Face Off (2011–…): Season 13, Episode 6 - Divine Dryads - full transcript

The artists battle it out as they create dryad protectors of real life forests in this week's elimination challenge, with two more artists heading home.


McKenzie: Previously
on "Face Off: Battle Royale"...

the artists tackled the tarot.

You will each be making
your own version of Death.

- Awesome.

And Matt's divine Death

gave him
his second straight win.

And tonight...

You'll each choose
a real exotic forest

and create the dryad
that protects it.

- Yeah!
- This is a badass

lady challenge.

- It's gonna look
like a disease.

- I'm getting very stressed out.

- I have no idea
how to mold this.

It could be a catastrophe.

- This is "Face Off:
Battle Royale."

[all cheering]

[exciting music]

? ?

? ?

- Kind of got
a Camp Crystal Lake feel, right?

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, it does.

- We get to Griffith Park,
and we're walking

into this little hiking
trail full of trees.

It's really a nice treat to go

to this little oasis
out of the city.

- Interesting.
- Good morning, guys.

all: Good morning.
- Hey.

- Once upon a time,
people believed

that forests were protected by
spirit guardians called dryads,

and they thought that
if they knocked on wood,

they might also earn
their protection.

- Huh.

- Now, in films
like "The Chronicles of Narnia"

and video games
like "The Elder Scrolls,"

dryads are depicted
as beautiful and powerful,

with deep bonds to nature,

so in this week's
Spotlight Challenge,

you'll each choose
a real exotic forest

from around the world

and create the beautiful
dryad that protects it.

- Man!
- [laughs]

- This is a badass lady

I'm so excited
to bring this to life.

- Next to me are the names
of the forests

that you will be choosing from.

They are
the Avenue of the Baobabs,

the Dragon's Blood Forest,

the Painted Forest,

and the Ancient
Bristlecone Pine Forest.

There are two for each forest,
so when you choose one,

don't forget you're also
choosing your battle partner.

Matt, you're up first.

- Dragon's Blood Forest.

- Ancient Bristlecone
Pine Forest.

- Avenue of the Baobabs.
- Dragon's Blood Forest.

- Oh, first battle.
- Challenge activated.

- The Ancient
Bristlecone Pine Forest.

- Avenue of the Baobabs.

- Painted Forest.
- Painted Forest.

We're going at it.
- Hmm.

- So, our head-to-head battles
this week are

Matt versus Derek,

Mel versus Damien,

Kevon versus Jordan...

- Let's go.
- And Walter versus Graham.

- Boom!

- All right,
you got your forests,

but there is more
to this challenge.

- Of course.
- Uh-oh.

- While dryads are best known

as beautiful creatures
that bring good luck,

they are also fierce guardians

who will protect
their forests at all costs,

so with that in mind,

you'll also have to create
some type of armor

for your characters.

- I do a lot of armor
and a lot of fabrication,

but it's worrisome

that I have to rush
as fast as I can.

- Now, last order
of business, Matt,

since you won
last week's challenge,

you've earned the help
of an expert today,

so let's meet him.

With more than 20 years
of experience,

he's known
as one of the top sculptors

and creature designers
in the industry.

his extraordinary talents

to major blockbusters
like "Avatar,"

"The Chronicles of Narnia:
Prince Caspian,"

and "Hellboy,"

please give a very warm welcome

to the incredible Jordu Schell.

[cheers and applause]

- It's the one and only
Jordu Schell.

I used to look at his work
when I was a younger FX artist,

so it's surreal to be able
to have him

and his expertise working
with me in the lab.

- Good to have you back.
- Thank you so much.

- So last time
you were here to judge,

but how do you feel
about getting your hands dirty?

- That's what I do,
and I can't wait.

- That's why we love you.

All right, why don't you
go ahead and join Matt?

- All right.
- Thank you.

- Hey, Jordu!

Great to meet you.
- Hey, buddy.

- All right, guys,

I will leave you to it.

Why don't you
enjoy the trees around you?

And if you need a little luck,

don't forget to knock
on some wood. Bye.

- That was so stupid.

? ?

- I'm thinking some sort
of headdress or headpiece

that kind
of branches off like that.

The sculpting is really
gonna be key.

- Mm-hmm.
- You know, as, of course,

I'm gonna say
because I'm a sculptor.

- The Dragon's Blood Forest
trees are very mushroom-like,

so we're both thinking big cowl

to bring out the tree shape

and a reptilian face

but keeping it beautiful
as well.

Derek's an amazing artist,

so I'm glad I have Jordu
at my side

to help me create
something dynamic.

It's a complete honor
to have Jordu working with me

on this--
on this project and--

- You better say that.
- Yeah.

- The Painted Forest is filled
with eucalyptus,

so the one thing that I notice
about the eucalyptus

is that its bark peels off,

so I'm going to create
an over-mask

that can be peeled away
to reveal colorful bark.

Walter's definitely
gonna make it hard for me

because I know he knows
how to build armor,

so I'm gonna stick
to what I'm good at,

and do a nice, clean makeup.

? ?

- My dryad is the defender
of the Painted Forest.

I want her to have
a bit of war paint,

so the bark will peel away
to reveal the war paint.

I'm gonna make armor
out of Worbla.

I'm gonna shape it around L200,

and other than that I'm just
gonna keep it very treelike.

I'm gonna lose some of the human
anatomy like the nose,

and really accentuate
the tree stuff

in the back of the cowl.

? ?

- I really love the fluidity
of the bark,

and I see it
sort of traveling up her body

and having this long wig.

I really want to focus
on beauty and sensuality,

and I want to bring
all those elements out.

- All right, guys,
let's head back to the lab.

? ?

- I end up
with Avenue of the Baobabs.

There are a lot of cool textures
in the tree,

so I'm gonna go with a lot
of that for my character.

My concept is this
wood elf priestess,

so she's gonna have
the branches

from the baobabs trees
coming out of her forehead

like a crown,
and then for her armor,

it's just gonna be
this awesome chest plate piece.

I'm battling Kevon again
for this challenge,

so two friends battling
against each other.

It should be interesting.

- I want my dryad to look
like a tree in appearance,

but she's going to open up,

and what you thought
was the external bark

are actually her two shields,

so I grab some sheets of L200

and start forming them
around the mannequin

in the shape
of the two shields I want,

and then I start sculpting
a face and a cowl,

and even though symmetry is

a really important
beauty standard,

I'm going asymmetrical
with my entire design

because I want to do something
a little different,

which is kind of risky,
but hopefully it goes well.

- I'm going with the idea
that this dryad is, like,

an ethereal
elvish-type character within,

and she's actually using pieces
of the bristlecone pine

to give her this armor

and make her stronger.

I haven't battled Mel yet.

I know she's an extremely
talented beauty artist,

especially when it comes
to fantasy makeup,

so I definitely know
that I'm gonna

have to bring my A-game
this time.

? ?

- I've got Jordu by my side,

and he's knocking out
the face sculpt,

and I start blocking
out the cowl.

- Make sure to really get
that going, okay?

- He's like, "No, no, no.
Go bigger."

I go, "Okay, " so I start
putting more clay on it.

- You need to go up higher.
- Higher?

- Yeah, I think--
I think it--

you need to get more
of the feeling of a trunk.

- Then he goes,
"No, no. Bigger,"

so I put more clay on.

I'm like, "Okay, this is
becoming the biggest cowl

I've ever made in my life."

- You know, getting bigger
and bigger.

- Yeah.

- And then, you know,
just kind of do

some cool [bleep] up there.

- It's magnificent, and it's
almost like a freak show,

and I think it may be
just enough to really stand out

to sell this whole package.

- I'm still trying
to figure out my concept,

and I look to my right,

and Jordu already finishes
a face sculpture,

and it's looking awesome,

and then they're sculpting

this massive cowl
in the shape of a tree,

and I think it's the biggest
cowl ever made on "Face Off."

My guts sinks down,

and I'm now worried
about the challenge.

[dramatic music]

So I pretty much just grab clay
and start sculpting,

not sure if I'm
even gonna make a cowl

or how I'm gonna
incorporate the tree.

They're doing something

and I have nothing
in my head right now.

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do.


[dramatic music]

- At this point,
I start to notice

just how much work
Matt and Jordu have done,

and it's frustrating

because I got to get things
going fast,

but then I notice
the tree looks helmet-shaped,

and then ideas just start
coming into my head,

so for my armor,

I'm thinking of shapes
like Spartan-shaped helmets,

but with the same
twisting branches

from the tree,

and I want it to look
like it's growing on the armor.

I feel like I see the images
of the tree coming together,

so now I need to catch up.

[energetic music]

- I've taken a lot of time
on this over-mask,

but I still have to sculpt
a forehead, cheeks,

nose, lip to go underneath it,

and it's got to look beautiful,

so there's a whole lot to do,

but I feel like I have
a pretty strong concept

that fits the challenge.

And I might end up scoring it
so that she can be like...


- That'd be pretty cool.
A nice reveal.

- Yeah, 'cause she'll be real,

"Nyah, demon,
leave my tree alone."

- Quit trying to distract us,

We're trying to sculpt!

- That's my strategy, Jordu.

I know Jordu.
My wife is his assistant,

so he's making fun of me.

I'm making fun of him.

- Where's all the drama, man?
I expected to come here

and there'd be fistfights
and blood on the floor--

- You're causing drama
right now, Jordu.

You're causing it right now.

- Graham is kind of a--
he's a bad guy.

He's an evil person.

Hey, man, that shirt you're
wearing is really tight, dude.

- Yeah, well, I've been
trying to lose weight.

It's just insane the amount
of work that this guy is doing

while being able to goof on me.

You just "leaf" me alone.


? ?

- Gonna have to make this look
a little more like bark,

like a tree,
like we talked about, okay?

- All right.
- You can handle it?

- Yeah, this is amazing work
right here.

- All right.
- It's beautiful.

I feel motivated, excited.

I've got a huge head start.

- Good luck.
- Thank you so much.

But the cowl is intimidating.

It's the biggest cowl
I've ever sculpted or molded,

and there's no more Jordu,

so it's up to me
to get this done.

- That's nuts, dude.
- Yeah.

- Have fun molding that, spaz.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

? ?

- Hi, everybody.
- Hello.

- Hey.

- I really like
the asymmetry on this.

- Mm-hmm.
- So I'm kind of trying

to bring that
half-moon shape into there.

- That's good. Yeah, yeah.

My only concern with it is

you've covered up
2/3 of her face.

- Mm-hmm.
- And we're losing our--

our girl.

I think we need
a bit more of her in there.

- All right, awesome.

- The model has
the ability to hide.

It's gonna have
these two armor pieces.

- Well, you've got
a lot of work to do.

- Yeah.
- The bark really has

to blend
with the whole thing,

or it's gonna look
like a disease

as opposed to part of the tree.

It's something you really,

really have
to be careful with, okay?

- All right.
- So I'm gonna be taking

a lot of the texture
from the fatter areas

and using that
in the armored pieces

as well as in the headpiece.

- Be careful with that so it
doesn't look like--you know,

that could look
like Elephant Man.

- Yeah.
- That we don't want to do,

that texture.
- Right.

- So if you do it,
do it very subtle.

- Mm-hmm.
- I have this,

which is gonna be
sort of an over-mask,

which I want to really have
a beautiful part to it,

and then underneath I have
a couple of appliances

that'll be a tad more sinister.

- The way you've designed it,
she looks a little sad.

- Mm-hmm.

- The challenge was
at least attractive.

If you're doing
a reversal on it,

you need to let the judges know
why and what you did.

- Okay.
- Bye, everybody.

- Bye. Thank you.
- See you, Mr. Westmore.

? ?

- I can't believe I'm doing this
all over again. [bleep].

Mr. Westmore said my face
looks a bit disease-like,

so I do feel like I need
to probably adjust it.


This will hurt me on time,

so I am getting
very stressed out,

but I think I'm making
the right decision.

I think the clay forms integrate

with the model's face
better than before.

Oh, man.

- 30 minutes!

? ?

- That's time, everybody!

? ?

- Go, go, go.
- We get to the lab,

and there's not a minute
to spare.

I start working on the face.

I'm worried
that the piece of bark

that comes down over the cheek

is maybe not feminine enough.

I don't want her
to look monster-y at all.

I want her to be very beautiful.
Is this feminine?

- That looks good
'cause it's asymmetrical.

- Derek reinforces my vision,

and his affirmation makes me
feel comfortable to move on

with what I'm doing and make it
perfect and ready to mold.

[energetic music]

? ?

- I'm happy with the shape
of the cowl.

I really just need to work
on the texture

and the little detail aspects,

so I extend the clavicle,
and I extend the scapula,

and I move
the bone structure out,

and I'm adding twigs to it
to make it feel like a tree.

I definitely think it makes
this character

more powerful-looking,

and I really like
where it's going.

- This looks really pretty.

- I'm moving on
to the chest piece.

It's going to be very prominent

in the middle
with a lot of texture,

and I want the bark
to move with some fluidity

so up close it has
the texture of the baobabs

but is also contouring her body

in a very flattering,
feminine look.

? ?

- I'm adding fine detail
on this cowl,

but my goal was to get this
run in poly foam today

on top of sculpting a chest
on top of working on armor,

so I'm feeling there's no way
I'll get all this done

unless I get this molded now.

The molding is gonna
be horrible. God.

And it's so big,
and it makes me nervous

because this is
really important.

It's an elimination challenge.
Two of us are going home,

so this is real now.

This is do-or-die,

but I have no idea
how to mold this behemoth.

A lot of things could go wrong,

and it could be
the most amazing,

elegant piece ever created
in this competition,

or it could be a catastrophe.


- The cowl is so big
that molding this thing is

likely gonna take me
the rest of the day,

so I'm gonna tackle both sides
at the same time

to finish as quickly
as possible,

but a lot of things
could go wrong

with such a big, heavy piece,

so I hope that it works out.

This is an abomination.

It shouldn't exist.

- We need to incorporate some
type of armor for our character.

Her armor is just gonna be
this awesome chest plate piece

that resembles a lot
of the textures

that you see in the trees.

I know I'm battling Kevon,
and I know

he's doing something crazy,

but I'm just trying
to stay focused

and get the cleanest makeup
that I can.

- My chest piece is
very ornate,

and that's what I want,
'cause she's supposed to be

this beautiful, fierce warrior,

so I'm trying to have
a good cohesiveness

of organic features and metal.

Everything's coming together.

I have a clear vision,
and it's looking awesome.

- That's [bleep] cool.

- I really want to use
the tree parts as the armor,

so the tree is gonna be
her chest plate,

as well as this tree gauntlet

that she's gonna have
on her hand.

I'm gonna be
fabricating this hand,

so I just block out
the rough shapes in clay,

and I wrap that with tin
foil and tape.

Then I'm able
to section off each finger

and cut those pieces off
and lay them flat.

That gives me a pattern that I
can use to cut out in L200,

which I can then heat form
back into the shape that I want

to have
a lightweight foam version

of that clay hand
that I sculpted.

I'm pretty happy with the way
this hand's looking.

- One hour!

[energetic music]

? ?

- All right, guys, it's time.

- We will do battle.

- My cowl mold is open,

but I didn't have enough time
to run it in the poly foam,

and there's a lot of work
still left to be done,

so that's all pushed
to application,

and that's really nerve-racking.

? ?


- Let's go! Go! Go!
- Go, man, go!

- I bolt into that lab
going straight for that cowl,

and I mix the poly foam,

and then I pour equal amounts
in both sides,

and it starts to foam up.

Then I clamp them around
the main core of the cowl

and just pray for that
to be enough to expand,

'cause I get one shot at this.

- Hi.
- Hi, how's it going?

Nice to meet you. I'm Jordan.
- Rachel.

- Crystal. Sorry, hugger.
- Hey, awesome.

- You're gonna be
so beautiful today.

- I have so much to do.
Big chest piece,

a big cowl piece,
a big face piece,

and I really need to have
a great paint job

and application
to win this thing.

Luckily for me, Matt has to make
his cowl out of poly foam,

but it's going to be a race
to the finish.

- So the rad thing about this is
once you hit it with heat,

you can just do whatever
we want with it.

- Yeah.
- I still have to figure out

how to make this armor,
so I quickly grab some Worbla,

and I start making
the shoulder armor. Done.

- Yeah.
- All right.

- We got this.
- So all the armor is

starting to come together,

but I look over at Walter,
and he's got, like,

a whole creature going,

so I'm just hoping that I've got
enough to keep me around.

- I've waited for the cowl
to fully cure,

so I pry that open,

but I underestimated

the amount of foam needed
for the top of the head,

and so it just kind of
flops open.

That is a gut-wrenching

I'm gonna have to patch this.

Everything is going wrong
that could go wrong,

and I really feel panicked.

So now it's all about seaming
and applying that cowl

and getting it not looking
like a Frankenstein patchwork.

Oh, there we go, there we go.
We got it.

- You can, like, do the--
use this makeup if you want,

and then, like,
line the outside with that.

I am nervous
about this beauty makeup,

so I grab a couple colors
of lipstick that I like,

and I actually
have Megan go back

and put her lipstick on

because she knows her lip line
better than anybody else,

and then I'll be able
to add some contrast to it

with black after the fact.

That looks fantastic already.
I'll be able to work with that.

- I think I need to tone it down
a little bit.

As I'm working
on my base layer,

I realize it's just kind of
this brown, muddy shape,

and I don't like that,
but if I zero in on the face,

that should help
drive my direction better,

so with this beauty makeup,
I feel like I'm making it up,

but it's making the face
a pleasing focal point.

- The painted eucalyptus demands
a good paint job,

and that takes time,

so I get my base coat down
as quickly as possible,

and then I'm painting
warrior paint on the face,

but the clock
just keeps moving,

and I'm really getting down

to where I'm not having enough
time to add little details,

so each minute lost is
a detail lost,

and that sucks.

? ?

- The more items I get on her,
the more feminine

and badass she looks.

I'm battling Damien this week,
and I think we took

very different approaches
to the challenge.

I sort of saw the tree
as part of her anatomy,

and Damien viewed
the tree as her armor.

It's cool seeing two people
approach the same challenge

differently, but who knows

what the judges will like?

- 15 minutes, guys!

? ?

- And that is time!

- I've got a well-applied face,
and that's it.

With one hour to spare,
it's not a good place to be.


[dramatic music]

- Okay.

I managed to win my battle
last challenge

by painting at Last Looks,

so I'm hoping I can do it again,

but there's so much paint
to do,

so this is a precarious place
to be in.

? ?

- I'm adding black patterning
as a moldy speckle

coming out
from underneath the wood.

It's a really
good graphic breakup.

I really like the way
this makeup's coming out.

She looks like a badass,
hot forest warrior.

- This [inaudible].
It's definitely not looking

exactly how I wanted it,

but I just don't have the time,

so I'm needing
to just get colors down

so that the idea gets across.

It's so crooked.

- These shields are
looking rough,

but I feel like
with a solid paint job

I can really bring them
to the level I want,

and the more this
comes together,

the better
my confidence becomes.

- Please stay.
These eyelashes are heavier

and a little more rigid
than normal eyelashes

because they literally
have gold leaf on them,

but this warm metallic near her
eyes will be really beautiful.

Oh, yeah, girl.

- Ten minutes, guys.

? ?

- That's time!

- This makeup--
it's not beautiful.

It's just not
what I imagined at all,

and that's stressing me out.

- Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to the "Face Off"
Reveal Stage.

As you know,
we will be sending

two more of you home tonight,

but before we get to business,
please say hello

to our incredibly
talented series judges,

owner of Alchemy Studios,
Mr. Glenn Hetrick.

- Good evening.
- Good evening, Glenn.

- How's it going?
- Hello, Glenn.

- Oscar and Emmy Award-winning
makeup artist Ms. Ve Neill.

- Good evening, artistes.
- Hey.

- Hello.
- And of course,

creature and concept designer
Mr. Neville Page.

- Hello, guys.
- Hey, what's up, Neville?

- Hello, Neville.
- All right, let's get to it.

For this week's
Spotlight Challenge

we asked you to choose
an exotic forest

and create the beautiful
dryad that protects it,

and because your dryads are
fierce guardians,

we also asked you to create
a piece of armor for them,

so let's take a look
at your creations.

[suspenseful music]

? ?

- The challenge is more beauty,

and the dryad's very muddied
and creature-esque.

I could be on the chopping
block tonight.

? ?

- My character is
looking really cool.

I feel like I was able
to bring out

what was on the tree
into my character.

? ?

- I love my sculpt.
I love the armor.

I love everything about it,

but I feel that it's
an incomplete paint job.

? ?

- I'm not happy
with this makeup whatsoever.

It looks like I just threw
every color that I had on her.

It looks like a crayon version
of a makeup.

? ?

- This is my favorite makeup
I've ever done on both seasons.

I think she looks
like a badass tree fairy,

which in my brain is
exactly what a dryad is.

? ?

- She looks fantastic.
She's doing lots of these

fighting stances
with the sword,

but I really like
Mel's makeup too,

so there's no way to guess
what's gonna happen.

? ?

- I can see all the texture
and detail on the two shields.

That is a really cool character.
I'm very happy with this.

? ?

- Kevon went very detailed
with his,

and I went very minimalistic
with mine,

so I'm not sure how this is
gonna play out for either of us.

? ?

- Okay, judges,
go ahead and take a closer look

at these divine dryads.

- Wow. This is huge.

- She's definitely
not beautiful to me.

- I think she looks like a fish.

- I love all of these glyphs
that are just carved in.

It treads the line
between the magic of the dryad

and actual tree texture.

I don't know that the colors
are helping it,

but this is an absolutely
beautiful sculpture.

- I kind of like this
up close much better

than I did from far away.

- And I love the shapes.

- I love the fact
that this is really smooth.

Then you have all this
beautiful texture with the bark.

- It's feeling
a touch possessed,

almost like a "Exorcist" makeup.

- Looks like he's taken a copy
of his makeup

and turned it
into something else.

- I don't care for the red eyes
or the red fingernails.

- Or the eyelashes,
quite frankly,

but she's taken advantage
of this particular tree

because it is so asymmetric.

Thank god Megan's lips
are present

because there's the beauty,

and beyond that,
it's bordering on grotesque.

- This is like a big crab
claw hand. Bizarre.

- This concerns me a great deal.

- It's sort of back to where
we were before with him.

He's trying to do
too many things.

- Yeah.

- She's beautiful.
- I think it's a good balance

between the dryad and the beauty

and the armor and the tree bark.

There's a lot of things
that he balanced very well

in this design.


- All right, the judges
have chosen the winners

and losers of each battle,

so let's find out
which artists were victorious.

In battle number one,
Matt versus Derek,

the winner is...

[dramatic music]

? ?

All right, guys,
it's time to get on Twitter

and tell us who made
your favorite dryad

using #faceoff.


- All right, let's find out
which artists were victorious.

In battle number one,
Matt versus Derek,

the winner is Derek.

- Congratulations.

- Thanks. Good job.

- Battle number two,
Walter versus Graham,

the winner is Walter.

- Good job.


In battle number three,
Mel versus Damien,

the winner is Mel.


And finally,
in battle number four,

Kevon versus Jordan,

the winner is Jordan.

- Not bad.

- Congratulations to all of you

who came out on top.

All right, the judges would like
to speak with some of you

before making their decisions.

Damien, you're up first.

[suspenseful music]

? ?

- Hi, Damien.
- Hey, Glenn.

- Tell us about your dryad.

- I chose the Ancient
Bristlecone Pine Forest.

A lot of the trees
are dried out, withered,

and twisted, so I really wanted
to go with that shape,

and she's been using
the tree as armor,

so that's becoming
a part of her now.

- It definitely has issues.

You would have
benefitted greatly

from a more symmetrical approach
to that face.

I understand that you're
taking a note from the tree

with the very twisty
nature to it,

but it's just weird that you
just see a sliver of her face.

You need to find
a better way to do that.

- I totally understand
what you're saying.

- This big piece of tree trunk

almost looks like a big,
gray crab claw or something

because that really
doesn't look

like that's integrated
with her body at all.

It's too bad, 'cause
the sculpting is really cool.

Parts of it just don't
jive for me.

- The way you've managed
the sculpture

and the fabrication
is beautiful.

It's just the way it's laid
out feels so arbitrary,

so it didn't add up
to something great today.

- Damien, please head back.

Derek, please step up.

- Would you please tell us
about your dryad?

- Most elite knights
usually have ornate armor,

and I wanted
to incorporate that,

but I also wanted to incorporate
the tree into her design.

- Well, I think you were
very successful with that.

Her armor's beautiful.
I love the copper color,

and I like that you incorporated
the tree into her armor

as well as her forehead piece.

It's quite beautiful.

- Thank you.
- All this texture in her face

should not work,
but up close it really does.

There's some really
beautiful moments

from the chest to the shoulders,
the headdress.

It's a success
from my perspective.

- Thank you.
- You were able to truly get

in there and exploit
all the work you did

with your sculpture
with the colors,

and the fact
that it's not a color

but it's an entire palette

subdividing up the different
sections, brilliant.

- Thank you. Appreciate it.

- Derek, please step back.

- Good job, Derek.
- Thanks, man.

- Kevon, please step up.

- Tell us about
your dryad character, please.

- She comes
from the Avenue of the Baobabs,

basically, I wanted
her shields to be her armor

as well as a mechanism
for her to camouflage,

and I wanted
the tree bark texture

to drive the entire design.

- I don't see
that specific tree.

These giant knots are
so arbitrary and anonymous

and not very well delineated.

- The shields are
quite successful.

I love the idea that she can
shield herself with them

and then just mix
into the trees,

but the head,

the most important thing,
does not work,

and it's because there's so much
of that asymmetry

carried up into the design
of the cowl piece.

- I just think you missed
the mark

with a lot of the body sculpting
that you did,

and it just doesn't fit
the challenge,

and it's too bad, because you
left enough of her face alone

so that she still
stayed beautiful.

- Well, thank you.
- Kevon, you can step down.

Walter, please step
to the center.

- Walter,
tell us about your dryad.

- Well, I got
the Painted Forest.

I wanted her to be beautiful
and also be a warrior.

That's why I went
with the elfin warrior armor,

and when this tree's bark
gets peeled back,

it reveals war paint.

- That right there is
what makes this so amazing.

The concept is just phenomenal.

It feels like the spirit
of the thing

is emerging
from the outer shell,

which is the armor, and for me,

you cannot get more spot-on
to succeeding in this challenge.

- Thank you.
- She looks quite beautiful

up close--great profile.

Love the collarbones
with just a few little twigs,

and I really loved all
the different textures in it.

Really nice job, honey.

- Thank you very much.
- I just love the fusion

of arboreal biology
with human anatomy

in the shoulder area.

It's so cool
because it feels functional.

- Thank you so much.
- Yeah.

- Walter, please step down.

- Thank you, Nayeli.

- Graham, please come forward.

- Graham, tell us about
your dryad character, please.

- I was looking
at the eucalyptus tree.

A lot of the bark
reveals these colors,

so my design was
to have dry bark

that peels off
and makes these plated skirts,

and she's really bright
on the inside.

- I got to say,
she doesn't look pretty,

and she could have
looked pretty.

If you had done some soft
blending of colors,

it probably would have
worked a lot better,

and you're gonna have to learn
how to do beauty makeup.

That would have
really helped this makeup a lot.

- The choice of the cheekbones
feels unnecessary

because it causes her to feel
like her eyes are sunken,

and then the way it's painted,

all of these things create
a character who looks possessed.

- I absolutely love the idea
of the nose shape

and the lip shape,
but the best parts

of your makeup
are buried beneath bad colors.

- You are very correct.

- Graham, you can step down.

- That was awesome.

- All right, thank you.
If you'll please head back

to the makeup room
while the judges deliberate.

- Thank you.

- All right, judges,
so we do have a lot

to talk about tonight.

Why don't we start with some
of your favorite makeups

of the evening?

Let's start with Derek.

- Good concept,
and it was a really

well-crafted sculpture,

and it miraculously sustained
beauty as well as power.

- The way that he chose
to subdivide the forms

and use bark-like texture

without it being exactly
like bark--gorgeous.

- All right, let's talk
about Walter's work.

- I think Walter
was very successful

with the beauty end
of his as well.

It looked almost like
a velvety moss on her face.

It was so pretty.

- My absolute
favorite feature was

how he dealt with the clavicle.

It felt like a perfect hybrid

of organic wood combined
with human anatomy.

- All right, judges,

we do have to send
two artists home tonight,

so let's move on to the makeups

that didn't work
for you this week.

Let's start with Damien.

- I don't know
what he was thinking of

when he just slapped
those big chunks of wood

all over
that beautiful girl's body.

- I think it's his roughest
work yet, which confuses me.

Just when it seems like he's
going in the right direction,

he takes three steps back.

- He's so inconsistent.
- All right,

why don't we talk
about Kevon's work?

- His choices feel arbitrary.
To choose doing knots

which are not in this tree
really harmed him today.

- You cannot possibly
concentrate that much

on the shield thing

without knowing how you're
gonna handle the face,

and the face was a mess.

- You know, it's another one
of his misses.

Big concept, but a miss.

- And finally,
let's talk about Graham.

- The face idea was
a very good one,

but he didn't paint it

It's such a shame.

It could have been
an incredible makeup.

- If he did
a beautiful beauty makeup,

I think all of the other things
would have

not been so apparent.

- All right then, judges,
have you made your decisions?

- We have.
- Yes, we have.

- Let's bring them back out.

? ?

Welcome back, guys.

Glenn, who is the winner
of this challenge?

- The winner of tonight's
challenge is...

[suspenseful music]

? ?

McKenzie: The winner
of "Face Off: Battle Royale"

will receive a VIP trip

from Kryolan
Professional Make-Up

to one of their 85
international locations,

an all-new Fiat 500,

and $100,000.


- All right, Glenn, who is
the winner of this challenge?

- The winner of tonight's
challenge is...

[suspenseful music]



We absolutely love the concept,

and some of the unique
anatomical choices

that you made in that sculpture
were absolutely outstanding.

- It feels good to win.

I feel like I'm getting better,

and I'm putting out
my best stuff.

- Walter, congratulations.
You and Derek are safe,

and can head back
to the makeup room.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

[upbeat music]

? ?

All right, guys, well,

the three of you are
on the bottom this week,

and two of you
will be going home tonight.

Please step forward.

Glenn, who is the first person
going home tonight?

- The first person going home
tonight is...

[dramatic music]

? ?


We really did like
that armored shield idea,

but the character
as a whole read

a lot more grotesque
than it did beautiful.

- I had fun.
I was happy to come back.

- Kevon, you're
an awesome painter and sculptor,

and I'm sure
the makeup community

is gonna see a lot more of you
in the future, darling.

- That means a lot. Thank you.
- Kevon, it's been so great

having you back with us,

but if you'd please head
back to the makeup room

and pack up your kit.
- Thank you. Goodbye, guys.

- Later, buddy.
- See you.

I have no regrets.

I would not have
done this differently.

- Good luck, Kevon.

- I'm happy to go home
on a Kevon makeup.

I guess for me
it's go big and go home.

- So, Glenn, who is the second
person leaving us tonight?

- The second person
going home tonight is...

? ?


Your concept wasn't bad,
but the shapes and the colors

that you chose
for the face in particular

just didn't add up for us.

- I agree.

- Graham, I'm so sorry,

but you have
also been eliminated.

That means Damien, you are safe

and can head back
to the makeup room.

- Bro.

- Graham, I hope you've enjoyed
being back

as much as we've enjoyed
having you back.

We've gotten to see
even better work

than you've done
in the previous season,

so it's still a success for you.

- It was a great ride,
and it was tough.

- Graham, it's been great
having you back with us again,

but if you'd please head
back to the makeup room

and pack up your kit.

- Bye, guys.
- Good luck.

- Bye, honey.
- See you.

- That's it for me.

Goodbye, Graham!


It's completely fair,

because I'm not happy
with that makeup,

and I would want that person
to be eliminated too.

I came back
'cause I wanted to see

if I still had what it took
to hang in there

with some All-Stars.

I went through the wringer
a little bit,

and I definitely enjoyed myself
the whole way through.

- I didn't want to come in
as a cookie-cutter artist.

I wanted to stand out,
and I feel like I've done that.

I may not have made it
to the end,

but I made a very powerful

and I can leave
with my head held high.

Next time on "Face Off"...

- It was a bad day
to choose me, Walter.

- Everybody else is going
in so many neat directions.

- I need to win this one.

- It's not holding up at all.

- It's just so perfect.