were to just put that
out in front of anyone and say,

"What do you think
this challenge is about?"

You'd never guess,
and that's a huge problem.

- And finally, let's talk
about Damien.

- There really wasn't much

of his chosen image
in the makeup.

It felt confused.

- It's the same blue paint job
as two other people,

and not done as well.

- The placement of the membranes
on the arms and the legs,

they're just pasted on,

and subsequently fell off
in the water.

Color aside, shape aside,

that's a huge problem
in this challenge.

- All right, judges,
have you made your decision?

- Yes.
- We have.

- Let's bring them back out.

[dramatic music]

? ?

Glenn, who is the winner
of tonight's challenge?

- The winner of tonight's
challenge is...

? ?

McKenzie: The winner of
"Face Off: Battle Royale"

will receive a VIP trip

from Kryolan Professional

to one of their 85
international locations,

an all-new Fiat 500,

and $100,000.


- Glenn, who is the winner
of tonight's challenge?

- The winner of tonight's
challenge is...

? ?



Leveraging the angler
fish anatomy did

so much to enhance both
your model's body

as well as your
sculptural decisions.

Absolutely killer makeup.

- Thank you.
I finally got my challenge win

and it couldn't have been
with a cooler character.

I was just super happy
to work on this challenge

and to walk away
with a win is awesome.

- Jordan, congratulations,
you have won the help

of an industry expert
in next week's challenge.

All right everyone,
why don't you all go home

and get some rest before
your next battle, goodnight.

- Goodnight, thank you.
all: Thank you.

- I'm feeling
disappointed in myself.

I know that I'm capable
of doing better work than this.

I have to step it up.
I don't want to get this close

to the finale
and fall by the wayside

and have that regret.

Next time on "Face Off"...

Welcome to the semi-finals.
- Oh!

- This is do or die, this is it.

- It's not cured enough
to open and clean out.

It's gonna be tough
to get into that finale.

- I feel like I'm not in here
with you,

you're in here with me.